Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education, Management and Computing Technology

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Study on Financing Mode Innovation in New Urbanization Construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt

Qiong Wu
From the perspective of new urbanization construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, in this paper we firstly analyze the financing demand of it, and then describe the disadvantages of the traditional mode of financing, and finally explore how to construct diversified and sustainable urbanization...
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Research on Functions and Techniques of Special Sound in Guzheng Performance

Shanxia Peng
Guzheng is a treasure of Chinese national musical instruments. Special sound in Guzheng performance is the essence of the Guzheng art. This paper firstly gives the basic concepts of Guzheng performance and special sound, and then points out the important role of special sound effects and it’s techniques...
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Research on the Development of National Music in the New Media Era

Chaoying Xie
National music is the treasure of Chinese art, which is highly artistic and national. The development of national music has some new features in the new era. This paper analyzes the new characteristics of the development of national music in the new media era, and then gives some suggestions of the development...
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Current Situation and Suggestions of Pipelines of Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation in China

Mengqi Tan
The pipelines of oil and gas storage and transportation play an important role in oil and gas production, transportation and marketing. This paper first analyzes the significance of strengthening the construction of oil and gas storage and transportation pipeline to Chinese petroleum industry, and then...
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Research on Relativistic Theory of Infinite Statistics Fields

Liangliang Wang
Recently, infinite statistics has been applied to many subjects, such as black hole statistics, dark energy quanta, and large matrix theory and holo graphy principle. In this paper, we introduce the general propertyof infinite statistics and it current research situation. We also prove the exist enceofinte...
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Construction of Physical Education Assessment System Based on Information Technology

Dachun Zhang
Physical Education evaluation is an important part of college education. There are many unreasonable in the current PE curriculum assessment system. One the fact that can not deny is that physical education curriculum evaluation has unwittingly fundamentally bound to live up the pace of college physical...
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Development Proposals in China’s Bond Market Based on Major Capital Markets Overseas and Inter-bank Market Experience

Xiaoti Liu
International Bond Market become a part of today’s global financial markets which cannot be ignored after the rapid development of the wave of financial securities and IT reform. China’s capital markets, especially the bond market, has already had a relatively complete market system, but compared with...
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Localization Business Model of International Hotel Group in China

Qinsi Tian
For localization development process of international hotel group, to carry out study on how to develop appropriate marketing strategy, how to train and use hotel personnel, how to improve product quality management system, so that achieve hotel management innovation, would has a very practical significance....
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A new approach for event study of private placement announcement effect: Evidence from China

Yuling Zhao
The importance of understanding the underlying characteristics of Private Placement Announcement effect draw much attention from accounting theory researchers and financial practitioners. Due to the overwhelming complexity of the financial market, many traditional methods such as intervention method...
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As Good As Water: Carry Forward the Spirit of Traditional Chinese Culture in China’s Visual Communication

Yuyao Liu
With the continuous development of the visual communication arts in all countries nowadays, mutual penetration has become a trend. In China, the development of visual communication design is leaps and bounds. However, in the state of rapid development, its aesthetic and values of contents have exposed...
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Research on the Conflict and Blend between Traditional Television Arts and New Digital Media

Fengqin Chen
With the rapid development of science and technology, video art emerged, demonstrated its unique artistic characteristics. In the process of development of the arts in film and television, new digital media technology plays an important role. Of course, conflict and blend is their best show. Therefore,...
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The Application of Image Elements in the Clothing Store Display

Yanli Zhou
Clothing store display is the most important aspect of terminal clothing sales, in the moment "Terminal Winning" marketing era, how to build a science and attract the attention of consumers clothing store environment is an important means of corporate marketing. In today image element is the dominant...
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Language Anxiety and Foreign Language Teaching

Xie Zhang, Huanqi Ji
language anxiety is a significant emotional factor that affects foreign language learners in the classroom and has been increasingly drawing attention in the academic field. Through the introduction of FLCAS in the experimental study on language anxiety, this paper analyzes foreign language learner’s...
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A Study on Cultural Connotation of Animal Words in English and Chinese

