Proceedings of the 2023 4th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management (ICMSEM 2023)

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Suhaiza Hanim Binti Dato Mohamad Zailani, Kosga Yagapparaj, Norhayati Zakuan
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Post-Epidemic Economic Risk Prevention and Public Management Suggestions Based on Supply Chain Analysis Model

Linglan Fu, Jinlong Su
This paper analyzes the main problems and difficulties faced by the economy of Fujian province after the epidemic, and probes into the effective countermeasures to accelerate the improvement of Fujian province’s economy through many fields investigations inside and outside Fujian province. Team is the...
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Research on Post-Evaluation Method of Local Power Grid Enterprise Distribution Network Project Based on Whole Process Management

Ping Du, Yuchen Wang, Ning Zhang, Xia Chang, Nan Shang, Yuyang Jin
The post-project evaluation can promptly discover the problems in the management of the investment and construction of the distribution network project, so as to provide decision-making guidance and support for the investment and construction of the distribution network project of the local power grid...
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Research on Evaluation Method of Maturity of Power Grid Project Cost Management Based on Fuzzy Theory

Shibo Dong, Tong Liu, Yuanyuan Rong, Ye Li, Cuiliu Liu
Strengthening the cost management of power grid projects is an important way to improve the efficiency of project management and the level of business efficiency of enterprises. Based on the maturity related theories, this paper constructs a fuzzy theory-based power grid engineering cost management maturity...
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Collaborative Effectiveness Evaluation Model Between Different Business Segments Under Closed-Loop Management System of Large Power Grid Enterprises

Song Xue, Xiaodong Li, Rui Li, Xiaofeng Zhang, Pengwei Cong
Business types of large power grid enterprises are diversified. Strengthening the coordination of different types of business is of great significance to reduce operating costs, improve business quality and efficiency. It is an important part of the closed-loop management system to build a collaborative...
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Research on Risk Assessment and Classification Method of Raise Boring Rig

Shouye Cheng, Guoye Jing, Zhaoyang Song
In order to promote risk identification and prevention of raise boring rigs, an index system is constructed, and a risk assessment and classification method is proposed. By analysing the risk factors such as geology, equipment, environment and personnel, we constructed a work breakdown structure and...
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Research on Safety Level Evaluation of Construction Ships in the Channel of Yangtze River Estuary

Jiaming Qu, Yuchi Hao, Hui Sun, Ping Zhu
During water construction operations, engineering ships often occupy part of the traffic channel, resulting in a surge in the density of ships in the channel which increase navigation and operational risks of ships. However, the existing research on risk evaluation in navigable waters is mostly oriented...
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Multi-Project Information Management Platform Based on PDIE System

Dongsheng Li
In order to solve the information management problem of enterprise project R&D, the work breakdown structure (WBS) method is used to decompose the product development process in three levels. PDIE platform construction is carried out based on the three-level process, so as to achieve management synergy,...
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Research on Collaborative Governance of Public Crisis Events Based on Big Data Information Processing Technology

Yan Ke, Ying Wei
This paper adopts a quantitative approach to the study of collaborative public crisis management in the context of big data. Quantitative analysis is conducted on the data of population movement and epidemic distribution, production and deployment of epidemic prevention resources and public service provision...
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Evaluation of Intelligent Level of Regional Manufacturing Industry Based on Entropy Weight-Partial Ordered Set Theory

Jiajing Zhang, Ning Cui, Jiaming Zhang
Aiming at the problem that the evaluation results are not robust and credibility is low due to the disputes over the weights of evaluation indexes in the existing intelligent evaluation of manufacturing industry, a regional intelligent manufacturing level evaluation model based on entropy weight and...
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A Threshold Regression Study of Tax Incentives and Innovation Based on Big Data

Tieping Wang
As China’s economy enters the new normal of development, the impact of innovation on the economy has become more and more significant, and companies have gradually realized the importance of innovation. In recent years, the government has issued a number of preferential tax policies for macro-control...
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An Evaluation Method for Engineering Emergency Repair Measures Based on User Experience Indicators

Liang-ze-nan Wang, Pei Li
The choice of remediation measures in a project usually depends on indicators such as the time and money spent on the measure and the impact of its implementation on the surrounding environment. However, these indicators are not able to comprehensively evaluate the good and bad engineering measures,...
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Research on Digital Transformation Evaluation Indicator System of Logistics Enterprises

