Proceedings of the BISTIC Business Innovation Sustainability and Technology International Conference (BISTIC 2021)

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Halal Tourism, Implementation and What is Needed: Indonesia Case

Madziatul Churiyah, Heri Pratikto, Evi Susanti, Filianti, Lili Adi Wibowo, Adam Voak
Halal Tourism is becoming a trend. The increasing number of Muslim tourists in the world spending hundreds of billions of dollars in spending provides opportunities for Halal Tourism destinations. OIC and non-OIC member countries are competing to respond to this opportunity by developing the concept...
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The Role of Organizational Justice in Innovative Work Behavior of Female Employees in Government Institution

Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Irma Hidayatul Ulfah
Organizational justice is an essential part of decisions, attitudes, and behaviors in the world of work. Organizational justice has a considerable influence on the formation of innovative work behavior. Being treated reasonably can be interpreted by a gender equalization of employees within a company...
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The Empowerment of Public Investment and Smart Management Model for Tourism Villages Sustainability

Adelia Shabrina Prameka, Deni Bagas Pradana, Sudarmiatin Sudarmiatin, Rodziah Atan, Rayie Tariaranie Wiraguna
The independence and success of one area are looked up by the level of community participation, one of which can help fund the village. Through this research we examine the empowerment of public investment with an intelligent management model for developing the sustainable tourism villages in Indonesia....
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Determinants of Timeliness and Good Corporate Governance at Indonesia Banking Companies

Fetri Setyo Liyundira, Isti Fadah, Intan Nurul Awwaliyah
This study examines the direct effect of examining the effect of profitability, GCG on timeliness, while for the indirect effect of testing the effect of profitability on timeliness with GCG as the intervening variable. The data used are banking sector companies listed on the IDX and CGPI of 13 companies...
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Effect of Technical Leader Supervision and Work Discipline on the Performance of Service Employees in the Auto2000 Branch of Sukun Malang

Natanael Utama, Elfia Nora
The company’s good performance is reflected in the performance of its employees. If the employee’s performance is good then it will directly improve the company’s performance. Good employee performance can be influenced by several factors, including Work Supervision and Work Discipline. This research...
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Santripreneurship Through the Development of Industrial and Santri Creation to Manifest Sharia-Based Economy

Raisa Fitri, Sudarmiatin, Della Ayu Zona Lia, Filianti
This research aims to improve the community’s welfare through the basis of Islamic boarding schools by empowering industrialized and creative santri (students at Islamic boarding schools) and supporting government policies for the sharia economy implementation—this research data collection using a questionnaire....
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Halal Label, Trust and Brand Loyalty Among Social Media Consumer for Food Business in Indonesia

Vika Annisa Qurrata, Rani Dwiastika Listyani Puteri
Purchasing halal food products is not necessarily related to the trust and loyalty of consumers of social media users in Indonesia. However, the increase in public awareness in selecting halal products will certainly influence consumers to purchase halal products. Few studies examine the relationship...
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SWOT Analysis: Utilization of Technology and Innovation in the Sustainability of Trusmi Batik Business in Cirebon Regency, West Java

Budi Eko Sutjipto, Yati, Agus Suman, Hari Wahyono
This study aims to analyze the extent of the use of technology and innovation in the sustainability of Trusmi’s batik business, seen from the marketing strategy it does. This type of research is a case study. The subjects in this study were Trusmi batik entrepreneurs. Data were collected through observation,...
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Why A One-Way Relationship Between Capital Market and Foreign Exchange Market in Indonesia?

