Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Transportation & Logistics, Information & Communication, Smart City (TLICSC 2018)

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The Discussion about Mechanism of Data Transmission in the OSI Model

Jinxiong Zhao, Jing Bai, Qin Zhang, Fan Yang, Zhiru Li, Xun Zhang, Xiaoqin Zhu, Runqing Bai
An important milestone in network development is ISO's (International Standardization Organization) definition of the OSI (Open System Interconnection) seven-layer network model. The OSI reference model is a logical definition, that is specification, it logically divides the network into seven layers....
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Application of BP Network based on GA in Student Evaluation

Shixin Li, Hai Zhang, Kaixin Li, Chaonan Fan
The examination evaluation of students is a complex, multi factor, multi variable nonlinear system. The traditional evaluation method is difficult and fair to reflect the students' learning effect. In this paper, the student examination evaluation system model based on the BP neural network based on...
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Research on Traffic Sign Recognition Algorithm based on SVM of LBP

Ziyi Zhou
For the problem of road traffic sign, this paper proposed the traffic sign recognition algorithm based on SVM of LBP. Firstly, colour space conversion, binarization processing, expansion, demonizing and filling are carried out for the collected signs to obtain the target area in the image. Then, LBP...
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Visual Abnormalities Detecting based on Similarity Matching

Liuchuan Yu, Erjing Zhou, Baomin Xu, Shuangyuan Yu
Abnormalities detecting is one important application in the field of image processing and pattern recognition. It can alleviate human workload and improve productivity that employing computer graphic image theory and image processing technology analyzes and matches images in order to detect the abnormal...
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Research on Matrix Factorization Algorithm based on Multiple Kernel Learning in Collaborative Filtering

Zhaoyong Liu, Yiting Zhang
The matrix factorization (MF) algorithm plays an important role in collaborative filtering (CF). The traditional MF algorithms usually assume that the correlated data is distributed on a linear hyperplane, which is not always the case. Therefore, it is a hot topic to combine the kernel algorithm with...
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Hardware Implementation of High Precision Floating Point Transcend Function

Jun Zhang, Mingjiang Wang, Nanxin Hou
In this paper, the combination of CORDIC algorithm and mathematical method is used to complete the implementation of 128-bit floating-point exponential function and logarithmic function. The implementation of exponential functions and logarithmic functions is involved in speech recognition, image processing,...
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Positioning and Tracking Performance Analysis of Hypersonic Vehicle Based on Cubature Kalman Filter

Jianghui Zeng, Yongming Gao
Aiming at the problem of location and tracking of hypersonic vehicles in adjacent space, the tracking and tracking performance of low-track binary satellites based on targets is explored. The trajectory model of hypersonic vehicles is established. Based on STK and Matlab simulation software, two stars...
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A Decision Analysis Method Based on Rough Set

Shenghai Chen, Zongyan Jiang, Chao Duan, Xuejing Dai, Xianwu Mi
Rough sets theory provides a good method for getting excellent decision rules set with the conduct of reduction from the decision table. This paper describes many evaluation metrics of decision rules, analyzes the properties for these evaluation metrics. Then it presents the evaluation metrics for rule...
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Manipulator Grasping Based on Object Detection

Xin Shu, Chang Liu, Tong Li
To make sure that manipulator can perform well on novel environment, a new grasping approach based on object detection is proposed. A pose estimation network is used as usual to predict the grasping pose of the object while an object detection network is added before it as the input information of the...
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Expand the Range of Traffic Offloading with Multi-Hop D2D Communication

Xuewen Yan, Chao Dong, Yuben Qu
Device-to-device (D2D) communication is a promising technique for traffic offloading in next-generation cellularsystems, in response to the sharp increase in traffic and unevendistribution. In this paper, in the case of meeting the user’s delay, we propose a multi-hop D2D traffic offloading scheme to...
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Research on Small Sample Radio Signal Analysis Based on the VSGGTD Algorithm

Kai Zhou, Kaiyu Qin, Yuqi Zeng, Xueling Zhang
The current feature extraction methods for small sample signals focus on improving the performance. How to build a virtual sample set with strong rationality and high accuracy based on the original sample is one of the challenges in realizing small sample signal analysis. In line with the radio service...
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Coordinate Interests in Transit Network Layout Optimization

Xiaojing Zhu, Xuesong Feng, Lukai Zhang, Weixin Hua
In order to optimize transit network layout from the perspective of coordinating the conflicts between different stakeholders, this research constructs a multi-objective model and proposes a solution algorithm. The model is established from the perspective of operators with the goal of minimizing the...
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Modeling Household Car Ownership using Ordered Response Model

