Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Judicial, Administrative and Humanitarian Problems of State Structures and Economic Subjects (JAHP 2017)

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Research on Predicament of Developing Green Job and Countermeasure

Zhiyong Zhang, Linlang Liao
At present, the serious energy consumption, environmental degradation and economic crisis result in the weak employment in traditional industries. The large-scale industrialization, city and countryside integration and the rapid development of economy give rise to desperate shortage of natural resources,...
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The Dilemma and Development of Farmers' Professional Cooperative Economic Organization in the Perspective of Rural Social Ecology

Xueqi Xu
From the perspective of social ecology, this paper examines the two alternative paths that farmer professional cooperatives packaging the rural capital and local farmers' specialized cooperatives in the current farmer professional cooperative economic organizations. This paper points out the dynamic...
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Research on the Consumption Space Production of Community-type Scenic Areas Based on the Observation of Hong Village in Anhui Province

Yuting Cheng
Under the background of building new socialist countryside, the heritage-type scenic areas near the metropolis make the industry represented by community-based scenic areas in rural areas come into the public view thanks to their convenient location and deep historical and cultural background. Based...
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The Knowledge Map of the Research on Citizen Participation Awareness Based on the Quantitative Analysis of CiteSpace

Yanying Li, Xi Yang
Citizen participation is an important means to maintain and protect power and interests of citizen, as well as an effective way to prevent the abuse of public power and achieve rational distribution. This paper takes the 1520 papers of core journal on the research on citizen participation awareness in...
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An Analysis of the Reasons for the Rise of the Xinjiang Speed Skating Team after being Trained and Arranged by Korean Coach Li Zaizhi

Yong Fu, Juerui Wang
In 2012, 6 members of Xinjiang speed skating team participated in the Twelfth National Winter Games, and the iceman Gekhanbay won the ninth in the men's 5000-m race that was their best result. In 2016, Xinjiang hosted the thirteenth winter games, and the Xinjiang speed skating team won the gold medal...
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A Study on the Interaction between Chinese Traditional Sports Health Culture and National Health

Lichun Wei
Traditional sports health culture is an important branch of Chinese medicine theory, and it is also an important part of traditional culture. To explore the effects of traditional sports health culture on the health of the whole people is of great significance to guide people to take scientific and reasonable...
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Influence of Rules Change on Football

Jia You
Football development cannot separate from change and improvement of rules. Football rules promote football development and influence football at the meantime guarantee the order on football field. Rules contribute to more scientific and reasonable football progress continuously. Contents, reasons and...
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Effects of Cultural Beliefs on Cancer Prevalence

Xiaoyuan Jin
This paper talks about the cultural factors that influence the infection and the treatment of cancer. In the paper, the author provides some examples of people of different races all around the world to prove the fact that cultural beliefs have influence to the diseases. Moreover, the paper indicates...
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How to Deserve People's Trust - On Nonfictional Story of Special Music School Establishment

Alexander Yakoupov
The artists' trust to a manager is one of the most important conditions for the development of a creative organization (institution). The presence of trust as a factor largely determines the success of the work of an organization in its reform and improvement of individual structures. Trustful relations...
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Research on Synergistic Governance of Famous Historical and Cultural Villages

Ke Lu, Yimeng Chen, Zhonghao Qu
Famous historical and cultural village is the important real carrier of traditional Chinese clan culture. It has a large number of material cultural heritages that cannot be copied, and its architectural style, characteristic and layout vividly embody the clan conceptand cultural view of traditional...
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Research on Surfing the Internet of Students Investigation on Students of XiZang Agriculture and Animal Husbandry College

Xiangui Zhang
With increasing popularization of network, college campus has the densest network users. Network involves in the life of college students and is changing their learning and life style. In order to strengthen college management and network construction, cultivate high quality net citizens as college students,...
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Metaphor and Education - Analyzing the Role of Cultural Empathy in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Shuqing He
Cultural stereotype is a double-edged sword, it can enable students to understand foreign culture in a short time and form a thought of first impression and then generate a negative influence such as rejection and bias against a culture. During the teaching of international Chinese, in order to avoid...
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Motivational Strategies Using in College English Teahcing in China

