Proceedings of the 2015 Joint International Mechanical, Electronic and Information Technology Conference

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Application of Wavelet Analysis and Neural Network in Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing

Li Xinli, Yao Wanye, Yang Xiao, Zhou Qingjie
In this paper, a fault-diagnosis method is proposed for generator rolling bearings based on wavelet packet analysis and neural network. Acquisition of wind farm rolling bearings real-time signal under different conditions.Firstly, decomposes vibration acceleration signals use wavelet packets analysis,...
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Icon design and application in HCI

Fu Jiuqiang
Icon design is an important part of interface design and it is also valuable manifestation of visualizing phase for interface. Based on the icon design and users perception, this article analyzes the general process of users recognizing icon, propose common icon design factors and find rules of users...
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A comparative Study of the Liability of the Income Statement and the Liability of the Balance Sheet

Wang Jianbing, Wang Jun
On February 15, 2006, the ministry of finance issued new enterprise accounting standards system, including the accounting standards for enterprises - income tax ,which has clearly shown that we should apply the international balance sheet debt method to tax accounting. The view of assets and liability,...
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The Implementation of Large Video File Upload System Based on the HTML5 API and Ajax

Yungeng Xu, Sanxing Cao
The function of upload file is an important web page designs. Traditional file upload function for file upload function by HTML form and $_FILES system function, has the advantages of convenience, can cope with a relatively small file upload. The traditional HTML way has been difficult to meet the upload...
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Soft-sensing and Error Analysis of Air Flow

Li Jian, Zhang Bin-wen
To measure air flow in the power plant, regression models are set up with variables according to mechanical analysis and data mining technique, and the results are verified by goodness of fit, F-test and deviance. It is proved that the results using multi-sensor data fusion is more reliable and accurate...
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One Realization Method of Precise Clock Synchronization Algorithm

Cherry Yang
This article mainly describes a new approach to realize precise synchronization between master clock and slave clock. To improve the IEEE 1588 synchronization precision, Kalman filtering algorithm is applied based on the application of Ethernet. Four state machines are used to accelerate the process...
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Reliability of a repairable system

Li Wei, Wang Xiao
In this note, we study the reliability a repairable system by using the result of the positive unit eigenfunction of the eigenvalue 0 of the system operator is just steady-state solution of the system. We give the stationary availability and the mean up-time etc., of the complex standby system. Moreover,...
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The Design and Implementation of User-defined Multi-table Query Algorithm

Zhenfang Shan, Hao Kou
Nowadays customers demand the query more and more flexible, they hope it is not restricted to the fixed query conditions, but through user’s definition to configure query conditions for completing query operation. In a word, the query operation must be flexible enough. Base on this demand, we proposed...
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A novel low-latency BICM system by quantizing the constellation on the demodulation end

Jianping Li, Yameng Shi
This paper proposes a new demodulation structure by quantizing the constellation and using a lookup table. When the modulated noisy symbols are received by demodulation end, it’s not to calculate the Euclidean distances between a symbol and every constellation points, but quantize each dimension of this...
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Parameter Identification of Human Body in Passive State Based on LMD

Xin Jin, Kedong Zhou, Lei He, Xueying Huang, Junbin Zhang
In this paper, the physical parameters of human body in passive state are identified based on Local Mean Decomposition (LMD). The time-acceleration signal of human shoulder is gathered in the shooting test. LMD is used to obtain the Product Function (PF) components of the signal. The frequency-damping...
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Design of E-training Management System of VLE to Improve Information Literacy

Jinfang Li, Yawen Li
To help students gain a deep understanding of information literacy and master the skills of consistent search strategies, the E-training management system of classic VLE, with a personal response platform, is designed from the perspective of students’ features and needs. Valid conclusions are drawn in...
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Sentence length, sentence fragment and images affecting presentation of search result pages

Hong Xu, Ye Jiang, Yi-min Wang, Ye-wei Sun, Xue-qing Li
Presentation styles of search results have been constantly changing in these years, which affect users’ click-through behaviors. In order to discover what the efficient presentation styles are, in this study, we investigate three features of search results: sentence length, full sentence/ sentence fragment...
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Next Generation of Web-based Information Management System for National Volunteer Service

Feng Tian, Yundong Yao, Tian Lan, Qinghua Zheng, Jingjing Kou, Haifei Fu, Nazaraf Shah
This paper presents a survey about the existing web-based information management system for volunteer services. Based on the survey results the paper highlights the new features and functions of the next generation of the volunteer service system. A prototype system incorporating these features and functions...
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Towards Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR)

