Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Public Management and Intelligent Society (PMIS 2022)

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Adeel Luqman, Hongbo Li, Ghaffar Ali
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 2nd International Conference on Public Management and Intelligent Society (PMIS 2022) during March 18–20, 2022 in Xishuangbanna, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and...
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Statistical Study on Mortality in China

Yiyou Fan
With the recently released data of China’s Population Statistics Yearbook 2020, this paper conducts a statistical analysis of the general situation of Mortality in China. By using RStudio to clean up the data formats and dive deeper into all data points regarding mortality rates, the paper examines the...
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To Explore the Relationship Between Purchase Intentions and Covid-19 Pandemic by Linear Regression on SPSS

NanJing Wang
The Covid-19 pandemic has brought various negative influences to people’s life since 2020. However, does the covid-19 have a positive impact on people’s lives? More people are trying to live better, therefore, an increasing number of people are willing to buy organic products. Thus, the paper conducted...
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The Application of the Computer Information Technology to the Indoor Microclimate Optimization

Cuicui Qin, Yani Gao, Qiliang Yu, Zhihong Li
Along with development of computer technology, the method of computer numerical simulation plays more and more important role in the area of architecture design. In order to improve the building’s energy-saving, comfortable and healthy indoor microclimate environment, the project has carried out indoor...
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Study on the Vitality Enhancement and Environmental Intelligence Technology of Historical and Cultural Neighborhoods Based on Organic Renewal Theory: Jinan Mingfu City as an Example

Haifeng Chu, Yimei Meng, Shuhua Huang
With the change of urbanization mode, some historical and cultural districts gradually appear to have declining functions and less prominent historical and cultural attributes which are unable to keep up with urban development requirements. Based on the theory of organic regeneration, this paper selects...
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Research on the Improvement of China’s Public Service Quality Management Level Based on the Background of Big Data

Xiuhua Shi, Qiong Wu
As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era and the economy and society has entered a stage of high-quality development, around adhering to the people-centered development idea, it is necessary to propose a public service quality management proposition that better meets the people’s...
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The Design Method for Traditional Wood Lamp to Regain the Sense of Childhood Rural Life Experience

Wenhao Fan, Yu Sun, Bo Li
In order to solve the perceptual needs of consumers for products, it has a deeper spiritual connotation while satisfying the functions of products. By observing user behavior, analyzing the user’s specific motives and operation methods for using the product, discovering the experience touch points during...
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Model Construction of Influencing Factors for the Sustainable Development of Resource-Based Cities Based on Gray Correlation Analysis

Yan Wang, Haiying Liu, Lina Fu
Sustainable development of resource-based cities are an important part of implementing green development. This paper constructs the indicator system of influencing factors of sustainable development of three aspects of the economy, society and environment, uses gray correlation analysis method and entropy...
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Study on Urban Fiscal Revenue and Industrial Upgrading Based on a Big Data Model

Yu Feng Shi, Jia Yue Kuang
In order to reveal the high-quality level of fiscal revenue growth in the Chinese Pearl River Delta cities, this paper first constructs a Dynamic Equilibrium Index model. The model is based on the classical DEA model frame and includes two optimization indicators: maximum value and minimum value. It...
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Performance Evaluation of Rural Inclusive Financial Poverty Alleviation in Hebei from the Perspective of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Based on Experimental and Mathematical Statistics Analysis

Lin Xu, Yiyun Zhang
Performance evaluation is an important means to test the effectiveness of rural financial precision poverty alleviation. This paper uses the panel data of 21 provinces and cities in the central and eastern economic zone of China from 2010 to 2020 to evaluate the impact of inclusive financial development...
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Visual Analysis of Emergency Plan Research Based on Citespace

Mengxin Zhang, Bihao Yu, Hui Huang, Yating Sun, Shiying Tao
With the establishment of the emergency management department, the state pays more and more attention to emergency management. Many scholars have carried out various studies on the important content of emergency management - emergency plan. This paper clarifies the development context of the emergency...
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Impacts of Land Finance on Green Land Use Efficiency - A Spatial Autoregressive Mode

