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Development and Regulation of Medical Internet

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
The development of medical Internet is fast, so the related laws and regulations fail to keep up with the pace of its development. If a doctor practices online, there is no clear regulation and rules. At the same time, domestic clients haven’t the habit to pay for the medical service from the Internet....

An analysis of the learning community in the autonomous learning environment

Maohua Sun
In recent years, learning community has been widely explored in the field of teacher development. It is a learning organization based on voluntary premise, shared vision and participation, dialogue and cooperation. Research shows that this kind of organization helps to promote the self-development of...

Features and perspectives of transition of Russian economy to technological paradigm: regional aspect

Marina Izmailova, Mikhail Veselovskii, Vera Aleksahina
The article deals with the analysis of Russian economy`s condition in the period of digital transformation. The results of the analysis of the dynamics of Russian economy were presented at the national and world level. The assessment of Russian economy was given at the stage of digital economy formation....

The Effect of Fiscal Incentive on Earning Management among Listed Companies in Indonesia

Dyah Raras Danastri, Christine Christine
This study aims to analyze how a fiscal incentive provided by the government to initiate investment will affect a company’s earning management. The fiscal incentive used in this study is the corporate tax rate reduction for listed companies based on Government Regulation (GR) No. 81/2007 and GR No. 77/2013....
Proceedings Article

Reminding Factors Anemia Events On Pregnant Woman in Endemis Malaria at Kapuas Regency Central Kalimantan Indonesia

I Made Winarta, Miko Triyunis
Anemia is still a public health problem in several countries around the world, including in Indonesia. In Indonesia there are 15 million cases of anemia that cause 38,000 deaths every year. The percentage of Anemia in 2007 in the province of Central Kalimantan was 13.5%, still above the national percentage...

"How Does a Rich Family Stay Rich for More than Three Generations?" ------ On the Effective Inheritance of Chinese Family Enterprises

Wen-Ying Zhang, Lin-Hong Li
As the generation of entrepreneurs gets older and older, the inheritance of family businesses which takes up half of China's businesses becomes increasingly important. Based on the present situation of family business inheritance in China, this paper analyzes the merits and demerits of the existing inheritance...

Study on the Holism Thoughts in Contemporary Chinese Primary and Secondary Schools Education

Mengmeng Tian
Sinology and traditional culture are increasingly valued in primary and secondary education nowadays. Not only ancient poetry and classical Chinese learning, but even Go, Chinese painting, and traditional etiquette rise together. In the study of traditional culture, it is indispensable to learn ancestors’...

Research on the Construction of "Double Type" Faculty in Vocational Colleges

Jiangbo Chen, Rui Xue, Yuanyuan Xu, Weizhi Wang
In the context that the state is vigorously developing vocational education, the importance of vocational education has gradually been recognized by society. How to develop vocational education well is an important topic for us. So "double type" teachers should reflect the characteristics of vocational...

Customer Green Awareness and Eco-Label for Organic Products

Doni Purnama Alamsyah, Oda I. B. Hariyanto, Heni Rohaeni
Nowadays, it is important to review about customer behavior in environmentally friendly products that relate to green consumerism; so the aim of this study is reviewing the correlation of eco-label implementation as green product attributes on customer behavior of green awareness. There are 100 customers...

Exploration on the Construction Path of "Double-Position" Teaching Staff for Applied Undergraduate

Lingyan Meng
The construction of "double-position" teaching staff is an important support for personnel training in applied colleges and universities. Following literature review, field investigation, expert interview and other research methods, this work screened the restrictive factors of "double-position" teaching...

Research on the Application of Blended Learning

He Feng
With the development of the information age, the combination of traditional face-to-face teaching and online learning is more widely used in college teaching. The organic integration of these two learning methods can not only help teachers guide, inspire and monitor students in the teaching process but...

Client Satisfaction Levels at Microfinance Institution: An Empirical Research

Rudy Pramono, Sabrina O. Sihombing, Diena M. Lemy
Since 2008 until now, Koperasi XYZ has never conducted any assessment of the satisfaction and interest of clients on loan services to micro businesses that are the focus of their services. On the other hand, customer satisfaction can be used as a critical indicator of institutional development success...

An analysis of the capital concentration of a corporate organization as a guarantee of successful business development

T Philippova, O Shavandina, E Kovalenko
The article is devoted to the development of the methodology for analyzing the authorized capital of a corporate organization in order to establish the degree of participation of each shareholder in the activities of the corresponding identified business component. In addition, the article examines the...