Kaijun Cui, Chunfu Shao, Guangzheng Yao
Considering the discrete and order attributes of household car ownership, the unordered response model (MNL model) and ordered response model (OL model) are used to predict the household car ownership using the data of fifth Beijing Person Trip Survey in 2015. The results show that the number of driver's...
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A Tentative Research of Internet of Things (IOT) in Automotive Transportation

Qingqiang Huang, Guanglong Zhang, Chunxiao She
Characterized by big data, artificial intelligence, IOT, automation, the industrial sector's transition to Industry 4.0 is much more than just a question of technology. It will affect not only individual corporate strategy but also national economic and employment policy. The Internet of Things provides...
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A Dual UAV Docking System Based on Monocular Vision Ranging and Positioning

Junxing Li, Ce Li, Liming Wu, Yachun Zheng
The dual UAV docking system is recently known as an important challenging task to improve the cruising ability of the multi-rotor UAV. In this paper, a mechanical structure of this system is illustrated. Monocular vision is adopted to identify the infrared beacons for the dual UAV charging positioning....
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Efficiency Evaluation of Main Ports of the Yangtze River Main Line—Empirical Research Based on Three-Stage DEA Model

Jianbao Zhang, Linan Du
Port efficiency evaluation has always been a hot issue in transportation economy and shipping economy research. This paper attempts to evaluate the efficiency of main ports of the Yangtze River main line by using three-stage DEA model, reveals the efficiency change trend and spatial characteristics of...
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Mechanical Structure and Hardware Circuit Design of Intelligent Vehicle

Xiaoqi Chen
In this paper, the sixth "Freescale" National University Student intelligent motor racing as the background, "based on culture, participation, encourage the exploration, the pursuit of excellence," the guiding ideology, self-designed and fabricated to guide the intelligent vehicle based on electromagnetic...
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Research on the Construction of Library Data Integration System in Big Data Era

Yongwang Xi
With the rapid development of network technology and information technology, the era of big data has come. Every day is accompanied by a huge amount of data. The library is also undergoing different changes every day in the processing of information resources and data resources. Knowledge and information...
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Reasonable Energy-saving Scheduling Model of Large-scale Logistics Transport

Hao Huang
in the process of large-scale logistics and transport, the relationship between transport path selection of vehicles and transportation energy-saving is complex, this relationship is affected by the nonlinear application of vehicle transportation time, distance and cost. Reasonable energy-saving scheduling...
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Design of Intelligent Logistics System Based on JIT Material Distribution Plan

Yunrui Wang, Zhengli Wu, Xuwen Zhao
With increasingly high demands of personalized requirements and delivery time of customers, material distribution must be on time with guaranteeing the flexibility. This became one of the most critical technologies for companies to achieve the intelligent logistics. Aiming at the issues which is large...
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Applicability Analysis of LTE in Long-distance Maritime Communication

Zhanfeng Zhao, Duo Liu, Longwei Wang
With the development and evolution of communication technology, maritime communication methods still lag far behind developed land. This paper first introduces several existing long-distance communication methods from communication speed, communication distance and application fields. Compared with the...
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Research of Spectrum Monitoring Based on Signal Lifetime

Fuyin Zhao, Xueling Zhang, Tan Wang, Liang Chen
In view of the fact that the traditional spectrum occupancy parameter cannot reflect the transmission of multiple signals within the same frequency, in order to master the more detailed usage of radio frequency, this paper takes radio signals as the object and puts forward the concept of the signal lifetime...
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An Improved SVM for Book Review Sentiment Polarity Analysis

Xinxin Guan, Yeli Li, Hechen Gong, Huayan Sun, Chufeng Zhou
In the internet age, whether a book has the value of reading, online comments play an important role. The data set in this paper is 4,000 comments obtained by the web crawler in Douban Reading. Based on the improved support vector machine (SVM) algorithm, a sentiment analysis has been given to these...
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Application of LDA Topic Model in E-Mail Subject Classification

Hechen Gong, Fucheng You, Xinxin Guan, Yue Cao, Shuren Lai
Text classification is an important research direction in the field of natural language processing. With the development of Internet, the use of e-mail is becoming more and more common. It is very important to quickly understand the subject and content of an e-mail in a mailbox. For example, when the...
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Exploring the Privacy Black Hole

Junli Zhang, Yan Wang, Rui Wu
With the popularization of electronic communication and social media, people-related information data has increased massively, which brings about a series of "privacy data risks" such as information data leakage. Conducting the personal behavior data as the index, the application domain as the criterion...
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Hot Events Detection for Chinese Microblogs Based on the TH-LDA Model

