Proceedings of the 2nd Sriwijaya International Conference of Public Health (SICPH 2019)

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Correlation Between Components of Gender Development to Women of Childbearing Age Couples Morbidity in Remote Indigenous Community of Suku Anak Dalam at Sungai Terap Area and Nyogan of Jambi Province, Indonesia

Asparian, Evy Wisudariani
Results of MDGS in 2015 declares that maternal mortality rate (MMR) in Indonesia still at 305/100.000 live births level, which still far away from the target of 105/100.000 live births. Maternal morbidity and mortality rates are more risky at those with low social, cultural, political, and economic status,...
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Nanoparticle of Silver Nitrate (Ag2NO3) and Organophosphate (C10H19O6PS2) for Vector Control of Anopheles Larvae

Mursid Raharjo, Agus Subagyo, Sulistiyi
The climate change has an impact on various lives, including in the vector breeding. The Anopheles resistance as an infectious agent of Plasmodium is harmful for life, especially to non-target organisms and the environment. Nano-silver (Ag2NO3), is a new form of engineering in vector control. The aim...
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Family Awareness of Congenital Rubella Syndrome in Palembang, Indonesia

Amrina Rosyada, Dini Arista Putri, Rini Mutahar
Rubella infection is a dangerous infectious disease that mostly affects pregnant women. This infection causes children born with some disabilities called congenital rubella syndrome which is visual impairment, deafness, calcification of the brain, and heart trouble. Treatment for this syndrome is quite...
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Association Between Toothbrushing and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: A Systematic Review

Sabrina Intan Zoraya, Abdillah Adipatria Budi Azhar
Background: Cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death globally. For a decade, interest has been growing in linking cardiovascular disease risk factors and oral hygiene. A method that is commonly applied to maintain oral hygiene is toothbrushing. The purpose of this review is to synthesize...
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Identification of Road Safety Hazards in the Roadway of Palembang-Indralaya

Desheila Andarini, Anita Camelia, Dwi Septiawati, Novrikasari
One of common problem in the road user accident is the condition of road infrastructure. Road accidents was categorized as the ninth rank of death most common cause in 1990 and are estimated to be the third by 2020. Road Safety Audit is needed to identify and eliminate potential hazards from roads and...
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Safety Analysis of Light Rail Transit in Palembang

Novrikasari, Desheila Andarini, Mona Lestari, Poppy Fujianti, Sarah Aprilisa, Anita Camelia
As the first rail-based mass transportation means for moving and transporting passengers / goods, the additional function of Light Rail Transit is as a tourist attraction. People flocked to try to use Light Rail Transit. This study aims to analyze the safety of Light Rail Transit in Palembang. Method:...
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Analysis of Physical Activity on the Quality of Life of Pregnant Women in the Plaju Public Health Center, Palembang

Muthia Felyanti, Novrikasari, A. Fickry Faisya
Many pregnant women who do not understand what physical activities can be done during pregnancy that will affect the quality of life of pregnant women. A good quality of life is associated with good eating and drinking arrangements, a balance of daily routine activities, work, exercise, rest, to recreational...
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Analysis of Physical Activity Against Musculoskeletal Disorders in Pregnant Women in Plaju Health Center

Putri Rizki Amalia Badri, Novrikasari, Rostika Flora
During pregnancy, pregnant women can experience some complaints of discomfort that can be caused by hormonal changes and physical changes associated with an enlarged uterus. Complaints of discomfort such as pain in the waist, shoulders and other limbs is one symptom of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)....
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Analysis of Physical Activity Against Stress Levels in Pregnant Women at Plaju Health Center

Annisa Yusmutia, Novrikasari, Yuanita Windusari
Energy expenditure by skeletal muscle movements includes light, moderate, heavy, permanent, household, work and sports activities. Pregnant women with excessive physical activity cause tired then affect the stress level. Conditions of anxiety or anxiety to feeling depressed during pregnancy can activate...
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Respiratory Health of Workers Exposed to Wood Dust in Pulp Industry Sumatera Selatan

Widyastuti Faser, Tan Malaka, Yuanita Windusari
In pulp processing industry, exposure to wood dust is one of the main health risks for workers. Data and information on health problems associated with the risk of exposure to wood dust are still minimal recorded in published literature. This study aims to analyze the relationship between exposure to...
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Reliability Evaluation of Emergency Reponse Plan Design in Buildings of Sriwijaya University 2019

