Proceedings of the 2015 2nd International Conference on Machinery, Materials Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

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Local Shape Similarity Retrieval of Mechanical Parts

Jiale Wang, Yin Jun
A scale-invariant shape feature is proposed. The shape feature is extracted on gray voxel models by a SIFT-like algorithm to describe the local shape information of 3D models. Shape feature vectors are constructed by a BoF method. A distance function that supports the part-in-whole matching is employed...
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Curative effect analysis of Shenqi two thistles Er Zhi decoction in the treatment of IgA nephropathy of qi-yin deficiency

XiaoYong Chen, Zichuang Wang
Purpose Observed and analyzed the curative effect of Shenqi two thistles Er Zhi decoction in the treatment of IgA nephropathy of qi-yin deficiency. Method Used 80 cases of IgA nephrosis patients treated in our hospital from January 2012 to January 2014 as the research object, divided into two groups,...
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Research of the Relationship Between Content and Ratio of Nitrogenous, Phosphate, Potash Fertilizer in Flue Cured Tobacco and Incidence of Tobacco Vein Spot Disease

YingXia Guang
With time developing, tobacco vein spot disease is a very common and serious infectious disease in tobacco plants, and is one of the most serious diseases of tobacco in the world. Tobacco vein spot disease is becoming more and more epidemic outbreak around the world and has already attracted extensive...
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Exploration of the Application of High and New Technologies in Grain and Oil Processing

Haijuan Tian
The State Administration of Grain has released the Suggestions of Popularizing the Utilization of High-Tech in “Eleventh Five-Year” In Grain Industry and the Comments And Suggestions of Mid-Long Term (By 2020) Scientific and Technological Development Plan of China’s Grain and Oil, and has vigorously...
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Pathological Features of Pancreatic Endocrine Tumor and Its Differential Diagnosis with Acinic Cell Carcinoma

Zichuang Wang, XiaoYong Chen
Purpose: analyze the pathological features of pancreatic endocrine tumor and discuss the differential diagnosis of pancreatic endocrine tumor and pancreatic acinic cell carcinoma. Method: choose 10 patients of pancreatic endocrine tumor from the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Henan Province and the Tumor...
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Review of Stellite Alloys Intelligent Processing Methods in China

Xiao-Guang Yue, Zhi-Gang Liu, Xiao-Zhi Wang
Stellite is cemented carbide to resist a variety of wear and corrosion and high temperature oxidation. This paper introduces a series of domestic Stellite alloy intelligent processing methods. In China, Stellite alloy academic research is not very popular, but many of them have representation. These...
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Forsen Herbal Tea in Reserpine in Mice Model of Spleen Deficiency of Gastrointestinal Effects

Ting Wang, Mingsan Miao, Yan Li, Tan Wang, Ming Bai, Zuhong Wang
To observe the Forsen source herbal tea of reserpine in mice model of spleen deficiency of gastrointestinal effects. Mice were injected with reserpine injection to each mice by 0.1mg / kg in 17 days with continuous subcutaneous injection molding, mice dranking water solution respectively at the same...
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Effect of total flavonoids of Epimedium on climacteric depression model

Mingsan Miao, Peng Xi, Bolin Cheng, Mengfei Zhang, Tisheng Cui
Objective:To study effect of total flavonoids of Epimedium on climacteric depression model. Methods: In addition to the blank group, other rats climacteric models, total removal of the left ovary, the right ovary removed 80%. After the injection of penicillin to prevent infection, continuous injection...
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Effects of Maozhaocao polysaccharide on the thymus and spleen of Immunosuppressive Model Mice

Mingsan Miao, Wang Tan, Yan Li, Zekai Hu, Jingyi Qiao, Huili Liu
The objective of this experiment is to investigate the effect of Maozhaocao polysaccharide on the thymus and spleen of Immunosuppressive Model Mice. Study the Immunosuppressive model of mice by using cyclophosphamide, for the large, medium and small dose of Maozhaocao polysaccharide, Mushrooms polysaccharide,...
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The Cause Analysis on the Highway Bridge Expansion Joints and the Maintenance of Construction Management

HuaDong Li
The bridge expansion joints is to adapt to the structure deformation of the bridge, the across device between the bridge structure each couplet of the beam end and the beam end and the abutment back set free deformation. Its role is to ensure that the bridge span structure under temperature change, concrete...
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Study of T1 Copper Corrosion Behavior in Qingyuan Rural Atmosphere

Yongcun Liang, Fan Yang, Yinjie Kuang
By optical microscopy, SEM, XRD, EDS and EIS, study the corrosion behavior of copper in Qingyuan rural atmospheric environment. The results showed that: after exposure in Qingyuan rural atmosphere, copper has corrosion. With time, the corrosion products increased, and gradually cover the surface of the...
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Research on Extraction, Purification Isolation and Identification of Flavonoids from Mountain Chrysanthemum Leaves and the Antibacterial Characteristics

