Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Social Science (ICONETOS 2020)

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Dynamic Monitoring and Assessment for Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Supriyono, Muhamad Faisal
The development of information technology applied to college institutions is experiencing rapid growth. Information technology can solve problems faced in educational institutions. Universities are increasing the use of information and digital technologies for improved service, data management, and accurate...
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Implementation of Hard and Soft Technology in Learning Arabic During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Study at MTs Sunan Kalijogo Kranding Mojo Kediri

Ahmad Nurcholis, Budi Harianto, Umi Machmudah
There are some problems raised in learning Arabic by various educational institutions that encourage the teacher to modify the teaching and learning methods. It can be done by designing the development of hard and soft technology in learning Arabic. This research examines the design of Arabic learning...
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Character Building Through the Synergy Between Parents and School in Indonesia

A Case of Integrated Islamic Elementary Schools

Fantika Febry Puspitasari, Taufiq Satria Mukti, Supriyanto, Muhammad Munadi
Character building is a fundamental issue in Indonesia at this time. It is needed to reach good human resources that will be realized in a developed country. There is a need for good cooperation between the three education centers in achieving comprehensive character building. The three education centers...
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Online Teaching: Model and Perspective in Arabic Class

Dessy Suryawati, Nuril Mufidah
Online learning carried out in the new normal era provides opportunities for the academic community to analyze technology for learning better. This online system is implemented starting from campus introduction activities for new students, library access to lecturing activities. This research used a...
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The Effect of Systematic Risk (Beta) on Stock Prices with Interest Rates and Curses as Moderation Variables

Alfiani Rofiqoh, Zaim Mukaffi
This study aims to determine the effect of systematic risk (beta) on stock prices and find out whether interest rates and exchange rates can be used as moderating variables on the relationship of systematic risk to stock prices. The population in this study is the banking sub-sector companies included...
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Local Wisdom in Supporting Food Security of Coastal Agroecosystem

Ida Rosada, Nurliani, Farizah Dhaifina Amran
Food consumption is an important term in food security, because it affects the nutritional status of family members which is influenced by many factors. One of the rural community groups classified as food insecure is fishermen who lives in coastal agroecosystem. This research aims to: 1) Identify local...
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Teaching for Understanding Mathematics in Primary School

Ria Norfika Yuliandari, Dian Mustika Anggraini
Conceptual understanding is one indicator of an expert in mathematics. Conceptual understanding is important for students in addition to procedural skills. Students who have a good conceptual understanding will be able to find solutions with new or different procedures, while students who do not have...
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Brand Strategy in Higher Education; Before and During Pandemic COVID-19

Siti Ma’rifatul Hasanah, Maryam Faizah, Maslihatul Bisriyah
The Covid-19 pandemic which began to spread at the end of 2019 had an impact on many aspects of life. Educational institutions are faced with new challenges that force leaders to change and take strategic steps, including in managing the university brand. This study focuses on two things, namely the...
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The Effectiveness of Statistics Software Training to Improve the Understanding of Quantitative Research Methodology Concepts for Students of Tadris Mathematics, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang

Sulistya Umie Ruhmana Sari
The research was conducted using a quantitative approach. The population used in this study were students of Tadris Mathematics of UIN Malang as many as 40 people. The purpose of this research is to see the effectiveness of the holding of statistical software training for studenst of Tadris Mathematics...
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Impact of Work Motivation on Lecturer Performance Through Job Satisfaction at LL2DIKTI Indonesia

Tedy Ardiansyah, Endry Boeriswati, Usep Suhud, Dewi Purwaningsih, Nurjanah
This investigation means to analyze Motivation indicator for the paintings on lecturer’s execution In the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, Job Satisfaction. The exploration device utilized Quantitative has been examination with an overview study philosophy directed by lecturers Indonesia-Wide, with a...
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Mental Revolution of Homeless Children’s Through Islamic Education Learning

Turah Asih Lestari, Muhammad Anas Ma’arif, Ari Kartiko, Ahmad Karim, Barham Siregar
The purpose of this study was to identify and analyze the efforts made by the board of the Diponegoro Shelter and Learning Center to carry out a mental revolution in street children in learning Islamic education. This research is a type of qualitative research with a case study approach. The subject...
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Moderation of Fatwa: Worship During the Covid 19 Pandemic in Maqasid Shariah Perspective

Nur Lailatul Musyafaah, Athifatul Wafirah, Sagita Destia Ramadhan
Coronavirus disease, also known as Covid-19, is a virus that originates from animals and can spread through humans and cause respiratory infections. The very fast spread of Covid-19 has made the government resolutely minimize its efforts to disperse the crowd so that close contact does not occur which...
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Agility, Innovations & Prospects - Virtual Pedagogy During Physical Distancing

Case: Primary Education in Semarang, Indonesia

Rini Werdiningsih, Eko Nursanty
Public policy, especially in the educational field, is essential to protect life in society. Public policy is closely related to government administration that aims to obtain public values, both related to public goods and public services. These values are needed to improve the life quality of both physical...
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Social Level Parameters of Banjar Society in the Tradition of Jujuran Islamic Law Perspective

