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Personality Characteristics and Anchoring Effect in the Newsvendor Problem: A Laboratory Study

Wenmin Han, Min Huang, Wenhui Niu
The Ordering decisions made by decision-makers are affected by their personality characteristics and uncertain market environment, and have always been focused on by scholars. This study used MBTI to classify the personality characteristics of decision-makers, and the E-prime software combined with the...
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Methods for Assessing the Tourist and Recreational Potential of the Territory

E O Ushakova, M Y Tsoy
Regional socioeconomic planning requires assessing the local resource potential from the economic standpoint. The assessment must cover the tourism opportunities the region has, as domestic and inbound tourism is a national priority. This makes relevant any effort to improve the methodology for assessing...
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Identification of Optimal Risky Portfolios for Hedge Fund

Runsheng Rong, Yongwei Yang, Mengru He, Dingyin Hu, Zhenting Gu
The hedge fund market, stock market and bond market all have high risks. The purpose of our project is to build the optimal risky portfolio consisting of ten different strategies (which includes Arbitrage, CTA/Managed Futures etc.) to diversify risk and gain a high return, and we also conducted a 5-fold...
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Anchoring Effect in Different Promotional Forms in the Consumption Field

Taking Price Discounts and Gift Discount Activities as Examples

Jinxi Chen
This paper is aimed at discussing the anchor effect in a promotional scenario. In this paper, the research statistically analyzes the consumers’ choices of different promotion forms under different degrees of promotion and the impact of consumers’ choices on their cognition of the price through the method...
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Biomathematical Culture and Peculiarities of Its Formation of Students of Biological Specialties

Yu S Kostrova
Despite the needs of the labor market in biologists who know mathematical methods at a high level, the current system of mathematical training of students of biological specialties does not meet these requirements. The article discusses the concept of biomathematical culture of the students as the main...
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From Brand Identity to Brand Loyalty

Illustrated by the case of Bandai

Lin Zhuoyun, Zhang Yankun
With the development of society, people’s material standard of living is improving continually. In this case, compared with the necessities of life, more and more people have started pursuing some mental issue. When this trend comes to the product market, it is embodied in that customers put more focus...
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Automation of Cost Evaluation Methods When Choosing a Commercial Web Resource Through the Example of Primorsky Krai

L V Mkhitaryan, G F Pavlenko, T N Popova, G P Ozerova
The paper discusses practical methods used to evaluate the technical and economic features of the software system design project: the COCOMO method, PERT method and the method of estimating labor costs based on the database dimension. These accurate methods ensure simplicity of calculation and can be...
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Comparison of Foreign Investment Reviews Between China and the European Union

Jiawen Li
With the development of the global economy, investors are not just satisfied with the investment in their own country, they are increasingly focusing the investment on overseas markets. How to investigate the multinational corporation, especially security issues, is a huge challenge for the host country....
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The Impacts of COVID-19 on the Indexes

Economic Effects in the U.S. and China

Jialong Chen, Qiqi Li, Xiajie Yu
This article analyses the industry indexes in the U.S and Chinese stock market during COVID-19 to research the impact of COVID-19 on different industries in the U.S. and China. The data was collected based on the industry indexes during four selected periods of COVID-19. We analyzed the difference in...
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Investment Decision Analysis Based on NPV, IRR, and the Fisher Separation Theorem

Chen Tan
In today’s society, investment decision-making has become one of the main decisions of every large-scale company. The management and shareholders of the company conduct reasonable analysis and vote for high-quality investment plans. The paper mainly shows the impact of economic models on project decision-making,...
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Modern Practices of Teaching Materials Development for Higher Polytechnic Education

Z Ivanova, S Shvedov
The article raises the question of the need to strengthen the polytechnical element in higher education and to combine knowledge and skills from natural, technical and social sciences. Today the training of new specialists requires a transition from traditional training materials to a new generation....
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Marketing Strategy During the Pandemic: A Study of Chinese Live Streaming E-commerce Based on Taobao Live

Youjing Liu, Zhewen Xu, Haiyan Wang, Jingying Xu
With the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, many companies were forced to change their traditional marketing strategies to survive, while the live streaming E-commerce strategy stood out owing to its numerous advantages. On the premise of the success of the live streaming E-commerce strategy, this paper established...
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Analysis of the Business Model of e-commerce Companies under COVID-19: Taking Alibaba as an Example