Jia Jiang, Jinbo Cai, Bolun Hao
Whether the status and level of digital transformation of logistics enterprises can be effectively recognized determines the digital process and future development of logistics enterprises directly. Based on the existing research of digital transformation evaluation, this paper constructs the evaluation...
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Achieving Wetland Conservation by Improving the Welfare of Local People a Practice of Win-Win Paths in Southwestern China

Zehao Dong, Mengmeng Cai, Zejin Chen, Zheng Zhao
The coordination of protection and development has always been one of the most important contents of nature reserves’ healthy development. Thus, the resources conservation and poverty alleviation should be achieved simultaneously. As a link between nature reserves and communities, farmers’ opinions and...
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Scenario Building and Simulation Analysis of Typical Accident at Berth of Loading and Unloading Ethanol

Majing Lan, Pan Shao
In this paper, the background was loading and unloading ethanol at berth No. 17 of a dock in Qinzhou. On the basis of analyzing the results of an ethanol leakage accident, ALOHA simulation software was used to simulate the threat zone of the accident, so as to obtain the area with leaked ethanol dispersion,...
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Research on Material and Supplier Classification Method of Core Supporting Equipment Contractor

Hengbo Zang, Weimin Lv, Jinyv Hao
For the supplier classification method used by the military equipment core supporting equipment manufacturing unit mainly based on the civilian product market, it is unable to grasp the characteristics of the military industry and reflect the current situation of the military’s focus. In this paper,...
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Comparative Analysis of Rural Ecological Resource Development Subjects’ Behavior

Lan Zhong, Yupi Fu
In the era of ecological civilization, ecological resources have become valuable assets. However, during their exploitation, there exists a substantial issue of “hidden deprivation,” where external entities involved in resource development pay only a nominal land rent for agricultural resources, yet...
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Transportation Improvement and Firm Innovation: Evidence from China

Xiangcai Peng
Transportation infrastructure improved with the construction of high-speed rail (HSR) has an increasingly significant role in promoting economic growth in China, so it is urgent to describe and measure its economic benefits. By matching the database of China’s urban data, HSR data, and China’s listed...
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Location Planning of Field Ammunition Depot for Just in Time

Xianming Shi, Yongchao Jiang, Qianli Feng, Wenhua Shi, Cunping Chai
The location of the field ammunition warehouse is the key step to optimizing the ammunition supply support system, and it is also one of the steps to effectively reduce the ammunition supply cost. All along, previous studies on ammunition supply support have been divided into two categories, one is ammunition...
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The Effect of Perceived Organizational Climate and Affective Commitment on Employee Job Satisfaction

Yinglin Liu
How to improve employees’ job satisfaction has been the significant topic during digital transformation. The purpose of this paper is to the influence of organizational climate and affective commitment by tracking the emotional change of new employees. Empirically, by utilizing the statistical package...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Cross-Sea Cluster Facility Safety Emergency Drill Based on Improved Two-Tuple Linguistic Information

Qiang Jing, Xingwang Liu, Ni Zhou
The evaluation of an emergency drill is the key to testing the quality of the emergency plan and investigating the effect of the emergency drill. In this paper, taking the evaluation of cross-sea cluster facilities as the research subject, the emergency drill content was analyzed, and a comprehensive...
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Research on Brand Image Perception of RV Camp Based on Web Text Analysis—A Case Study of Tuju RV Camp in Huangshan

Huili Yao, Shuqin Hao
As a burgeoning tourism destination, the brand image perception of RV campsites requires in-depth research. Based on the “cognitive-affective” model and using network text analysis, this study collected effective travelogues and reviews from five major OTA platforms as research data to analyze the brand...
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Digital Platforms Help Organization Management and Resolve Supply Chain Disruptions

Chung-Lien Pan, Mengyi Bu, Bao Yang, Xin Shi, Xiaolin Huang
The outbreak of the epidemic has led to the risk of disruption in supply chains in various industries, and even the supply chain is difficult to survive. In order to pursue the sustainable development of supply chain, resources and society, we should adhere to the guidance of digital technology and promote...
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Classification of Quality Factors for Kano Model Based on Online Reviews: A Case Study of Online Medical Care

Xiaojiao Xiong
In the traditional Kano model, the acquisition of quality factors is relatively subjective and the classification criteria are not accurate enough. Therefore, how to obtain quality factors objectively and achieve accurate classification of Kano model is an important research issue. This paper proposes...
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A Study on Benefit Distribution in the Supply Chain of Sericulture Industry Based on Shapley’s Value Method

Chunxue Yu, Guangming Zhang
At present, there is an imbalance between income and expenditure in the sericulture supply chain, and the income does not cover the expenditure. At the same time, the supply chain of the sericulture industry has a single cooperative relationship among all the subjects and does not form a whole. In this...
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The Influence of Workplace Ostracism on Employees’ Unsafe Behavior in the Post-epidemic Era: A Conditional Process Model

