Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference The Fifth Technological Order: Prospects for the Development and Modernization of the Russian Agro-Industrial Sector (TFTS 2019)

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An Advanced Biotechnological Trend–Production of Soft Cheeses Based on Milk of Various Types of Farm Animals in the Altai Region

Natalya Gavrilova, Elena Schetinina
The purpose of this scientific and practical work is to conduct research on the chemical composition and quality indicators of cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk in the Altai Region and determine the prospects for their use in order to expand the soft cheese production. Statistical data for 2017-2018 indicate...
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Features of the Kefir Production Technology Using Whole Wheat of Green Buckwheat Flour

Mikhail Schetinin, Zoja Khodyreva, Olga Musina, Elena Schetinina
The need to create a new fermented milk product with the addition of gluten-free flour is scientifically substantiated. The main raw materials for production were cow milk of varying fat content; Whole wheat flour of green buckwheat that has undergone heat treatment was selected as a plant component....
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Substantiated Screening of Functional Ingredients for Extended Shelf Life of Fermented Milk Products

Natalya Gavrilova, Natalya Chernopolskaya, Sergey Konovalov
The objective is to conduct a substantiated screening of functional ingredients: probiotic cultures, biopolymers and dietary fibers immobilized in gel for fermented specialized milk products. Based on the studies, it was found that the addition of Citri-Fi fiber to a fermented product in a dosage of...
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Carbonyl Derivatives of Proteins–as Markers of Free Radical Processes in Dairy Products

Valeriy Vysokogorskiy, Galina Kryshkina, Oksana Lazareva, Natalya Strelchik
Improving methods for assessing the biological properties of milk is a currently important task. The level of carbonyl derivatives of proteins during iron-induced oxidative degradation of pasteurized milk proteins was used as a marker of the intensity of free radical processes. During incubation of milk...
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The “Urticostim” Phytocomposition’s Impact on the Hematological and Immunological Status of Experimental Animals

Valentina Veretennikova, Tatyana Boyko, Vasily Vlasenko, Vitaliy Shitikov
An important area of veterinary biotechnology is creation of medications made of plant tissues for prevention and treatment of various animal diseases. The objective was to study the new phytocomposition “Urticostim” effect on hematological and immunological blood parameters of rats. The experimental...
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Functional and Technological Properties of Composite Mixtures Based on Bean Protein-Carbohydrate Matrix (BPCM)

Inna Simakova, Maxim Maradudin, Anna Veber, Victoria Strizhevskaya
The work was completed in 2017-2018 on the base of Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education “Saratov State Agrarian University named after N.I. Vavilov”(a study of the chemical composition of bean samples) and the Federal State Budget Scientific Institution for Research and Development...
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Dynamics of Immunological Parameters of Cattle Infected with Leukemia Virus and its Correction with Betulin–Based Medication

Aleksandr Krasikov, Vasiliy Vlasenko, Valentina Pleshakova, Irina Alekseeva
The paper presents the results indicating the possibility of using betulin-based medication for the correction of the immune status of cattle infected with bovine leukemia virus (BLV). To set up the experiment, we designed 3 prototypes of the medication (betulin-B1, B2 and B3), which were tested on 20...
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New Promising Varieties of Cultures Bred by Omsk Agrarian Scientific Center

Oksana Yusova, Petr Nikolaev, Vadim Yusov, Akimbek Asanov
Harsh conditions of sharply continental climate of Western Siberia are often the cause of a sharp decrease in yield in the context of the negative development of abiotic factors (instable temperature conditions, soil moisture). A variety is an inexhaustible and renewable reserve for increasing both productive...
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Issues of Drinking Water Supply and Possible Solutions on the Example of Gorkovsky District in Omsk Region

Irina Ushakova, Yulia Korchevskaya, Irina A. Trotsenko, Tatyana Kondrateva
The article considers issues related to the problems of providing drinking quality water to populations of rural settlements of the Omsk region. For a significant number of the population in Omsk region water does not meet the established standards for quality and is not provided in the required quantity....
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Methodology for Determining the Filtration Parameters of Drainage Bedding During Engineering Surveying

Irina Ushakova, Yulia Korchevskaya, Irina A. Trotsenko, Tatyana Kondrateva
In recent years we have encountered a big issue - underflooding in large cities and settlements, railroads’ and highways’ locations. In order to prevent and liquidate the consequences of underflooding during the design of engineering structures, it is necessary to carry out engineering surveying, which...
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Organoleptic, Physico-Chemical and Palynological Properties of Honey in the West Siberian Region of Russia

Ekaterina Kornienko, Michail Zabolotnykh, Igor Yakushkin, Anastasiya Nadtochiy
This article describes the results of studies of honey from the West Siberian region. Organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters were defined; melissopalynological analysis of mono- and polyfloral honey gathered in the Altai, as well as in the Omsk and Tomsk regions was carried out. It was noted that...
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Assessment of the Agroecological State of Long-Term Irrigated Meadow-Chernozem Soil

