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Research on advanced programming based on DLL and API

Yurong Guan, Fen Zhou
In the visual development environment, skilled call API and DLL function, combined with the Windows system kernel, in order to make the user experience Windows API function programming ability strong. In this paper, we first introduce the DLL library and API function about the basic knowledge, followed...

Study on Marxism Faith of Contemporary College Students

Dongshan Feng
There appear many problems of Marxism faith among contemporary college students. In terms of internal issues, utilitarian and realistic of faith are critical. In external matters, belief diversification and blind following are obvious conflicts. Above mentioned problems will affect construction of socialist...
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On a Question of the Information Technology Construction Based on Self-learning Medicine Intelligent System

Anna Yankovskaya, Ivan Gorbunov, Ilya Hodashinsky, Georgiy Chrnogoryuk
A main construction approaches of an information technology-based self-learning intelligent system are described in the paper. The technology is designed to increase the accuracy of the differential diagnosis of bronchial asthma by using self-learning principle. Optimal combination of different approaches...
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Exploration into Bringing Li Nationality's Folk Fairy Tales to Chinese Classes in Primary Schools

Jiafa Wang, Guiping Lian
This paper starts from the definition of the concept of fairy tales and the concept of Li nationality’s folk fairy tales to analyze the aesthetic characteristics of Li nationality’s folk fairy tales first, and then explores the necessity and possibility of bring Li nationality’s folk fairy tales into...
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Study on Comprehensive Influence on Wind Environment of Piloti in Residential Blocks in Guangzhou, China

Tianyu Xi, Jianhua Ding, Hong Jin
To get good outdoor ventilation and create shadow areas, piloti is commonly used in tropical and subtropical climate zones, but there are few studies reveal the comprehensive influence of piloti on wind environment in residential blocks, and furthermore, a coupled simulation method, which offers high...

The management of foreigners in the China-Myanmar border Region

He Gu, Fang Yuan
There are several key problems for the management of foreigners in the China Myanmar border area: the dilemmas between border daily life and national regulations, local regulations and national system, lack of multilevel governance mechanism, and so on. It should focus on the characteristics of the border...
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Research on Photoelectric Tracking System Based on Rotating Voice Coil Motor

Xuanlin Huang, Sisi Chen, Tao Tang
Photoelectric tracking system is widely used in space exploration, manipulation, laser communication and other fields. The implementation of ATP system is the key to achieve tracking.The use of double-closed loop control can give the system a higher stiffness, improve the system's anti-interference ability.The...

Transformation of the Structure of the Gross Regional Product in Siberian Regions

Valeriy V. Gamukin, Olga S. Belomyttseva, Larisa S. Grinkevich
Stability of the national economy is determined by the capacity of regional economies to adapt to the phenomenon of damping external and internal risk factors. In this paper, the authors consider the following main strategies for developing the structure of regional economies: (1) uniforming of the structure...

Design and Research of Virtual Experiment based on Virtual Reality

Jia Liu, Yu Fan
As an important part of modern distance education, virtual experiment plays an irreplaceable role in guaranteeing teaching effect, and has gained more and more people's favor. But because of its late development, technically very immature. The current virtual experiment is a simple two-dimensional experimental...

Virtual Reality in Teaching of Foreign Languages

V. Dobrova, K. Trubitsin, P. Labzina, N. Ageenko, Yu. Gorbunova
Studying the mechanisms of language and speech abilities showed that the most effective method of learning a foreign language is a method of total immersion as students enter the natural language environment and are in it constantly. But the learning process in the classroom, no matter how organized...

An Analysis on the University-level and School-level Rights Allocation Theory in the Governance of Colleges and Universities

Jingbo Feng, Wanbing Shi
The clarity of power and responsibility is the key factor to determine the efficiency of internal governance. And the advantages and disadvantages of university-level and school-level rights allocation are the basis of the clarity of rights and responsibility. The study expounds the necessity of this...

Administrative Service of Civil Servant -- A Case Study of Civil Service Agency in Majene, Indonesia

Dr. Burhanuddin
public service is the task of public organization. This study aims to analyze the performance of regional civil service agency (BKD) in Majene Regency. The research approach used is qualitative analysis. Data collection were taken through observation, in-depth interviews and documentation studies. Data...
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Satisfaction Analysis Of Midwifery Services: Qualitative Study Participants National Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional-Kartu Indonesia Sehat (Jkn-Kis) In Rsd Idaman Kota Banjarbaru

Dewi Pusparani Sinambela, Sarkiah Sarkiah, Nurmila Sholehat
Objective: To know how satisfaction of JKN-KIS participants in midwifery service at RSD Idaman Banjarbaru City.Method: Qualitative study with descriptive phenomenological approach. Data were collected on 3 main informants and 2 triangulation informants who were in obstetric poly and snow ball content....

