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Effect of Ce on Deformation Performance of ZK20 Magnesium Alloy

Quan Li, Weibo Zhu, Bin Zeng, Xianquan Jiang
In this paper, Effect of different contents of Ce on the Mechanical Properties of ZK20 magnesium alloy and thermal deformation behavior, through the use of room temperature tensile and compression test thermal simulation, analysis Ce element is present in the form of ZK20 magnesium alloy and its alloys...

Geological Parks, Eco-tourism and Sustainable Development

Jian-Xinog Qin
Based on the comparative analysis of the definition of geological parks, ecological tourism and sustainable development, this paper discusses the dialectical relationship between the geological parks, ecological tourism and sustainable development. The geological park is an important part of the ecological...

A Study on competitive advantage and risk management of trade between Guangxi and Asean-countries

Jun Huo, Ke Zhuang, Dalei Qin
The establishment of CAFTA(China-ASEAN Free Trade Area)and the implementation of the Belt and Road initiative will explore new growth of trade between Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and ASEAN countries. This paper describes the competitive advantages of Guangxi and explains how to avoid competitive...

Additive Manufacturing for Enhanced Cooling in Moulds for Casting

Even Wilberg Hovig, Vegard Brøtan, Knut Sørby
Additive manufacturing allows new design solutions for moulds and dies that can improve quality and productivity in casting processes. Complex cooling channels made by additive manufacturing give fast and reliable cooling and a more accurate control of the solidification. The paper shows a comparison...
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The Design and Implementation of High Precision and Low Power Wireless Temperature Sensor

Yanping Wang, Hanxi Li, Yuchen Wang, Huan Le
This paper presents a design method of high precision wireless temperature sensor, the sensor consists of 16 high-performance low-power processor MSP430F149, Sub-1G RF transceiver chip SI4432, four-wire positive temperature coefficient temperature sensitive resistor PT100, the high resolution of AD conversion...

Data structure teaching method to cultivate students' innovation ability as the core

Hongzhen Chen, Dianhui Chu, Chunshan Li, Guoru Li
The target of this paper is to cultivate students' innovative ability. According to data structure teaching process, this paper proposed teaching design concept of double mainline firstly. Then, in order to reflect the innovative thinking to data structure course, this paper constructed three-layer teaching...
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The Generalized Extreme Value Model for Seismic Hazard Estimation of Potential Source Area based on Maximum Information Entropy Principle

Luchuan Ren, Zhe Liu, Jianwei Tian
The author proposes a method to establish the generalized extreme value model for strong earthquake hazard estimation of a potential source area, based on the maximum information entropy principle and corresponding constraint conditions, and then selects the Ryukyu trench subduction zone as a potential...
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An Investigation of Range-velocity Deception Jamming Modeling

Ying Xiong, Hai yan Gu, Bin Tang, Yong qiang Zhang
This paper explores the modeling method of range-velocity deception jamming, which can deceive the victim radar on range and velocity information simultaneously. By analysis of the producing mechanism, maneuvering strategies and pulling rules of this jamming, the basic mathematical models are established...
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A Fast Algorithm of the Geomagnetic Correlation Matching Based on MSD

Weinan Xie, Zhenshen Qu, Qinghua Li
In this paper, a fast algorithm of the geomagnetic correlation matching based on MSD (mean square difference) is proposed. According to Taylor formula, the expression of MSD is transformed using the gradient of the magnetic field intensity. By introducing the parallelism constraint, the regularization...
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An Elliptic Curve Based Authentication Scheme for RFID

Changsheng Wan, Lin Zhou, Jie Huang, Juan Zhang
To solve the problems of consumers’ security and privacy, a new RFID authentication method based on the elliptic curve is proposed. Comparing with other asymmetric cryptography, this method has stronger security, shorter key length, less computation. This scheme makes the reader and the writer being...
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The Exploration on Innovation of Analog Electronic Technology Course

Liu Jun, Wang Qi
This article carries on a detailed analysis and study on content, teaching methods and the problems of experimental teach-ing in the analog electronic technolo-gy(AET) course. It proposes the relevant scope, strategies and principles about teaching innovation of it. It introduces the contents and stages...
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Empirical Research on the Coupling Relationship Between P.E. Teachers Occupation Burnout and Stress Coping Styles Based on Covariation Model

Bofei Xie
The higher vocational college sports teachers' job burnout has very important significance for today's professional colleges and universities sports education development and PE teachers' professional responsibility research. This paper firstly analysis the formation of teachers' occupational tiredness...
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A Probe into the Index System of Organizational Effectiveness Evaluation based on the Corporate Strategy