Muthoifin, Pristila Putri
This study aims to analyze the foundation used by the people of Tanah Bumbu Regency in determining jujuran, to understand the perspective of the Banjar people in Tanah Bumbu Regency about the philosophical values contained in jujuran customs, and to explain the correlation of Islamic views on dowry and...
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Outsourcing System in View of Islamic Law

Study on Employees at Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta

Muthoifin, Muhamad Mukti Nugroho
Research with the aim of Implementing the Outsourcing System in the Perspective of Sharia Law. Case Studies at the Employee and Human Resources Agency (BPSDM) of Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta to better know how the outsourcing agreement system in the perspective of sharia law is then used for...
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Implementation of the Mabims Criteria in Determining the Beginning of Islamic Month in Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam

Ahmad Wahidi, Noer Yasin, Abdul Kadir, Abd. Rouf, Saiful Haq
The emergence of criteria made by the Minister of Religion of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore (MABIMS) in the determination of the beginning of the Islamic month which was the result of the meeting of the Southeast Asian ministers of religion, namely Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia and...
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Islam and Democracy

Guarantee of the Right to Freedom of Opinion in the Principle of Religious Moderation

Imam Sukadi, Mila Rahayu Ningsih
The principle of democracy upholds the rights of every citizen in terms of freedom of expression. Muslim has rights and even has to think and argue. The right to freedom of expression should not violate the rights of other people because basically, every citizen has the right to freedom of opinion which...
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Implementation of EGA at the YLBMI Orphanage (Kampar District, Riau Province)

Vauzhea Sherlina, Gryanda Wahyu Sugeng, Cika Tri Jayanti, Fasckal Willman, Bismi Annisa
Approximately 60% -85% of the total volume of domestic clean water demand will be liquid gray water. Gray water is non-stick household wastewater in the form of waste originating from bathrooms, kitchens, and washing places. Based on the data obtained, at the YLBMI orphanage, the total clean water used...
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Restructuring Policy of Shariah Financing Towards UMKM Affected by Covid-19: Maqashid Syariah Perspective

Dwi Fidhayanti, Risma Nur Arifah, Lutfi Ardhani
One of the efforts that can be made to improve the UMKM class is to provide easy access to capital through Islamic banking institutions. However, currently, UMKM in Indonesia are facing a crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic and also the economic recession. This study aims to determine the Sharia Banking...
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Potential Criminal Action in Shadow Banking Practice

Iffaty Nasyiah
The industrial revolution 4.0 has a lot of influence, both socially, culturally, aspects of technology-information and others. Examples, in the information and technology aspects, such as trends in automation and data exchange. This includes cyber-physical systems, internet of things (IoT), cloud computing,...
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Compliment Response Strategies of Female English Learners: Distinguishing from Current Online Interaction

Lu’luul Munawwaroh, Mazroatul Ishlahiyah
This research aims to explore the types of compliment response strategies used by the female English learners at Darul Lughah wal Karomah Islamic boarding school. It also analyses the relationship between the speaker of the language and the society. It is conducted before the pandemic of covid19. Therefore,...
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Analysis of Consumer Purchase Patterns on Handphone Accessories Sales Using FP-Growth Algorithm

Devi Fitrianah, Shifa Yasinta Zain
This study aims to discover association patterns from customers’ purchase, these patterns later on known as reference for the store to supply goods. Mapongs store is one of the online shops that is developing quite rapidly, however, Mapongs Store is still difficult to determine the supply of stock of...
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Implementation of the Active Learning Model Type of Role Reversal Question to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Siti Khotimah, Saiful Amin, Yeny Irawati, Wahdaniyah Azizah Putri Ayuningtyas
This study aims to describe the improvement of Civics learning outcomes by using the active learning model with the role reversal question type for fifth-grade students of SD Negeri Tangkil 03 Wlingi. This type of research is classroom action research. The research subjects were students of class V SD...
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The Model of Etnomathematics for High Schools Based on the Dancers Position Movement of Beskalan Putri Malang Dance

Elly Susanti, Moh. Miftakhul Ulum, Turmudi, Maskub
The purpose of this paper is to discover the ethnomathematical potential through the exploration of mathematical concepts in the dancers position movement. It’s executed as an effort to answer the challenges of PISA 2018 and present a contextual mathematics learning resource in corresponding with the...
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Corporate Social Responsibility: Grasping Legitimacy, Reaching Sustainability

Sulis Rochayatun, Fanur Kholifah
Corporate social responsibility is an action that can be done by the company to prevent and reduce social and environmental impacts that occur due to the company’s production activities. The social and environmental impacts resulting from the company’s production activities certainly become things that...
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Design Framework as a Prototype of Islamic Medicine Engine to any Disease Especially for Covid-19 Based Al-Qur’an and Hadith Using Meta-Deep AI and Particle Swarm Optimization

Imam Cholissodin, Arief Andy Soebroto, Mohammad Muallif, Aurick Yudha Nagara, Renny Nova, Tamara Gusti Ebtavanny
In the Islamic world, as a part of the faith, every Muslim must believe that every time there is a disease, Allah SWT has also sent down the medicine. The current issue is that the extraction of information related to diseases and drugs from the Qur’an and Hadith has not been optimal, given the increasing...
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Technology-Based Arabic Calligraphy Learning in a New Era