LiLi Wang
This paper takes flavonoids the Mountain chrysanthemum leaves contained as the research object, using ultrasonic to extract total flavonoids and using response surface methodology to optimize flavonoids of mountain chrysanthemum leaves extraction process. The experiment use normal pressure silica gel...
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Research Advances on Chemical Components and Pharmacological Activities of Barrenwort

Yishan Shi
Epimedium is a kind of traditional Chinese medicinal materials, which is regarded as, at present, the one of the most valuable medicinal plants in China. The chemical components of Barrenwort mainly contain flavonoids, phenol glycosides, chromones, phenylethanoid glycosides and steroids, which are verified...
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Study on Innovative Design of Green Energy Multifunction Integrated Smart Windows

Kaixin Meng
With the rapid development of global economy, it emerges increasing consumption of human society, fossil energy and other non-renewable energy will become increasingly depleted. While accelerating the development of new energy sources, attaches great importance to energy conservation has become the consensus...
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Review on healing eye disease using deproteinized calf blood extraction

Guangyu Xu, Liping An, Guangxin Yuan, Hongyu Li, PeiGe Du
Deproteinized calf blood extractive is a cellular respiration activator. Its main role is to enhance the cellular pharmacology of oxygen and glucose which is to be uptaked and utilization. It enhanced ATP synthesis and promote the delivery of nutrients to promote tissue repair and regeneration. The drug...
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Research on the Application of Phase Change Materials in the Field of Building Energy Efficiency

YongLi Wang, Xiuhong Yi
Phase change materials and traditional building materials can be combined into new building materials which have regenerative and thermostat function, it has a large energy density and heat absorbing approximately constant temperature and it can effectively maintain comfortable indoor environment and...
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Simulation Analysis of Vertical Interconnection Column Misalignment during LTCC Laminating Process

Tianhong Luo, Dejian Zhou
A three-dimensional model of LTCC microwave component was built by the finite element software ANSYS, and the influence of LTCC laminating process parameters to vertical interconnection column misalignment was studied by simulation analysis. Results show that the closer to the edge of component, the...
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Research on the Space Deployable Mechanism Driven by Twist Spring

Weiguo Zhao, Yanchun Li, Yijian Wang, Boqian Xu, Yan Wang
A deployable mechanism applied in the aerospace with twist springs and links driving, locking function is described in this paper. Dynamic analysis on this mechanism has been presented, and dynamic simulation has been implemented following the results of analysis, the dynamic characteristics of mechanism...
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Simulation Analysis and Study of Comprehensive Stress Change Regularity In the Sintering Process of LTCC Microwave Component

Benye Yin, Zhaohua Wu
LTCC microwave component has small spacing between lines, the tiny deformation in sintering will affect the mechanical properties of components seriously. This paper established a 3D finite element simulation analysis model of the LTCC microwave component with micro-channels by using the software ABAQUS,...
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On-orbit Science Unit Maintainance in Space Telescope

Yijian Wang, Weiguo Zhao, Yanchun Li, Funan Yu, Yan Wang
With the development of space technology, the large diameter long-life of the space telescopes became more and more urgent. This paper mainly discussed the feasibility of the space telescope on-orbit maintenance for science unit module. This paper took the WFC3 module of the Hubble space telescope for...
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The research progress of sugar industry cleaner production

Jian Qiao, Shaohong You, Lili Ma, Luxiang Li, Caimin Wei
From the beginning of the last century, the sugar industry has been undergoing reform and advance. In the global economy, the traditional sugar industry chain has been unable to promote economic development, and this development is not based blindly on raise sugar content and sugar yield of sugarcane....
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The Application of Immobilized Microorganism Technology in Wastewater Treatment

Xiaofan Zhang, Shaohong You, Lili Ma, Chunquan Chen, Chao Li
Immobilized microorganism technology is one technique of the effective biotechnology for wastewater treatment.It has the advantages of the seed culture of bacteria with high activity and stability the reaction easily controlled low amount of sludge produced and removal the organic matter and substances...
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Apply ADD method to the Development Process Life-Cycle Phases within DoDAF

Bo Ou, Daguo Qin
This paper presents an approach to work with the process life-cycle of the U.S. Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), and extend existing architecture description process and artifacts within DoDAF that match the scope of the ADD life-cycle phases to enhanced system life-cycle development...
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Influence of super-fine fly ash on the properties of concrete under steam curing condition

Jingjing Feng, Lei Yu, Yong Liu, Yang Liu, Guodong Ma
The mechanical properties and durability of concrete with or without ultrafine fly ash were studied by measuring the compressive strength and determining the chloride ion penetration and open porosity of concrete. The results show that the addition of ultrafine fly ash reduces the compressive strength...
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Transformation of heavy metals from sewage sludge during bioleaching

Zheng Li, Xiaohui Wu, Jun Zhang
Bioleaching experiment was carried out in 80L SBR reactor with sewage sludge collected from each treatment step of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) system, to investigate the transformation of heavy metals during bioleaching. The corresponding changes in pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and...
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Review of Core Support Capabilities of the Equipment SoS Analysis and Evaluation