Anita Camelia, Fatmalina Febry, Sayang Ajeng Mardhiyah, Poppy Fujianti, Adji Randika, Anggun Ikha Maqpiroh
Sriwijaya University consists of several different buildings for administration and academic purpose to student accommodations. A proper Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is an important factor in ensuring the safety of building occupants from hazard such as fire, as it may reduce evacuation time and prevent...
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Effect of Glyphosate Herbicide on Environmental Health

Akhmad Dwi Priyanto, Daniel Saputra, Fuad Abd. Rachman, Rico Januar Sitorus
One of the active ingredients of herbicide is Glyphosate (N- (phosphonomethyl) glycine) which is widely used in plantation land. Herbicide residues will accumulate in agricultural products, pollution in the environment (water, air and soil), poisoning in humans both acute and chronic that have an impact...
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Factors Affecting the Infectious Waste Management System on Practice Disposal Waste Among Health Workers in Bengkulu Hospital

Afriyanto, Somsak Pitaksanurat, Rittirong Junggoth, Noor Alis Setiyadi
Hospital activities restore health and save lives at the same time; however, they can generate infectious wastes to a human being or the environment. Infectious waste have to used specifically treatment for reduce waste. In most of hospital of Bengkulu Indonesia do not use an incinerator and then good...
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Spatial Analysis of Water Quality in Area of the Riverbank of Musi River in Palembang City

Inoy Trisnaini, A. Fickry Faisya, Haerawati Idris
The report by WALHI in 2016 showed that based on the quality status of the Musi River water in Gandus District is in abad status, which means that it has been polluting, which can come from the high activity of citizens and industry in the riverbank on that river.Geographic Information System (GIS) as...
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Concentration of Total Suspended Particulate on X Coal Mining in Kutai Kartanegara District

Hansen, Ratna Yuliawati, Deddy Alif Utama
The quality of inhaled air is determined by the amount of pollutant gases and by particulates in the air. Particulate especially total suspended particulate (TSP) contains heavy metal elements that can have serious health effects. Among all the processes that produce particulates, the coal mining process...
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Livelihoods System and Level of Vulnerability of Rice Farmer Households Due to Climate Change at Swampy Lowland in Sungai Pinang Village Banyuasin Regency

Elly Rosana, Thirtawati, Muhammad Arbi
The main problems in the development of swampy lowland are floods during the rainy season and drought in the dry season which cannot yet be predicted accurately. Climate change causes problems in swampy lowland farming. Farmers find it difficult to run their farming, especially in terms of determining...
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Risk Factor Analysis: Filariasis Events in Sembawa Public Health Center Area at Banyuasin District in 2019

Luthfia Resi Puspaningrum, Elvi Sunarsih
Banyuasin is the district with the highest number of filariasis sufferers in South Sumatra. Nearly all of the areas here are filariasis endemic, with an mrRate greater than 1.5%. The purpose of this research, therefore, is to analyze what risk factors may contribute to increased filariasis events in...
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The Relationship Between Personal Hygiene, Environmental Sanitation, and the Nutritional Status of Toddlers Age 12–59 Months in the Settlements Wetlands

Imelda Gernauli Purba, Elvi Sunarsih, Inoy Trisnainy
Underweight among toddlers is a chronic problem in wetland settlements. The objective of this research, therefore, was to analyze the association between a toddler’s personal hygiene and environmental sanitation with nutritional status. The focus on this research was on children in Ogan Ilir Regency....
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Analysis on Incidents of Helminthiasis Based on Home Sanitation of Elementary-School Children in Seluma Regency

Mario Sandro, Achmad Fickry Faisya, Rostika Flora, Mohammad Zulkarnain, Nur Alam Fajar, Samwilson Slamet
Intestinal helminthiasis is a worm infection transmitted from soil contaminated by helminths (soil- transmitted helminths). The incident of helminthiasis is commonly found in school-age children. Frequent outdoor activities, contact with soil, and poor environmental sanitation increase the incident of...
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Ammonia Exposure Among Citizen Living Surrounding Fertilizer Factory

Achmad Fickry Faisyah, Yustini Ardillah, Dini Arista Putri
Air pollution remains problem around the world. One of dangerous chemical substance is ammonia. Fertilizer factory emission is ammonia that could affect to people health. The purpose of this study was to describe ammonia effect to health among citizen living surrounding fertilizer factory.Methods: This...
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Association of Environmental Residential Sanitation Factors to Communicable Disease Risk Among Musi Side-River Household in Palembang,Indonesia: A Study of Slum Area

Yustini Ardillah, Indah Purnama Sari, Yuanita Windusari
A slum area becomes an urban problem and a result of challenges in health sector. Environmental sanitation is a major problem in that area since the dwellers got lack access to it. Therefore, some communicable diseases exist there. Palembang Musi riverside is an area that becomes urban slum area as long...
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Dehydration Index and Fatigue Level of Workers Laboring in Heat-Exposed Environments