The Success Factors of Public Private Partnership Implementation for Infrastructures Development: New Evidence from the Indonesian Experience

Dominicus S. Priyarsono, Risman M. Rizal, K. Heny
Infrastructure is one of the main instruments to foster Indonesia’s economic growth. Nevertheless, government’s financial capacity is so limited that it is not sufficient for financing all infrastructure projects. That is the reason for the government to invite the private sector under the scheme called...
Proceedings Article

Temperature distribution in a new composite material for hydrogen storage – Design study of different cooling concepts

Lars Baetcke, Martin Kaltschmitt
A newly developed composite material has been explored based on metal hydrides in combination with polymers enriched with highly porous carbon. As metal hydride, a RHC (reactive hydride composite) was chosen (e.g., MgH2 + 2 LiBH4). The hydride is infiltrated into the pores of the porous carbon suppressing...
Proceedings Article

Air Quality Analysis (PM 2.5) in Smoke-Free Home in Yogyakarta City

Muchsin Maulana, Septian Emma Dwi Jatmika, Kuntoro Kuntoro, Santi Martini, Sri Widiarti, Yuliantiven Yuliantiven
Background: good air quality is the air that free from pollutant-induced irritation. Particulate matter is a complex of solid and tin particle that found on the air. PM 2.5 is the particle that has 2.5 micrometers of diameter size or called a fines air particle. The one of air pollutant on some house...

The Psychological Conflict of Main Actor in The Suffragette Film by Sarah Gavron Based on Kurt Lewin’s Perspective

Abdul Basid, Lu’lu’ Agustin
The purpose of this research is: (a) to describe the types of psychological conflict of the main actor in the suffragette film based on Kurt Lewin’s perspective; (b) to explain the causes of psychological conflict of the main actor in the suffragette film based on KurtLewin’s perspective; (c) and to...
Short Communication

Carotid artery stiffness and cerebral pulsatility in children

Wesley K. Lefferts, Jacob P. DeBlois, Brooks B. Gump, Kevin S. Heffernan
Pages: 64 - 67

The Obstacles of Global Education Implementation Based on Art and Culture: A Research Study in SMK Negeri 2 Jepara

Linda Nurul Khusnah, Nurussa’adah
This study aims to find a solution to explain the constraints faced by teachers in the implementation of global education based on art and culture in SMK Negeri 2 Jepara. The research informants are Waka Kurikulum, Head of Wood Craft Skill Program, and 3 woodcraft teachers. Data collection techniques...

Is there a joint field of cooperation among the BRICS countries in measures against poverty and extreme poverty?

Alexander A. Tkachenko
The article uses World Bank methodological approaches to show that the BRICS countries have very significant differences in their level of development, which impact on the share of the extremely poor. Using two key indicators: GNI per capita and human capital index, the author shows that 5 countries...
Proceedings Article

Reducing Light Misconceptions by Using Predict-Observe-Explain Strategies

Lusandra Dewi Lestari, Prabowo Prabowo, Widodo Widodo
The reason for the low quality of science education in general is the existence of misconception and learning conditions that are less attention to the preconceptions of learners. Misconceptions of light can occur at any age level. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate that Predict-Observe-Explain...

Research on Information Transmission Capacity of WeChat Friends Circle

Zhenkun Wu, Zhenlong Peng, Yuzi Cui
With the development of network technology, the most representative “WeChat circle of friends” in the social network is increasingly becoming the main tool for disseminating information. In order to use the “WeChat friends circle” information transmission function scientifically and effectively, we introduce...

The Need of Prose Teaching Material for Instructional Resources

Elyusra Elyusra, Dian Susyla
This paper aimed to describe the need for teaching materials of fictional prose aspects of instructional material structure at FKIP Muhammadiyah University of Bengkulu. This description was part of the results of the development research aimed at producing the teaching materials model of Fictional Prose-based...

Studies on the Implementation Strategy of English Picture Books for Preschoolers English Learning

Lei Lei
With the development of international exchange of book, preschoolers’ English picture books have raised more and more attention of adults. This article will cultivate the preschoolers English reading quality as a perspective, analyze how to improve English ability through reading picture books, use picture...

Indonesia's Challenge in Value Implementation ASEAN Convention Against Trafficking in Persons, Women and Children (ACTIP-WC)

Lilik Salamah
Human trafficking whose victims are generally women and children is an extraordinary crime that tears humanity. It hence the United Nations as an international institution which upholds human rights paying serious attention as reflected in the 2000 Palermo Protocol. As a regional organization, ASEAN...