Kai Lu, Chenglong Nie, Yingjie Yang
Clear the connotation and concept of equipment SoS and core support capabilities. Core support capabilities for the evaluation from the evaluation parameters and evaluation methods two aspects, analyzed characteristic and research progress on the core security capabilities systematically and summarized...
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Study on Structure and Properties of New Heterocyclic Aramid Fibers

Yingdeng Song, Bintai Li, Liying Xing
The structure parameters of a new heterocyclic aramid fiber (F-3B) and the Kevlar-49 fiber were characterized using wide-angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD) in detail. The tensile strength and modulus of aramid fibers were determined by monofilament tensile experiment. And the correlation of structure parameters...
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Enhanced electrochemical performance of PEDOT film incorporating PEDOT:PSS

Yan Chen, Yuetao Zhao, Xiling Mao, Lu Xu, Jianhua Xu, Yajie Yang, Yadong Jiang
For effective use of conducting polymers, a hybrid film composed of poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) : poly (styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) and poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) has been fabricated by a in situ polymerization method. Each component in the hybrid film provides unique and crucial...
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Influence of steel slag on the properties of steam-cured concrete

Jin Hu, Li-ang Hou, Kunpeng Li
In this paper, the influence of steel slag on the compressive strength, permeability to chloride ion and carbonation resistance of steam-cured concrete was investigated. The results show that for steam-cured concrete with water to binder ratio (W/B) of 0.45, replacing 30% of cement by steel slag tends...
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Research on the Lysozyme imprinted polymers

Baiyi Xie, Aiqin Luo
Acrylamide as functional monomer, N, N'- methylene-bis-acrylamide as crosslinking agent, prepared lysozyme (Lyz) molecularly imprinted polymer hydrogel and UV spectrophotometer Adsorption of polymers It was characterized. The results showed that polyacrylamide hydrogel successfully formed a lysozyme...
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QSTR model for toxicity of OPs based on MEDV

Ruqiong Qin
Organophosphorus pesticides (OPs) are some of the most prevalent pollutants in the total environment and receive more and more concerns as a group of ubiquitous potential persistent organic pollutants. Using the variable selection and modeling based on prediction (VSMP), the molecular electronegativity...
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Study on water quality improvement capacity by using floating bed made of fiber packing

Peng Sun, Kangping Cui, Honghan Chen
Three kinds of floating beds of aquatic plants floating bed with new types of fiber packing (A), aquatic plants floating bed with elastic packing (B), aquatic plants floating bed were established. The effect on the pollutant removal efficiency in wastewater from farmer household tourism at shiyan baierhe...
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Influences of Trace Water on Electrochemical Performances for Lithium Ion Batteries

Chunlei Li, Fengjuan Tang, Shiyou Li
The influences of trace water on electrochemical performances for lithium ion batteries are investigated by adjusting the trace water in the electrolyte. Electrochemical performances and AC impedance spectra are tested after the first process of lithiation. Results indicate that the battery comprehensive...
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Synthesis of the spinel LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 as 5V cathode material by carbonate co-precipitation method

Shiyou Li, Shan Geng
LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 has been synthesized by carbonate co-precipitation method in which we got the precursor that was pretreated with H2O2 (an oxidant), in order to oxidize part of Mn2+ to Mn4+,results in a decrease of Mn3+ in the structure. Result in the average valence of Mn is approximately 4 in the LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4...
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Investigate on Chloroform Vapor Induced Growth of Single Crystal of Poly(butylene adipate)

Yunyang Song, Haimu Ye, Guiwu Lu
The phase transition behavior of PBA films under CCl3 vapor at different temperatures was investigated by atomic force microscope (AFM). The height and phase images indicate CCl3 vapor will induce single crystals grow on the surface of PBA film. The vapor induced newly formed PBA single crystal could...
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Mechanism of the Rhodium-Catalyzed Hydroformylation of 4-(1-phenylvinyl)pyridine: A Detailed Computational Investigation of the Regioselectivity and Chemoselectivity

Xiaoling Luo, Rong Chen
The mechanism of 4-(1-phenylvinyl)pyridine hydroformylation with HRh(CO)(PH3)3 as active catalyst has been proposed and discussed by B3LYP. Also, the regioselectivity and chemoselectivity are investigated by calculations and excellent agreement with the existing experimental results is displayed. It...
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Design of Biaxial Tensile Cruciform Specimen Based on Simulation Optimization

Rui Xiao, Xiaoxing Li, Lihui Lang, Yangkai Chen, Yulong Ge
In this paper, the design methods of cruciform specimen of biaxial tensile testing are summarized. In order to study the stress and strain distribution of sheet metal under plastic deformation stage, the specimen shape is designed according to the principles of stress–strain distribution homogeneous...
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Preparation of Cerium-rich Rare Earth Oxide Nanoparticles from Bastnaesite Concentrate

