Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Forum on Energy, Environment Science and Materials (IFEESM 2017)

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Comparative study of rational excavation methods for deep buried highway tunnel based on numerical simulation

Qiong Yan
Based on the construction project of Guangshan No.1 tunnel of Jinhong high-speed. The finite difference software is utilized to study the tunnel excavation with 3 different construction methods, the surrounding rock stress, displacement and plastic zone are analyzed. The influence of different construction...
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Identification of volatile components form fresh, sun-dried and shade-dried Musa nana Lour. flowers and bracts by Headspace Solid-Phase Microextraction and Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry

Xulong Huang, Liubo Yang, Yuqing Liang, Jin Cui, Xiangpei Wang, Hongmei Wu
The flower of Musa nana Lour., also named 'XiangJiaohua' in Chinese, is a commonly used herbal drug in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Musa nana Lour. flower and bract were usually discarded after banana fruit ripening, which leaded to resource waste and environmental pollution. It can not only protect...
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Backend Implementation Methodology Based on Lynx Design System

Yi Tao, Yujing Li, Luncai Liu
Lynx Design System is a big breakthrough among all the digital integrated circuit backend design tools. For the purpose of reducing the iterative repetition and lack of design flow, based on the traditional digital integrated circuit backend design tool, This paper demonstrate the circuit synthesis ,...
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The Application of QR Codes And WIFI Technology in the Autonomous Navigation System for AGV

Chuanhong Zhou, Pujia Shuai, Chao Dai
With the development of Internet, the two-dimensional code technology has been widely used. It is a technology which includes information coding, information transmission, images processing and data encryption. And it develops from one-dimension bar code. It can realize rapid positioning and automatic...
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Study on corrosion resistance of 06Cr19Ni10 austenitic antibacterial stainless steel of copper indium molybdenum alloy layer

Cheng Gao, Dong Chen, Yin Wang, Bo Gao
The corrosion resistance of copper indium-molybdenum alloy layer was briefly introduced, In the acidic solution (0.5mol/L sulfuric acid solution), alkaline solution (0.5mol/L sodium hydroxide solution) and neutral solution (3.5% sodium chloride solution) in the stainless steel substrate and infiltration...
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Analysis of Meitan Cuiya Tea Aroma Components by GC-MS

Xiaofen Li, Yuqing Liang, Hua Feng, Xiaozhen Zheng, Liubo Yang, Xiangpei Wang
The volatile components of Meitan Cuiya tea in Guizhou were determined, which provides theoretical basis to improve and enhance the aroma quality of Meitan Cuiya tea. Headspace solid-phase microextraction method (HS-SPME) combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) was used for the analysis...
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On-line Monitoring Method of Bearing in Rotating Machinery Based on Wireless Sensor Networks

Nan Wang, Yingxuan Liang, Liang Wang
For acquiring the precise parameters of bearing in rotating machinery, and further to study the bearing characteristics, and considering the difficult and bottleneck problems with wired monitoring method for bearing, the on-line monitoring method of bearing based on wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is...
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Numerical contrast of flexible clamp and rigid clamp for stretch forming

Heli Peng, Zhongquan Li, Yiping Zhong, Mingzhe Li
The characters of flexible clamp stretch forming (FCSF) is introduced, the finite element model of FCSF is set up, and lots of numerical simulations for spherical part and saddle-shaped part are carried out. Contradistinctive analysis of strain, thickness and transitional length between RCSF and FCSF...
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Geocement immobilization of radioactive waste ion-exchange resins

Shaobin Li, Hailin Cao, Pavle Krivenko, Oleg Petropavlovskii, Luqian Weng
The cementation has been the most widely used technology for immobilization of low-level nuclear wastes up to date. The increase of the amount of waste containing in a standard cementation unit is very important since it could reduce the waste disposal cost significantly, which requires an optimization...
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Geocement solidification technology for radioactive boron-containing liquid wastes

Hailin Cao, Luqian Weng, Pavle Krivenko, Shaobin Li, Oleg Petropavlovskii
The main problem of low-level radioactive wastes utilization in present technologies is lower waste containing capability and high leaching rates from the solidified body of compound. Also traditional OPC based grouts have low strength gain, especially at initial stages of hardening, caused mostly by...
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An adaptive weight adjustment algorithm based on optimization of weight distance similarity

Ningguo Yang, Xintao Ren, Jianwei Zhang, Weibing Jiang
In other to enhance the assessment ability to modernized weapons, an adaptive weight adjustment algorithm based optimization of weighted-distance similarity is proposed. Adopting Analytic Hierarchy Process and entropy weight method to evaluate the subjective and objective weights of indices, building...
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Impact of Zinc on Gasification Reaction and Post-Reaction Strength of Ferro-coke

Peng Li, Wei Liu, Xuegong Bi, Yayu Wang, Jindong Zhou, Shizhuang Shi
Ferro-coke is an iron-containing novel kind of coke, to clarify its behavior of CO2 gasification under Zn recirculating condition in the blast furnace is very important for its practical application in BF production. In this paper, the weight loss of ferro-coke was determined with a thermogravimetric...
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Preparation of thermo-sensitive poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) film using KHz alternating current Dielectric barrier discharge

