Proceedings of the 2022 7th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2022)

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The Applicability of Classic Capital Asset Pricing Model in Chinese Stock Market

Zhiliang Chen
China has been one of the largest emerging markets and the second-largest economy in the world since the ‘Reform and Opening-up’ in 1978. However, because of the late development, Chinese financialization is still at a developing stage, and the Chinese stock market opened its first trade in 1989. By...
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RMB Internationalization Based on the Perspective of the Belt and Road

Kuan Lu
This paper mainly expounds on the motivation of RMB internationalization and the mutually beneficial relationship between the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and renminbi (RMB) internationalization through literature collection. As China’s economic power and voice grow, the yuan also needs a place in...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Perth House Price

A Machine Learning Perspective

Yue Hu
After analyzing suburb information, school-area concentration, subway stations distribution, and 20 other parameters, a machine learning project using Catboost regression is utilized to predict house prices in Perth. To improve the prediction accuracy, a few innovative variables are created, like “Average_area”...
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Analysis on the Influence of Economic Globalization on China’s Economy and Countermeasures

Shenghao Wen
Economic globalization is a historical product of the global market economy, which is naturally produced by the growing international division of labor and socialized production. In the economic globalization, China obtained huge institutional dividends, and the scale of foreign exchange earnings from...
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The Influence of Balance Investment in Enterprise Management

Zige Han
Today, an increasing number of businesses are opting to invest the remaining balance of their corporate books. Aspects of corporate financing that are particularly essential include investment and finance, which are both discussed below. The ability to communicate effectively between academics and practitioners...
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Hybird Work Startup Under Covid-19

Kunxu Song, Xiangmin Xu, Ningxiu Zhu
Because of the COVID-19, many people must work online, so an online office hybrid work software is essential. There are not many options in the market. We focused on a startup company called FLYDESK and conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the company’s pros and cons, background, and future development...
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Analysis of China’s New Energy Vehicle Industry

Chenyi Lu
Along with Chinese economic and technological development and the upgrading of people’s living standards, motor vehicles are becoming increasingly important and common among Chinese households. However, at the same time, the continuously consumed resources and more and more serious environmental pollution...
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The Impact of Covid-19 on the Economy in Different Countries

Runlin Li, Zimu Ma, Tianle Sui
Coronavirus disease, known as COIVD-19, has triggered both medical crises and economic crises, impacting all the countries. However, different measures and strategies of dealing with Covid-19 cause distinct economic performance in each country. Therefore, we introduced 3 typical countries with different...
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Exerting Behavioral Economics to Household Energy Use

Huisheng Liu
It is a critical, lasting for years between scholars to research the ways to effectively enforce energy conservation plans. Even though individuals have received environmental protection education to some extent, they were still unable to effectively implement the knowledge or awareness into pro-environmental...
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The Impact of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Development on the Companies Involved

Wanzhen Fu, Yanyin Chen
The COVID-19 pandemic has varying degrees of negative impact on economies and stock markets around the world. However, vaccine development and rising demand for drugs may have a different impact on the pharmaceutical industry. This paper aims to examine the impact of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine...
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The Current Use of Data Analysis and Future Anticipations of the Big Box Industry

Linlin Chi, Yuxuan Song, Jingyi Guo, Yu Feng, Yue Wang, Xin Huang
This study explores the possibilities of data analytics in the retail industry by examining it from different aspects and therefore leading to some hypothesis of possible future applications of data analytics. This work starts with exploring the industry’s history, providing background information. It...
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Deficiency of Loot Box Games in Chinese Video Game Market-A Review

Angxuan Li
Loot box games are video games that contain sealed mystery boxes that carry random rewards after the player purchases them. What players would get, rare or common, is solely based on their luck. A lucky draw from the box could significantly improve the player’s gaming experience or in-game “social status”....
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The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Competitiveness of Liquor Enterprises

A Case Study of Wuliangye Group

Xiaolong Bai, Xiuqin Li, Wenyan Wang
As society evolves, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly considered to be part of corporate competitiveness. The liquor industry is perceived as operating in conflict with fulfilling CSR. To investigate the impact of CSR on corporate competitiveness in China’s liquor industry, this paper...
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Empirical Analysis on the Applicability of Two Capital Asset Pricing Models to New Energy Vehicle Stocks

