Proceedings of the International Seminar on Innovative and Creative Guidance and Counseling Service (ICGCS 2021)

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What is the Counsellor’s Role in Overcoming the Zoom Fatigue Phenomenon?

Ach. Sudrajad Nurismawan, Findivia Egga Fahruni, Surya Adhi Nugraha, Ela Nur Fadilah
The increasing use of technology-based learning media such as Zoom and Google Meet during the Covid-19 pandemic can trigger the emergence of mental health problems in students and teachers. One of the problems is the Zoom Fatigue phenomenon which can make the learning process less effective and optimal....
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Counseling Based on Andragogy Via WhatsApp to Reduce Students’ Anxiety During COVID-19 Pandemic

Adnan Fadkhurosi, Rosita Endang Kusmaryani
This study is an analysis of andragogy-based counseling via WhatsApp to reduce anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim of this study is to analyze the implications of andragogy-based counseling via WhatsApp to reduce anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic. This study uses a qualitative approach which...
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The Development of a Video as Media for Classical Guidance Activity to Improve Students’ Understanding of Learning Responsibility

Ahmad Firlii Sapputra, Diana Septi Purnama, Fajar Irfani Setyawan
Learning responsibility is the awareness and awareness of individuals to carry out their duties and obligations in learning and be ready to accept all the consequences or consequences that accompany it. In fact, there are still students who do not understand the responsibility for learning. This study...
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Development of Mind Mapping as Media for Student Career Planning

Case Study at SMKN – 2 Godean, Yogyakarta

Albertus Hengka Nove, Edi Purwanta
This study aimed at developing appropriate and effective mind mapping media for students’ career planning. The type of research used is Research and Development utilizing ADDIE design. The samples of this study were 10 students of tenth grade SMKN – 2 Godean, Yogyakarta with certain considerations (purposive...
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The Effect of the Electric Maze Educational Game on the Concentration of Hyperactive Children

Aminatuzzuhriah. D, Herry Widyastono, Ravik Karsidi
Hyperactive children with concentration barriers have less attention and less concentration with activities or lessons that children are doing. This study aims to determine the effect of the electric maze educational game on the concentration of hyperactive children. This study uses a quantitative research...
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Cross-Cultural Marriage Family Resilience and Implications for Family Guidance and Counseling

Ani Ani, Aisha Nadya, Arum Setiowati
The family is considered one of the most important units of society because it contributes to the physical and mental well-being of its members. Each family has different characteristics, concepts, views, and values. The difference in this concept is influenced by individual characters, including their...
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The Development of Short Films to Reduce Bullying among Students

Antonius Ian Bayu Setiawan, Nuni Nurajizah, Kafani Maya Kholida, Suwarjo Suwarjo
Bullying is a phenomenon that often occurs in junior high school. Based on observations in one of the junior high schools in Sleman Regency, as many as 70.6% of students claimed to have been victims of bullying. The phenomenon of bullying is like an iceberg, which is only some numbers of cases are recorded....
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Identification of Guidance and Counseling Service Needs for Elementary School

Early Intervention Strategies for Students

Arum Setiowati, Iis Lathifah Nuryanto
This study was aimed to identify the need for guidance and counselling services at elementary school. This research is a quantitative research with survey research type. The research sample was taken as a number of 215 teachers spread throughout Indonesia. The sampling technique uses simple random sampling....
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The Effectiveness of Sociodrama Techniques on Improving Students’ Discipline in Vocational High School of Plantation MM 52 Yogyakarta

Asfarina Mutiara, Hani Nurrofifah
This research was conducted due to the unfavorable and decreased students’ discipline level in the Vocational High School of Plantation MM 52 Yogyakarta. This research aimed to determine the effectiveness of the sociodrama techniques to improve students’ discipline. The research method was the experimental...
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The Effectiveness of Thought Stopping to Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety for the Students of Counseling Programs

Hapsari Christyaningrum, Budi Astuti, Lintang Waskita Puri, Martono Martono
This study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of thought stopping techniques to reduce the public speaking anxiety for the students of counseling program at the Faculty of Education Science. This study was using a quantitative research approach with the experimental research type. The experiments...
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The Urgency of Technology Competencies for Guidance and Counseling Teacher

Cucu Kurniasih, Zaenab Amatillah Rodhiyya, Nuri Cholidah Hanum, Caraka Putra Bhakti, Fajar Fithroni
This study aims to provide a reference on the importance of technological competence for guidance and counseling teachers. Technology has become an inseparable part of human life, and education is no exception. Guidance and counseling teachers as part of education make guidance and counseling teachers...
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Resilience and Hope of Prospective Cadets and Cadets of The Magelang Military Academy