Yulia Aksenova, Natalia Nevenchannaya, Vasiliy Boiko, Artem Timokhin
We examined the effect of long-term irrigation on the fertility of meadow-chernozem soil and evaluated its current agroecological state. The humus content stabilized at the average level and varied over the years of the research in the range from 4.95-5.18We examined the effect of long-term irrigation...
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Using Remote Sensing Methods in Precision Agriculture

Gulnara Bikbulatova, Elena Kupreyeva, Lilia Pronina, Marat Shayakhmetov
Investigation of natural resources requires development and improvement of remote sensing methods, to be precise, satellite observations, laser scanning and survey using aerial vehicles; their importance increases with comprehensive research and solving problems of rational use of natural resources and...
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Microecological Approaches to the Prophylactic Correction of Dysbacteriosis Microbiota in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Ducks

Nadezhda Lescheva, Valentina Pleshakova, Natalya Zolotova, Tatyana Lorengel
The article presents the results of the probiotic preparation “Olin” impact on the microbiocenosis of various biotopes in the avian gastrointestinal tract, immune response and productive indicators. Two groups of ducks were formed for the experiment, with 10 animals in each. Ducks of the 1st (experimental)...
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Polymorphism of Haplotypes of Bovine Leukemia Virus

Natalia Blazhko, Sultan Vyshegurov, Alevtina Khodakova, Sergei Loginov
The study of molecular structure in LTR regions of the BLV genome (bovine leukemia virus), which is present in the holsteinized Black Pied breed in the Novosibirsk Region, with the subsequent differentiation into haplotypes. Screening for the presence / absence of BLV was performed by PCR analysis. Hematological...
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Dynamics of Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus Accumulation and its Association to the Disease Manifestation

Valeriya Ryabinina, Sergey Pashkovsky, Kirill Plotnikov, Eugeniya Gordienko
The article presents data from laboratory experiment on the artificial infection of cucumber plants with the green mottle mosaic virus in different concentrations. The dynamics of virus accumulation in each of the experimental groups is described. There is an association for which stage of viral load...
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Effect of Vegetable Fats on the Quality and Safety of Food Products

Irina Ivkova, Ekaterina Zubareva, Michail Zabolotnykh, Irina Zhidik
This article is devoted to the study of the possibility of using vegetable fats in the production of flour confectionery products, in particular, sugar cookies, instead of the margarine as a traditionally used component. The leading approach to solve this problem is the methodology of replacing oil and...
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Change in the Agrophytocenosis of Hulless Barley Depending on the Elements of Cultivation Technology

Andrey Gladkikh, Nikolay Rendov, Ekaterina Nekrasova, Svetlana Mozyleva
The cultivation technology elements of hulless barley were studied at the experimental field of the Omsk State Agrarian University, including 3 chemicalization backgrounds: without chemicalization, with herbicides (Puma Super 7.5 The cultivation technology elements of hulless barley were studied at the...
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Motivation as a Factor in the Formation of Human Capital in Rural Entrepreneurship

Elena Avlasovich, Olga Gefner, Marina Vasyukova, Olga Kuznetsova
This article analyzes motivation as one of the components of the formation of human capital. In this work we analyze the cultural and historical, psychological, economic foundations, factors of the formation of motivation for rural (including Siberian) entrepreneurship, on the basis of an interdisciplinary...
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Features of Water Exchange of Pinus nigra subsp. pallasiana in Conditions of Southern Coast of Crimea

Oleg Ilnitsky, Yuri Plugatar, Andrey Pashtetsky
The eco-physiological reaction of Pinus nigra subsp. pallasiana on the impact of extreme environmental factors was studied; optimum zones and threshold values of soil moisture, temperature and illumination that limits photosynthesis and transpiration of this species in the conditions of the southern...
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Natural Origins of Human Consciousness

Zhumageldy Kenispaev, Vladimir Razumov, Nina Skosyreva, Sharaf Davlatmurodov
Science as a way of rational cognition solves the problem of creating an objective picture of the world. The methodological principles of the study allow scientists to formulate the basic laws of the development of the universe. But there are such objects of science for the study of which a special methodology...
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The Image of a Civilized Man in a Modern Culture

Zhumageldy Kenispaev, Vladislav Vakaev, Vladimir Markin, Natalia Serova
The word “civilization” comes from the Latin word “civilis” and literally means “civil”, “state”. But most often this concept is used in a broader sense and means a historical stage in the evolution of society, when it reaches a certain level of development. One of the criteria of civilization is writing,...
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Histoarchitectonics of Retina of Chicken Embryos in Ontogenesis

Oksana Dmitrieva, Anna Kozlovskaya, Nadezhda Shcherbakova, Alexander Shutenkov
Development of industrial poultry farming allows obtaining a large number of quality products with effective payback period of feed in a short time. The growth in the poultry production has become significant and sustainable primarily due to an increase in grain production, as well as the creation of...
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Modernization of the Social Sphere in Terms of the Development of the System of Preschool Education of Children in Rural Areas