Yi Qu, Jinghu Zhu, Yi Song
Improving urban green land use efficiency (GLUE) is an inevitable requirement to promote regional sustainable development. This paper uses the Global Malmquist-Luenberger (GML) index to measure the GLUE of 26 cities in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD), and analyzes the influence of land finance on the GLUE...
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Research on the Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on the Cost of Debt Financing—Based on Experimental and Mathematical Statistics Analysis

Li Guo, Chenghui Peng
Capital is the lifeblood of a company’s survival and development. Companies with lower financing costs are generally more competitive. However, the global pandemic of the new crown pneumonia has increased the uncertainty of economic policies and brought challenges to the financing activities of enterprises....
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Traffic Safety and Countermeasures

Pengfei Feng, Huiqing Jin, Mingyu Lu, Jiangbo Wang, Shulun Zhang, Tao Pan
With the continuous development of China’s expressways and cities, the number of cars began to increase rapidly, and traffic accidents also increased year by year. As a major issue in today’s society, it has an extremely important influence on economic development and social stability. The number of...
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Traffic Investigation and Control of Hefei Economic Development Zone

Yan Sun, Zhihua Tang
According to the statistics of relevant units in Hefei City, it is conservatively estimated that the number of private cars in Hefei has reached more than 600000, and the per capita vehicle ownership rate is 8%. In the past two years, the number of new cars in Hefei has increased by 280000. However,...
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Comprehensive Benefit Analysis of Urban BRT System

Mingyu Lu
In recent years, the problem of urban traffic is becoming more and more serious, and it poses a serious threat to human life safety, property and living environment. In order to solve this problem, many cities are developing BRT system. It is an urgent problem to understand the comprehensive benefits...
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Lifecycle Assessment of the Social Behaviors of Automotive Product Recycling

Jia Wang, Yuke Li, Wei Pan, Zhenbiao Li
A wide range of actors are engaged in the entire lifecycle of automotive products, and they may impact the recycling and reuse of these products through their social behaviours, including policy, perception, technology and environment. This paper investigates the social impact of automakers, dealerships/maintenance...
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The Measurement of Urbanization Bubble of Beijing Under the Background of New Urbanization Development

Based on Improved Coordinate Quadrant Method

Yuan Gong, Qian Xiong, Zheng Zhao, Mengmeng Cai
The bubble of urbanization development mainly refers to the phenomenon that the urban land, population, industry, environment, and social services etc. are not synchronized or coordinated with the development of urbanization. This study established a quality evaluation index system for urbanization development,...
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Research on Grid Management Mode of Super-Large Cities Under Digital Background

Analysis Based on the Operation and Management of “Sui Zhi Guan”

Anqi Xu, Aikeda Adili, Liuyun Chen
The wave of digitization represented by technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data is sweeping the world, profoundly affecting urban management and development. The Guangzhou Municipal Government took the initiative to adapt to the new situation and began to fully...
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Application Architecture of Accounting Information and Auditing System Based on Blockchain Technology and a Private Data Sharing Technology

Beijia Zhong, Minjia Du, Sirui Huang, Jiawei Qian
Under the background of informatization and intelligence of financial management, the accounting information and auditing system based on blockchain technology has improved the quality of financial information. It is possible to explore the use of the blockchain technology as a basis to solve the information...
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The Impact of FDI on Technological Innovation

Empirical Analysis Based on Panel Data of 31 Provinces in China from 2010 to 2019

Linying Li
In the context of globalization, China is one of the countries that attracts the most foreign investment. Based on the panel data of 31 domestic provinces in China from 2010 to 2019, this paper uses a random fixed-effects model to analyze the impact of FDI on the country’s innovation capacity and proves...
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Research on Social Public Governance Method Based on Intelligent Prediction Algorithm