Yusuf Arianto, Ely Siswanto
This study aims to examine the causal relationship between the stock market and the foreign exchange market in Indonesia. This study uses the value of the IDX Composite (IHSG) as an indicator of the stock market and the middle value of the exchange rate of IDR to USD as an indicator of the money market....
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Rural Tourism Perspectives on Digital Innovation: Small Enterprises in Indonesia

Lulu Nurul Istanti
The study explored the nature of digital transformation in rural areas and reflected on opportunities and challenges for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in rural tourism areas. Digital infrastructure is the foundation for digital innovation and, as such, ambitious broadband connectivity targets...
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Analysis of Trust: A Perception on E-Commerce Transaction Among Students

Agus Hermawan, Wening Patmi Rahayu, Mohammad Arief
This study analyses the role of consumer trust regarding the role of multi vendors in electronic commerce. Starting from the functional perspective of vendors, trust is seen as a different mechanism that occurs in individuals based on their experience. This study use qualitative method through initial...
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Digital Transformation Through Social Media in Silk Weaving Business: A Case Study in Wajo Regency, South Sulawesi

Budi Eko Soetjipto, Andi Annisa Sulolipu, Hari Wahyono, Agung Haryono
This study aims to determine the impact of digital transformation through social media on the sustainability of the silk weaving business. This research uses qualitative research, case study approach. The subjects in this study were four silk entrepreneurs. Data collection was carried out in three stages...
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Technology Adoption in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Current Issues and Future Research Avenues

Rosa Prafitri Juniarti, Azizah Omar
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) gives enormous contribution across economics. Therefore, technology adoption becomes a must to help SMEs grow. The purpose of this study is to provide an existing literature review on technology adoption in SMEs. This study identified and evaluated peer-reviewed journal...
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Do Corporate Actions Have a Good Impact on Company’s Performance?

Yuli Soesetio, Dyah A Rudhiningtyas
The company’s performance has always been the most important fundamental information as the basis for rational decision making by stakeholders. This study aims to examine the short and medium-term impacts of corporate action. The data selected as a sample are 10 companies listed in IDX from 2010 to 2016...
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Uncollectible Credit Risk Mitigation Model for Women’s Cooperatives in East Java

Achmad Murdiono, Fadia Zen, Siska Krisdiana, Nangkula Utaberta
Women’s cooperatives play an important role in the economic empowerment of families in East Java. But the results of Kopwan’s assessment show that the most common financial problem faced by women’s cooperatives is the occurrence of bad credit. This study aims to develop a risk mitigation model for bad...
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The Intellectual Capital’s Effect on Financial Performance at Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX)

Trisetia Wijijayanti, Nining Try Astuti, Subagyo
This study aims to determine the effect of intellectual capital on the financial performance of companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in 2014-2018. The concept of intellectual capital measurement is carried out using the VAIC method with three types of indicators that measure the added...
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FinTech’s Role in Improving MSME Performance: Financial Literation and Behavior Intention

The development of technology and information presents a variety of service products for the community. Financial Technology is one of the online services that is currently helping the community a lot. This technology is engaged in the financial and economic industries. Financial technology is a combination...
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Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL): Generation Z’s Dilemma on Impulsive Buying and Overconsumption Intention

Della Ayu Zonna Lia, Salsabilla Lu’ay Natswa
This study explores the relationship on impulsive buying and the overconsumption tendency of Z Generations on how their intentions to use the BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) services provide by FinTech, e-commerce or an OTA (Online Travel Agents). The emergence of e-wallet and e-money becomes a significant...
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Improving the Quality of Processed Apple Products Through the Home Industry Food Permit (PIRT) to Encourage Marketing Development in Batu District, Batu City

Tariaranie W. Rayie, Subagyo
Apple “Malang” is one of the typical fruits from Batu City with a unique taste. Currently, there are various processed apples on the market. These different processed products have their respective advantages that are adjusted to the producer. This activity aims to encourage marketing development by...
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Study of Empowerment Model Involving Women and Children as Educative Media in Tourism Village Development Based on Creative Industries

Muchammad Firman Mauludin
Most of the tourism villages in Trenggalek and Tulungagung Regencies only present the potential for local beauty of their respective regions, but have not yet touched on the development of creative industries by utilizing the existing potentials in those areas. The development of a tourism village generally...
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Barriers to Entrepreneurship Education for Disabilities in Indonesia