Elena Golova, Dinar Baetova, Olga Zaitseva, Yuriy Novikov
The pre-school education system is currently going through difficult times due to lack of funding, which in turn leads to under-staffing and lack of places in these institutions. The problem is particularly acute in rural areas, where sometimes there are no pre-school institutions. The problems facing...
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The Influence of Methods of Intensification in Agriculture on the Algal Flora of Leached Chernozem

Natalia Voronkova, Lidiya Bashkatova, Natalia Balabanova, Marina Sklyarova
Soil algae are often used as bioindicators in assessing the ecological state of the soil. The experiment with alfalfa was carried out on the basis of six-field grain-grass crop rotation in the southern forest-steppe of Western Siberia. The stud-ies were conducted on three agrochemical backgrounds. At...
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Impact of Multiple Forms and Application Methods of Natural Zeolite on Potato Yield Increase

Lilia Bikkinina, Vladimir Ezhkov, Elena Prishchepenko, Mansur Yarullin
The article shows the results of researches of the natural zeolites influence on potato yield increase. It was found that the treated seed tubers and plants during the growing season with activated zeolite separately and in combination contributed to an increase in crop yield of 3.0-3.6The article shows...
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Evaluation of Microbiological Preparations’ Effect on the Propagation of Introduced Species of Trees

Ekaterina Gorb, Galina Barayshchuk
The experimental data of 2017-2019 are presented. The influence of microbiological preparations produced in the biological laboratory of the Federal State Institution “Omsk Reference Center of the Rosselkhoznadzor” on the propagation of introducers of tree species growing on the territory of the regional...
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Advantages of Growing and Storaging of Organic Apples

Marina Nazarko, Vladimir Lobanov, Gennady Kasyanov, Irina Romanets
Organic horticulture is one of the advanced directions for the development of the agro-industrial sector in Russia. The aim of the work is to develop a set of measures to optimize agroecological and biotechnological techniques that guarantee the preservation of the crop and the quality of apple products...
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Advanced Specialized Foods Production Technologies within the Framework of Foodnet

Olga Skryabina, Vladimir Vikulov, Dina Ryabkova, Yuliya Diner
The object of this paper is to conduct an evidence-based study of lactose hydrolysis by special enzymes: how different amount of lactose in milk has an effect on the quality of specialized foods at the end of technological process. Conducted studies revealed that the addition of Maxilact enzyme leads...
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Changes in the State of Cell Membranes of an Animal Organism Against the background of the Protective Effect of Antioxidants Under Conditions of High Temperature

Elena Nechaeva, Olga Bdyukhina, Tatyana Mitsulya
The morphological and functional condition of biological membranes of cells and their resistance while exposed to high temperature of 41° C for 180 minutes were studied in this research. The damaging effect of exogenous hyperthermic pressure was corrected by the preliminary administration of antioxidants...
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Prospects of Using of Genetic Potential of Triticum timopheevii for Durable Defense of Common Wheat from Leaf Rust

Lyudmila Plotnikova, Violetta Pozherukova, Ekaterina Novikova, Olga Mitrofanova
Common wheat is the main grain crop in Russia. In the last decade, the development of leaf rust caused by the pathogenic fungus Puccinia triticina Erikss on the wheat was enhanced. To increase grain production and obtain environmentally friendly products, it is necessary to use varieties resistant to...
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The Modernization of the Multifunctional Agrarian Sector and Development Outlooks in the Region

Olga Kosenchuk, Oksana Shumakova
Nowadays, issues related to the revivification of rural areas, the increase in the level and quality of life of local population and the insurance of food safety in the whole country are of crucial importance. The main aim of the research was to identify the relation between modernization in agriculture...
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Theoretical Description of Caryopsis Segment Motion in Feed Grain Shredder with Curved Cutting Elements

Uakhit Sabiev, Evgeny Demchuk, Vladimir Myalo, Alexey Soyunov
A theoretical description of the motion of the caryopsis segment in the channel of the working body of the proposed feed grain shredder with curved cutting elements is presented. A system of differential equations is proposed that determines the required value of the channel necessary and sufficient...
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Standard of Living and Quality of Life of Rural Population in the Omsk Region

Olga Zaitseva, Dinar Baetova, Elena Golova, Oksana Kozlova
This article is devoted to the study of standard of living and quality of life of rural population in the Omsk region. The study contains data on the level of investment, housing, income and distribution of expenditures of the rural population. The living standards of rural settlements in the Omsk region...
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Effectiveness of Soybean Inoculation with Indigenous Symbiotic Culture in the Yenisei Siberia

Sergey Khizhnyak, Andrei Churakov
Soybean inoculation aimed at increasing yield and optimizing nitrogen nutrition is a widely used method. However, it is not always possible to achieve a positive effect; this fact forces us to search for compatible strains and varieties, appropriate methods of using agents. Indigenous nodule bacteria...
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Indicators of Social Security in Assessing the Effectiveness of the Implementation of Social Policy in the Omsk Region

Elena Dmitrenko, Anna Remizova, Oleg Blinov
The article presents testing results of the study of life quality in rural territories of municipal districts of the Omsk region in accordance with developed by the staff of Omsk SAU methodology of comprehensive assessment of life quality of the rural population. The study was conducted according to...
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Experience of Land Disputes’ Resolution in the Omsk Region

