Proceedings of the International Conference on Communication, Policy and Social Science (InCCluSi 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Sahran Saputra, Akhyar Anshori
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the International Conference on Communication, Policy and Social Science (INCCLUSI) during on February 22, 2022 in Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara, Medan, Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of...
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The Obstacle of Humanitarian Aid in Natural Disaster: Public Administration Approach

Noppawan Phuengpha
Most of the previous studies in natural disasters focus on the science field, geography field, medical, public health, engineer, and logistics system. In social science, notably fewer studies explain in the public administration field. Therefore, this article tries to fulfill the gap in public administration...
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Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Model for the Environment at Oil and Gas Companies in North Kalimantan

Sri Purwanti, Oekan S. Abdoellah, Chay Asdak, M. Fani Cahyandito
This study aims to identify and analyze the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility and to formulate environmental reporting models for oil and gas companies in Tarakan City, North Kalimantan Province. The research approach used is descriptive qualitative, data collection is done by literature...
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Digital Communication Management Planning, Activities and Evaluation of Selebgram Suhardi_Official in Improving Image

Media digitalization occurs in various aspects of life, including creating a new job called Selebgram. The Covid 19 pandemic has felt its impact since the enactment of Large-Scale Social Restrictions since March 15, 2021. Until now, the Imposition of Restrictions on Community Activities has been in effect...
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A Bibliometric Network Analysis of Collaboration in Covid-19 Handling

Mutia Rahmah, Muchlis Hamdi
This study aims to determine the dynamics of research trends on collaboration in COVID-19 handling based on co-authorship of country, co-occurrence of author keywords, and citations of authors, sources, and countries. Accordingly, bibliometrics is used as an instrument to reveal the emphasis and tendencies...
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Public Engagement in Social Media Opinion: PPKM Policy Level 3 Christmas and New Year 2022

Mohamad Sukarno, Utami Nur
This research aims to find out public opinion on the cancellation of PPKM Level 3 policy at Christmas and New Year (Nataru) in the social media dimension. The research method used is qualitative by using a case study approach to PPKM level 3 policy. Primary data sources are social media data and secondary...
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Batak Women in Globalization and Feminism

Marudut Bernadtua Simanjuntak, Ilza Mayuni, Zuriyati, Sintowati Rini Utami, Ninuk Lustyantie
The existence of policy cannot be separated from the role of women as a supporting factor for the policy itself. The modern era of globalization affects the continuity and change in every line of local policy. The Batak tribe as an ethnic group that upholds local policies has also adapted to the pattern...
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Analyzing the Communication, Informatics and Statistics Agency’s Social Media Strategy in Preventing Hoax at Wajo Regency

Luthfi Fadlullah Ramadhan, Andi Alimuddin Unde, Muh. Akbar
Improper social media use can potentially result in hoaxes, misleading information engineered mainly to distract the real information. The present study aims to describe the social media strategies applied by the Wajo Regional Agency of Communication, Informatics, and Statistics for preventing hoaxes....
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Entrepreneurial Characters from the Great Man: Microhistory Study of the Prophet Muhammad

Toto Suharya, Nana Supriatna, Leli Yuifar, Encep Supriatna
Prophet Muhammad leads the world’s most influential figure in the world as western writers determined beside the great figure of religion. In the 21st century, Prophet Muhammad deserves to become a figure with entrepreneurial characters. Through the study of microhistory, the stories of Prophet Muhammad...
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Utilization of Online Social Work Education for Community Empowerment

Arifin Saleh, Abrar Adhani, Mujahiddin
The implementation of Community-Based Education (CBE) for the benefit of the community is the recommended national policy in Indonesia. However, reviewed literature provides little guidance in curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation for social work education in a distance learning context....
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In the Light of Cultural Studies, the Contest of Javanese Deli Cultural Identity vs. Local Culture

Leylia Khairani
Contestation is inextricably linked to “space” as an arena for squabbling over symbols that serve as markers of certain identities. And that identity can be associated with it in social groups. In some contexts, the expression of identity becomes a tool for someone as a member of a social group to realize...
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Online Media Construction of the Attack on Indonesian National Police Headquarter