Dan Wang
The Index System of Organizational Effectiveness Evaluation (ISOEE) makes a comprehensive evaluation of the organizational effectiveness of the corporate units of different functional orientation and different natures, with a view to reaching an overall assessment of the operating conditions of the conglomerate...
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The Research of 3D Reconstruction Based on Single Image

Yong Zhang, Li Zhang
Traditional silhouette extraction algorithm is easy to cause disconnection problem, this article adopts the method of threshold segmentation and morphology repair to extract a more complete outline. The conventional SFS minimization algorithm extracted 3D information with a consistent smooth factor will...
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Study on Positioning System Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Lijun Liu, Siwen Luo, Jun Gui
The positioning technology of wireless sensor is the premise in the application of wireless sensor network and has high application prospect and research value. The positioning technology based on received signal strength (RSSI) and the working principle were studied in the paper. The error and compensation...
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Can Big Auditors Increase Enterprises Value ——An Empirical Study Based on A Stock Market in China

Cunyan Zhang, Haiping Lv, Yahui Tian, Cairong Wang
Based on the large sample data of 2009-2011 A-shares market, the paper tests whether the current capital market in China has cultivated higher quality auditors by studying whether big auditors can increase clients’ market value. The results were analyzed by multiple regression analyses. It shows that...
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A matching algorithms based on the depth first search for the general graph

Chengcheng Yu, Zhonge Sheng
In this paper, a matching algorithm of general graph based on depth-first traversal is proposed. The algorithm does not need to shrink and expand treatment when a flower is searched. This algorithm’s time complexity of search an augmenting path is equal to corresponding graph’s depth-first traversal...
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Research on the Microstructure and Properties of Compound Modification of Stearic acid-Gly -Ti-O Particles ER Fluid

Suokui Tan, Xiaoping Song, Song Ji, Hong Zhao, Hongyan Guo, Yinjiang Peng, Guangming Zhang
This paper emphasis has researched the Microstructure and Properties of compound modification of stearic acid-Gly -Ti-O particles ER fluid, It is found that Stearic acid-Gly -Ti-O modification has major effect on shear stress and chain of particles.
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Network Coding based Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks

Jian Ji Xiang
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have received significant attention recently. Wireless sensors are deployed to achieve network load balancing, prolonging network lifetime, and improving network coverage. To achieve these goals, energy efficiency directly affects battery life and thus is a critical design...
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The Research on the Relationship between Mongolia's Fertility Rate and Income based the Easterling Model

Jiliang Xue
Along with the economic development and social progress in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and gradually change attitudes, unique ethnic characteristics and the nomadic culture of Mongolia makes its fertility, fertility preferences and livelihood strategy has changed, but the research on the fertility...
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The Exploration and Practice of the Model of Training Skilled Application of Electronic Technology Professional Technical Talents

Guocan Ren, Sufang Yuan
Higher vocational colleges must successfully realize the goal of training technical talents, must have a reasonable training plan for support. This paper starts with the connotation of talents training mode and characteristics, analyzes the elements of talents training mode, the mode of goal system and...
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The Folk Flavor of Food of Dongting Lake Area in China

Liu Fei-Long, Din Si-Yan
DongTing Lake area is located in the north of Hunan province of china and known as the hometown of fish and rice. For a long time, "HuGuang cooked, the world is adequate," saying more widelycirculated. So it is certainly rich in products that can certainly promote the development of folk of rich and...

The Design of Intelligent Greenhouse Distributed Measurement and Control System Based on ARM

Li Dan
With the rapid development of agricultural modernization, intelligent greenhouse becomes more and more popular. This paper describes one kind of distributed measurement and control system for intelligent greenhouse environmental parameters. Every greenhouse measurement and control terminals based on...
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Thin Cloud-fog Cover Removed from Remote Sensing Imagery Based on Stationary Wavelet Transformation

He Hui, Chen Hai
A new method based on stationary wavelet transformation and nonlinear gray-scale transformation was proposed to weaken the thin cloud-fog cover of remote sensing imagery in this paper, which can not only to weak the cover of thin cloud-fog effectively with enhanced image resolution but also to preserve...

New service design of medical cloud service: A perspective of Activity Theory

Chen-Tong Chang, Wen-Hong Chiu, Hui-Ru Chi, Sheng-Tsai Liu
This study explores the new service design (NSD) of medical cloud service (MCS) based on the perspective of activity theory. The activity theory consists of six elements concerning object, tool, subject, rule, community, and division of labor. This study adopts the method of case study. The secondary...
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On the Income Mobility of Rural and Urban Residents in China: 1988~2008

Feng Luo
This paper analyzes the characters of income mobility for both urban and rural residents in China from 1988 to 2008. As a whole, the trend in income mobility is rising for urban residents, but falling for rural residents. For high and low income groups, urban residents’ immobility ratio is falling, but...

