Proceedings of the 2018 International Seminar on Education Research and Social Science (ISERSS 2018)

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Empirical Study on Rural Tourism Land Transfer and People's Livelihood - Taking Sansheng Township, Jinjiang District, Chengdu as an Example

Yongzhi Wang
Since the beginning of the 21st century, the tourism industry in China has further developed, and the structure of tourism industry has been further enriched and optimized. Rural tourism is an important part of the tourism industry structure. With the rapid development of rural tourism, land plays an...
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A Modern Aesthetic Review of Tujia Hand-waving Dance

Lizhong Wen
The Tujia hand-waving dance was created by the Tujia people in the long period of production and life, and has been handed down and developed from generation to generation. Throughout the rich traditional Tujia culture, the hand-waving dance, as an indispensable part, has distinct national characteristics....
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Systematic Carding of Modern Pre-school Education View

Ling Zhang
There are many views of pre-school education that have formed their own words, which are intersecting or complementary, complicated and expressed in different ways. How to combine various expressions to form a systematic view of pre-school education? From the facts of the pre-school education logic to...
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Thoughts on Pre-school Education Specialty Construction in Yunnan Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Industrial and Educational Integration

Ling Zhang
In recent years, Yunnan pre-primary services itself is still in the stage of rapid development. It is an important problem worthy of study, how to adapt to the regional industry demand of the rapid development in Yunnan higher vocational pre-school education specialty construction. Facing the opportunities...
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The Study and Practice on Teaching Reform in Curriculum Group of Signal Processing Based on CDIO Mode

Xiaojuan Wei
Innovative teaching in the courses of signal processing is conducted based on the concept of CDIO engineering education. Because the signal processing courses contain many mathematic knowledge and complicated theory and logic, it is difficult for students to have sensory awareness of the courses and...
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Study and Practice of Teaching Methods of Pharmacy Administration Based on Interactive Teaching Mode

Zhengshun Wen, Youle Qu
Classroom teaching mode is the "intermediary" between teaching theory and classroom teaching practice, and it is the unification of teaching theory and practice. The interactive teaching mode mobilizes students' enthusiasm and enhances their passion for learning and awareness of participation. Pharmacy...
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On the Reform Strategy of Microbiology Teaching Model

Yan Chen, Zuisu Yang, Youle Qu, Guofang Ding
Explore the new teaching model of Microbiology, enhance the teaching quality and ultimately cultivate applied talents of biopharmaceutical major. Track the progress of frontier scientific research to optimize teaching contents, expand opening experiments to improve experimental teaching, and strengthen...
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The Application of Flipped Classroom in the Teaching of Marine Pharmacology

Yin Chen, Kunlai Sun, Yuqin Zhao, Bin Wang, Youle Qu
With the arrival of the information age and the increasing speed of knowledge updating, it has become a challenge faced by the school that how to cultivate students’ independent learning abilities to cope with complex problem situations. The teaching model of flipped classroom has attracted the attention...
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Analysis on Training Mode of Marine Pharmacy Professionals in Marine Biomedicine

Zhengshun Wen, Youle Qu
As an emerging industry, marine biopharmaceutics industry is the most energetic industry with the fastest growth. As the development of our country’s marine economy enters a new phase, it is facing new development opportunities. The talents training of this industry should be improved and is of great...
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The Path to Construct Fitness Community and the Effect to Promote Self-regulated Exercise

Jiahao Hu, Xujie Hu
The fitness community is a self-regulated exercise sports organization with the voluntariness as the premise, the desire of fitness as the bond and the cooperation as the core. During the one-year studio practice of "everyone-goes-together-to-take-self-regulated-exercises", sixty sport English majors...
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Innovative & Entrepreneurial Ability Training of Students Majored in Mechatronic Engineering under the Emerging Engineering Education

Jianwen Guo, Zhibin Zeng
Emerging engineering education requires engineering colleges to explore the innovative & entrepreneurial education mode and strengthen the innovative & entrepreneurial education to engineering college students. To address the poor adaptation of innovative & entrepreneurial ability of engineering college...
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Contemporary Value of Marx's Communication Theory

Li Xu
In the new century, world communication has been changing spatial structure and time rhythm of human beings, and the contemporary historical pattern featuring frequent communication, high population flow, close interdependence and fast pace is being formed. Contemporary value of Marx’s communication...
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A Study and Practice of Mechanical Drawing Course Teaching Based on Wechat Public Platform

