Proceedings of the 8th Russian-Chinese Symposium “Coal in the 21st Century: Mining, Processing, Safety"

The 8th Russian-Chinese Symposium “Coal in the 21st Century: Mining, Processing and Safety” was organized jointly by T.F. Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University (Russia) and Shandong University of Science and Technology (China), which have had a long-term partnership of 25 years. The event was designed to promote the development of the Russian-Chinese scientific and technical cooperation in the field of mining including high-technology coal mining and deep coal processing, reduction of anthropogenic impact on the environment, production and operation of modern equipment, means and methods of industrial safety in the coal industry, as well as modern technologies of construction and modernization of the coal industry operations.

The symposium brought together the leading Russian and Chinese scientists working in the field of coal, heads of coal-mining companies, industrial safety professionals, managers and specialists of the government. The Symposium participants expanded their scientific and business contacts in the field of mining and defined new promising areas of research and engineering research aimed at the development of the coal industry.

We are confident that the 8th Russian-Chinese Symposium “Coal in the 21st century: Mining, Processing, Safety” will contribute to a new quality of relations between the scientists of Russia and China in the field of the mining science for the benefit of the two countries. We sincerely thank the local and foreign scholars who provided their support to the Symposium and all the authors who submitted their papers for publication.

Vladimir A. Kovalev Rector, KuzSTU, Russia
Oleg V. Tailakov Vice-Rector on Research and Strategic Development, KuzSTU, Russia