Study on the Online Khat Learning Community

Abdul Muntaqim Al Anshory
This study aims to describe: (1) the concepts and strategies of technology-based Arabic calligraphy learning in the Online Khat Learning community, and (2) students’ opinions on learning Arabic calligraphy in this community. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. Data collection techniques...
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The Role of Islamic Social Reporting, Islamic Corporate Governance and Maqashid Syariah Index on Firm Value with Firm Size as Moderation Variable

Ulfi Kartika Oktaviana, Tiara Juliana Jaya, Titis Miranti
The purpose of this study is to know the influence of Islamic social reporting (ISR), Islamic Corporate Governance (ICG), Maqashid Syariah Index (MSI) on the value of the firm, and the role of the firm in moderating ISR, ICG, MSI on the value of the firm. The difference with previous research has only...
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Strengthening Resilience of Sakinah Families in New Normal Adaption

Pesantren-Based Counseling Perspective

Samsul Arifin, Mokhammad Baharun
Families are among the social units affected during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Therefore, strengthening the character of the Sakinah family is important. The personality traits of the Sakinah family will appear in their peace of mind and heart. This study aims to determine the personality portrait of the...
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Game Based Learning as an Alternative During the Covid-19 Epidemic Based on K-13 for Indonesia Elementary Schools

Fresy Nugroho, Eko Mulyanto Yuniarno, Mochamad Hariadi
Serious-game is a new online learning approach, which is proven to increase students’ knowledge and skills. During the COVID-19 period, students, especially in Indonesia, still experienced several obstacles in taking online learning using e-learning. For example, students quickly got bored. Therefore,...
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Seismic Risk Evaluation of Community Mosques in Southern Malang to Assess Their Suitability to Support Disaster Response

Yulia Eka Putrie, Luluk Maslucha, Aisyah Nur Handryant, Sukmayati Rahmah, Viska Ramardhani Akbar, Moh. Arsyad Bahar, Suci Senjana
In Indonesian culture, mosques are mostly built by local communities. Through time, these local communities develop a sense of belonging to the mosques they built. Mosques then become more than a place of worship. During hard times such as disasters, these mosques often become a place to seek help and...
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An Assessment of Acoustic Quality in Mosque Case Study: Masjid At-Tarbiyah UIN Malang

Aisyah Nur Handryant
Acoustic quality is an essential aspect in the design of spaces, including mosques. A mosque as a worship place has several activities that require good acoustic quality, especially in terms of delivering a clear sound. Masjid At-Tarbiyah is one of the mosques on the UIN Malang campus. This research...
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Alteration in the Levels of Neutrophils and Lymphocytes in Male Wistar Rats (Second-Hand Smoker) with Marigold Leaves (Cosmos caudatus Kunth.)

Fitri Komala Sari, Fathimah, Hafidhotun Nabawiyah, Sartika Amanda Putri, Retno Ayu Nurhayatun
The second-hand smoker will have difficulties because of nicotine and other substances leading to activate free radical in the body and stimulate the secretion of inflammatory mediators. Flavonoid is a compound contained in marigold leaves, believed to have anti-inflammatory effects. This study aims...
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Social and Psychological Implication of New Normal Adaptation

Self motivation, self understanding and self management task of student expressions during learning on COVID 19 as psychological changes to new normal life patterns

Rifa Hidayah, Elfi Mu’awanah
During the COVID 19 pandemic and efforts to adapt to the new normal are efforts to form a new culture in the teaching and learning process. Mastery of technology and psychological balance is needed in order to avoid all the pressures that arise during this pandemic. Efforts to strengthen mental spiritual...
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Design of Information System for Peace Education Based on Unified Modelling Language

Sutiah, Supriyono
Education is the main foundation in managing peaceful and dignified human life and civilization. Peace Education is the best alternative in facing the era of disturbance, which of course has an impact on various aspects of life and education. The era industrial revolution 4.0 applies Information and...
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The Tautological Language Style of the Qur’an on God Existence

A Stylistic Study

Akhmad Muzakki, Marzuqi
To repeat a word with synonymous meaning does not necessarily mean redundant. It also works in Arabic language with its typical characteristics even though the words are synonymous. This study aims to examine the tautological language features of Arabic language in the Quran regarding the existence of...
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Scientific Muslims versus Anti-Science Muslims

Contentious Science and Religion in Covid-19 Pandemic

Supian, Fridiyanto, Muhammad Sobri, Muhammad Rafii
The Covid 19 pandemic originally originated in Wuhan China, in a short time it spread throughout the world to Indonesia, almost all provinces and districts in Indonesia were detected by Covid-19, until now the number of positive patients has increased and claimed many lives. In the international world,...
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Employee Engagement: A Quantitative Review and Its Relationship with Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance

Achmad Sani Supriyanto, Vivin Maharani Ekowati, Zahara Tirta Pujianto, Masyhuri
Employee engagement becomes priority among businesses as it can trigger a better performance. This research aims to reveal the influence of employee engagement to the employee performance with job satisfaction as an intervening variable. It is a quantitative research with an explanatory approach to explain...
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Application of the Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topsis in Determining Online Learning Platforms During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Yuliani Puji Astuti, Raden Sulaiman, Budi Rahadjeng, Dwi Nur Yunianti
Corona Virus Disease-19 (Covid-19) has been designated by WHO as a global pandemic on Thursday, March 12, 2020. In the middle of the 2019/2020 semester, learning process has been changed from offline to online learning through various platforms including Vinesa, Whatsapp Group, Google Classroom, Zoom,...
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The Integration Between Science and Religion Facing the New Normal Life

The Integration Between Islamic and Smart Building at Batu Agro-Creative Hub in the New Normal life

Siti Khoiriyah, Elok Mutiara, Prima Kurniawaty
During the current pandemic, the New Normal Life policy was created with live to form new habits. One of the New Normal Life policies is Physical Distancing, Hygiene, and Personal Protective Equipment. This paper explains how an architectural approach, namely Smart Building-integrated by Islamic values,...
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College Student Code of Ethics, For Whom? Measuring Campus Alignment with College Students

Fathul Lubabin Nuqul, Fidinda Avitasari
In the relationship between campus and college students friction often occurs. Their relationship is not just a teacher-student relationship that is transformative but also a transactional relationship. For that in a transactional relationship, strong rules are needed. In campus management, the existence...
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Synthesis, Characterization, and Antioxidant Activity of 2-methoxy-4 - ((4-methoxy phenyl imino) -methyl) phenol compounds

Vivi Ambar Kusumaningrum, Ahmad Hanapi, Rachmawati Ningsih, Sri Ani Nafiah, Ainun Nadhiroh
A Schiff base is a compound with functional group that contains a carbon-nitrogen double bond with the nitrogen atom conected to an aryl or alkyl group. It is usually formed by condensation of an aldehyde or keton with a primary amine. The 2-methoxy-4-((4-methoxyphenilimino) methyl) phenol compound could...
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Synthesis of Schiff Base Compounds from Vanillin and p-Aminoacetophenone Using Lime Juice as a Natural Acid Catalyst and Their Utilization as Corrosion Inhibitors

Laylatul Ma’rufah, Ahmad Hanapi, Rachmawati Ningsih, A. Ghanaim Fasya
Schiff bases can be synthesized by reacting Vanillin and p-aminoacetophenone using a natural acid catalyst such as lime juice (Citrus aurantifolia.) with the grinding method. The purposes of this study were to determine the characterization. The yield of synthesized compounds calculated and also determined...
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Effectiveness of Deep Learning Architecture for Pixel-Based Image Forgery Detection

Hisyam Fahmi, Wina Permana Sari
Digital image forgery or forgery is easy to do nowadays. Verification of the authenticity of images is important to protect the integrity of the images from being misused. The use of a deep learning approach is state-of-the-art in solving cases of pattern recognition, the one is image data classification....
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Covid-19 in Indonesia

Threat and Fear of Family Instability

Sudirman Hasan, Syabbul Bachri, Ramadhita, Fakhruddin, Erfaniah Zuhriah
The Indonesian people still experience severe concerns about family stability because the COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped yet. The family burden is getting heavier every day. There has not been a comprehensive study of family instability related to COVID-19. The purpose of this study is to complement...
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Government and Non-Governmental Organizations in Responses and Challenges on Gender-Based Violence During Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Istiadah, Asni Furaida
This study aims at identifying the government and non-governmental organizations in responses and challenges on gender-based violence during the Covid-19 pandemic. This research is employing library research methodology with the feminist perspective. Government and non-governmental response of GBV in...
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Concept of Vertical Village as DAS Brantas Resilience Settlement Strategy in Pandemic Era

Hana Hali Nurahmada, Tarranita Kusumadewi, Agus Subaqin
The vertical village concept is the vertical arrangement of settlement, which maintains the character of a village. The vertical village concept’s design can be a solution for the dense population in DAS Brantas, Malang City. The problems of the slum make the dense settlements in the DAS Brantas have...
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An Integrated Design Concept of Lamongan Inclusive Street Vendor Community Center

Ria Cahya Oktavia, Tarranita Kusumadewi
Inclusive Street Vendor Community Center concept design is a street vendor solution at Lamongan, East Java. The idea is to provide a public space within the environment and behavior architectural approach. The concept’s goals are to generate and produce a conceptual image for a street vendor to accommodate...
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Induction of Agarwood Formation by Lignocellulolytic Bacteria

Prilya Dewi Fitriasari, Endang Soetarto, I Komang Surata
Agarwood is a hard-textured resin, has a scent of fragrant with blackish-brown color, and accumulated on the wood of the agarwood-producing tree. Gyrinops versteegii (Gilg.) Domke is one of the agarwood-producing trees, endemic in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara. The resins were formed as a plant response...
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Toxicity Test of Column Chromatography Steroids Isolates from Ethyl Acetate Fraction of Hydrilla verticillata