Xiao Chen, Wenjing Huang, Lin He
The problem of social public governance has become an important content of attention. The multi-objective optimization problem of minimizing the incremental cost of public governance input and maximizing the incremental benefit obtained is related to the development of social public governance. In response...
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Research on Industrial Structure Optimization of Chongqing Under Low-Carbon Economy

Chunmei Liu, Wen Bao
Low-carbon economy has become the only way for sustainable development in China, Low-carbon economy promotes and realizes the optimization of industrial structure has become a hot research. This paper selects eight indicators in Chongqing from 2011 to 2020: energy intensity, the province’s forest coverage...
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Research Trends and Hotspots Related to the Natural Sciences in the 21st Century Based on Citespace and VOSviewer Software

Lusheng Wu, Junwei Duan, Quanlong Guan, Xiaoqing Zhang, Qian Xue
Effective policies and rational allocation of resources usually play an important role in the development of science and technology in various fields. To study and judge the trend of future technology development and determine the frontier areas of science and technology will provide scientific basis...
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SPSS Binary Logistic Regression Was Used to Analyze the Influencing Factors of Contemporary People’s Pension Preference Under Social Support

Shujun Chen, Zizhu Zhao
In the face of the weakening of family pension service function and the increase of socialized pension demand, in order to clarify the influencing factors of contemporary people’s pension preference, this paper takes social support as independent variable, whether to choose home pension, community pension...
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Research on “Big Data+” Public Health Service Efficiency of Heilongjiang Provincial and Municipal Governments

Based on DEA Model

Defa Cai, Yurou Guo
In recent years, with the deepening of big data research and application, the medical and health field is also actively exploring. This paper uses the DEA-BCC model and the DEA-Malmquist model to measure the public health service efficiency of 13 prefecture-level municipal governments in Heilongjiang...
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Research on Epidemic Predictive Modeling, Data Fusion and Effective Prevention and Control Strategies by China’s Digital Government

Take Guangzhou as an Example

Aikeda Adilii, Anqi Xu, Jihaeng Lee
In recent years, China has actively advocated the construction of digital government. With the continuous progress of the times, China’s digital government has the characteristics of wide coverage and strong integrity. At the same time, digital government has played a great role in the prevention and...
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The Impact of Transportation on Common Prosperity

Qipo Wang
The experience of many countries shows that infrastructure construction can promote economic development, and transportation is a key part. However, there are few studies on the relationship and mechanism between transportation and common prosperity. Therefore, this paper uses the fixed effect model...
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Research on Policy Burden and Social Responsibility of Private Enterprises Based on Fixed Effect Model

Lan Luo, Ying Cao, Xiaotong Cui, Zexian Liu, Jiayi Lin, Ziyuan Cai
In order to further explore the role of state-owned capital in private enterprises, based on the background of mixed ownership reform, this paper studies the private enterprises listed in 2010-A-shares in 2019, tests the influence of private enterprises on their policy burden and social responsibility,...
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A Review of Artificial Intelligence Risks in Social Science Research

Yan Du, Chihping Yuan
This paper uses CiteSpace to analyze the knowledge map of Artificial Intelligence (AI) risks in social science research. Scholars mainly analyze the technical, ethical, social and existential risks brought about by AI technology from the perspective of computer science, economics, medicine and philosophy....
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Survival Analysis of the Years of Residence of Ethnic Minority Migrants in Tibet and Ningxia

Yingxue Pan, Suizhi He
The long-term and stable residence of the city’s floating population of ethnic minorities in the residential area is beneficial to ethnic group integration and the city’s long-term development. Local public health service policies, on the other hand, have a greater or lesser impact on the long-term residence...
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The Value Implication, Practical Problems and Practical Approaches of Digital Village Construction

Lili Guo
In the context of rural revitalization, the construction of digital villages is of great significance for improving the level of rural social governance and realizing the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. Analyzing and discussing the significance, problems and practical paths of digital rural...
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Research on the Influence of COVID-19 on the Fluctuation of China Household Electrical Appliances’ Index in the Context of Economic Globalization

