Proceedings of the 2nd Jogjakarta Communication Conference (JCC 2020)

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Instagram as an Effective Promotion Tool to Event Jogja International Batik Biennale 2018

Adhianty Nurjanah, Riski Apriliani
National Crafts Council (Dekranas) DIY to promote batik as an Indonesian cultural heritage by organizing the Jogja International Batik Biennale (JIBB) 2018 event to retain the title of Yogyakarta as the World Batik City given by the World Craft Council (WCC). The number of social media users, especially...
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The Implications of Press Regulation Towards the Citizen Journalism Phenomenon in Indonesia

Agustania Amalia Firda
This research will discuss citizen journalism which is currently expanding in Indonesia and also criticism related to the Press Law No. 40 of 1999 and the Journalistic Code of Ethics, the contents of which is not relevant with the technology growth, thus making several aspects of society related to the...
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Ethnic Entities in Political Messages to Voters Behavior

Abrar Adhani, Akhyar Anshori
Medan City is a city inhabited by various ethnic groups, both native Indonesian tribes and ethnic groups from other nations. Even though Medan City is Identical with Malay tribe, currently Malay tribes in Medan City are not the dominant tribes. Ethnic diversity contained in the city of Medan, has its...
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Social-Media Driven: The Phenomenon and Existence of Mainstream Online Media in Disruption Era

Achmad Rouzni Noor II, Niken Febrina Ernungtyas
The presence of social media has changed the habits of readers when searching for actual information. This phenomenon driven by social media can threaten the existence of mainstream media based online. In Indonesia, many new media are emerging thanks to the ease of social media and citizen journalism...
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Community Based Disaster Communication Through UMMC (Study Case of UMMC as the Communicator of Mount Merapi Disaster Communications Year 2010)

Adhianty Nurjanah, Aswad Ishak, Sakir
Merapi is the most active volcano in Indonesia located in most regions of Yogyakarta and Central Java. In this age of information exposure, communities have the very right to have access towards correct and non-discriminatory information including the ones concerning any disasters occur in the area....
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The Implications of Big Data and Social Media Analytics on Industry 4.0

Agus Rhesa Rudiansyah
The world is now in the midst of a massive digital transformation. This transition was so great that the term Industry 4.0 rose to represent the fourth revolution that had occurred in various fields. The fourth industrial revolution continued what had begun in the third industrial revolution with automation...
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A New Social Media Freedom Podcast Construction in the Millenial Generation

Agus Triyono, Arfika Pertiwi Putri
The development of information technology in the media is developing very fast. One of them is a podcast that is now starting to be popular with the wider community. No exception to the millennial who began creative using this media. This research was conducted to find out how the social construction...
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Scout 4.0: Goes Global Through Crowdsourced Website

Ayu Amalia, Mohammad Sani Suprayogi
Website as non-interactional media era has developed a while ago, nowadays, website adopts series of new features, such as implementing the user-generated-content feature to muster and display relevant information automatically on the webpage by implementing particular keywords. Further, this study unveils...
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Community, Dialog and Technology - Maximizing Creating Shared Value (CSV) Nestle Indonesia

Arfika Pertiwi Putri, Agus Triyono
Creating Shared Value (CSV) is a concept of Nestlé’s business strategy by seeking opportunities to connect its business programs from upstream to downstream (end to end), which was elaborated by Porter and Kramer (2006). Nestlé hopes to continue to be a long-term sustainable business that seeks to create...
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Communication Gaps in Crisis Communication Management: Study at the Ministry of Transportation

Ari Sulistyanto, Achamd Jamil
The government organization, which is bureaucratic and hierarchical, tends to be slow in making decisions to respond to the crisis. This is caused by the communication gaps at the Sub-Sector level in its internal organization. This research aims to reveal the communication gaps in managing crisis communication...
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Mager (Lazy-Ass) as New Culture in the Society 5.0 Era (Semiotic Analysis by Charles Pierce in the Grab Food Ad “Laper Di Kantor” Version)

Ari Susanti
The article discusses the development of information technology and telecommunications fast-moving. This technological acceleration has an impact on world civilization which has entered the era of the society 5.0. The creation of an online application service makes it easy for humans to run all their...
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Communication Technology for Student With Visual Impairments: A Case Study of Smartphone