Hongyi Chen, Yueqiao Feng
With the increase of Internet usage and the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, the market share of e-commerce is growing rapidly, and various types of e-commerce websites is emerging. Alibaba, as a leading enterprise in China’s e-commerce market, has been affected by the environment in this period, and has...
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Timely Financial and Economic Literacy for School Children as Basis for Economic Growth in Future

D Shvandar
High requirement for basic knowledge of entrepreneurial activity together with the need to complexly approach the process of development and implementation of measures in in educational institutions increases, it is becoming more acute to study complex techniques for financial and economic literacy implemented...
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Research on the Development of Pension Real Estate in China

Zizhao Jiang, Gexiang Zhang
In recent years, due to the increasing number of elderly people in China and the declining fertility rate, the retirement of these elderly people has become a major social as well as medical problem. Accordingly, the pension real estate industry has been growing over the years. However, it is a fresh...
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Research on the Impact of Advertisement on Consumer Behavior

Bowen Fan
Marketers use various media platforms to influence consumer behavior and maintain customer loyalty in the market. In this connection, it is imperative to note that various advertisements on the media platforms contain diverse information concerning the products. This engages the consumer to develop an...
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Research on the Influence of COVID-19 on Transportation Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model

Chenyang Peng
Over the years, the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) has been continuously improved with the efforts of many researchers. In this study, Fama-French five-factor model, which is excellent in estimating the average stock return, is used for regression analysis. Analyzing the performance of the three...
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The Status of the Russian Education System: The Modernization of Human Resource

O K Kudriashova, AV Mar’ina, G R Fakhretdinova, O Y Khanova
In this article, the authors are going to examine the contemporary status of human resources in Russia. The essential approaches to the education system’s quality will be analyzed. The main problems of the educational domain will be revealed, as well as the ways of its abolition and human resource development.
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A Study on the Inspiration of China’s “Blue Carbon Ecosystem” for the Development of Coastal Areas in Korea

Huimin Yang, Shuwen Zhao, Weisen Gao, Chulsoo Kim
In a speech to the National Assembly on 28 October 2020, South Korean President Moon Jae-in announced that South Korea would become carbon neutral by 2050. Since then, how to achieve carbon neutrality has become a common topic of discussion among Korean scholars. This paper focuses on the policies related...
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The Impact of Human Capital on the Efficiency of Technological Innovation Application

V S Zharov
A problem of giving a quantitative evaluation of how the human capital affects the level and dynamics of the innovation-driven technological development of economic production systems of various levels, including manufacturing enterprises, has not yet been expressly solved. This fact lowers the scientific...
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Failure Analysis of Queensland Payroll System

Zhu Ziyan
Queensland government tried to innovate and improve the payroll system, but there were many loopholes in the operation of the project. In fact, from 2015 to 2020, about a quarter of the state’s public health workers have to bear outstanding debts due to the Queensland Government’s overpayment of about...
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Review of General Management Under COVID-19 ---Take Road Traffic and Transportation Management as an Example

Jiayue Dang
General management mainly includes policy management, safety management and financial management. Under the background of COVID-19, general management has played an important role in maintaining the order of our life. Road traffic and transportation management is one of the best examples. Under COVID-19,...
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The Progress on Real Options for Company Valuation

Yixuan Chen
Nowadays, real options derived from financial options are increasingly used in asset pricing. However, with different business models varied by companies, the existing real option pricing models are unable to be generally adopted. This paper addresses the problem of asset pricing under the impact of...
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Risk Assessment Methods of HEI

R Aetdinova, O Chorosova, I Maslova
This article sets out to discuss an analysis of different methods of assessing risks in relation to universities. The study focuses on a review of qualitative and quantitative methods of assessing risks, and an analysis has been made of the possibilities of using these methods for the purpose of assessing...
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Research on Luxury Consumption in the Background of Financial Crisis

Cao Jiachen
Under the financial crisis, the demand decreases significantly in the whole economic market, while the amount of consumption in the whole luxury economy market is not clear yet. This article is mainly based on two perspectives of direct and indirect impact to explore the positive promoting effect and...
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Evaluation of Risk Manageability of HEI