Naiwen Li, Yu Yang
To explore the mechanism and boundary of the influence of workplace ostracism on unsafe behavior in the post-epidemic era, to effectively curb employees’ unsafe behavior and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. A conditional process model was constructed using 261 grassroots employees in high-risk...
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Research on Innovation Decision-Making Mechanism of Major Projects

Xin Li
Scientific and reasonable decision-making mechanism is an important guarantee to ensure the correct direction and path of major project innovation. This paper systematically analyzes the relevant theories and concepts of innovation decision-making and major project decision-making, puts forward the decision-making...
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Can We Improve Technological Innovation by Combining Internal and External Factors?—Based on Linkage Effect Analysis

Yijia Zhang, Xianyun Wu
Information technology is the key to enterprise development. How to realize the multi-factor linkage of technological innovation still needs to be studied deeply. Based on the configuration perspective, taking the Science innovation board companies as the research object, this paper uses the NCA and...
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Analysis of Operation Cost and Control of Communication Operator Data Center Park

Pengfei Zhao, Chang Liu, Jingtao Cheng
This paper focuses on the operating costs of the data center. Firstly, the calculation model of the operation cost is proposed for the construction and operation conditions of the data center, which can provide the calculation method for the feasibility study of the data center projects. Secondly, it...
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Digital Intelligence Technology Drives Sustainable Change in Shipping: Concepts, Applications, and Prospects

Junjie He
Shipping sustainability refers to the long-term adaptive development of the shipping industry, which involves a series of industries related to the shipping industry. Achieving sustainable development is an essential issue in the modern shipping field. At the same time, the world is undergoing digitalization....
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A Knowledge-Data-Driven Emergency Decision Support Method for Aviation Support Operation Risk

Yihui Gong, Jing Liu, Hongwei Guo, Tian Bai, Chengyu Li, Zhaoting Yuan
The aviation support system is the core of ensuring the safe takeoff and landing of aircraft and orderly operation. However, when the aviation support task is carried out, there are many factors leading to disasters, with a wide range of impacts, leading to difficult safety management. Therefore, it...
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Enterprise Credit Rating Method Based on Stochastic Dominance Under Linguistic Distribution Assessments Context

Hui Hu, Haiming Liang
In the process of enterprise risk management, credit rating is an important and effective method, which has been widely used in many fields. However, current credit rating methods rarely consider linguistic distribution assessment, which is often given by many experts. Inspired by this, in this paper,...
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Analysis of Construction Technology of Hospital Sloping Roof Engineering

Xiwei Li
In order to improve the building level, this paper analyzes the concrete construction methods of hospital sloping roof engineering, and summarizes the problems in the construction process. In order to ensure the normal operation of Hospital A and improve the overall waterproof and drainage function of...
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Impact of Team Identification on the Online Dynamic Team’s Effectiveness: The Mediating Role of Team Size

Jing Yang, Tang Yao, Jun Wang
Online dynamic teams have become a popular trend. Under this trend, the resource role of individuals in teams has been strengthened, which challenges the theories and conclusions in the traditional team literature. This study explores the impact of team identification on team effectiveness in the online...
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The Effect of Organizational Embeddedness on Employee Turnover Intention in Small and Medium-Sized Construction Companies

Xinyue Zhang, Chaolun Wu, Guanghua Li
The high turnover rate of employees has affected the long-term development of small and medium-sized construction enterprises. Based on job embeddedness theory, this paper uses structural equation model to prove the effect mechanism of organizational embeddedness and employees’ turnover intention in...
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High-Quality Project Management Process Research Based on Both Excellent Cost and High Quality

Ruilin Ge
In project management, high quality with low cost is the ultimate goal. Cost management and quality management are particularly important. Research on high-quality construction project management with excellent cost has a positive effect on improving project quality. Cost management needs to be done...
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Research on Bin Packing Problem Based on Supply Chain Economic Efficiency

Junjie Zhu
The study of the bin packing problem is of great academic significance and plays an extremely important role in the economy and society. By studying the bin packing problem, find the optimal packing layout to achieve resource conservation and economic benefits. This paper summarizes, analyzes and concludes...
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Research on the Evaluation of Supermarket Chain Agricultural Products Supply Chain Performance Based on Improved FCE