Effectiveness of Character Education Model in Unimed to Improve Students Creativity

Pardomuan Nauli Josip Mario Sinambela, Yasaratodo Wau, Sahat Siagian, Tri Andri Hutapea
This research is a continuation of previous research. The result of previous research was character education model in Unimed. This research studied about the effectiveness of the model. Validity of components of the character education model including accompanying instruments for data gathering were...
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Algorithm of Thermal Optimization of Placement of Basic Elements of VLSI

Victor Kureychik, Andrey Kulakov
A new algorithm for optimizing the thermal layout of basic VLSI elements, taking into account the features of the length of conductors and mutual thermal effects for 3D ICs, is described. It provides a differentiated temperature distribution in different layers of the chip. The algorithm includes parameters...

An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Foreign Trade and Carbon Emissions of China's High Tech Industries

Hang Mi
With the continuous development of trade and economy, China's high technology industry has a significant characteristics of "the imbalance of environment and interests", the increase of carbon emissions has a huge obstacle to the sustainable development of trade economy. This paper selects the volume...

Research on Practical Teaching Model of Higher Vocational Colleges in Deepening School-enterprise Cooperation

Tao Li
This paper first discusses the status and characteristics of school-enterprise cooperation of higher vocational colleges. After analysis, the article puts forward main practical teaching modes of higher vocational colleges in deepening cooperation between colleges including promoting integration of colleges...
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Hydrodynamic Analysis of Jack-up Platform in the Spud-can Driving and Pulling Conditions

Zhao-De Zhang, Yu-Hong WANG
The dynamic responses of jack-up platform, in floating state, are calculated numerically. The finite element models of a jack-up are made. And the dynamic responses of the jack-up are simulated when the spud-can is driving downwards at different depths while the jack-up platform is floating on the sea[1]....
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Computational Design of Dengue Type-2 NS2B/NS3 Protease Inhibitor: 2D/3D QSAR of Quinoline and Its Molecular Docking

Maywan Hariono, Ezatul E. Kamarulzaman, Habibah Wahab
The reemergence of dengue outbreak demands an effective and efficient treatment especially for antiviral agent since neither vaccine nor drug is available to overcome this disease. This study designed the new model for Dengue Type-2 (DENV2) NS2B/NS3 protease inhibitor from quinoline scaffold by combining...
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Adsorption of uranium-containing wastewater by Sugarcane Stalks

Yi Xin, Wu Deng
The new sorbent—sugercane stalks on the adsorption of uranium-containing wastewater was studied by static adsorption experiments in this research. Its feasibility and adsorption capacity as a biological adsorbent was verified through modification experiments. The influence of adsorbents dosage, adsorption...
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Research on the Relationship between User-to-User Interaction and User Co-created Value

Jianbo Tu, Yan Xu
Effect relationship model between user-to-user interaction, co-creation user experience and user co-created value were established in the setting of non-trading virtual community. Empirical study of structural equation model was applied to verify the effect relationship between user-to-user interaction,...
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Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Degradation in Plain Weave CFRP Composite Laminate

Ai Su-Ping, Xu Chang-Hang, Chen Guo-Ming, Li Guo-Rui
The failure process on the plain weave CFRP composite laminate under three-point bending test was monitored by acoustic emission (AE). Failure process was divided into stage I, II, and III based on the energy distribution along with the mechanical results. Moreover, various failure modes in every stage...
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Application of Time-varying Acceleration Coefficients PSO to Face Pose Estimation

Yudong Zhang, Shuihua Wang, Genlin JI
This study focuses on the problem of human face pose estimation based on single image. Traditional methods for 2D-3D feature based pose estimation problem require two inputs, and they cannot work well due to lack of correspondences of input images. We transfer the problem into an optimization problem...
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Post-peak stress-stain relations of rock mass considering elasto-plastic coupling based on strain-softening model

Jianxin Han, Fuming Chen, Lei Wang, Bei Jiang, Chunmei Zheng
Based on Hoek-Brown failure criterion, selecting the plastic shear strain as strain-softening parameter and considering elasto-plastic coupling, the approach of solving nonlinear relations between stress and axial strain, hoop strain and volumetric strain in the post-peak region was proposed by modeling....
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The Formation Environment of K-feldspar Porphyritic Granite from E-Mount, Yunnan

Jin Hu, Shitao Zhang, Ying Zhang
E-mount granite Pluton is located at the southwest part of Yangtze plate . To understand the formation environment of K-feldspar porphyritic granite from E-Mount approaches such as major and trace element analysis and zircon LA- ICP-MS U-Pb dating are used. According to the tests and analysis results,...
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Effect Study on Middle Phase Microemulsion Displacement System

