Proceedings of the 8th Russian-Chinese Symposium “Coal in the 21st Century: Mining, Processing, Safety"

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Resource Approach to the Estimation of International Cooperation in Integrated Development of Calciphyre Deposits

Olga Kamkicheva, Anna Voznaya, Tatyana Mikhailova, Galya Gribanova
Deposits of precious corundum are very rare, since the transparent crystals can be formed only under favorable growth conditions. The most important core sources of precious corundum are marble with ruby mineralization and sapphire-containing basalts. The scholars of T.F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical...
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Research on Secondary Support Time of Soft Rock Roadway

Wu Duohua, Qiao Weiguo, Song Weijie, Vladimir Pershin
In order to determine accurately secondary support time, the adjustment process of surrounding rock stress and strength in the course of supporting is analyzed based on the support principle of soft rock roadway. Based on the rheological model of soft rock roadway and the corresponding relationship between...
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Roadway Support Optimization by Improved BP Neural Network and Numerical Simulation

Wang Jun, Tan Yunliang
Based on the analysis of the influence factors of the stability of roadway, we firstly collected the roadway support parameters of some roadways with good supporting effect and used them as the training samples of BP neural network. Then, we simulated the deformations of the forecasting samples and compared...
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The Prediction of Distribution Characteristics of the In-situ Stress for Liuhuanggou Mine Field

Yongkui Shi, Yonglu Ding, Xiaomeng Wang, Mingwei Xu
he distribution characteristics of the in-situ stress for the mining area of Liuhuanggou mine field was tested by using the stress relief method.The value of the in-situ stress of the non-exploited region was predicted by using the theoretic analysis method and the advice of roadway layout was put forward.
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Research on Development Law of Overburden Rock Fracture in Steeply Inclined and Very Thick Coal Seam Mining

Cheng Weimin, Sun Lulu
Compared with mining the horizontal coal seam and gently inclined coal seam, steeply inclined and very thick coal seam mining has many differences. Since the fracture development law is not clear, resulting in the application effect limitation of gas extraction, prevention and control of air leakage...
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The Improved Construction of Reinforced-concrete Support of Slope Mouth

Vladimir Pershin, Michail Vojtov, Pavel Budnikov
During the construction of inclined shafts mouths in Kuzbass mines cast-in-situ concrete or reinforced concrete support is applied. Due to coal production increase, there is a necessity to build new coal enterprises, and as a consequence, the necessity to construct inclined shafts and mouths of the inclined...
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"Lean production" in the coal mining industry

Vadim Mikhalchenko, Yuri Rubanik, Natalia Osokina, Anna Mikhalchenko
The issue under consideration is an increase in the efficiency of the coal mining industry due to implementation of "lean production" principles. The proposed solutions will reduce the level of consumption of resources, increase productivity, ensure competitive advantage and, consequently, the viability...
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Lean Governance as a Condition for the Creation of Intellectual Coal Industry

Natalyi Zaruba, Natalyi Egorova
The article suggests the use of the concept of lean governance for formation of lean coal industry in the Kemerovo region, which may be relevant to a large coal region at the present stage of its socio-economic development. The Kuzbass coal basin is experiencing, like the entire coal industry in the...
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A New Method for Studying the Roadway Stability

Qin Zhongcheng, Wang Shengchao, Yu Xin, Cao Bin
The effect of 5 factors, including roadway width, height, depth, lateral pressure coefficient and comprehensive stress of surrounding rock on the roadway stability by using the method of orthogonal numerical simulation experiment. The experiment results show that all these factors have an effect on the...
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Application of SCADA Systems in the Coal Mining Industry

Lyudmila Samorodova, Oleg Lyubimov, Yulia Yakunina
The possibility of using the Russian complex SCADA-systems in the coal industry due to the urgency of imports substitution in Russian economy has been studied. The structure, properties and advantages of domestic SCADA-systems, which are more competitive in the market of information technologies compared...
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Justification of Requirements for Crushed Rock for Open-pit Automobile Road Topping

Sergey Shabaev, Dmitriy Boyko
The rational size distribution of the granular materials is proved in this paper on the basis of the theoretical studies of their optimal structure based on the particle-particle packing probability theory, the laboratory studies in the dependencies of bulk density and static modulus of elasticity of...
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The Research in the Use of Monolithic Concrete for the Mine Construction