Yunfei Wu, Heng Xiao
For the policies of many countries aimed at controlling carbon dioxide emissions, the new energy vehicle industry has developed rapidly. However, after the impact of COVID-19, many industries have been cleared out of the national list and the new energy vehicle industry has been left behind, and a large...
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Customer Preferences on Delivery based on Data Analysis

Haotian Zheng
Currently, there are many delivery formats rising. Food delivery company needs to find out which factors of delivery values the most. In this paper, the relationship between customers’ background depending on four background factors: age, gender, educational qualifications and their delivery order preferences....
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Research on Strategic Development of Live Broadcast Industry in the Context of Internet

A Case Study of Douyin

Bing Lu
Douyin is already in the leading position in the short video industry, and its reason for further introducing the live broadcast function is a problem worth pondering. Based on the live broadcast field, this paper uses the SWOT analysis method to study the advantages and disadvantages, opportunities,...
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The Threshold Effect of Clean Energy Development on Carbon Dioxide Emission

From the Perspective of Financial Scale

Guangzheng Wu, Chencong Zhang
Based on the panel data of 30 provinces in China from 2014 to 2019, this paper tests the impact of the development of clean energy industry on carbon dioxide emission from the perspective of financial scale, and uses the threshold model to analyze the threshold effect of clean energy development on carbon...
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Analysis of Influencing Factors of China’s Economic Development

Yuqiao Shao
The sustained and healthy development of China’s economy is of great significance to the transformation and upgrading of the economic structure and modernization. In order to explore the influencing factors of China’s economic growth and provide suggestions for promoting China’s economic growth, this...
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An Analysis of the Effect of Population Structure on Fiscal Revenue and Expenditure

Xiao Wu
Finance is the foundation and important pillar of national governance. This paper uses a linear regression model to conduct research based on the total dependency ratio and fiscal revenue and expenditure data in China’s inter-provincial panel data from 2002 to 2019, explore the impact of changes in the...
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Ethical Disputes of AI Surveillance: Case Study of Amazon

Yuanyu Bao, Wenlin Li, Yuxin Ye, Quanwei Zhang
Contemporarily, artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely adopted in business practices. Amazon, as one of the leaders in this field, has applied such technology into the camera surveillance to monitor its delivery drivers. Although it brings about numerous benefits including but not limited to transportation...
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Development Study of Agricultural Industrialization based on Bibliometrics

Cao Qinglou, Zhang Wang, Yang Shu
In order to fully analyze the research progress and development trend of agricultural industrialization, paper output data from Chinese core journals of Peking University and core journals of Nanjing University are collected for a systematic analysis on the number of papers, main institutions, prolific...
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Case Analysis: The Acquisition of Alibaba and Yahoo China

Meiyao He, Yu Ji, Xingkai Zhu
As every business grows rapidly, company faces significant capital operations many times. For companies, these are often important deals and key moments to realize the value and create value for the future. M&A is an opportunity for the enterprise open-source industry. Expanding g markets, acquiring...
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The Relationship Between Individuals’ Expenditure and the Happiness Index Level in China

Rongxin Hua
The GDP per capita and household consumption increased fourfold between 1990 and 2005, and life satisfaction levels plummeted. Also, in 2019, China’s Engel’s Coefficient was 28.2% indicating that China has achieved the “wealthy” level in living standards. However, in the same year, China only ranked...
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Branding for the Sustainable Development of Cultural Heritage in Zhejiang Province

Yan He, Jiankang Zhang
As a treasure of Chinese history, cultural heritage is a unique crystallization of the humanities and arts of the Chinese nation. In a changing society, its protection, inheritance and development are particularly important. As a province with a large cultural industry, Zhejiang is paying more and more...
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Comparison and Analysis of Machine Learning Models to Predict Hotel Booking Cancellation

Yiying Chen, Chuhan Ding, Hanjie Ye, Yuchen Zhou
Hotel booking cancellation prediction is crucial in conducting revenue and resource management for hotels. This paper provides three possible substitutes for the neural network including logistic regression, k-Nearest Neighbor (k-NN), and CatBoost, whereas CatBoost, is the most suitable model for hotels...
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The Impact of Capital Structure on the Development of Unlisted Firms in China

Yongkang Deng, Muyun He, Hang Yi, Qige Zhang
One of the most difficult challenges that finance managers confront is determining the impact of capital structure on a company’s profitability. Prior research has investigated the impact of capital structure on business profitability, however, most of them are from other areas of the world, with only...
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To What Extent Has Online Payment Influenced the Development of FinTech among Chinese Commercial Banks?