Qianchen Liu, Li Zhang, Kehui Qiu, Qiang Feng, Xilu Hou, Yunlei Bu, Chun Hu
Cerium-rich rare earth oxides nanoparticles were extracted from bastnaesite concentrate by first leaching, alkali fusion with NaOH, and second leaching process. The effects of the hydrochloric acid concentration, mass ratio of solid to liquid, leaching temperature of the leaching process and the NaOH...
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Adsorption of nutrients by substrates for constructed wetland

Yuanyuan Fang, Linghua Liu, Leixiang Wu
Zeolite, haydite, tire crumb, volcanic and vermiculite were selected as potential substrates of constructed wetland. This study investigates the adsorption of the mixed substrates for removing nutrients. A series of batch test experimentations was performed. The results indicate that there is an obvious...
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Improved Multi-Sensor Integrated Navigation System for Land-Vehicles

Yuyang Zhang, Bogen Cai, Jian Wang
Standalone Beidou satellite navigation system cannot achieve the high positioning accuracy when the signal is obscured. An improved filtering algorithm based on Extended Kalman filter (EKF) is proposed after comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the filtering method. Navigation parameters from...
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Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for the Plunger Mechanism of a Lubrication Pump

Yixiang Zhang, Xifan Yao, Cunji Zhang
A ZJ-type high pressure lubrication pump is analyzed by multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) method, where data are sampled via optimal Latin hypercube experiments, and the response surface models (RSMs) for the plunger piston and cylinder body of the pump are built. Lightweight design of the...
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The study of ultrasonic heat meter straight pipe length based on the CFD

Wen-lin Wang, Chao-chuan Huang, Zhi-jie Zhan
In order to verify the rationality of the straight pipe's design for the ultrasonic heat meter calibration device, the Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) was used to the simulation for the DN25 heat meter, the straight pipe length of the domestic typical structure ultrasonic heat meter was determined...
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Recovery copper and tin from a complex Oxide Copper Ore

Chuanfa Cui, Shuming Wen, Yawei Liu, Yijie Wang
The test study, the use of re-election - flotation processes can be efficiently recover copper, tin, sulfur, comprehensive utilization of resources to achieve the purpose. From ore analysis, the mine oxidation rate, up 43.46%, is a copper oxide; active copper is high, reaching 20.03%; other metals iron,...
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Experimental research on chloride threshold level at low temperature: Part1 experiment procedure

Sijia Chen, Xiaobing Song, Xila Liu
Steel corrosion in concrete is a process of electrochemistry. When chloride content at the steel surface exceeds the chloride threshold level (CTL), the steel begins to corrosion. The CTL is one of the key parameters needed for service life prediction of concrete structures. Based on the electrochemistry...
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Experimental research on chloride threshold level at low temperature: Part2 discussion

Sijia Chen, Xiaobing Song, Xila Liu
From Part 1, the experimental data of chloride threshold level (CTL) are obtained. With the experimental data, the mechanism of influence of temperature, pitting potential, w/c ratio and air-entraining agent on CTL are discussed in this paper. Lower temperature causes higher CTL by reduce the rate of...
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Interfacial Stress Analysis of the Second-Reinforced Load-Bearing Beam Based on COD Criterion

Yushi Yin, Yingfang Fan, Yihong Xu
Since there exists plastic zone on the crack tip of reinforced beam, it is impossible to use crack instability criterion for brittle materials. Based on the theory of fracture mechanics, by using D-B model and considering the actual construction conditions, this study puts forward a COD criterion-based...
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Performance of semi-dry anaerobic co-digestion of swine manure with rice straw under biogas slurry addition

Xiaoyong Qian, Genxiang Shen, Zhenqi Wang, Jinwen Li, Zhongfang Lei, Zhenya Zhang
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of biogas slurry inoculation on semi-dry anaerobic co-digestion of swine manure and rice straw, focusing on biogas production and kinetics. Biogas slurry from digested swine manure was applied as inoculum, and the effect was evaluated in batch reactors....
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Key technologies for extinguishing coal pillar self-heating in close distance coal seams

Changshan Zhang, Zhijin Yu, Xinhai Zhang
The coal pillar self-heating process of the 16# coal seam, which lays above the 18# coal seam that being mined in Dongrong 2# coal mining was examined. The cause of upper pillar spontaneous combustion during the mining of close distance coal seams was analysed. According to the distribution characteristics...
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Study on Carbon Emission Estimation and Reduction Methods of Electric Vehicle Battery Packs in Whole Life Cycle

Chengshan Xu, Dongxiang Yan, Fachao Jiang
It is meaningful for evaluating carbon emission of battery packs of electric vehicles in their whole life cycle. In this paper, we give a new method to estimate carbon emission of battery packs in their life cycle. The method aims at evaluating carbon emission of different kinds of battery packs and...
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Adsorption of Co(II) from aqueous solution by synthesized chitosan-g-poly (acrylic acid) hydrogel