Yinggang Wang, Xuena Cui
Every animal word has its own cultural connotation. Obviously, different animal words, even the same animal words, have the same, similar or contrary cultural connotations in different languages. So it brings misunderstanding and cultural shock in intercultural communication. This paper tries to discuss...
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Research on Quality Structure of College Journal Editors

Fang Wang
College journal editors’ quality has a direct impact on the quality of the college journal. In this paper, we firstly give the concept of quality and quality structure, and then point out that the essential quality structure of college journal editors which includes political quality, academic quality,...
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Curative Effects on Knee Osteoarthritis by Exercise Training Combined with Physical Therapy

Xiaowei You
The prevalence of knee osteoarthritis in the elderly in our country as much as 49%, the main clinical manifestations of knee pain, stiffness, limited mobility and other dysfunction. Cause of many chronic fatigue and age-related degenerative changes in the knee joint, with its repeated attacks lead to...
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The Effect of Mineral Composition for Diagenesis and Reservoir Physical Property of Ordos Basin-in Case of Chang 7 Reservoir in Jiyuan Area

Wei Wang, Yushuang Zhu, Dayou Chen, Chengyang Wei
According to comparison research for mineral composition, diagenesis and reservoir characteristics of different dispositional provenance in Jiyuan area of Ordos Basin. The results show that: the difference of rock lead to the difference of its matrix mineral composition and interstitial material composition,...
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A Study on the Influencing Factors of IPO Pricing and Policy Research in Chinese Stock Market

Litong Chen
The stock market is of financing function. So the IPO is an important financing channels and the rational use of this function determines the healthy development of China's capital market directly. The rationality of IPO primarily reflects on the IPO pricing .By reviewing previous IPO pricing theory...
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The Development and Utilization of Flash Software

Yan Wang
With the development of The Times, we has entered the era of intelligence, the development and utilization of FLASH software, not only in making the simple animation, but also has developed in constant innovation with of the era of intelligence .Getting understand of writing FLASH animation ActioScript...
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Research on Financial Budget Performance Audit Platform Construction By Information System

Fangjie Wei
To construct the financial budget performance audit platform by information system, this paper describes cloud computing, the limitations of the traditional audit model and use cloud computing to construct audit platform. Finally, three recommendations are put forward aiming to construct financial budget...
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Research on Construction of Smart Tourism Perception System and Management Platform

Ning Wang
Smart tourism is a new concept focus on the tourism experience promotion. It is necessary to improve tourist experience using smart technologies, so that more efficient and appropriate measures can be taken and make a contribution to tourism experience promotion. In this paper, smarter tourism comes...
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Research on Supply Chain in Marketing Performance Evaluation of Enterprise

Yuanhui Huang
Marketing is a series of market-related business activities in the business in a changing market environment and it is to adapt, to stimulate and satisfy consumer demand. It is not only important for enterprise business activities, but also the important basic business functions. On the one hand, companies...
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Study on the Nutritional Value Evaluation of Gramineous Grass in Natural Mowing Grasslands Based on Different Evaluation Models

Fanfan Zhang, Lei Yu, Chunhui Ma, Weihua Lu
This paper was designed to comprehensively and accurately obtain the order of nutritional value of the main dominant gramineous grass in the natural mowing grasslands in Shaertao Mountain. The nutrient content of the nine common species of gramineous grass in the natural mowing grasslands in Shaertao...
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Transportation Network Planning for Urban Agglomerations

Xiangli Xie
The development of urban agglomeration is inseparable from safe, efficient, convenient and economical transportation and logistics services. Promoting urban agglomerations integrated transport and logistics system construction, not only can significantly improve the ability to coordinate the development...
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Organic Food purchase motivations, the investigation of the mind-set of an urban Chinese consumer

Ekaterina Anufrieva
Organic food industry is starting to develop rapidly in China, mainly in big cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou(Yin et al., 2010).Current study focuses on Organic food consumers in Shanghai and examines factors that have the most impact on intention for purchasing Organic food. Data was...
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The Linkage Development Between Tourism and Media Industries