Jiahui Chen, Qingxia Shang, Hailing Xiong
Nowadays, many unexpected topics in the society initiate on the microblog platform and spread rapidly, and some of them finally become hot events. The technology for detecting these hot events on the microblog platform, has exerted a very positive influence on the discovery of the latest social hotspots...
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Intelligent Defect Detection Method of Photovoltaic Modules Based on Deep Learning

Binbin Ni, Pingguo Zou, Qiang Li, Yabin Chen
Currently, photovoltaic module manufacturers still rely on manual detection of EL images of photovoltaic modules to identify hidden defects. EL image detection is an important link in the quality control of photovoltaic modules production. Manual detection leads to slow detection speed, and the accuracy...
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Design of Optimized Mesh Network Routing Protocol Based on AODC

Xin Chen, Aimin Cheng, Gengyu Ge, Yinmei Liu
Mesh network is a relatively new wireless network, which has the characteristics of large capacity, fast speed and huge space for development. This paper proposes an AODC_ Improve routing protocol by optimizing the existing on-demand routing protocol (AODC). This protocol has the characteristics of end-to-end...
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Fast Data Acquisition and Database Construction Scheme of Urban Traffic Information System Based on CORS

Bi He, Baoqun Wang, Lili Tao
Traffic system is a complicated system, to realize digital management of transportation system, it is necessary to obtain the digital information of all component, and build the database to save and organize the digital information. According to the distribution characteristics of traffic system, CORS...
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Spatial Consequence of Smart City: A Comparison of Online Takeout Service and Restaurant Location in Shanghai Inner City

Feiyang Ji, Longxu Yan
Building a smart city is to archive intelligent management and services, thereby promote a more efficient and convenient urban life. However, the spatial impact of smart city technology is not clear. Current literature has focused on online shopping, which we believe produce less spatial impact as another...
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Research on the Impact of Key Equipment Failure on Subway Station Capacity

Sai Li, Xiukun Wei
Under the complex passenger flow environment, the failure of key equipment will affect the subway station capacity (SSC), and the average travel time of passengers is considered as the evaluation indicator of subway station capacity. The key equipment capacity model and station capacity model considering...
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The Analysis of Selection and Influencing Factors of Vegetable Buying Channels of Community Residents in Beijing

Ping Li, Guifen Lu
This article carried out surveys on community residents in Beijing to obtain vegetable buying channels information. The influencing factors of buying decisions are analyzed to find the key factors. Taking this as a basis, some suggestions are proposed on the development mode of vegetable retail terminal...
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Integrated Intersection Evaluation Method Based on BP Neural Network

Yan Zhang, Yanxin Zhang
With the development of the Wangjing regional economy, the number of cars in the region has increased. In order to allow inter-regional vehicles to pass with high efficiency, it is necessary to perform some efficient control at the boundary of the area. First, controlling the intersection of the entire...
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The Application of Cuckoo Search Algorithm in the Path Planning of Logistics Vehicles with Time Windows

Lei Lei, Zhe Sun, Chun Ying, Shuhua Tan, Zhixin Sun
The vehicle routing problems (VRP) in logistics distribution has far-reaching significance to logistics companies in reducing transportation costs and improving service quality and efficiency. A lot of research has been devoted to solve VRP. However, in practical applications, with the increase of constraints...
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Research on the Dynamic Scheduling Method of Logistics Park Based on Queuing Theory

Xuejian Zhao, Yuying Du, Zhe Sun, Chun Ying, Shuhua Tan, Zhixin Sun
Queuing theory is a mathematical theory and method for studying the random dispersion phenomenon and the working process of a random service system, and is mainly used to solve the queuing or congestion phenomenon. This article systematically studies the logistics dispatch at the present stage. Based...
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Combination of Asymmetric PCMA and Common Multiple Access Technology

Xingchen Xu, Jian Cheng, Jingyu Tang, Chuang Wang, Xiaoyu Cui, Xuefei Liang
Aiming at the transmission efficiency of asymmetric PCMA communication and the improvement of its communication capacity, the full use of the characteristics that PCMA technology can be combined with common multiple access technology can be realized by transmitting multiple small signals in a large signal...
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Analysis of Weak Links in E-commerce Logistics Industry Chain Based on DEA

Xun Zhang, Maoxiang Lang, Xuefei Li
According to the development status of e-commerce logistics industry in Yuhong District of Shenyang, this paper combines the components of e-commerce logistics industry chain and uses DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) to develop the e-commerce logistics industry in Yuhong District and other districts and...
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Modeling Fire Site Location Considering Traffic Accident Characteristics in Mountainous Expressway

