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On the Moyal Quantized BKP Type Hierarchies

Dolan Chapa Sen, A. Roy Chowdhury
Pages: 1 - 7
Quantization of BKP type equations are done through the Moyal bracket and the formalism of pseudo-differential operators. It is shown that a variant of the dressing operator can also be constructed for such quantized systems.

Solutions of WDVV Equations in Seiberg-Witten Theory from Root Systems

R. Martini, P.K.H. Gragert
Pages: 1 - 4
We present a complete proof that solutions of the WDVV equations in Seiberg-Witten theory may be constructed from root systems. A generalization to weight systems is proposed.

Integrability of the Perturbed KdV Equation for Convecting Fluids: Symmetry Analysis and Solutions

J.M. Cerveró, O. Zurrón
Pages: 1 - 23
As an example of how to deal with nonintegrable systems, the nonlinear partial differential equation which describes the evolution of long surface waves in a convecting fluid ut + (uxxx + 6uux) + 5uux + (uxxx + 6uux)x = 0, is fully analyzed, including symmetries (nonclassical and contact transformatons),...

UV Manifold and Integrable Systems in Spaces of Arbitrary Dimension

A.N. Leznov
Pages: 1 - 7
The 2n dimensional manifold with two mutually commutative operators of differetiation is introduced. Nontrivial multidimensional integrable systems connected with arbitrary graded (semisimple) algebras are constructed. The general solution of them is presented in explicit form.

Lax Pairs, Painlevé Properties and Exact Solutions of the Calogero Korteweg-de Vries Equation and a New (2 + 1)-Dimensional Equation

Song-Ju Yu, Kouichi Toda
Pages: 1 - 13
We prove the existence of a Lax pair for the Calogero Korteweg-de Vries (CKdV) equation. Moreover, we modify the T operator in the the Lax pair of the CKdV equation, in the search of a (2 + 1)-dimensional case and thereby propose a new equation in (2+1) dimensions. We named this the (2+1)-dimensional...

Value Co-Creation in the Tunnel Engineering Course Design and Implementation

Jianqin Ma
To meet the requirements of the new curriculum, the syllabus of the course Tunnel Engineering is revised accordingly, with value co-creation in learning and teaching under consideration. The course design and implementation plan development are led by a staff group, but founded on the features and basic...
Proceedings Article

Formulation and Antioxidant Effectivity Test of Single Bulb Black Garlic Lotion With DPPH Method (1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl)

Abdul Aziz Setiawan, Meta Safitri, Dwi Titan Armiyani, Ghany Herianto, Edy Marwanta
Single bulb black garlic is a fermented product of single-bulb garlic for 30 days with a certain temperature and humidity. It experiences a Maillard reaction and has an increased content of active compounds. Single bulb black garlic contains secondary metabolites in the form of flavonoids, tannins, and...

On Value Goals of State Governance Modernization

Xiaodong Li
As the value goals change as per the varying theme of the times, people desired for the unity and harmony during war and unrest years, but fought for democracy and freedom under great empire’s ruling. However, at present, as the social conflicts and economic stagnation occur, people are longing for communion...

Entrepreneurship Model in Zakat Institution of Muhammadiyah

Case Study in Lazismu Yogyakarta Province

Sutrisno, Razali Haron, Syarif As’ad
This study aimed to explore in-depth the role of zakat institutions in poverty alleviation by distributing zakat funds in various programs, particularly through economic empowerment. This research is focused on Entrepreneurship Economic Development in Lazismu, Yogyakarta Province. Furthermore, this paper...

Financial Technology 3.0 Adoption in Financial and Non-Financial Institutions from Modified UTAUT Perspective

Valentina Tohang, Erika Lo, Adilla Anggraeni
In the financial industry, the innovations of financial technology (FinTech) is vital to provide convenience to the public to access financial products and transaction facilities. Nevertheless, FinTech is recently growing in the non-financial industry and has been able to improve financial inclusion...
Proceedings Article

The Determinants of Halal Labeling and Brand Image Towards Purchase Intention and Purchasing Decision

Sutrisno Wibowo, Audya el Juhara
This study aims to analyze the influence of halal labeling and brand image on purchase intention and purchasing decisions. This study’s object was Wardah’s cosmetics. Meanwhile, this study’s subject was Wardah cosmetics consumers in Yogyakarta. In this study, a sample of 155 respondents was selected...
Proceedings Article

An Investigation of Health Information Dissemination on Social Media: Content Analysis of CegahStunting Campaign on Instagram

Ida Nursanti, Muhammad Rifqi Ma’arif
Health information dissemination is one of the importance agendas on the public health sector. The effectivity on the way the health information was spread out plays a crucial-aspects on health habits on the society. In the case of stunting, right and concise information dissemination is very important...