R Aetdinova, G Galiullina, G Solomonova
The article sets out to consider assessment of risk manageability in institutions of higher education. The study examines a classification of external and internal risks characteristics of the universities, the technology of expert assessment of risk manageability. The methodology of determining the...
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The Effectiveness of Private Domain Traffic Strategy in Large Cooperation

Taking Lululemon as a Classic Example

Haotian Xiang, Qing Wang, Jie Cui, Jinyi Yang, Yiqin Zhang
Influencer marketing considered an emerging marketing tool has been used by most of the large corporations and developed a few branches such as public traffic pool strategy as well as influencer marketing strategy. Private traffic pool strategy is one of them. Normally, this method suits companies with...
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Forecast on S&P 500 Index Barrier Option with BSM Model

Shuqing Qi
Instead of buying the stocks or shares directly, the call option gives a chance for owners to buy it at a specific predetermined price, which prominently decreases the risk for the customers. Thus, it plays a significant role in the economic market and be widely used in a considerable number of financial...
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Challenges and Countermeasures of Chinese Cross-Border E-commerce Development in the United States

Sizheng Qu
With the upgrading of residents’ consumption level and the popularization of overseas e-commerce platforms, the development of Chinese cross-border e-commerce has new opportunities. However, under the influence of the China-US trade frictions, Chinese cross-border e-commerce development in the United...
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Processes of Reforming Regional Strategic Planning in the Conditions of Digital Transformation of Public Administration in the Russian Federation: Assessment of Results and Trends

O M Pisareva
The author presents the results of a scientific study and assessment of the current effectiveness of modernizing regional strategic planning in the context of updating the general concept of public administration and in the context of the formation of a digital public administration platform in the Russian...
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The Impact of FDI on Local Innovations in China

Evidence from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration, 2011-2018

Yunxin Ye
Innovation and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) are two major sources of economic growth. The State Council’s executive meeting urged further taking forward the nationwide initiative spurring innovation to unleash social creativity. Empirical studies of FDI effects on innovation with prefectural data...
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Economic Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Investment - Cash Sensitivity

Jiezhang Huang, Jiasen Zeng, Xujuan Zhan
This paper explores the relationship between economic policy uncertainty (EPU) and corporate investment cash sensitivity. We find that economic policy uncertainty has a significant impact on the investment-cash flow sensitivity of firms. Moreover, these results were still robust after a series of robustness...
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Digitization of Rural Industries: Current Situation, Progress and Prospects

Tiantian Wang
The digitization of rural industries is the core of the construction of digital villages. It is a new driving force for realizing rural revitalization, promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure. Based on the analysis of the status and progress of the digital development of rural...
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Factors of the Economic Adaptation of Migrants

K V Fofanova, A A Sychev, D M Borisov
The paper is focused on economic adaptation of migrants which is understood as the process of their integration into the economic system of the host community. It involves the acquisition of knowledge about its functioning, assimilation of economic norms adopted in it, formation of practical skills of...
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Analysis of Enterprise Strategy Mechanism from the Perspective of Globalization

Taking Yulife as an Example

Yuxuan Li
Yulife is a British insurance company and it has had some successes in Britain. The main products of Yulife are B2B and B2B2C insurances. Yulife has its unique application for its customers, which is one of the largest advantages of Yulife. This article uses PEST and SWOT to analyze Yulife. According...
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Business Report: Is the Shared Fascia Gun Plausible in China?

Haopeng Bai
After exercise, people usually seek for a way for relaxing muscles. Otherwise, their muscles and joints will become stiff. If this situation continues for a long time, it will cause great damage to people’s body. And the fascia gun is a convenient and inexpensive way to effectively relieve muscle pressure....
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Organizational Forms of Development of Scientific and Technical Products

I V Ershova, A E Ershov, Ya G Bezdezhskaya
The article proposes to use a new form - outsourcing project, as opposed to the traditional form of work under individual contracts, which includes work on several stages of the life cycle, for the development of complex scientific and technical products. At the same time, the calculation of the cost...
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The Application of Mental Accounts of Behavioral Finance in Internet Economy

Weisong Nie
With the development of e-commerce platforms, online shopping has brought many conveniences and benefits to consumers, and more and more consumers have joined the ranks of online consumption. Large-scale e-commerce and frequent merchant promotions have stimulated consumption, causing transaction records...
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Based on the Green Technology Changes on the Motor Market Environment Research: Take CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive CO.,LTD as an Example