Cut Munika Bastia Rahmadani, Suwarjo Suwarjo
Understanding individual resilience is important to reveal his capacity in dealing with difficult situations and learn to adapt amid their limitations. This study aims to describe the resilience and hope of Tk, Ck, and Rz during their struggle to become cadets of the Magelang Military Academy covering...
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Training of Basic Counseling Skills for Teacher of Guidance and Counseling to Increase Interest in Online Learning Students

Diana Septi Purnama, Mitta Kurniasari, Budi Astuti
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of basic counseling training in order to improve the skills of Guidance and Counseling teachers in conducting counseling services related to students’ online learning interest. The training is designed to improve the basic skills of Guidance and Counseling...
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Learning Saturation Online in Students Based on School Burnout Inventory (SBI)

Eka Anggrayni, Diana Septi Purnama, Anisa Siti Nurjanah
Online learning is an alternative learning activity during a pandemic. However, it has an impact on student learning saturation. The factors of student learning saturation include giving a lot of assignments, monotonous learning strategies, and limited interaction with classmates. The research aims to...
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Web-based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Optimism

Eka Wahyuni, Fia Nurul Fauziah
This study aims to explore and develop a Web-based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to enhance optimism. The sample of the study was 249 students. The research method used was the Design-based Research (DbR) method with three stages, namely analysis and exploration, design and construction, and...
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Gestalt Counseling

Reduces Anxiety After Failed to Move On

Eko Rian Aryanto, Suwarjo Suwarjo, Dwi Setia Kurniawan
This study departs from the problems of individuals who experience anxiety disorders after failing to move on. Failure in the process of moving on causes the counselee to be in a difficult condition to focus on doing work, often has difficulty finding it, is afraid to meet new people (of the opposite...
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The Effect of Microblogging on the Career Planning Ability of Vocational High School Students

Erliana Prastika, Suwarjo Suwarjo, Rindhi Rezqi Hertindha
This study aims to identify the application of microblogging to improve the career planning skills of vocational high school students. This research is a quasi-experimental research design using a nonequivalent control group design model. The population of this study was all students of class XII SMKN...
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Developing Career Vision Roadmap for Student Career Planning

Fajar Fithroni, Zaenab Amatillah Rodhiyya, Nuri Cholidah Hanum, Caraka Putra Bhakti, Cucu Kurniasih
This research aims to develop quality service tools to help students to improve career planning. This research uses literature studies by gathering several sources related to research variables and then presented through a compilation of data and information to draw a conclusion. This urgency is motivated...
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The Effectiveness of the Professional Strengthening Program to Improve Counselor Professional Ethics

Iis Lathifah Nuryanto, Arum Setiowati
The purpose of this research is to develop a professional strengthening program to improve the professional ethics of counselors. The counselor’s professional program includes: (1) understanding of counselor qualification standards; (2) understand the roles and functions of counselors and; (3) understand...
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Mathematics Learning Media and the Need for Montessori Media Development for Students with Mild Mental Retardation in Class IV at SLB Makassar City

Isa Bela Islami, Gunarhadi Gunarhadi, Sri Yamtinah
This research is motivated by problems in children with mild mental retardation 4th graders at SLB Makassar city who still do not understand basic mathematical concepts in calculating addition. This study aims to determine the needs of mathematics learning media to find out the learning media used in...
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Academic Self Awareness, Self-Regulation and Academic Burnout among College Students

Isti Yuni Purwanti, Muhammad Nur Wangid, Chici Pratiwi
This study aims to describe the correlation of academic self awareness and self regulation with academic burnout during online lecture among students in Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY). This correlational research used the descriptive-quantitative approach and the technique in collecting the data...
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Male and Female Students’ Abilities in Creating the Peaceable Classroom

Jupriadi Jupriadi, Ilfiandra Ilfiandra, Ipah Saripah
This research aims to describe and compare male and female students’ abilities in creating a peaceable classroom. A quantitative approach by selecting the descriptive and comparative design was employed to conduct this research. Twenty-four secondary students were involved in this research. A questionnaire...
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Academic Stress and Its Sources Among Junior High School Students

Kartika Nur Fathiyah
Knowing the sources of academic stress can be a beneficial foundation to treat it as one of the causes of teen’s problems, especially at schools. Teachers, including counselling and guidance teachers can use it as a reference for supporting and helping the students to handle their stress and build their...
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The Relationship Between Pedagogical Competence and Teacher Performance in Inclusive School

Luluk Fauziyah, Munawir Yusuf, Tri Rejeki Andayani
The performance of teachers is an important factor that must be considered in efforts to improve the quality of inclusive education. Teachers’ performance is affected by many factors, which is pedagogy competence. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of pedagogy competence on the teacher’s...
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Counseling for Muna Tribe’s Women of Sulawesi Tenggara