Jing-Xu Yang, Ling-Yu Hu
In order to deal effectively with the impact of the COVID-19 on China’s domestic appliance industry in the context of economic globalization, by analyzing the upstream copper futures index (CFI) and the downstream household appliance Futures Price Index (HAFPI) from January, 2020 to October 2021, the...
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Research on Microblog Public Opinion Event Management Based on Logit Regression

Shiyuan Zhang, Baiping Chen, Yajuan Deng, Xiaohong Deng
This paper is based on the data of social public opinion events that occurred on Weibo within 24 h of a certain day in 2017. Through the establishment of Logit model to explore the influencing factors that affect the popularity of online public opinion. The empirical results show that the number of fans...
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Research on the Management of Educational Resources Based on Big Data Technology

Yan Ke, Xinyue Bao
This paper presents a quantitative analysis and comparative study of the allocation of educational resources in China during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016–2020) in the context of big data, based on three dimensions and five indicators: human resources, financial resources and material resources,...
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Research on Food Security and Informatization Management in Hubei Province Based on Gray Forecast Model and Factor Analysis

Yan Li, Wencan Wu, Jing Huang, Keqiang Wang
Food has been the root of people’s livelihood since ancient times. Chinese government proposes to guarantee national food security as the bottom line and improve the agricultural protection system. Based on the agricultural and grain-related data of 17 cities and prefectures in Hubei, the gray forecast...
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Application Analysis of Modern Computer Technology in Agricultural Economic Management

Huapu Gu, Liping Feng
The organic integration of computer technology and agricultural economic management system can establish an efficient information management platform, rely on the analysis of internal multi-information data, accurately locate the information related to various economic behaviors in agriculture, and promote...
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Application Scenarios of Emotional Metaphor Computing and Emotional Intelligence Recognition in Group Mentality Management

Yi He, Zhibing Zhong, Ming Yuan
Emotional metaphor computing is a quantitative (from qualitative) analysis and calculation of emotional metaphors, which is theoretical guided by cognitive linguistics, based on the ontology of emotional vocabulary, emotional commonsense knowledge base and emotional metaphor knowledge base, and supported...
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Analysis of the Path to Achieve the Goal of “Double Carbon” Based on the Financial and Tax Incentive Model

Defa Cai, Chunyu Zhou
Global climate change is unpredictable, environmental management is urgent, and China has clearly defined the strategic goal of “carbon peaking and carbon neutral” by 2021, but the foundation to achieve comprehensive green transformation is still weak. As an important means to promote green low-carbon...
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Analysis the Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Smart Tourism

Jie Zhang
This article discusses the basic content and artificial intelligence technology connotation, combined with the specific application of artificial intelligence technology in the collection and push of tourism information, artificial intelligence tourism interpretation system, intelligent scenic spot service...
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Research on the Benefits of Government Purchasing Housekeeping Training Services Based on Evolutionary Game

Congman Wang, Hongjing Zhang, Yu Zhang
The government’s purchase of housekeeping training services is an important measure to effectively improve the quality and skills of housekeeping practitioners and promote the high-quality development of the housekeeping service industry. It is also an important means to solve people’s livelihood problems...
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Empirical Analysis on the Influence of Social Security and Public Service on Residents’ Quality of Life Under the Background of Intelligentization

Xitao Liu, Miao Yu
Since the 20th century, modern intelligent technologies, such as big data, Internet of Things, block chain and artificial intelligence, have developed vigorously. With the help of intelligent technologies, various platforms have spread all over the industry, and the multilateral platform model and its...
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Big Data Analysis and Intelligent Management of Entry-Exit Border Inspection Information

Kai Qi, Qiang Wang
Based on the status quo of entry and exit border inspection data statistics and management, analyzes its laws and characteristics, predicts its development trend, explores the use of modern information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and improves the level of...
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Social Mosaic Theory: Empirical Investigation of Re-engineering of Information System in Merger and Acquisition Performance and Efficiency

