Proceedings of the International Conference on Enterprise and Industrial Systems (ICOEINS 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Mahmud Dwi Sulistiyo, Ryan Adhitya Nugraha
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ICOEINS 2023 during 4-5 October 2023 in Bali, Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Technical Program Committee (TPC) and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful...
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Creating a Mobile E-Wallet for Visual Impairment Using an Inclusive Design Approach: A Case Study in Bandung, Indonesia

Ilham Ilyasa, Rahmat Fauzi, Sinung Suakanto
In Indonesia, the rapid growth of Fintech has brought convenience to the general population, offering access to financial services and seamless fund transfers. However, this progress hasn't been fully inclusive, leaving individuals with visual impairments at a disadvantage. Based on data collected...
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Implementation of ERP Accounting Process Based on Odoo Using Quick Start Method at XYZ Company

M. Revivo Andrea Vadsya, Wahjoe Witjaksono, Warih Puspitasari
XYZ Company is a subsidiary of ABC Tbk, operating in the property sector. The accounting unit is a crucial part of XYZ Company and is responsible for financial management. The challenges faced by the accounting unit include the lack of an interconnected system linking various units, resulting in the...
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Designing an Integrated Project Management System for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Information Technology Sector on Odoo using the Quickstart Method

M. Dendy Surya Perdana, R. Wahjoe Witjaksono, Warih Puspitasari
Currently, the need for information technology-based systems is increasing significantly in line with technological advancements. Therefore, as technology continues to evolve, it holds great promise for CV XYZ to further develop as an IT service provider company. At present, CV XYZ has been utilizing...
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Enterprise Architecture Design on Business Process Domain Using TOGAF Framework

(Case Study: Communication and Informatics Office of Bandung City Government)

Virda Amelia Putri, Ryan Adhitya Nugraha, Falahah, Arief Mujahidillah
The development of information technology encourages governments around the world to compete to be better in Electronic-Based Government Systems (EBGS). The Department of Communication and Informatics of Bandung City Government or known as Diskominfo as an institution responsible for government affairs...
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Enhancing Fintech P2P Lending Analysis: Integrating LSTM Algorithm and SERVQUAL Model for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis

Bagus Tri Atmaja, Muhardi Saputra, Faqih Hamami
This research aims to aspect-based sentiment analysis based on the customer satisfaction theory SERVQUAL model of the Fintech P2P Lending application on the Google Play Store. The massive technological developments in digital money lending are not supported by optimal service and guaranteed data security....
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Mapping the Blockchain’s Decentralized Finance Characteristics

Gede Natha Wijaya Kusuma, Andry Alamsyah, Dian Puteri Ramadhani
The integration of blockchain technology, particularly through Decentralized Finance (DeFi), has transformed the financial industry. As of January 2023, the DeFi crypto market had reached a market capitalization of $46.21 billion, serving a user base of 6,686,500. DeFi surpasses Traditional Finance (TradFi)...
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Revitalizing IT-Based Enterprises: Uncovering Innovative Strategies for Performance Enhancement via Partial Adjustment Valuation

(A Case Study of Indonesian Banking Industry)

Kessya Azzahra Rismadewi, Lukman Abdurahman, Muharman Lubis, Muhammad Fakhrul Safitra
In general, many banks have not fully optimized their IT-based investment efforts, particularly when anticipating gradual changes or adjustments in specific financial variables over time. This approach is primarily employed to assess the valuation of assets, securities, or companies. The primary data...
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Analyzing Technostress Factors: Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis for Identifying Causes in Fintech Users Using the Decision Tree Algorithm

Sahra Bilqis Fauziyyah, Muhardi Saputra, Riska Yanu Fa’rifah
Information technology innovation, particularly in Financial Technology (fintech), plays a central role in various aspects of life. Among the fintech services, e-wallets are highly popular in Indonesia. In 2021, OVO was a leading e-wallet; however, in 2022, it experienced a decline, suspected to be caused...
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Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis in Identifying Factors Causing Technostress in Fintech Users Using Naïve Bayes Algorithm

Yanuar Taruna Lutfi, Muhardi Saputra, Riska Yanu Fa’rifah
Technology has revolutionized finance through fintech, simplifying transactions and access to financial services. In Indonesia, fintech, particularly e-wallets, has experienced rapid growth. However, these technological advancements also present challenges such as technostress, which affects user behavior....
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A Systematic Literature Review on Metaverse