Xingdong Ma
This paper first introduces the concept and the characteristics of Augmented Reality. The overall system structure and the functionalities of the components are outlined, followed by the discussion of the architectures of HAR. The cloud computing platform is proposed.
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Analysis For Flow Field Characteristics of Purified Gas Flue Based on ANSYS

Haiming Zheng, Jingjun Yang
Regarding issue of poor measurement accuracy on gas flow in purified gas flue after processed by coal-fired power plant desulfurization system, we make numerical simulation through Workbench of ANSYS towards flow properties within purified gas flue of No.8 unit Yangcheng power plant processed by gas...
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Study of Hadoop Data Migration Based on Oozie

Kehe Wu, Yanwen An, Tingting Wu, Wenjing Zeng
As more companies use Hadoop, they need to migrate data to the platform. Traditional migration needs professional people operating on bash frequently. It requires a lot of manpower and is not easy to maintain the jobs. This paper puts forward a scheme that configures a migration task in webpage based...
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Research on the data distribution mechanism of MP2P based on the semantic routing

Li Lu
The routing information is easy to fail as the disturbance of MP2P terminals. The channel would be occupied by the traditional flooding mode to ensure the success rate of information exchange. The interconnection of nodes computed by the semantic similarity, the choice of routing nodes and routing path...
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Construction of Chinese Deceptive Speech Detection Corpus

Cheng Fan, Heming Zhao, Xueqin Chen, Xiaohe Fan, Shuxi Chen
Nowadays, deceptive speech detection has raised more and more interests. The corpus is the foundation of researches in deceptive speech detection. While there are several corpora about English deception detection, few efforts have been put on Chinese which is quite different due to the culture divergence....
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Iris eyelid detection based on adaptive sectional line fitting

Ji Xiaocun, Chen Houjin, Li Jupeng
It is the premise condition of iris recognition that we segment iris image effectively. Most of the iris images are interfered by eyelid, so it is important for iris image segmentation that detecting eyelid accurately. An iris eyelid detection method based on adaptive sectional line fitting was presented...
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Measurement and modeling of kinematic error and clearance in harmonic drives

Chuang Zou, Tao Tao, Gedong Jiang, Pengfei Zeng, Hongyang Du
In order to obtain the kinematic error and clearance in harmonic drive, an experimental setup was established. The cause of beat frequency characteristic was analyzed and verified by the FFT result of experiment data. The position dependent kinematic error was modeled by Fourier expression method and...
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Analyzing the Effects of Team Member's Solidarity Behavior in the Team Negotiation Environment

Jian Wang, Jingqiu Gong
Nowadays, many researches have concentrated on team negotiation in various negotiation environments. Although the effectiveness of team negotiation has been proven, the effects of team member's solidarity behavior on the process and outcome of negotiation have not been explored yet. In this paper, the...
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A Relation Model for Manufacturing Capacity and Information

Li Fei
Aiming at the difficulty of clearly defining relationship between manufacturing capacity(MC) and information due to high volume of information, this paper presents definitions of MC and production processing capacity , the sub manufacturing capability, by combining existing research. Further, MC is decomposed...
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Spatial regularization based on support tensor machine for neuroimaging classification

Yingjiang Wu, Benyong Liu
Recently, a high dimensional classification framework has been proposed to introduce spatial and anatomical priors in support vector machine (SVM) optimization scheme for brain image analysis. However, classical SVM has to convert 3D discrete brain images naturally represented by higher-order tensors...
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Adaptation-based Web optimization

Suiyu Zhang, Cheng Yang, Chen Li
More and more terminals including mobile phone, Tablet PC, STB and PC browser are used to browse web. With the difference in network speed, screen size and interactive mode, there’re many adaptation problems to be solved. When users access the Internet resources by mobile terminals, they face the problems...
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The Bone Conduction Microphone Parameter Measurement Architecture and Its Speech Recognization Performance Analysis

Hang-hong Kuo, Ying-yu Yu, Jun-juh Yan
Bone conduction microphone (BCM) can robustly resist noisy background. In this paper, an industrial parameter measurement architecture has been proposed to measure the main parameters of BCM. For comparing the robustness of BCM, a synchronized record platform has been developed. To observe the speech...
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Performance Evaluation of RDMA Communication Patterns by Means of Simulations

