Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems (ICMEIS 2015)

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Injection mold design for the bottle cap of facial cleanser

Peiyun Ao
According to the structural characteristics of the bottle cap, this paper analyzes the structure and the key technology of the die design Respectively, using Moldwizard module and Pro/E mold design facial cleanser injection molding mold design, local mosaic of concave die design is proposed.
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Research on a new method and system of concentricity measurement of marine propulsion shafting based on structured light technology

Cunjun Li, Xianlei Chen, Huadong Hao, Haolei Shi
Based on the structured light technology, a new study method and system of concentricity measurement of marine propulsion shafting is researched in this paper. The system is consisted of the image information acquisition, the structured light calibration and three-dimensional 3D scanning point cloud...
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PGRN negative regulates apoptosis through TNFR signaling pathway in chondrogenesis

Zhangyuan Xiong, Rong Jiang, Meilin LI, Feng-Jin Guo
BMP2 is known to activate ER stress-associated molecules,including XBP1S and ATF6.PGRN (Progranulin) was reported to be a stress-response factor in response to hypoxia and acidosis. Here we present evidences demonstrating that PGRN is also an ER stress responsive factor.PGRN expression was induced and...
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The design of energy storage welding machine with high voltage based on the PIC single chip

Rongsheng Lv, Rui Yang
This paper discussed the design of the energy storage welding machine which was controlled by PIC18f4520 SCM, energy storage welding machine is a kind of resistance welding. The working principle of the resistance welding uses the electrode press the weld port and power on it. The contact resistance...
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Study on the Application of the Virtual Technology in the Mechanical Assembly Process

Junhua Zhao
The virtual design and manufacturing is applied in the field of virtual reality technology in manufacturing. The virtual assembly is a part of the virtual design and manufacturing, it is based on the virtual reality technology, the computer modeling and simulation technology is used to establish the...
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Research on Flashover Breakdowns and Prevention Measures of Synthetic Insulator of overhead Power Transmission Line

Guoqi Yi, Jia Yang, Yujun Huang, Jintao Yu
As an anti-pollution flashover facility, synthetic insulator is now widely used in the overhead transmission lines in China. It has good mechanical properties, nice anti-pollution flashover performance, strong electrical erosion resistance and high efficiency advantages in operation. However, the lightning,...
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Research on Applications of Semiconductor Laser in Medical Fields

Jialiang Chen
Due to the advantages of semiconductor laser such as small body, light weight, long life span, high efficiency, it has been used widely in the medical fields. This paper firstly introduces the function mechanism of semiconductor laser, and then analyzes the special applications in ophthalmology department,...
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Edge detection of fuzzy droplet image based on combination of Canny operator and morphology operation

Yingqiang Xu, Zhiniu Xu, Yang Li
On the basis of Canny operator on image processing, The edge extraction of the fuzzy droplet images is carried out by combination of removing a small target and morphological open operation .First, Use edge detection operator to detect the image edge preliminary, and then call remove a small target which...
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Development of Current Detection Terminal of Wireless 10kV Distribution Line

Peidong Du, Weizhou Wang, Fuchao Liu, Jingjing Zheng
This paper developed 10 kV distribution line current terminals with both measurement and communication functions, these terminal hang in the 10 kV power distribution overhead line, and through the open magnetic circuit current transformer current measuring circuit and by using the method of curve correction...
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Low-voltage Power Line Broadband Communication System

Peidong Du, Weizhou Wang, Fuchao Liu, Jingjing Zheng
The power line communication (PLC) technology can make full use of the most universal power line network resources with high construction speed, less investment, and no wiring inside the house. The users could achieve high-speed Internet access through power plug seats of each room, and finally realize...
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Implementation of Grid Fault Diagnosis Expert System

Peidong Du, Weizhou Wang, Jianqhua Zhang, Qilong Lu, Yingting Wu
Fault diagnosis expert system obtains the operation of power grid by monitoring the change of dynamic database. While all kinds of measurement, switching value and a part of status records and documents about the status of power grid operation transferred by fault information system and SCADA system...
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Analysis on Relay Protection of User Lateral Grid-connected PV Power Generation

Peidong Du, Jianqhua Zhang, Jing Peng, Lin Yue, Yingting Wu
The paper analyzes the influence of user lateral grid-connected PV generation on relay protection of distribution network, and proposes the opinions for the economic technique and selectivity of protection. The paper applies DIgSILENT PowerFactory software to make simulation calculation and analysis...
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Simulation of Wind Generating Set Based on PID