Particle trajectories in linear periodic capillary and capillary-gravity deep-water waves

David Henry
Pages: 1 - 7
We show that within the framework of linear theory the particle paths in a periodic gravity-capillary or pure capillary deep-water wave are not closed.

Exploring the Effects of Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) System on Carbon Emission and Health Issues: A Preliminary Study on the Norfolk Island

Bruce Armstrong, Gary Webb, Alex Hendry, Robyn McDermott, Boyd Swinburn, Egger Garry
Pages: 1 - 11
The Norfolk Island Carbon and Health Evaluation (NICHE) Program is a project to trial the effects of a Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) system aimed at reducing carbon emissions and obesity related behaviours. This paper reports on a series of factor analyses designed to test attitudinal associations from...

Biogas - A European Perspective on Safety and Regulation

Olivier Salvi, Samuel Delsinne, Sébastien Evanno
Pages: 1 - 20
The production of biogas is positioned as energy which can not only generate a source of energy known as "green" but also which can recycle waste. In the context of sustainable development, the place of biogas is therefore essential. The risks corresponding to the production processes and uses of are...

Quantum Integrability of the Dynamics on a Group Manifold

V. Aldaya, M. Calixto, J. Guerrero, F.F. Lopez-Ruiz
Pages: 1 - 12
We study the dynamics of a particle moving on the SU(2) group manifold. An exact quantization of this system is accomplished by finding the unitary and irreducible representations of a finite-dimensional Lie subalgebra of the whole Poisson algebra in phase space. In fact, the basic position and momentum...

Algebraic Discretization of the Camassa-Holm and Hunter-Saxton Equations

Rossen I. Ivanov
Pages: 1 - 12
The Camassa-Holm (CH) and Hunter-Saxton (HS) equations have an interpretation as geodesic flow equations on the group of diffeomorphisms, preserving the H 1 and H 1 right-invariant metrics correspondingly. There is an analogy to the Euler equations in hydrodynamics, which describe geodesic flow for a...

Complex Angle Variables for Constrained Integrable Hamiltonian Systems

S. Abenda, Yu Fedorov
Pages: 1 - 4
We propose Dirac formalism for constraint Hamiltonian systems as an useful tool for the algebro-geometrical and dynamical characterizations of a class of integrable systems, the so called hyperelliptically separable systems. As a model example, we apply it to the classical geodesic flow on an ellipsoid.

Risk Decision Making Based on Decision-theoretic Rough Set: A Three-way View Decision Model

Huaxiong Li, Xianzhong Zhou
Pages: 1 - 11
Rough set theory has witnessed great success in data mining and knowledge discovery, which provides a good support for decision making on a certain data. However, a practical decision problem always shows diversity under the same circumstance according to different personality of the decision makers....
Research Article


John R. Cockcroft,
Pages: 1 - 2

From Bi-Hamiltonian Geometry to Separation of Variables: Stationary Harry-Dym and the KdV Dressing Chain

Maciej Blaszak
Pages: 1 - 13
Separability theory of one-Casimir Poisson pencils, written down in arbitrary coordnates, is presented. Separation of variables for stationary Harry-Dym and the KdV dressing chain illustrates the theory.

On a graded q-differential algebra

Viktor Abramov
Pages: 1 - 8
Given an associative unital ZN -graded algebra over the complex numbers we construct the graded q-differential algebra by means of a graded q-commutator, where q is a primitive N-th root of unity. The N-differential d of the graded q-differential algebra is a homogeneous endomorphism of degree 1 satisfying...

Hidden Symmetries, First Integralsvand Reduction of Order of Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations

Barbara Abraham-Shrauner
Pages: 1 - 9
The reduction of nonlinear ordinary differential equations by a combination of first integrals and Lie group symmetries is investigated. The retention, loss or even gain in symmetries in the integration of a nonlinear ordinary differential equation to a first integral are studied for several examples....

On the Quantization of Yet Another Two Nonlinear Harmonic Oscillators

Francesco Calogero
Pages: 1 - 6
In two previous papers the quantization was discussed of three one-degree-of-freedom Hamiltonians featuring a constant c, the value of which does not influence at all the corresponding classical dynamics (which is characterized by isochronous solutions, all of them periodic with period 2: "nonlinear...

Comparisons Between Vector and Matrix Padé Approximants

Claude Brezinski
Pages: 1 - 12
In this paper, we compare the degrees and the orders of approximation of vector and matrix Padé approximants for series with matrix coefficients. It is shown that, in this respect, vector Padé approximants have better properties. Then, matrix­vector Padé approximants are defined and constructed. Finally,...