Xiao-Liang Tang, Shao-Meng Guo, Zi-Dian Liu, Ren-Zhi Tang, Jia-Yu Pang, Yang Chen
Plasma, a quasi-neutral gas, is referred to as the forth state of matter. Plasma surface treatment consists of plasma surface modification, plasma polymerization and plasma surface grafting. Dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) is an effective way of producing homogeneous plasma. DBD consists of infinite...
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Stochastic Damage Constitutive Law of Concrete under Uniaxial Compression

Ming Xie, Huiying Hao
Based on the uniaxial tensile mesoscopic spring model of concrete, a uniaxial compression microscopic spring model is introduced. Considering the effect of material composition and horizontal deformation of concrete, a stochastic constitutive damage model of concrete is built. The effect of stiffness...
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Improvement of gear pitch machining accuracy based on the principle of phase-transfer gear-grinding technique

Siying Ling, Kun Wang, Baodi Yu, Xiaodong Wang, Liding Wang
In order to improve the pitch machining accuracy of gear artefacts, based on the extraction method of the systematic indexing error (SIE), the phase-transfer gear-grinding technique (PGT) was proposed by taking the SIE curve interfere with its phase-transfer error curve. First, the SIE curve of the gear...
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Thermodynamics Analysis on Carbon Reducing of Coal Fly Ash to Si-Al Alloy

Zhiling Bai, Bingke Qin, Minglei Lian, Yingju Miao
The thermodynamics of the reactions for carbon reducing of coal fly ash to Si-Al alloy were investigated with HSC Chemistry 6.0 thermodynamic analysis software.The standard molar enthalpy change, Gibbs free energy and equilibrium constant of the reaction system at different temperatures were calculated....
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Design of Wearable System for Hand Function Monitoring

Kai Liu, Chengpo Mu, Chuan Wang, Yanan Cheng
Quantitative detection of the status of the injured site of the patient contributes to the assessment of the rehabilitation effect. This paper designs a wearable device based on embedded system, which can get the pressure, temperature and attitude information of the finger parts and send these messages...
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Analysis and Experiment of Non - circular Layered Grinding Based on Grinding Arc Length

Qi-Guang Li, Qiu-Shi Han, Bao-Ying Peng, Nan-Nan Zhang
Aiming at the problem of machining quality caused by the sharp fluctuation of grinding force during the grinding process of non - circular parts, a new method for determining the transition profile based on the presetting of the grinding arc length is proposed. It is recommend to use the target profile...
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The Design Method of Aggregate Gradation of AC-25 Asphalt Mixture Based on Road Performance

Zhaohui Sun, Tiebin Wang, Zefeng Wu, Deying Yu
The road performance prediction models of AC-25 asphalt mixture are established through a large number of road performance test,the road performance of AC-25 asphalt mixture is predicted in the design calculation process.The gradation test prediction models are established to identify the skeleton structure...
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High Temperature Stability and Thermal Cycling Life of Plasma Sprayed Nanostructured Thermal Barrier Coating with Low Impurity Content

Tao Yuan, Qing He, Yufen Lv, Han Zou
Nanostructured 8YSZ(6~8 wt.% Y2O3 partially stabilized zirconia) thermal barrier coatings(TBCs) have been proved which can improve the thermal conductivity and durability compare to conventional coatings. There are still concerns in the engineer and scientific community about the stability of nanostructured...
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An Energy Method-based Damage Constitutive Law of Concrete for SRC

Ming Xie, Huiying Hao
Based on stochastic damage model, a new damage variate with two parameters is proposed to describe the damage constitutive relationship of concrete. The damage evolution laws of high-strength and high-performance concrete are obtained by a large number of experiments on it's mechanical properties. The...
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Research on mechanical behavior of calcined coal gangue cement mortar with different chemical activators

Bingke Qin, Yonghua Ji, Zhiling Bai, Qingkao Zhao
Coal gangue as admixture cement gelled material preparation, the preparation process of coal gangue calcined temperature of 600, using common P • O32.5R ordinary Portland cement, add 15% of fly ash and 1% of poly (carboxylic acid water reducing agent, chemical excitation agent with a purity of 99.9%...
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Design Of Adjustable Air Suction Seeder With Plug Board

Lin He, Xiao-Rong Lü, Xiao Wang, Teng-Fei Wu
In order to improve the production efficiency of peanuts in China and increase the yield,a kind of adjustable air suction seeder with plug board is designed for peanut seeding .The seeder is designed for efficient seeding of large seeds such as peanuts.This structure can quickly finish the replacement...
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Grain Changing Simulation of the Copper Sheet Indented by a Conical Diamond for a micro hole forming

Guang Feng Shi, Kong Yu Cao
The method of micro hole forming indented by a conical diamond into a metal sheet based on glass substrate is an innovation. In order to solve the cracks problem of the hole edge during the indention experiment at present, the changing simulation of grain size and effective stress of the copper sheet...
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Study on the Hg content of coal in Dahebian coal mine