Peidong Du, Fuchao Liu, Xuchun Wang, Jing Peng
The pitch control strategy of the wind generator set in the paper applies power feedback closed loop control to implement that variable-speed constant-frequency wind turbine regulates constant power removal by adjusting pitch angle under the condition above the rated speed. The present output power of...
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Analysis on Blade of Wind Turbine System Load and Power of Tower Coupling System

Peidong Du, Jingjing Zheng, Yongjun Han, Qilong Lu
The alternating load of aerodynamics, inertial force and elastic force of blade of wind turbine generator system can make elastic vibrator and tower generate coupling vibration to eliminate resonance. The paper takes the blade waving and bend of tower as an example. Firstly, the paper researches irrational...
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The universal key technologies of Ocean energy power generation

Peidong Du, Jingjing Zheng, Qilong Lu, Yingting Wu
With the ocean having become the hot of new energy development there is a sharp increase in the investment of ocean energy development. Dozens of unites have carried out researches of ocean energy technology under the National Marine Renewable Energy special funds to support. With the depth of the projects,...
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Analysis of large-scale wind farm operating in transient process

Jingjing Zheng, Yong Yang, Peidong Du, Jianhua Zhang, Jing Peng
The wind power generation capacity of Ganshu grid has exceeded water power and rank the second energy.For the grid, the burden of stable and safe operation caused by wind power increases consequently. Through the testing and transforming the ability of low voltage ride-through for wind turbine, and regulate...
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The Research of The 35KV optimization design and stable operation of technical for wind farm

Jingjing Zheng, Yong Yang, Jianhua Zhang, Peidong Du, Yongjun Han
Large-scale accident which wind turbines are off the grid has happened in the base of Jiuquan wind farm. The majority of accidents are closely related to unreasonable operation technology and unreasonable run manner of 35kV system of wind farm, unreasonable selection of equipment.Study the wiring structure...
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Design of Electromechanical Temperature early warning system based on BP neural network

Sheng Jun
For the current situation that the coal mine accidents occurred frequently, especially the fact that most major accidents ware caused by electromechanical fires, this paper analyses the cause of the accident caused by electromechanical, proposes the temperature monitoring and early warning management...
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Electric Filed Simulation and Structure Optimization for 40.5kV GIS Based on Finite Element Method

Xian Cheng, Jianying Zhong, Fang Yang, Zhanqing Chen, Duanlei Yuan, Ming Pan
The electric field distribution in the Gas insulated switchgear (GIS) gas chamber is an important factor for the design of GIS structure. The electric field distribution in the GIS gas chamber should be uniform as far as possible, to avoid excessive concentration of the electric field causing the occurrence...
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A Fast Method of Aerodynamic Computation for Compound Gyroplane

Tielin Ma, Shuai Hao, Pu Xue, Gen Li, Wenbiao Gan
A fast method of aerodynamic computation (FMAC) is put forward for compound gyroplane. It combines advantages of the blade element momentum theory and the engineering estimation method. To fast obtain aerodynamic characteristics of the compound gyroplane, the FMAC simplifies the interface between rotor...
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Structural Design of Wearable Lower Extremity Exoskeleton Based on the Human Body Engineering

Chunshan He, Liai Pan, Qinghua Li
With the development of science and technology and the progress of the society, the wearable lower extremity exoskeleton robots become more and more popular. In the paper, on the basis of market research and the theory of ergonomics, design sizes of the lower extremity exoskeleton have been determined....
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Structural Static Characteristic Analysis of Lower Limb Exoskeleton Based on Finite Element Modeling

Liai Pan, Chunshan He, Qinghua Li
Lower limb rehabilitation exoskeletons worn on the outside of the body, which has many features such as wearing comfortable, using safety, efficient rehabilitation training and etc. Structural performance of the exoskeleton determines the overall quality. In the paper, the concepts of the finite element...
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A New Privacy-Preserving Smart Grid System

Jiaping Lin, Xingwen Zhao
Smart grid can be used to continuously measure, monitor, predict and even control electricity consumption. However, the energy consumption information may reveal the privacy of users. In this paper, we propose a new privacy-preserving smart grid system based on a k-times short dynamic group signature...
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Research on Transmission Line Loss and Carrying Current Based on Temperature Power Flow Model

Lei Luo, Xingong Cheng, Xiju Zong, Wen Wei, Chao Wang
In conventional power flow calculation, the lines resistances are always assumed to be invariable, which does not conform to the actual. Resistances of transmission lines are changed with changes of external environment and power distribution. In this paper, a model of power flow calculation considering...
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Design and Building of Liquid Electrostatic Experimental Equipment