Yiming Liu, Bo Zhang, Shuang Li
This thesis starts from the analysis of industry chain and mode circle, the analysis of interact role and dissection of joint-action mechanism to analysis mechanism of integrated development in our county’s tourism and media industry by synthesis, especially to summary and explore the mechanism of industry’s...
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The relationship between Corporation Social Responsibility and Financial Performance, An empirical Research in Vietnam

Nguyen Anh Tu
There is a series of pollution problem, it is coursed by a big amount of manufactures in Vietnam. The problem is a ring for Vietnam government to built the policies and for enterprises to find the other way gain profit while protecting environment. Radically, every corporation’s purpose is gaining profit,...
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A Study on Chinglish in College English Scientific Journals of China

Xie Zhang, Huanqi Ji
Owing to the influences of Chinese thinking pattern and expressing conventions, Chinglish can widely be found in the college English scientific journals in China and greatly hinders Chinese scholars from showing the domestic scientific and technological achievements and engaging in international academic...
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Evolution of American Federalism

Hao Sun
The United States federal system experienced a development process which included “federalism”, “cooperative federalism”, “new federalism”. In the beginning, the power relations between federal and state were kept balance relatively. Later, the relative balance was broken. Final, there was a new process...
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Knowledge Service Pattern of New Digital Library Combining Altmetrics

Gaofang Tang
Starting from the influence of online scientific research era on digital library knowledge service, the paper expounds the new requirements of digital library users, which needs individualized service integrating relevant resources and combining swarm intelligence, and the academic achievements of academic...
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Change of Ideological and Political Education Strategy under New Media Environment

Shan Tang
New media not only changes the process of the public receiving education, but also makes traditional ideological and political education face great challenges. The research on implicit cognition of cognitive psychology provides an implicit working path for ideological and political education. The ideological...
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A Study On The Legal Methodologies of International Law——Especially From The Aspect of International Labor Law

Longyang Xia
Methodology is one of important contents that the researchers need to master in the process of academic research. This article mainly discusses the methodology of international law, especially from the aspect of international labor law. It mainly contains two aspects: on the one hand, this article mainly...
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Improvement Research on Computer Assistant Proverb Translation

Jianyu Zheng
The thesis focuses on the efficiency problem caused by the unordered reference version provided by CAT software when calling the translation memory database. The BP neural network is used to study the connection between the translator’s background and his/her preference for the goal of providing translators...
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A Study on Traditional Decorative Water Patterns

Mei Xie
Water pattern, one of Chinese traditional decorative patterns, has rich humanistic background. It was produced in the Neolithic Age, and still in use up to now. Since water patterns image has been constantly inherited and innovated in history, this paper tried to present its features in different times...
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Development Trend of the Architectures with Chinese Characteristics under the Impact of Western Culture

Qian Guo
The present paper analyzed the pseudo-classic architectures in early period of Chinese history, the contemporary architectural design in China, the design philosophy of western architects and the works of outstanding Chinese architects'. It also investigated the development trend of the Chinese architectures...
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A Study on the Artistic Features of the Patterns of Xiaoyi Shadow Play

Qiqi Cao
Xiaoyi shadow play is an important tribe of Chinese shadow play. It has typical regional characteristics, which has a rich cultural heritage and a broad mass base. Its origin and development are indissolubly related to traditional culture and drama art, as well as folk paper cutting, painting, puppets,...
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Teaching Model design of Business English based on flipped classroom case study

Ling Zhang
Flipped classroom symbolizes the achievement of education innovation by applying information technology to education. Under flipped classroom teaching mode, students learn the knowledge before class via information technology while the internalization process will be completed in class under teacher's...
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Auxiliary Platform Blended Learning Curriculum Research and Application based Cloud Computer—In Computer Application Foundation Case