Natalia Gilyazidinova, Nadezhda Rudkovskaya, Tatiana Santalova
The aim of the work is to study the use of slag aggregate concrete for the construction of monolithic concrete lining of mine workings. In the coal industry the average of 10-15 m of development workings are constructed to extract 1,000 tons of coal. The monolithic concrete is 97-98% of the total material...
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Filling of the Vertical Mine Workings with the Autoclave Slag-concrete

Andrey Uglyanitca, Kirill Solonin
The results of laboratory experimental research in the produc-tion of the filling autoclaved slag-concrete made of slag wastes and lime are considered in the article, the methods of filling of abandoned vertical mine workings with the slag-concrete blocks, which are made either directly in the mine working...
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Prestressing Method of Rigid Joints in Milti-storey Steel Frame Mining

Dmitry Vershinin, Valery Dobrachev
The paper presents a brief overview of the existing solutions for connecting the rigid joints with the steel frame columns in multi-storied buildings, the advantages, and disadvantages of the existing designs of rigid connection are analyzed; on the basis of the analysis performed a new structural design...
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Dynamic models of deformation of crustal blocks in the area of development of coal deposits - the basis of the information security of their development

Aleksandr Solovitskiy
It is found that transition to new, safe and environmentally harmless technologies of the development of coal deposits in Kuzbass is not possible without the development of new models of dynamic deformation of crustal blocks. For their implementation the registration kinematics theory of crustal blocks...
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Rock Destruction with Volumetric Compression

Vyacheslav Gogolin
The complete diagrams of rocks compression with deformation above compressive strength are considered. Strength properties of rocks at the volume compression are defined: compressive strength, residual strength, modulus of deformation above com-pressive strength. Physical relationships are used: failure...
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Considering Behind Limit Deformation for Calculation of Coal Pillars Parameters by Finite Element Method

Inna Ermakova, Natalya Pirieva
The paper presents the steps of calculating the stress-strain state of coal pillars by finite element method. The estimated area included the following blocks: the rock of roof and soil, coal pillar, broken-down rock, and the area of complete roof displacement. All the blocks were taken linearly deformable...
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Evaluation Model for the Level of Development of Work Organization System in Coal Mines

Tatiana Koroleyva, Svetlana Grigashkina
This article discusses the evaluation of the level of development of the work organization system in coal mines. It assumes that the key factor in the growth of labor productivity in the coal industry is the level of development of the system of work organisation. The model is proposed for the evaluation...
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The Necessity and Ways to Develop the methodology of Management Decision Making Support for Innovative Development of Mining Regions in Russia

Sergey Lazarenko, Georgiy Dubov, Andrei Zykov, Anastasia Shirokolobova
The paper describes the development of a complex method of decision making support for the objectives of the Russian Federation innovative development with regard to the specific conditions of mining regions of the country. The extremely large amount of unstructured and poorly structured information...
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Methods and Schemes of Opening-up the Quarry Fields at Various Bedding Conditions of Deposits

Valery Kolesnikov
The idea of opening, expressing the creation of conditions for cargo traffic mining companies transporting cargo from the bottom to the place of its reception within the boundaries of enterprise or outside it, is the same for cutting, quarry, mine, or mine. However, in open cast mining, the term "opening"...
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The Improvement of the Bunton Construction of Mine-shaft Equipment

Aleksandr Kopytov, Vladimir Pershin, Michail Voitov, Ahmed Wetti
Shaft equipment plays an important role in the process of exploitation loading. The main load is concentrated on the basic buntons, which are horizontal metal H-beams and they are fixed into the shaft support by both ends. In shafts with skip hoisting of useful minerals the destruction of upper flanges...
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Adaptive Technology of Using Backhoes for Full Coal Extraction

Maxim Tyulenev, Alexey Khoreshok, Ekaterina Garina, Sergey Danilov, Sergey Zhironkin
Hydraulic backhoes are widely used in Kuzbass (Western Siberia, Russia) because the level of coal loss during their operation is much lower compared with traditional quarry excavators - shovels. However, one of the mining enterprises' designing problems is insufficient consideration of technological...
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Influence of Service Conditions of Quarry Dump Trucks on the Thermal State Large-size Tires