Teng Xu, Hua Xie, Guowei Zhao
High resistance flammable liquid electrostatics is the typical ignition source of industrial electrostatic fire explosion accidents, and thus understanding and revealing the electrostatic nature is very important for the electrostatic protection. On the basis of the fully research of liquid electrostatic...
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Constructing of Filter Part in Liquid Electrostatic Experimental Equipment

Teng Xu, Hua Xie, Guowei Zhao
During the transmission and application of refined petroleum products, electrostatic accidents often happen. When speed of electrostatic accumulation is faster than speed of electrostatic dissipation, and this can cause electrostatic accumulation in petroleum. Static test is needed in order to grasp...
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The Anthropomorphic Robot Arm Joint Control Parameter Tuning Based on Ziegler Nichols PID

Renli Wang, Yueming Dai
In order to get the anthropomorphic robot accurate parameters of the upper limb joint control motor, a method based on Ziegler Nichols-frequency response of the adaptive PID controller is proposed. The control circuit identifies online important critical frequency response characteristics of process...
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Design of Multiple Vehicle Video Monitor System Based on MST703

Zhongmin Li, Zhiwei Fan
With the development of electronic technology and road traffic, more and more electronic equipments are used in automobiles and vehicle monitoring system. Car rear monitoring system can eliminate the visual blind spot, provide the driver wider perspective and make driving safer. Now car video monitoring...
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Research on alternating low voltage training system based on virtual reality technology in live working

Yongkang Xiang, Xiangning He, Bojing Mao, Xianqi Li, Ke Pan, Guiyun Huang
The request of improving in distribution network reliability is completely uninterruptive during the process of power distribution. This article targets on an existing training method which is inefficient during the process of live working for power distribution. A system based on virtual reality technology...
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Research on power emergency caused by different types of disasters

Qiang Luo, Xiangning He, Bojing Mao, Dahai Tao, Xin Huang
Electrical safety is vital for coordinate development of social economic and people's life, so, power emergency management is must be carry out fully. In this paper, the significance of the power emergency rescue and power rescue types of emergencies are introduced. Besides, analyzed the current problems...
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Study on a novel power emergency plan based on the virtual reality technology

Xiangning He, He Pan, Xianqi Li, Guiyun Huang, Dehe Wang, Xin Huang
This paper investigated power emergency drills situation in domestic and foreign, compared practical and virtual drills from the aspects of the scale and investment of the drill and the effect of drill. Then proposed the concept of power emergency response drills on the basis of virtual reality technology,...
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Parametric Model Of Excavator Working Equipment Based On The Advanced Development Of UG

Minghai Yuan, Mingxia Kang, Yue Ding
The initialized geometric parameters for three main working device components of the hydraulic excavator SY205C – 8s including movable arm, bucket arm and bucket are designed based on relevant design manual. And the geometric models are designed by the application of UG. The design principles followed...
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Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of Airship Pitch Channel Attitude Angle

Guoqiang Liang, Guangbin Wu, Lingling Wang, Junwei Lei
On the basic of nonlinear model of pitching channel of airship, assuming the condition that the information of the unknown portion of the assumed airship model satisfy the norm-bounded condition and the boundary is known. A adaptation method has been used to solve the unknown information problem in this...
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Modeling And PID Control Of A Kind Of Airship Vehicle In Stratosphere

Guangbin Wu, Guoqiang Liang, Huali Wu, Junwei Lei
The airship modeling is the basic of the airship control problem. Based on airship modeling of pitching channel of airship and its nonlinear model, an traditional PID attitude angle controller of airship is designed. Finally, this control method is proved to be effective by numerical simulation.
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Modeling and PID Control of Height Loop of a Kind of Airship Vehicle

Yidong Wang, Junwei Lei, Lingling Wang
The airship modeling is the basic of the airship control problem. Based on airship modeling of pitching channel of airship and its nonlinear model, an traditional PID altitude controller of airship is designed. Finally, this control method is proved to be effective by numerical simulation.
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Modeling And Robust Sliding Mode Control Of A Kind Airship Aircraft

Guangbin Wu, Guoqiang Liang, Junwei Lei, Huali Wu
The airship modeling is the basic of the airship control problem, a class of simplified nonlinear model of pitching channel is studied in this paper. On the base of all above mentioned, the speed control is separated from the attitude control, and the speed is controlled by a simple constant control...
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The Principle Research of Ammunition Weapon Scrap Destruction

Junsheng Wang, Yidong Wang, Junwei Lei
Many varieties of ammunition can not adapt the tactical requirements and are eliminated. The processing of scrap ammunition is a long-term task. Foreign ammunition destruction situation and the principle of ammunition weapon scrapping destruction are expounded detail in this paper. Destruction of ammunition...
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Decomposition Removal Technology and General Program Research of Scrap Ammunition