Ning Cui, Jun Wang
In the context of rural revitalization, it is important to study the performance evaluation of agricultural products supply chain. Based on previous research, this paper refers to the more typical and advanced fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method used in supply chain performance evaluation, considers...
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Assessment of Emergency Capability for Chemical Enterprise Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and Extension Theory

Zhenhua Xie, Zhenxiong Xing, Mingzhi Xu
Timely and accurate assessment of the emergency capability of chemical enterprises can provide scientific guidance for improving the emergency capability of chemical enterprises. According to relevant laws and regulations, combined with literature analysis and field investigation, the index system of...
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Talent Competence Under Transformation and Upgrading of Logistics Industry in Beijing, China

Jie Ma
With the business transformation and upgrading in logistics industry, the requisition of talent competencies has changed in recent years. It’s important to identify the talent competence for supporting development of the industry. This paper used mixed method such as content analysis and questionnaire...
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Empirical Analysis of Shared Logistics Platform Users’ Willingness to Consistently Use

Based on an Improved Expectation Confirmation Mode

Shengyuan Wang, Zhitong Zhu
In recent years, the fierce homogenization competition of shared logistics platforms has resulted in a serious loss of users, and users, especially owners, have low stickiness to shared logistics platforms. In this paper, an improved expectation-validation model is established, and two variables, user...
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Research on Evaluation and Promotion Strategies of Service Quality of Airports in Mongolian

Davaajav.G, Ziyun Wu, Bin Ji
The competitiveness of airlines is mainly reflected in the quality of service provided at airports. Assessing the adequacy of airport services can effectively help airport decision-makers to tap into market demand and identify the shortcomings of current management practices and the causes of differences...
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National Audit, Legal Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility

Empirical Evidence Based on Corporate Giving

Yue Huang
The fulfillment of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is crucial to sustainable economic development and social harmony and stability and national audit plays an important role in the implementation of CSR, which has attracted wide attention from both academic and practical circles. Based on the national...
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Anchor Characteristics and Consumer Purchasing Behavior: Based on Perceived Value Theory

Yuanyuan Wen, Zhi Li, Hongyuan Wen
With the rapid development of e-commerce live streaming platforms, network anchors have more and more obvious advantages in E-marketing. Based on the live streaming and perceived value theory, this paper explores the influence mechanism of network anchor characteristics on consumer purchasing behavior....
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Curve Effect of Benevolent Leadership on Employees’ Innovation Behaviour in Dynamic environment

The Moderating Effect of Leaders’ Innovation Expectation

Yajuan Feng, Qingxiang Tang
Based on activation theory and social exchange theory, this paper empirically tests the curve effect of benevolent leadership on employee. The results show that: (1) Benevolent leadership has an inverted U-shaped effect on innovation behavior. (2) Leadership innovation expectation regulates the relationship...
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Analysis of the Evolution of Construction-Designer Cooperation Behavior Based on Incentive Mechanism Under the IPD Model

Chaolun Wu, Guanghua Li
Based on the IPD model and the premise of the distribution incentive mechanism [1] given by the owner to the construction and design parties, this paper analyzes the evolutionary game between the construction and design parties, so as to find out the positive strategy to maximize the benefits of cooperation...
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Research on the Blocking Factors for the Promotion of Shared Manufacturing Model in Marine Industry

DongYu Ji
This paper proposes to apply the shared manufacturing mode to ship collaborative manufacturing in response to the problems of unbalanced resource allocation and low resource utilization in the shipbuilding industry, first analyzes and identifies the blocking elements affecting the advancement of the...
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A Study of the Impact of Interface Colour Schemes and Work Experience on Visual Search Performance

Jicong Han, Da Tao
Visual search of thermal power plant system is very important in practical work, so the influence of interface color scheme on visual search performance is studied Through designing two factor experiment, we decide to test the visual search influence and the level of visual fatigue under whether the...
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Prediction and Analysis of Subway Passenger Flow Based on AnyLogic in the Context of Big Data

Yingying Mei
The model uses computer pedestrian simulation software as the platform and Hefei Tianzhu Road Metro Station as the research object. Using the pedestrian library in Anylogic, the passenger flow distribution of a subway station in a certain place is simulated, and the service level of the platform, the...
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Tripartite Evolutionary Game of Government-Industry-University in Seasonal-Transportation of Freight Enterprises Under the Background of Carbon-Peaking and Carbon-Neutrality Goals

Kaiwei Jia, Xia Wu
China is now the world’s highest carbon emission country. All circles focus is how to achieve carbon neutrality in just 40 years. China’s carbon neutrality path will directly affect the future of the global industrial layout and investment direction. It is an important measure to promote the realization...
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Research on the Way to Improve the Training Quality of Engineering Cost Professionals from the Perspective of Evaluation and Certification