Xinyue Yang
Mergers and acquisitions could have a negative impact on the operations of the companies involved when Information Science methodologies are not properly implemented. The requirement to integrate individuals, information systems, business processes, and a wide range of information technologies across...
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Studying the Influencing Factors of Tourism Economy Among Provinces in Mainland China in the Context of Big Data Based on Spatial Econometric Analysis

Yuting Wang, Wen-Tsao Pan, Yanmei Liang, Han Lv, Wenjing Dai
At the end of 2019, the new crown epidemic spread from a local outbreak to the whole country, causing a huge impact on the tourism industry everywhere. With limited resources, in order to effectively improve the tourism industry input-output ratio, this paper uses a spatial econometric model based on...
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Research on the Way of Promoting the Construction of Smart Government in China in the Post-epidemic Era

Dan Zhao, Zhen Gan
The outbreak of new crown pneumonia (NCP) has created opportunities as well as new requirements for the informationalization of government services. The intelligent government is an important way to promote the modernization of government governance system and capacity, and to promote the transformation...
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An Empirical Study on the Influencing Factors of Digital Government Service Level

Youcheng Wang
Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country has attached great importance to promoting the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity through informatization. The digital government service level is an effective means to improve the efficiency...
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Based on Cite Space’s Visual Analysis of the Research Hotspots of Community Home Care in China

Shaofeng Wu, Suzhen Wang, Jing Li, Mengling Feng, Yao Zhu, Delin Zhang
In order to objectively grasp the research hot spots and development trends in the field of community home care, and to provide a basis for subsequent research, related literatures from 2000 to 2021 in CNKI database were retrieved. And keywords of authors’ institutions of 280 included literatures were...
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Restricted Conditions During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study on the Correlation Between Work Environment and Work-Family Conflict

Fan Yang
At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, causing numerous changes in people’s lives and working styles. Since more and more employees have to work from home, less is known about how an adequate work environment at home influences these employees’ perceptions of work and family conflicts....
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Research on Import and Export Promotion Effect of China’s Digital Trade–An Empirical Analysis Based on Stochastic Frontier Gravity Model

Rong Zhang
As a product of rapid development and integration of intelligent technology and Internet, digital trade is very important for the development of global industrial chain, especially in COVID-19, which can enhance economic resilience and risk tolerance. The data of China, Japan, South Korea, Russia and...
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Trend of Intelligent Society Governance in the Context of Aging

Zhiying Luo
With the rapid development and wide application of modern intelligent technology, China is gradually entering an intelligent society, and intelligent social governance is becoming a new trend. At the same time, with the disappearance of demographic dividend, the aging degree of China’s population is...
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Judicial Regulation Predicament and Countermeasure Analysis of Data-Flow Type of Underground Industry in the Era of Bigdata

Zhiyan Xie, Guangxuan Chen, Di Wu, Guangxiao Chen, Qiang Liu
At present, the structural and irreparable shortcomings of existing laws and regulations in combating and governing underground products have brought a great challenge for the law enforcement agencies. This paper takes the data traffic-threatening underground industries as example, to reveal the state...
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Use Java Technology to Build SOA-Based Government Platform to Achieve Intelligent Public Management

FuYan Hong, Yuanjing Pan
In the process of transformation from information society to intelligent society, the widespread use of Internet and information technology provides technical support for the government. This paper takes Harbin city government affairs open data as the research object, identifies its problems through...
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Commercial Concrete Distribution Center Site Selection Strategy Study Based on Center of Gravity Method

Lan Li
Commercial concrete is an important construction material. The physical properties of commercial concrete and the variability of personnel, equipment, weather, geography, traffic, and other conditions at the construction site make the delivery of commercial concrete extremely challenging. Following the...
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Correlation Analysis Between Urban Convenience and Tourism Destination Residents’ Sense of Place Based on Computer Technology

Xiu-li Liu
As the social and economic development of our country began to shift from high-speed growth stage to high quality development stage, gradually entering a well-off society in urban residents has not merely content with the spacious room to live, live the basic physiological needs, and the pursuit of comfort,...
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Research on the Regulation and Management of the Optimal Dimensional Collective Housing Scale for Living in Sustainable Cities