Self Awareness of Adolescent Girl Students on Their Educations in Banjar Regency Indonesia

Dwi Nur Rachmah, Muhammad Aditya Ais Purnama
Every year, adolescent girl students who dropped out of school in Indonesia, especially in Banjar regency, increase. The reasons for dropping out vary; some prefer to move to Islamic boarding schools, some are married, even the most severe is due to tired of the assigned task. The purpose of this research...

Statistical Evaluation of the Impact of Lending on the Consumption of Russian Farms in the Context of Macroeconomic Shocks

Nivorozhkina Ludmila, Toropova Tatiana
The article proposes and implements an integrated approach that allows to identify the specifics of the socio-economic situation of households paying out consumer loans, including loans to pay for education. Analysis conducted taking into account periods of macroeconomic shocks. A mechanism for intervening...

Using Wearable Technology to Collect Multimodal Data in the Study of Learners’ Digital Literacy Practices

Freek Olaf De Groot
Technology allows us to learn new languages and communicate with others relatively free of time and place. Although technology has already proven its effectiveness for language learning outside the classroom, the potential of this effectiveness for in-class learning and teaching has yet to be explored...

E-Commerce Product Description Model for Start Up

Mochamad Malik Akbar Rohandi, Dheka Dwi Agustiningsih, Firly Firmansyah Sumpena, Eka Tresna Gumelar
This paper discuss the product description of halal make up specifically for lipstick in e-commerce. According to Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/2017 halal pharmaceutical and cosmetics is becoming a growing sector and expected to reach $ 213 billion by 2021 in aggregate. E-commerce gives everyone...

Research on Traditional Chinese Freehand Paper-cut

Jinsong Yu, Shengli Chen
“Things are me, and I am the things” is the universe view theory that human is an integral part of nature or the identity of objects and self. It determines that Confucianism and Taoism have become the basis of philosophy and aesthetics in Chinese traditional art, and form a unique freehand artistic...
Proceedings Article

Empirical Study on the Interaction between the Industry-University-Research Collaboration and the Innovative City Construction

Huining Jin, Jie Duan, Hailin Bai
The industry-university-research collaboration is the driving force for the innovative city construction. The innovative city construction can promote the development of the industry-university-research collaboration. This article empirically studies the interaction between industry-university-research...

The Role of Government in a Crypto-currency World

Andrey Semenikhin, Igor Morkovkin, Elena Kolosova, Elena Rudakova, Alexander Galushkin, Lyudmila Rudenko
The subject of the research is an opportunity and advisability of a financial crypto-currency regulation. Wherein the work has an aim to substantiate an opportunity and necessity of introduction of government regulation for crypto-currency. In the research are used instruments of government financial...

Managing the Dispute Resolution Process in the Energy and Mining Sectors

Choong Yeow Choy
This paper examines two major aspects of the law and policy relating to the international legal system on international investment. The first concerns the objectives and rationale of the international instruments, namely, investment treaties that apply to and underpin international investment law. The...

The Application of Problem-Based Learning Model to Increase Students’ Activity and Learning Outcomes in Basic Process of Metal Treatment

Ambiyar Ambiyar, Arwizet Kaharudin, Refdinal Refdinal, Mia Hermawati
Based on the researcher survey, it appears that many students were passive, daydreaming, and busy with cellphone and non-related activities during the learning process. The purpose of this research is to improve learning activities and learning outcomes through the implementation of Problem-Based Learning...

Nagarakertagama Manuscript As Historical Route in East Java Tourism Development

Sri Mastuti Purwaningsih, Y. Hanan Pamungkas, Mr Nasution
Nagarakertagama is an ancient manuscript that in 2012 recognize as memory of world by UNESCO. Writing by Mpu Prapanca, it’s contain of the story of Majapahit Kingdom (1293 -1478 AD), include, genealogy of kingdom, the situation of capital city of Majapahit and the famous journey of king hayamwuruk in...

14. The Failure of Democratic Transition in Libya

Naufal Rhyo Ichwanda, Randhi Satria
The Libya Revolution in 2011 believed as a progress for democracy in Libya. However, after the revolution, the situation did not get any better and worsened by chaos in Libya. It is already almost seven years from the revolution and there still no clear future of Libya. The civil war and split government...
Proceedings Article

Research on Present Situation of Market Operation of Gymnastic Dance Club in Neijiang

Weiqiong Zhou, Zhongfan Zheng
Gymnastic dance is an elegant sport which arouses interest of teenagers, more and more people are involved in it. The paper uses literature method, logical analysis method and field survey method to investigate the present situation of market operation of gymnastic dance club in Neijiang city, analyses...