Junang Lu, Xiaoxiao Shen, Yican Jin, Weijia Ji
With the rapid development of online payment platforms in China, this sector has impacted the returns and operations of traditional commercial banks in China. This paper investigates the impact of online payment platforms on Chinese commercial banks. First, this paper introduces FinTech and compares...
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The Response of Chinese Private Education Organizations to the “Double Reduction” Policy: Evidence from New Oriental and TAL

Yining Luo
Since the Chinese state government enacted the “double reduction” policy, a policy to alleviate the burden of after-school tutoring for students, there have been many private educational organizations encountering challenges. This policy has caused a radical change to the status and role of private education...
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Whether Cryptocurrency is a Tool of Investment?

Yiang Song, Jiacheng Sun, Siqi Zheng, Weiye Zou
In recent years, cryptocurrency is developing at a fast pace because of the big fluctuation in the prices of bitcoins. An increasing number of people decide to invest their assets into bitcoins or other types of cryptocurrencies. As a result, the idea of whether bitcoin is a good tool of investment has...
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Solutions from BITS, RTAs and MIAs for the Current Issues Involving in the International Investment Law

Junyi Hu, Jing Hu, Ziyang Peng, Zixin Pu, Haozhi Xu, Linhui Zhu
With the advancement of globalization, the current international investment legal system has gradually encountered problems such as lack of transparency, lack of consistency, excessive protection of investors, difficulty for policy makers in transforming into domestic legislation, unfairness to developing...
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Research on the Development of Chinese Small and Micro Enterprises under COVID-19

Ce Ji
In 2020, COVID-19 spread throughout China and even the whole world. It threatened people’s lives and health and affected the resumption of production and development in all walks of life, especially small and micro businesses. China’s small and micro enterprises account for the vast majority of all enterprises....
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A Review on Monetary Measurements Taken Under the Circumstance of COVID-19 Compared Between China and the United States

Jiahe Guo
The global spread of COVID-19 has triggered turbulence in international financial markets and severe economic recession. China and the US have adopted large-scale rescue and stimulus policies in light of their respective epidemic prevention and control situations and the economic and financial environment....
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The Current Situation of China’s Used Car Market and Development Suggestions

Huize Ren
With the development of the economy, Chinese residents’ car ownership has been increasing, and the used car market has also ushered in a new development opportunity. However, researches and articles have revealed that the used car industry in China has arrived at a bottleneck period. This indicates that...
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Explore the Reasons for Coca-Cola’s High-profit Margins

Qianhao Gao, Shihui Geng, Yuke Shi, Shuya Zhao
This paper explores the reasons for Coca-Cola’s high profitability, which have essential enlightenment and reference significance to other companies in the beverage industry. The industry analysis illustrates the current condition of the beverage industry, especially under the adverse impact of the COVID-19....
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A Comparative Study of the Impact of SARS and COVID 19 on China’s Economy

Shaoyu Chai
In the 20th century, two of the most significant pathogenic pandemic, COVID-19 and SARS emerged. The aftermath of both virus have brought a huge impact on the Chinese economy. As the movement of people and relevant logistics are limited to some extent due to the epidemic, the price of commodities, food...
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The Research of Online Shopping During the Pandemic

Yiwei Dou, Ziyi Li, Xuehan Zhang
By the end of 2019, the outbreak of COVID-19 had brought many challenges and impacts to the global economy and people’s lives. In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic, some traditional entity supermarkets were severely restricted, online shopping became much more popular for consumption...
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Research and Practice of Personal Blog Management System Based on Django

Jing Gao, Yu Sun
With the maturing of network technique, people are relying more and more on network in life. Making friends, life record, material facts and story sharing can be carried out between people. The Personal blog management system Uses the Python Django framework and selects B/S mode to build. This paper...
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Impacts and Solutions of COVID-19 Pandemic on Logistics Industry