Yonghua Ji, Bingke Qin, Peng Chen, Shuai Li
This study first analyzed the phase composition of Dahebian coal mine by XRD, then do the experiment of screening, float and sink test, following the Hg content of coal was determined by atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer, and the regularities of distribution of Hg was studied. The results showed...
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Seismic Response Research of Inter-story Isolation System

Dewen Liu, Wenyuan Liao, Rongqing Qi, Xiaoya Luo, Bihui Dai, Li Han, Chenxing Wang, Shujiang Jiang
The basic principle of inter-isolated structure is expounded, the application of the inter-isolated structure is analyzes home and abroad, research ideas and progress in recent years of are summarized in detail, and the earthquake disasters research focus of the structure is put forward. The study shows...
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Dai dwellings elasto-plastic analysis on seismic performance of steel - wood structures

Dewen Liu, Jing Li, Binghua Xia, Wenyuan Liao, Chenxing Wang, Shujiang Jiang, Chang Liu, Yurong Cai
The light steel-wood- plastic structure of the Dai national folk houses combines the development history of Dai buildings and national culture, which is a new structure suddenly rised. This structure not only meets the local living requirements, but also is one green building.Besides, the structure is...
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Research in Effect of Feeding Speed on Turning Vibration of Slender Shaft with Moving Load Theory

Hai Lin, Xin-Yong Mao, Wen-Jie Wan
In the turning process, the slender shaft workpiece is one of the difficult parts. Especially the action of load on the surface of rotary workpiece and interaction between the workpiece vibration and cutting force increase the vibration of the workpiece and even cause flutter. Based on the theory of...
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A damage detection system using modulated ultrasonic and fiber Bragg grating

Xiao Huang, Yuegang Tan
This study presents a damage detection system using modulated ultrasonic and fiber Bragg grating (FBG) in Aluminum thin plate. In the system, modulated ultrasonic technology and FBG sensing technology were combined to detect damage. Piezoelectric patches used to excite ultrasonic and FBG were pasted...
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Effect of Surface Modification on Mechanical Properties of Quartz Fiber Reinforced Boron Doped Silicone Resin Composites

Changqing Yu, Yuchen Pei, Li Chen
3-triethoxysilylpropylamine (KH550) polymer was coated on quartz fibers by a simple dipping process without any complex chemical treatments in order to increase the bonding strength between quartz fibers and boron doped silicone resin matrix. The effect of coating on the interface of quartz fiber reinforced...
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Yields of rare earths in the process of smelting steels by magnesia crucible

Ya-Bo Li, Ji-Peng Zhao, Shao-Kang Liu
Two types of steels containing rare earths (RE) were smelted by the vacuum induction furnace with magnesia crucible, RE metals were added in liquid steel at the end of the smelting process, chemical compositions of the test steels were analyzed, and inclusions were observed by scanning electron microscope...
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Key Points Discussion of the Heating Furnace HAZOP Analysis

Qiandeng Li
Heating furnace is the key and core equipment in the petrochemical production plant, therefore using risk assessment method to effectively identify and control the possible risk is very important. In this paper, how to consider the heating furnace danger and operational problems in the HAZOP analysis...
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A novel metal-cutting technology for high-risk environments using self-excited oscillation pulsed abrasive water jet

Fei Xue
The self-excited oscillation pulsed water jet is an efficient and valuable technology for cutting, especially for risky environments. In this paper, the pulsed water jet is explored to be used in high-risk environment for metal cutting. The abrasives are proposed to be added in to enhance its cutting...
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Crack Analysis of W6Mo5Cr4V2 Thread Rolling Roll

Xiaoxiao Pang, Nan Li, Zhiqiang Luo
Microstructure and facture morphology of the W6Mo5Cr4V2 steel were investigated by optical microscope (OM), scanning electron microscope(SEM) and Rockwell hardness tester , in order to figure out the reasons of brittle fracture and crack. They show that the carbides inhomogeneity is very serious and...
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An Approach of Exciting CNC Machine Tools Based on Worktable Empty Running Excitation

Xinyong Mao, Huanbin He, Hongqi Liu, Bin Li, Chao Qin
Dynamic characteristic of machine tool is an important factor which affects machining quality and machining efficiency. Traditional experimental modal analysis method requires the measured structure to be in a relatively static state. So the dynamic characteristics of machine tool structure cannot be...
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The Design of Automatic Silk Material Replacement Device on 3D Printers Based on FDM Technology

Jian-Bin Wang, Ji-Shu Yin, Lin Yu
The overall design of the mechanical structure of the color 3D printer is put forward, and a new spliced print head structure is proposed. The utility model relates to a splicing type print head, which is composed of a print head which is loaded with different colors of silk material and a movable fixing...
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Design of driving lever air suction type seed metering device