Xiaochang Cao, Jianwen Guo, Jianjun Jing, Zhibin Zeng
Wechat-teaching hybrid teaching is carried out for mechanical drawing course teaching based on mobile learning of Wechat public platform. Pushing practices of course information, course task and problem set solving are implemented through mobile course activity design and evaluation. According to students’...
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Interactive Listening and Speaking Teaching Based on Multimedia Assisted Instruction

Wei Wei
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the interactive modes with multimedia assisted instruction in English listening and speaking, in which good relationship between teachers and students and collaboration among students are of great importance. The English listening and speaking performance of students...
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The Nature of Computational Thinking Used in Educational Research

Rujuan Wang, Lei Wang
The cultivation of computational thinking is not a requirement of computer science, but an important part of general education in the whole university. Thinking cannot be restricted by professional. Students of different professional backgrounds have common characteristics in thinking problems, solving...
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The Research on Personnel Training of Information Management and Information System under the Background of Big Data

Chunyan Zhao
The development of large data and its technology has made the demand for large data talents increased rapidly in society. However, the knowledge structure of information management talents trained in Colleges and universities could not fully meet the needs of the development of the big data industry....
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The Countermeasures of Intelligent Development of China's Tourism Public Service under the Context of "the Belt and Road"

Haonan Tong, Shengjie Li, Xiaojie Chen, Qian Liu, Jingwen Wang, Deping Chu
China has gradually realized a historic leap from a tourism-scarce developing country to a large tourism country. This paper analyzes the current construction situation of China's tourism public service system. Combining the “the Belt and Road” initiative, the paper believes that the construction of...
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A Study on Ability Structure and Training Mode of College Sports Talents

Maolin Tian
In colleges sports culture, college students are the main body, colleges and universities are the main development space of sports culture. In the quality education of college students, it is a powerful supplement to improve their personal ability, and to spread and recreate campus culture. Sports culture...
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On the Necessity and Approach of Inheritance of Liaoning Dialect Culture Inheritance

Shuan-jun An, Cun-jiao Du
Liaoning is located at the intersection of Han culture and Northern ethnic culture. It has rich dialect resources and the traditional culture behind dialects needs to be developed. The inheritance, the protection and its vigorous promotion of Liaoning dialect culture have a long-term cultural strategic...
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Analysis on Teaching of Creation Course

Li Xie, Weiben Xu, Zixuan Liu, Guohong Wu
Creation is a course of industrial design. In this paper, importance of this course was analyzed. Some suggestions on effective and reasonable connection of Creation with other curriculums were proposed. Research conclusions could provide beneficial references to future teaching of Creation.
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The Role of Sharing Economy in the Correction of Labor Alienation Based on the Analysis of Cooperative Game Theory

Liping Wei, Miao Xie
The labor alienation will inevitably make the differentiation between the rich and the poor, which will make the contradiction deepen between the trend of unlimited expansion of production and the demand of laborers with purchasing power, that is why the economic crisis will eventually outbreak again...
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A Probe into the Path of Promoting the Popularization of Marxism in Contemporary China in Colleges and Universities

Jiali Song
Teachers and students in university and colleges are the “spokespersons” of the modern Marxist theory, and their understanding and acceptance of it determine the scale of the popularization of Marxism within limits. Due to the abstract theory and influences of various domestic and foreign factors, the...
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Analysis on Withdrawal of Rural Homestead in China under the Background of Urban and Rural Overall Development - A Case Study of Centralized Residence

Yanli Sun, Jiaqi Xu
Homestead withdrawal mechanism refers to a whole set of mechanisms with homestead withdrawal behavior as the core, including both homestead-centered withdrawal mechanism and compensation and guarantee mechanism to ensure the smooth realization of homestead withdrawal behavior. Its main function is to...
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Creative Development of Chinese “Harmony Culture” Inbound Education Tourism Products

Fei Yang, Deping Chu, Heqin Wang, Xiaofeng Chen, Jingwen Huang, Yunyao Fu
Harmony culture is an important ideological essence of Chinese excellent traditional culture and one of the universal values of contemporary China. This thesis expounds the profound connotation of the "harmony culture" system from the macro, meso and micro dimensions and discusses the four functions...
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Research on the Cooperation Path of Industrial Information Security Industry between China and “One Belt and One Road” Countries

Feng Qi, Xiqiao Liu
General Secretary Xi Jinping stresses that it is necessary to “accelerate China’s right for international discourse and rulemaking in cyberspace”, and industrial cooperation has been strengthened. With the gradual deepening of the “One Belt and One Road” strategy, China’s “going out” major equipment...