Jyh-Harng Shyng
Living space is an extended value of land resources, a finite environmental resource, and important governance for the government departments to conduct urban and rural planning and public management. Within such an era suffering from the resource crisis, how to manage urban living space resources with...
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An Analysis of the Economic Effects of Trade Facilitation in the Construction of Belt and Road: A Simulation Study Based on GTAP Model

Fan Zhang
In recent years, “Belt and Road” has become a hot spot in international trade because of its large number of participating countries and extensive regional coverage. Firstly, 4 first-class indicators and 26 s-class indicators are set up to study the constraints of trade facilitation and the proportion...
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Analysis of the Development Trend of E-Commerce Based on Network Intelligence Technology: The Case of Jing Dong (JD)

Yunlin Chen
With the continuous development of e-commerce, how to develop e-commerce in the future is the direction for enterprises to consider. This paper takes Jingdong (JD) e-commerce company as an example, and analyzes the development trend of this e-commerce company based on network intelligence technology:...
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Research on Recommendation System of Agricultural Product Logistics Scale Control Based on Consumer Behavior

Yanli Jiao, Shanshan Zhang, Haiyan Lv
With the rapid development of economy and society, consumers’ preferences for agricultural products tend to be diversified and personalized. However, a single recommendation system can hardly meet the rational needs of consumers for the safety, health, personality, culture and services of agricultural...
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Research on the Structural Imbalance of Employee Medical Insurance Fund—Actuarial Analysis Based on A City Data

Shujun Chen, Tianyun Hu
This paper mainly studies the structural imbalance of the employee medical insurance fund, finds out the possible causes of the imbalance and explores the feasible path to alleviate the structural imbalance of the fund. In order to delay the possibility of surplus deficit and time inflection point of...
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Research on the Construction of Intelligent Public Decision-Making Model from the Perspective of Big Data

Zhen Gan, Dan Zhao
In view of the increasingly complex decision-making environment, an intelligent public decision-making model based on big data is proposed to enrich the existing public decision-making theoretical system and provide reference for public organization decision-making. Based on the normative rational research...
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Research on Evaluation of Department Decision-Making Ability Based on AHP

Xiang Li, Qi Zeng Zhang, Biao Zhao, Feng Zeng Liu
This paper evaluates the decision-making capacity of the department. By analyzing a variety of the factors that affect departmental decision-making, a departmental decision-making capability evaluation index system is constructed. Based on the AHP, a quantitative model for departmental decision-making...
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The Risk of Artificial Intelligence Embedded in Government Governance: Mechanism, Process, Prevention and Control

Wei Wang, Yuxi Cai
As a cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence is widely used in government governance to provide advanced technical support and guarantee. Embedding artificial intelligence technology into the government governance process can greatly improve the efficiency and level of governance. Based on the...
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Experimental Study on Satisfaction Evaluation of Community Service Facilities for Older People Under the Background of Healthy Cities

Yinan Wang
This paper looks primarily at the assessment of satisfaction with community service facilities for seniors in healthy cities. Through a detailed literature review, twelve factors were identified which related to seniors’ satisfaction and the corresponding rating system was established accordingly. According...
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Research on Information Sharing Application of Collaborative Government Affairs System Based on Blockchain

Take Social Security Government Affairs as an Example

Shujun Chen, Jinpeng Tian
In the process of collaborative government affairs under the existing e-government environment, there are problems such as data isolation of different departments, complex inter-departmental business processing, insufficient data sharing, and difficulty for citizens to handle government affairs. In response...
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Research on Evaluation of Big Data Application Capability of Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises

Zeshuang Liu, Jingyun Peng
Big data application capability is the core resource and competitiveness of intelligent manufacturing enterprises in the new era. Based on the intelligent characteristics and life cycle, this paper uses the literature measurement method to construct the evaluation index system of big data application...
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Intermediary Organization Marketization, Corporate Governance, and Financing Efficiency