Hong Hou
The professional evaluation and certification index is the guide and benchmark of professional construction, which puts forward specific requirements for the training of professional talents. Based on the purpose of promoting construction by evaluation and reform by evaluation, this paper makes an in-depth...
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Research on Optimization of Enterprise Production Line Based on Genetic Algorithm

Chengjun Ji, Liangliang Hu
The purpose of this paper is to study how to optimize the production line of enterprises by using genetic algorithm, so as to improve the production efficiency and economic benefit of enterprises. In this study, we apply genetic algorithm to the production line optimization problem. Through the understanding...
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Research on Supply Chain Management Based on Combinatorial Optimization Algorithm

Ning Cui, Hongyu Li
With the rapid development of globalization and information technology, supply chain management has attracted more and more attention. Combinatorial optimization algorithm is widely used to solve various optimization problems in supply chain management. The purpose of this paper is to explore the supply...
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A Reinforcement Learning-Variable Neighborhood Search Method for the Cloud Manufacturing Scheduling Robust Optimization Problem with Uncertain Service Time

Sihan Wang, Chengjun Ji
Cloud manufacturing (CMfg) is an advanced networked intelligent manufacturing model, which includes a large number of new product customization services. Since many products lack historical data on service time, there is uncertainty about CMfg product service time, thus, CMfg service platforms need to...
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Research on Personal Risk Management and Control Model for Intrinsic Safety of Power Grid Enterprises

Jiapeng Chen, Zhenghang Wu, Pengliang Li, Ye Tao, Gengbin Liu
Safe production is the basis for the smooth development of all work of power grid enterprises, and has played a great role in the development of power grid enterprises. However, there are great potential safety hazards in its production, which is easy to cause personal safety accidents. Intrinsic safety...
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Gray Prediction and Development Analysis of Yingkou PORT’s Throughput

Zhaoqi Luan
With the promotion of global economic integration, the international logistics industry is developing rapidly, and port logistics is booming. As an important part of China’s comprehensive transportation and national defense construction, the port is an indispensable infrastructure for economic development,...
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Research on Supply Chain Risk Assessment Index System and Risk Countermeasures of Automobile Manufacturing Industry

Yan Chen, Yingjia Guo, Songxian Liu
The of automobile manufacturing industry supply chain (AMISC) is one of the most complex supply chain network systems in the world, and the accompanying supply chain risks will be more severe, so it is important to cope with and prevent the automobile manufacturing industry supply chain risks (AMISCR)...
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Construction of Eco Industrial Park Planning Model Based on Ant Colony Algorithm

Zhe Chen, Yingjie Li, Zeqi Zhang
Conventional eco industrial park planning mostly adopts methods and principles, with strong limitations, lack of comprehensive consideration of the industrial chain of the park, and poor planning effect, resulting in a high carrying rate of the eco industrial park ecosystem. Based on this, the ant colony...
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A Study on Tourism Motivation, Brand Image, Satisfaction and Behavior Intention of Tourist Factory

Cheng-Te Lin, Pei-Lien Hsiung, Chen-Hsien Lin, Man Ma
Combining brand image and behavioral intention, this study takes the relationship between tourism motivation and tourist satisfaction of characteristic tourist factories as the research theme. It explores the relationship between tourism motivation, brand image, tourist satisfaction and behavioral intention...
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Research on the Layout of Hydraulic Cylinder Workshop Based on SLP Intelligent Algorithm

Yunhan Wang
With the rapid development of the global economy, the hydraulic cylinder industry has also ushered in a period of booming development. For L busines’s hydraulic cylinder plant faces high material transportation efficiency, which is mainly due to its cluttered plant layout. This situation was addressed...
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Optimization of Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Shop Layout Based on Genetic Algorithm

Naiwen Li, Zihan Wang
For the layout of manufacturing workshop facilities, it is necessary to consider not only the material flow and production efficiency, but also the production safety. In this paper, we use the systematic layout design method to solve the problems in the existing workshop layout design by taking the layout...
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Layout Optimization of Factory A Based on SLP-Whale Algorithm

QiWei Li
In this paper, SLP method is used to improve the layout of a company’s box processing workshop facilities. Firstly, work units are divided through the collected basic data, and then the logistics and non-logistics relations between each work unit are analyzed and integrated to obtain comprehensive mutual...
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Study on the Index System of Military Capital Construction Financial Risk Early Warning