Ika Zutiasari, Wening Patmi Rahayu, Jefry Aulia Martha, Siti Zumroh
Every country will strive to achieve optimal economic growth and reduce poverty. In Indonesia, people with disabilities who are left behind in terms of education and work also contribute to increasing the number of poverty. Basically, there are many ways to achieve economic independence for persons with...
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The Role of BUMDes in Rural Tourism in Indonesia

Lulu Nurul Istanti
BUMDes is an institution engaged in social and economic affairs and as a service provider to the village community, mainly concerning business. Village tourism in Malang regency managed by BUMDes has the potential to realize village independence. BUMDes can encourage village independence by generating...
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Social Media Marketing as a Marketing Tools in COVID-19 Pandemics: A Systematic Review

Arum Prasasti, Cesya Rizkika Parahiyati
The use of social media as a marketing tool has been predominantly apparent in the last few years. For marketers, social media is seen as an opportunity to advertise their product or services. Thereby, it is expected that social media reaches far more users than traditional media and eventually converts...
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Community Entrepreneurship Collaboration and Village Leadership: The Key to Successful Village-Owned Enterprises Management in Malang

Agung Winarno, Candany Putri Wardany
Village leadership’s perception of establishing a productive society, associated with the widespread formation of local potential-based economic institutions, has resulted in the development of a well-developed Village Owned Enterprise (BUMDES). The purpose of this study is to demonstrate how the management...
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Higher Cognitive, the Higher Entrepreneurial Intention of Undergraduate Students in Indonesia, Has It Been Always That Way?

Cesya Rizkika Parahiyanti, Adelia Shabrina Prameka
The paper provides a preliminary study about entrepreneurial intention among undergraduate students in Indonesia based on five dimensions in cognitive adaptability developing by Hanie and Shepherd in 2009. The quantitative approach is used by collecting 112 data from questionnaires survey. Simple regression...
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Cycle System of Product Industrial Activities as Local Wisdom Strategy to Achieve Village Self-Sufficiency

Heny Kusdiyanti, Ita Prihatining Wilujeng, Indra Febrianto, Robby Wijaya, Nur Indah Agustina
This study focusses to analyse the current condition at Kemiri Village which will further develop cycle system of product industrial activity model as a strategy to achieve village self-sufficiency in Kemiri Village. The method used in this study is qualitative approach by using three phases of research....
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Halalan.Id: Design and Build Halal Tourism Application to Develop Halal Smart City in East Java

Andro Agil Nur Rakhmad, Wahyu Nur Hidayat
The global tourism industry is aware of the significant development of Halal Tourism, both supported by practitioners and researchers. The support from these two perspectives gives rise to strategies to develop Halal Tourism product services based on Islamic Law (Shariah Law). One form of supporting...
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An Overview of Digitalization and Internationalization Msmes: A Conceptual Paper

Fadia Zen, Mochamad Arif Faizin
This study aims to conduct a library review of the phenomenon of digitalization and internationalization in MSMEs so that a summary and starting point will be obtained for academics and researchers interested in the phenomenon of digitalization and internationalization of MSMEs. Researchers studied and...
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Green Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Sector: A Systematic Literature Review

Hujjatullah Fazlurrahman, Muhammad Fajar Wahyudi Rahman, Ika Diyah Candra Arifah
Green human resource management (GRHM) in tourism and hospitality has become the object of contemporary research on sustainability management due to the increasing awareness of consumers about the importance of preferring environmentally friendly tourism and hospitality services. Increased awareness...
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Digital Business Strategy for MSMEs in the Midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Muhammad Sulhan
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused shifts and changes in consumer buying patterns. This is because the public has reduced outdoor interactions to reduce the spread of the pandemic and divert digital purchases. Therefore, MSMEs must adapt and condition the sale of their products and services in order to...
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Design and Build Role Play Game Application - Business Simulator (Simbiz-Rpg) as a Life-Based Business Learning Media