Navier­Stokes Equations with Nonhomogeneous Dirichlet Data

Herbert Amann
Pages: 1 - 11
We discuss the solvability of the time-dependent incompressible Navier­Stokes equtions with nonhomogeneous Dirichlet data in spaces of low regularity.

Noncentral Extensions as Anomalies in Classical Dynamical Systems

Jorge E. Solomin, Marcela Zuccalli
Pages: 1 - 9
A two cocycle is associated to any action of a Lie group on a symplectic manifold. This allows to enlarge the concept of anomaly in classical dynamical systems considered by F Toppan in [J. Nonlinear Math. Phys. 8, Nr. 3 (2001), 518­533] so as to encompass some extensions of Lie algebras related to noncanonical...

So. . . what was the question?

Gérard G. Emch
Pages: 1 - 8
An overview of the lectures at the 2002 Bialowiea Workshop is presented. The symbol* after a proper name indicates that a copy of the corresponding contribution to the proceedings was communicated to the author of this summary.

On a "Quasi" Integrable Discrete Eckhaus Equation

M.J. Ablowitz, C.D. Ahrens
Pages: 1 - 12
In this paper, a discrete version of the Eckhaus equation is introduced. The discretiztion is obtained by considering a discrete analog of the transformation taking the cotinuous Eckhaus equation to the continuous linear, free Schrödinger equation. The resulting discrete Eckhaus equation is a nonlinear...

Asymptotic behavior of discrete holomorphic maps zc and log(z)

Sergey I. Agafonov
Pages: 1 - 14
It is shown that discrete analogs of zc and log(z), defined via particular "integrable" circle patterns, have the same asymptotic behavior as their smooth counterparts. These discrete maps are described in terms of special solutions of discrete Painlevé-II equations, asymptotics of these solutions providing...

A Note on Surface Profiles for Symmetric Gravity Waves with Vorticity

Mats Ehrnström
Pages: 1 - 8
We consider a nontrivial symmetric periodic gravity wave on a current with nondcreasing vorticity. It is shown that if the surface profile is monotone between trough and crest, it is in fact strictly monotone. The result is valid for both finite and infinite depth.

Kovalevski Exponents and Integrability Properties in Class A Homogeneous Cosmological Models

Marek Szydłowski, Marek Biesiada
Pages: 1 - 10
Qualitative approach to homogeneous anisotropic Bianchi class A models in terms of dynamical systems reveals a hierarchy of invariant manifolds. By calculating the Kovalevski Exponents according to Adler - van Moerbecke method we discuss how algebraic integrability property is distributed in this class...

A Chorin-Type Formula for Solutions to a Closure Model for the von K´arm´an­Howarth Equation 1

V.N. Grebenev, M. Oberlack
Pages: 1 - 9
The article is devoted to studying the Millionshtchikov closure model (a particular case of a model introduced by Oberlack [14]) for isotropic turbulence dynamics which appears in the context of the theory of the von K´arm´an-Howarth equation. We write the model in an abstract form that enables us to...

Art Learning Using Collage Techniques in Inclusive Education Program

Dian Kencana
This article is based on the results of a literature study on review of fine art learning using collage techniques in inclusive education program. This article is aimed to answer three problems, namely the definiton, elements and uses of fine art using collage techniques in inclusive education program....
Proceedings Article

A Contribution of Leg Muscle Explosion Power and Flexibility to Football Shooting Accuracy

S Afrizal, Vega Soniawan
The construction of the physical condition of the construction as the dominant factor toward success in reaching the achievements of the summit. This research at the contribution of an explosive limb muscle and flexibility against the accuracy shooting soccer athletes PS UNP. The sample in this study...

Radicalism in Maintaining Domination of Islamic Understanding

Case Study of Contestation Between Aswaja versus Muhammadiyah in Samalanga, Bireuen District-Aceh

Nirzalin, Fakhrurrazi, Yogi Febriandi, Rizki Yunanda, M. Nazaruddin
This article discusses the hegemony and domination of Acehnese original Islamic identity in triggering the radicalism of the Aswaja Islamic group against followers of Muhammadiyah in Sangso Samalanga, Aceh. The siding of the government apparatus to the majority understanding group (Aswaja) in this conflict...
Proceedings Article

Root Canal Treatment of Mandibular Molar With Accessory Root Canal: A Case Report

Adi Nugroho Hendro Kusumo, Diatri Nari Ratih, Ema Mulyawati
Root canal treatment comprises of cleaning and shaping, disinfecting, and root canal obturation. The success of treatment depends on the knowledge of the operator regarding root canal morphology. The mandibular first molars usually have two roots with three canals: distal, mesio-buccal and mesio-lingual....