Discussions on the Construction of Indexical System for Evaluation of Enterprise’s Marketing Capability

Shang Qingyun
The enterprise’s marketing ability is critical for the survival of enterprises in the complex competition environment. At present, the theory focuses on the qualitative analysis of marketing ability, based on the logical framework of marketing ability, this paper constructs the evaluation index system...

Translator’s Subjectivity in Parody Translation from the Perspective of Skopostheorie

Fang Wang
This paper is intended to interpret the translators’ subjectivity in parody translation from the perspective of Skopostheorie. According to Skopostheorie, translation is a purposeful activity based on the source text. Under the guidance of Skopostheorie, the translators display their subjectivity in...
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Effect of Tiny Pd Addition to Ti for Their Hydrogenation Properties

Ryota Kondo, Hiroyuki T. Takeshita
Titanium (Ti) based hydrogen-storage materials can absorb hydrogen under mild conditions. However, the materials could not absorb hydrogen without initial activation, owing to the formation of surface oxide layer. For mitigate the initial activation conditions, addition of Pd to Ti based materials were...
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The Residual Stress FEM Analysis of Pipeline Steel X70W Submerged-arc Welding

Zisen Yang, Quankang Di, Qisong Sun
The pipeline steel X70W submerged-arc welding was simulated by FEM using ANSYS, for the issue that the cracks were frequently found in the base metal when the pipeline steel was expanded holes after welding. And the residual stress was analyzed at three different welding speed through temperature field...
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Empirical Study on Management Equity Incentive and Investment Efficiency Based on Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share listed companies

Dong-Ping Han, Cai-Cai Guo, Yue Zhao
More and more listed companies are trying equity incentive in China, but there has not yet formed a unified understanding of the impact of equity incentive on investment efficiency. Based on the theory of management power, using the investment model of Richardson and choosing Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share...

Analyzing Student Readiness of e-Learning Implementation in Middle School

Feby Artwodini Muqtadiroh, Amna Ahifia Nisafani, Nadia Silviana
E-learning is a widely developed mean to support learning process in class. However, student readiness may hinder its application, thus results in its deployment failure. One of the methods to assess student readiness is blended learning model from Tang and Chaw. This model analyzes student readiness...
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Three-Stage Lossless Compression Technique For Processing PMU Big Data In Modern Smart Grid

Li Baojie, Chen Shuo, Lu Yuxin, He Weisheng, Zeng Xiaoming
With the widespread proliferation and application of high data sampling rate device- Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) in modern smart grid, large volumes of data are produced in the wide-area monitoring system, which results in increasing challenge in real-time analysis, data storage and data transmission....

Research on Supply Chain Decision Making Based on the Shortage of Market Supply

Heng Liu
This paper studies the optimal decision of retailer and supplier based on the shortage of market supply. Compared with the normal supply situation, it is found less optimal order quantity from the retailer; and that the retailer's optimal order quantity decreases with the increasing of wholesale prices,...
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Measurement of hardness and properties of copper alloy processed by friction stir process

Kazeem O Sanusi, Esther T Akinlabi
In this paper, friction stir processing (FSP) was used to refine the microstructure of the copper alloy using various parameters. The influence of the tool rotation and traverse speeds on the microstructural and mechanical properties of the processed copper alloy was measured and analyzed. Micro-hardness...

The Effects of Early Childhood Teachers' Backgrounds and Competence for Building Educational Community on Parent-Teacher Cooperation

Kai Sook Chung, Gab Jung Yoon
This study is to examine the relative influence of early childhood teacher's backgrounds and competence for building educational community on cooperation with parents. The sample of the research consisted of 638 early childhood teachers and they filled up a questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed...

Effects of Social Networking Media to the Academic Performance of the Students

Remedios Remedios C. Kulidtod, Nahida Nahida S. Pasagui
Social networking media has been the major source of communication between individuals in the world over, hence, the label cyber-world. This includes Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Flicker, Frienster, Blogs, Podcast, Youtube, Tumblr and Skype, among others. Users of these forms of media made...
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The Characteristic of Macromolecule Heavy Metal Flocculant and Trapping CSAX of Hg²+ from Aqueous Solutions

Xiao-Hong Li, Xue-Kui Hao, Qing Chang
In this paper, the flocculant and trapping performance of the crosslinked starch-graft-polyacrylamide-co-sodium xanthate (CSAX) was evaluated using wastewater that contains Hg²+ as the target. Some factors affect the removal rate of Hg²+ were investigated. The experimental results show that the CSAX...
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Research on the Technology of UAV Landing Using Visual Guidance

