Proceedings of the 2nd Jogjakarta Communication Conference (JCC 2020)

Social and technological changes due to Industry 4.0 are apposite to communication. With Industry 4.0 demanding more competences in communication skills, the curricula of the communication department across universities must anticipate and adopt the changes. Facing the fact that information and communication technologies play a crucial role in implementing industry 4.0 concepts, the communication research should give insights from academic perspectives as to this shift, especially how communication scholars answer the question regarding the implication of Industry 4.0 to communication theory, ethics, and multiculturalism. The latter becomes essential and should be considered since multiculturalism is the central aspect of the building of the nation-state, especially in Indonesia. Therefore, not only should research regarding Industry 4.0 be developed, but also its relation to multiculturalism. Responding to the above phenomenon, then the 2nd Jogjakarta Communication Conference presents Communication 4.0: Challenging Technology, Theory, and Multiculturalism. Co

All Committee 2nd Jogjakarta Communication Conference is grateful that the participants of the 2nd Jogjakarta Communication Conference have increased significantly compared to the previous year. Around 98 speakers with various topical and strategic papers come to the 2nd Jogjakarta Communication Conference. In light of that, we would like to thank the publication team of the 2nd Jogjakarta Communication Conference that has worked very hard in reviewing all papers and making valuable suggestions for the authors to improve their works. Also, special thanks go to Atlantis Press for making the publication possible.

We hope that this conference is able to provide a proportional academic atmosphere to the academicians in the fields of communication and media, as well as facilitating scientific publication and communication researchers to burgeon. We hope that the publications can be insightful and learned by broader society and eventually giving benefits for today’s development. Finally, on behalf of the committees, we would like to thank our valuable participants for the active and fruitful contribution to this conference. We look forward to seeing all of you next year at the conference.

Dr. Filosa Gita Sukmono, MA
General Chair 2nd Jogjakarta Communication Conference