Maria Margaretha Sri Hastuti, Yulia Kristiyanti Wa Ada Mr
This initial study raised local wisdom-based counseling for women from the Muna tribe. Women of the Muna tribe of Southeast Sulawesi are obliged to undergo the Karia tradition, when they are 15-16 years old or enter adulthood. This tradition instills noble values as a provision for life as children,...
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The Effectiveness of Modeling Technique to Improve Learning Discipline in Grade VIII MTs of 9 Sleman

Mujahida Ahmad, Suharsimi Arikunto, Lintang Waskita Puri, Martono Martono
The objectives to be achieved in this study were to determine the effectiveness of group counseling through modeling techniques to improve the learning discipline of VIII grade students of MTs Negeri 9 Sleman. The type of research in this study is experimental research. The research design used in this...
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Effectiveness of Reality Group Counseling to Enhance Students’ Self-efficacy in High School

Niken Cahyaningsih, Farida Agus Setiawati
Self-efficacy is very important to improve because it is related to student academic achievement. Self-efficacy is the ability to understand self-confidence to overcome situations that are controlled in the process of thinking, acting, feeling and motivating. This study aims to increase self-efficacy...
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Application of Self-Management Techniques in Group Counseling to Reduce Aggressive Behavior among Students

Nur Fadillah Jaeti, Suwarjo Suwarjo
Self-management is behavior change that is managed by the individual himself to change behavior with self-awareness. The application of self-management techniques through group counseling activities proves the effectiveness of reducing student aggressiveness. Before doing the treatment, the researcher...
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The Urgency of Technology and Social Media in Guidance and Counseling in The Covid-19 Pandemic

Nur Yunianto, Budi Astuti
The research have a purpose to find the urgency of technology and social media in guidance and counseling the Covid-19 Pandemic at State Junior High School 1 Bantul and State Junior High School 1 Bontang. The use of technology and social media during the Covid-19 pandemic is very helpful for guidance...
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Jargon: Ngajaga Shalat, Ngajago Silat, Ngajaga Silaturahmi at Dhikr Al Fath Islamic Boarding School

Rahma Talitha, Mamat Supriatna, Tina Hayati Dahlan
Dhikr Al Fath Islamic Boarding School has advantages in dhikr activities, entrepreneurship, martial arts and known by Sundanese culture. The jargon of ngajaga shalat, ngajago silat, ngajaga silaturahmi is one of the local wisdom that lives in this school, which describes the values that are instilled...
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Effectiveness of Group Guidance Services using Simulation Games Techniques to Improve Students’ Prosocial Behavior in Grade VIII of State Junior High School 1 Bantul

Shoofii Syammari, Agus Basuki
Prosocial behavior is actions taken or planned to help others, regardless of the actor’s motives. Individuals who have high prosocial behavior will help others without expecting anything in return. However, prosocial values are declining. Therefore, action is needed to improve students’ prosocial behavior,...
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Implementation of ‘Tut Wuri Handayani’ in the Perspective of Practical Pedagogic Foundation

Sugiyanto Sugiyanto, Syamsu Yusuf LN, Mamat Supriatna, Amin Budiamin
The study aims to explain the role of teachers and school counselors in implementing tut wuri handayani in the perspective of practical pedagogic foundations for junior high school students. National education is a process of developing the creative potential, value and initiative of students towards...
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The Influence of Cognitive Restructuring Techniques on Students’ Learning Interest in Distance Learning

Uli Makmun Hasibuan, Yulia Ayriza
This study aims to determine the effect of individual counseling with cognitive restructuring techniques on students’ learning interest in distance learning in class VII MTS Mu’allimin Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. The research method used is a quantitative study using a pre-experimental design with a one-group...
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Prevalence of Academic Stress High School Students in Yogyakarta During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Vetriana Kusuma Ramadani, Diana Septi Purnama, Mirza Yuda Pratama
The presence of stressors in education cannot be separated from the role of students in school. The online-based learning process has been implemented since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The remote learning system presents new stressors for students such as network constraints, irregular learning...
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A Study “Peumulia Jamee” of Aceh Society in Counseling Relationship

Zahra Nelissa, Sunaryo Kartadinata, Mamat Supriatna
“Peumulia Jamee” in Guidance and Counseling. This article contains a study of “Peumulia Jamee” as a cultural adaptation in building counseling relationships in Aceh. “Peumulia Jamee” is a term used to honor the guests who attend. “Peumulia Jamee” is studied by describing the philosophical foundations,...