Pratiwi Purna Nugraha, Muliadi Mau
The attack on the Indonesian National Police Headquarter by Zakiah Aini (ZA) turns out to create public stigma and opinion that ZA is a terrorist. This is probably due to discriminative media reporting, i.e., when the perpetrators are identified as Muslim, the event tends to be associated with terrorism....
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Phenomenological Studies of Social Integration of Religious Groups Majelis Taklim Fardhu Ain (MATFA) Indonesia

Sahran Saputra, Rizki Yunanda, Muhammad Zawil Kiram
This paper discusses the social integration that occurs in the village community of religious groups Majelis Taklim Fardhu Ain (MATFA) Indonesia in Langkat Regency, North Sumatra Province. The purposes of this paper include (1) Knowing the relationship between understanding and practicing religious teachings...
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Local Wisdom’s Value of Toba Bataknese Language for Daily Communication in Jakarta

Marudut Bernadtua Simanjuntak, Muchlas Suseno, Ramdhoni, Sutrisno, Marthin Steven Lumingkewas
Local wisdom in a language, especially traditional languages, makes the languages able to survive even in the crush of everyday languages and languages from abroad that seem to have been nationalized. The use of regional languages in daily life, especially those that are still used and communicated by...
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Analysis of Participatory-Based Tradisional Market Development Planning in Medan City

“Collaborative Governance to Good Governance”

Jehan Ridho Izharsyah, Imam Aulia Pratama, Santri Marfirah Zai
Development planning is one of the concepts of developing a region. This development is certainly related to a good planning document. So the document has been compiled with integration and linkage with the desired planning priority scale. This meaning is supported by good cooperation with interest groups,...
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Organizations as a Container for Accommodating the Aspirations of Persons with Disabilities

Hairani Siregar, Hamdani Harahap, Rizabuana Ismail, Bengkel
The existence of disabilities in society still gets various responses. Some people think that disability exists and is the same as the general public’s. Others consider disability as a burden in society, and there are even groups of people who do not care about the existence of a disability. The reality...
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Operational Management of the Trans Binjai Bus as an Effort to Improve Public Services in Binjai City

Khaidir Ali, Fara Fadhillah, Mutiara Rizki Hasibuan
Governance is a service system that has the main objective of managing significant risks in order to meet these objectives through securing government assets and improving long-term management. Governance is an internal regulation that is intended as an effort to make public service institutions more...
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BAPPEDA Coordination Function in Development Planning in Deli Serdang District

Agung Saputra, Jehan Ridho Izharsyah, Ananda Mahardika, Sigit Hardiyanto, Tiara Sofiyanti
The focus of this research study is to discuss how the coordinating function of BAPPEDA in development planning in Deli Serdang Regency is. The research method uses qualitative research. Informants in this study are the secretary of BAPEDA Deli Serdang Regency, Head of Research and Statistics, Head of...
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Analysis of the Impact of Covid-19 in the Pandemic Era on the Socio-Economic and Health of Scavengers in Medan Denai District, Medan City

Efendi Agus
The study entitled Analysis of the Impact of Covid-19 in the Pandemic Era on the socio-economic life and health of scavengers in the Medan Denai District, Medan City was carried out because the Corona Virus (Covid-19) is a new virus that has spread from 2020 to 2022 quickly resulted in social and economic...
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Parents’ Interpersonal Communication in Improving Children’s Learning Motivation in Medan City

Sigit Hardiyanto, Mucklis, Faizal Hamzah Lubis, Fadhil Pahlevi Hidayat, Agung Saputra, Aulia Nisa Fizmi Hutami
As social beings, it is undeniable that everyone always needs the help of others in fulfilling their needs. In the process of meeting these needs, a communication process is needed. The communication process can be done by anyone, such as parents to their children. The actualization of needs carried...
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Semiotics Analysis of Covid-19 Vaccine Photos in Waspada Newspaper