Siska Mardiana, Jenny Ratna Suminar, Dadang Sugiana, Suwatno
Smartphone in general can be used and accessed visually, but it turns out students with visual impairments can also use it with a screen reader, and this smartphone is also used in learning. The changing paradigm of teaching and learning in the world of education, provides space for students to be more...
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Group Communication Practices of Scavenger Communities in Campaigns of Clean and Healty Living Behavior

Erwin Rasyid, Ade Putranto Prasetyo W Tunggali, Moch Imron Rosyidi
Yogyakarta is a city that is currently also facing a complicated problem related to waste management. Waste management in Yogyakarta still relies on Integrated Waste Disposal Sites (TPST). There are around 454 scavengers who are members of the community. The existence of a scavenger community in the...
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Community Relations as Main Strategy in Building Positive Corporate Reputation & Sustainability: The Case of PT Saung Angklung Udjo in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

Kevin Lineria
This research is focusing on the concept of community relations which mostly known as CSR and also one kind of relationship that is carried out by corporate public relations practitioners. In this study, the researcher took on a fairly unique case of a cultural tourism company that focuses on the preservation...
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The Dynamics of Political Communcation in the South Kalimantan Society

Bachruddin Ali Akhmad, Sarwani, Sri Astuty, Muhammad Muthahhari Ramadhani
The people of South Kalimantan are famous for their religious community and tend to have a very strong Islamic context. In daily behavior, the people of South Kalimantan prioritize the teachings of religious leaders and scholars, especially charismatic scholars. The purpose of this study was to analyze...
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Indonesia Influencers in Social Media Advertising: Opportunities and Threats

Daniel Paulus Evert, Reza Saeful Rachman
This research is motivated by the phenomenon of the widespread use of social media influencers in various activities in Indonesia, especially in the field of advertising. This research employed a qualitative approach. The results show there are opportunities such as cheaper advertising cost, marketers...
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Cross-Cultural Conflict in A Multinational Company (Case of Japanese Company in Indonesia)

Devita Eka Santi
In the growth of global business, there are many multinational companies developing their business in Jakarta, one of them are Japanese companies. Multinational companies is an increasingly widespread phenomenom. Companies now more exposed to different cultures between workers. In this paper, the case...
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Communication Network Analysis #INA_CoronaVirus Alert On Twitter

Dewi Kartika Sari, Nur Aji Wibowo
This research is motivated by the lively discussion about the corona virus issue on Twitter. The issue of the corona virus attracts the attention of the world and the people of Indonesia because of its massive spread and no medicine has been found to heal patients affected by corona virus. This study...
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Environmental Communication Strategy of Langka Sekawan Community

Didik Hariyanto, Djarot Meidi Budi Utomo, Ferry Adhi Dharma
This research aims to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of the environmental communication strategy carried out by the Langka Sekawan community in supporting environmental sustainability. This type of research is qualitative with Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats...
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Participatory Communication in the Development of Rural Tourism (Case Study: Temanggung Papringan Market)

Dwi Susanti, Prihatin Dwihantoro, Pristi Sukmasetya
The process of developing papringan market can’t be separated from the concept of turning over a problem into potential one. Which was originally bamboo garden slum then transformed into the local wisdom that accentuates the market and also able to bring back economic capacity of the community. In communication...
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Digital Political Public Relations Strategy Basuki T. Purnama - Djarot S. Hidayat on Twitter in the 2017 Regional Election of Jakarta (Study Case of Ethnicity and Religion Issue)

Edoardo Irfan, Burhan Agung Swastiko
At this time, digital political public relations is already a crucial factor. In the digital political public relations, the management function as an enabler to purposeful communicating and action is paramount, because digital communication should not happen in a void. In public relations the understanding...
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Why Communicate in Disguises: A Study on Ownership of Fake Identity Accounts in Instagram

Elly Yuliawati, Giffari Adithia Fauzan
The selection of Instagram as a means of communication through social media in Indonesia, currently occupies the fourth position in the world. Unfortunately, the increase of using this technology is also accompanied by many problems such as identity/profile forgery, online impersonation and other cybercrimes....
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The Convergence of Mass Media and Its Effect Towards Information Seeking Among Students