A Ghanaim Fasya, Suci Amalia, Dewi Sinta Megawati, Vivi Septya Wati, Fitri Fatimah, Hasan Ali Mahbubi, Vera Vania
Hydrilla verticillata is one of the aquatic plants that contain some secondary metabolites, such as triterphenoids and steroids. The aim of this study was to determine the toxicity levels of steroids isolated from ethyl acetate fraction of Hydrilla verticillata separated by column chromatoghraphy. The...
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Synthesis and Application of Hematite from Lathe Waste as Anti-Swelling on Wood

Lilik Miftahul Khoiroh
Hematite is one of iron oxide, which potentially in reducing swelling wood. The cellulose content in wood easily binds with hydrogen that causing swelling. Hematite was synthesized from iron lathe waste via ferric precursor by a precipitation-calcination method. The product synthesized is characterized...
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Removal of Cu and Pb from Wastewater Using Modified Natural Zeolite

Eny Yulianti, Abdullah, Siti Irma Yusniyyah, Nur Aini, Susi Nurul Khalifah, Vina Nurul Istighfarini
In this article, the copper and lead adsorption process using Indonesian Natural Zeolite (INZ) is studied as an adsorbent. INZ samples were obtained from Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang district, East Java. The influence of activating acid concentration and different types of acid on the removal of copper...
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Losses Pipes in Sprinkler Irrigation Based IoT

Eko Noerhayati, Soraya Norma Mustika, Margianto, Bambang Dwisulo, Anita Rachmawati
Sprinkler irrigation is an alternative irrigation technology that is theoretically more efficient than open channel irrigation. Sprinkler irrigation can reduce water losses caused by percolation and runoff. In industrial age 4.0, modern technology is highly influential in everyday life, including the...
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Response to the Growth and Production of Soybeans (Glycine max L) to the Time of Giving Irrigated Water to Maintaining Soil Moisture

Aminah, Abdullah, Nuraeni, Marliana S Palad
This study aims to determine the response of growth and production of soybean (Glycine max L) on the time of offering irrigation water in maintaining soil moisture. Research in the form of an experiment using a randomized block design (RAK) consisted of four times of air giving, namely W1 = every 15...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Beads Alginate Carboxymethyl Cellulose from Corn Stalk (Zea Mays) Using BaCl2 as Crosslink with Variation Concentration

Laila Nihayatul Khusna, Eny Yulianti, Lilik Miftahul Khoiroh, Vina Nurul Istighfarini
This research aims to develop cellulose products extracted from corn stalk to use as cellulose beads. Cellulose has extracted using the best solvent, which is 10% NaOH. The extracted cellulose was modified to carboxymethyl cellulose using a monochloro acetate reagent with the best ratio of 5:5 and 3...
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Landscape Design: Pattern and Color in Sensory Garden for Disability Justice

Suci Senjana, Gian Alfa Sukarno Putra
A responsive design to disability users is an unpopular design implementation for landscape design in Indonesia. Even space supposed to function for disability users cannot help them to have activities without obstacles. A sensory garden concept would be applied in the research to learn its impact on...
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Readiness of UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang in Implementing Smart Islamic University

Abd. Haris, Triyo Supriyatno, Samsul Susilawati
The success of UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang in utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with the term smart Islamic university as a competitive effort and competitiveness in essence lies in a number of indicators such as techno ware, info ware, orgaware and human ware. Efforts to...
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Trend of Public Emotions on Social Media Towards Study at Home Policies

Abdul Bashith, Waluyo Satrio Adji, Arbain Nurdin
The Ministry of Education and Culture’s response to COVID 19 is a policy of learning at and from home. The response of sentiments and public emotions to the learning policy at home is diverse and can be seen from social media, especially Twitter. Knowing the sentiments and public emotions of Twitter...
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Effect of Reducing Nitrogen Levels on Growth and Lipid Productivity of Microalgae Botryococcus braunii Exposed by UV-C Rays

Thea Prastiwi Soedarmodjo, Arief Widjaja
Microalgae Botryococcus braunii is a potential raw material for producing lipids. Mutation using UV-C rays is a method to increase microalgae productivity. Optimum quality of microalgae B.braunii could be achieved by UV-C radiation at 1.5 minutes exposure with a continue light irradiance cycle. Reduction...
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Utilization of Three Dimensional Printers as a Production Tool

Ali Ramadhan, Gunawan Syarifuddin, Dinar Cahyaningrum, Syukur Pribadi
A 3D printer is a product resulting from the development of a product. As a product, a 3-dimensional printer has its value as an object with a function because with its function as a printing tool; the printer can produce an object in physical form. So that it can produce real objects as the output....
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Brownian Motion Around Black Hole

Arista Romadani
Brownian motion theory is always challenging to describe diffusion phenomena around a black hole, with the main issue is how to extend the classical theory of Brownian motion to the general relativity framework. In this study, we extended the Brownian motion theory in a curved space-time come from a...
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Modeling and Simulation of the Effect of Radiotherapy on Nasopharyngeal Tumor Volume with the Fourth Order Runge-Kutta Method