Vadim Badera, Olga Dolmatova, Irina Tsyplenkova, Elena Kuryachaya
Practice shows that courts annually consider a significant amount of land disputes. This article outlines the most common cases of land disputes, and gives analysis of the causes. Land disputes, as a rule, are long-term in resolving and can drag on for months or even years. In this case, the causes of...
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Ecological Bases of Ethiology and Therapy of Hemolytic Anemia in Cattle During Piroplasmosis

Mirzabek Zuhrabov, Siyadat Khaibulaeva, Svetlana Abdulhamidova, Svetlana Chuburkova
Hemolytic anemia in cattle on the background of piroplasmosis is the most common disease that causes economic losses to livestock farms of the Republic of Dagestan. Treatment and prevention of this pathology should be carried out taking into account the biology and ecology characteristics of pathogens...
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Influence of Physical and Mechanical Properties and Condition of Barley Grain on Damage During Mechanical Processing

Victor Trotsenko, Andrey Zabudsky
To assess the extent of injury of barley seeds by the working parts of agricultural machinery, it is suggested to check their germination using an aeroponics device along with ways of visual control of the amount of mechanical damage. On the basis of the carried out experimental researches impact of...
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Assessment of Changes in Water Use Indicators in the Agricultural Sector in the South of Western Siberia

Zhanbolat Tusupbekov, Natalia Ryapolova, Victoria Nadtochiy
In this paper, we made an assessment of the change in water use indicators of the agro-industrial sector (AIS) in the south of Western Siberia at the present stage of production and economic activity development. In order to solve planned tasks, an assessment of surface water resources was given in detail...
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Biotechnological Methods for Increasing the Efficiency of Market Egg Production

Inna Korsheva, Elena Chaunina
This article is about the issue of increasing the egg production of Dekalb White hens through induced molting. For this study, hens at 60 weeks of age were divided into two groups (control and test groups), 53,760 animals in each one. The study continued until birds reached 94 weeks of age. During this...
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Leguminous Crops as a Valuable Product in Functional Nutrition

Nina Kazydub, Svetlana Kuzmina, Svetlana Ufimtseva, Olga Kotsyubinskaya
The issue of healthy nutrition is nowadays one of the most important concerns for everybody. Research is being intensively carried out and scientific works published about legumes as crops possessing functional properties. The present article describes the useful properties of cultures such as dry and...
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Search and Isolation of Microorganisms from the Rangifer Tarandus Rumen Possessing Mycotoxin Biodegradation Potential and Cellulolytic Activity

Elena Yildirim, Larisa Ilina, Timur Dunyashev, Dmitiy Sobolev
Rumen content of the Rangifer tarandus is a promising source for the search for bacteria with high biological activity. Our objective was to screen isolates with high biological activity from the rumen content of reindeer in the Nenets and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug of Russia. A total of 63 associations...
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Analysis of Diversity of Reindeer Rumen Bacteria Involved in the Cellulose Decomposition

Larisa Ilina, Valentina Filippova, Elena Yildirim, Kasim Laishev
Bacteria involved in the cellulose decomposition are dominant in the community of microorganisms of the rumen of various ruminants, including reindeer. Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) is a unique ruminant adapted to live in adverse conditions of meager diet of the Far North. As a result of the study, it...
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Viral Load Distribution of Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus in Leaves

Kirill Plotnikov, Valeriya Ryabinina, Alevtina Khodakova, Natalia Blazhko
Data on the viral load distribution by different leaves parts (upper, middle, lower leaves) in cucumber plants grown in protected ground are presented. Studies were conducted at the time of the visible infection manifestation. It was revealed that accumulation of virions of the cucumber green mottle...
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The System of Domestic Food Aid to Vulnerable Segments of Population: Social Nutrition, Organic Farming, Infrastructure

Victor Stukach, Olga Dolmatova, Natalya Starovoitova, Olga Evdokhina
This paper describes the problem of creating a system for providing healthy nutrition to the vulnerable categories of population. The goal is to create a methodological basis for the development of specific infrastructure to ensure proper and healthy nutrition for those in need. Suggestions and results...
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Features of Arterial Blood Supply to the Kidneys and the Oviductal Magnum in Peking Duck

Anastasia Dikich, Marina Pervenetskaya, Lyudmila Fomenko
The sources of vascularization of the kidneys and oviducts of 5 carcasses of Peking duck were studied by pouring vessels through the femoral artery with SKS-65 latex and fixation in 4The sources of vascularization of the kidneys and oviducts of 5 carcasses of Peking duck were studied by pouring vessels...
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Pathomorphological Changes in the Organs and Tissues of Animals During Acute Intoxication with Neonicotinoids Containing Nitroso or Cyano Group