Muhammad Said Harahap, Muhammad Ridho Allifa
The semiotic study seeks to uncover the meaning of the message and goodness, as well as the significance of the sign on the news of the COVID-19 immunization photo published in the Waspada Newspaper. This analysis is based on denotative and connotative meanings and myths. The data used are images of...
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The Impact of Social Media Use on Adolescents

Fadhil Pahlevi Hidayat, Faizal Hamzah Lubis, Sigit Hardiyanto, Fauzan Rizky Ananda, Ilhamullah Anfasa
The rapid development of communication and information technology has made various innovations in human life, one of which is the presence of social media. Social media is a platform that can be used in various human activities to find information, communicate, and others. The biggest users of social...
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Future Challenges of Post-third Wave Communication Studies Covid-19 Pandemic: Media Practitioner Perspective

Puji Santoso
It has been more than two years since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit almost the entire world. The world’s citizens understand that this pandemic has destroyed all aspects of human life, including the world of education, especially higher education. The spirit of high school students wanting to choose...
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Multicultural Convergence in Indonesia: Literature Study in Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara Library

Edy Suprayetno, Jusrin Efendi Pohan, Muhammad Yusuf Imdazu
This article discusses multiculturalism and multilingualism in Indonesia from the aspect of literature study. Indonesian society includes people with various ethnic groups, regional languages, customs, and religions that have become conventions in society. Differences are more than similarities among...
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Social Media Literacy in Covid-19 Pandemic (From the Qur’an’s Perspective)

Syafrizaldi, Farida Hanum Siregar, Ani Deswita
This research is a literature study on Social Media Literacy in the Covid-19. Activity in virtual can use social media. The development of social media is consistent with the improvement of statistics and communication technology. The presence of social media became out to have an effect on converting...
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Directorate General of Customs and Excise on Against Illicit Cigarrete Campaign

(An Analysis of Campaign Communication Planning and Strategy)

Muhammad Afandy, Muhammad Akbar, Moehammad Iqbal Sultan
Indonesia’s high volume of illicit cigarette trade encourages the government to issue new policies to cut the distribution. In 2019, the government attempted an alternative breakthrough by focusing on public communication and education in introducing features of illicit cigarettes through a campaign...
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Towards Smart Tourism Development in City Branding Era in Indonesia

Forina Lestari, Melasutra Md Dali, Norbani Che-Ha
The advancement of technology recently urges city branding practitioners to implement smart tourism. In short, smart tourism refers to the usage of the latest information technology to support the tourism sector’s development. Enhancing the capability of utilizing the “Internet of Things” is deemed pivotal...
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Implementation of the Tellu Cappa Philosophy in Bugis Bone Political Communication

Muhammad Iqbal
Political Communication has a vital role in the political process, especially as a bridge to conveyed messages. This process took place at all levels of society. This research was a primary data analysis to investigate the implementation of the tellu cappa philosophy in the political communication process...
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Social Changes in the Family During the Covid-19 Pandemic

(Literature Study of Family Divorce Causes)

Atikah Ulayya, Suli Anggriani Siahaan, Tita Wilda Wegina
This paper talks about changes in family structure during the COVID-19 pandemic. This paper aims to analyze the problems that lead to divorce. The method used in this paper is a literature study. The results of the study show that several dominant factors that cause family divorce during the COVID-19...
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Utilization of New Media in Tourism Marketing Communication: Marketing Strategy Conducted by Government Tourism Office of West Sulawesi

Milawati, Hafied Cangara, Arianto
Tourism is one of the leading sectors that can promote a region’s economy. An innovative marketing strategy is needed to increase tourist awareness of destinations in West Sulawesi. This study aims to analyze the marketing strategy conducted by the Tourism Office of West Sulawesi. The method used in...
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The Communication Strategy for Coastal Community Awareness by the Indonesian Navy on Coral Reef Sustainability in Kodingareng Lompo Island

Ramlan Lanni, Hafied Cangara, Arianto
The Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) in 2018 published data revealing that 10 out of 14 coral reefs in South Sulawesi were in bad condition. In 2020, the Makassar Municipal Agency of Fisheries and Agriculture reported a significant increase in the practice of blast fishing among fishers in Kodingareng...
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Collaborative Governance in Tourism Development at Batu City with Sustainable Development Perspective