Euis Evi Puspitasari, Roni Tabroni, Yuti Yuniarti
This research is motivated by the development of mass media as a medium for journalistic products that always develops following technological advancements. Conventional media, such as newspapers, radio and television, integrate themselves with internet-based media, creating new digitally platforms based....
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Survival Journalism in Disaster News Coverage (Case Study of Merapi Eruption Disaster 2010)

Fajar Dwi Putra, Dani Fadillah, Choirul Fajri, Muhammad Najih Farihanto
For some people, a disaster is something that is avoided, but not for a journalist, a disaster is a magnet in itself to do coverage from the closest distance. The profession as a journalist is at the forefront, between life or news, a tough choice and requires complete mental preparation. For this reason,...
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Forming the Trust in Consultation and Medicine Purchase Through Online Application

Fauzia, Firman Kurniawan Sujono
Technological development that continue to offer new innovations make people’s lives move towards digitization. The increasing amount of mobile phone user also emerge many type of applications that offer various kinds of conveniences, one of them are online-based health. In order to face the era of the...
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The Utilization of Digital Books by Ministry of Education and Culture for Improving Children’s Literacy

Febyasti Davela Ramadini
Nowadays, digitalization is such a popular thing in professional and academic life. Ministry of Education and Culture take the advantages of this phenomenon by creating digital based education method. This method provides many features, one of that is digital book. This research identifies the utilization...
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Multimodality Analysis in President Joko Widodo’s Video Blog

Febyola Oktavanya
Youtube is an emerging new media whose popularity is rising not only among people in the industry but also among nation leaders, one of which is President of Indonesia Joko Widodo. President Joko Widodo is one of the only three nation leaders that use Youtube as a tool to communicate to their subjects....
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Critical Discourse Analysis of Marginalization of Local Wisdom Content in Television Documentary Program

Freddy Yusanto, Dadang Rahmat Hidayat, Rahmat Edi Irawan, Yasraf Amir Piliang
This study wants to examine the background of the local wisdom content marginalization in Indonesia Bagus television documentary program. This study uses a critical discourse analysis approach from Fairclough which explains how the marginalization of local wisdom content is carried out, how the production...
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The Social Construction of the Role of Consultants Agency in the Village of Communication Strategy of Development

Dwinarko, Otong Yuda, Ahamad Sihabudin
This aims of the study to understand the role of the Village of Consultative Body (BPD) in the involvement of planning and supervision through a process of community to aspirations from the bottom up. The theory used is a social construction with qualitative methods, constructivist paradigms in the postmodern...
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Disaster Communication Study on Instagram Account @infobmkgmaluku of Ambon Earthquake 2019 Case

Beatriz Bridget Tanasale, Sari Monik Agustin
Social media is a popular tool of communication to use as a sharing content platform. Many people use it as their media, but little do we know that the government nowadays use it as a tool to engage their public, especially at crisis and disaster. This article describes the analysis of how local government...
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Development of Participation-Collaboration-Based Football Community Media in Indonesia: Issues and Conditions in Editorial Room

Fajar Junaedi, Filosa Gita Sukmono
The football supporters in Indonesia frequently experience negative stigma from mainstream media, mainly when violence concerning football occurs. The supporters become media convicts and are covered as the cause of violence in the football world. Against this stigma, community media, which are managed...
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Engagement and Prosumer Commodification: How Does the Web Make Profit?