Devi Kartika, Farid Samsu, Khusnul Yakin
Cancer that is benign is often known as a tumor. Currently cancer is a disease that causes death in the world. Cancer can attack all human organs including the nasopharynx. Nasopharyngeal cancer occupies the top 10 most cancers in Indonesia. Various methods have been used to treat cancer, one of which...
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Identification of Cavity Zone Under the Surface of the Badut Temple Foundation Using the GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Method

Ahmad Luthfin, Husni Cahyadi, Jufri, Moh Fausi, Aulia Kharisma Nugraha, Dhony Widyasandy
In the previous research in Badut temple, it resulted in the conclusion that on the research path, there is a Badut temple foundation, at a depth of 0 m -1.5m, which is square wide. The results of this study require further research to detect the presence of a cavity zone because the presence of cavity...
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Response to State Stomata to the Use of Microbes as Potential Biofertilizers in the Rehabilitation of Cocoa Trees Without Logging

Marliana S. Palad, Aminah
The aim of this study was to examine the effect of Trichoderma asperellum and Azotobacter chroococcum applications on the rehabilitation of the roots of side-grafted cocoa plants using the inarching grafting method against the state of stomata. The method used in this study was a split-plot design, with...
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The Combined Effect of Extract Seaweed and DHP on Placental Malaria

Zainabur Rahmah, Nurfianti Indriana, Lina Fitria Astari, Alvi Milliana, Sutikno
Placental malaria is characterized by infected erythrocyte cytoadherence and TNF-α expression in the intervillous placental space. This can interfere with the transport of nutrients, which can affect the growth of the fetus. Seaweed (Eucheuma cottonii) is a typical Indonesian plant containing polysaccharide...
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Eichornia Crassipes as Handicraft Materials and Energy Sources

A Contextual Learning Approach During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dindin Nasrudin, Chaerul Rochman, Ahmad Abtokhi, Iwan Permana Suwarna, Melati Fauziah
The existence of Eichornia crassipes plants is often regarded as a weed that can damage the aquatic environment. However, at this time, Eichornia crassipes can be made into handicraft materials and briquettes. This paper wants to reveal the physical concepts that exist in the process of making handicrafts...
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Utilizing the Phonetic Transcription of IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) to Avoid EFL Students Miss-Pronunciation

Aning Riza, Akhmad Nurul Kawakib
The research aims to know how phonetics transcriptions based on IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) avoid EFL students from any mispronunciation, so that their pronunciation performance is being improved. The researcher gives students drilling practices using an Oxford pocket dictionary as a tool to...
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How Does the Diffusion of Kampus Merdeka Innovation Work at the University?

A Perspective from Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran Yogyakarta

Arika Bagus Perdana, Sika Nur Indah, Yudhy Widya Kusumo, Kartika Ayu Ardhanariswari
This study explains how the policy innovation adoption process runs in higher education. To provide this description, this article formulates the question of how Kampus Merdeka policy initiated by the Ministry of Education and Culture in early 2020 was adopted and implemented at the higher education...
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The Effectiveness of Pedagogical Innovation of Islamic Education Learning (PAI) During Covid-19

A Case Study of Senior High School in Malang-East Java

Dina Mardiana, Triyo Supriyatno
The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted education patterns that focus on the IT-based online learning sector. This certainly requires the adaptive readiness of teachers to adapt the learning system provided to the students. To realize this, pedagogical innovation becomes an absolute necessity that must be...
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The Role of Parents in Engaging Early Childhood to Implement 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Faizatul Faridy, Aulia Rohendi
One of the environmental impacts due to population growth and diversity of activities is the increasing problem of waste. The form of participation expected from the community is a willingness to sort and reduce the waste that will be transported considering the impact of waste is not only damaging aesthetics,...
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The Utilization of E-Learning Platforms During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Kivah Aha Putra, Ratna Nulinnaja, Siti Faridah
The purpose of this research is to obtain the largest percentage of platforms used by students so that learning is no longer constrained by the use of the platform but at the stage of how to be able to absorb the material that has been transferred by the lecturer so that learning is more meaningful according...
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Acquiring Indonesian Pragmatic and Cultural Competencies Towards Indonesian Language Learners by Arabic Speakers at Al-Azhar University Cairo:

Anthropolinguistic Perspective

Mamluatul Hasanah, Risna Rianti Sari
This study aims to uncover the pragmatic and cultural competencies of Indonesian Language Learners for Arabic Speakers at Al-Azhar University Cairo using an Anthropolinguistic perspective. This perspective is chosen to focus on the data of the learner’s language performance which is also based on pragmatic...
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The Content of Character Values in the First-Grade Elementary School Student Books on the Theme of Me

Muhammad Sobri, Nursaptini, Setiani Novitasari, Arif Widodo, Ashar Pajarungi Anar
This study aims to describe the character values contained in the books of grade I elementary school students with the theme “me”. This research is a content analysis research conducted in six stages, namely: data collection; sample determination; data recording; reduction; drawing conclusions; and describe...
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Portrait of Constitutional Question Mechanisms in Judicial Review Practices in the Constitutional Court from the Perspective of Prophetic Law Paradigm