Hongjie Li, Ziyue Zhang, Yufei Zhao
The sudden COVID-19 epidemic has brought great impact to the global economy, and the transportation and delivery of medical resources and the basic living needs of the whole people all over the world are becoming urgent and centralized. This epidemic shows that there are still shortcomings in international...
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Analysis and Research on Synergistic Effect of Regional Financial Financing Tolerance and Regional Economic Development from the Perspective of Coupling

Siyuan Dong, Xiaoxuan Wang, Yashuo Yuan
Many studies have shown that regional financial development has a promoting effect on the regional economy, but the literature describing the specific correlation between the two and whether there is a synergistic effect is relatively vague. The innovation of this paper is based on the weighted analysis...
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Analysis on the Development Direction of Internet Finance in Rural China

Hecheng Zhao
With the rapid development of Internet technology in China, the state further proposes that the promotion of rural financial results should be closely combined with the Internet to promote the development of the rural economy. Therefore, by analyzing the connotation of rural Internet finance, this paper...
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The Introduction of NPV and IRR

Ruoxin Yan, Yijie Zhang
This paper aims to present the initial concept of NPV and IRR by an example of a question to calculate and answer the question for extending contexts of NPV and IRR from the example. Besides, the paper uses the formula to build each question’s process, which makes a systematic solution for leading to...
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Strategies for Hotels During Crises: Covid-19

Marlene Meiling Liu, Xiaoyang Zhao, Steven Jiahua Ye, Xingyu Zhang, Jingyi Zhu
In an economic crisis, most industries suffer from tremendous losses. While many companies hardly make it through the crisis, others take the opportunity to develop their brands and lay a solid foundation for their future. Unlike other economic crises, the recent crisis that started in 2020 was caused...
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Research on the Correlation Between COVID-19 and Bitcoin Price Volatility Based on Time-series Model

Peilin Du
From 2020 to 2021, COVID-19 spread across the globe, which has a significant impact on the global economy and people’s lives. With the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, people’s pessimism about the economy has increased, leading to a significant increase in demand for safe-haven currencies and a...
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The Forecast to World Energy Industry and an Outlook to World Energy Industry Investment

Zhengyang Shi, Yiwei Sun, Runze Wang
This paper focuses on the expectations for the energy industry in 2023 when the market recovers from COVID-19. It provides a reference for a general overview of the trend of the energy sector and the outlook to world energy industry investment, which also extracts information from the current state of...
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Managing Intangible Resources

Shunqin Zhao
This paper outlines the Coca-Cola’s core operations, including its history, leadership and strategic objectives. First, it analyzed Coca-Cola’ s management and utilization of its tangible and intangible assets according to its financial statements and list of intangible resources in recent years, and...
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Construction of Evaluation Index System of Regional Green Innovation Policy Source Ability under the New Development Pattern of “Double-cycle”

Ruo-qing HU
Enhancing the ability of green innovation policy source is the core requirement of high-quality development of the regional economy under the “double-cycle” development pattern, and it is the inevitable choice to cope with the changes of the global market environment and overcome difficulties. Accelerate...
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COVID-19 and Volatility of China Concept Stocks

Yumeng Chen
COVID-19 is now spreading all over the world, and the severity of the epidemic varies from region to region. In this case, people’s investor sentiment is unstable, and the price of the stock market fluctuates accordingly, including China Concept Stocks. This paper aims at exploring the correlation between...
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The Optical Portfolio of the Markowitz Model and the Index Model

Under Ten Stocks from S&P 500

Zhide Zhang
This paper compares the effectiveness of the Markowitz model with the Single Index model. Using ten stocks of the S&P 500 index from 2000 to 2020, we first calculate the portfolio of the two models and then find the optimal portfolio to help people know better about choosing a better model under...
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Research on the Influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Pharmaceutical Stock Markets in China —Based on Granger Causality Test

Yuhan Chen
The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus disease, which broke out in early 2020, a “public health emergency,” triggering significant problems to the Chinese economy. The pandemic has had a massive effect on the majority of industries. This article will apply the Event Analysis Approach...
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The Impact of China’s New Energy Vehicles on the Realization of Carbon “Zero-emission” and Future Trend Analysis