Jinglan Jiang
With advances in technology, teaching and learning has changed dramatically from a single didactic teaching writing on the blackboard to blackboard teaching, to use a slide projector teaching, teaching and a variety of multimedia teaching courseware. Among them, the recent popularity of blended learning...
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Research on Tourism Promotion of Shandong Zhucheng Dinosaur National Paleontologic Geopark

Xiaoyan Zhai
There're 27 national paleontologic geoparks in our country which accounting for 12.95% of the total geoparks, and the geological resource values of which are very high. However, in terms of tourism resources, they are not so perfect. The important ways for the national paleontologic geoparks to maintain...
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Effects of plyometric training on explosive strength of lower limb for young athletes

Daoye Lu
In this paper, 10 volleyball young athletes and 10 badminton young athletes were selected as the object of study, randomly dividing into control group and experimental group. The normal strength training was used in control group and plyometric training was used in experimental group. After eight weeks,...
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Research on Financial Management System in Cloud Computing

Zhengang Yao, Jinxin Yuan
A cloud computing based financial management system was proposed in this paper. According to the needs, system was constructed by client, management server and cloud server. As the core functions, insert function, delete function, query function and synchronize function were designed.
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On Muscle CCO Intermittent Hypoxic Training

Qiao zhen Yan, Ping Wang, Yong bin Zhao
Intermittent hypoxic training is one of the more common studies simulated altitude training method, one can accept the hypoxic stimulus, on the other hand to avoid increasing the load on the plateau is not a problem. In this study, changes in 72 male SD rat skeletal muscle cytochrome oxidase in the intermittent...
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A Novel Role-Based-Access-Control(RBAC) Framework and Application

Yanjie Zhou, Min Wen
In recent time, RBAC has gained and kept a dominant stage of AC(access control) in the research area and industry, respectively. Over the time, needs for risk awareness in AC has paid special attention. Even though, role based access control conquers risk via inner features, a quantified method of risk...
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Role-Based-Access-Control: A Novel Approach

Yanjie Zhou, Min Wen
We present a novel static approach to Role-Based Access Control policy enforcement. The static approach we advocate includes a novel design methodology, for applications involving RBAC, which integrates the security requirements into the system’s architecture. We apply this novel methodology to policies...
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Research on indicators selection model based on IRT

Mei Luo, Jianhong Jiang
This paper proposed an indicators selection model that can be used when evaluator wants to ensure objective measurement and utilizes multivariate analysis invalidate but does not have enough data to support knowledge mining. The selection model is constructed based on the IRT theory. The Rasch model...
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The Improvement of CRM in Social Networking: A Case Study of Alibaba & Sina

Yang Zhao, Lin Wang, Nan Gao
Combined with the Alibaba stake in Sina micro-blog this event, the current study elaborates upon social customer relationship management (SCRM) by analyzing from both sides of joint cause, combined action, prospect etc.,modified and organized SCRM model, put forward seven proposals for action of SCRM...
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The Improvement Research of Hoisting Machinery Accidents' Emergency Response Mechanism under the Idea of Safety and Delicacy Management

Peng Xu, Caiwu Lu, Na Lu
At present the accidents of hoisting machinery happen frequently on construction sites ensuing serious and endangered consequence. The life and economic lose can be effectively reduced through the emergency solutions and rapid response mechanism in the hoisting machinery accidents. This text focus on...
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Innovative Research of Education and Management's Mode for College Students of post-90s——Based on a survey of six colleges and universities in Fuzhou

Shan Tang
Education and management's mode plays a vital role in college students' educational work, so, it is necessary to explore a new mode of education and management to adapt to the new era's college students. Based on analysis the shortcomings of traditional education and management and according to the survey...
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A Review of the Study of Poor Whites Trilogy

Xiuguo Huang
Poor Whites Trilogy is often underestimated because of tis realist description of poor whites’economic reformation.This trend can be traced back to the exemplification of Cleanth Brooks’ criticism.The Poor Whites Trilogy with its concern for and its close interaction with the contemporary society, made...
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Research on the Balance and Coordination Scheme of CLSC under the Manufacturer's Competitive Environment