Muria Endah Sokowati
This article describes the practice of prosumer commodification, which works on the process of’s production, distribution, and consumption. is an online media containing articles in relaxing, sarcastic, satirical, and fun. This unique format brings the image of as alternative...
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Travel Journalism: News Framing Policy of Five Super-Priority Tourism Destinations in the Contemporary Online News Media

Kencana Ariestyani
The Media has imperative role in promoting tourism by establishing a good awareness and insight to comply the needs of the travellers both domestic and international. Since the last two decades, the digital media environment has increased rapidly. In Indonesia, based on survey conducted by Nielsen Indonesia...
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Digital Culture Towards Information Society (Case Study of Collaboration Between CIG and ICT Volunteers)

Manik Sunuantari, Erna Febriani, Irwa R Zarkasi
According to the agreement of The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), Indonesian government encourages community empowerment through the mastery of information and communication technology (ICT) skills. The partnership was developed between Community Information Group (CIG) and Information...
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Restricting Creativity: How Regulations Control Indonesian Advertisements

Sekarini Ashri Fitria
This study analyzes several advertising regulations in Indonesia. Policymakers cannot clearly explain some of the points in the regulation so that multi-perception appears in the interpretation. Ads that are supposed to be creative to persuade the audience are limited by their regulation. These regulations...
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Implementing E-Government Using Web 2.0 at Ministry Of Education And Culture

Rona Uly, Irwansyah
The background of this research comprises; (1) demands to improve public services in the digital era are increasing, (2) the government launches digital services as an adjustment to the behavior of modern people who always rely on the internet in their daily lives, (3) easy access to the government through...
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Viral Marketing in Tourism: A Creative Tool to Promote Rest Area as a Tourist Destination (Case Study on Banjaratma Rest Area Km 260B)

Inda Susanti, S Firman Kurniawan
Indonesia has many old buildings of historical value that are partially stalled. With innovation and creativity, one of the old buildings formerly a sugar factory in Banjaratma, Brebes, Central Java, was successfully renovated and functioned as a toll road rest area as well as a tourist destination and...
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Women’s Participation Pattern in Coastal Tourism Communication in Sawarna Beach Lebak District Banten Province Indonesia

Irmulansati Tomohardjo, Ida Anggraeni Ananda, Santa Margaretha Niken Restaty
This study aims to determine the pattern of women’s participation in coastal tourism communication in Sawarna Beach, Bayah District, Lebak Regency, Banten Province, Indonesia. The research method is a case study, qualitative descriptive and in-depth interview data collection techniques to key informants,...
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Computer-Mediated Communication: Online Gaming Communication Culture

Aurora Almarini Khairunisa
Ease of internet access and the number of online games that can be downloaded on mobile phones, making online games growing rapidly in the community. The most popular genre played is the MMORPGs. MMORPG is an interactive game, where they are required to communicate with each other and share the results,...
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Communitization Management in Kulina to Increase Customer After Rebranding

Erwan Sudiwijaya, Kuskridho Ambardi
The background of this research comprises 1. Social media that gives customers the opportunity to interact with brands can be used to build long-term relationships. 2. consummers want to connect with other consumers not with companies 3. culinary sub-sector records a 41% contribution to the creative...
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Adaptive Strategies for Campaign the Conservation of Mangrove Forests in the Digital Era

Prihatin Dwihantoro, Moch. Imron Rosyidi, Dwi Susanti
Indonesia’s mangrove forests play a significant role in national and global climate change mitigation strategies. In the last three decades, Indonesia lost 40% of mangrove (FAO, 2007). That is, Indonesia has the largest mangrove damage in the world (Campbell & Brown, 2015). It shows that it needs...
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Communication Technology and Stronger Community Alienation

This research background consists of some aspects: (1) communication technology development which increases rapidly, (2) technology influences society’s attitude and behavior, (3) the society’s alienation existence of technology product. The research problem which proposed was “how is the communication...
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Didi Kempot: Masculinity and Actor in Circulation and Consumption in Industrial Revolution 4.0

Nina Widyawati, Widjajanti M Santoso
Didi Kempot is a traditional Javanese singer seldom being discussed, however he is the unique case of digital phenomena. He is not only surpassing the young, global idol, but also show digital network of fandom works. By using digital and cultural production circulation as framework and perspective,...
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Communication Strategies in Combating Communicable Diseases in Jember Regency (Case Study of Kemuningsari Health Center, Jember Regency)

Juariyah Titis Indah Purwaningsih
Unhealthy environment, unhealthy clean water supply, cramped houses for residents, toilets in the river and anywhere causing diarrhea, dengue fever, tuberculosis and leprosy. To overcome this problem, an appropriate communication strategy is needed by environmental sanitation officers to: 1. Change the...
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Restrictions on Social Media Access by the Government and the Right to Get News