Junsheng Wang, Hongjuan Zhu, Junwei Lei
Scrap ammunition processing activities have a lot of security risks. It is a strong technical and high security requirements professional activities. The decomposition of scrap ammunition is the technical operation process that uses certain technical method to remove the original structure and function...
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The Technology Method Research Of Scrap Ammunition Destruction

Haibo Liu, Yidong Wang, Hongjuan Zhu
The processing of scrap ammunition is an activity that reduces scrap ammunition dangerous properties and solves the problem of ammunition security retirement by the use of various technology methods and means. The foreign ammunition destruction situation and ammunition destruction at various stages are...
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Development of A Design System for the Sprout Vertical Cultivation Device

Yi Guo, Guiqin Zhang
A design system for the sprout vertical cultivation device has been developed with Visual Basic and SolidWorks redevelopment technology. This system features a simple user interface and easy operation. Practical applications show that the system can work out the manufacturing materials required and update...
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Key Technologies of Reconfigurable Assembly Line For Mass Customization

Kun Deng, Minghai Yuan, Shuo Cheng
For the dynamic and changeable market environment and personalizedproduct requirements and other new rapid changes of production demands, a new method of reconfigurable assembly line for mass customization is put forward. In this paper, firstly introducing its background, the current developing condition...
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Research On The New Generation Smart Substation

Jing Tao, Zaichao Huang, Hui Deng, Wei Wang, Lei Chen, Wen Shen
Smart substation is an important foundation and support for the strong smart grid. It is the data collection source of grid running, and also the execution unit of grid command. This article describes the basics of the new generation smart substation, and analyzes the differences between the structures...
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Research On The Fault Tripping Criteria Of Stability Control Device Adapting To AC-DC Hybrid Power Grid

Duanzhong Wang, Jingcao Chen, Xueming Li, Qinghua Si
The fault of AC bus in HV (high-voltage) AC-DC hybrid system can cause consequential commutation failure in converter station, and it affect the correct operation of the current stability control device. The mechanism of phase commutation failure is explained in the paper, and the variation of each electrical...
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Parametrical Analysis of Elliptic Flexure Hinges

Yujuan Chen, Junsheng Jin
The model of parallel-oriented compliant mechanism was established. Analysis of parameters for elliptic flexible hinge plane compliant mechanisms was illustrated. The relationships between the system frequency and the flexible hinges shapes, geometry parameters, material parameters were discussed by...
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Improved BLDCM Direct Torque Control Strategy

Chunyuan Bian, Baixue Gao, Miaomiao Kang, Yongkui Man
For conventional BLDCM direct torque control strategy existing many disadvantages, for example, flux ring observation algorithm is complex, electromagnetic torque ripple is too large, the current waveform is not ideal, high switching frequency and large switching losses are also serious, designing an...
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Development Of SSP510 Frequency Voltage Emergency Control Device

Qinghua Si, Zhukun Li, Yunsong Yan, Jilin Wang, Duanzhong Wang
With the construction of UHV grid and smart grid, the structure and scale of China's power grid has been greatly changed. So new requirements for frequency voltage emergency control device are presented. Architectures and features of the device is first introduced, followed by intelligent plug-management...
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Research on Spoofing Detection Technology Based on Circular Correlation Capture

Guangwei Fan, Zhenhua Wang
Concerning the problem that a single spoofing detection method has poor performance in the receiver capturing phase, this paper presents a joint spoofing detection algorithm that combines the signal arrival time detection with the capturing correlation peak detection. The relationship among detection...
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The Effect of Active Failure on the Power System Reliability Evaluation

Yuxin Zhao, Xiaohui Hu, Zhao Sun
The active failure is important to the power system reliability. The effect of the active failure is proposed and analyzed to evaluate the power system reliability by the amending parameter method and the simulating failure method. in this paper. The need of the considering active failure is verified...
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Adaptive Control And Single Parameter Identification Of One Order System

Yuqiang Jin, Zexue Li, Junwei Lei
In order to achieve adaptive control and single parameter identification of one order system, an ordinary adaptive control method is used in this paper. Based on Terminal attractor and Sigmoid function, an adaptive control law is designed, and the result of parameter identification is analyzed. In the...
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Adaptive Control And Multiple Parameters Identification With Single Differential Equation