Chengmu Hu
CLSC this emerging field of science and becoming the focus of attention of business theory, the purpose of the closed-loop supply chain for effective management is to achieve coordinated development of "Economy and Environment", the management concept is conducive to enterprises and sustainable development...
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The Influence Effects of Leader Prestige Impacts on Subordinates’ Job Attitude and Behavior

Li He
Through the empirical research method, this study discusses leader prestige problem which the Chinese people are familiar with in many aspects. With enterprise staff as the research object, the research analyses the influence effect of leader prestige on subordinates’ job attitude and behavior. The results...
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Research on the Computer Aided Evaluation of Physical Exercise

Zhen Bai, Yu-Bin Yuan
Heart rate telemetry with its software design is built on the Windows operating system platforms currently widespread use of microcomputers. It can be achieved that using a computer to automatically collect heart rate, analysis and processing the automatic assessment of exercise load. It can also improve...
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The Study of the Application of the Video Processing Software in Physical Training

Wenyan Yue, Lei Jin
Based on literature research and the application development of the computer video image processing software, this paper studied the application of the image processing technique in physical training. It mainly includes the four parts: introduction of the image processing technique; the newly invented...
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Examining the willingness, reasons, features and for people to “escape” from Beijing

Li LI, Yuannong Cao, Kui Zou, Jinfeng Jiang, Shujia Luo
Based on an investigation analysis, this work examines the willingness, reasons and group features for people to “escape” from Beijing. The results show that, the actual behaviors for people to “escape” from Beijing are not as popular as its voice, only a few percentage of the population really want...
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The Establishment of Apparel Size Database for Young Woman of South Fujian Area

Li-na Cui
In this research, 600 young women who come from South Fujian area was chosen for measurement, 15 measuring body variables were chosen and 13 derived variables were calculated. Then classification analysis was used to classify the figure type separately by the upper body and the lower body. Then this...
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Analysis of e-government information resources and services in China

Yiqing Lu
The ultimate significance of e-government is to provide information and services to public. This paper provides a comprehensive study and analysis to the current e-government website of all level government in China. Firstly the style of e-government information resources is described. The style is summarized...
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Research of the method for graduation practice based on campus practice teaching

Yuqin Yao, Kechang Fu, Hanbing Yan, Xiaoyan Huang, Dan Chen, Guojiang Wang, Wenbin Wang
Graduation practice is an important part of the teaching process, and it has great significance to cultivate high-quality, strong ability, meet the social market demand compound talents. This paper describes the construction of campus practice teaching base, school-enterprise cooperation in personnel...
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The Solution of Credit Mechanism in Electronic Commerce Transactions

Xiongying Sun, Lili Yang
With the arrival of Electronic Commerce, many people have become interested in trust issues. Most people agree that in order for Electronic Commerce to become a success the people have to trust it. Trust in Electronic Commerce is thus an important subject. The basic assumption of the model is that an...
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Research on the Sentiment Analysis of Customer Reviews Based on the Ontology of Phone

Can Yang, Zhiye Chen, Tianyi Wang, Pengfei Sun
In this paper, we develop FOBPRM (Feature Ontology Based Product Review Miner) system, to semi-automatically build the ontology tree of Phone area and extract the most representative expressions and customer opinions in the reviews, which represents for feature-sentiment pairs. Finally we develop our...
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Research for Accident Decision Making Method of Water Supply Network Based on Case Reasoning

Xia Peng, Ying Zhao
Case-based reasoning is an important reasoning method in the field of artificial intelligence, and it also is a reasoning mode with rapid development in recent years and widely used. Firstly, the paper introduced the basic concepts of case-based reasoning; and then the key technologies of case-based...
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Construction on Evaluation Indication System on College Leisure PE Resources Configuration

Wenwei Jia, Yuan Gao
The rational allocation of resources and development in college leisure PE not only meet the need of colleges' PE situation development, but also meet various leisure demands of the teachers and students. First, this article describes the significance of the evaluation system established; then construct...
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Research on Methodology in Acquisition of College Data Structure Course