Qina Sun, Yujia Yang, Jiawei Li, Yipeng Shen, Junfeng Li
Adsorption of Co(II) on synthesized chitosan-g-poly (acrylic acid) hydrogel was investigated, using batch adsorption technique under different experimental conditions of equilibrium pH, concentration of common competing ions, contact time and temperature. The Langmuir adsorption model fitted the experimental...
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Telechelic diols from polyhydroxybutyrate via alcoholysis with ethylene glycol or glycerol

Dan Xue, Wei Lv, Heng Zhang
Controlled degradation of poly-hydroxybutyrate (PHB) can be obtained by alcoholysis with two types of alcohol in the presence of p-toluenesulfonic acid as catalyst. PHB oligomers terminated with free hydroxyl groups were prepared in this way and characterized using NMR, DSC and TG analyses. The degradation...
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Characterization of an exo-β-D-glucosaminidase from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus

Fei Wang, Bo Liu, Tanming Liu
D-glucosamine is an important chemical compound in industry. Exo-β-D-glucosaminidase (EC number: is a potential enzyme which can be used in production of D-glucosamine. In this study, an exo-ß-D-glucosaminidase from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus was cloned and expressed...
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The Optimization of Machining Process Parameters for Factors Influencing KDP Crystal Surface Quality

Jia liang Guan, Yong Ren, Xian hui Zhao, Xiao nan Sun, Ze hai Qi, Sheng gen Zhu
In order to improve the surface quality of KDP crystals, the factors of process parameters on surface quality of KDP crystal was researched the KDP crystal was machined by quadratic regression rotation optimization method and single point diamond turning technology.On-line monitoring the surface roughness...
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Monitoring and analysis of special crystal surface waviness

Jia liang Guan, Xian hui Zhao, Yong Ren, Ze hai Qi, Wen wen Lu, Shenggen Zhu
Using single point diamond knife and quadratic general regression rotary unitized design to do cutting experiments of special crystals (KDP crystal), and using acoustic emission technique to collect signal of KDP crystal with different surface waviness, measure and analyze the test results. By frequency...
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Summary of the Camshaft Grinding Machine and the Finite Element Analysis of grinding wheel rack frame

Jinwei Fan, Hongliang Wang, Lanqing Zhang
The camshaft grinding is precision machine tool. This paper discusses on the necessity of finite element analysis. This paper briefly introduces the camshaft grinding machine structure, and compared the emulation of grinding and tangent point tracing grinding camshaft two grinding methods, The benefits...
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Research of error detection and compensation of CNC machine tools based on laser interferometer

Yueming Zhang, Xunxun Chu, Shenchun Yang
Taking a certain type of precision ultra-precision CNC grinding machine as an experimental platform, the research uses Renishaw XL-80 laser interferometer in testing the machine tools positional accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy in the before and after position of error compensation. Through the...
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Simulation and Test Analysis on Mechanical Property of GCG-I Platform Wagon Coil Steel Pallet

Dunhua Liu, Mei Han, Nengpu Yang
This paper focus on simulation on mechanical property of platform wagon GCG-I coil steel pallet by using computer simulation technology and compare calculated value with the result in actual situation. The dimension model is built by SolidWorks. The value of various parameters is determined by the force...
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BIM technology diffusion study in construction enterprises based on Bass model

Xiao Ling Tang, Xiao Hai Yi
The emergence and development of BIM technology to improve the construction quality and construction efficiency , reduce the construction cost and contract dispute provides a technology platform. This article embarks from the technology diffusion of the Bass model, by 19 kinds of information technology...
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Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Convective Heat Transfer for Supercritical Pressure Fluids Cooled in Horizontal Tubes

Yufei Mao, Fei Cao, Qingjun Liu, Wei Qi, Hong Xiao, Tianyu Zhu
Modeling of the turbulent convective heat transfer to supercritical pressure fluids in horizontal circular tubes is achieved through an integral approach, and a traditional mixing length turbulence model is employed into the numerical scheme. Based on this model, heat transfer of supercritical carbon...
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Size Effect Of Electronic States In Graphene Quantum Disk

Xin Li, Xiaobo Feng
In this paper, we studied the disk radius R graphene quantum dots of electronic spectroscopy by solving the Dirac equation of electron. We obtained two shapes of armrest and saw boundary of graphene quantum disk electronic energy level in the situation of whether with applied magnetic field or not, along...
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Dynamics applications in the vehicle and two-wheeler accidents

Ming Ni
Conflicts between the parties have been increased due to multiple accidents between vehicles and two-wheelers. The main problem lies to the responsibility identification in the accident. Speed collision by applying to scientific and accurate accident reconstruction is an important part for the responsibility...
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Research on Collaborative Virtual Assembly Technology Based on Web