Hanzi Gong, Xinran Shi, Xinyue Zou
The “green earth” is the common home for human survival and development. Climate change is a serious challenge to the earth’s ecosystem since global industrialization and energy is the fundamental problem of human society. Under the pressure of energy crisis and environmental pollution, it has become...
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The Financial Situation of Microsoft and Designed Binary Option

Keke Cao, Jerry Liu, Serena Sun, Jason Xie
Microsoft is an American multinational technology company that attracts a lot of attention from investors. This report provides effective information for investors by analyzing its financial data, making forecasts and evaluations. This study analyzed Microsoft’s financial performance, stock price change,...
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Research on the Characteristics, Development and Decline of Home Bias

Haimo Liu
This article focuses on studying home bias so that individuals and companies can better reduce home bias, thereby reducing their portfolio risk or improving portfolio returns. The characteristics of companies and individuals, the impact of globalization on the home bias, and whether the use of more general...
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House Price Prediction Based on Machine Learning: A Case of King County

Yijia Wang, Qiaotong Zhao
This paper focuses on formulating a feasible method for house price prediction. A dataset containing features and house price of King County in the US is used. During the data preprocessing, extreme values are winsorized and highly correlated features are removed. Eight models including Catboost, lightGBM...
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Comparison of NPV and IRR and conflict resolution

Yuecheng Pan, Kang Wei, Xinyi Zeng
This essay mainly describes the application and difference between NPV and IRR, and finds out which one should be used more conveniently in different situations from the analysis of the two decision-making methods. The advantages and disadvantages of the two decision-making methods and how enterprises...
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Application of Modern Portfolio Theory in Stock Market based on Empirical analysis

Jiaming Hu
With the rapid growth of the stock market, stocks have been viewed as one of the most popular investments. Investors then face a problem that is how to allocate resources among the variety of stocks with the aim to increase their wealth through investment activities. The paper aims to design an investment...
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The Relationship Between Age and Successful Entrepreneurship

Yiyang Bai, Jiabao Chen, Jialiang Gu, Qianyi Huang
The age of entrepreneurs is always represented how successful the entrepreneur is and the field they focus on. This study was based on analyzing the relationship between the age of the entrepreneurs and their success to investigate whether age affects the entrepreneur’s success. We use the data from...
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Analysis of the Impact of Population Structure Change on Housing Pricei China

Zihan Zeng
It is very important to discuss the impact of China’s demographic structure change on the real estate market in the process of gradually disappearing “demographic dividend” and increasing aging. In this paper, unitary linear regression model was adopted to explore the impact of dependency ratio changes...
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Research on Supply Chain Finance Driven by Blockchain

Ronggeng Li, Weiyi Peng, Zhiyu Zhou
The continuous development of blockchain technology is expected to solve many problems in supply chain finance. This paper analyzes the impact of blockchain technology on all parties in supply chain finance from the operational mechanism of supply chain finance. In this paper, a game model between small-sized...
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Incorporating History into Innovation: A Case Study of LEGO

Lukuan Zou
In the current global economy, innovation is a key factor for a company to survive and grow on the long run. However, few research has looked into the proper application of innovation strategies. In this paper, I propose a 2 by 2 theoretical framework in how to apply the concept of incremental innovations...
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The Impact of Sino-US Trade War on Volatility Spillover Effect Between Related Industries in Sino-US Stock Market

Zimu Zhang
This paper discusses the impact of the outbreak of the Sino-US trade war on the volatility spillover effects among steel, automobile manufacturing, electrical equipment, and semiconductor industries in the stock markets through establishing the MGARCH-BEKK model. The results show differences in the volatility...
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The Deal Between Amazon and MGM: How Does This Deal Assist the Development of Amazon in the media stream?

Junzhen Lu, Wei Wu, Xinyi Zheng, Yun Lu
This research discusses the development strategy of Amazon based on the acquisition of MGM in 2021. Using quantitative data-table and industrial reports as main researching methods, the research finds that the effect of COVID-19 and some problems in administration after merging with MGM are all the challenges...
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Effect of Financial Reporting Quality on the Cost of Capital and Investment in China

Erheng Zhou, Qianwen Luo, Yanzi Wu
The quality of the financial report is a critical issue in accounting supervision and theoretical research and whether and how it affects the resource allocation decision of the capital market for understanding the importance of accounting to investors and management responsibility. In various financial...
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The Development of New Energy Industry under the Implementation of China’s Environmental Protection Policy -- The Forecast of Lithium Ion and Sodium Ion Battery Industry