Ryutaro Susukita, Yoshiyuki Morie, Takeshi Nanri, Hidetomo Shibamura
Communication patterns that appear in RDMA-based parallel programming are different from those in the standard MPI programming. In this paper, we evaluated the performance of typical communication patterns in RDMA-based applications using simulations. The simulations predicted execution times with errors...
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Study of 3D Footprint Analysis Testing System

Peng Jin, Wu Xing, Pan Nan
In order to narrow the range of suspects and clear direction of investigation quickly, combined laser ranging sensor, computer control and image technology, a 3D footprint analysis testing system was designed and development based on LabVIEW. The system design concept and embryonic form were all introduced...
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Design of Enterprise Vehicle Use Management System

Tao Peng, Ai-sheng Ren, Jia-ji Zhang, Shu-hong Guo
The design of enterprise vehicle use management system uses JAVA development design language, Microsoft SQL Server as the main development tools. The structured development methods is used to design a C/S structure of information management system. Through the analysis, the system finally is divided...
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High Reliable And Intelligent Primary Medical Information System

Bo Liu, Gang Shi, Li Huyang
According to the medical pattern and problems of our country, this paper researches and develops a kind of high reliable and intelligent primary medical system, which has strong adaptability to the environment and long duration. It can also replace community medical practitioners to do some necessary...
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An Approach of Maintenance Task Scheduling Considering Rest Time

Xuezhi Lü, Xinhui Zhao, Baoxin Fan, Xianwen Wang, Yü Gü
As maintenance resources have periodicity, namely, rest must be after certain working time, maintenance task usually is pressing, which must be going on without interruption, how to give out maintenance task scheduling plan and rest time of maintenance resources at same time is a problems deserving discussion....
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Design of XML data coding based on fuzzy data

Yan Jiang, Xin Li, Xin Jin
To solve the change in the content and structure resulting from fuzzy data, we should complete the definition of fuzzy data in the parser and propose reasonable coding scheme. The semantic of XML document specification was settled by using the corresponding elements to define them in XML Schema. For...
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Constraint Mechanism of Reputation Formation Based on Signaling Model in Social Commerce

Shou Zhaoyu, Hu Xiaoli, Zhang Huibing
A typical feature of weak relationship between the users and sellers emerges in social commerce. The seller’s reputation is a key element to ensure smooth online transactions in this weak ties environment. This paper constructs a model which integrated Bayes rule and signaling model to analyses the key...
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Extracting Land Cover Change Information by using Raster Image and Vector Data Synergy Processing Methods

Tao Cheng, Zhihong Gao, Guangyong Li, Xinyan Zheng, Jing Yang
To enable the extracting of change information based on high spatial resolution images in a practicable and efficient mode, a method is developed and proposed by using raster image and vector data synergy processing. In the model designing of change detection indicator, it takes into account remote sensing...
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Analysis of the Correlation between User Behavior and User Engagement of Internet Video at Large-Scale

Yawei He, Wenhui Zhang, Weili Si, Anming Wei
As the development of the video over the Internet becomes rapidly and the user scale becomes continuously extend, user expectations and requirements for high quality of service are constantly increasing, which makes service providers focus on the quality of user experience (QoE). And how to assess QoE...
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Application of Support Vector Machine Based on Particle Swarm Optimization in Low Voltage Line Loss Prediction

Tan Min, Wang Xinghua, Li Qing, Guo Lexin, Yu Tao, Feng Yongkun
As low voltage line loss calculation is the difficulty of line loss, accurate prediction of low voltage line loss rate can guide energy-saving and consumption-reducing work effectively. In this paper, the support vector machine (SVM) Parameters Optimization Algorithm based on particle swarm optimization...
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Study on Process Capability Index of Fuzzy Set Distance Based on Beta Distribution

Ying Bai
This paper focused on the question of measuring process capability index under the Beta distribution. First of all, analyze process capability index under Beta distribution, get the equation of process capability index. Then, in order to know the effects of process capability index on process capability,...
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Innovation Research of Scientific and Technical Information in the Age of Big Data

Liu Ru, Li Rong, Wu Yuhui
In the age of big data, one of an important means to develop industry, science and technology in China is to explore the dynamic information solution based on big data. With popularization of smart phones and mobile terminals and wide coverage of networks of 3G/4G/WIFI, the data related to every one...
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Precise Localization of Iris outer boundary based on the delineation of region of interest

Yang Xiaosheng, Chen Houjin, Li Jupeng
The prerequisite of a successful iris recognition system is the fast and accurate iris localization. Delineation of the iris outer boundary is more complex than delineation of iris inner boundary, so a precise localization method of iris outer boundary based on the delineation of region of interest was...
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New Linear Generalized Synchronization and Parameter Identification between Different Chaotic Systems