Aleksanadr Kulpin, Dmitriy Stenin, Evgeniy Kultayev, Evdokya Kulpina, Valeriy Borovtsov
Operability of tires depends substantially on their thermal state. High operational temperature of tires worsens mechanical properties of tire materials and reduces their durability. The country average level of large-size and over large-size tires service life considerably decreases because of the tires...
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The Evaluation of Production Safety of Coal-mining Region

Natalya Kudrevatykh, Oksana Sheveleva
The existing external economic situation in the country, the offer to create in Eastern Siberia "a carbon-free zone" will have a negative impact on production safety in the Kemerovo region – the largest coal-mining region of the country. The aim of the research is to assess the real situation in production...
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Social Technologies for Management: Opportunities for Coal-mining Enterprises

Olga Zonova, Evgeniya Nekhoda, Ekaterina Slesarenko
The ways of improving the social management technologies, including those for the coal-mining enterprises, in particular the development of the corporate social responsibility, especially in the labor relations system, are proposed in the article. Ignoring the challenges of the contemporary reality,...
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Organization and Assessment of Efficiency of Intra Corporate Control in the Large Coal Mining Company

Elena Kucherova, Tatyana Tyuleneva, Natalya Cherepanova
The paper describes the need of improvement of intra corporate control of the enterprise of the coal-mining industry. The description of the principles of creation, model of realization of intra corporate control as sets of mechanisms of its organization and an assessment, and also stages of their application...
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Research on impact characteristics of inclined coal-rock composite body

Tan Yunliang, Zhang Yubao
In this paper, the coal-rock composite models with different inclined angles were established using particle flow code, and the impact instability characteristics after unloading were analyzed. In addition, the evolution process of impact energy was studied. The research results show that the strain...
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Clustering and Emergent Features of the Regional Economics of the Kemerovo Region

Sergey Bereznev, Maria Kumaneeva, Maksim Makin
The subject matter of this research is the processes of clustering in the regional economics. Currently, clustering is the most efficient form of conducting the innovative activity. For industrial regions, such as the Kemerovo region, the benefits of clustering comprise the creation of an efficient production...
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Justification of Efficiency of Heavy Dump Trucks Effectiveness in Open pit Mines According to Operating Life Criterion of the Back Axle

Ivan Panachev, Georgiy Shirokolobov, Ilya Kuznetsov, Anastasia Shirokolobova
Open pit mine dump trucks with different carrying capacity transport more than 80% of overburden and coal from open pit mines of Kuzbass. The universal indicators of vehicles operating conditions are: energy intensity which determines energy consumption for minerals transportation and durability which...
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Using Innovative Technologies of 3D Modeling for Advanced Planning of Reclamation Results

Olesya Aksenova, Anna Pachkina
The problems of open pit mining area reclamation and computer modeling of areas under the most intensive anthropogenic impact are the topics of worldwide discussions. The solution of the problem to define reclamation area is described as the precise computer graphical design of surface landscape restoring...
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Influences on Pressure Releasing by Blasting Breaking Hard Roof

Zhang Wei, Tan Yunliang, Guo Weiyao, Gu Shitan, Mu Dianrui, Hu Shanchao
In order to optimize and upgrade the pressure releasing effect of blasting breaking hard roof, influence factors of it was analyzed by theoretical analysis, numerical simulation and field practice. Firstly, the impact on charge structure (charge uncoupling coefficient K, charge axial coefficient le and...
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Study on the Distribution Law of Front Abutment Pressure of Long Fully-Mechanized Working Face in Deep Mine

Ji Yuguo, Wang Xianjun, Zhou Yongpei, Zhang Xiantang
The front abutment pressure of long fully-mechanized working face has an important influence on the law of rock motion and emergence of rock burst, and it is also directly related to safety and efficiency of production. Based on a fully-mechanized working face, by using Fast Language Analysis of continua...
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Simulation and Field Measurement Study on Roof Strata Behavior of Fully Mechanized Caving Face

Liu Weitao, Song Wencheng, Wang Jianning
In order to reveal the related law between strata behavior and rock burst of fully mechanized caving face, this paper discussed the relationship between the distribution of abutment pressure and energy in front of the coal wall of fully mechanized caving mining face from the point of view of energy....
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Displacement Back Analysis Based on GA-BP and PSO-BP Neural Network