Yifan Sun
Since the Third Scientific and Technological Revolution, with the development of society and the continuous upgrading of information technology and the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people value the high efficiency of industrial products in terms of energy efficiency and environmental...
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About Valuation of Receivables of Non-Profit Organizations Managing Housing Stock in the Transition to IFRS

O G Zhitlukhina, M A Iashchuk
The main source of financing for non-profit organizations managing housing stock is the maintenance fees of apartment owners, calculated in proportion to their share in the right of common ownership of this property. Therefore it is important for such organizations to control the receivables of apartment...
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Evaluation on Start-up Companies Based on POCD Framework: Case of Brightinsight

Zirui Niu
In today’s environment, deciding whether to invest in a business usually requires evaluating the market value of the business. For start-up companies, it is difficult to find an effective way to analyze the market value of a company and decide whether to invest. In this research, we propose a method...
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Young Chinese Consumers’ Willingness and Acceptance Towards Artificial Meats

Zekai Wang
This paper asks the young Chinese consumers’ willingness and acceptance towards Artificial Meats. To do so I sent out 100 questionnaires to investigate the attitudes of young Chinese people towards the consumption of artificial meat. I received 83 questionnaires in the final return stage. The key findings...
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Influence of Economic Factors on Domestic and Outbound Tourism’s Main Priorities

S U Niyazbekova, B Bekbenbetova, R Zh Kurmankulova, M A Abilmazhinov, A S Zueva
This study examines inbound and domestic tourism as one of the most significant aspects of the socio-economic spheres shaping the country’s reputation and hospitality, as well as creating employment in this area. The article carries out a thorough analysis over several years, which covers the number...
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The Influence of Platform Economy on Financial Function

Xiaoyan Zhang
Today, with the rapid development of Internet information technology, the platform economy (PE)model covers most areas of people’s economic life, and has caused subversion and innovation to the business model and pattern of the traditional financial industry. PE plays a significant role in the development...
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Research on Finance Liberalization and Regulation Based on the Experience of China’s Liberalization Transformation

Shuchen Guo
Financial liberalization has been widespread since the 1970s. A series of financial crises, such as the Crisis in Southeast Asia, occurred when countries transitioned to financial liberalization. As a result, people believed that financial regulation and liberalization were a prisoner’s dilemma. By studying...
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Options of Improving Customer Focus of Small Businesses

N A Pleshkova, A K Nesmelova
Customer focus is one of the key factors determining success of small businesses. The purpose of this study is to define the options for improving customer focus of small enterprises and their staff and to implement the tools required to that end. The article proposes both organizational and individual...
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Strategic Direction for the Development of SMEs - Based on the Successful Experience of POP MART

Ruiyuan Qi
At present, the lifestyle toy industry has shown great development potential in both domestic and international markets. With the introduction of blind box products into China, the market of blind box products in China has rapidly grown to a ten million market. Since its establishment 11 years ago, POP...
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Management Economics’ Optimization of Enterprise Organizational Structure

Jiaqi Shi
Managerial economics is concerned with decision-making within an organization and how the principles of economics can be applied to this endeavor. The current research sought to determine (1) how decision-making power is distributed within organizations, (2) what type of organizational structures firms...
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Task Approach in the Bachelors’ Professional Competence Formation

K F Gabdrkhmanova, G R Izmailova, L Z Samigullina
The paper reveals the ways and means of improving the quality of training graduates in the field of “Oil and Gas Business” through a competence-based approach implementation to the content of vocational education modernization. The article provides a rationale for the expediency of using the task approach...
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Research the Impacts of Covid-19 on U.S. Entertainment and Publishing Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model

Boyang Wang
The outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 has had a huge impact on the global economy. This paper aims to analyze the impact of the outbreak on the entertainment industry and publishing industry. Stock market data of selected industries is used for analysis, and Fama-French five-factor model is adopted...
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Application of Fishburn Sequences in Economic and Mathematical Modeling

E S Remesnik, A V Sigal
The paper validates the fitness of taking a game-theoretic approach to modeling the process of executive decision-making in the economy in the context of the third information situation, when the probability values of the economic environment states are unknown and must be in line with the corresponding...
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A Research on Disneyland at Home and Abroad