Jia Li, Yangzhu Wang, Yelin Zhang
According to the landmark feature, the paper guides UAV precise landing with machine vision technology. Firstly, the author analyzes the principle of visual navigation based on the landmarks. According to the imaging principle of machine vision, the paper uses projection matrix method to solute the conversion...
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Modeling Analysis of Advanced Persistent Threat–Based on UML

Bin Dong, Wentao Zhao, Jianglong Song
This paper reveals the inherent features of advanced persistent threat (APT), and summarizes its general attacking processes, attacking means and methods. The attacking steps model of APT which is based on UML effectively describes the application principles of APT and its behavior features, mode features...
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Effect of Polyamide 6 on Crystallization Nucleation Behavior and Mechanical Properties of Polyoxymethylene

Chunfa Ouyang, Xu Xiang, Weili Xue, Qun Gao, Zhengchuang Zhao, Kangsheng Zheng, Wang Zhang, Duoyou Zhang
The present study is the first propose use of secondary melt-processing, in which polyamide 6 (PA6) were successfully dispersed in Polyoxymethylene (POM) and POM/PA6 blends were prepared carried with POM. The effect of PA6 on crystallization nucleation behavior and mechanical properties of POM have been...
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Analysis and Calculation of Miller Capacitor in Amplifier for 8 Bits Pipeline ADC

Ying Liu, Chi Xie, Yourun Zhang
This design pays much attention on analyzing and calculating Miller capacitor in operational amplifier to optimist OP (Operational Amplifier). The design for a 8-bit high speed, low power pipeline ADC is based on standard 0.18um CMOS technology, with 3.3 power supply. The results show that the dc gain...

The Research on Situation and Prediction of Anqing’s Industrial Economy

Jun Hu, Wu Xie
Industry is the dominant of national economy. The development of industrial economy becomes an enduring and dynamic topic with generally increasing of the second industry. Based on the qualitative method and data, we illuminated its current situation and found some problems, on account of the statistical...
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Business Process Optimization of the Customer Manager Based on Mobile Internet

Keliang Jia, Nan Song, Peijiang Liu
This paper analyzed the traditional business process of customer manager in tobacco industry, found out the redundant process and existing problems in the traditional process. In order to provide better and timelier service to the retail customers, the paper optimized the traditional business process...
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Influence of Isopropyl Nitrate on Combustion Characteristics of Triple-base Propellant

M.H. Chen, Y.K. Chen, Q. GE, S.G. Wang, H.C. Wang
In order to study the influence of Isopropyl Nitrate on combustion characteristics of triple-base propellant, the combustion of triple-base propellant was tested with closed bomb. Combustion characteristic parameters including maximum pressure, combustion time, gas generated brisance, pressure impulse,...

Exploratory Study on Learning Organization : A Case Study in Faculty of Economics of a Private University in Jakarta, Indonesia

Nita Handastya, Levi Nilawati, Andy Susilo Lukito Budi
University is a center of knowledge that produces both ideas and thinkers. However, can such an institution be automatically called learning organization? Learning is, according to Senge (1990), the only means of survival in this changing world. In a hierarchical organization such as a faculty, many...

Research on the Contemporary Group Company Financial Control Mode from the Perspective of Subsidiary Management and Control

Jie Li
In this paper, we conduct research on contemporary group company financial control mode from the perspective of the subsidiary management and control. The fundamental nature of enterprise is that it is a kind of effective mechanism to create wealth governance and management are part of the effective...
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Blind Recognition of (2,1,m) Convolutional Code Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Jianxiong Wang, Limin Zhang, Zhao-Gen Zhong
For the blind recognition problem of convoluntional code, a new method based on simulated annealing algorithm is proposed. Firstly, the mathematical model is given based on code features. Then the basic principle and realization process is described in details, also the method to choose parameters is...

Comprehensive Scores of Legal Risk by Using Clustering Analysis

Ying Zhang, Dongsheng Xu, Juanjuan Geng
To evaluate the legal risk of big enterprise in China for the sake of avoiding unnecessary loss, multivariate statistical analysis method was adopted. In the evaluation process, a criterion which contains 967 observation points was raised. All the 967 observation points were carried out by priority setting...
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Multi-agent model of ontology-based extraction of physical effects descriptions from natural language text

Dmitriy Korobkin, Sergey Fomenkov, Valeriy Kamaev, Marina Fomenkova
Authors developed a representation model of physical effects knowledge based on an ontological approach. Authors proposed a model of multi-agent system for updating a physical effects database, including a model of agents, the model of interaction between agents, the role of agents in interaction. The...