Yuqiang Jin, Junwei Lei, Zexue Li
How to identify multiple parameters quickly and accurately is a key or problem of control system optimization. Based on Terminal attractor and Sigmoid function, an adaptive control law is designed, and the result of parameter identification is analyzed. In the end, a conclusion can be made that theoretical...
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Research On A Kind Of Improved Integral Adaptive Control Method With Zero Final Value

Guoqiang Liang, Guangbin Wu, Junwei Lei
In order to achieve adaptive control and single parameter identification of one order system, an ordinary adaptive control method is used in this paper. By improving integral control, the system parameter can be identified. In the end, a conclusion can be made that theoretical analysis is correct and...
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A Kind Of Improved Adaptive Control Method And Its Application In Parameter Identification

Jun Peng, Di Liu, Junwei Lei
In order to achieve adaptive control and single parameter identification of one order system, an ordinary adaptive control method is used in this paper. By improving the adaptive control method, an adaptive control law is designed, and the result of parameter identification is analysed. In the end, a...
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Double improved integral adaptive control of one order system

Yuliang Chen, Lingling Wang, Xiaoyan Qu
In order to achieve adaptive control and single parameter identification of one order system, an ordinary adaptive control method is used in this paper. By introducing integral control and considering multiple variables, an adaptive control law is designed, and the result of parameter identification...
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Integral Adaptive Control And Single Parameter Identification Based On Terminal Attractor And Sigmoid Function

Zexue Li, Jun Peng, Junwei Lei
In order to achieve adaptive control and single parameter identification of one order system, an ordinary adaptive control method is used in this paper. Integral control, Terminal attractor and Sigmoid function is combined to achieve parameter identification. Based on Laypunov method, an adaptive control...
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The M otor Drive Part Hall Memory Function Detection

Bao-jun Yu, Tian-tian Xin, Jie-qiong Lin, Peng Tian
In modern vehicles, part of the DC motor driven components use DC motor with hall of memory function, it is using the square wave produced by the Hall sensor as dc motor position feedback signal of the mechanical parts , these parts should pass position memory test to determine whether qualified after...
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Tunable Stiffness And Damping Isolator Based On Modified Skyhook Control Method

Huiming Zheng, PeiQiong Liang, Yu Xiang
The original damping skyhook (SK) vibration control method needs to determine the absolute velocity of the sprung mass, however, the absolute velocity is impossible to measure for a running vehicle. The modified damping skyhook method (MSK) instead uses the derivation of acceleration of the sprung mass...
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Research On The Optimum Cable Release Length Of ROVs

Lin Li, Yanhui Zhang, Ping Yang
To study a self-propelled cable-controlled vehicle’s movement, operation and control, the function of its cable’s towrope resistance is needed. Through calculating towrope resistances of the vehicle under different cable release lengths, the functional relation between the vehicle’s movement location...
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Kinematics Smulation Of Six Degrees Freedom Robot Car Skylight Detection Based On ADAMS

Yamei Liu, Jing Liu, Yahui Bian, Yongpan Li
a function of automotive exteriors, automobile skylight from the early applied to high-end models, development up to now, have become more popular in the car at all levels. Enclosed is the priority study of automobile skylight, the sealing test is becoming more and more attention ,in modern society,...
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An Active Stabilization Technique Of A Homodyne Interferometer Based On PTDC For High Frequency Hydrophone Calibration

Shuaishuai Chang, Haijiang Zhu, Ping Yang
Under plane wave conditions, the ultrasonic pressure could be derived by the detected displacement with a stabilized homodyne interferometer, and then compare with the voltage output of the hydrophone, it could calibrate the hydrophone. Generally, what is noteworthy is that the disfigurement of the homodyne...
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Study On Dynamics Characteristics And Damping Measures About Backrest Adjuster's Transmission Parts Based on ADAM

Bao-jun Yu, Peng Tian, Jie-qiong Lin, Tian-tian Xin
Create three-dimensional model of backrest adjuster's transmission parts by using CATIA, and then, the model was imported into the dynamic simulation software ADAMS. based on multi-body system dynamics theory and the ADAMS, dynamics research and analysis are carried out for backrest adjuster's transmission...
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Study On Distribution Characteristics Of Rated Power For Motor Truck

Guoliang Dong, Fujia Liu, Shuquan Xu
There are thousands of truck modelsin the market. It is necessary to study the distribution characteristics of motor power since the rated power mismatch is a very serious problem currently.The truck models of maximum total mas range from 5 tons to 7 tons have been analyzed. Construct statistics for...
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Research On The Dab Displacement And Rang Force