Renxian Fan, Zeyu Qu, Ran Wen
The popularity of Disneyland has been upswing day by day. Analysis and studies of Disneyland become more and more significant. This essay discusses the overviews of national and foreign Disneyland conditions by using the document study method. For national Disneyland, we focus on the sinicization, the...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Various Aspects of Remote Work Software and Future development

Xianzhen He, Xiang Meng, Yixuan Wang, Zhengjie Wang
The COVID-19 has a big shock to people’s life. It not only changes people’s lifestyle but also brings people lots of advantages and disadvantages. Workers have to switch from sitting in the office to staying at home and working on the Internet. Therefore, the effects that COVID-19 brings to remote working...
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Prospects for the Development of Digital Educational Environment in North-Eastern Federal University in the Context of Adult Education

O M Chorosova, G S Solomonova, V G Struchkov
The article discusses the need for the digitalization of education in the context of developing a system of continuing professional education in North-Eastern Federal University and explores associated risks and prospects for the future, including the customizable online learning tool, tailored to the...
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Explore Not Independence and Correlation of Random Variables and Methods to Judge Them between Stocks

Han Han, Zhehan Wang, Qixun Dong, Zugen Liu
In recent years, whether there is independence and correlation between stocks and how to use research results to minimize risks and maximize investment returns in the stock market have attracted the attention of many economists, mathematicians, and the public. It is worthy of discussion about how to...
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An Analysis of Determining the Most Valuable Company Based on Financial Analysis and Principal Component Analysis Methods

Zhe Ji, Andy Rui Chen Lu, Jingyi Wang, Yijin Sha
There are four profitable and valuable companies, Oshkosh Corporation, Intel Corporation, Arena Pharmaceutical Inc., and the Walt Disney Company, and we are choosing the most valuable one for investors to invest in. Among these four companies, the most valuable one should be determined carefully. This...
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Development of Additional Education to Increase the Level of Competence of Specialists in the Field of Technosphere Safety

V V Kuleshov, E V Bakiko, V S Serdyuk
The article describes the system of modern professional education. Today includes practical training, the use of modern technologies, the use of communication technologies and the use of the experience of practicing specialists with extensive experience in these areas. The information provided indicates...
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Research of Reform of Registration System and Earnings Management of R&D Activities in IPO

Jiacheng Geng
China’s registration reform took place in 2013, and a full registration system will be implemented in 2022. The registration system takes the quality of information disclosure as the core and requires IPO enterprises to disclose true, accurate and complete information. However, it is a common phenomenon...
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Summarizing as a Means of Development of a Communicative Competence in Aviation Sphere

L V Vorobets
The article deals with a problem of such an activity as summary writing of foreign texts in a nonlinguistic university. Under the focus of the author’s attention there are key transformation stages of the original text into the newly born one. The author analyses the most essential steps in summary writing...
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The Development of Tik Tok’s Global Market

Yuchen Ren, Wanxin Qi, Mingyang Fan
Tik Tok creates a worldwide mania, becomes one of the most popular and successful social media platforms. The success of Tik Tok cannot take place without its strong algorithm. In combination with knowledge of Business Analytics and Economics, this essay measures how Tik Tok develops its global market...
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Is Rivian the Next Tesla?

Jiaxuan Wen
Rivian, an American maker of electric pickups, went public on The Nasdaq on November 10, 2021, pricing at $78 and raising $12 billion. The IPO rose 29.14% on its first day, with a market value of more than $80 billion, making it the world’s seventh largest automaker. A week later it overtook Volkswagen...
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Modern Management Trends for Industrial Companies with State Participation in Russia

A Y Yakovlev
Despite wide prevalence of the companies with state participation in Russia they do not often become the subject of scientific researches. There are about 1100 companies with Russian Federation as the official shareholder and more than 2000 companies with Russian regions participation. This study is...
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Using Search Index to Predict the Volatility of Exchange Rate Based on HAR Model

Zhao Wang
The exchange rate is crucial to global financial markets. However, the existing literature rarely considers the impacts of the search index effects on the volatility of the exchange rate. With the gradual improvement of the realized volatility theory, researchers have found that the realized volatility...
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Policy Response After the Great Financial Crisis

Jince Chen, Yuanyuan Li, Chengmai Zhang, Yufei Ye
The Great Financial Crisis was the worst financial crisis since World War II, which plunged the global economy into a full-blown and sustained recession. This paper tries to explain the smooth but slow recovery after the crisis in the U.S. by evaluating the effectiveness and impact of three prime policy...
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Education of Civil Engineers: Emphasis Upon Team Work or Self-Development?