An Liao, Yan Peng, Ni Ni
To construct a scientific index system of military capital construction financial risk early warning is an important advance to implement financial risk early warning. This paper establishes corresponding indicators from four aspects of project management risk, capital risk, cost control risk and internal...
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Research on the Influence of Accounting Conservatism on Enterprise Innovation

Zhengchao Zhang, Sichen Liu
This paper takes China’s A-share non-financial listed companies from 2011 to 2021 as research samples to explore the impact of accounting conservatism on enterprise innovation, studies the impact of property rights nature on the relationship between accounting conservatism and enterprise innovation....
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The Impact of Financial Asset Allocation of Real Enterprises on Enterprise Value

Zhengchao Zhang, Shuo Zhang
This article examines the effects of real businesses’ financial asset allocation on enterprise value using the Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies from 2012 to 2021 as the research sample. According to the study, there is an ongoing “inverted U-shaped” relationship between enterprise value...
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A Study on the Gradient Classification of Logistics Development Level in 31 Provinces and Cities Based on Partial Order Set

Maojun Cao, Chen Yuan, Lizhu Yue
Logistics in developed areas can pull the remote areas, with very obvious gradient characteristics. To intuitively reflect the gradient characteristics of logistics development level in 31 provinces and cities in China, the partial order set evaluation method is applied to obtain the partial order Hasse...
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On Innovation-Based Triggering for Event-Based Distributed Material Optimization Dispatching Algorithm

Kaiwei Jia, Jinjing Wang
This paper investigates the problem of material dispatching for the logistics system. Traditional optimization algorithms are too costly to establish clock synchronization when solving large-scale material dispatching problems. At the same time, small changes in each area can trigger global information...
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A Study of the Factors Influencing the Sales of Intelligent Connected Cars

Baili Yang, Josefine Leon
Cars are becoming more sophisticated and connected as big data technology advances. A growing number of respondents are now purchasing intelligent connected cars, particularly in the late 2020 pandemic, when sales of these vehicles have surged in China. However, there are still many respondents who are...
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Evaluation and Optimization Algorithm of Regional Multi-Scale Land Spatial Coordination Degree Under Multi-Source Data Fusion

Feng Chen, Yifang Li, Yuxin Zhang
Against the backdrop of rapid economic and social development, accelerated urbanization, and changes in land use structure, we actively respond to the national ecological protection strategy, coordinate regional and multi-scale land spatial planning, and comprehensively promote the construction of ecological...
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Will Audit Background Executives Affect the Quality of Corporate Disclosure?

Based on the Empirical Evidence of Chinese Manufacturing Listed Companies

Qing Peng, Guanghui Zhang
Based on the theory of senior management echelon and the theory of behavioral consistency, this paper holds that the background characteristics of audit background senior managers are unique because of their identity transformation from the supervisor to the regulated. It is necessary to further study...
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Research on Vehicle Distribution Route Optimization Considering Carbon Emissions

Kaiwei Jia, Shengnan Wu
The distribution of low carbon logistics is very important to the current environmental issues given the background of the market economy’s and logistics industry’s rapid development, the growing scale of distribution, the low efficiency of distribution costs, and the influence of carbon emission pollution....
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Green Mindfulness, Organizational Ambidexterity and Corporate Sustainable Development Performance

Dongdong Zhou
Based on the questionnaire survey data of 432 senior managers in manufacturing industry, this study constructs a theoretical framework of green mindfulness-organizational ambidexterity-sustainable development performance, and explores the mechanism of green mindfulness affecting the sustainable development...
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Study on Remote Coordinated Emergency Response Mode of Typical Petroleum and Petrochemical Accidents

Jiayi Li
On the basis of analyzing the emergency response process of typical petroleum and petrochemical accidents, this paper analyzes the emergency rescue cases of four typical accidents, concludes the deficiencies existing in the current rescue process, and puts forward the development requirements for the...
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Talking About the Impact of Large-Span Spatial Structure on the City and Society

Taking the HSBC Bank Building as an Example

Xinan Li, Shunmei Piao
With the continuous development of today’s society, the forms of buildings in cities are constantly changing. This also shows that while the construction science is making continuous progress. Human beings have an increasing demand for various building structures, especially large-span space structures,...
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Quality Evaluation of Rural Logistics Development Based on Partial Order Set-TOPSIS Under Rural Revitalization

A Case Study of 31 Provincial Administrative Regions in China

Jiawei Zhang, Lizhu Yue
Rural logistics is a weak link in China’s logistics development system, with inadequate supporting infrastructure, a low utilization rate of information technology, and insufficient cross-industry integration, which hinders the sustainable development speed and service quality improvement of rural logistics....
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Study on the Repair Behavior of Internal Control Defect After Financial Report Restatement