Mustofa Lutfi
The constitutional question mechanism in the constitutional review authority in the Constitutional Court (MK) has not been adapted so that it can result in the constitutional rights of citizens not being comprehensively protected. Substantive justice based on the One God (transcendent justice) has not...
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Local Wisdom and Religious Moderation-Based Thematic Learning Management in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah, Malang City

Nur Ali
Thematic learning has provided an integrated and convergent approach to the learning process by classroom teachers. This approach has brought students closer to the world and their surroundings. However, it can also cause new classroom issues when the learning topic involves sensitive issues, such as...
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The Effect of Social Studies Learning to the Empathy of Class VIII Students

Nur Azzatut Taqiyah, Hayyun Lathifaty Yasri
This research was motivated by the problems expressed by the VIII grade teachers regarding the lack of empathy of students, such as bullying due to special physicality, the existence of groups of students, the existence of discrimination against students who are unable to blend in. In addition, students...
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Students’ Perceptions of Online Mathematics Learning and Its Relationship Towards Their Achievement

Nuril Huda, Tutik Sri Wahyuni, Fida Dinar Fauziyah
To decrease the level of the spread of the corona virus, the government requires students to study from home. Therefore, it is important to conduct research to determine students’ perceptions of online learning. The objectives of this study were (1) to describe students’ perceptions of online mathematics...
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Vlog Media in Arabic Learning For the Pro Gadget Generation

Nuril Mufidah, Dessy Suryawati, Imam Rofiki
The development of technology in the 4.0 era can be used by educators as a form of renewing the learning model. This research describes Vlog (Video Blog) media in Arabic learning for the pro gadget generation. The subjects of this reserach were 21 students of the Arabic class at Madrasah Diniyah Islamiyah...
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Epistemological Analysis of Private Law Themes in the Learn Qur’an Tafsir Application

Nurul Istiqomah, Yayuk Whindari, Siti Zulaichah
Technology is increasingly being used by humans with the aim of making life easier. In a man-made technology, there may be shortages. In this research, the technology to be studied is the Learn Qur’an Tafsir application. The reason why researchers choose this application is because the features in the...
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Measurement of Organizational Performance: Empirical Evidence on Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia

Nanik Wahyuni, Boge Triatmanto, Isnan Murdiansyah
This study aims to measure organizational performance as the impact of environmental changes by considering management accounting practices in manufacturing companies in Indonesia. This study develops contingency theory and institutional theory as a basis for analyzing the effect of environmental changes...
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Analysis of the Impact of Financial Knowledge, Financial Attitudes and Personality on Financial Management Behaviors in Creative Industries

Muhammad Sulhan, Muhammad Nanang Choiruddin
The creative industry in Indonesia currently has a positive contribution to the economy in Indonesia and is one of the driving forces for economic growth in Indonesia. The problem that often occurs in creative industries is their financial management behavior which is related to the lack of financial...
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The Service Excellent for Sharia Banking During Covid-19 Pandemic

Muhammad Wahyuddin Abdullah, Trimulato, St. Hafsah Umar
The development of sharia banking currently continues to experience excellent growth, this can be seen from the increasing share of the sharia banking market which has exceeded 6 percent. In terms of assets, it has reached 500 trillion. In the future, sharia banking will increasingly grow, people are...
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Between New Virus and News Virus (A Contradictive Situation in Covid-19 Pandemic)

Wildana Wargadinata, Iffat Maimunah
The study was aimed to investigate the audience’s reception of hoax news about Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) that spread in Indonesian the media (between April and June 2020) and the news impacts on society when dealing with COVID-19 pandemic. This research employed a descriptive qualitative study using...
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Strategy and Implementation of Character Education in Era of Society 5.0

Rasmuin, Desti Widiani
This article describes the importance of building character in the 5.0 society era. Era 5.0 society is a conception of a society that is literate towards Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Strengthening character education also needs to be realized, this is aimed at shaping character traits...
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21st Century Skills in Project Based Learning Integrated STEM on Science Subject: A Systematic Literature Review

Rizki Amelia, Sandy Tegariyani Putri Santoso
21st century skills consist of 12 skills that are currently needed by students to support success in their future career paths. PjBL integrated STEM is believed to improve the 21st century skills. This research aims to overview the Project Based Learning integrated STEM and describe the 21st century...
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Islamic Character Education for Student of Public Higher Education in Indonesia

S. Suyadi, Samsul Susilowati, Triyo Supriyatno
Islamic characters must be inherent for every muslim student, and even for all the muslims. This is because characters direct behaviour and attitude in real society life that relate closely to moral values. Take the words of wisdom “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost; if health is lost, something is...
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Evaluating the Properties of Bio-oil Modified Bitumen Derived from Cotton Stalk Waste

Sahib Ullah, Syed Bilal Ahmed Zaidi, Akhlaq Aman
Disposal of industrial and agricultural waste is a serious environmental problem across the globe. The environmentally friendly disposal of this Industrial waste by using it in a binder for asphalt mixtures is one of the key focuses of today’s research in pavement engineering. The bio oils which are...
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Distance Learning for New Students in the Era of Pandemic Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19): Implementation and Barriers