Azka Aminah Azzuhriyyah, Indrawati, Gadang Ramantoko
The metaverse, a virtual reality space with significant potential, is gaining popularity due to technological, social, and economic convergence, necessitating scholarly debate and understanding. The purpose of this study is to provide a structured evaluation of current literature using bibliometric analysis....
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Development of Attendance System Applications Using Location Coordinate Validation in Collaboration with Mobile Application

Muhammad Arya Pramudya Subekti, Sinung Suakanto, Ahmad Musnansyah, Margareta Hardiyanti
Along with the times, with advances in technology, the need for an attendance system at schools, in companies, or in organizations is increasing. At this time, students and workers find and identify that reliability is a key indicator of the quality of service facilities and infrastructure to determine...
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How Integrating Service Production, Quality Control, Inventory Management for Small Retail Coffee Industry: A Case Study

Yumna Zahran Ramadhan, Warih Puspitasari, Muhardi Saputra, Muharman Lubis
MSMEs Nature Beauty Coffee, often called Natbe Coffee, is a MSMEs from Bandung that focuses on distributing Coffee beans; established in 2022. This is one of MSMEs startups that aims to optimize the sales or marketing of Coffee beans in Alamendah Village, Rancabali, Bandung, West Java. At this time in...
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Exploring the Role of Interdisciplinary Communication Theories in Diffusion of Innovations: A Review

Yumna Zahran Ramadhan, Muharman Lubis, Deden Witarsyah, Luthfi Ramadani
This article discusses various interdisciplinary communication theories and their application in understanding complex social phenomena. The Diffusion of Innovations theory is discussed in detail, including its model, factors that influence innovation diffusion, and the role of communication theory in...
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Design of Accounting System for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Information Technology Sector

Hadi Noerddien Jayanto, R. Wahjoe Witjaksono, Warih Puspitasari
In the digital era, the roles of information technology and information systems in the business world have become inseparable. One of the information system models that can be implemented is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Odoo is an open-source ERP system that supports various business...
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Analysis of Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation Based on TOGAF For Pharmaceutical Holding Company: A Case Study

Ario Wisanggeni, R.Wahjoe Witjaksono, Muhardi Saputra
XYZ is a holding company moving in pharmacy manufacturing with a primary objective of implementing an all-encompassing ERP system capable of integrating all entities within the enterprise. This strategic move is intended to facilitate streamlined control and effective management of the intricate components...
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Analysis of SAP Integration in Procurement Process Based on TOGAF (Case Study: Pharmaceutical Holding Company)

Siti Alifah Hartaniah, R. Wahjoe Witjakcono, Muhardi Saputra
PT XYZ is a pharmaceutical holding company that wants to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to create a centralized and integrated system with its entities that complies with applicable regulations. Currently, around 80% of pharmaceutical companies have adopted ERP, and PT XYZ focuses...
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The Effectiveness of Parameterized Queries in Preventing SQL Injection Attacks at Go

Rizaldi Fatah Sidik, Syifa Nurgaida Yutia, Rana Zaini Fathiyana
SQL Injection attacks are one of the common security risks that occur in applications. SQL Injection cases can lead to data and sensitive information leaks, and even potential application data deletion. This research examines the effectiveness of using parameterized queries in the Go programming language...
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Integrating System Quality, Information Quality, and Service Quality for Evaluating IS Quality

Shafira Fatimah Azzahra, Luthfi Ramadani, Basuki Rahmad
Ensuring quality is crucial for attaining efficiency, user happiness, and overall system success in the field of Information Systems (IS). This research explores the integration of System Quality, Information Quality, and Service Quality by fusing the characteristics to develop an integrated framework...
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Service Excellence Analysis using KANO Model on Tokopedia Case

Ahmad Adli, Ihfan Aditya Ghafur, Muhammad Irfan Luthfi, Sabil Nararya, Muharman Lubis
Tokopedia is an Indonesian E-Commerce Company which is indeed one of the Indonesian Unicorn Companies that was established on February 6, 2009, with its head office in DKI Jakarta. As of December 2020, Tokopedia claims to have more than 350 million product listings and 42 digital products and serves...
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Top 5 E-Commerce Performance Analysis Using Google Lighthouse Matrix