Keliang Wang, Bingling Zhou, Jing Zhang, Guoqiang Fu
Middle phase microemulsion flooding is an effective approach to improve reservoir recovery. Using orthogonal experiment, we obtain the preparation of middle phase microemulsion formula of oil displacement system. Scanning respectively SDS concentration, concentration of n-butyl alcohol and Na2CO3, we...
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The Keep-Right-Except-To-Pass Rule

Jing-yan Liu
In this paper, We develop a model to show how The Keep-Right-Except-To-Pass Rule will do. According to the classic three parameters relationship of the traffic flow, speed and density. After that, we weighed the proportion among the three parameters in different situations to better prove the correctness...
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Research Advances on Chemical Components and Pharmacological Activities of Barrenwort

Yishan Shi
Epimedium is a kind of traditional Chinese medicinal materials, which is regarded as, at present, the one of the most valuable medicinal plants in China. The chemical components of Barrenwort mainly contain flavonoids, phenol glycosides, chromones, phenylethanoid glycosides and steroids, which are verified...
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The Design and Architecture of CalDAV-based Enterprise Calendar Service

Erdong Ma, Naijia Liu, Yu Zhang, Yu Peng
Personal calendar applications develop rapidly in recent years, while the enterprise calendar is lagging behind. This paper describes the protocol stack and content of standard calendar service, and then analyzes the similarities and differences between standard calendar and enterprise calendar from...
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Research Technologies of Projected Capacitive Touch Screen

Xiyang Liu, Siling Feng, Xianmei Chen, Jinrong Liu, Yaochi Zhao
Projected capacitive touch screen has the advantage of wear-resistant, high transmittance, long life, low power consumption, high sensitivity, noise rejection capability and support for multi-touch .This paper studies the related technologies of projected capacitive touch screen system: full touch point...

Application of Professional Judgement by Russian and European Companies in Determining the Scope of Consolidation

Natalia Generalova, Ekaterina Popova
It is within the field of the accountant's professional substantial judgment application to determine whether the investor controls an investee. The research based on 237 consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS of Russian and European companies was aimed at revealing and comparing the...

Research on Role and Effectiveness of Three-Dimensional Creative Painting in Business Promotion Activities

Xiaofei Qiu
Continuous economic development and constantly improve people's living standards, demand for living space by practicality, comfort aptitude economic, cultural and personal change, living space have higher requirements, aesthetics has undergone tremendous changes. 3D dimensional painting its unique creative...
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Water Potential Model of Solar Grain Drying System with Vacuum Glass

Hui Shen, Ji-ping Zhou, Sheng-yong Ye
A solar grain drier with a sun drying system and vacuum glass was developed and the corresponding water potential model was established in this paper. It was shown from the simulation analysis of the grain drying process that the moisture content of grain could increase to14.0368% with increasing the...

The Obstacles of Geographical Information System (GIS) Development: A Study of Teachers' Distribution in Sukabumi, Indonesia

Ahmad Yani, Rosita Rosita
Geographical Information System (GIS) is an application used to process data in form of thematic maps which is arranged overlapping to produce informations needed by the user. Employing descriptive method, this study indicated that basically the GIS deve
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Frequency-dependent friction for non-Newtonian power-law fluid in transient pipe flow

Peng Jia, Jun Fang
The pressure wave transmitted in the non-Newtonian drilling fluid is widely used for the information transmission in Measurement While Drilling/Logging While Drilling technology. It is essential to get the friction model in the non-Newtonian drilling fluid to evaluate the signal attenuation. A model...
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Monetizing Evaluation Model for Highway Transportation Rules Based on CA

Yiling Liu, Jin Xiong, Xingyue Han, Hong Duan
Most of the traffic rules are originated in some historical reasons; it is difficult to say which is better than others. This paper proposed a monetizing evaluation model for highway transportation, which is based on the cellular automation (CA), more specifically, the NaSch model. We evaluated the Keep-Right...

Biology Education Student's Profile On Microbiology Literacy

Yanti Hamdiyati, Fransisca Sudargo, Sri Redjeki, Any Fitriani
The purpose of this study is to investigate the biology education students' profile on microbiology literacy after completing microbiology course in UPI. Descriptive method was conducted in this research. The instrument employed in this study was developed based on PISA 2015 science literacy framework,...
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An Improved SRS Noise Estimation Algorithm Based on Interference Cancellation

Kewen Liu, Weiwei Tian, Mingyue Wang, Xianglin Chen, Jihua Gong
This thesis studies SRS noise estimation method with multi-users in the Long Term Evolution(LTE), and proposes a Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) time-domain filtering algorithm based on interference cancellation. By calculating signal power in the system protecting band, decision threshold of time domain...
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The Optimization of Fracture System Conductivity in Tight Oil Reservoirs