Mohammad Zulkarnain, Rostika Flora, Achmad Fickry Faisya, Sri Martini, Aguscik
Background: Workers who are exposed to extreme heat may be at high risk of heat stresswhich can affect the workers’ health and reduce their work productivity. This study aimed to analyzedehydration index and fatigue level of employees working in heat-exposed environments. Methods: The participants of...
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Spatial Modeling of Environmental Sanitation as the Distribution Determinant of Malaria Cases in Lahat Regency

Elvi Sunarsih, Imelda Gernauli Purba, Suheryanto, Amrina Rosyada, Rahmatillah Razak, Dwi Septiawati
Malaria is a disease and a world health problem, due to the fact that its potential vector has the capacity to transmit and spread, leading to wide-ranging concerns and international impacts. This study, therefore, aims to create a spatial model of environmental sanitation as a determinant of the spread...
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Development of a Palliative Client Supporting Screening System in a Community Based on Information Technology

Jaji, Jum Natosba, Fuji Rahmawati
Automation trends, the latest data exchange, cloud computing, the Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) and all virtual things that can facilitate human operational activities. One of the benefits of the industrial revolution era 4.0 that can be applied is...
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The Effectiveness of Ice pack to Reduce Pain in School Age Children with Venous Functioning

Fadliyana Ekawaty, Yosi Oktarina
At the time of fever children need more fluids because of an increase in evaporation. Venous puncture is one of the measures to meet the patient’s fluid needs. Installation of infusion and blood collection in children is not easy because the child has a small and fragile vein, so frequent intravenous...
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Obstacles of the Implementation of the Healthy Indonesia Program with Family Approach (PIS-PK)

Fitri Afrianti, Pujiyanto
The Healthy Indonesia Program with a family approach (PIS-PK) is one of the ways for health center (puskesmas) to improve access of the community to health services by visiting families. This study aimed to describe the obstacles of PIS-PK implementation. The method used was a systematic review. We look...
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Bacteriological Quality of Water and the Occurrence of Diarrhea in Household in the Work Area of Karya Jaya Public Health Center in Palembang

Farida Kumalasari, Rico Januar Sitorus, A. Fickry Faisya
Globally, there are about 2 billion cases of diarrhea with a mortality rate of 1.5 million per year. The limited access to clean water and the poor personal hygiene in the households are the major causes of diarrheal disease through water transmission. The aim of this study is to analyse the relationship...
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Epidemiology of Pediculosis Capitis of Foster Children in Orphanages Palembang, Indonesia

Rico Januar Sitorus, Chairil Anwar, Novatria
Pediculosis capitis is the most common ectoparasites which endemic globally in developed and developing countries that have tropical and subtropical climates. Head lice are obligate blood-sucking which has the potential to cause anaemia. Itching caused by flea saliva can cause children to have a sleeping...
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Injection Drug Abuse Risky HIV Infection Among Indonesian Prisoners (Data Analysis IBBS 2015)

Sri Utami, Rico Januar Sitorus
Prisoners are one of the community groups that are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. Prison put people in high-risk situations for the spread of HIV, because of the risky practice behavior. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of injection drug abuse with HIV infection among Indonesian prisoners....
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Analysis of Noise Factors in Increasing Blood Pressure of Railway Employees in Semarang Poncol Train Station

Dwi Sutiningsih, Prafista Filaely, Ari Udiyono, Emi Puji Nur Wijayanti
Noise is one of the negative impacts of the rapid development of transportation facilities in Indonesia. One of the potential means of transportation is train. Noise can affect human health, among others, can cause hearing loss, communication disorders, psychological disorders, and increased blood pressure....
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Relationship Between Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus in People Above 40 Years Old in Indonesia: A Retrospective Cohort Study, Analysis of 2007 and 2014 Indonesian Family Life Survey Data

Dita Zami Kosupa, Feranita Utama
Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common diseases in the world with an incidence increase from 151 million in 2000 to 425 million in 2017. It is estimated that in 2045, its occurrence has the tendency of increasing to 629 million cases. Also, Indonesia is among the top 10 countries with the highest...
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Risk Factors for the Incidence of Anemia in Elementary-School Children Living in Malaria-Endemic Regions

Maraden Sirait, Rostika Flora, Chairil Anwar, Mohammad Zulkarnain, Nur Alam Fajar, Achmad Fickry Faisya
Anemia is an indicator of both poor nutrition and poor health. The most common anemia caused by malnutrition is iron deficiency anemia. Helminthiasis, clinical history of malaria, nutritional status, and breakfast-eating habits are the main factors that contribute to the increased incidence of anemia...
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From Drawings to Puppet Shows: Creating a Collective Space for HIV-Positive Women: Learning from Feminist-Participatory Action Research