E Romanova
Recently, Russian education system has begun training civil engineers according to the new educational standard, which stipulates only universal and general professional competencies. The new educational program has twice more academic hours for the development of universal competencies than the old...
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Corporate Value Investing Research in Covid-19 -A Case of Starbucks

Genglan He, Sha Xiang, Jingyi Yin
Value investing research has been an important component of economic researches. Covid-19 has changed the general global economic environment and hindered normal social activities since the end of 2019, with dramatic effects on various industries. Particularly, it has brought severe challenges to the...
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The Impact of Quotation Writing on the Presentation of Economic Information in the Modern Russian Media Text

A E Bazanova, E O Popova
Economic information acts as a product. The public, legal entities and individuals are its main consumer. In this study, the authors consider the concept of economic media text and the role of language techniques used by journalists to explain economic information and fulfill all the demand of the audience....
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Panic Buying and Its Causes: A Case Study of the US Toilet Paper Market

Jiaxuan Li
Panic buying refers to a sudden increase in the consumption of certain goods due to perception or expectation of adverse situations. The goal of this paper is to explore the psychological factors that drive panic buying during a pandemic, more specifically, the global-wise COVID-19 outbreak. Literature...
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The Impacts of Different Phrases of COVID-19 on the U.S. Stock Market and How Investors Reacted

Mengfei Yan
This study explores the initial impact of the COVID-19 on the U.S. stock market. According to the daily data of S&P 500, Nasdaq and DJI, this paper investigates the reactions of the U.S. stock market when Omicron was found. In addition, to predict the future movement of the U.S. stock market, this...
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Analysis of the Interrelations of Economic Indicators as a Tool for Predicting Regional Financial Instability

Yu V Granitsa
One of instruments of forecasting of financial instability of regions of Russia is quantitative and qualitative estimates of interrelations between regional macroeconomic indicators. Research objective is selection of the most adequate models of establishment of interrelations between indicators of...
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Analysis of the Economics Behind Gree-style Survival

Fu LiYuan
Gree is one of the well-known household appliance companies in China, which has now entered the era of diversification. Under the leadership of Dong Mingzhu, Gree Electric is ready to cover every aspect from home to travel. The development of the diversification of Gree Electric also means that it needs...
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Analyses of Sustainable Development of China’s Finance Based on Commercial Banks

Tianqi Luo
China’s economy has developed exceedingly fast over the years. However, behind the fast-growing economy, sustainable development seems lagging. To motivate further development in sustainable development, analysis of sustainable financing, in the scope of commercial banks, the credit providers of all...
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Employees’ Competitiveness in Digital Transformation

M N Ivanenko, M V Artamonova
Employees’ competitiveness in the era of digital transformation is inextricably linked with digital competencies and digital skills that raise many questions. Firstly, the researchers did not come to a unified definition of digital competencies and digital skills. Secondly, it is necessary to identify...
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Research on the Construction of Financial Technology Risk Prevention and Control System

Qi Mingchun
The development of financial technology has changed the financial format and reshaped the financial pattern, at the same time, it also brings a series of risks of traditional finance and technology finance, the importance and urgency of financial technology risk monitoring, early warning and prevention...
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Does Gender Diversity Matter? Study of Female Directors and Corporate Performance

Evidence of China

Jie Liu
With the improvement of women’s social status, women try to seek higher positions in firms. The female perspective is prevalent in corporate governance researches. This study aims to figure out does gender diversity on boards influences corporate performance in China. The researcher uses panel regression...
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The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Global Hedge Funds

Dan Qian
The paper examines whether the coronavirus pandemic has affected selected hedge fund markets (Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index, Eurekahedge North American Hedge Fund Index, Eurekahedge European Hedge Fund Index, Eurekahedge Asian Hedge Fund Index). The purpose of the paper is to assess the degree of the...
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Employees’ Competitiveness in IT and Telecom in Vladivostok