Gu Dongdong, Tan Yunliang
In order to study the back analysis accuracy of different algorithms of neural network for back analysis of tunnels surrounding rock. Firstly, the main parameters influencing the deformation of tunnels surrounding rock are analyzed by orthogonal test. Secondly, a FLAC3D numerical model of the tunnels...
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Electrophysical Monitoring of the Processes of Electroosmotic Treatment of Soil from Oil Pollution on Laboratory Installations

Evgeniy Shabanov, Sergey Prostov
This article describes methods and results of laboratory simulation of processes in the clay soils contaminated by oily substances in the samples, on the one-dimensional and three-dimensional physical models. It describes the laboratory setup, the procedure for conducting experiments and processing their...
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Debit Gas in Well as a Comprehensive Indicator of Gas Permeability of the Coal Seam

Leonid Shevchenko
The possibility of determining the coefficient of permeability of coal seams on debit degasification wells with different orientation with respect to the main fracture systems based on the Darcy law for a fractured porous media. The technique of calculating the permeability coefficient of coal seams...
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Analytical Prediction of Stability of Earthfill Dam

Svetlana Bakhaeva, Dmitriy Guriev
The sloping ground operation of hydraulic structures associated with the collision of landslide phenomena and shear deformations. The work presents the results of research of influence of variability of physical and mechanical soil properties on stress-strain state of an earth-filled dam. To increase...
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Technical Audit of External Power Supply Networks of Coal Mines in the Kemerovo Region

Sergei Zakharov, Vyacheslav Voronin
Over the past four years in the power system of the Kemerovo region there have been a number of major accidents (at the substation 220 kV Uskatskaya, the power line 110 kV Belovskay – Novo-Leninskay), that have led to blackouts of hazardous industrial facilities – coal mines and open pits. These events...
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Impact Assessment of Mining – and – Geological Factors of Kuzbass Coal Mines on the Level of Their Power Consumption

Alla Zakharova, Irina Lobur, Nadezda Shauleva, Valeriy Borovtsov
The processing results of the extensive statistical material characterizing the level of power consumption of Kuzbass coal mines are presented. At the same time, in the formulation of the research problems, the authors have come from the fact that the power consumption of mine is a function of many variables....
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Determination of Seismic Safe Distances During Mining Blasts with Consideration of a Dominant Vibration Frequency

Aleksey Novinkov, Aleksandr Tashkinov, Sergey Protasov
A method for determining seismic safe distances for blasting operations in mines, taking into account the value of dominant frequencies of the earth surface vibrations is proposed. The method is based on a regression analysis of the experimental data; the method is characterized by a familiar and simple...
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Modeling of Geomechanical Processes Case of Uneven Settling of Foundations Constructions

Mikhail Sokolov, Sergey Prostov
The results of forecasting the development of uneven settlement of buildings according to computer simulation of soil foundations with various geological structure using the software package «Alterra». The regularities of uneven vertical displacements and changes in the stress-strain state of the soil...
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Stabilization Control Techniques for a Roadway in Deep High-Stress Soft Surrounding Rock

Jin-tan Hu, Deng-ge Lin, Ru-mei Zhao
In order to solve the instability of roadways in deep high-stress soft rock, this paper proposed four supporting schemes for controlling the deformation of surrounding rock by using the horizontal roadway of -980m level refrigeration underground chamber in Xinhe Mining. Grouting and full section anchoring...
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Research on Simulation and Field Measurement Technology of Floor Mining Failure Depth

Song Wencheng, Zhao Chunbo, Li Guang, Wang Donghui
Aiming at the detection problem of floor mining failure zone after mining, in order to grasp the failure law of floor strata caused by mining and ensure the safe mining on confined water, in this paper, the methods of the theoretical prediction and FLAC3D numerical simulation was adopted to study floor...
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Enhancement of Efficiency of the Magnetic Suspension of Belt Conveyor

Aleksandr Zacharov, Pavel Chepikov
Transportation of large pieces of rock hauled on the belt conveyor causes fatigue wearness of the belt rollers. It has been proposed to upgrade the system of magnetic suspension using alteration of the direction of the magnetization vector of the permanent and levitating magnets in conveyor where there...
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The Power Characteristics of the Reversible Radial Crowns with Disk Tools for Roadheaders of Selective Action