Xiao Wang, Xiao-Rong Lü, Lin He, Teng-Fei Wu
In order to realize the precision seeding of big seeds such as peanut, in this paper we designed a seeding machine which is characterized in that it is provided with an adjustable intake pipe,The upper end of which is connected with the original air inlet pipe of the seeding machine, the lower end is...
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Design and implementation of VoIP transceiver module based on SIP protocol

Yingyan Jiang, Yiwen Luo, Xiaodong Xu, Sumin Chen, Peng Lin
SIP protocol has the advantages of simple structure, easy to expand, and so on. It has a good development prospects in network integration and business integration. Now many large business providers have begun to deploy and operate SIP based fixed network VoIP business, SIP will increasingly become the...
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Properties of a planar waveguide with Eu(III)-SWCNTs

Fang Xie, Ke-Jun Feng, Gui-Qiang Diao, Na Qiang, Hao Liang
A planar waveguide with Eu(III)-singlewalled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) was prepared by spinning coating. Its properties have been investigated by fluorescence spectrum, near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) and m-line method. The film thickness is 1.825 m and refractive index is 1.593. The result...
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Effects of Y on microstructure and corrosion behavior of Mg-8Zn-4Al alloy

Zhiling Bai, Bingke Qin
Effects of Y on microstructure of Mg-8Zn-4Al alloy was investigated by optical microscope (OM),X-ray diffractometry (XRD).The corrosion resistance behavior of Mg-8Zn-4Al- xY alloy immersed in 3.5% NaCl solution was tested by static weight loss and potentiodynamic polarization. The results showed that...
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Activated temperature of coal gangue and its effect on mechanical properties of cement mortar

Bingke Qin, Yonghua Ji, Zhiling Bai, Youde Wang
The phase and composition of Liupanshui gangue are tested by XRD and XRF respectively. The activation properties of coal gangue as cement admixture at different calcination temperatures are investigated. The results show that: Liupanshui coal gangue as a binder to join the cement cementing material,...
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Application of Fabry perot interferometer and error analysis

Tian Yang
According to the theory of multiple-beam interference, the difference of sodium wavelength can be measured by using fabry-perot interferometer. After experiment, unary linear regression and uncertainly calculation has been down based on the raw data. At last we do qualitative and quantitative error analysis...
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Simulation analysis for load test of Chang pugang Bridge

Lanlin Zou, Yaohui Wu
According to Extension project construction drawing design of Chang pugang Bridge and some related files, we built the mathematical model for calculation. Also, the internal force, stress, and deformation result of the control section has been checked by referring to the current specification, and we...
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Structural Analysis of a New Self - excited Eddy Current Retarder

Wenguang Liu, Peng Hao, Shanshan Bi
In view of the eddy current retarder (ECB) power consumption problem, a new type of split self-excited eddy current retarder (S-ECR) is designed in this paper. In order to verify its feasibility and get the best structural parameters, the influence of the structural parameters on the braking torque of...
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Damping Properties of Natural rubber/ Epoxidized Natural Rubber composites with different fillers

Yueqiong Wang, Lusheng Liao, Hongtu Lin, Fuquan Zhang, Jieping Zhong, Kui Xu, Zheng Peng
Natural rubber(NR)/Epoxidized Natural Rubber(ENR)/Carbon black(CB), NR/ENR/silica(SiO2), NR/ENR/ montmorillonoid(MMT) and NR/ENR/carbon nanotube(CNT) were prepared in an open two-roll laboratory mixing mill at 5060 °C. Curing property and static mechanical property of NR/ENR composites with different...
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Analysis of reliability numerical simulation of long-span steel trussed arch bridge in construction stage

Lurong Cai, Yinghua Li
At present, the safety evaluation of long-span bridges in construction is a hot research topic in the world. Considering the main factors (cantilever erection, wind load and temperature change), which influence the change of bridge member stress during the construction phase, the reliability of construction...
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Measurement of Hg in the Coal of Liupanshui Mining Area

Yonghua Ji, Bingke Qin, Zhiling Bai, Junpu Wang
The phase composition of raw coal in Liupanshui Miluo area was analyzed by XRD, and the Hg content of raw coal was measured by atomic fluorescence spectrometer, and discussed the occurrence of Hg in the coal. The results showed that the Hg content in the coal increased with the sulfur, density, size...
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Analysis of Influence of Inertia Moment on Dynamic Characteristics of Concrete Pump Mixing System

Qing Zhao, Huiyong Liu, Yeping Xiong
The aim of this paper is to analyze influence of inertia moment on dynamic characteristics of mixing system. First, the basic structure of mixing system is introduced, and the working principle of mixing system is illustrated. Second, the simulation model of mixing system is established based on AMESim...
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Influence of Yarn Twist on the Quality of Rotor Spun Viscose Yarn

Jianhui Yang, Huan Zhang, Changlin Qian
The effect of yarn twist on the quality of rotor spun viscose yarn was assessed by analyzing the quality of 30-branch viscose yarn with different yarn twist. The results show that yarn twist has little effect on the quality of the viscose yarn, but excessive low twist will increase the breakage rate.
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Continuous Chemical Supplement, a Novel Solution to Improve the Efficiency of Peroxide Bleaching