Karbala Madania
The Government of the Republic of Indonesia, through the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo), restricted the public in this country from accessing social media on May 22, 2019. This policy was adopted because at that time the frequency of spreading information and false news (hoax)...
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The Role of Citizen Journalism in Jelajah Pagi Program on Gema Surya FM Radio Ponorogo: Case Study on PO942 Facebook Group

Krisna Megantari, Andi Prayoga
This paper was titled “The Role of citizen journalism in Jelajah Pagi program at Gema Surya FM radio Ponorogo”.The researcher intended to know how much the role of citizen as citizen journalism in Jelajah Pagi program through the PO942 Facebook group as well as the extent of citizen knowledge about citizen...
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The Cross Cultural Communication Of Thailand’s Students in University Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo

Kukuh Sinduwiatmo, Sufiyanto
The World of Education is so dynamic especially its development from year to year. This is coupled with the continuous development of technology, the exchange of information needs each other primarily in its participation to advance intellectual competitiveness in academia. Taking education in other...
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Political Economy of Media in Indonesia With the Study of Law No. 32 of 2002 on Broadcasting

Luciana Retno Prastiwi
The advancement of digital communication technology has made it possible for the media to expand until it has developed into a mass media conglomerate. The Indonesian government has enacted Law No. 32 of 2002 on Broadcasting to overcome it, but this law is seen as having failed in limiting monopolistic...
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Netnography Study About Anonym Account @digeeembok and Scandal on Twitter

L P Melati Oktaviana, Hifni Alifahmi
Twitter has become one of the most popular social media, and quick in providing information to wider community. This study examines the followers of an anonymous account on Twitter that reveals a personal scandal amin illegal cases which happen to the former director of a largest national company. Using...
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Online Advertising Effectiveness for Advertiser and User

Mentari Anugrah Imsa, Irwansyah
The development of technology in industry 3.0 which was marked by the emergence of internet innovation in the 1980s has changed many practices in the industries, include advertising practice. Data showed that Internet User in Indonesia increased in line with the increase in advertising spending. Therefore,...
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Implementation of Integrated Marketing Communication at Kampoeng Semarang

Monika Teguh, Emanuelle Dea Nathalie Widjaja, Louisa Christine Hartanto, Josephine Kurniawan Lukito
The very rapid development of tourism in Indonesia brings many opportunities for business development in the field of tourism. Central Java Province is one of the provinces with quite a big attraction supported by 198 commercial businesses and 57 non-commercial in the tourism sector. This provides a...
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Urgency Of Digital Literation in the Central Segregation Of Viral Journalism Versus Data Journalism

Muchsin al-Fikri, Sandra Irawaty
Based on statistical data, in 2018 the number of online media in Indonesia reached 43,000 and only around 2,400 have been successfully verified by the Press Council. The proliferation of online media in this digital era has created segregation or gaps that have given rise to new challenges in the world...
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Online Media Overview in Tourism Destination Branding

Nadia Qurrantain, Muhammad Himawan Sutanto
The development of tourism destinations not only depends on nature’s grace. The tourist destination can be built using branding communication techniques. For that, it is worth noting more thoroughly about how communicators develop messages. How the message was developed? The direction of news developed...
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The Role of Hospital Public Relations in 4.0 Era

Nadia Wasta Utami, Rifka Alifiana
This article discusses mainly about how the role of hospital public relations, especially in the 4.0 era. The study focused on public relations from several hospitals in Yogyakarta namely PKU Yogyakarta Hospital, PKU Gamping Hospital and Wates Regional Hospital. From this research it is known that public...
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Tendency Message Implementation of Competitive Identity Nation Branding: Wonderful Indonesia

Novin Farid Styo Wibowo, Yanaita Febrita
Since 2010, Indonesia has announced a nation brand: Wonderful Indonesia which was declared by the Ministry of Tourism as a tourism branding nation in Indonesia. This research takes the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy on Instagram @parekraf which has published information to the public as a form...
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Kim Hyesan Drama YouTube Channel as a Reference Job in Australia