Asih Widi Lestari, Firman Firdausi, R. R. Merry Chornelia W
In Indonesia, there is a lot of tourism potential that attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. One of the cities in Indonesia that is developing its tourism is Batu City. Batu is known as one of the leading tourist cities in Indonesia because of the potential for extraordinary natural beauty. The...
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Implementation Communication Crisis Public Relations of Digital Media-Based: Internet Use Before, During, and After the Covid19 Crisis

My purpose of doing this research is to find out the activity process of tourist site managers who carry out crisis communication activities through online media or digital media using internet technology links. The problem of this paper lies in the practice of crisis communication in Public Relations...
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The Philosophical Values of the Bapukung Tradition of the People of South Kalimantan

Siti Rahmawati, Nanik Prihartanti, Eny Purwandari
The purpose of this study is to describe the unique and extreme tradition of Bapukung among the people of South Kalimantan, which has been passed down from generation to generation until now. And reveal the philosophical meaning contained therein. This research method is qualitative with a phenomenological...
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Collaborative Governance in Poverty Alleviation Pilot Project in Ngawi Regency

Novita Trisniawan, Rutiana Dwi Wahyunengseh, Rina Herlina Haryanti
This study aims to determine the application of the concept of collaborative governance in alleviating poverty in Ngawi Regency through the self-sufficient village pilot project program. The type of research used is qualitative research, by the means of collecting data through literature review. The...
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The Role of Commercial Advertising on Social Media to Develop Small Business in the Muslimah Entrepreneur Community

Corry Novrica A. P. Sinaga, Rafieqah Nalar Rizky
Today, social media is considered the most effective medium for promotion and advertising. Especially for commercial advertisements whose contents build awareness of a brand or trademark. Not only well-known brands, but small entrepreneurs also feel most helped by social media, so television or radio,...
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The Utilization of Information and Communication Technology Systems in Good Government Management

Bayu Mogana Putra, Ridwan Adnan Erlangga
The focus of this scientific study is on the implementation of the utilization of information and communication technology system in good governance. The fulfillment of good public services and accountability of government performance to public through the utilization of information and communication...
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Effectiveness Analysis of Inquiry Learning Communications in Improving Students’ Knowledge at SMPN 2 Makassar

A. Evi Nurfawali Asbar, Tuti Bahfiarti
In the world of education, communication is needed as an interaction bridge. Therefore, all of the learning materials conveyed by the teachers can be clearly understood by the students during the inquiry learning process. This study aims to analyze the form of communication used in inquiry learning for...
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The Covid-19 Pandemic Changes the Community and Government Communication Patterns in the New Normal Era

Kisman Karinda, Ichwan Muis, Falimu
Communication is an important aspect in the interaction between individuals or groups as well as an environment. During the current pandemic, communication that occurs follows new rules according to government regulations. The new communication pattern requires that every individual in society cannot...
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An Analysis of Work Program Evaluation of Regional Level Mass Organizations in North Sumatra

Dedi Amrizal, Yusriati Yusriati
The implementation of the function of work program evaluation of a mass organization was not something new to discuss. It was very difficult and was always neglected by most organizations in North Sumatra. The objectives of this research on evaluating work programs at a regional level mass organization...
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Community Participation, Motivation, and Capacity as the Principle in Collaborative Governance-Based Covid-19 Prevention and Management in Banyuanyar, Surakarta Indonesia

Argyo Demartoto, Bhisma Murti, Sri Hilmi Pujihartati
Transmission and impact of Omicron variant are more vulnerable than those of other Covid-19 variants; thus people should apply an appropriate health management. The objective of research is to analyze community participation, motivation, and capacity in Banyuanyar Surakarta Indonesia in preventing and...
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The Effect of Community Participation and Supervision on the Effectiveness of Village Fund Policy Implementation in Indonesia