Xianqi Sun, Haizhen Shi, Jianfeng Ji, Lichun Zhou
In conventional peroxide bleaching of chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP), the bleaching efficiency of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is far lower than its expected level. In this paper, a novel bleaching method is proposed to improve the H2O2 bleaching efficiency of poplar CTMP. This novel method, namely Continuous...
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Research on Image Processing in Weld Seam Tracking with Laser Structured Light

Xiwen Liu, Chaoying Liu
According to the image characteristics in weld seam tracking with laser vision, Radon transform is first used to find the location of the laser stripe; then, the transformed image is processed by using the way that the pixel information caused by laser stripe is reserved and the other information by...
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Design of Detachable Marking Angle Model for Turning Tool

Bo Liu, Yuehong Dai
Turning tool angle is a critical and difficult point during teaching. To help students understand the geometric angle of turning tool, the author designs a detachable marking angle model for the turning tool. The model can be used to assist teaching, which is helpful for visualization. Therefore, the...
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A Research for special piers' adjustment of steel pipe pile position: A case of Penang second marine bridge

Kang Huang
The aim of this preliminary research is to study the precision of pile foundation position compared to its original designed location. Before the installation of steel pipe piles for this project, the subcontractor found that the present vessel and equipment could not fully satisfy the plan twist angle...
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Construction of online Monitoring System and Monitoring Data Analysis for Tailings in Alpine Region

Quan-Ming Li, Hong Zhang, Zhao Yang
Chinese alpine regions experience strong sunshine, large temperature differences, prolonged low temperature and other conditions. Tailings melting caused by tailings spring flood season, in winter and spring alternately, can easily result in dam collapse. According to the characteristics of climate and...
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Design of control system for Corn harvester cutting table

Xiangwen Song, Shukun Cao, Chong Wang, Yi Cui
In this paper, the control of all the movements of the corn harvester cutting table is based on hydraulic, PLC is used as the controller of the whole machine, The hydraulic component is used to control the folding of the cutting table, the adjustable row spacing and the rotation of the twisting and stripping...
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Simulation of Chassis Motion of Harvester Anti – rollover

Xiangwen Song, Shukun Cao, Shizhuang Li, Hao Shen
Based on the oil and gas suspension of the harvester chassis, in the CAD simulation of the cylinder movement to the maximum limit position, the frame deflection, and ultimately determine the limit position, the hydraulic cylinder and thrust lever offset angle to see whether the hydraulic cylinder and...
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Corn harvester cutting machine overall structure and working principle

Xiangwen Song, Shukun Cao, Chong Wang, Heng Wang
Nowadays, the corn harvester has a variety of forms, including horizontal, vertical, and combinational pick roller, etc. New maize Corn harvester with 9-line designed in this paper, the header using the horizontal pick roller. In this paper, cutting machine is designed for spacing can be adjusted, cut...
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Effect of Heat Treatment Temperature on the Growth of Al / Ti Joining Interface Reaction Layer

Jiuyong Li, Ranfeng Qiu, Yangyang Zhao, Hengbo Ma
In this paper, aluminum alloy and titanium as the research object, the resistance spot welding and post-weld heat treatment were conducted to study the Al/Ti interface reaction layer formation and growth characteristics. Besides, the effect of heat treatment temperature on the growth of Al/Ti bonded...
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Microstructure of Al/Ti diffusion couple by resistance spot welding and annealing

Yangyang Zhao, Ranfeng Qiu, Jiuyong Li
Al-Ti diffusion couples prepared by resistance spot welding are annealed at 575°C for different time. The microstructure of the interface area was investigated. The result shows that there is no obvious intermetallic compound in the interface after welding. According to the SEM (scanning electron microscope)...
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Study on the Growth Mechanism of Intermetallic Compounds in Solid Interface of Aluminum / Steel

Hengbo Ma, Ranfeng Qiu, Jiuyong Liu, Yangyang Zhao
In this experiment, the intermetallic compound of pure aluminum / Q235 low carbon steel was studied by explosive welding. The thickness of IMC in aluminum / steel interface under different heat treatment temperature and heat treatment time was studied. It is found that the thickness of the intermetallic...
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Phase Change of Si-Al Alloy Prepared by Carbon Reduction Coal Fly Ash

Zhiling Ba, Bingke Qin, Minglei Lian, Yingju Miao
The thermodynamic data of atmospheric pressure were calculated by using HSC chemistry 6.0 software, and the thermodynamic conditions were discussed theoretically.It indicated that the simultaneous reduction of alumina and silicon oxide by carbon at high temperature was beneficial to reduce SiC and Al4C3...
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The Incompletely Liquid-Filled Two–Phase Numerical Simulation and Experimental Research of the of Fluid Couplings

Lidan Fan
CFD simulation method and PIV technique provide efficient methods to reveal the highly complicated internal flow situation of fluid couplings. Although there are quite a number of papers adopting these two methods to analyze the internal flow situation of fluid coupling, most of which only consider single-phase...
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The Preparation and High Temperature Oxidation Behavior Research of Al/Al2O3 Film on Fe-Al Alloy