Juju Wang
This paper explores how to apply motivational theories in college English teaching on the base of the introduction of its psychological development from humanism, behaviorism to cognitivism. Different strategies specific to high and low proficiency students are also listed after with the hope that providing...
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A Study on the Pre-socialization of College Interns from the Perspective of Liminality

Senyao Sang
College internship is a process of social practice that college students are separated from college life for a period of time and are temporarily engaged in social production activities. During this period, college students will experience temporary socialization and identity change, and the experience...
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Research on the Red Culture and the Localization of Marxism in China

Xin Dong
Where there are people there is culture. Cultural thoughts with eternal vitality are the foundation for the survival of the masses and the power-holders in dynasties. This is why the Confucian culture of China can dominate the thoughts of people for thousands of years. The culture does not have emotional...
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Research on School Sports for the Cultivation and Development of College Students' Ideological and Political Education

Juhua Song
School sports is an important means to carry out patriotism, collectivism and socialist education for contemporary college students and it is a necessary starting point for ideological and political education of contemporary college students. According to the training objectives of sports and the direction...
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Study on the Layering Teaching Model in College English

Danting Sui, Fenghong Li
Teaching students in accordance with their aptitudes is a basic principle in pedagogics. Therefore, English teachers in colleges might as well implement the layering teaching according to students' real levels and requirements. The thesis mainly discusses the layering teaching from its construction and...
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Relationship of Kindergarten Virtuousness and Performance in China

Yu Liu
The idea that kindergarten performance could be related to virtuousness in kindergartens or to virtuousness enabled by kindergartens has been a foreign idea until very recently. Linking virtuous behavior with kindergarten behavior has traditionally been an uncomfortable idea in scholarly circles. Empiricism...
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The Main Problem and Countermeasure Research on Disabled Children's Right to Education in Poor Areas

Rongna Zhe
In domestic law, the right on disabled children mainly involves Disability Act of the People Republic of China and People with Disabilities Education Ordinance. However, the implementation of these laws and policies is not satisfactory. The aim of this paper contributes to improve relevant policy and...
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Physical Education in Primary and Middle Schools from the Perspective of Physical Fitness and Health Monitoring

Yong Yu, Youfa Li
According to the investigation report of 20 years of physical health students in China, primary and middle school students' myopia problem is more and more serious. After 2000, the growth rate has increased. The smaller age group, the more detection rate of myopia increased. The severe myopia is younger....
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Heart Shines Beautiful in the Sun - Comparison on Two Attitudes of Chinese and Foreign Psychologist

Desheng Chen, Cheng Hong
With the development of the society, the life quality of people changes and improves rapidly, but they also faces many psychological pressures and crisis, which seriously affects the development of personality of Chinese. So the psychological counseling has been increasingly brought to the attention...
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Practice and Exploration of Psychological Consultation in the Platform Construction of Community Youth Club

Dehao Qu
Mental health of adolescents is one of the important factors influencing social development. As an important part of mental health service, psychological consultation needs to establish close relationship with community, in order to timely, ceaselessly and effectively serve adolescents. As the platform...
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Relationship between Loneliness and Mental Health of Boarders in Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture-The Moderating Effects of Resilience

Yining Wang, Qian Xie, Xieping Chen
Objective: to examine the boarder's moderating effects of resilience between mental health and loneliness in ethnic areas is to provide valid and scientific theories for improving the boarder's mental health situation. Methods: A total of six hundred and twenty-seven primary school students and junior...
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The Applicable Scope of China's Futures Legislation

Cheng Yong Liu
China's "Administrative Regulations on Futures Trading" have been facing many challenges in recent years, for example, the applicable scope is too narrow to cover OTC derivatives; secondly, the securities derivatives are under double jurisdiction of the Regulations and the "Securities Law", which has...
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Discussion on Legal Identification of Parenthood in Surrogacy

Tianyi Xu, Ying Dai, Teng Li
The emergence of surrogacy technology not only benefits mankind, but also breaks through the traditional natural reproduction mode, exerting a powerful impact on the rules of parenthood identification in the traditional civil law system. Considering that the traditional parenthood presumption principle...
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An Analysis of American Prosecutors' Power of Selective Prosecution - Discussion Based on Cases and Rules