Ping Yu, Jiarui Zhang, Xiaoling Huang
Based on the non-financial companies listed in Chinese A-share market from 2016 to 2020, this paper empirically analyzes the impact of intermediary organization marketization on financing efficiency, and utilizes corporate governance as an intermediary variable to test the underlying mechanisms. By using...
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Research on the Revenue of All Parties in the Supply Chain Based on Blockchain Prepayment Financing Platform

Haoxin Wang
This study takes a prepayment financing system consisting of small and medium-sized retailers, core enterprise manufacturers and commercial banks as the research object, constructs a prepayment financing model that is closer to the actual operation of the relevant enterprises and a prepayment financing...
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A Design of Technological Infrastructure for Citizen Participation in Public Value Co-creation

Chol I. Kang, Pil Hun Oh
Along with the disruptive development of ICTs such as social media and Internet of Things (IoT), attempts to use them for citizen participation in public values co-creation are also accelerating. While attempts to use social media-based citizen participation for public value creation are actively going...
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Research on the Policy Agenda of Inter-provincial Settlement of Outpatient Expenses Based on Multiple Streams Model

Chao-nan Wu, Xian-ping Zheng, Xiao Tong
Cross-provincial settlement of outpatient expenses provides convenient and fast medical security services for the floating population, improves the convenience of out-patient medical treatment in different places, and promotes a fairer and more reasonable distribution of medical resources. The vast majority...
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Research on the Framework and Path of Smart Community Construction Based on ANP-SWOT Model Analysis

Defa Cai, Jiaqian Li
The community is the basic unit of urban residents’ life, and the smart community is the basic unit of the smart city. The smart community is the use of new generation information technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, guided by the wisdom, green...
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Research on the Spatial Evolution of the Coordination Degree Between Basic Public Services and Economic Development

Xinyu Zhang, Xiaoshen Cai
With the in-depth development of intelligent society, providing high-quality public services has become an important topic in the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity. In order to investigate the quality of public services in China, this paper selects the relevant data...
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Research on Standardization Construction of Emergency Supplies Management

Wan Wang, Jun Wei, Tingxin Qing, Chao Zhang, Qian Zhou, Fengjiao Xu
In recent years, with the development of China's economy and society, China's emergency supplies management and standardization has also had a certain development. In the early stage of novel Coronavirus (2019-NCOV) epidemic response, there was a shortage of emergency supplies in China, which...
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Research on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Government Public Service Quality

Take Hangzhou as an Example

Fuyan Hong, Wenlin Dou, Shuai Chen
With the in-depth development of “promoting the modernization of national governance system and governance capacity”, governments at all levels try to use artificial intelligence technology to improve the quality of government public services, which has attracted the attention of all sectors of society....
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Research on the Development Strategy of Community Embedded Elderly Care Services Under the Empowerment of Information Technology

Based on the Perspective of Integrated Services

Li Li, Shuoyi Zhu
With the aging trend becoming more and more severe, the community-embedded elderly care service model provides a new idea for solving the problem of caring for the elderly. However, problems such as imperfect institutional planning and poor resource integration ability plague the development of community-embedded...
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A Comparative Study of International and Chinese New Generation Staff Research from the Perspective of Knowledge Domains Mapping

Ting Zhai, Yanru Cui, Kangxin Yan, Wencheng Zhou
It has become a common phenomenon that the intergenerational shift occurs all over the world. What do they care most about at work? What happiness and annoyance does work bring to them? These are the hot issues concerned by the practice community in recent years. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct...
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The Share-Pledging of Controlling Shareholder and Corporate Operation Risk

The Empirical Evidence from China's A-Shares Listed Companies

Ping Yu, Youyi Wu, Jiarui Zhang, Yuanhai Bai
Share-pledging has become a widely used financing method for listed companies to meet their capital needs. However, it may also influence the operation risk of companies. Using the annual data from CSMAR and WIND database, we obtain 11,298 listed companies from 2009 to 2019 and examine the impact of...
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Research on the Development and Application of Intelligent City Public Service System