Chao Ma, Xingyuan Wang, Yujuan Tian
The stability of a linear generalized synchronization approach between different chaotic systems with unknown parameters is investigated in this paper. An adaptive controller and some parameter update laws are proposed to achieve stable linear generalized synchronization and parameter identification...
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Extraction of coupling matrix of Generalized Chebyshev filter Based on MATLAB

Yalin Guan, Pei Li
In this paper we present a piece of software of extracting coupling matrix of generalized chebyshev filter based on MATLAB. Our software can obtain coupling matrix of generalized chebyshev filter through index which has been given. In order to obtain the coupling matrix, a method is presented that the...
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The Driving Forces Analysis of Economic Growth in Henan Province

Zhang Kaiguang, Ba Mingting, Sun Yanmin, Meng Hongling
The method of statistical analysis is used to analyze the data of the classification value-added growth in Henan province from 1998 to 2012. The 11 industries loading coefficients for the provincial economic growth are designed to study the change rules of the economic growth, the temporal relationship...
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FPGA Implementation of Rate Control for JPEG2000

Shijie Qiao, Aiqing Yi, Yuan Yang
This paper presents a FPGA implementation of rate control system for JPEG2000. The input image is discrete wavelet transformed, and the wavelet coefficients are encoded by Tier1 coding with rate distortion estimation. During the process of the Tier1 coding, the bit rate for each code block is allocated...
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Similar Scene Classification Research Based on Dense Matching

Han Chao, Hou Jianjun, Xu Lingqing, Bai Shuang
Scene classification is one of the important topics of computer vision, and the classification of similar scenes is even more challenging. This paper proposes a new method for image representation suitable for such a task. First, a displacement vector map of an input scene image can be obtained by utilizing...
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Closed-loop Feedback Trojan Detection Technique Based on Hierarchical Model

Wu Jinlong, Gu Haidong, Xie Yixin
In recent years, as the representative of APT attack incidents continues to increase, which steal the confidential information. It’s a serious threat to network security and user privacy. The key to prevent such attacks is how to detect Trojan behavior from the network traffic of APT attacks. In this...
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Compatibility Verification of Web Service Composition Based on Pi-calculus

Zhichun Jia, Xing Xing
With the rapid development of web services, service computing is evolving into an important computing paradigm. One of the challenges in this evolution is how to ensure the correction of service composition. To verify the compatibility of composite service, we use pi-calculus to model the composite service...
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The Discrepancy Between Video Game Purchase and Consumption in A Content Distribution Network

Yu Ma
This study looked at the user behavior of a content distribution network. We chose a random sample of over 17,000 users from the largest PC video game content distribution network and analyzed their purchase and consumption patterns. We found that an average user purchased 18 games during the 5-year...
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The Design of the Integration Multifunction Terminal for Health Management Based on Android System

Ye Ding, Shi Gang, Liu Bo
The paper introduces an Intelligent Health Information Management Terminal for grass-roots level medical department which is based on Android System to address the low degree of integration and intelligence of the current Health Collection Information Terminal. The new terminal adopts the integrating...
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Research on the Fitting Algorithm of GLONASS Broadcast Ephemeris Parameters

Xie xiao Gang, Luming Quan
The accumulated error of GLONASS broadcast ephemeris is nearly 1 meters within 15 minutes due to simplified perturbation force model. Aiming at this problem, a new method of GLONASS broadcast ephemeris fitting algorithm is introduced. In this method, a nonlinear measurement model is built based on the...
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Research on the Theory and Methods for Similarity Calculation of Rough Formal Concept in Missing-Value Context*

Kai Wang
In this paper, for the low similarity computation accuracy of concept in the field of agriculture ontology mapping, formal concept analysis theory and rough set theory are introduced to similarity computation. Jointly considering attribute hierarchies in concept lattice, the semantic hierarchy of the...
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Research on Chemical Expression Images Recognition

Chen Hong, Xiaoping Du, Lu Zhang
There is a large amount of chemical structure stored in image format which is in the scientific literature and the network. Researching on how to recognize chemical structure from images is contribute to storage management of relevant images. The overall recognition effect of chemical structure has room...
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An Energy Efficiency Routing Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Round Model