Taras Gerunov, Marina Gonokhova, Tatyana Boyko, Vladimir Gerunov
This article describes the results of the authors’ experimental studies of pathomorphological changes in laboratory animals associated with intoxication with nitroso-containing (clothianidin) and cyano-containing (thiacloprid) compounds from the group of neonicotinoids. Acute intoxication was caused...
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Efficiency of Foliar Feeding with Zinc and Copper Chelates of Spring Soft Wheat in the Conditions of the Southern Forest-Steppe of the Omsk Irtysh Region

Igor Bobrenko, Valentina Popova, Natalia Goman, Alexander Gaidar
The results of experiments on the use of zinc and copper chelates in the cultivation of spring wheat in the conditions of the southern forest-steppe of the Omsk Irtysh region by the method of foliar feeding are presented. The best doses of zinc and copper in foliar feeding in the tillering phase is 20...
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The Environment–Forming Role of Perennial Grasses in Agriculture of the Forest-Steppe of Western Siberia

Vasiliy Boiko, Natalia Voronkova, Artem Timokhin, Natalia Balabanova
Results of field experiments in crop rotations of different specialization are presented – cereals-fallow and cereals-grasses rotations. The influence of various forecrops (fallow, Alfalfa) on individual indicators of soil fertility has been established. Negative nitrogen balance of -28 kg/ha was revealed...
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Pelvic Ultrasonography and Urogenital Nerve Ultrastructure in Fur Animals

Vladimir Telenkov, Gennady Khonin, Sergey Meleshkov, Maxim Koshkarev
The authors have studied the organs of the pelvic cavity by ultrasonography as well as the ultrastructure of the hypogastric and pelvic nerves in representatives of the order of the carnivorous canine (the silver-black fox) and marten (the American mink). It was established that the topography of the...
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The Influence of a Resource and Competence Centre on the Multifunctional Development of Agriculture

Oksana Shumakova, Olga Kryukova, Olga Kosenchuk, Tatyana Mozzherina
The article deals with the problem of a severe shortage of specialists in the field of management who are able to efficiently introduce innovative technologies in the sectoral labour market. The article describes the competences, including metadisciplinary and digital ones, which an updated manager should...
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Analysis of Geodetic Latitude Calculation Algorithms Using Chord Method

Pavel Medvedev, Anatoly Uvarov, Alexander Garagul
This article is an extension of investigation performed by the authors earlier, on the transformation of spatial rectangular coordinates X, Y, Z into geodetic curvilinear ones: latitude B, longitude L, height H. To calculate geodetic latitude B and reduced latitude U by solving a transcendental equation...
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Formation of Sustainable Land Management Based on Landscape Planning in the Middle Irtysh Area

Irina Khorechko, Marina Veselova
In order to ensure a stable state of agricultural land use, it is necessary to consider the connection between agricultural land use and nature management, coordinating them with other types and systems of nature management of the organized territory. Sustainable, balanced land use is formed in different...
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Symbiotic Efficacy of Variety-Specific Strains of Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria on Soybean Varieties of Omsk Selection

Lyudmila Omelyanyuk, Akimbek Asanov, Alyona Karmazina, Oksana Yusova
The experiments were performed in 2017-2018 in the fields of the Omsk Agrarian Scientific Center (Omsk, Russian Federation), with winter cereals as fore corp. The objective was to study and isolate strains of varietal-specific nodule bacteria that positively affect the development of soybean plants and...
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Evaluation of Natural Recreational Resources as an Information Basis for Sustainable Development of the Territory

Svetlana Komarova, Valentina Scherba
This article discusses organizing issues of land use for outdoor recreational activities on the example of the Muromtsevo municipal district of the Omsk region. To do this, modern scientific ideas about the role and functioning of land as a recreational resource have been investigated – factors affecting...
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The Use of Remote Sensing Methods to Study the Ecological State of Agricultural Soils

Natalya Parkhomenko, Alexander Garagul, Marat Shayakhmetov
Modern technologies are not used effectively enough in the current structure of the agro-industrial sector. Remote sensing, as a process of collecting information in a non-contact way, allows providing interested users with objective and detailed information. Currently, it is one of the rapidly developing...
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Ecological Testing of Rice Varieties of Kuban and Foreign Breeding Inconditions of Republic of Adygea

Ruslan Dzhamirze, Nadezhda Ostapenko, Sergey Garkusha, Natalya Chinchenko
In solving the issues of modern rice growing, the central place is occupied by development of new varieties and their timely introduction into production. The assortment of rice varieties of Kuban breeding is annually replenished with more productive ones with increased resistance to adverse biotic,...
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Research of Mineral Fertilizers Distribution at KVU-12 Unit Operation at Different Working Modes

Dmitriy Kuzmin, Vladimir Myalo, Olga Myalo, Dmitriy Rozbah
This article discusses the preconditions for improving the process of mineral fertilizing. When cultivating crops for agricultural purposes, there is a need to mineral fertilizing. Data of practical researches which were carried out in the soil box of the Department of Agricultural Engineering of the...
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Modern Practices for the Cultivation of Leaf Vegetables in Hydroponics