Xiang Zhang
The selective prosecution system of the United States means that when American prosecutors perform their prosecution functions, as long as not for bribery, discrimination and other reasons prohibited by law, for cases meeting the prosecution condition, they can make decisions to prosecute, not to prosecute,...
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Discussion on the Improvement of Chinese Labor Standard Legal System

Yuan Liu
Labor standard legal system is an important legal system to adjust labor relations,but there are some problems in its designing and operation,such as the protection of labor's Collective negotiation right and social insurance right. It is therefore necessary to further explore specific measures to improve...
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Protection of the Rights and Interests of Consumers in WeChat Shopping Disputes

Jin He, Yongwei Li
In the Internet Plus era, with the increase of WeChat shopping, the disputes also increase. Because the access threshold of "microboss" is lower than that of the traditional online shopping, once consumption disputes occur, other person involved avoid responsibility through deleting friend or replacing...
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Discussion on the Legal Supervision of Insurance Funds in Capital Market

Ying Liu
Insurance funds are the important capital in the capital market. Their frequent placards in the stock market in 2016 not only made the management of listed companies nothing to follow, but also were to blame by regulators several times, and insurance funds have become very "dangerous". In this event,...
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Research on Economics of Legal System of Environmental Regulations

Jia Zuo
The legal system of environmental law in our country is constituted of environmental regulations in constitution and environmental regulations represented by special normative environmental legal documents. The theories in legal system of environmental regulations are indispensable to understand environmental...
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Discussion on Issues of Criminal Reconciliation System

Qiong Zhang
The criminal reconciliation system mainly pays attention to the victim's entity right and promotes the victim's litigation status so as to weaken the penalty function. In order to prevent the unaccomplished crime of the perpetrators, this system has been applied and promoted in the judicial practice...
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Establishment of Legal Safeguard Mechanism for Heilongjiang's Economic Trade with Russia under the Framework of Longjiang Silk Road Economic Belt

Hui Xie
To promote the construction of "Longjiang Silk Road Economic Road" and accelerate the establishment of risk control and legal Safeguard mechanism for Sino-Russian economic trade cooperation will play a significant role in standardizing and legalizing the Sino-Russian economic trade relations. Based on...
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On the Legal Problems in the Establishment of Religious Organizations in China

Li Yan
China's religious groups since the founding of the government has been strictly controlled by the special social groups. The government limits the religious community to government-approved spaces and subjects through administrative legislation. At present, there are serious problems in the legislation...
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An Empirical Study on the Patent Quality of Chinese Herbal Medicine Geographical Indications Industry

Zhi Sun, Guifeng Feng, Yongzhong Qiao
This paper took the authorized patent of geographical indications industry of Chinese herbal medicine as the research object, through the analysis of the types of the industry patent, technical category, legal status, maintenance information, found that the geographical indications of Chinese herbal...
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Dynamic Analysis of Academic Research on "Pension Service" in the Last 20 Years in China and Abroad - Quantitative Analysis Based on Citespace 5.0

Dan Gao
With the improvement of aging, "pension services" has become a hot topic in academic research; China has also taken "pension services" as an important content of the supply-side reform. This paper, with the aid of Citespace 5.0, using the literature data of CNKI and WOSTM database in 1997-2016, takes...
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Research on Issues of Legal Supervision on Deal on Credit

Fuling Ding
Deal on credit, namely margin trading has developed rapidly in recent years, which serves as an opportunity and a challenge for the capital market in China. Although the State Council, China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the exchange made a series of institutional arrangements for margin trading,...
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Regulations and Measure References of the Lottery Industry in China

Zehong Deng, Peng Zhang
In China, after nearly 30 years development, the lottery industry has become a main form of raising funds for the purpose of developing social welfare. Through the analysis of China's lottery industry, there still exists the following three problems, the issuance operation lacks professional regulation...
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Market Analysis of Agricultural Production Mode Selection