Najmah, Sari Andajani, Sharyn Graham Davies
Women with HIV are the real knower of their life, however, women living with HIV are highly stigmatized in Indonesia. As researchers we are, therefore, conscious of the sensitive nature of our research. The article explores the use of creative and visual methods to create a space with HIV-positive mothers...
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Relationship Between Sources of Information on Knowledge and Adolescent Attitude AT SMA N 1 Kayuagung, OKI, Sumatera Selatan

Rini Mutahar, Rini Anggraini, Dewie Suranti, Siti Raesa Rahmah, Poppy Tarigan
Adolescence is a transition from childhood to adulthood. Teenagers experience rapid growth and need good nutrition to support their growth and development. One of the factors that play a role in the formation of adolescent behavior is that the cue factor acts in the form of mass media campaigns where...
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Breastfeeding Education: Its Effect on Cadres Knowledge and Attitudes of Exclusive Breastfeeding

Putri Widita Muharyani, Antarini Idriansari, Mutia Nadra Maulida, Dina Aprimilda
Posyandu cadre is an extension of health workers in educating mothers regarding breastfeeding. However, there are still many cadres who do not yet have good knowledge related to exclusive breastfeeding. This study aims to analyze the effect of breastfeeding education on the knowledge and attitudes of...
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Determinants of Healthy Latrines Ownership in Working Area at Public Health Center of Suak Tapeh in Banyuasin Regency South Sumatra 2019

Yunita Theresiana, Leni Triayana, Septa Clara
Family latrine is a building used to dispose of feces for a family that is commonly called the latrine/WC.One of the health efforts made in public is the provision of basic sanitation. One of several basic sanitation facilities in the community is latrine.This study was a quantitative study using analytical...
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The Effectiveness of Smart Palliative Bed to Measure a Patient’s Weight

Khoirul Latifin, Sigit Purwanto, Dian Wahyuni
Patient safety is the most important thing in health services at the hospital. Hospital services have a high risk of patient safety, especially in providing medical care and treatment. The most common incidence of patient safety in Indonesia is the mistake of administering drugs. It needs innovation...
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Gastric Acid Detection Device for Cancer Patients

Karolin Adhisty, Mutia Nadra Maulida, Nabilla Rizki Oktadini
Management of treatment in cancer patients is still dominated by chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a method used to reach cancer cells so that cell growth can be inhibited and controlled. Implementation of this action with side effects that can cause nausea and vomiting, thereby affecting the nutritional...
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Development of Screening for Early Detection of Depression, Anxiety and Stress in Adolescents Based on Android Services

Zulian Effendi, Sri Maryatun, Herliawati
The adolescent is a transition period from childhood to adulthood. Adolescents are often associated with problems because of the changes that occur during adolescence in the form of biological, cognitive, and social-emotional changes. Changes that occur during adolescence, making adolescents vulnerable...
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Factors Associated with Risky Sexual Behavior in Adolescent Boys in Indonesia

Harneda Noviva, Tri Yunis Miko Wahyono
According to World Organization World, adolescents are residents in the age range of 10-19 years. According to Hurlock puberty is a phase of the range of children’s development changing from asexual beings to sexual beings. One of the symptoms that arise at this time is preoccupation with sex (starting...
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Effect of LIMA Discharge Planning Model on Discharge Readiness Among Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

Fitri Y. Eka Yulia, Andhini Dhona, Natosba Jum
One of the health care services for hospitalized patients is discharge planning. The main goal is maintaining continuity of advanced care at home after the patient discharge. As the chronic illness, patients with diabetes mellitus desperately need discharge planning. Effective discharge planning can...
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Relationships of Self-Efficacy, Outcome Expectation, Career Intention and Career Exploration in Nutrition Science Student’s Career Choice

Fidyah Pratiwi, Rizma Adlia Syakurah, Indah Yuliana, Reynold Siburian
The international world agreed that in 2030, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were goals that needed to be achieved well. Given the current focus of the world and Indonesia, especially on the issue of stunting, namely the high number of malnutrition such as low body weight and short stature. The...
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Evaluation of Iron Tablet Program Among Adolescent Girl