Zhang Ying-hui
In order to improve the energy efficiency of wireless sensor network in large area, this paper proposes an energy efficiency routing algorithm of wireless sensor network based on round model. Our algorithm uses the method of split round to achieve multi-hop communication between cluster heads. By building...
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Navigation Safety Evaluation of Xiamen port Based on AHP-Fuzzy

Pengfei Huang, Zhixiu Du, Cuifang Cheng
In order to safeguard the maritime navigation safety of Xiamen port and improve the efficiency of port operations, protect the marine environment, based on the analysis of various factors affecting the safety of Xiamen port navigation, we established navigation safety evaluation index system of Xiamen...
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Design the ADRC for Induced Delay of NCS

Hou Yong-qiang, Yi Ying-gang, Li He-jia, Cheng Yan-wei, Shen Qun-shu
Based on researching induced delay longer than sampling time of network control system, major problem is due to network communication system model uncertainty that leads to poor control performance. Active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) that based on Uncertainty model is used in this paper, network...
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Application of Real-time Communication Technology in Remote Monitoring System

Xia Ting, Chen Yuting, Liu Chunyan
In order to realize remote monitoring, real-time communication technology must be applied. A wireless communication network was built with a plurality of sensors by ZigBee technology. Then data could be acquired and transmitted to the monitoring server wirelessly. The embedded microprocessor Cortex-A8...
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A new method of ballistic mission target recognition

Li Changxi, Zhou Yan, Lin Han
On the process of target ballistic missile (BM) recognition, in other to solve the problem of multi-sensor system is easy to conflict when transmitting date, and the problem that the conflicting evidence and unconflicting evidence integration together on existing D-S improved algorithm, this paper put...
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Parameter Amendment and Simulation on Spinning Force Thamasett Algorithm for Steel Cylinder Shape Parts

Yu Yang
This thesis is focused on the spinning force acquired by electrical measuring method through a large number of spinning process experiment on cylinder workpieces of different materials. Comparing with the result gotten by Thamasett,the law of deviation on the calculation of spinning force on radial,...
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The Application of Thamasett Algorithm in the Calculation on Spinning Force of Biotical Turning Wheel

Yu Yang
This thesis is focused on the spinning process experiment of double conical wheel with small fillet radius on various materials and the measurement of spinning force using electrical measuring method. The result of the experiment is very close to the one by thamasett in the axial and tangential direction,...
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A Power-Optimized Handover strategy in Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Networks

Huiping Xu, Jinchun Gao, Hefei Hu, Dongming Yuan, Jing Ran
Satellite communications provide large-scale coverage, so they can be integrated with terrestrial networks to implement a global wireless system, namely HSTNs. However, the network resources of satellite systems, such as the bandwidth and power, are extremely limited. This paper proposes a handoff strategy...
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Research on Performance Evaluation System Based on Process Model Theory

Zhengqiu Weng, Qiming Tian
As an important component of the Business Intelligence, Performance Evaluation plays an important role in BI architecture. There are many performance evaluations methods, but people pay less attention to the performance evaluation process that will improve the evaluated objects achievement. According...
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Segmentation and Classification Method in IVOCT Images

Zhou Ping, Zhu Tongjing, Li Zhiyong
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a fatal disease of the heart or blood vessels. Intravascular optical coherence tomography (IVOCT) as a newly emerging optical-based technology can provide real-time, high-resolution, and three dimensional images with micrometer resolution. In this paper, an automatic lumen...
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Redundant Fault-tolerant Computer Structure Based On Dynamic Reconfiguration Bus

Wang Ying, Zhou Ji-qin, Zhang Wei-gong, Ding Li-hua
Triple Modular Redundancy computer has been widely used in railway, aviation and other fields, and the structure of the standard parallel bus is adopted inside the computer, and the degradation is used in case of single machine fault. In this paper, Triple Modular Redundancy computer which is featured...
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Target recognition based on stratified synthesis strategy

Dangnai Yao, Hua Chai, Zhenguo Wang
Target recognition is a hot topic in the field of ballistic missile defense. In this paper a stratified synthesis strategy is developed to recognize the real target objectively. Firstly, a hierarchical index system of target characteristic similarity is proposed, which considers the infrared, radar and...
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DDoS Detection in SDN Switches using Support Vector Machine Classifier

Xue Li, Dongming Yuan, Hefei Hu, Jing Ran, Shulan Li
Compared with traditional network, Software Defined network (SDN) technology contains data plane, control plane and application plane. The control plane centralized controls multiple switches instead of only one switch. Therefore, SDN has more security requirements. The existing network security equipment...
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AIS Data Collection, Storage and Display System