Leonid Mametyev, Alexey Khoreshok, Aleksandr Tsekhin, Sergey Mukhortikov, Andrey Borisov
The areas of improvement in the design of the crowns of roadheaders of selective action and other mining machines. Suggested was the usage of biconical, conical disk tools and their attachment assemblies to the triangular prisms on the crowns of roadheaders and shearers-bladed screws for the destruction...
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Conditions for Minimum Dynamic Loading of Multi-brake Hoists

Alexey Khoreshok, Maxim Tyulenev, Stefan Vöth
Hoists are equipment with unsteady service. Due to this considerable dynamic loading on the hoist and its elements is given, sometimes involving failure of equipment. On the other hand, technological development is going on. Modern control elements are widely used to realize economic and comfortable...
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Evaluation of the Technical Condition of Auger Equipment Units by Vibration Inspections

Leonid Mametyev, Yuriy Drozdenko, Oleg Lyubimov
The article describes the design and operational factors leading to failures in mounting groups of the modern auger equipment. At the same time, the operating experience was considered of using antifriction bearings with solid lubricant antifriction filler (AFZ) having self-lubricating and self-sealing...
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The Diagnostics of Motor-Wheel Gears of Quarry Dump Trucks Based on Bearing Wear Monitoring

Andrey Kudrevatykh
The article proposes a method of diagnostics of the actual technical condition of the motor-wheel gear of pit dump trucks. It allows monitoring of the wear of the bearing assemblies, and also to control the parameters of units upon achieving the maximum permissible meanings. Application of this method...
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Evaluation of the Open Pit Vehicles Loading Influence on the Reliability of Motor – Wheel Reducers

Dmitriy Stenin, Natalia Stenina, Alexander Bakanov
The purpose of the work is to increase effi-ciency in the use of dump trucks in open pit mining by improving operational reliability, reducing bounce rates, reducing the length of the vehicle repairing and, as a result, the cost of the final product. The article describes how to improve the reli-ability...
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Reducing Dynamic Loads of Mining Machinery Electric Drive at Starting

Evgeniy Eshchin, Igor Sokolov
The issue of the squirrel-cage induction motor start-up mode control is considered. Its unsatisfactory dynamic state in the direct power connection mode is remarked. The problem of the squirrel-cage induction motor start-up mode control based on the definition of its current electromagnetic state, while...
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Calculation and Justification Parameters of Strengthening Technology to Produce Drill Rig Shaft Gear on the Basis of Mechanics of Technological Inheritance

Valeriy Blumenstein, Alina Ferranti
Gear shafts of drill rigs in case of holes drilling in coal mines work in complex aperiodical loading conditions. One way to reduce metal consumption of gear shafts is to use the combined strengthening technology on the basis of plastic deformation of the surface (PDS) method. FEM modeling of plastic...
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Computer System for Electric Drives Fault Diagnosis of Mining Shovels

Veniamin Kashirskikh, Andrey Gargayev, Valeriy Zavyalov, Irina Semykina
It is proposed to conduct fault diagnostic test on electric drives of mining shovels based on the results of monitoring the current values of electromagnetic and mechanical parameters and variables of electric drives obtained in the course of their operation using the modern computer technology. The...
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Research on the support technology of bolt and cable in deep high stress roadway

Song Weijie, Qiao Weiguo, Vladimir Pershin, Wu Duohua, Li Yanzhi
Based on supporting failure mechanism and time and space function law of surrounding rock deformation, using the FLAC3D numerical simulation analyzes the bolt mesh cable coupling support of roadway in time support and lagging support. Support in time covers high strength and high strength and pre tightening...
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The role of innovative technologies in solving Kuzbass coal industry geo-ecological problems

Vladymir Kovalev, Alexey Khoreshok, Oleg Litvin
The coal mining industry is fundamental for social and economic development of the Kemerovo region (Western Siberia, Russia). This is due to the fact that on the territory of the region the Kuznetsk coal basin is located with unique grades of coal and high coal-bearing strata on a relatively small area....
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Regarding One Estimation Of The Technical Condition Of The Selective Headers

Vladymir Kovalev, Alexey Khoreshok, Boris Gerike, Anatoliy Meshkov
The paper presents an issue of estimation of the technical condition of the selective headers applying mathematical model of alteration of the actual condition of an object of diagnostics. The paper shows that a complex method is more relevant to the selective headers; the method is based on emission-and-spectrum...
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Study Of Sulfur Oxide Reduction During Combustion Of Coal-Water Slurry