Anna Kling, Vladimir Pashek, Vladimir Kumpan, Yuri Konoplyov
Nowadays, vertical multilayer placement of plants on racks is rapidly gaining popularity alongside the classic horizontal cultivation practice. Comparison between plant cultivation methods in functioning units constitutes the basis of the present research. The work has revealed that plants undergo different...
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The Effect of Opener for Sowing and Fertilizing at Different Depths on the Quality and Yield of Spring Wheat Grain

Maksim Checusov, Alexander Kem, Evgeny Demchuk, Anatoly Shevchenko
This article describes the configuration and operating peculiarities of the combined opener for sowing grain crops with mineral fertilizer treatment at different depths. A comparative analysis of two sowing units was carried out: SKP-2.1 series seeder and SKP-2.1M seeder re-equipped with combined opener...
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Method for Evaluation of the Economic Efficiency of Using Tractors in the Course of Implementation of a New Maintenance Method in Farms of the Omsk Region

Sergey Prokopov, Olga Myalo, Alexander Golovin
Solution to the problem of improving the reliability of machine and tractor fleet in the production conditions of agricultural business is an important and urgent task for engineering department of agro-industrial complex. It can be solved by reducing the downtime of machines for maintenance using intensive...
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Improving Human Capital Competitiveness in Rural Areas of Kazakhstan

Bahyt Zhunusov, Abilmazhin Ayulov, Baurzhan Karimov, Adilbek Jussupov
This article provides a brief analysis of the development of human capital in Kazakhstan. The purpose of this study is to identify the main trends in the development of human capital in rural areas of Kazakhstan. The objective is to show the role of state programs and the importance of education in the...
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Improved Control of Portal Washing Unit for Agricultural Machines Based on the Implementation of Neural Network Technologies

Anton Shimokhin, Andrey Zabudsky, Vladimir Chervenchuk, Maltseva Evgenia
The problem of high-quality cleaning required for maintaining functional reliability of agricultural machines leads to the search for new ways and solutions, research, improvement and development of new methods and means of mechanization aimed at reducing material and labor costs, increasing productivity...
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Development of Spring Wheat Sprouts After Chemical Seed Treatment

Svetlana Chibis, Lyudmila Krotova, Ekaterina Beletskaya
The article discusses the effect of fungicides to the sowing qualities of seeds, growth and development of sprouts. In the laboratory experiments was revealed the effect of disinfectant, the concentration of their active substance and the duration of the period from treatment on the formation of sprouts...
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Research Results on Coagulant Impact on the Used Motor Oil Re-Refining

Evgenia Maltseva, Leonid Keruchenko, Anton Shimokhin, Sergey Zakharov
The issue of used motor oil re-refining and disposal is considered in this paper. Several methods for oil refining are presented. Used motor oil re-refining by the coagulation method is justified. In order to determine the rational parameters of used motor oils settling, a mathematical model of dependence...
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Biotechnological Potential of Bacterial Agents in Modern Conditions of Cultivation of Agricultural Crops

Roman Kamenev, Sergey Guzhvin, Vladimir Turchin, Alisa Sevostyanova
The paper highlights the problem of nitrogen fixation in a biological manner and considers prospects for the use of bacterial agents of an associative nature as an element of biotechnology in practice. Studies of promising domestic bacterial agents, based on associative nitrogen fixers, were carried...
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Human Capital as a Factor of Sustainable Development of Rural Areas of Kazakhstan

Abilmazhin Ayulov, Irina Savchenko, Baurzhan Karimov, Yuliya Maul
The authors studied the concept of “human capital” from the point of view of domestic and foreign authors. An authors’ interpretation of this concept is proposed. Issues of sustainable development of rural areas of Kazakhstan are identified and prospects for its development are proposed, taking into...
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Reduction Potential of Meat, Depending on the Curing Composition

Irina Patrakova, Galina Gurinovich, Olga Myshalova, Olesya Salishcheva
In formation of high quality of food products and their stability during storage, reduction reactions are important, their development can be estimated by measuring the reduction potential (ORP). The ORP value of meat products depends on many factors, including the nature of conjugated redox pairs, temperature,...
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Additive-Polygenic Inheritance of Reproductive System Diseases in Holstein Cows in Subpopulations

Victor Kuznetsov, Galina Revina, Lyubov Astashenkova
The revealed gynecological pathologies in Holstein cows can occur under the influence of different allelic systems and have a polygenic character. As a result of the research, a link between the reproductive traits and adaptability was established, which were characterized by low heritability and were...
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Improving the Preservation Methods of Quality Characteristics During Long-Term Storage of Bread

Natalia Zavorohina, Natalia Pankratieva, Nadezhda Goncharova
This article presents the results of a study on the use of betulin nanosuspension in order to increase the shelf life of bread made of wheat flour. The content of betulin in nanosuspension is 0.5This article presents the results of a study on the use of betulin nanosuspension in order to increase the...
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Production Process Modeling as a Way of Increasing Efficiency of Poultry Industry in the Sverdlovsk Region