The Effect of the Perception of Learning Space at Home on the Learning Motivation of X.1 Grade Students Competency of Geomatic Engineering Expertise in the Vocational School of Vocational School, West Java Province

Nur Hanifah Ramadhani, Tjahyani Busono, Nitih Indra Komala Dewi
The learning environment in the classroom must meet several indicators so that students can be enthusiastic about learning. If it is related to the current pandemic condition, which causes learning to be carried out online from home, then ideally indicators to increase student enthusiasm for learning...

Implementation of Digital Citizenship’s Concept in Online Learning of Civic Education

Maftuhin, Abdul Azis, Dadi Mulyadi Nugraha
Online learning applied to citizenship education as a result of a Covid-19 pandemic gives a considerable challenge to the development of the student’s character. With this of course raises a question ̧ how can the character development of students be implemented only through online learning? By using...

Role of Independent Commissioner in Moderating Factors That Affect Earnings Response Coefficient

Siti Azizah, Linda Agustina, Kuat Waluyo Jati
This research aims to examine the influence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), accounting conservatism, growth opportunities, and default risk on Earnings Response Coefficient (ERC) with independent commissioners as moderating variables. The population of this research is the manufacturing companies...

The Student Management System Applied by Aisyiyah Rejang Lebong Creative Middle School to Improve Students’ Non-Academic Achievement

Abdul Sahib, Sandya Sucilarasati
This study aims to determine how the management of students carried out at Aisyiyah Rejang Lebong Creative Middle School, the efforts of student management to improve non-academic achievement, the supporting and inhibiting factors of the implementation of student management. This qualitative research...

The Effectiveness of Mentoring and Coaching in Teaching Business Planning

The Case of Universitas Andalas

Donard Games
Business plan course has become an essential part of entrepreneurship education in entrepreneurial universities. Universities nowadays are required to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit as a way to adapt to current trends and public demands. Therefore, it is important for universities to work together...

Practical Teaching Research Based on the Evaluation of the Principal Component Analysis

Haima Yang, Yan Jin, Mingyu Ma, Jun Li, Dawei Zhang, Jin Liu
In this paper, the Principal Component Analysis method is introduced into the curriculum evaluation system of teachers for students. Taking Proteus measurement and control circuit simulation application course as an example, we use PCA method to describe the calculation method of multi index weight in...
Proceedings Article

Load Forecasting in District Heating Systems Using Stacked Ensembles of Machine Learning Algorithms

Till Faber, Matthias Finkenrath
For district heating, heat demand forecasting is playing a key role for an optimised power plant dispatch. Machine Learning can help to significantly improve forecasts of thermal loads. The prediction quality of neural networks is higher than that of decision trees in most cases. However, compared to...
Proceedings Article

Characterization of Blending Composition Variations in Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) Biofuels With Diesel to Biodiesel

Yusabri, Muhammad Yerizam, Aida Syarif
The increase in national fuel consumption has an impact on the decline in fossil energy reserves. Therefore, one of the solutions to overcome this problem is to look for alternative fuels, such as biosolar or biodiesel. This biodiesel is environmentally friendly, has no effect on health, can be used...

Travel Experiences and Quality of Destination as Antecedent of Satisfaction of Tourist Visiting Culinary Tourism Destinations

Abd. Hamid, Ummasyroh, Jusmawi Bustan, Heri Setiawan
Culinary is one of the attractions and tourist attractions that attract tourists to visit tourist destinations. Culinary tours offer a variety of unique local culinary delights for tourists to enjoy. This study was triggered to explore the extent to which tourist experiences and destination quality perceived...

Theoretical Education: The Core Engine of the Reform of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Higher Education Institutions

Yun Deng, Zhong Guo
As the core course for higher education institutions to implement the fundamental task of fostering character and civic virtue, ideological and political theory courses (hereinafter referred to as “ideological and political courses”) are the main channel and main position to spread Marxism, and the soul...

Parents in the Quality Culture

Why do They Become Involved?

Nuphanudin, Aan Komariah, Dedy Achmad Kurniady, Nada S. Rekinta Putri, Olga Reisha Azzahra, Nikolas Sirilis
The current study aims to gain an in-depth understanding of the parents’ involvement in a quality culture system in SMK 7 Bandung. It was a case study method. The result showed: interpersonal communication in SMK 7 Bandung is the result of a good engagement between teachers and parents. Parents understand...