Ahmad Adli, Titik Wihayanti, Deden Witarsyah
In the rapidly growing digital era, many activities can be conducted through online media such as learning, working, investing, and others. In addition, technology is also expanding in our daily lives, such as in shopping, which can be achieved through direct sales by sellers and buyers. Google Lighthouse...
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Analysis of Web Browser Design Improvements based on Customer Voice using Quality Function Deployment

Siti Hajar Komariah, Rd. Rohmat Saedudin
In the contemporary world, science and technology play a pivotal role in facilitating and enhancing product development quality, encompassing the phases of conceptualization, design, and even manufacturing. Furthermore, the development of a product necessitates consideration of evolving consumer preferences,...
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Implementation of MVC Architecture on RESTful API for Monitoring Covid-19 Patient Condition Parameters using Laravel Framework with Waterfall Method

Muhamad Ivan Fadilah, Tien Fabrianti Kusumasari, Sinung Suakanto
The Covid-19 pandemic has created an urgent need to monitor patients' conditions efficiently and accurately. In an effort to overcome this challenge, this study aims to implement the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture on the Representational State Transfer (RESTful) API to monitor the condition...
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The Effect of Acceptance Electronic Word-of-Mouth Information on Intention to Purchase Local Skincare: A Gender Perspective

Fitriani Nur Utami, Citra Kusuma Dewi, Akhdiyat Nizar Ramadhani
The beauty industry in Indonesia is flourishing, especially in the cosmetics and skincare categories. The main reason for this flourishing industry is the generational shift with young consumers entering the market. Also, it is supported by social media platforms that introduce a new issue, i.e. electronic...
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Digital Marketing Strategy in Indonesia: A Short Bibliometric Review

Mahir Pradana, Dian Gita Utami, Andi Sri Wahyuni, Serpian Serpian, Ahmadi Usman, Ani Dyah Astuti
The rapid development of information technology today has changed the way companies interact with customers and develop business. In this study, the authors will discuss effective digital marketing strategies for increasing product sales in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era. In research that discusses...
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Towards a Generative Artificial Intelligence Competence Framework for Schools

Lana Sattelmaier, Jan M. Pawlowski
Artificial Intelligence will change the workplace in all sectors within a short period of time. One of the key questions is how we can prepare the next generation for the emerging challenges. Therefore, we have developed a competence framework for schools, focusing on teacher's kids in K12. The...
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Business Process Improvement and Information System Design in Procurement Process at Pharmaceutical Company

Firas Arasy Dzikru MalikulMulki, Yodi Nurdiansyah, Prafajar Suksessanno Muttaqin
The Indonesian Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises at the beginning of 2022 officially formed B company, whose members are B company as the parent company, H company, K company and I company as subsidiaries, based on global health sector trends and diseases in developing countries. The procurement function...
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Business Process Design for Gerakan Bangkit Desa in MSMEs Using E-BPI

Rd. Rohmat Saedudin, Luthfi Ramadani, Muhammad Fathinudin, Prafajar Suksessanno Muttaqin, Ari Fajar Santoso, Ryan Adhitya Nugraha, Muhammad Fakhrul Safitra
PT Satoe Juara Nusantara (SJN), PT Biru Financial, and the Kowargi Cooperative have partnered to develop the Village Awakening Movement (Gerbang Desa) program, a flagship initiative for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indonesia. The program, approved by the Ministry of Cooperatives and...
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Designing People Capability Maturity Model Criteria to Enhance the Assessment Instrument for SPBE to Address the Elements of People, Process, and Technology in IT Governance

Mutmainnah Adnan Lanure, Basuki Rahmad, Muharman Lubis, Reza Abdillah Adnan Lanure
There is no specific assessment instrument for people management aspects in the SPBE instrument, hence this research has completed the design of People capability maturity model criteria for an electronic-based government system (SPBE) based on the P-CMM model, by adding 1 domain related to people, to...
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OpenStack vs Kubernetes on System Architecture: Benchmarking from the Perspective of DevOps and Cloud Networks Connections

I. Putu Agus Eka Pratama, I. Nyoman Didik Ariadi, Mahmud Dwi Sulistiyo
In the field of industrial information technology, especially in system architecture, system management can be done based on DevOps and Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing offers three types of services and four deployment models, while DevOps helps produce stable software products while increasing their...