Tatiana Lukashenok, Ivan Solovyov
The contemporary agro-industrial sector, and the poultry industry in particular, is an important component of ensuring optimal population’s living conditions, quality of life, food safety, which determines the relevance of studying the functioning and development of this industry and developing measures...
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Monitoring of the Occurrence and Dissemination of Antimicrobial Resistance in Salmonella Strains by the Geographic Information Program QGIS

Anna Zabrovskaia, Ivan Khakhaev, Vladimir Kuzmin
In recent decades, the antimicrobial resistance has become a global problem for veterinary and medicine. Control of the spread of resistant strains of microorganisms among food-producing animals requires a comprehensive approach, including monitoring of resistance, detection of mechanisms of antimicrobial...
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Sulfur Role and Trace Elements in a Chelated form in the Potato Cultivation

Oksana Starovoitova, Viktor Starovoitov, Aleksandra Manokhina, Hikmet Nasibov
The use of foliar application with trace elements in the form of chelated fertilizer may positively affect the plants and give a significant increase in crop productivity. The goal of research was to evaluate the impact of innovative drugs: sulfur-containing and trace elements containing in chelated...
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Methodical Approaches to Determining the Labor Potential Quantity and Management

Elena Khrapova, Natalya Kalinina, Yulia Shlyapina, Dinara Gazizova
The article draw out theoretical and practical aspects of the formation and use of labor potential, compares different points of view on the definition of labor potential essence and gives an author’s definition of this concept. A method for calculating individual elements and labor potential as a whole...
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Business Games as a Teaching Strategy for Delivering a Practice-Oriented Course in Mathematics at Agricultural University

Olga Korchinskaya, Irina Ivanova, Natalia Shchukina, Marjana Mendziv
The development of markets for scientific and technological initiatives in modern Russia requires the transformation of educational processes. Highly qualified specialists with “hard skills” and “soft skills” are more in demand. The application of practice-oriented approaches to educational activities...
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Optimization of Functional Properties of Sesame Seed Protein Products by Thermal Denaturation

Natalia Bugayets, Anastasia Kaloeva, Sergey Usatikov, Igor Tereshchenko
The aim of the study is the optimization of the functional properties of sesame seed protein. In the course of studies, functional properties (water- and fat-holding capacities, fat emulsifying capacity) of a sesame seed protein product – the protein concentrate - were determined. The obtained data was...
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Modification of Protein Products from Sesame Seeds by the Complex Action of Thermodenaturation and Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields for Optimizing Functional Properties

Natalia Bugayets, Anastasia Kaloeva, Sergey Usatikov, Igor Tereshchenko
The aim of the study is the modification of sesame seed proteins on the basis of the complex use of physical methods (treatment with electromagnetic fields of extremely low frequency (EMF ELF) with subsequent thermodenaturation). In the course of the studies, the functional properties of protein products...
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Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Use of Biological Products of Associative Nitrogen Fixation in Potato Cultivation

Alexandr Cheremisin, Olga Khamova, Nadezhda Dergacheva, Elena Tukmacheva
At present time, in the current economic and environmental conditions in Russia, with limited use of mineral fertilizers in agricultural production, the use of biological cropping techniques is relevant. One of the directions is application of microbial preparations safe for the person and environment,...
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Agricultural Educational Cluster as a Mechanism of Successful Investment in Human Capital

Larisa Obedkova, Tatiana Opeikina, Natalia Korobkina, Anna Belikina
The article determines the need to modernize the personnel training process for the agricultural sector of the Russian economy at the present stage of its development. The authors emphasize the importance of investment in human capital in the agricultural business. The analysis of statistical data on...
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Development of Management System of the Land and Property Complex of a City as an Ensuring Mechanism for its Sustainable Development

Yuri Rogatnev, Valentina Scherba, Tatyana Filippova, Marina Veselova
In this study we analyze the state and use of the land and property complex using the example of the city of Omsk: we assess the ecological state of land use under the influence of natural and human impacts, identify modern issues in managing land and property use that create a critical environmental...
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Development of an Integrated Technology for Milk Processing with the Production of Functional Dairy Products and Biotech Products for Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

Kseniya Starovojtova, Lyubov Tereshchuk, Marina Tarlyun, Irina Dolgolyuk
Investigations described in this article are aimed at developing an integrated technology for processing dairy raw materials for producing functional dairy products, as well as biotech products for food and pharmaceutical industries, with subsequent implementation of results at industry enterprises....
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The Interrelation of Information System Characteristics and Parameters of Controlled Processes

Grigory Redreev, Anastasia Luchinovich, Vladimir Chervenchuk, Anatoly Sorokin
To increase the efficiency of using agricultural powered machinery, it is necessary to improve the switching mechanism on the power take-off shaft. On tractors produced by the Minsk Tractor Plant, the power take-off drive is switched on by braking the power drum by tensioning the brake belt of a mechanical...
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Small Egg Diameter as a Selection Criterion of Broilers

Andrei Dymkov, Ekaterina Rehletskaya, Aleksandr Maltsev, Elena Chaunina
The shape of the egg is directly related to the productive and reproductive qualities of broilers. Large and small egg diameters are characterized by low variability (Cvbd The shape of the egg is directly related to the productive and reproductive qualities of broilers. Large and small egg diameters...
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Method of Increasing Bird Adaptation in the Early Stages of Embryogenesis