Sigit Priatmoko, Wiku Aji Sugiri, Bashori, M. Irfan Islamy
The implementation of distance learning during a pandemic era faces various obstacles. This study explores information about how the implementation of distance learning to first semester of freshment students (new students) and what obstacles they face. This research is a descriptive qualitative research....
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Improving the Students’ Learning Concentration Through Ice Breaking

Ulfi Andrian Sari, Nailul Fauziyah, Ahmad Ghozi, Ika Nur Azizah, Ulin Farischa Al-Fidyah
This study aims to increase the students’ learning concentration through ice breaking. It employs classroom action research method conducted in Islamic Junior High School (MTs) Surya Buana Malang subjecting 86 students of class VIIA, VIIB, and VIIC. To measure the students’ learning concentration, observation...
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Application of Behavioristic Learning Theory in Learning “Ta’lim Afkar”

Class of Mutawassith D Fatimah Az Zahra Building

Umi Salamah, Nuril Mufidah, Idrus Muchsin Bin Agil, Iffah Maulana Putri Hanum Soumena
Ta’lim Afkar is one of the book study programs that is required for all new students at Maulana Malik Ibrahim University Malang or commonly called Mahasantri Ma’had Sunan Ampel Al-Aly. This activity is very important and needs more attention because it adds insight and knowledge to students, especially...
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Oral Tradition of Pesantren as a Source of Studying IPS in MI / SD

Waluyo Satrio Adji, Abdul Bashith, Saiful Amin, M. Imamul Mutaqin
The purpose of this article is to understand the oral tradition of the pesantren, planning the development of social studies learning resources for MI / SD. This research using qualitative approach with ethnographic research type, collecting data using observation, interviews, and documentation. The...
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Boosting Effective Teaching During Pandemic Covid-19 Through Computer-Mediated Collaboration

Galuh Nur Rohmah, Rohmani Nur Indah, Vita Nur Santi
This study offers how Computer-Mediated Collaboration (CMC), which has been commonly practiced, would give more benefits for effective teaching and learning during pandemic Covid-19. This study has been a starting and an initial endeavor to explore more about online teaching and learning. English teachers...
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Education in Psychomotoric Aspect and Creative Development

M. Anshar Mustaqim, M. Fajar Almarzuqi, Annas Ribab Sibilana
Global currents have a strong influence on educational policies, practices, and institutions. Education is faced with demands for flexibility and adaptation to meet the demands and opportunities of the world of work. Class activities (learning) should provide students with the provisions needed to live...
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The Problem of Islamic Religious Education Learning Against Muslim Minority Students

M. Iqbal Huda, Abdul Fattah
The problem of Islamic education learning in every school is undoubtedly different. The location of the school also influences the problem. The problems that occur in schools in the Muslim minority areas will be undoubtedly different from the issues that occur in schools in the Muslim majority areas....
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Equating Test Instruments Using Anchor to Map Student Abilities Through the R Program Analysis

Melly Elvira, Syamsir Sainuddin
This study aims at investigating the equivalence of mathematics try out scores of junior high school through anchor. In the study, the 2 Parameters Logistic (2PL) model of Item Response Theory (IRT) analysis was used through the Haebara method. The estimation step of the equating parameter utilized the...
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The Influence of the Environment of Pesantren and Friends on Learning Outcomes

Mohammad Miftahusyai’an, Yussi Rusdiana, Galih Puji Mulyoto
This research was conducted aiming to determine the effect of the environment of boarding schools and peers on the learning outcomes of students of class XI IPS MA 1 Annuqayah daughter of Sumenep, both partially and simultaneously. With this research, it is expected that teachers and the school will...
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The Development of POPSCRA Book Learning Media Based on Mnemonic Strategies on Measurement Materials to Improve Student Learning in Grade 4 SDN Sumberkembar Mojokerto

Nuril Nuzulia, Vivy Endang Try Santi
Popscra book learning media based on mnemonics can be used in mathematics learning because it stimulates students’ skills in remembering sequence units of length and weight. The research method used Research and Development. Researchers adapted Borg and Gall’s modified development model. The researcher...
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Concept of Community-Based Education in Indonesia

Purnomo, Putri Irma Solikhah
Community-Based Education is education that focuses on community empowerment. Community-Based Education starts from the perspective of critical education who wants to oppose the hegemony of the government in education through the democratization of education. This research examines the concept of community-based...
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Reconstruction of School Operational Assistance Funds Management to Improve Accountability and Transparency

Dwi Sulistiani
As a public sector organization, Madrasah (Islamic school) must pay attention to accountability and transparency, including the management of School Operational Assistance (BOS) funds. This study aims to analyze and reconstruct BOS funds management, which consists of three stages, namely budgeting, accounting,...
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Risk Mitigation of Covid-19 Pandemic in Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil

Esy Nur Aisyah, Zuraidah Zuraidah, Ryan Rahmah Maulayati
Maintaining Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil (BMT) sustainability as an Islamic microfinance institution is very important because it can reduce poverty and increase economic growth. However, institutions usually face challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic, which negatively impacts their sustainability. Therefore,...