Vasiliy Murko, Viktor Karpenok, Yuliy Senchurova, Oleg Tailakov, Veniamin Khyamyalyainen
It is shown that the developed forecast model, based on statistical analysis of the results of the lubricant oil and parameters of mechanical vibrations, allows with 95% confidence probability to predict a moment of the cutting gear breakdown and schedule a timely maintenance.
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Cleaning the Flue Gases of Thermal Coal Power Plants from Sulfur and Nitrogen Oxides

Mihail Shilyaev, Alexandr Bogomolov, Igor Dvorovenko, Andrey Sysolyatin, Sergey Kryukov, Maksim Chemakin
An experimental setup for adapting the absorption mathematical model (M.I. Shilyaev) in the Venturi scrubber for finding the phase equilibrium coefficients by debugging the algorithm in absorption processes of SO2 extraction by water was developed. The elements of basic equipment were calculated: Venturi...
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Investigation of the sorption properties of ore materials for the removal of sulfur dioxide from exhaust flue gases of power plants

Nadezhda Shikina, Tatyana Teryaeva, Zinfer Ismagilov, S.R. Khairulin, Vladimir Kuznetsov, N.A. Rudina
The prospects of using a natural material – ferromanganese nodules (FMN) from the Gulf of Finland – as the SO2 adsorbent are discussed. The starting material was studied as pellets and powder using X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, XRD, BET, and mechanical strength analysis; dependences of physicochemical...
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The Development of Gas Energy Potential of Coal Deposits as the Necessary Step Towards the Russian Coal Industry Modernization

Sergey Lazarenko, Georgiy Dubov, Anastasia Shirokolobova
The paper describes the current state of works on the gas component development of the energy potential of coal deposits in Russia. The development of the following technologies is being considered: underground coal gasification; industrial methane extraction from coal deposits; methane extraction of...
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Catalysts for Nitrogen Oxides Removal from Flue Gases

Nadezhda Shikina, Oleg Tailakov, Zinfer Ismagilov
Main catalytic systems for nitrogen oxides removal from flue gases of thermal power plants by the method of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) with ammonia are reviewed. Mechanisms of the process and catalysts preparation methods are examined; analysis of commercial catalytic systems is performed. Novel...
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Justification of a Method for Determination of Gas Content in Coal Seams to Assess Degasification Efficiency

Oleg Tailakov, Alexey Kormin, Denis Zastrelov, Evgeniy Utkaev, Sergey Sokolov
the article presents a set of methods to assess gas liberation from coal substance on stages of drilling and coal core extraction, free gas discharge and gas diffusion from coal in the course of its activation by mechanical disturbance. The issues of their use in the mining industry are discussed. The...
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Research in the Propping Agent for the Hydraulic Fracturing Cracks for the Methane Extraction from the Massive Coal Seams

Mikhail Baev, Veniamin Khyamyalyaynen
The success of coalbed methane field development is largely determined by the effectiveness of using special gas production stimulation methods. The need of implementing of such methods is driven by features of location and movement of methane in the coal body. The process of hydraulic fracturing as...
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Methodological Bases of Advanced Geo-ecological Problems Resolving in Neo-industrial Clusters

Maxim Tyulenev, Yury Lesin, Svetlana Vik, Sergey Zhironkin
The importance of geo-ecological studies is confirmed by an insufficient readiness of methodological approaches and conceptual bases of research of geo-ecological factors of innovative development of industrial clusters at the market transformation stage of the Russian economy, the analysis of regularities,...
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Evaluation of the Coking Capacity Indicator of Coking Coal Concentrates Based on the Research of Non-volatile Residue Strength Via Determination of the Coking Chemical Products Yield

Elena Vasileva, Tatyana Cherkasova, Sergey Subbotin, Aleksandr Nevedrov, Andrey Papin, Nikolay Kolmakov
In modern conditions, one of the most acute problems for the coking industry include deterioration of raw material base for coking and coking coal deficit. The negative impact of the deterioration of the raw material condition on the yield and quality of coking products can be compensated by the increase...
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Dependence of the Yield of Chemical Coking Products from Coal Concentrates on Their Nature

Elena Vasileva, Tatyana Cherkasova, Sergey Subbotin, Aleksandr Nevedrov, Andrey Papin, Nikolay Kolmakov
The relevance of the work is justified by the need for a comprehensive assessment of the quality of coal concentrate used to produce coal blends in the coking process, and resources of coking chemical products derived from them. This information is necessary for making optimal coal blends for coking...
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Coal Waste as Raw Material for Production of Rare and Trace Elements