Yi Jiang, Da Li, Shufang Zhang
In an automatic identification system (AIS) receiver, after frequency down conversion and carrier separation, the frequency of AIS signals becomes 9.6 KHz. The design of AIS data collection, storage and display system based on ARM9 is presented for the data storage and playback of waveform in the paper....
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Aerodynamic Performance Analysis of Axial-fan in Low Pressure Pipeline based on ANSYS CFX

Tiancun Yang, Chen Xiaolan, Heming Cheng
ANSYS CFX software is used to simulate and analyze the axial -fan for heat sending in the pipe tunnel kiln, and find the relationship between the total pressure and the total pressure efficiency of the fan at different blade angles and different inlet air flow conditions. According to analyze the effects...
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A Kind of Application of Fuzzy Theory :Stock Market Rational Investment Model

Dewei Zhang
Fuzzy theory is a kind of mature control theory. Fuzzy control theory has solved a lot of difficult problems that traditional control theory can`t solve. This paper tries to introduce fuzzy theory into the stock market speculation action control , and simulate the stock buying and selling actions according...
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Grey Prediction System Based on Browser/Server Structure

Hui Peng, Wenqi Qu
Grey prediction algorithm has been used in prediction area extensively. A grey prediction system based on grey prediction algorithm and Browse/Server structure is proposed in this paper. In this system browser produces user interface, receives inputs and pass them to server. Server predicts results with...
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Hyperspectral Image Compression By Using Distributed Source Coding

Yu Liu, Pengyue Li, Bingchao Huang, Ke Xu, Yongjian Nian
This paper presents an efficient compression algorithm based on distributed source coding. The proposed algorithm employs a block-based quantizer followed by distributed lossless coding. First, a bit-rate allocation algorithm is used to assign the rational bit-rate for each block. Subsequently, the multi-linear...
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Research on reasonable influence scope during road construction based on microscopic simulation

Liang Zijun, Cao Sen
In order to determine effectively the reasonable traffic influence range during city road construction, the microscopic simulation analyses the change of intersection delay, which is caused by road construction, taking five lanes in east - west and four lanes in south - north as study object, on the...
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Chinese Text Classification Based On LDA and KSVM

Congwei Liang, Yong Liu, Haiqing Du
With the rapid development of information technology and social networking, the amount of generated text data has increased enormously. As one of the crucial technologies for information organization and management, text classification has become much more significant in the area of machine learning...
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MB+: Enhanced Multibridge Attack for Even-Mansour Schemes

Sitao Wang, Yao Zhang, Xiao Zhang, Zhiming Zheng
Block ciphers serve as the core of the modern cryptography, with a continuing study of cryptanalysis never stopped. Recently, a specific cryptographic structure, namely Even-Mansour scheme, has been widely revisited and discussed due to its well relevance to most block ciphers. In this paper, we have...
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Resting State Brain Network Modeling Based On Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Ming Ke, Zhijing Li, Zhao Cao, Xiaoping Yang
In this paper, the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technique and complex network method were used to study the brain functional network of normal subjects. We used the partial least squares (PLS) regression modeling method to construct the normal human brain function network. The global...
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Sunflower diseases recognition algorithm based on wavelet domain feature dimension reduction

Zhu Zhongyang, Xiao Zhiyun, Guo Yi
A new sunflower diseases recognition algorithm has been presented, which is based on image processing and pattern recognition. Firstly, sunflower diseases were collected for segmenting disease spot. The color histogram based on RGB space and color features based on HSI space of leaf for disease are extracted,...
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Design and Simulation of a High Isolation Single-Balanced Mixer

Ning Zhao, Gaosheng Li, Huiqi Zhou, Rundong Zheng
A single-balanced mixer is designed by using the Agilent ADS software. Bat15-03w diodes(Infineon) are used and the insert loss is less than 1.4dB. The conversion loss is no more than -19.5dB and noise figure is lower than 10dB, when the RF frequency is 2. 4GHz and the LO frequency is 2.3 GHz. The PCB...
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A Damping Measurement Model of China’s Urban-Rural Digital Gap to the Urbanization

Jun Liu, Yuanyuan Liu, Xin Lan
Urbanization is an irresistible trend in the IT times and an important process in the integral development of urban and rural information society. But information revolution also creates digital gap between urban and rural areas, an increasingly obstacle to China’s urbanization. A damping measurement...
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Non-Parametric Estimation of Urban-Rural Digital Gap in China