Analyzing Water-Supply Situation in the Future

Haoxin Tian
In this paper, the water-supply model is established to analyze the ability of a region to provide clean water to meet the needs of its population, the dynamic nature of the factors that affect both supply and demand must be taken into account, the water supply ability in different regions, and predict...
Proceedings Article

Research on Scheduling Optimization of Cloud Computing Resource Load Based on Culture Firefly Algorithm

Kexin Zhang
Cloud computing is a new computing technology with great potential value. It utilizes large-scale hardware and virtual resources to provide users with dynamic application services. In order to maximize the use of cloud resources, give full play to the maximum potential of cloud computing, mining efficient...

Reform of Physical Education Teaching and Cultivation of Life - long Sports Consciousness in Higher Vocational Colleges

PaLihati Dawuti
With the continuous development of the times, competition among talents has become ever more intense. How to develop close to the needs of the community with a variety of talents, it becomes very important. In this case, we can only college sports education and lifelong sports education combined, can...

A Critical Review on Reducing Human Error

Elisabet Siahaan
In nowadays competition, a private hospital services could be categorized as monopolistic competition. Many of new private hospital established were increasing in the current competition. In order to win, survive in competition, one had to offer a better performance, better competitive advantage from...
Proceedings Article

Determination of potassium content in potassium hydrogen phthalate used for fireworks and firecrackers based on Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (EDXRF

Jun-yi Wu
Methods used for the determination of potassium content in potassium hydrogen phthalate are mostly based on traditional chemical method, which is lengthy and cumbersome. If inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry or atomic absorption spectrometry are used to determine the potassium with high...

The Effects of ICT and Longhand Note-taking on Students' Comprehension

Clara Herlina Karjo
With the advent of technology nowadays, taking notes by hand seems old-fashioned to most students nowadays. Typing on ICT devices (such as laptops, smart phones, and tablets), on the other hand, is more preferable since it is more practical and can record more information. Note-taking (either by hand...

The Approach of Conflict Resolution Education to the Governance Management

Mujib Hasib, Muthia Mutmainnah Darmuh, Dwi Dian Permatasari, Zulfan Nahruddin, Muchlas M. Tahir
This study used a qualitative phenomenology approach thatis to describe and represent the experience of the informants about the conflict in Sub-Rappocini Makassar. Data analysis, data reduction, data presentation, drawing conclusions were cunducted. The results showed the police cooperated with various...

Exploring the Negative Attitude in the Study of Anti-aging

Yingying Dai
The topic of anti-aging science has been discussed widely from ancient time to nowadays. Many people are interested in anti-aging, from ancient emperors to ordinary middle aged women. Some people may argue that anti-aging is a positive attitude that they want to stay young. It is understandable if people...
Proceedings Article

Design of the Complex Surface of the Implicit Geometric Modeling-Based Automotive Body

Jie Niu
For improving smooth transition of the elbow and keeping geometric modeling characteristics of the elbow, the equation of blending surfaces was established by the means of implicit geometric modeling. Adjustable function of controlling parameter increases freedom of blending surfaces modeling. Sudden...

Study on Historical Evolution and Contemporary Revelation of Mao Zedong Thought and Ideologization

Ying Wang
Chinese reform and opening up has achieved remarkable achievements and our country has undergone tremendous changes. Profound economic and social changes objectively require the further enrichment and development of the country's mainstream ideology. Mainstream ideology is the guide for social action....
Proceedings Article

Research on Information Fusion Strategy of Animal Husbandry Ecological Management Platform

Jing Fu, Jian Wu, Dan Wang, Hongmei Luo
Starting from the actual background of animal husbandry as an important basic industry of social economy, the information fusion industry alliance member enterprises build the industry knowledge base in the process of building livestock ecological management platform. This paper takes into account the...

Achievement Scale Evaluation on Early-Stage Schedule of Graduation Design--Electrical Engineering and Its Automation Specialty, Lanzhou Jiaotong University

Hongsheng Su
To ensure the full graduation design work accomplished in the allotted time, Lanzhou Jiaotong University issues a file in advance named early-stage arrangement notice on graduation design, which requires that each secondary school must comply with it, unconditionally. Based on it, this paper firstly...