Suryo Hadi Wira Prabowo, Achmad Murdiono, Jefry Aulia Martha, Ika Zutiasari, Nik Mohd Hazrul Nik Hashim
Learning media in an educational perspective is a very strategic instrument and helps determine the implication of the teaching and learning activity. This is due to the limitations that humans have in capturing and responding to things that are abstract or that have never been recorded in their memory....
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Design for Cloud Learning Platform Integrated Office Management to Support the Adjustment of the Industrial World During the Covid-19 Pandemic

I Nyoman Suputra, Andi Basuki, Ari Gunawan
The role of organizations, businesses, and governments in achieving their goals is largely determined by the roles and functions of services and the implementation of activities through an office. The work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic experienced changes to employees in a company or organization....
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Integrated Online Learning Model to Develop Business Management Capabilities

Naswan Suharsono, Rachmad Hidayat, Fadia Zen
This development study was conducted to produce integrated online learning products in the form of learning tools with five integrated components, namely: (a) study guides, (b) syllabus and programs, (c) alternative packages of learning activities, (d) content-based teaching materials, and (e) learning...
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Affective Commitment of Employee as a Mediating Variable in the Correlation Between Organizational Justice and Intention to Stay of PG Kebon Agung Malang

Fiyo Lita, Sopiah
This research aims to elaborate: (1) the influence of organizational justice on the intention to stay of the employees and (2) the role of affective commitment on the correlation between organizational justice on the intention to stay of the employees of PG Kebon Agung Malang. The data were obtained...
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Examining the Determinants of Agripreneurial Intention Among University Students in Indonesia During Covid-19 Pandemic

Ahmad Fawaiq Suwanan
Agribusiness is one of the most important economic sectors in the Indonesian economy. The interest of Indonesian students in agripreneurship is crucial in reducing unemployment rate and maintaining economic growth during covid-19 pandemic. This research aims to determine the impact of the agriculture...
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The Concept of Continuous Improvement from Perspectives of Hamka

Mohd Sadiq Mohd Mokhtar, Fadzila Azni Ahmad
Continuous improvement is the concept that has been extensively implemented towards the organization around the whole world. Continuous improvement or Kaizen has been the key to some developed nation such as Japan to achieve competitive successes. Islam is a religion that compromises all aspect of human...
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Design and Build Application as a Selling Platform for Mobile Vegetable Traders and Farmers

Farah Fathimah Az-zahra, Renaldy Bagas Pratama, Nur Afiza, Reza Widya Pratiwi, Yushivan Rendi Harviansyah
In conditions like today where the whole world is being hit by a major disaster, namely the Covid-19 virus, it has an impact on various sectors, especially the economic sector in Indonesia. With social and physical distancing policies that limit crowds, the production of goods and services is hampered....
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Patronage Intention as Output Experience Quality and Trust in the Use of Hotel Rooms During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Tundung Subali Patma, Ludi Wishnu Wardana, Agus Wibowo, Karisma Sri Rahayu
The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on all business activities, especially in the hotel sector. This study aims to prove that during the COVID-19 pandemic, experience quality and trust are determinants of patronage intention. This research was conducted on customers of 4-star and 5-star hotels in...
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Determining Bank 4.0 Customer Loyalty

Sumiati, Ananda Sabil Hussein, Raditha Hapsari
This study aims to investigate the effects of both experiential quality and customer trust in the formation of Bank 4.0 customer loyalty. To answer the proposed research objectives, this study distributed 205 self-administered questionnaires into digital Bank 4.0 customers in Greater Malang region, East-Java...
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Marketing Strategies Through Instagram to Increase Sales

Study on Description on The Account @berkahsay

Alvi Rizka Nur Hida, Yana Respati Dewi
Development of Information Technology is growing strong right now and support all activities of small business also large business. This situation will have a great benefit for them. Beside the opportunities of technology, the threat of number competitor is a consideration for all entrepreneur to jump...
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Developing IV-Lab (Innovation Lab) for Acceleration Rural Community in Business Through Optimizing the Role of BUMDes