Ismet Sulila
The study aimed to determine the effect of community participation and supervision on the effectiveness of village fund policy implementation. It employed quantitative research, in which the research population was the general public as beneficiaries of village fund policies and the government as policy...
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Responses to Predictions of Jakarta Sinking in Online Media: Framing Analysis on and

Wininda Qusnul Khotimah, Dini Wahdiyati
This study aims to determine the framing of news responses to the prediction of Jakarta sinking in the online media and Qualitative approach was employed with the media text analysis method employing the framing analysis of the Zhongdang Pan and Gerald M. Kosicki models. The study...
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Resistance of Work Culture to the Issue of Professionalism in Land Administration Services

Damar Panji Adikumoro, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Rino A. Nugroho
The vast majority of the work culture in Indonesia is unproductive and has many ineffective human resources. Therefore, good management, professionalism, and productive work culture are needed to achieve the right direction and goals. However, it is not easy to change a deep-rooted mindset and culture,...
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The Position of the Daughter Hinders Full Siblings

The Development of Indonesia inheritance law in regard to the position of daughters hinders full siblings to get inheritance becomes a big deal of discussion in this study, by reason of there are different perceptions between fiqh and jurisprudence. Several decisions of the Supreme Court decided the...
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The Program FISIP UMSU Bicara on UMSU M Radio to Growing Up Interest in Hearing UMSU FISIP Students

Faizal Hamzah Lubis, Yusuf Aulia Lubis, Sigit Hardiyanto, Fadhil Pahlevi Hidayat, Zulfahmi
This research contains about the program of FISIP UMSU BICARA on UMSU M Radio and the interest in listeners of FISIP UMSU students. This study aims to find out how the students evaluate the FISIP UMSU BICARA program on UMSU M Radio to growing up interest in listening for FISIP UMSU students. This method...
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Modernization of Lumbung Pangan Program in the Pandemic

Metin Dyah Artanti, Didik G. Suharto, Rina Herlina Haryanti
The purpose of this study is to identified the innovation of “Lumbung Pangan” program in East Java. Covid-19 has given a major impact on various sector, one of them is in the agricultural sector. The impacts were caused by several things, such as; restrictions on the mobility, market and restaurants’...
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A Critical Review of the RT-PCR Test Policy and Antigen Swab in Indonesia

Feri Sanjaya
During the Covid-19 pandemic, Indonesia implemented the obligation to attach a negative Covid-19 certificate for the RT-PCR test and Antigen Swab as a condition for traveling for transportation modes. This policy has attracted many protests because it burdens the community because the government is considered...
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Uncertainty Reduction Strategy by Prospective Hajj Pilgrims

(Hajj Departure Cases Due Covid-19 Pandemic)

Mutiara Yusdhiana, Sri Hastarjo, Sudarmo
As a country with a Muslim majority population, the cancellation of the departure of Indonesian pilgrims for two consecutive years has become a major issue that has attracted quite a lot of attention. In 2022, prospective Hajj pilgrims are again feeling restless due to the uncertainty of the departure...
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Agile Governance

Indonesian General Election Commission’s Response Towards 2020 Election During Covid-19 Pandemic Era

Rois Alfianto, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Asal Wahyuni Erlin Mulyadi
Nowadays, the global society is currently faced with the VUCA situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This condition becomes a serious challenge in the 2020 Election in Indonesia. KPU as the organizer is required to act fast, twist and adaptable to manage the Election notwithstanding the safety aspects....
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Analysis of Selective Exposure Cluster in the Covid-19 Vaccine Information Network on Twitter

Fadlih Awwal Hasanuddin, Muh. Akbar, Muhammad Farid
The purpose of this study was to identify clusters formed in the Twitter network related to the topics of the Covid-19 vaccine. This study uses a quantitative approach with social network analysis with selective exposure cluster method. The population of this study is the use of the Twitter social network...
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Health Services Communication Strategy in Tarutung Hospital During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Nina Siti Salmaniah Siregar, Nadra Ideyani Vita, Esra Lauren Hutabarat
This research was motivated by the rise of the corona virus in Indonesia which resulted in changes in health services in various hospitals. This of course makes communication used in health services very important for the survival of a company engaged in services. This study aims to find out how the...
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Implementation of the E-Kelurahan Program in Improving Public Services in Kelurahan Koya Timur City of Jayapura