G.F. Liu, Z. Meng, T.P. Wu, J.T. Wang, J.J. Zhang, Y.J. Zhang
The network fracturing has become the key technology to develop the tight oil reservoirs. This fracturing technology creates a complex fracture network in the stimulated region. The primary goal of this paper is to optimize the fracture system conductivity in tight oil reservoirs, and to analyse the...
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Research of User-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on Hadoop

Y.L. Zhang, M.M Ma, S.P Wang
Collaborative filtering algorithm is one of the key technologies of the current e-commerce recommendation system, in which the effect of similarity measure directly determines the accuracy of the recommendation system. An improved method of similarity measure and the corresponding collaborative filtering...
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The Influence of Doping Ag on Photovoltaic Characteristic of CuI Film

Qiang Wang, Xi-Ying Ma
Cuprous iodide (CuI) is a p-type semiconductor material with wide band gap, which has attracted considerable attention in recent years because of its unique photoelectric characteristic and potential application in solar cells. This article presents the preparation of Ag doped and undoped CuI films on...
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The stochastic Precise Integration method for random analysis of nonlinear systems

Xiaoke Gao, Zhiyin Zeng, Pengke Liu, Xiaojun Shao
Based on deterministic Precise Integration formulation, a stochastic Precise Integration algorithm is proposed and developed in this paper for the random analysis of nonlinear systems. The recurrence relations are derived to calculate the covariance matrix response of linear and nonlinear systems subjected...

An Analysis of Driving mechanism of Enterprise Management Innovation Based on Lean Thinking

Shuwei Jing, Zhanwen Niu
With the method of case study, implementation of lean management in four enterprises, FAW Car Company (FAW), China International Marine Container (CIMC), Junlebao Diary Co. (JLBC) and Tianjin General Water Co. (TJCGE), are analyzed in this research. It is concluded that lean thinking drives enterprise...
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Integrated Teaching Methods based on Simulation Applied in Technical Colleges

Dayong Huo
To develop students' professional competence, vocational colleges use the teaching methods based on simulation widely. Under the simulated production environment, students can learn practical skills. After the experience of the work process, students are able to adapt to the future work quickly. This...
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A Reusable Driving Engine for Complex Control Systems Based on Embedded TCP/IP

Zhang Zhichun, Xiao Jingxin, Xu Wen, Zhao Zhenpen, Tang Shengquan, Bu Jian
This paper presents a complex control system in which a large-scale of devices are controlled by micro control units (MCUs) based on embedded TCP/IP, with emphasis on the management of these MCUs through one or more reusable driving engines. The number of the driving engines bases on the scale of the...
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Simultaneous Optimization of Pump Configuration and Operation Parameters in Multi-source Water Injection System

Jianjun Yang, Qingtang Li, Zhiyuan Zhang
The pump operation condition and configuration are closely related in water injection system, but the existing operation optimization is carried out in the given pump configuration. In order to optimize the operation condition of the new-built system, the pump configuration and operation parameters are...
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Comparative Study on Microwave Co-pyrolysis Products of Low-Rank Coal under H2 and N2 Atmosphere

Jun Zhou, Zhe Yang, Xiaofeng Liu, Lei Wu, Xicheng Zhao
The microwave pyrolysis of the low-rank coal is a new technology, which solves the utilization problems of coal cleaning conversion. On basis of experiments, this paper conducted comparative study on microwave co-pyrolysis products of low-rank coal under H2 and N2 atmosphere, respectively. The composition...

Study on the Commonalities of People’s Religious Consciousness in China and Japan – From the Intercultural Communication Perspective

Hanlin Ma
Religious reflect and influence the cultural character of a nation. Different religious consciousness reflects the different cultural development path of social personality. People’s religious consciousness in China and Japan are both gradually formed along with the booming development of commodity economy...

Transformational Leadership and Job Peformance: Multiple Mediation Role of Job Satisfaction in SMEs Sector in Indonesia

I Wayan Edi Arsawan, Ida Bagus Sanjaya, I Wayan Sukarta, I Komang Mahayana Putra, I Gusti Ngurah Sanjaya
The purpose of the study was to examine and explain the effect of transformational leadership, job satisfaction and organizational commitment on employees' job performance and the role of job satisfaction as a mediating variable. The population in this study were 69 export-oriented SMEs located in Bali...

A Module on News Text Writing Development with Mind Mapping Techniques for VIII Grade Junior High School/Madrasah Tsanawiyah Students

Distratika Aisa Rakhmi, Kastam Syamsi
The main motive of this study is to describe the Indonesian subject learning especially news writing in junior high school, develop news writing module teaching materials with mind mapping techniques for VIII grade junior high school/madrasa tsanawiya (MTs) students, and describe the feasibility of news...