Haijun Wang
Product design is very important in the process of product development. The traditional process is to carry out experiments and evaluation by the physical prototype, and the development cycle is longer. Virtual reality equipment can avoid these processes, and then simulate the process of product design...
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The Principle and Application of Intelligent Machine Tools

Qinghui Dai, Xiaomin Wang
Intelligent machine tools are fundamental to realize manufacturing technology and equipment modernization, and are the workhorses of modern equipment in the manufacturing industry, and are of great significance for the further research of intelligent machine tools. A framework of intelligent numerical...
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The Principle and Application of the Multi-Axis Linkage Machining Center

Qinghui Dai, Sisi Ren
With the progress of science and technology, product parts machining processes are more and more difficult, and the machining accuracy is becoming higher and higher. The application of multi-axis linkage machining center is the main way to solve these problems. As a major means to solve special-shaped...
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Analysis of Cargo Sway Characteristics of Tower Cranes

MingXiao Dong, Bo Pang, JiYong Wang
To study the cargo motion and sway characteristics of tower cranes to find effective methods to suppress the cargo sway and to position the cargo, we modeled the cargo sway, and then analyzed the equilibrium states of the cargo sway. The research results show that the center line of the cargo pendulum...
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The chemical and physical properties of atmospheric pollutants and the effects of dust-haze

Jie Yan, Jun Xie, Xinqian Shu
Heterogeneous chemical reaction on the surface of the atmospheric fine particulate matters not only involves the chemical and physical properties of fine particulate matters itself,but also with the concentration of trace gases in the atmosphere and environment are closely related.To study the reaction...
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Analysis of the Interaction between Casing and Completion Packer Slip in HPHT Wells

Xin Sun, Yihua Dou, Heng Song, Xing Wang, Yinping Cao
Completion packer slips have the effect of supporting the packer by anchoring and locking packer rubber in high temperature and high pressure (HPHT) wells, which are an important component for ensuring the reliability of the packer. There are interactions when slips and casing contact with each other,...
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Study on Foam Concrete Damping Measure for Crossing High-Speed Railway tunnel

Fei Huo, Hai-Lin Liu, Li-Min Peng
Numerical calculations for the damping effect of foam concrete cushioning layer in crossing high-speed railway tunnel were carried out, based on the fluctuation theory using the Newmark implicit integration algorithm and he Lysmer viscous boundary condition. Then the measure’s damping effects were evaluated...
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The attitude control method and realization of micro rotor-craft based on natural interaction

Yixiong Xu, Liang Chen
We construct a micro rotor-craft controlling method based on hand gestures of natural interaction behavior. In order to control the micro rotor-craft flight attitude by hand gestures, we obtain the hand palm flat attitude data by Leap Motion controller,and transform the data into rotor-craft attitude...
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Matching characteristics of propeller and engine of fuel-powered quadrotor aircraft

Fupei Zheng, Weijun Wang, Song Li, Jicheng Zhang
Quadrotor aircraft has become the forefront and hotspot in the research of the aviation industry. At present, the study of the quadrotor aircraft mainly concentrated in the category of electric quadrotor aircraft. But the electric quadrotor aircraft has a relatively short range and small payload, mainly...
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Linear measurement and analysis of the gear rack

Biyun Xiang
In the research of the linear motion of the gear drive mechanism, the measuring platform of the gear rack is designed in order to measure the linear error. using servo motor directly drives the gears on the rack. using servo motor directly drives the gear on the rack, and is based on the motion control...
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Design and analysis of novel cutter roller of branches chopping machine

ZhiFang Zhu
Traditional branches chopped finely chopped device volume is larger, cutting tool wears, big impact.This article is based on the shortcomings of traditional cutter, and put forward a kind of reduced chopped device volume, reduce the impact and abrasion of involute arc type knife knife plate.After the...
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Design of the mechanical system of lower limb rehabilitation equipment rehabilitation

Wengang Zheng, Zhiyi Zhang
In this paper,Analysis and study of various kinds of internal and external treatment instruments of knee, Sum up the advantages and disadvantages of the same products and puts forward the design idea of X/O type leg correction bed with safe, low cost and physical external forces. Combined with the biomechanical...
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Research on Development of Low Carbon Wollastonite-based Sanitary Products

Xiyuan Wang
Based on the analysis of ceramic sanitary ware products, energy, we put forward a substrate for the energy-saving bathroom wollastonite product development process, and the establishment of a carbon accounting model emissions, carbon emissions were compared to verify the order Wollastonite value of carbon...
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Functional Analysis of exhaust gas turbocharger regulator

Jicheng Yu
The method of controlling exhaust gas uses cross-section controller to increases the rotational speed of the turbine or uses composite pressurized way to improve working conditions at low engine supercharger requirmente. Through analysising the exhaust gas flow path of the working chamber casing airflow...
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Coal Mine Trackless Rubber Tyred Vehicle Control System Design based on ARM