Yifang Li, Gaoyuan Shi
As an important way of financial information disclosure, financial report restatement can help external stakeholders identify corporate risk and promote managers to improve corporate governance. This paper takes the A-share main board listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen from 2012 to 2020 as research...
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Credit Card Fraud Detection Prediction: Machine Learning Algorithm

Yi Qu, Jiani Jin
Someone commits payment fraud when they obtain the payment information of another person and use it for unauthorized transactions or purchases. Owing to the ease and convenience of e-commerce, digital purchasing is becoming increasingly popular today and because of the convenience of online shopping,...
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The Hybrid Production Optimization Model of Prefabricated Components from the Perspective of Multiple Orders

Daisong Hu, Ming Li, Rong Xu
The production of prefabricated components in modular construction is an important part of the modular construction supply chain. Starting from the perspective of multi-order and considering the characteristics of prefabricated concrete components, a dual-objective optimization model is proposed for...
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Research on Energy Carbon Emission Situation Prediction Technology: A Case Study of Fujian Province

Bidan Qiu, Yusong Sun, Yiqiu Zheng
In this paper, Fujian Province was taken as an example to build a general analysis framework for urban carbon emission analysis. Firstly, carbon emission was measured, and then the LMDI method was used to decompose the influencing factors of carbon emission from the aspects of energy structure, industrial...
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Optimization of Multi-Objective Dispatching for Emergency Rescue in Chemical Enterprises

Haoxue Wang
With the continuous development of chemical industry, the number and scale of chemical enterprises are increasing, but it also leads to the frequent occurrence of chemical accidents, and the complexity and specificity of the production environment makes it easy for the domino effect to occur after the...
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Industrial Engineering Production Management Study for Company A

Jingyue Yuan
Taking Company A as an example, this paper analyzes the current situation of production management of the company by using the theory and method of industrial engineering, and finds out the existing problems and their real causes. On the basis of considering the actual situation and work particularity...
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Analysis of “Internet + Embedded” Community Aging Based on AHP-Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Yirui Chen, Shichang Lu
With the increasing aging of China’s population, there is an urgent need to establish a new type of social pension service system, which is led by the government and based on effective resources. This paper adopts a fuzzy comprehensive assessment model to construct a community aged care evaluation index...
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Research and Practice on Standardization of Community Integrated Disaster Reduction in Shenzhen

Jingjing Huang, Yuanyuan Jiao, Shufeng Xi, Na Zhao
Shenzhen Local standard DB4403/T 253-2022 “Guidelines for Community Creation of Comprehensive Disaster Reduction” were officially implemented on September 1, 2022. The standard makes clear requirements for the community to carry out comprehensive disaster reduction work within the scope of Shenzhen,...
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Research on Cost Determination Technology for Power Grid Engineering Based on Bayesian Deep Learning Network Potential Impact Factor Mining

Tianmina Wu
The cost of power grid project is a multivariable and highly nonlinear problem. With the continuous expansion of the investment scale, the factors affecting the project cost are complex, diversified, volatility and other characteristics, and the single prediction model is often not comprehensive enough....
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Research on High Confined Water Water Rich Gob Area Growing Treatment Technology

Yue Li, Xing Li, Keyi Guo
Above the goaf, resource-based communities must construct civil buildings, industrial buildings, highways, bridges, and other transportation amenities. For the foundation treatment of the goaf, grouting technology is employed for the safety of the construction above the goaf. The selection of injection...
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A Study on the Spatial Spillover Effects of Logistics Agglomeration Level and Its Green Total Factor Productivity

Jiasheng Li, Liying Li
This article selects panel data from 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in China from 2015 to 2020, takes logistics industry carbon emissions as non-desired output, introduces environmental regulation and other control variables, uses the location entropy method and DEA-Malmquist model...
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Dynamic Research on Residential Consumption Upgrading and Green Logistics Development Based on PVAR Model

Rongteng Han, Baocheng Ding, Jinlong Tian
Based on the provincial panel data from 2006 to 2020, this paper uses the PVAR model, impulse response and variance decomposition to analyze the dynamic relationship between residents’ consumption upgrading and green logistics development, and conducts research and comparison by economic regions. Research...
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How to Improve the Resilience of Supply Chain of China’s Semiconductor Industry Under Trade War