Tatiana Cherkasova, Yelizaveta Cherkasova, Anastasia Tikhomirova, Alyona Bobrovnikova, Andrey Papin, Aleksandr Nevedrov
Huge masses of coal wastes create serious environmental problems in the Kemerovo region and require a comprehensive approach to the development of deposits. Coal must be considered as a complex raw material, which contains valuable rare and trace metals, the recovery of which creates products with high...
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Operational Reliability of Corrosion Protection of Structures in Industrialized Region

Yelizaveta Cherkasova, Natalia Zolotuhina, Irina Goryunova, Tatyana Bulanova, Valentina Chenskaya
The importance of corrosion protection in industrialized regions, providing industrial security of enterprises is considered. The technical analysis of metal and concrete structures of industrial enterprises operating in contact with the industrial environment of Kuzbass region shows that the corrosion...
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Prodicing Mesitylene by Dehydrotreatment of C9-aromatics Distilled from Coal Pyrolysis Products

Ivan Petrov, Boris Tryasunov
The paper describes the results of studies on improving nickelia-vanadia-based catalyst for ethyltoluenes dehydrogenation and the features of the process for mesitylene production on its base. This process (dehydrotreatment of C9-aromatics) includes catalytic removal of ethyltoluene impurities from C9...
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Mechanochemical capture of carbon disulfide by magnesium-carbon composite

Liu Bogu, Zhang Qianqian, Liu Pei, Chen Haipeng, Yu Hao, Zhou Shixue
This work is concerned with mechanochemical capture of carbon disulfide (CS2) by magnesium-carbon composite from ball-miling of Mg and carbonized anthracite. XRD analysis shows that cubic crystal MgS forms when milling time increases more than 1.0 h. The sulfur contents in composites from 0.5, 1.0, 1.5...
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Estimation of Gross Regional Product Losses Due to the Influence of Environmental Factors (in the Context of an Industrial Region)

Petr Kosinskiy, Vladimir Merkuryev, A. V. Medvedev
The scientific and methodological study of environmental pollution impacts on the gross regional product generation and the loss in the coal region is presented. Restrictions on the activities of the region's economic agents are given. Statistical data on people health/morbidity are cited. Evaluation...
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Environmental Safety Management of a Coal Mining Enterprise

Natalya Golofastova, Vladimir Mikhailov, Tatiana Galanina
The purpose of the study is an analysis of the environmental safety performance at the local level (a coal mining enterprise) and proposals for improvement of the management decision support mechanism aimed at the environmental safety improving. The results of the study of theoretical and applied aspects...
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Transformation of the Ecological-economic System of the Coal Mining Region

Vladimir Mikhailov, Natalya Golofastova, Ilya Seredyuk
The evolution and the origin of known systemic ecological-economic interactions, which is especially important in the modern conditions of "technocratic" mode of production characteristic of the coal industry of Kuzbass, are examined in the article. The purpose of the research is to establish the transformation...
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Effect of Binder on Chemically Bonded Fly Ash Aggregate Based on Kuzbass Coal Combustion Products

Alexander Zhikharev, Aleksey Kargin, Andrey Uglanica
The possibility to test the use of alternative binders for the production of chemically bonded fly ash aggregate made of low-calcium ash of Kemerovo thermal power stations running on the coal from the Kuznetsk Coal Basin mines is described in this paper. The strength of the granules was taken as the...
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Numerical simulation of gas flow based on three-dimensional reconstruction using computed tomography

Chu Xiangyu, Wang Gang
In order to obtain the real physical model characterizing the pore and fissure structures of coal rocks and explore the seepage rules of coalbed methane (CBM) using numerical simulation, we proposed a sequential study method from real coal model to coal CAD model to coal finite element model. The coal...
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Sulfur Transfer Characteristics and Pyrolysis Simulation in the Coal Polygeneration Process

Zhang Yaqing, Zhu Jialong, Liang Peng
In the polygeneration process of coal pyrolysis/circulating fluidized bed (CFB) combustion, the sulfur transformation characteristics and a heat transfer, reaction, pyrolysis mathematical model for the non-isothermal coal particles has been studied. The results show that, the circulating ash was effective...