Lingyun Bai, Ganlan Yang, Jun Wang
Dipping process combined with sol-gel method was successfully use to prepare Al/Al2O3 films on the Fe-Al alloys. Oxidation thermodynamics, XRD and SEM results showed the same conclusion that, the Al component dipped on the surface of Al2O3 film obtained by sol-gel method could obviously improve the the...
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Highly sensitive fluorescent probe for Cr3+ detection using carbon quantum dots

Chengfeng Huangfu, Juanyuan Hao, Ce Hao
Carbon quantum dots (CQDs) had been widely applied in the metal ions detection area due to their excellent optical properties and low toxicity. Herein, a series of CQDs with different sizes were prepared by a facile but effective hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) oxidative method using activated carbon as carbon...
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Effect of starter nitrogen fertilizer on photosynthetic characters of relay strip intercropping soybean under drought stress

Jiang Liu, Jing Zhang
A pot experiment was designed under drought stress condition to study the effect of different starter nitrogen fertilizer on photosynthetic characters in the leaves of relay strip intercropping soybean at branching stage. The Pn, Gs, Tr were measured, WUE was calculated. The results showed drought stress...
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Effect of nitrogen and drought stress on membrane lipid peroxidation and protective enzyme activities of relay strip intercropping soybean

Jiang Liu, Jing Zhang
A pot experiment was designed under drought stress condition to study the effect of different nitrogen levels on lipid peroxidation and protective enzyme activities in the leaves of relay strip intercropping soybean. The activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD), peroxidase (POD), catalase (CAT) and the...
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Effect of starter nitrogen fertilizer and drought stress on fluorescence parameters of relay strip intercropping soybean

Jiang Liu, Jing Zhang
A pot experiment was designed under drought stress condition to study the effect of different starter nitrogen fertilizer on fluorescence parameters in the leaves of relay strip intercropping soybean at branching stage. The Fo, Fv/Fm, PS, qP, NPQ and ETR were measured or calculated. The results showed...
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Effect of nitrogen on photosynthetic pigments of relay strip intercropping soybean under drought stress

Jiang Liu, Jing Zhang
A pot experiment was designed under drought stress condition to study the effect of different nitrogen levels on photosynthetic pigments in the leaves of relay strip intercropping soybean. The Chla, Chlb, were measured, Chl content, Chla/b was calculated. The result showed that effects of nitrogen and...
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Effects of Continuous Shade Stress during Procreation Growth Stage on Isoflavone and Lignin Accumulation in Developing Soybean Seed

Wen-Ting Qin, Cai-Qiong Yang, Zheng Lei, Wen-Yu Yang, Jing Zhang, Jiang Liu
A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of continuous shade stress during procreation growth stage on isoflavone and lignin accumulation in developing soybean seed. The results showed that continuous shade stress during procreation growth stage could improve the isoflavone and lignin accumulation,...
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Research Progress of Phase-change Cooling in High-power LED Microchannel

Guanglin Liu, Wei Zhang, Yuanzhi Sun
In view of high-power LED microchannel phase-change cooling system, scientific problems, such as boiling incipience, flow pattern, heat transfer character, pressure drop and heat transfer instability are summarized. Proposing simultaneous measurement and analysis of phase-change cooling flow pattern,...
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Study on Quality Index of Distribution Network Planning

Huaiyuan Tian, Haibing Zhao, Bing Li, Wenhao Gao, Chenglei Sun
Distribution network planning is to guide the distribution network construction and management of key links, is the global energy Internet construction is an important work. In this paper, the key factors influencing the quality of distribution network are analyzed by using fish bone diagram analysis...
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Application of Improved Gray Clustering Method in Ming-guan Campus

Fuhui Du, Yuan Wang
In order to verify the feasibility and innovation of grey clustering method for the introduction of weight theory in water quality evaluation. Ming-guan campus of Hebei University of Engineering set up 8 monitoring points to continue water quality monitoring in Handan for 7 days as a cycle of October,...
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Pilot study on secondary effluent of printing and dyeing wastewater by lignite-coke BAF

Xin Jin, Jilin Teng, Ruozheng Li, Can Wang
The secondary effluetn of Printing and Dyeing industry wastewater is a typical low load and refractory wastewater. The COD concentration is between 150-200 mg/L. In this pilot study, the treatment effect of lignite-coke and ceramic filter BAF was investigated. By comparison with the laboratory scale...
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The design and thermodynamic analysis of electricity-Compressed Natural Gas multi-compression process using natural gas pressure energy

Hui Zhang, Xiaxi Li, Linlin Xing, Qingyu Wang
A novel electricity- Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) multi-compression process using natural gas pressure energy is proposed. Compared to electricity-CNG single-compression process using natural gas pressure energy with the same CNG product, the multi-compression process produces 92 more kW power. In this...
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Evolutionary Game Analysis of Enterprise Lobbying Government from the Perspective of Environmental Tax