Jingxi Cai
“Carbon Peak” and “Carbon Neutral” are Long-term policies to protect the environment, low-carbon development and cope with global warming. The “double carbon” policy has spawned a trillion-dollar market for new energy vehicles. China overtook Japan in 2018 to become the world’s leading market and supplier...
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The Application of 7P Analysis Model in the Market Strategy - Taking the Beauty Industry as an Example

Guanqun Wang
With the transformation of the national economy from the secondary industry to the tertiary industry, the rise of the service industry has become a hot topic of discussion. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of customers, more and more enterprises pay more attention to the role of service in the consumption...
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Are Value Stocks Still Valuable: A Study of Value Strategy using Stock Data from 1999 to 2020

Sichen Zhu
This study uses two essential factors, book-to-market (B/M) ratio, and cash flow to price (C/P) ratio, to generate decile portfolios. Additionally, decile portfolios sorted by two factors from high to low are formed for five years with annual returns. By comparing the five-year average returns of each...
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Applicability Test and Existing Problems of Multi-factor Model in Chinese Market

Test of Three-factor and Four-factor Models in the A-share Market

Gang Wang, Haolang Zhao
This article uses three-factor and four-factor models to analyze its applicability in the Chinese market by using data collected by China’s A-share market fund companies from 2015 to 2020. By observing the size of the alpha value and combining with the current status of the Chinese market, we discovered...
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Research on Regional Differences of Financial Agglomeration in China

Rongtao Yang
Financial agglomeration is the inevitable trend of financial industry. Its balanced development is of great significance to promote the coordinated of regional economy. This research analyzes the current situation of regional differences in financial agglomeration by measuring the level of financial...
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Future Development of Chinese Silver Economy: Comparison with US and China’s Senior Industries

Jingxuan Ma
The aging trend of China’s population seems to increase the economic burden, but it also brings great development potential for the silver economy. However, compared with other countries with mature senior industry, this sector in China is still in very early stage, which needs improvement, development,...
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The Impact of China’s Demerit Goods Consumption on Profit Growth in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Jiaqi Zhang
The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most critical industries for the health and the sustainability of the human race; moreover, the modernized goods can be much more harmful than people expected, which led to severe health problems for humans. The whole experience adopts empirical analysis on the...
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Can Chinese Domestic Cosmetics Continue to Thrive?

Jiawen Liu
The development of China’s cosmetics industry has a long history. It can be traced back to the Xia Dynasty. Until now, with the expansion of the Cosmetics market in China and the development of e-commerce, it has created good conditions for the rise of domestic cosmetics. However, most of the top 10...
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The Scale, Structure and Benefit Analysis of Real Estate Investment in Jiangning District, Nanjing

Chunxiao Liu, Hao Zhang
As an important part of fixed assets investment, real estate investment has an extremely important impact on economic development. Based on the economic census data from 2014 to 2018, this paper analyzes the investment scale, structure and benefits of real estate enterprises in Jiangning District, Nanjing....
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The Effectiveness of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on Farmlands with Artificial Intelligence (AI) System

Yili Guo, Peizhen Yang
As the development of electric technology and artificial intelligence, the utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles gradually increases. Unmanned aerial and artificial intelligence are applied to replace human force and enhance the productivity in many fields including agriculture. In 1950, America began...
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Linear Regression Model for Business Strategy

A Case Study of SMARTFOOD Company

Keyi Chen, Liyao Dong, Linxinyi Wang
This article is a case study that illustrates how a linear regression model can be implied in business strategy to find the relationship between each variable and advise price setting and revenue prediction. With the fast development of big data, a business can get a more thorough data set, so experiment...
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Analysis on the Development of Quantitative Investment Model

Zhijie Liang
With the development of global securities market and the maturity of technology, quantitative investment has become one of the important tools for fund managers to make decisions. Therefore, what is quantitative investment? What role does quantitative investment play in the stock market? What are the...
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Analysis of the Future Development Trend of the Pet Industry

Wangyi Zhang, Hengyuan Cao, Lu Lin
The pet industry is a very promising market that has risen in recent years. Its external influences on its development provide catalysts that should be identified. And due to the continuous growth of people’s demand for pets, the pet economy has developed into a new economic form. The future development...
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Application and Analysis of Price Discrimination in China’s E-commerce based on Big Data Analysis

Yutong Wang
Taking China’s e-commerce industry as the background, this paper provides new insights into price discrimination with Chinese characteristics based on big data analysis and its application. China’s e-commerce industry is in a leading position in the world and its development is extremely mature. Big...
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How Much Effect Does Sino-US Trade War Had on the Greater Bay Area’s (GBA) Import -Export? Was it Inevitable?