Bao-jun Yu, Yahui Bian, Jing Liu, Tian-tian Xin
The horn is one of the essential parts of the car, the main function is to alert pedestrians and surrounding vehicles around the vehicle, to protect the safety of the pedestrian and vehicles. In the paper, the pulse commands to control the servomotor drive and limit of the limit switches to control both...
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Modeling of the Glaze Layer Thickness Distribution Formed by the Air Spray Oriented to Glaze Spray Process Parameters

Botai Zhao, Hao Feng, Ligang Cao, Shengrui Yu
In order to improve efficiency of modeling glaze layer thickness distribution via air spray, a novel fast modeling method was developed which oriented to glaze spraying process parameters. According to analysis of the affecting factors of glaze layer formation, apply the software of the Fluent was utilized...
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FEM Analysis Of Stamping Process For Vehicle Cowl Inner Panel

Huajun Yan, Shibo Ma, Lijuan Wang, Ying Gao
As the important component for bearing collision in the front of the vehicle, the cowl inner panel has complex shape features such as bulges, reinforcing ribs and holes. When the panel is formed, defects of wrinkling, cracking or incomplete forming will occor. The drawing die is designed for a certain...
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The Structural Design of the Barrier Gate and the Modal Analysis of its Box Body

Changbo Zhang, Li Fu, Xiantong Song, Ma Xu
Barrier gate is to achieve the efficient management of cars in and out of the entrance. In this paper, we design the crank-rocker mechanism and the whole structure of the barrier gate. In order to avoid the resonance of the box body and motor exciting vibration frequency, the modal analysis is carried...
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The Method of Fault Diagnosis for Servo System Based on Fuzzy Fault Tree Analysis

Fuan Sun, Cheng Li, Yongming Nie, Fangzhen Duan
Aimed at the complexity of the fault diagnosis of radar servo system on the ship, the pater puts forward the method of fuzzy fault tree analysis. The paper constructs the fault tree for antenna not running. And then the quantitative analysis of the fault tree is accomplished by founding models such as...
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Spatial Power Combining Experiment of High Power Microwave

Jinghong Yang, Chunlin Xu, Ming Yang, Meng Qian, Chao Liu, Yuan Liao, Xin Zheng, Lin Ma
Spatial power combining scheme of employing multiple coherent high power microwave sources together with phased array antennas is presented to improve effective radiation power of High Power Microwave Source (HPMS). HPMS and spatial power combining validation system are developed, and spatial power combining...
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A FM quadrature demodulation method based on small angle approximation

Yang Yang, Xueyuan Li, Nannan Cheng, Dongdong Huang
This paper introduces a FM quadrature demodulation method based on small angle approximation; this method can complete the task of FM signal demodulation using all digital circuit. After setting up the FM demodulation hardware test platform based on the software radio, the FM demodulation method is tested....
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A Novel Framework of Integrated Synchronous Flash for Buoys Monitoring System

Yongfu Zhou, Zhi Zeng
With the coastal shipping traffic in our country more and more developed, Coastal Waterway Traffic Safety is very important. Traffic lights is an important lights to guarantee the security of shipping, but because of the complex and changing of the offshore environment, therefore to develop a remote...
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Feasibility Study of HHT Method on Helicopter Rotor Imbalance Fault Feature Extraction

Wen Cao, Zhen-hong Xing, Yi Yao, Meng Zhang
Firstly, using the Hilbert-Huang Transform (HTT) methods of data for the empirical mode decomposition (EMD), so as to extract the Intrinsic mode function (IMF) of the signal , and then do Hilbert transform to get the Hilbert spectrum of the signal. The method has great advantages to non-linear and non-stationary...
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Study on Data Collection System in Joint Warfare Material Support Simulation System Based on HLA

Junbin Shi, Hao Xing, Xiaotao Bai
Joint Warfare Material Support Simulation System (JWMSSS), which is a large-scale hybrid complex system, will produce a great deal of data in its running process. These data are of various types and have complex structures which make the collection of simulation data quite difficult. According to the...
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The Recognition of Maize seeds Based on Multi-scale Feature Fusion and Extreme Learning Machine

Mingzhi Du, Xiao Ke, Mingke Zhou
In recognizing traditional crops seeds like maize seeds, we usually use electrophoresis assay method, fluorescence scanning method and chemical assay method. These methods are destructive methods. They take a long time to detect and are demanding of professional background knowledge and hardware conditions...
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The Key Technology Research on Automatic Monitoring and Remote Controlling of Water and Fertilizer on Banana

Lingling Wang, Hongxia Luo, Jihua Fang
This paper discusses the necessity and importance of technology of drip irrigation of integral control of water and fertilization. Firstly, research situation at home and abroad of agricultural information and technology on water and fertilize controlling, agricultural production management, environment...
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A Smart Power System