Shiping Cao, Jian Wang
Semiconductor industry is one of the most important indicators to gauge a nation’s scientific and technological strength and economic development. Under the context of China-US trade war, the China’s semiconductor supply chain is facing with severe disruption risks. This paper analyses the internal and...
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Dividing and Conquering: Engineering Measures for the Storage Life Extension of Electro-Hydraulic Servo Mechanism in Natural Storage Conditions

Ding Fang, Fusheng Guo, Yang Jin, Li Tang
In recent times, there has been a growing interest in examining the reliability and service life of electro-hydraulic servo mechanisms under natural storage conditions. Notably, extensive research has been conducted on the topic of prolonging the storage life of these mechanisms. However, due to the...
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Ordering Strategies That Consider Positive and Negative Incentives for Designers Under Clothing Crowdsourcing

Yipeng Li, Shu Zhang, Kaifu Yuan
The combination of clothing industry and crowdsourcing supply chain (CSC) is becoming a research hotspot. For the clothing industry, “crowdsourcing” is introduced into the traditional supply chain operation. Firstly, based on the newsboy model, a basic ordering model (BM) is constructed. Then the optimal...
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Equipment Management Performance Evaluation Method Based on Improved Wavelet Neural Network

Lili WANG, Liang YOU, Zhongyi CAI, Jiangang JIN
Because there are many factors affecting enterprise equipment management, the performance evaluation of equipment management is uncertain, and the existing evaluation methods are too subjective. In order to improve this problem, this paper proposes a new method of equipment management performance evaluation...
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Equity Pledge of Controlling Shareholders, Internal Control and Earnings Management

Yanping Liu, Zhiyi Huang, Rong Wang
From 2012 to 2017, a-share listed companies with stock pledge behaviors of controlling shareholders in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges were selected as the research object to study the influence of stock pledge behaviors of controlling shareholders of listed companies on internal control and earnings...
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Analysis of the Shortcomings and Improvements in the Maintenance and Upkeep of Machine Equipment Throughout Its Life Cycle

Guoyi Han
In recent years, with the further development of China’s economy, machinery and equipment have also begun to be widely used. Machinery and equipment can not only greatly improve industrial production efficiency, but also drive the further development of China's economy. Equipment life cycle management...
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Analysis and Adaptation of the Evolutionary Game of Multi-Subject Behavior Decision-Making in the Prevention and Control of the New Crown Epidemic

Min Huang, Yue Zhang
In order to smooth out the game relationship and strategy selection between multiple participants in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic, a three-way behavioral decision-making evolution game model of local governments, enterprises and the public was constructed, and the In order to...
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Foreign Research Project Management Practices and Experience Inspiration for China

Yawei Li, Yan Xu, Zedong You, Xinpei Huang
As the main carrier of scientific and technological research and development activities, the management level and effectiveness of scientific research projects directly affect the smooth achievement of scientific research goals. Therefore, this article uses literature research and typical case analysis...
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Development of Computer Information System Based on Scientific Research Project Management

Fan Qinghua, Shen Jian
In the context of information technology era, digital and systematic research management can better improve research capacity building. This paper analyzes the current situation of research project management in research institutions, problems and the process of designing the use of information technology...
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A Model for Regional Grid-Agent Power Purchase Business in China Electricity Grid

Yuou Hu, Liang Han, Jing Zhang, Jiawei Yu, Hao Shi, Naijun Xu, Fubo Cui, Gang Luo
With the rapid development of the social economic, China has launched a new round of electrical marketization reform to facilitate the cross-region transaction of electricity for the purpose of adapting to the requirements of power industry in the new era. In 2021, the government published a rule named《Notice...
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Research on Classification of Traffic Organization of Ships Carrying Dangerous

Yijun Zhang, Guobo Wang, Qiyu Liu
In order to meet the national intrinsically safe management requirements, on the basis of international convention rules and national technical standards, take the Three Gorges locks as an example, consider the special safety management requirements of the locks for fire prevention, explosion and corrosion...
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Vitality Evaluation of Logistics Port Based on the Partial Order Set

Rui Wang, Lizhu Yue
In order to effectively evaluate the logistics vitality of twelve ports in the downstream area of the Yangtze River, a port logistics vitality evaluation index system was constructed, including four aspects: facilities, operation scale, and economic and information technology capabilities. The partial...
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Analysis of Grain Production Efficiency Differences in China Based on DEA-Malmquist Index

Fanglan Ding, Chenghua Liu, Yanlin Wang
This paper presents a cross-sectional analysis of the data related to the input and output of grain production efficiency in 31 provinces of China in 2020 through the DEA-BCC model. It is concluded that the overall pure technical efficiency of grain production in China is good and the scale efficiency...