Qiannan Zhang, Jiangqiang Huang, Xiaowen Huang, Xianqing Tu, Miraj Ahmed Bhuiyan
At this open market economy, both China and US have suffered economically due to their trade war. Even though some development plans and actions were taken to mitigate the loss, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) has suffered a lot; and its consequences are still prevailing. This paper...
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Does Drinking Bring a Wage Bonus?

Zixuan Li, Yiran Ma, Jiping Shi
In this paper, we use data from 1989 and 1994 to examine the effects of recent drinking, long-term drinking, long-term abstinence, daily drinking frequency, and drinking frequency within 30 days on the income of men and women. The results show that recent drinking has a positive effect on both men and...
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Influencing Factors of Investment for Companies

Yushan Kang, Jian Xing, Shanhui Zhao
Companies always try to make the best investment decision to maximize profits. This article summarized the latest research progress in corporate investment. External and internal factors that influence enterprise investment decisions were analyzed. External factors include government policy and environmental...
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How to Improve the Brand Value of Domestic Sports Brands after the Xinjiang Cotton Incident

Meiying Yu
The Xinjiang Cotton Incident that happened in March 2021, and was caused by the conflict between certain overseas enterprises and the use of Chinese Xinjiang cotton. In order to support traditional brand development, Chinese consumers started to pay more attention to Chinese traditional sports brands,...
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Small Firm Effect in Stock Markets: An Assessment of the Chinese Listed Firm

Tianxin Zhang
The small firm effect has been a topic of debate amongst the investors and behavioral finance theorists alike, whereby it is hypothesized that the firms with smaller market capitalization rates tend to outperform their larger counterparts. This paper will empirically investigate the relationship between...
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Restore Customer Trust and Public Reputation: Case Study of Didi

Yixi Li, Meiyu Wang
The sharing economy has been undergoing dramatic development in the past years. Didi, the leading sharing transportation provider in China, is deemed as one of the most successful cases. However, despite the great economic growth in the market, numerous issues regarding customer safety and data security...
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Dynamic Impacts of RMB Exchange Rate on Chinese Real Estate Sector Index

Haoze Zhu, Hongge Yu, Ruixi Yang, Ruize Yuan, Yun Yu
As China’s international influence increases, the influence of the renminbi in the international currency market is increasing. Some scholars have confirmed that to a certain extent there is a linkage between exchange rates and stock prices, but the relationship between exchange rates and the real estate...
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Research on the American Market Entry and Development Strategy of Gua Gua Long

Lujia Sheng
This paper mainly describes the history and development of American education. Furthermore, it demonstrates the principle of combining mainstream American education methods with children’s online education products to achieve high-quality education. Next, it analyzes the pros and cons of Gua Gua Long,...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Eastern China—Based on the PVAR Model

Xuejing Yu
Over the years, the research on foreign direct investment, economic growth, and financial development has attracted a lot of attention in business studies at home and abroad. Foreign direct investment is widely considered to have an important impact on economic development. The introduction of foreign...
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How Far is from Making Profits under the Financial Analysis Business Model of Self-support and Heavy Property Business?

With the rapid development of the Internet, China has become the world’s largest Internet country. More and more people have accepted online shopping as a new way of lifestyle. China also has the most online customers. By March 2020, the number of daily active Internet users had reached 700 million,...
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How Does the Decoy Effect Affect Decision-making and How We Can Prevent It?