Adam Maulana Dzikri, Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Okki Aenur Diana, Yesiana Ihda Kusnayain, Icha Sivana Br Bangun, Yolanda Dufa Margaretha
The village’s potential will be developed in accordance with the village’s potential to empower the community’s economy and realize community welfare. The government gives the development of BUMDes and the expectations to this institution. Unfortunately, the amount of budget received by BUMDes is not...
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How Green Perceived Value and Green Perceived Risk Influence Customer Loyalty Through Customer Satisfaction

Zaqqi Al Amin, Titis Shinta Dhewi
The study aims to determine the effect of Green Perceived Valueand perception of green risk towards customer loyalty through customer satisfaction. This research is quantitative research using descriptive research and design explanations. The population in this study was at The Body Shop customers in...
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Indonesian Sharia Commercial Bank: Taking into Account from the Ratio of Rentability, Liquidity, Company Size and Capital Adequacy

Yuli Agustina, Rosyi Martha Kumalasari
The capital adequacy ratio of a bank is a ratio used to assess a bank’s ability to raise capital to finance its operations. This capital assessment is accomplished through an examination of the capital ratio as defined by the CAR (Capital Adequacy Ratio). The researcher uses the independent variables...
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Digital Transformation of Service Business SME Financial Report

Sri Hastutik
Aim from this study to determine the Digital Transformation of Financial Statements of SMEs in the trading service business in Malang with the accompanying elements. The method used is a qualitative approach, using field research. The research instrument was carried out by the researcher himself with...
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Mobile Learning in Vocational Education: Tendency Towards Self Regulated Learning

Madziatul Churiyah, Buyung Adi Dharma, Fany Teguh Permana Adi, Sambas Ali Muhidin
Online learning requires teachers to creatively optimize technology in learning activities. Therefore, this study aims to produce Mobile Learning Application products based on Flip PDF Pro Maker to improve learners independence and learning outcomes. Learning media developed there are eight menus and...
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Investigating the Effect of Perceived Organizational Support and Organizational Culture Towards Indonesian Private Employee’s Organizational Commitment

The Role of Gender as Moderating Variable

Silvia, Yesiana Ihda Kusnayain, Andro Agil Nur Rakhmad
There are changes that occur in the community order, also impacting aspects in a corporate organization, one of which is in terms of meeting the needs of a more decent workforce. The fulfillment of these needs can be realized through the support of organizations and culture of organizations or companies...
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The Influence of Brand Awareness and Product Quality on the Repurchase Intention of Teh Botol Sosro Through Trust

A Study on the Residents of Pasuruan Regency

Moch. Fatkhur Rohman, Sopiah
This research aims to determine the influence of brand awareness and product quality on repurchase intention through trust. This research is a quantitative study. The population in this research is the residents of Pasuruan Regency who have ever purchased the products of Teh Botol Sosro. There are 202...
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Website-Based Digital Correspondence Application Design for Office Administration Education Students

Andi Basuki, Madziatul Churiyah, Buyung Adi Dharma, Dewi Ayu Sakdiyyah, Vina Nur Machabbatulillah, Filianti
The rapid development of technology must be accompanied by various preparations made by the world of education. One of them is for students of office administration education. The purpose of this research is to design a web-based digital correspondence application. The research method used is an experimental...
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How Can the Podcast Creative Industry Encourage Indonesia’s Economic Recovery during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Kelvin Bagus Anugrah, Rizky Firmansyah, Leni Susanti, Maulidya Eka Sasmita
This study aims to explore the potential of the podcast industry for Indonesia’s national economic recovery. The data used in this study are secondary data obtained from video podcasts published by 11 Indonesian podcasters and online newspapers published by the Indonesian press. Data analysis was carried...
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Applying Business Model Canvas on SMEs as a Business Innovation Strategy Batik Iwatik Balikpapan, East Kalimantan

One of the challenges faced by SMEs in running and developing its competitiveness is to increase revenue and sustain. A business model is one of business strategies that can help SMEs to survive and sustain in the industry. This study purpose is to propose a business strategy for Batik Iwatik with designing...