Yuanbin Hou, Yong Chen
This paper for red Liulin coal mine underground complex production environment combined with actual shipped, designed a set based on the arm of the coal mine trackless rubber tyred vehicle inspection control system. System can be detected by the vehicle detector in coal mine underground without trackless...
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Study on the Stability and Reliability of the Whole Life Cycle of Tunnel Structure

Youjiang Yang
The tunnel structure life-cycle includes construction period, service period and aging period. Something dangerous maybe happened in the event of stress balance weight distribution of tunnel structure changed and the continuous development of shotcrete and bolt strength during construction. During service...
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The Study Methods and the New Progresses of Slope Stability

Yongtao Zhang
Systematically introduce the research situation and development trends of the analysis method of slope stability at home and abroad, Focus on the two kinds of calculation methods and critical slip surface searching method based on the limit equilibrium theory and numerical analysis, And it also briefly...
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Experimental study on the diffusion of respirable particulate matter in street valley under elevated roads

HanLi Feng, Jingde Zhao, Zhiyuan Li
In order to the research on the diffusion of the particles in street canyons under elevated roads, field measurements of the diffusion of respirable particles were carried out, which conducted at different heights, atmosphere temperatures and the vegetation coverage. At the same time, the correlation...
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Study of the Xi’an Xiao Yan pagoda’s dynamic characteristics

Tao Yang, Nan Zhao, She-Liang Wang
Finite element software ABAQUS was used to calculate the dynamic characteristics of Xi’an Xiao Yan pagoda by a three-dimensional entity model, and a variety of factors were simulated on its dynamic characteristics. Results show that it is feasible to calculate the structural dynamic characteristics by...
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The study on analysis method of collision mechanics between motorcycles and automobiles

Ming Ni
In the accident reconstruction, the measurement is often performed according to the accidents information left in the scene of the accident, such as collision point, braking traces, scattered ,fallout, the throw distance of the body, the throw distance of the two-wheeler, etc. With the aid of these effective...
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Experimental Research on NH3-SCR Performance of Mn-Ce/TiO2 Catalyst

Guoyou Xu, Yating Wang, Yue Yang, Yang Fu, Xiang Gou, JinXiang Wu
NOX pollutions affect our social manufacture and human being living, which has caused the extensive attention. NH3-SCR (selective catalytic reduction) has been largely studied to reduce NOX pollution. Most people focus on catalysts under N2 and inert gases atmosphere, while few people research on the...
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A research on the vertical migration process and background value of cyanide in Jiaozhou Bay

DongFang Yang, Danfeng Yang, Sixi Zhu, Yunjie Wu, Fengyou Wang
We analyzed the seasonal variation, horizontal distribution, vertical distribution and background value of cyanide in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in 1983. Cyanide contents in the bay mouth were changing a lot by means of vertical water’s effect. Cyanide contents in both surface and bottom waters were...
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The homogeneity of low cyanide contents in Jiaozhou Bay

DongFang Yang, Sixi Zhu, Danfeng Yang, Yunjie Wu, Fengyou Wang
Based on the investigation data on cyanide in bottom waters in the bay mouth of Jiaozhou Bay in 1983, we analyzed the contents, pollution levels, and distributions of cyanide. Results showed that cyanide contents in bottom waters in 1983 were 0.02-0.34 g L-1, and were much lower than guide line of cyanide...
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River was the only source of PHC in Jiaozhou Bay in 1984

DongFang Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Mingzhong Long, Xiuqin Yang
Based on investigation dada on petroleum hydrocarbon (PHC) in July, August and October 1984 in Jiaozhou Bay, we analyzed the content, distribution of PHC. Results showed that PHC contents in 1984 in surface waters were 0.01-0.16 mg L-1 and were meeting Grade I (0.05 mg L-1), II (0.05 mg L-1) and III...
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The Preparation and Adsorption Properties of Li+-Imprinted Hybrid Gels

Xiushen Ye, Chaoming Quan, Shichun Zhang, Li Sun, Haining Liu, Zhijian Wu
Several different Li+-imprinted gels were prepared by different precursors. And the gels were characterized by textual properties and point of zero charges (PZCs). The adsorption of Li+ from their aqueous solutions by the gels was investigated. The surface areas of the gels were found to range from 60...
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Thermal Dissolution of Shengli Lignite in Isometric Methanol and Ethyl Acetate Mixed Solvent — Molecular Composition of the Extract and the Role of Ethyl Acetate

Xingshun Cong, Min Li, Hangyu Gao, LingLing Zhang, Niancun Ji
Thermal dissolution (TD) of Shengli lignite was carried out in isometric solvent of methanol and ethyl acetate (EA), methanol, and EA to offer the thermally soluble fractions 1-3 (F1-F3), respectively. F1-F3 were analyzed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and direct analysis in real-time ionization...
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Study of MicroRheology Characterization on Soft Microgel

Yinzhu Ye, Xingcai Wu, YuWei He
A new particle-type polymer SMG is developed in high temperature and high salinity reservoirs. This technology is one kind of deep profile control techniques which can remarkably improve oil recovery in the oilfield. Rheometry is the main characterization method of chemical agents in deep profile domain,...
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Research on the Influence of Exhaust Temperatures on the Emission Performance of Urea-SCR After-treatment System