Yazong Mai
Under the background of formulating environmental tax policy, the polluting enterprises will lobby the government legislative branch and try to lower the standard of environmental tax policy to maximize their own interests. In order to realize the real effect of environmental tax policy, effective measures...
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Estimation of soil particle size distribution—From Katchinski to USDA scheme

Mao-Fen Li, Wei Wu, Hong-Bin Liu
For better use of soil particle size distribution (PSD) models and expand the use of large database held by national Soil Surveys (Katchinski's scheme) in China, 12 PSD models were proposed as the function of cumulative mass percentage of particles and diameter (mm) for 265 soil horizons (Katchinski's...
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The study on the influence factors of locomotive energy consumption based on AHP

Zhiyuan Gao, Lie Wang
As the main backbone mode of transportation in China, railway transportation is of great significance for the study of energy consumption influencing factors. This paper analyses the background of railway goods transportation and energy consumption in our country, and on the basis of summarizing the...
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Complete nucleotide sequence of the RA RagB/SusD gene

Sisi Yang
Riemerella anatipestifer (RA) is a Gram-negative rod-shaped bacterium associated with epizootic infections in poultry. RA infection is probably the most economically important infectious disease of farm ducks worldwide. The complete nucleotide sequence (1593bp) of RA RagB/SusD gene has been identified...
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Technical analysis of 500kV oil-immersed series transformer for unified power flow controller

Peng Wu, Lei Sun, Fengbo Tao, Cao Wei, Qun Li, Xiaoping Yang
500kV series transformer is the key equipment in Suzhou 500kV unified power flow controller(UPFC) project, which undertakes the regulation of voltage and power between the converter and the line. Due to the special connection mode and operating condition, 500kV series transformers differ from conventional...
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Aeroacoustic Noise Analysis of Automobile Air Conditioning System

Ming Li, Liyu Guo, Qin Guo
Acoustic noise of air conditioner is one of the main vehicle interior noises. In this paper, the value of the acoustic noise obtained under specific rotational velocities that tested in the experiment has been analyzed and the distribution of the noise with the analysis of the sound field in the HVAC...
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The Application of Temporary Intestinal Drainage in the Surgical Treatment for Neonates with Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Ji-Xue Zhao, Xin Fu
Object: To explore the feasibility and effects of temporary intestinal drainage in the surgical treatment for the neonates with necrotizing enterocolitis. Methods: A retrospective analysis was conduct on 42 cases of newborns with extensive and multiple intestinal necrosis found intraoperatively, all...
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Metal-Oxide Arrester Fault Diagnosis based on Flexible Detection System

Miao Yu, Mengzhou Zhu, Guang Chen, Jianhua Zhou, Song Gao
Metal-Oxide Arrester(MOA) is to limit the lightning overvoltage and operating overvoltage, and protect other electrical equipment from overvoltage damage. The fault diagnosis of MOA is very important to power system, traditional test methods has several factors to restrict the efficiency and accuracy....
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The Study of Long-term Energy-saving LED Airfield Lighting System

Jianhong Yang, Lei Li, Tuo Li, Xingbo Li
Based on the analysis of power consumption of the circuits, isolation transformers and secondary cables of traditional lighting systems, this paper proposes a long-term power efficient lighting system regarding LED airfield lamps, without modifying the topology of power circuit. New types of sine wave...
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Research on Design and Application of the IEC 61850-based Distribution Automation System

Hongwei Li, Zhiyuan Pan, Yubao Ren, Ganrong Peng, Kui Tao
With distribution automation full coverage, terminal debugging and operation and maintenance has become a key factor in practical application. Based on the IEC 61850 standard and IEC 61850-80-1, Information model mapping, combined with the IEC60870-5-104 extension, the scheme of self-discovery, self-registration...
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Optimization of gas Turbine Filtration System based on Life Cycle CostLCC Theory

Xueyu Li, Xin Tian
Air intake system is frequently required to replace filter unit, resulting in high operation and maintenance cost, which can be attributed to the failure to fully take account of the domestic air quality. Based on real power plant operational data, a mathematical model was built to analyze the life cycle...
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Entrapment of Rhizopus oryzae lipase displayed on Saccharomyces cerevisiae surface as whole cell biocatalyst for biodiesel synthesis

Wei Jia, Rui Zhang, Yun Liu
In this work, the whole cell biocatalyst of Rhizopus oryzae lipase (ROL), a versatile lipase for biodiesel production, was successfully developed through surface display technique using a-agglutinin 2 (Aga2) as an anchor protein and Saccharimyces cevevisiea as anchor yeast cell. The enzyme properties...
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Slope Foundation Bearing Capacity Upper Bound Solution

Xueyong Yu
In order to reveal the failure mechanism of slope foundation, based on the limit analysis method and the limit equilibrium method, a formula for calculating the bearing capacity of slope foundation considering the influence of soil slope behind the slope is constructed. The calculation program of soil...
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Effect of Vermicompost on the Physicochemical Properties of Coastal Saline Soil