Rong Qiu, Yini Liu
Theoretical research as well as the real practice on whether the current agricultural production mode should engage a larger scale is not quite clear. Combining with the relevant theories of economics, this paper argues that the selection on taking dispersed mode of agricultural production or large-scale...
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Empirical Analysis on Relationship between Money Supply and Economic Growth in China

Abuduaini Awuti
The relationship between money supply and economic growth is the focus of attention all the time. In recent years, with the rapid development of Chinese economy, the money supply of RMB increases in successive years. It is of great necessary to conduct empirical analysis on the relationship between money...
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Research on the Relationship between Logistics Development and Consumption of Rural Residents

Jingfei Ran
Logistics is an important factor to the consumption of rural residents. From analyzing the classic consumption function, the article demonstrates that the impact of the logistics to the consumption of rural residents is transaction efficiency improving. In order to improving the situation of logistics...
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Discussion on the Reform of Wuhan "North Hankou" International Commodity Trading Center and Its Circulation Mode

Xiaojun Zhang, Xinyu Hu
As a new model of Wuhan's commercial circulation industry, "North Hankou" is not only a new growth pole of regional economic development, but also a special region of export-oriented economic development in Wuhan. Therefore, it is helpful for Wuhan to build an international trading city and promote Hubei's...
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Environmental Problems of Use of Foreign Direct Investment Projects in China

Jun Li, Li Ding
With the acceleration of the globalization of the world economy, deepening of China's reform and opening up, improvement of economic development level and living quality, demand for environmental quality has been continuously enhanced. With the acceleration of the process of industrialization and urbanization...
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Reference Significance of the Institutional Innovation and Mode of the Four Coastal Free Trade Areas for Inland Areas

Jun Li, Jianzhen Mou
The establishment of a free trade area has become a common choice of many countries in the world to expand the scope of opening up, solve regional economic problems and promote the overall development of economy. Based on the basic analysis of operation of the four coastal free trade areas in China and...
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The Study on the Development of High-tech Industry in China - On the Basis of Manufacture of Electronic Equipment and Communication Equipment

Zipeng Yu, Lingli Yuan
Along with the development of high-tech industries, it is playing an increasingly important role in solving constrains of resource and environment. This paper discusses the development of China's high tech industry characterized by capital intensive and knowledge intensive.To this end ,statistics of...
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Study on the Future Development Plan of Zhuhai International Urban Business Circle in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area

Yang Li
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area refers to the urban agglomeration composed of 9 cities including Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Hong Kong and Macao. The economic effect derived from it is called "bay area economy", and the international...
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Research on the Development of Securities Industry and the Annual Report of 27 Listed Brokerages in 2016

Jia Liu, Xuexin Wang
The securities market is an important part of financial system in Chin, which has irreplaceable functions in raising capital, guiding investment and allocating resources. After 20 years of development, China's securities market from establish to integration, from the experience of the global financial...
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The Analysis and Regulation of Internet Finance Risk from the Perspective of Overall National Security

Bo Wang
As a new type of financial industry, internet finance has a lot of risk with the high rapid development, and it also has serious impacts on financial security. On April 25, 2017, the general secretary, Xi Jinping stressed that financial security was an important part of national security and an important...
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Discussion on the Overall Risk Hedging for "Expansion of Investment" of Social Security Fund

Ying Huang, Ting He
In recent years, Chinese government has made moderate "expansion" on the investment scope of national social security fund, which provides the conditions for the social security fund to play a stronger role in the strategic reserve of social security, but brings new risks in the investment of social...
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A Preliminary Study on the Transformation of Local Investment and Financing Platform in China

Hui Yu
Reasonable change and structural transformation is the only way to develop the local investment and financing platform. In recent years, under the influence of economic regulation, fiscal and financial policies, the development direction of local financing platform has important theoretical and practical...
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Discussion on Essentials of New Public Management Theory and Its Enlightenment

Pengnian Hu
New Public Management, also called Managerialism of Neo-Taylorism, which flourished in the 1980s ~ 1990s, designed for the business management, aiming to shape the entrepreneurial government owning spirits and connotation of business management. However, the theory only emphasized the tendency of anti-bureaucratic...