Lishuang Zhao
Theoretically based on Multiple Intelligence, Constructivism and Humanism, the thesis explores and analyzes principles of methodology in acquisition such as content, teachers and learners, interactions among them, curriculum activities, settings and modern educational technology involved. The thesis...
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Construction on "Cooperation - Discovery - Successful" Three-dimensional Model in College Aerobics Courses

Ying Zhang
Aerobics courses are an important part of college athletics curriculum system, is a athletics loved by students, it has multi-faceted, multi-level didactical function. In this study, based on the in-depth understanding of the drawbacks of our college traditional aerobics learning model development proposed...
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Design on Price Index Publishing System for Electronic Products

Jingzi Wang
With the rapid development of the Internet and the popularity of mobile devices, more and more people are accustomed to using a mobile device or computer online browsing information. In order to facilitate the people to understand the direction and extent of change in the price index of electronic products...
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Design and Implementation of Resource Management System for English Assisted Learning

Lulu Zhang
Information technology and network resources are not only the supplement of English education, but also can promote a change in learning style. This article is based on Oracle database management system and .net platform to develop English assisted learning resource management system. First of all, designed...
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Design on Online Examination System for College English

Na Sun
College English is a foreign language curriculum, strengthen the inspection information construction is the key to improve the students' English comprehensive ability. In order to quickly and easily test students' English learning situation for a period of time, realize English inspection information,...
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Study on Ideological Characteristics and Development Tendency of Current College Students

Shu Bu
Ideological and political education of college students is one of important means for modern colleges to enhance students’ ideological and ethical quality, cultivate them to establish correct outlook on life and values. Ideological and political education imposes much more significant influences on development...
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On Rhyme, Melody and Artistic Charm of Vocal Music Works in Classical Chinese Poetry

Tong Zeng
Singers must grasp singing skills of multiple styles of vocal music. Deduction of classical Chinese poetry is an important series in multiple styles. To experience artistic charm of vocal music works in classical Chinese poetry, one must deeply understand classical Chinese poetry. Based on summary of...
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Thought about Postgraduate Education Management Mode in China

Meihong Chen, Yongmei Hao
In current stage, there are many defects in postgraduate education management mode in China, such as serious hysteretic nature of enrollment system, single and one-sided educational mode and no attention to cultivating practical ability. These problems result in disunity of postgraduate quality and large...
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Connotation and Cultivation of Servant Leadership for Hotels

Si Chen
Servant leadership as a style of leadership with supply of work support and authorization as the starting point has huge influence on hotel industry. This paper settles ideal change of leadership and leadership style in recent decades, and more clearly discuss connotation, features and cultivation strategies...
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Discussion on Approaches to Cultivate Personality Charm of TV Programme Hosts

Qiaoling Dai, Shimin Yang
Personal charm is a kind of force which can generate strong attraction. Hosts’ personality charm is a decisive factor of audience rating of TV programmes and also the soul of a programme. This paper starts from the composition of personality charm of TV programmes, analyzes development direction of each...
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Study on Positive Personality Cultivation Practice for Local College Students under Perspective of Positive Psychology

Quanli Dou
Cultivating positive personality of college students becomes a task of higher education and also an important aspect of improving all-round quality of college students. Meanwhile, college students should own positive personality before entering society to resist external pressure or blow. Besides, it...
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Research and Implementation of Supply Chain Financing Service Based on Core Enterprises

Xiuwen Gan
Supply chain financing service gradually develops under the promotion of small and medium enterprise financing. As a novel financing mode in current society, it can not just effectively relieve financing plight for small and medium enterprises, but also practically improve cooperation force of enterprises...
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Exploration and Analysis of Practical Teaching Mode of Marketing Major in Higher Vocational Colleges

Yongli Gou
Marketing major teaching should highlight practicalness to meet demand of human resource market for applied talents. This paper analyzes the problems in practical teaching of marketing major in higher vocational colleges and combines practical conditions of higher vocational colleges to propose countermeasures...
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Analysis on Vegetable Logistics Cost under Perspective of Optimizing Supply China