Tatyana Kolokolnikova, Andrei Dymkov, Sergey Borisenko, Alexey Kavtarashvili
The article is devoted to the study of birds’ adaptation in the early development stages through the stress factor impact. To carry out the adaptation, eggs of meat and egg-laying crosses were cooled down to the chosen temperature at certain incubation periods. The developed egg cooling scheme of meat...
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Biological Method for Prevention of Avian Bacterial Diseases

Svetlana Lysko, Marina Zadorozhnaya, Olga Suntsova
This article is devoted to the development of a new method for the prevention of avian bacterial diseases using a probiotic at various stages of the technological cycle at a poultry farm, including managing laying hens of the parent flock, incubating and broiler rearing. We used the “Organix” probiotic...
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Requirements for Quail Productivity for Determining their Valuation Class

Yakov Royter, Alexey Kavtarashvili, Viktor Buyarov, Lidiya Lazarets
To the present day, quail breeding was carried out at pedigree level. However, there are no regulatory requirements for assessment of poultry. In order to develop the minimal requirements for assessing the productivity of egg and meat quail breeds for determining their valuation class, the productive...
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Effect of Antiviral Drugs on the Phytoseiulus persimilis Ath.-H. Acariphagus

Sergey Pashkovsky, Darya Gerne, Aleksandra Zenkova, Valeria Kurochkina
The article considers the possibility of sharing the most common Russian plant protection products against viruses jointly with the acarifagus – Phytoseiulus persimilis Ath.-H. The necessity of their complex application is substantiated; studies of other authors on this topic are noted. The data on the...
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Investigational Study of Grain Separator Operation with Cylindrical Shaker Screen of Improved Orienting Ability

Vladimir Koval, Maxim Begunov, Alexey Chernyakov, Alexander Yatsunov
The article is devoted to the process study of grain separation on a double-sieved separator with cylindrical shaker screens with improved orienting activity using the planned experiment. Grain cleaning is a matter of pressing concern for agricultural production, because with the increased weed infestation,...
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Effect of Pre-Sowing Seed Treatment on the Yield and Quality of Soybeans in the Subtaiga of Western Siberia

Alena Krasovskaya, Tatyana Veremey, Alexander Stepanov
The effect of pre-sowing seed treatment with fertilizers on the yield and quality of soybean grain in the subtaiga zone of Western Siberia was investigated. Tests were performed in the subtaiga zone of the Omsk Region in 2015-2017, on gray forest soils. Results showed that the duration of the soybean...
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Special Features of Biology, Technology and Economic Efficiency of Long-Fibred Flax Cultivation in the Subtaiga Zone of Omsk Region

Alena Krasovskaya, Albina Mansapova, Tatyana Veremey, Elena Yudina
In order to increase production and improve the quality of linen flax products, it is necessary to use scientifically-based technologies of flax cultivation: espacement on the best backgrounds, timely and high-quality soil treatment, sowing seeds of zoned varieties of high generations, compliance with...
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Factors of Formation and Development of Human Capital in Rural Areas

Evgenia Sokolova, Tatyana Zakharova
This article is devoted to the study of factors that determine the formation and development of human capital in rural areas. Systemic changes in modern society and its informational character require new approaches to understanding the “human capital” category. The authors focus on objective and subjective...
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Development Issues and Prospects of Milk Processing Enterprises

Elena Yudina, Sergey Konovalov
Any contemporary commercial enterprise is focused on reducing costs, increasing profits and profitability of production, and optimizing taxation. The economic growth potential of the dairy industry enterprises, first of all, must be connected with the analysis of production costs and the identification...
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Decomposition of the Process of Developing a Methodology for Managing the Sustainable Development of Natural-Anthropogenic Complexes in Rural Areas

Dmitry Nardin, Svetlana Nardina
The article presents the results of a study on the decomposition of development of a methodology for managing the sustainable development of natural-anthropogenic complexes in rural areas. The proposed decomposition is based on generalized results of the philosophical and methodological analysis of management...
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Developing Soft Skills in Veterinary Students in the ESP Class: Teaching Approaches and Strategies

Irina Kulamikhina, Zhanbota Esmurzaeva, Maxim Marus, Oksana Zhbikovskaya
The paper explores the efficiency of visual education approaches (the use of visual communication tools, full-spectrum visual learning, critical thinking approach, active and performance-based learning) infusing into the content instruction in the ESP class at the Omsk State Agrarian University. The...
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Diagnosis of Potatoes’s Requirements for Nitrogen Fertilizers on Chestnut Soils of Northern Kazakhstan

Serik Abeuov, Yuri Ermokhin, Olzhas Shoykin, Victor Kamkin
A key way of assessing plants’ requirements for fertilizers is field experience. It allows you to establish the effectiveness of the fertilizers used in a particular crop, to identify the relationships between the chemical compositions of the soil, plants, crops and to develop a comprehensive method...