Mingdao Cui
Scientists have been interested in the psychological aspects of economic life since the 18th and 19th centuries. As a result, behavior economics is used to better understand human behavior using economic methods. It began in the twentieth century, thanks to George Katona, who proposed a link between...
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Research on Online and Offline Integration after COVID-19: A Case Study from a Chinese Grocery Store

Shuqi Wan
In this post-COVID era, the online and offline integration of the consumer product market conforms to the climax of consumer social interaction and covers more segments. This is a growing trend. A case study through an identical China smart grocery called Freshippo (HEMA) was conducted relating digital...
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Research on Consumer Behavior Characteristics and Competitive Strategy of Haidilao in Post-epidemic Era

Danning Wang
The COVID-19 outbreak from 2020 to now has dealt a huge blow to the hot pot industry and caused some changes in consumer behavior characteristics. By using the case study method and literature analysis method, this paper found that consumers in the post-epidemic era are characterized by high social sensitivity...
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The Impact of Epidemic on Technology Companies

Hanyou Wang
The sudden epidemic in 2020 caused a rapid decline in the global economy, many famous companies declared bankruptcy due to the COVID-19. During the epidemic, many countries issued different rules in response to the epidemic. For example, the Chinese government announced at the beginning of 2020 that...
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Warehouse Club in China Retail Market Development Status Analysis and Improvement

Qiping Zhou
Warehouse Club is a form of retail where goods are sold and stored in one space. General merchandise retailers offer a limited range of goods and fewer services at lower prices to end consumers and small businesses. The Warehouse Club is not new. It has been in the United States for nearly 50 years....
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Research on the Competitiveness Evaluation of Cultural Tourism Industry in Jilin Province

LiJuan Zhang, Tie Yan, LiRong Jian, YanWei Wang
The combination of culture and tourism has become a future tourism trend. At the same time, due to the combination and adjustment of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism, the Porter Diamond Model is specially revised. At the same time, based on this model, analytic hierarchy process is...
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SWOT Analysis of Guizhou Moutai

Kechen Li
Since Moutai’s listing in China, its share price has generally risen and the market capitalization is firmly at the forefront of the Chinese liquor industry. However, with the development of the company, there are also some problems and threats coming to it. To keep this rising trend and stay on top...
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The Economic Impact of Covid-19 on Investment Strategies and Related Government’s Measures

Yuxuan Han, Yu Liu, Zihan Qiu
COVID-19 spread globally in 2020, with confirmed cases still increasing in many countries. Human investment activities also suffer when life, health, and safety are at great risk. The outbreak of the virus has also caused a huge impact on the economy, global financial markets have seen great turbulence,...
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The Impact of Innovation of Electric Toothbrush

Linna Liu
The continuous invention of new technologies enabled by electricity and the Internet has paved the way for innovations for virtually all electrical products. One of the areas that have attracted attention is the invention of electric toothbrushes. The benefits of the electric toothbrush over the conventional...
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What are the Prerequisites for Starting a Startup Company?

Zhihao Yuan
The establishment of a startup company requires many elements. In the 20th century, people realized that technology was the primarily productive force. In addition, there are many conditions to meet one by one. Only in this way can the establishment, development, and future of the startup company be...
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How US-China Trade War Affect International Study Market

Rose Liu, William Wu
The China-US trade war began in 2018. It is the main background for this research report. This study illustrates the negativity of trade war in various aspects by utilizing the Chinese international education market in the US as an example, finally proposing solutions to lessen the conflicts and save...
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Only the Legislation is Insufficient

Analyzing the Factors of Gender Inequality with a Multi-level Perspective

Xinyi Luo, Yang Gu
Currently, many countries promote gender equality through legislation. Evidence indicates that enacting laws that support gender equality has effectively increased levels of gender equality worldwide [1]. Thus it is necessary to affirm the role of legislation. However, it is insufficient to pin hopes...
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Case Study of Pandora, a Light Luxury Jewellery Brand

Xintong HU
Pandora’s main products include beadings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. It was founded in Copenhagen in 1982 by Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie. In 1987, the factory was established in Thailand. In 1989, designer Lisbethlarsen joined and designed iconic beaded products. In 2020,...
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Response to COVID-19: Assessment of the Bubbles in U.S. Stock Market

Hua Bai, Jing He, Ruorong Liu, Jing Sun, Di Wu
At present, COVID-19 pandemic has profound influence on every aspect of human society. Due to economic globalization, the pandemic exert negative impact on real economy of all countries, and inevitably lead to higher unemployment rate. International stock market also fluctuate frequently. However, uncommon...