Weihan Bo, Mi Li, Xi-ping Peng, Xiang Li, Xin Huang
As smart building becomes increasingly popular, it enables many interesting applications, such as smart lock, elderly monitoring and remote healthcare. This paper will introduce one sub-system in the smart building: smart power system. This smart power system consists of an Android application, a cloud...
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Multi-mode Convergence-based Indoor Wireless Positioning System Design

Shuang Xu, Zhigang Wen
In this paper, an indoor positioning method is presented for self-localization of a mobile device by combining Wi-Fi wireless location, strap-down inertial navigation systems (SINS), augment reality and ultrasonic positioning. Over the last few years, inertial sensors with low cost and mobile devices...
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An Analysis and Simulation of Cellular Automaton

Zhijie Li, Xiaodong Duan, Cunrui Wang, Jian Yun
The life evolutionary model is researched and simulated as well as other typical cellular automaton model. Different consequences are simulated with various cell numbers, different initial states and different evolution rules. After results comparison among these methods, the factors impacting stability...
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Recognition and Analysis of Human Facial Expression: A PSO Optimization Method

Zhijie Li, Xiaodong Duan, Cunrui Wang
A method for precise face detection and segmentation combining with the particle swarm optimization is proposed. The method uses three key technologies: skin color segmentation, particle swarm search and curve approximation. The experimental results show that this method can eliminate the interference...
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Anticipatory Controller Design for Dual-stator Toroidal Motor with Hybrid Excitation

Xin Liu, Ling Nie
Dual-stator toroidal motor is a new style of motor, it integrates power and drive. The electromechanical coupled model is built based on the operating principle of the motor. The transfer function of the motor system is derived. In consideration of the response characteristic of toroidal motor, a speed...
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Study on Framework Design of Shore Defense Radar Condition-based Support System based on OSA-CBM

Bing Chen, Gang Lu, Qianqian Liu
With the daily growing position of coast radar in the shore defense system, maintenance is more and more onerous. The traditional assurance mode is hard to meet the accurate and timely need. Learn from the advanced experience of foreign developed countries in the field of equipment maintenance support,...
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Research on Stress Characteristics of Planetary Gear Drive with Small Tooth Number Difference

Xiaoning Feng
In order to study on the multi-teeth meshing phenomenon of involute internal gear pairs with small tooth number difference, precise entity assembly models of internal gear pairs are established, finite clement analyses for the multi-teeth contact problem are carried out, characteristics of the tensile...
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Computer Numerical Control System for Automatic Surface Machining

Zuo Yue Chen, Xiao E Wang, Mei Yang
Computer numerical control technology is mechanical movement with digital information and work process control technology, data processing is the reverse engineering of important technical aspects, which determines whether the subsequent model reconstruction process easy and accurate manner. In this...
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Small-Signal Modeling and Analysis of Combination-Configuration Microgrid Based on Droop Control

Jun Gu, Xing Zhang, Shanshou Li
In order to study the influence of system parameters on the stability and dynamic performance of combination-configuration microgrid based on droop control, small-signal model is established at the point of steady state. By calculating the eigenvalues of state matrix, the small-signal stability of combination-configuration...
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Multifunctional Room Controller Design

Lili Tang, Wei Huang
This paper is mainly to study the working state of a certain space appliance through the MCU and the circuit. The main core of the design is composed by the control core microcontroller AT89S52, digital sensor, LCD FM12864M-12L and some other peripheral circuits. This paper mainly introduces the performance,...
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Infrared Remote Control Intelligent Digital Calendar Design

Lili Tang, Wei Huang
This article comprehensively and systematically introduces the design of infrared remote control breathing show intelligent electronic calendar. Design using microcontroller AT89S52 as the core chip. The system structure consists of AT89S52, DS1302 time chip, DS18B20 digital temperature sensor chip and...
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A Study of Background Subtraction Method for NaI(Tl) Instrument Spectrum Based on Adaptive FWHM

Jianfeng He, Hailing Xiao, Yaozong Yang, Jianhui Qu, Hongkun Xu, Liu Lin
How to effectively subtract the background is one of the key technologies of spectrum date analysis in the gamma-ray energy spectra measurements. The paper, according to the SNIP(Statistics Sensitive Nonlinear Iterative Peak-Clipping Algorithm) method that has many advantages on background subtraction...
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Design of automatic control system of multi-parameters in engine room in the oil tanker based on PLC technology