Nur Maghfirah Aesthetika, Yani Kanda, Poppy Febriana
This research presents how Kim Hyesan Drama, a participant in the Working Holiday Visa program, shows how he does his work in Australia through his YouTube channel. Kim Hyesan Youtube Channel Drama has become a reference work for the audience, especially participants of the Working Holiday Visa program....
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Hegemony Masculinity in Online Media News Coverage

Puti Nadhira, Fitria Angeliqa
The role of the mass media in the dissemination of information has become very important in this digital era, including news about sports competitions. However, sport still has gender issues which then distinguish the presence of male athletes and female athletes. This problem also occurs regarding to...
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Identify the Place Brand Communication Elements of “Benteng Kuto Besak” Palembang

Rahma Santhi Zinaida, Ananda Putri Salsabila
Benteng Kuto Besak has precious cultural and historical values that have the potential to become one of the leading tourist attractions in Palembang. To become a good destination, a tourism place must have strong branding. The intended branding is not treated the same as a product but has more or less...
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Political Communication Network of Women of Dynasty

Sa’diyah El Adawiyah, Imsar Gunawan, Tria Patrianti
Women’s involvement in politics have led them to become political actors with good communication as mandatory. Political communication represents the interests of groups. The women of dynasty’s political communication network in achieving leadership enables them to map and read the needs and problems...
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A Study of Cultural Adaptation Process in Indonesia by PERSIB Football Club Foreign Players

Reyna Arta Novia, Faridhian Anshari
Basically, the adaptation that every individual goes through is not easy. The same is the case with foreign football players who play football far from their country who need adjustment in their new environment. This case is related to the three Persib Bandung foreign players namely Fabiano Beltrame...
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The Utilization of E-Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the Development of Education System in Indonesia

Rissia Priyahita
Technology movement creates progressive impacts towards the development of communication network, computer, and the Internet. An innovation that is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of many products. The usage of AI technology is predicted to expand globally, including in Indonesia. This statement...
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Buzzer and Word-of-Mouth in Online Transaction

Salma Nadiya Putri, Fitria Angeliqa
Technological developments that make changes to all aspects of human life, we can access any and all information easily and quickly. included in buying and selling activities which can now be done anytime and anywhere. But then this becomes an obstacle when people want to make sure the goods, because...
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Implementation of the Broadcasting Regulation as a Multicultural Communication Policy in Indonesia’s Public Television Broadcasting Institution (LPP TVRI)

Shinta Noppita Sari
The Broadcasting Regulation is the legal basis for broadcasting institutions and regulators in the field of broadcasting in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. Establishing the Broadcasting Regulation can no longer reach all aspects of broadcasting activities in Indonesia. The Broadcasting...
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Analysis of Times Indonesia News in UM Jember Student KKN-PM Program

Mass Media is still considered as the most effective public information delivery agency. Especially, the number of Online Media continues to increase in the current 4.0 era. The KKN-PM program (Community Work Program - Community Empowerment) conducted by LPPM (Institute for Research and Community Services)...
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Strategy of Media Management in Political Marketing

Nur R Tri Hastuti, Faisal A T Muhammad
Pull marketing strategy is one approach that is widely used in election. This approach emphasizes the use of media in process of distributing political messages to public. This study aims to describe pull marketing strategy of Anies and Sandiaga candidates in Governor and election in DKI Jakarta province....
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Evolution of Information Technology Communication: How WeChat Become Indonesian Students Favorite Using Daily in China

Dani Fadillah, M. Najih Farihanto, Choirul Fajri, Fajar Dwi Putra, Uspal Jandevi
This study aims to explain how technological development, in this case the WeChat application, is able to provide comfort for foreign students studying in the People’s Republic of China. This research is a qualitative research, data obtained by conducting interviews with Indonesian students who are in...
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Incorrect Regulation Limiting Space of Movement, Communication Policy Regulation Dilemma Against the Application of Over-the-Top in Indonesia

Zahrina Arum Nabilah
The Ministry of Communication and Informatics is very vulnerable against the odds of incorrect regulations and limiting the movement space of Over-the-top application services. The Tumbrl case in 2018 had also became a clear elaboration regarding regulations resulted from Ministry of Communication and...