Jun Liu, Yuanyuan Liu, Xin Lan
The notion “urban-rural digital gap” was put forward in 1995 by NTIA, refers to the gap between Urban and rural in information technology(typically cyber space technology) since the coming of industrial society especially since the transition from industrial society to information society, that is in...
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A Brief Analysis of Features and Applications of Mobile Phone Animation

Junmei Zeng, Qihui Chang
With the development of wireless Internet technology, mobile media, which is considered as the fifth media, has its great advantages on mobility and interactivity. Not only are the creation of mobile phone animation and its unique advantages popular with a number of animation fans but also they attract...
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Mice Ping Ping as a example to analyse the animation derivatives market in Wuhan

Junmei Zeng, NingYuan Zhang
This paper mainly talks about the original animation -- mice Ping Ping which made by the media of Wuhan dolphin to analyze Wuhan animation derivatives market, and further expand into China derivatives market. Chinese animation, though started early, has not developed into a complete industrial system....
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The Joint Extraction Algorithm Based on Color and Depth Information

Zijuan Zhang
For importance map, most image retargeting algorithms use color information only (such as the gradient map or saliency map, etc.) to deal with this problem. This paper considers depth information based on the analysis of the depth map besides, combines with color information and puts forward a combined...
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Research of Processing Errors on Modal Frequency of a Dual-Mass Decoupled Silicon Micro-Gyroscope

Hu Di, Yang Bo, Dai Bo
In this paper, the architecture, processing errors analysis and optimization method of a dual-mass silicon micro-gyroscope are presented. The dual-mass silicon micro-gyroscope consists of two identical single mass gyroscopes and a lever mechanism. Driving decoupling springs and sensing decoupling springs...
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A Local Distance Feature Extraction Based Shortwave Direction Finding Cross Location Algorithm

Xi Shen, Jie Zhu, Dayong Liu, Xiaofei Zhang
This paper innovatively proposes a local distance feature based shortwave direction finding cross location algorithm. The proposed algorithm is accomplished by setting one principle direction finding station and extracting the local distance feature in the first localization results. The azimuth subset...
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Spray droplet characterization measurements using global rainbow refractometry and microscope analysis

Pan Qi, Yue Bangshan, Zhang Zijia
The characterization of spray behavior especially the droplets diameter distribution plays an important role in many applications. In this paper, the droplets diameter distributions of a flat fan water spray were measured using both the Global Rainbow Refractometry (GRR) method and sampling method with...
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Efficient Predicate Analysis of MISRA-­C Programs

Feng Gao, Li Li, Jie Luo
Great care needs to be exercised when using C within safety-related systems. MISRA-C defines a suitable subset of C to be used in safety-related software development, which is easier for program analysis. Predicate abstraction refinement is one of the leading approaches to software verification. In this...
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The Empirical Study of the Schema Theory of Genetic Algorithm Based on 3-satisfiability Problem

Zhang Yuan, Li BingFen
Undoubtedly, schema theory is one of the most significant of genetic algorithm theory. Many research and application based on the schema theory of genetic algorithms have been reported. Through mathematical analysis of genetic algorithm, every genetic operator all has great influence on genetic algorithm...
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Research on the reliability of network traffic data collection based on Hadoop

Zong Feng
In this paper, the problem of how to improve the integrity and reliability of the data acquisition system based on Hadoop is introduced, and the distributed network fault detection technology is introduced; And based on this technology, a distributed node monitoring framework (DNMF) is designed, which...
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A co-evolutionary algorithm integrated with immune multi-agent

Jianhong Ma, Han Zhang, Baofeng He
In this paper we present a co-evolutionary algorithm integrated with immune multi-agent based on analyzing the lack of the immune evolutionary algorithms and co-evolutionary algorithm.First,antibody deputies are generated through the competition among populations and within populations sort and based...
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Exploration of the cancers association based on somatic data in TCGA

Hong Xia, Lin Hua, WeiYing Zheng, Ping Zhou
As the widely development of Next-generation sequencing (NGS), many studies conducted the somatic data analysis of cancers, which provides the valuable information for understanding cancer incidence and progression. In this paper, we conducted a somatic data analysis for eight cancers, they are: Glioblastoma...
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Research on Strategy of Model Innovation of WeChat Marketing

Ping Zhang
Network develops rapidly these years along with the continuous development of network technology revolution. The network nascent product "WeChat" rises to fame quickly in cyberspace, and businesses discover a new way of marketing in the internet "tide player" - Wechat marketing. Wechat marketing is an...
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Research on Improving the Inter-language Pragmatic Competence of University Undergraduates Based on Multimodality Theory