Jing Wang, Qian Wang, Li-cheng Wu, Wei Zhao, Shuo Li
SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology is the most effective after-treatment technology of DeNOx on vehicle diesel engines. In this paper, a modeling of vehicle diesel Urea-SCR after-treatment system was set up with the method of CFD coupled with chemical reaction dynamic, to make a full-scale...
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Experimental Study on Ozone Production under 50Hz Corona Discharge Used for Faults Diagnostic

Kang Li, Hassan Javed, Guoqiang Zhang
Air is one of the most widely used insulation medium in power systems. However, up to now there is no any existing gas analysis method used for fault diagnostic based on air by-products detection and analysis. In this paper, a new discharge diagnostic method — gas analysis method based on air by-products...
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Calculation of Ozone and NOx Production under AC Corona Discharge in Dry Air Used for Faults Diagnostic

Kang Li, Hassan Javed, Guoqiang Zhang
Air is one of the most widely used insulation medium in power systems. However, up to now there is no any existing quantitative gas analysis method used for fault diagnostic based on air by-products detection and analysis. In this paper, a new discharge diagnostic method — gas analysis method based on...
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Comparative Experiment of Coagulant for the Pretreatment of Coagulation Air Floatation for Slaughter Wastewater

Xiang He, Runlei Cai, Fan Wang, Xuejiao Feng
As a kind of high concentration organic wastewater, coagulation pretreatment for slaughter wastewater should be carried out before biological treatment process.For optimal treatment effect, the choice of coagulant was crucial.In this paper , FeSO4.7H2O , FeCl3 , Al2(SO4)3 , PAC were taken as coagulant...
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Effect of Ta on the wear behavior of Laser Cladding Ni60 Alloy Coatings

Wei Fu, YaoWei Yong, Ting Yu, QiLin Deng
Ni60 coating provides excellent hardness and wear resistance, it is usually used to strengthen the parts worked the severely conditions with intensified friction. While Ni60 has a strong crack susceptibility due to its high brittleness and high thermal gradient in transient cladding process. In order...
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Study on Comparison of Four Different Coatings onto Crystallizer

Wei Fu, YaoWei Yong, Hongyuan Fang
The Cr-Zr-Cu crystallizer surface was strengthened by laser cladding and obtained the gradient alloy coating. The coating was compared with the other three coating produced by other technology such as electroplating, plasma spraying and plasma spraying with re-melting. The experiments were conducted...
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Sizing Optimization of Microactuaor In-plane Based on Ansys Workbench

Jie-jian Di, Sen Ren, Yu-Xia Zhao, Quan-Liang Zhao, Xiao-lan Tan
One new type piezoeletric microactuator was designed in this paper, in order to improve the output characteristic of microactuator mechanism, piezoeletric analysis was performed and the optimization model was built with wb and as design variables, the maximal output horizontal-plane displacement and...
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A Multi-Scale Copper Oxide Film with Excellent Superhydrophobic Property on X90 Pipeline Steel

Hao Li, Sirong Yu, XiangXiang Han
In this work, a multi-scale copper oxide film with excellent superhydrophobic property on X90 pipeline steel was fabricated by a combination method including electrodeposition, solution-immersion and chemical modification. Moreover, the influence of experimental parameters, such as solution-immersion...
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Design of Intelligent Anti-Theft System for Electric Bicycles

Yanan Wang, Caiqin Kang
According to the shortages of anti-theft methods for electric bicycles, combined with modern electronic technology, single-chip technology and intelligent sensor technology, propose a design based on the microcontroller used for electric bicycles’ anti-theft. In this paper the hardware and software of...
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The Morphology and Roughness of Aluminized CoCrAlY Coating By HCPEB

ZhiYong Han, Jian Han
In this paper, CoCrAlY coating was prepared on the substrate, Ni-based super alloy (GH4169), using Air Plasma Spray (APS). After deposition, the coating was irradiated by High Current Pulse Electron Beam (HCPEB) with different number of pulse beam. Then the micro-structure of coating surface, like the...
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Roller Shutters Inflatable Folding Mosquito Net

Fenglan Wang, Xingyang Jia, Shuai Jiang, Bo Zhang
Traditional nets made of soft rope support, the four corners fixed to the roof, don't have to put in the roof, the nets continue to cause people to space smaller, living space narrow is easy to make people depressed. It is not about the concept of healthy and happy life. In addition to, mosquitoes into...
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Automatic dust-free wiper

Fenglan Wang, Xingyang Jia, Bo Zhang, Bo Gao
The traditional blackboard is to rely on artificial wiped the handwriting effort and produce dust, causing inconvenience to the teacher in class, also affect the quality of students listening lectures. Institutional innovation reform to solve these problems by this design, the basis of the principle...