Yong-dong Zou, Fa-xin Zhu, Yu-le Li
For the current shortcomings and deficiencies existing in tanker cabin, such as high temperature,high humidity,gas concentration,and does not automatically be controlled,this article considers from the tanker cabin design requirements and the necessity of it’s multi-parameters control. On the basis of...
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QFD Applications in the Automotive Steering System Development

Zhibin Bao, Rui Miao, Qi Wu, Tingting Song, Yujiao Liang
Converting the customer’s need into product requirements and making effort to realize the initial need in all phase from concept design to serial product is the key that automobile can fulfill consumer’s need before introduction to the market. Applying quality function deployment to summarize the customer’s...
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The Design and Implementation of The E-BOOK Based on eye-movment

Lian Li, Shan Wang, Feilong Bai
The thesis researches and designs one system based on eye movement EOG, the system contains three modules. They are signal acquisition module, EOG identification module and control making module. The main works are eye movement pattern recognition with three kinds of EOG, which are continuous blink EOG,...
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CAD Design of CJX2-150 Contactor Packaging Box

Zhi-Liang Xia, Qi-Ming Tian
This article designed the packaging box of CJX2-150 contactor through observing the size, shape, weight and test the property of the contactor, briefly introduced the procedures from design to modeling of the packaging box. The idea of the packaging design, the components of packaging, and the notes...
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The Visualized Application of Computer Graphic Stills in the Packaging of Pencils

Zhi-Liang Xia, Qi-Ming Tian
The intermiscibility between product and customer and the subjective impression customer have to the products are related to the quality of product packaging. This thesis talked about the student pencils packaging; Designed the packaging box of student pencils with cartoon image according to the hobbies...
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Design and Application of Humanized Pencil Sharpener

Zhi-Liang Xia, Qi-Ming Tian
In the world, pencils are more and more widely used, which meanwhile leads to the constant increasing of resource consumption. Because the main raw materials of pencil are wood and graphite, numerous wood and graphite are used for pencils every year. However, pencils are always not utilized well. Amounts...
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Research on Application of Humanized Design in Product Design

Li-zhen Liu
This paper takes soybean milk machine as an example. Nowadays, soybean milk machines on the market all adapt rotational flow to cut the beans and electric heating tube to heat. Whether they have filter nets or not or the beans are dry or wet is not the main factor to classify soybean milk machines. Instead,...
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Study on Computer-aided Design and Making of Packing Box of Chinese Moon Cakes

Zhi-Liang Xia
Mid-Autumn Day is a traditional festival in China, during which it is a Chinese conventional custom to send and eat moon cakes. It has become a kind of economic law that businesses sell moon cakes with the help of Mid-Autumn Day and the sales of moon cakes largely depend on the packaging. As an important...
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Kitchen Knife Research

Xiaoguang Huang, Jiaci Xie
This report is to do a research on kitchen knife because of the recession of kitchen knife market in recent year. Using the method of interview is to collect the data information from 15 participants. Data analysis and key results find that kitchen knife, to some extent, needs to improve its working...
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Computer Aided Book Binding Design

Zhi-Liang Xia, Qi-Ming Tian
Books are the carrier of human civilization with the help of words, symbols and graphics to record the human thoughts and emotions which telling the historical development process of human civilization. As an important part of books, book binding plays a very important role and has the independent aesthetic...
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Computer aided design of portable computer

Ledan Huang
Portable computer modeling design is mainly about different shape elements on decomposition and combination, including dots, lines, surface, body, color, texture etc. In order to make all the shape elements to be highly harmonious and acceptable, computer producers have to use the methods of unity and...
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Innovative Design of Humanized Personal Computer

Ledan Huang
The innovative computer design takes advantage of the theory of industrial design, design psychology, material science, ergonomics, computer aided design concept, also combined with designer’s feeling and understanding of many years working on the edge of design field. This new design not only considered...
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Computer-aided Personalized Lamp Design

Ledan Huang
Under the background of rapid development of modern science and technology, I make a theoretical and depth analysis on both physiological and psychological demands of lamp users to explore a more suitable feasible scheme through researching and analyzing the lamp which adapts human and social life best...
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Modeling Method of Creative Lamps

Ledan Huang
Creative lamp also has a relatively high popularity rate, while because of the issues like larger volume, inconvenient carrying as well as dizziness glare caused by improper operation, they equally provide development opportunities and prospects for the creative lamp industry. With the development of...
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Experimental research of the influence of differential settlement on the upper frame structures

Chunyan Ren, Bin Yan
Architectural accidents caused by differential settlement of foundation occured regularly in countries. In order to better understand the influence law on upper frame structure caused by differential settlement of foundation and reduce the occurrence and damage of accident in frame structure, this paper...