Hongyan Zheng, Tianjun Zhu
The paper based on multimodality theory aims to improve the inter-language pragmatic competence of university undergraduates. Two subject classes are chosen, and then multiple modes of materials, tools and strategies are used in and out of classroom among the students of experimental class. The constant...
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The Fractal study in complex product self-similar form

Li Gang, Yu Suihuai, He Weiping
The paper analyzes Sierpinski self-similar feature of fractal, The paper also suggests product form modular design model and define multiple factors on complex product modeling through the interrelation between Similar Mapping and Fixed Point. The paper verifies the self-similar evolution method where...
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Robust Output Regulation of Switched Multi-agent Systems

Zhang Xiaoqi
The robust output regulation problem of switched linear multi-agent systems is studied in this paper. The dynamics of each agent are described by a switched linear system. According to the characteristics of agent network and switched systems, we put forward an agent-dependent average dwell time method....
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CaRA : Congestion-aware Routing Algorithm for Data Center Network

Xingyan Zhang, Runze Wan, Jinrong He
The data center networks (DCN) leverage redundant physical links to overcome the bottleneck of traditional tree topology and achieve high bisection bandwidth and goodput for cloud computing platform, so how to use these redundancy links efficiently becomes the key factor for routing designer. This paper...
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A multi-chip synchronization system based on diversity technique

Zhang Jun-an, Li Guang-jun, Fu Dong-bing, Zhang Rui-tao, Yang Yu-jun, Wei Ya-feng, Liu Jun, Li Jiao-xue
A multi-chip synchronization system based on diversity technique is presented. As diversity technique in communication, at the master IC chip’s transmitter, two periodic synchronization signals (with a set delay time between them) have been sent as synchronization reference. At every IC chips’ receiver...
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Assessment of Coastal Zone Ecological Carrying Capacity -- A Case Study of Haikou City

Junkuo Cao, Weiquan Wang, Xueping Zhang, Yu Zhang, Ziqiang Luo
Taking Haikou coastal zone as the study area, we use comprehensive evaluation method to select a number of support factors and limiting factors to determine the indicators of ecological carrying capacity. Combined the data of social economic development of Haikou, using analytic hierarchy process model,...
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Structural One-Class Support Vector Machine on Hadoop

Yuxing Qian, Aimin Feng
SOCSVM, as the derivative algorithm of OCSVM, is powerful in One-Class Classification. But in big data era, the computing and the storage requirement increase rapidly with the number of training vectors, putting many practical problems out of reach. For applying SOCSVM to large scale data mining, parallel...
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Advances In Research Of Vehicular Ad-hoc Network

Tong Liu, Defu Cheng, Yue Huang
Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET) is extremely potent in improving the security and efficiency of vehicles and roads, as well as the comfort of drivers and passengers. The standardization and development of VANET have received attention from various fields. Recent studies focus on these fields such as...
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Web Service Improvement Model Based on XDrill Algorithm

Yang Yan, Yao Hua-xiong, Li Rong
We will firstly apply XDrill compression algorithm to the SOAP protocol. Firstly, this paper makes in-depth analysis of the differences in principles between XDrill algorithm and XMill algorithm, pointing out the underlying causes for higher compression efficiency of XDrill, and confirms this view by...
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Single document summarization using word and sentence embeddings

Automatic document summarization has become increasingly important in the age of big data. However, traditional summarization systems have two major weaknesses: term-vector data sparsity and semantic information deficiency. In this paper, we solve these problems by adopting word and sentence embeddings,...
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AAA Based on 802.1x Authentication

Jiange Zhang, Yuanbo Guo, Yue Chen, Jun Ma
It has obvious advantage to adopt 802.1x authentication for network access control, which is an ideal and low-cost scheme and is usually used for those enterprises and campuses which run and manage simply or have simple business. This paper analyzed 802.1x protocol, EAP protocol and RADIUS protocol,...
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A Handover Authentication Scheme based on Security Associations for NEMO in Aeronautical Telecommunications Network

Jianlong Li, Jinchun Gao, Xiaolei Ma, Haiyang Liu, Yuan'an Liu
As an extension of Mobile IPv6, the NEMO is needed to support session continuity for each mobile network node(MNN) across different access networks in aeronautical telecommunications network(ATN). However, the existing schemes of NEMO don’t mention the authentication issues in handover procedure, which...