Xiao Deng, Xiang Meng, Yi Li, Chun-Yuan Wu, Qin-Fen Li
Using pot experiment to study the effect of vermicopost on the physicochemical properties of coastal saline soil in water spinach plantation under conditions without chemical fertilizer utilization. Six treatments were designed by mixing vermicompost and saline soil in different volume ratios of 0:20,...
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A Research on the Landscape Design Of Lighting System

Li Zheng, Yong-Gang An, Xiaojing Man
With the rapid development of urban landscape design, the lighting is more and more needed. Existing urban landscape and lighting design of the system is not perfect, according to the regulations of city road and park lighting standard to analyze, and the various forms of existing urban landscape and...
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Research on Integrated Energy Service Mode of Park-level Energy Internet

Jiangbo Wang, Dawei Song, Hongkun Bai, Qian He
Energy Internet is the product of deep integration of energy and information, is an important fulcrum to promote the energy revolution. In existing traditional market transactions, independent power generation model of various energy results waste of energy resources, and low efficiency of the industry's...
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Effect of Pulse Current on Microstructure and Hardness of 316LN Weld Metal

Peng He, Keshun Dai, Haokun Gu, Xuefeng Ruan, Wenkai Xiao
316LN austenitic stainless steel (ASS) has been used as a magnetic support structure for ITER. Pulse current as a new materials processing method, has many remarkable advantages. In this paper, the pulse current was used to treat the 316LN ASS welded metal welded by narrow gap MAG welding. The influence...
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Failure Analysis of the Screw Connection Rod of A Hoisting Machine

Pengfei Ma, Shijing Wu, Li Zhu, Wenkai Xiao
The screw connecting rod of a hoisting machine suddenly breaks during the service at temperatures below 20 °C. In this article, the fracture surface, material , heat treatment process and mechanical properties of the connecting rod are analyzed. We find the low temperature brittle fracture of the screw...
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Performances of a Steam Generation System by the Heat Utilization of Mesothermal Solar

Xiaoyi Zhang, Pengpai Feng, Huimin He, Song Guo, Xin Zheng
A 310kW steam generation system by the heat utilization of mesothermal solar was built and the thermodynamic model of main parts-solar collector and heat transformer were developed. In different conditions, the impact of solar radiation intensity, recycle ratio of condensate water and ambient temperature...
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Strategy of Third-Party Automotive Logistics Distribution Network with Random Demand

Lu Qin, Ying Su
In this paper, we addressed the inventory-location model of the distribution network planning based on the actual vehicle 3PL case background. We use the genetic algorithm to calculate the actual data, and evaluate the effect from the demand and cost two aspects. The model deter-mines the number and...
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Oil Movement Investigation at Pore-Scale in Waterflood Fluvial Reservoir

Fan Liu, Xuelin Wu, Wensheng Zhou, Jian Shen, Liu Liu
In the process of fluvial reservoirs development, bottom water coning leads to the problem of increasing water cut and low oil production. There are still significant amount of remaining oil in the upper layers of reservoirs after long-term waterflood. Drilling one or more lateral drainholes near the...
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A Method For Detecting Displacement Front Based On Ultrasonic Velocity

Chenquan Hua, Xinyue Che, Jibo Wang, Hongwei Huang
A noninvasive method based on ultrasonic velocity was proposed to detect the displacement front in core displacement experiments. CO2 drive experiments were carried out to prove the possibility of detecting the displacement front. The characteristic that ultrasounds have different propagation velocities...
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Environmental Analysis on Rural house with Circulated Energy Utilizations in Northern China

Xueyan Zhang, Bin Chen
The rural house with comprehensive circulated utilization systems has been designed and built in a village around Fuxin city, which could separate production from living region. At the same time the energy circulation could be taken out. This new design mode could solve the following actual problems...
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Research on Responsive Design Strategy for Daylighting in Training Stadium in Guangzhou, China

Jin Li, Shenzhen Cai
In order to optimize indoor light environment and solar radiation level in training stadium in Guangzhou, China, parameterization building design method is employed in the research, and a sunshade system response design strategy for training stadium with light comfort applicable for sports population...
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Evaluation and analysis for Haze discrimination criteria in Jiangsu Province

Song Gao, Li Li, Yu Wang, Yanqing Zhang
This paper analyzes the distribution of haze under different conditions of winter in Jiangsu Province in 2014. Selected the city of Nanjing and Xuzhou as typical polluted cities, the analysis and comparison of different haze day's discrimination criteria are different. when the haze pollution is lighter,...
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Preliminary analysis of pollution characteristics and sources in a typical city in Jiangsu Province

Zhicheng Zhou1, Yong Sun, Di Cheng, Xiaoyu Zhou1
The distribution of pollutants in 13 cities in Jiangsu Province in the winter of 2014 was analyzed. It was found that there were more haze days in Nanjing and Xuzhou and the concentration of PM10 and PM2.5 exceeded the national standard 38.9% and 42.2% respectively in the Nanjing , 51.1% and 55.6% respectively...