M N Ivanenko, M V Artamonova
The topic of employees’ competitiveness introduces new issues into the era of digital transformation. Employees should not only to possess the necessary digital competencies, but to improve them, as well as to acquire additional digital competencies to increase their competitiveness. There is a methodology...
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China’s Economic Integration in Central Asia in the Context of the Proclaimed “One Belt, One Road” Initiative

M I Razumovskaya, I I Kazak, V Y Burov
Based on scientific and practical ideas about regional economic integration, a modern strategy of China’s integration is presented. It is considered in the context of the initiative “One belt, one road”, proclaimed by the leadership of the country. Arguments are given that the initiative is designed...
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Research on the Influential Factors for Hedge Fund Performance in Liquor Industry

Yiwen Hu
China has a very rich wine culture, and there is even a large amount of famous wine inherited for hundreds of years. Social intercourse at the dinner table is also inevitable in Chinese culture, which means that liquor is an essential consumer goods in daily life. And the general consumer goods will...
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Evaluating the Efficiency of Investing in Securities of Russian Companies

S S Akimov
The article presents various methods of investment performance evaluation that are currently in use. To evaluate and compare the efficiency of each financial assessment tool, three largest Russian industrial companies were selected and their six-year financial quotes were used. The evaluation findings...
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Analysis of Game Cooperation in Manufacturing Industry Under the Impact of Covid-19 on Global Supply Chain Based on Dynamic Game

Xinxin Chen, Lingqi Yao
The outbreak of the COVID-19 causes multifaceted disruptions and delays in the global supply chain, commodity shortages, and price increases, and may also exacerbate inflation caused by global monetary overdraft. Based on the game model, we analyze the cooperation and decision-making behaviors of suppliers...
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Analysis of Methods for Calculating the Weighted Average Cost of Capital of a Company on the Example of an Industrial Enterprise

E A Dolbnya, M K Vasilyeva, A Y Lyukina
The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is used to estimate the profitability of the company’s capital, the rate of return of the investment project and business. Within the framework of the article, an analysis of the methods for calculating the weighted average cost of capital of a company was...
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Influential Factors of Sales Revenue in the Fast-Food Industry

Rui Liu, Yueyang Sun, Jiaxiang Wang
Fast food refers to popular catering that commercial enterprises quickly supply. The fast-food industry, which can be processed quickly and eaten anytime and anywhere, has become increasingly important in the wake of COVID-19. The purpose of this article is to study the different factors that affect...
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Financial Statements and Analysis, Taking Tencent as an Example

Sijia Cai, Yuxuan Che, Dingyu Duan, Haoyang Liu, Yabei Yang
It is important to figure out a company’s financial situation in order to analysis investment, borrowing, mergers and acquisitions, fraud surveys, and competitive intelligence. This is also beneficial when assessing the corporation financial situation itself. This paper studies a typical enterprise in...
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The Psychological Predictors for Self-Disclosure of High School Students’ Abilities (E.G. Eleventh-Graders of Vladivostok School)

V S Chernyavskaya, I I Cheremiskina, V S Shibaev
The article presents a study of the predictors for successful self-disclosure of high school students’ abilities in the 11th grade. The main categories of research are presented. We substantiated the problem of the uncertainty for predictors in the context of self-disclosure of the high school students’...
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Research on the Position of Both China and US to Deal with the Financial and Economic Problems Caused by COVID-19

Jing Li
Covid-19 began in 2020 in an unexpected way as the most serious global non-traditional security shock in a century. China is the first major economy to resume growth since the outbreak, and it is at the forefront of the world in terms of epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery. However,...
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An Empirical Model for the Chinese Cosmetic Industry

Kangnaixin Yang, Hanchao Jiang, Tianyi Tang
The Chinese cosmetic market is developing rapidly in recent years and has become one major aspect of Chinese consumption. This paper uses a multiple regression model to analyze the factors affecting the cosmetics industry in China. The paper would firstly look at related research in this field and present...
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Russian Regions in the Global Economic Space

B L Lavrovskii, A V Chuvaev, I V Ruzaeva
The article is devoted to analysis and assessment of the place of Russian regions in terms of labor productivity in context of the global economic space. Its main goal is to identify (empirical) patterns of acceleration or deceleration of the growth rate of above mentioned indicator on the basis of large...
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An Empirical Study on Markowitz and Single Index Model