Weiyu Zhong
The logistics is a standard which reflects the market competitiveness and comprehensive economic strength of one country. As for developed countries, they have strong economic strength, quick speed of logistics, novel model, and high level of logistics. It can be said that the logistics is a point which...
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Perspective of the “Weaknesses” of English Education in Ethnic Areas under Reinforcement Theory

Liming Zhang
The ethnic area generally refers to the area inhabited by minorities. Our country is a multi-national country with a lot of ethnic areas. Since the ethnic areas all have their own languages and words and their geographic locations are relatively faraway, their internal teaching development maybe cannot...
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Application of Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation Method in Poor University Student Entrepreneurship Evaluation

Yongmei Hao, Meihong Chen
The relative weakness of poor university students in employment attracts more and more attention, and how to encourage poor students to become self-employed and ease the employment tension is a problem highly concerned by the whole society. This paper applies the fuzzy synthetic evaluation method in...
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Effect of China’s Fiscal Expenditure on Economic Growth

Mengyao Li
Development and progress of market economy bring wealth and opportunities to the society as well as great challenges. So, most countries start to adopt market regulation and state intervention to maintain sequence and development of economic market. Finance is an important means for state regulation...
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Analysis of Undergraduate Social Participation, Ideological and Political Education

Xiuhua Li
Undergraduates as a young generation should participate in some education activities involving social politics, economy and cultural life in an organized way with certain goal and pertinence in accordance with the training program advocated by universities. This is also one of important approaches for...
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Research on Aesthetical Principles in Solfeggio Teaching

Ying Liang
The music has aesthetic property; therefore, in music learning, the students shall not only perfect themselves in professional music knowledge and improve professional skills, but also pay attention to cultivating musical emotion and getting a deep understanding of music style and musical artistic state,...
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Benefit Analysis on Rural Human Resource Development

Jiayong Liu
The level of rural human resource development increasingly becomes an important factor which promotes social and economic development, which is not only related to obvious difference in urban and rural development and coordinating regional economic comprehensive benefit, but also an important reflection...
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Research on Logistics Problems and Countermeasures in Chinese Cross-border E-commerce Development

Lihua Liu
The cross-border e-commerce has gradually become China’s main way and channel to exploit international economic market, and it can effectively realize the transformation of Chinese economy and trade. In recent years, although there is only short time for China’s construction of cross-border e-commerce,...
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Research on Relevant Issues of Creditors’ Interest Protection in Chinese Authorized Capital System

Xiaohua Liu
Protection of shareholders and creditors’ interest is the important function and objective of corporate capital system. The Company Law of the People’s Republic of China newly revised in 2014 modifies the compromise capital system as authorized capital system; although the efficiency is improved through...
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Grasp the Contradictions between Learning and Teaching, Create a Language Environment, and Focus on the Intensive Reading Course

Xuejuan Luo
The Intensive Reading Course is a required course in the college English teaching, cultivating students’ comprehensive language skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. It regards mastering the English language knowledge and applications, cross-cultural communication and learning...
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Exploration on Moral Education Function in Traditional Opera

Hongxin Ren
As an important part of Chinese traditional culture, the traditional opera influences generations of Chinese people; it is indisputable that the traditional opera has certain social function, but the research on its moral education function has certain limitations, and the research is also not deep....
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Research on Vocational College Students’ Internship Quality Evaluation-Take students in the specialty of architectural engineering technology as an example

Xiaomei Su
In current internship quality evaluation of vocational college students, there often exist some problems such as insufficient effectiveness of internship evaluation, and single way of internship evaluation, thus it is required to enhance the management and control on whole process of internship from...
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Fundamental and Crucial Problems of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Xi Tang, Zhijiang Ren
Since the 18th National People’s Congress of Communist Party of China was smoothly held, the central party and government departments commanded by the secretary general Xi Jinping carry out improvement for leadership work of party and government teams and implement new political thoughts, political measures,...
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Artistic Style and Performance Skill of Aria Hundreds of Happy and Beautiful Girls