Rong Zhou, Yuanqing Wang
With the focus on infrastructure construction to the mountainous expressway in China, it causes an intense discussion that how to guarantee the safety of operation. Due to the limitation of landform and physiognomy, there are many bridge and tunnel sections in mountainous expressway to rapidly pass through...
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A Cellular Automata Traffic Flow Model Based on Multi-trigger-headways

Ziyin Xu, Kechen Wang
The paper provides a more practical cellular automata traffic flow model for a dual-lane highway traffic system by introducing the rules of emergency braking and gentle braking, along with their trigger headways, and make it available to Intelligent Transportation System. According to the results of...
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Discussion on the Development Strategy of China's Multimodal Transport Stations

Sixiang Huang, Dong Mu
The development of China's logistics industry has got tremendous opportunities from the "One Belt and Road" strategy. The interconnection between China and the countries along the route has not only enhanced trade relations, increased economic efficiency, but also brought opportunities for the development...
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Research on Path Planning of Intelligent Fire Robot based on Genetic Algorithm

Mingmin Wang, Pengyu Guo, Guang Chen, Zhenfu Ju, Shishuai Zhang
With the progress of integrated circuit technology and the development of intelligent technology, the control module of robot technology is also reduced, the performance is improved, and the power consumption is also reduced. It makes it possible to design and implement a compact and powerful robot....
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Development Pattern Research on Urban and Rural Transportation Resources Integration

Yiming Zhou, Qingge Pang
The development on urban and rural transportation resources Integration is the new trend in urban and rural transportation supporting economic and social developments; it is also the important way in promoting urban and rural public service equalization. This paper analyzes and studies 5 development...
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Decision Tree Algorithm for Big Data Analysis

Yan Hou
With the development of the times, the amount of data processing is increasing, which brings new research challenges to data storage and processing data, but for traditional decision tree algorithms, it is far from meeting current data processing. Requirements, therefore, put forward new requirements...
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Unmanned Vehicles’ Message Display Optimization for IoT

Jun Wu, Liubin Song, Litao Chen, Xiaohao Mo, Bo Wu
The rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) has drawn much attentions. Recently, the unmanned vehicles-based application for the IoT is widespread. With the unmanned vehicles, the human-machine display design of the unmanned vehicle instrument panel is very important. To rapidly and precisely obtain...
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Research of Wave Simulation Based on Nonlinear Constraint

Bingjie Jiao
Nowadays, one of the most significant signal carriers, the radio wave of high frequency propagates in multi-hop path. We establish the foundation model of Sky-wave reflection in order to study the relationship between some factors (signal intensity, SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio), etc.) and propagating...
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Research on Customer Churn Prediction Method based on Variable Precision Rough set and BP Neural Network

Jing Gong, Jing Ju, Zhe Sun, Chun Ying, Shuhua Tan, Zhixin Sun
BP neural network and rough set theory play an important role in the field of prediction. In view of the present situation of customer churn in logistics industry, this paper combines rough set and BP neural network to forecast customer attrition behavior in logistics industry. Firstly, using rough sets...
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A Study on Code Transplantation Technique based on Program Slicing

Lupeng Liu, Xiaoguang Mao
Code transplantation, which is using a function of code from one software directly into another, and make the function work in it. Several tools have been built to transplant code, but there is still no research solved the problem of transplanting open source software. Open source software has the characteristics...
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Research on Analysis and Detection Technology for Several Attacks of OSPF Vulnerability

Nan Li, Yujing Liu, Zexin Lu
OSPF is the most widely deployed intra-domain routing protocol within an autonomous system. Although there are several mechanisms, such as flooding and fight-back, strengthening the security of OSPF, some serious vulnerabilities of the protocol are newly exploited. In this paper, we perform simulations...
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Research of Radio Frequency Channel Occupancy Prediction Based on Decision Tree

Fuyin Zhao, Yuqi Zeng, Xueling Zhang, Kai Zhou
Efficient utilization of finite spectrum resource is one of the purposes of spectrum management. Frequency channel occupancy is often used to evaluate the historical usage status of a frequency. Predicting the frequency channel occupancy is of great value to improve the utilization rate of spectrum resources....
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L-∞ Norm Optimization for FIR Filter Design with Linear Phase in Passband by SDP Method

Haijiang Hu, Shaojing Song, Yu Chai, Yumei Gong
An improved optimization method for the FIR filter design is proposed., which uses SDP method to solve the filter design. The aim of optimization is least group delay in passband while the constraint conditions include the magnitude errors in all frequency domain. The experiment results show this method...