Junqing Wu
In this paper, the Markowitz Model and the Single-Index Model were used to study U.S. stocks. Four industries of U.S. stocks were selected to empirically analyze the data from 2002 to 2021, and the combination selection results given by the two models under five restrictions were compared. The results...
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Analysis of Four Technology Related Industries Before and After COVID-19 Based on Fama-French Five-Factor Model

Jiaying Li, Xinyuan Wang, Junxing Zhou, Yuanhao Zhou
The COVID-19 devastated the U.S. economy dramatically, which broke the largest shrank record from 1947. The U.S. stock market faced a series of huge fluctuations during the pandemic. Due to more stimulated injection policies and online communication demands, the U.S. technology industry faced a structural...
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The Use of Digital Technology in Personnel Management (HRM)

O N Balabanova, I P Balabanov
The purpose of the research is to develop practical guidelines for personnel management in an organization which would be instrumental in improving the efficiency of the personnel management system and conducive to the employees’ growth of labor productivity based on the use of digital technologies....
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Liability Determination of Financial Institutions’ Breach of Suitability Obligations

Take the Obligation to Inform and Explain as an Example

Jingxuan Yang
The Suitability Obligation is an essential legal institution in the financial market to protect investors. The Minutes of the National Court Work Conference for Civil and Commercial Trials in 2019 (“The Minutes”) has made detailed provisions on the liability determination of financial institutions for...
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Analysis of the Marketing Strategy of Bilibili and the Reasons for Its Success

Hansong Tian
China’s video platforms show a good and rapid development momentum in 2019-2021, among which Bilibili is the most rapid. Its number of users has doubled in just two years and it has become one of the most popular video platforms in China. Founded in 2009, Bilibili focuses on ACG subculture. After more...
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Research on the Spillover Effects of Covid-19 in Global Economic Markets

Junyu Du
The spillover effect means that an organization will not only produce the expected effect of the activity but also have an impact on people or society outside the organization. In short, an activity should have external benefits, which the main body of the activity cannot get. The spillover effect can...
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Improving State Financial Control over Organizations (Interregional Aspect)

T V Chinaev
The article describes ways to improve modern Russian state financial control over organizations; individual implementation problems, the specific role of state financial control in the fight against corruption in contract system; it has also been established that today audit must be seen as one of the...
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Study on the Change of Sales and Influence of Tsingtao Beer during Epidemic

Haoyue Jiang
Tsingtao Beer was set in 1903 as one of the most famous and biggest beer brands in China. However, in 2020, Yang believes that the coronavirus and the quarantine policies limited tourism and also have an impact on the sale of the Tsingtao Beer [1]. This paper mainly illustrates the Sale volume changes...
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Research on High-quality Supply of Rural Public Goods in China from the Perspective of Urban-rural Integration Development

Wuning Xia
The integrated development of urban and rural areas is committed to breaking the dual structure of urban and rural areas, smoothing the two-way flow of urban and rural factors, and building a new pattern of coexistence and co-prosperity between urban and rural areas.The supply of rural public goods has...
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Analysis of U.S. Sector of Services with Fama-French 5-Factor Model During the Covid-19

Yusen Feng, Tingjun Li, Ruoyu Zhao, Chennan Zhou
Covid-19 is the most widespread and devastating pandemic since the 20th century, which profoundly impacted the industries and the stock market, especially the service-related industries and stocks in the U.S. This paper aims to study the epidemic’s impact on service-related industries in the U.S. and...
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Students Creative Workshop as a Platform for the Formation of Entrepreneurial Skills in Engineering Education

O V Solnyshkova, E V Dudysheva
The paper discusses the issues of sources, methods, and conditions of the formation of students’ skills in the vocational training led to the entrepreneurial behavior of graduates. It is based on the work of the students’ creative workshop “Geo-S” within engineering geodesy university course. We proposed...
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Research on China’s Income Gap

Caizhe Zheng
Since the reform and opening-up, China’s income gap has widened rapidly. According to an analysis of the current situation of urban-rural income gaps, inter-industry, and inter-regional income gaps, it is essential to pay more attention to redistribution which leads to the income gap. This paper believes...