Tiurma Kristiani Natalia Sinaga, Siswidiyanto, Fadillah Putra
Quality public services are one that can support the realization of good governance. Realizing quality public services must be able to keep up with the development of science and technology, and this is a challenge for local governments to be able to produce innovations that are oriented towards technology...
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Bailiff’s Interpersonal Communication Skill in Enhancing Good Governance in Maros Tax Office

Andi Rahadi, Tuti Bahfiarti
Increases in annual tax target should be balanced with the human resource development in directorate general of taxes, an institution responsible for collecting tax from the community. One of the tax source components lies in the tax collection, which is inseparable from the bailiff’s roles. In carrying...
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Challenges of Implementing Bureaucratic Reform and Position Equalization in Mimika Regency Government

Novaly Abby Tomasouw, Siswidiyanto, M. R. Khairul Muluk
The mechanism for implementing the equalization of bureaucratic positions is carried out by two methods, including: 1) the implementation of equalization of administrative, supervisory and executor positions into certain functional positions in accordance with their field of duty; 2) through in passing...
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Makassar City Library Service Communication Strategy in Increasing Makassar City Public Interest in Reading

Fachri Karim, Alimuddin Unde, Asfah Rahman
The problem in this research is motivated by the phenomenon regarding the reading interest of the Indonesian people which is still low. Makassar City is in the moderate category, namely 45.31% in 2021. Therefore, in an effort to increase public interest in reading carried out by the Makassar City Library...
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Analysis of Teacher and Student Interaction Patterns During Online Learning at the Covid-19 Pandemic Period at SMP Negeri 3 Anggeraja

Rasda Gustianto, Hafied Cangara, Asfah Rahman
The Reality shows that the learning process in Indonesia for the last few years has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic which brings many negative impacts, especially at the primary level of education level. Thus, the significant influence rises on the lack of face-to-face but using online application...
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Controversy of Paying Old Age Benefits in Social Guarantee Systems: Public Policy Perspective

Tatang Sudrajat, Umi Rahmawati, Tinda Irawati, Leni Rohida
The issuance of the Minister of Manpower Regulation (Permenaker) Number 2 of 2022 has sparked controversy, especially among workers. The Ministerial Regulation governs the method and standards for the provision of old age protections to employees, especially for employees who stop working due to termination...
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Impact of Television Journalist’s Work Productivity at Third Wave of Covid-19 Pandemic

Tenerman, Anang Anas Azhar, Puji Santoso
The third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has become a real threat to Indonesia. The real economic sector is no exception, it even hits the activity and works productivity of the television journalist profession in particular. The purpose of this study is to explain in detail the impact of journalists’...
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The Effectiveness of Digitalization of SMEs’ Sustainability During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Marsdenia, Pranita Diaz, Kesa D. Deni
This article aims to give a new insight regarding the contribution of digitalization of SMEs’ sustainability during Covid-19 pandemic. As we noted, so many business entity suffered in this situation where the economic entity should agreed to tight regulation related to maintain health of the community....
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The Role of Community Participation in Improving Quality of School Graduates

Ida Martinelli, Nurhasanah Nasution, Nalil Khairiah
The quality of school graduates is the output of the implementation of education in schools. Therefore, the quality of school graduates can describe the quality of the school concerned. To obtain quality graduates, the Government has set national education standards aimed at ensuring the quality of school...
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Analysis of Using Instagram in Increasing Donations

(Case Study of Celebrity Instagram Fadil Jaidi, Taqy Malik, Atta Halilintar, and Tasya Farasya)

Masita, Muhammad Iqbal Sultan, Arianto
This research aim to analyze the use of instagram to increase donation in helping the war victim in Palestina. The campaign did by celebrity instagram (celebgram) and they help to boost the amount of donations. Celebgram Fadil Jaidi, Taqy Malik, Atta Halilintar, and Tasya Farasya used several style of...