Hui Zhang
The opera creation of Vivaldi was one of the outstanding representatives of baroque music style, and is still an inseparable teaching material in the vocal music learning. Taking the mezzo-soprano aria Hundreds of Happy and Beautiful Girls in Vivaldi's opera Loyal Fairy as an example, it is attempted...
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Analysis on Significance of Campus Culture Activity in Political and Ideological Education of Universities

Yijian Zhang
The campus culture activity reflects the ideological concept of universities, and is also an important behavior for the ideological concept of university students. The political and ideological education of universities and the campus culture activity are mutually influenced and interact with each other....
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Research on Strategies for Promoting Reform of English Translation Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Wei Zhao
Many problems to be improved exist in the efficient English translation teaching in China currently. College English teachers start to explore relevant reform strategies positively so as to improve the quality of classroom teaching and students’ accomplishment of English translation and train more professional...
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Transformation of Marketing Mode of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in New Media Age

Wei Zheng
Considering the sustained development of modern network technology, more and more new media are changing the marketing and transmission mode in the modern society. Small and medium-sized enterprises should attach more importance to the great influence of new media in marketing communication so as to...
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Foreign Language Teaching Relying on Literary Text

Qing Zhu
The traditional foreign language teaching is often only concerned with the surface structure of language, and using isolated words or sentences as the center to teach foreign language knowledge. After relying on literacy text teaching, foreign language pays more attention to the context which is focusing...
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Study on Smart Clothing Application Based on Interaction Technique Concept

Jinqiang Li
Interaction design is a frontier concept of era development, and it can realize the perfect coexistence of sensibility and rationality and satisfy people's curiosity about new things and high-grade emotional experience. Nowadays, to fit the society and people's demand for high-quality life, clothing...
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The Standardization of the Translation of “Action and Indications” in the Traditional Chinese Patent Medicine Instruction

Baoxia Zuo
The translation of TCM terms is associated with the pharmaceutical industry’s future development. And it is associated with the occupation of the overseas markets, and it is associated with whether it can attract foreign customers to pay attention to traditional Chinese Patent medicine. Therefore, the...
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Study on Electricity Price Formation Mechanism Based on the Renewable Energy Power Generation with the Externalities of Grid Connection

Qiang Cai
In nowadays society, the promotion of conservation and environmental protection has been firmly established, which includes energy use. People continue to advocate for renewable energy, which makes the development speed of renewable energy has been greatly improved. Intermittent renewable energy development...
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Discussion and Analysis on Nanping Minor

Juanjuan Cheng
Nanping minor is also called Nanping play and sing, which is an art form of folk music in Nanping County in Sichuan Province. It is succeeded in the 1950s, which is prestigious in the local area, and is called “songs” by local people. For many years, it is popular in Northwestern Sichuan plateau area,...
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Design and Implementation of Image Resource Library of Chinese Kunqu Opera Art

Bin Shao, Guorong Ding
Construction of national art image resource library is an important content combining science and technology with culture and art education in the information age. Kunqu opera serves as a conscious rediscovered art resource of national culture. Its subjectivity regression in school art education is inevitable....
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Exploration of Necessity of Establishing Environment Personality Right and Its Constraints

Shu’e Fu
Under the background of environmental crisis, people’s environment personality benefit is greatly damaged. So, establishing environment personality right becomes an issue concerned by the legal circle. Beyond all doubt, it is necessary to establish environment personality right, but it is required to...
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Art Characteristics and Teaching of Grace Note in Chinese Instrument Piano Paraphrase

Jing Guo
In recent years, China’s piano music creation gains further development. Grace note becomes one of main expression languages of piano music style. To further know application features of grace note in piano paraphrase, this paper first sets forth application form of grace note in piano paraphrase and...
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Construction of Classroom Practice Teaching mode of Applied Undergraduate English Specialty

Guobo Jiang
Creation of classroom practice teaching mode for undergraduate English specialty is an important teaching content in English practice teaching system construction. So, it is required to reform and innovate applied undergraduate English in practical teaching process and then meet teaching needs of English...