Ying Sun
The intelligent city is to use information and communication technology ways to sense, analyse and integrate various key information of the core system of urban operation, so as to realize intelligent response to various needs, including people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety,...
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Advances in the Study of Factors Influencing of the Risk Perception in the Doctor-Patient Relationship: Based on the Medical Side Perspective

Yufei Gao, Xueli Jiang, Jiangjie Sun
The risk of doctor-patient relationship seriously affects the psychological health of doctors and the healthy development of hospital treatment environment. It is crucial to investigate the influencing factors of risk perception of doctor-patient relationship to avoid the risk of doctor-patient relationship...
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Practical Experience and Satisfaction Evaluation of Poverty Alleviation by Relocation in Tibet in the Context of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Strategy ​Based on Ordered Logit Model

WenFeng Yang, WeiLian Zeng
The battle against poverty has been an important part of governance at all times and in most countries. In China, targeted poverty alleviation is another great and profound historical change taking place in rural areas, following the reform of rural land system and the household contract responsibility...
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Analyzing the Economic Impact on COVID-19 with Vaccination Based on the Epidemiological and Economic Models

Eric Rui Huang
In December 2019, COVID-19, a novel coronavirus disease, started in China and spread worldwide. The development of COVID-19 vaccines helped many countries in this world to diminish the disturbance caused by COVID-19. In order to explore the economic influence of COVID-19 with vaccination, this paper...
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Research on Comprehensive Risk Analysis and Prevention and Control of Large-Scale Stampede Accidents

Quan Quan Li, Hui Zhang, Yi Liu
In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s social economic and cultural undertakings and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, various large-scale activities have also been flourishing. Due to its characteristics of large scale, large number of participants, high risk factors...
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Research on the Construction of “Resilient City” in the Post-epidemic Period from the Perspective of System Dynamics

Zhang Baosheng, Guo Kexin
The outbreak of the epidemic and the long-term shutdown led to various problems in urban construction and industrial chain. In this paper, Vensim PLE software is used to form the basic flow rate tree model for the image construction of “resilient city”, and the second-order and third-order analysis and...
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“Internet Plus” Community Home-Based Elderly Care Services Combining Medicine and Sports

Jian Dong, HuaShan Pan, Haiming Su, Jianru Xie
In an era of digital information, the elderly care service industry is also undergoing tremendous changes. The community home-based elderly care combining medicine and sports has improved the health and life quality of elder people. The Internet integrates the elderly care resources of the government,...
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Research on the Design of Digital Village Construction Indicator System from the Perspective of Policy Tools

Shandong as an Example

Min Li, Xiaohui Li, Gang Li, Yiming Liu
The construction of digital countryside requires a proper understanding of its concept and scientific evaluation. The policies on digital countryside released in China are fragmented and have not been systematically sorted out. Taking Shandong Province as an example, a two-dimensional analysis framework...
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Research on Public Administration Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

Wenxiu Wu
With the promotion of the fourth Industrial Revolution, artificial intelligence technology has been greatly developed. Artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in the field of public management. The development of the Internet has built a global village, the development of artificial intelligence...
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Visualization Analysis of Customer Engagement in the Virtual Community by CiteSpace

Fei Qu, Lan Wang, Wentao Kou
Customer engagement is a hot spot in marketing, and it has also received attention in virtual communities. This research is based on 241 articles in the web of science database from 2010 to 2019 about customer engagement in virtual communities. It sorts out the research status in this field, summarizes...
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Study on the Dispatch Scheme of Power Emergency Materials Considering Road Failure

Dan Qie, ZhiQiang Wang, ZhongTao Dong
In recent years, large-scale power outages caused by major natural disasters have occurred from time to time, posing a challenge to the power grid disaster emergency response system. As a key link in the emergency response of power grid disasters, power emergency material dispatching needs to consider...