M. Rifki Naufaldi, Haerawati Idris
Anemia is one of the health problems throughout the world, especially in developing countries. Anemia often occurs in young women. Prevention of anemia in young women can be done by giving iron tablets. The study aimed to evaluate of iron tablet program among adolescents in the work area of Muntok Health...
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Low Birth Weight and Underweight Association in Children Aged 6–59 Months in Palembang, Indonesia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Indah Purnama Sari, Yustini Ardillah, Anita Rahmiwati
Underweight and low birth weight are important markers for The Global Nutrition Targets in 2025, expressed especially in newborns, with a 30 percent reduction in between 2012 and 2025. This study was, therefore, aimed to comprehensively analyzing the association between low birth weight and underweight,...
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Strengthening Peer Educator on Mother’s Knowledge and Attitudes of Stunting in Ogan Komering Ilir Regency

Anita Rahmiwati, Feranita Utama, Indah Purnama Sari
Short children is a predictor of poor-quality human resources that are widely accepted, which in turn reduces the productive ability of a nation in the future. Stunting or malnutrition based on height by age is an indicator of chronic malnutrition. The prevalence of stunting for five-year-old infants...
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Relationship Between Characteristics of the Third-Trimester Pregnant Women and Incidence of Anemia in Malaria-Endemic Regions in Bengkulu City

Rostika Flora, Misnaniarti, Fatmalia Febry, Suci Destriatania, Ditia Fitria Arinda, Anita Rahmiwati, Aguscik, Nurlaily, Ikhsan
Background: Pregnant women who live in malaria-endemic regions are highly vulnerable to the incidence of anemia. The presence of malarial infections and pregnancy are two major causes that worsen the incidence of anemia in most women. The purpose of this study was to find out the relationship between...
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Adolescent Need to Know About Cigarettes Content

Fenny Etrawati, Yeni, Widya Lionita
Adolescents smokers are increase in prevalence. This is because the characteristics of adolescents tend to try new things which are populer among peer group without knowing the content of cigarettes and it’s effects to their health. This study aimed to identify the knowledge possessed by adolescents...
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The Determinant of Chronic Energy Deficiency Incidence in Adolescent Girls in Ogan Komering, Ilir Regency

Fatmalina Febry, Fenny Etrawati, Ditia Fitri Arinda
Stunting starts from pre- conception when adolescents becomes an malnutrition and anemic mother. One problem of malnutrition in adolescents is chronic energy deficiency which will have an impact on increasing the prevalence of stunting in infants. The purpose of this study was to determine the determinant...
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The Effect of Murottal Alquran Therapy on Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Saturation Oxygen of Premature Infants Using Mechanical Ventilation in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Nurhusna, Fadliyana Ekawaty, Andika Sulistiawan
Prematurities or low birth weight commonly contributes to the mortality rate of newborns. About 35% of babies born prematurely are very vulnerable for inability to adapt to the extrauterine environment. This condition often requires intensive monitoring such as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)...
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The Determinant of National Health Insurance Membership in Ogan Komering Ilir District

Dian Safriantini, Haerawati Idris, Asmaripa Ainy
Membership in social security is one of the dimensions formulated by the World Health Organization in achieving Universal Health Coverage. It is also an indicator of the successfulness of the National Health Insurance (NHI) program. In the SP. Padang Subdistrict of Ogan Komering Ilir Regency, the number...
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Factors Associated with Village Midwives Performance in Antenatal Care Services, Ogan Ilir Regency 2019

Iwan Stia Budi, Ella Amalia, Afriyan Firdaus
Maternal mortality is still the main problem in Indonsia. Based on SDKI 2012, maternal mortality in Indonesia is 346 each 1000 of birth while national target in 2019 is 305 each 1000 of birth. The aim of research is to analyze factors that correlate with village midwives performance in ante natal care...
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Factors Related to Age of Menopause in Elderly Mothers in Cimanggis Community Health Center Depok

Nurmalia Ermi, Sudijanto Kamso
Women who face menopause are included in the risk group because in this group there is a drastic change in physical, psychological, and socio-cultural. The age of menopause between a woman and another woman is not the same and depends on the factors that influence it. Menopause at an earlier age will...
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Evaluation of Chronic Diseases Management Program (Prolanis)

D. Fitria Sari Firdaus, Haerawati Idris
Diabetes and Hypertension are diseases that are on the ten most diseases list in Indonesia, thus increasing health costs. The government implemented chronic disease management program (prolanis) to prevent the disease. This study aims to analyze the implementation of prolanis conducted at the Sako Health...
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Low Birth Weight and Asphyxia Neonatorum Risk: A Case-Control Study

Rahmatillah Razak, Asri Adisasmita
Asphyxia neonatorum is the cause of 23% of all neonatal mortality in the world. Three quarters from the neonatal mortality are caused by conditions that can be prevented and treated, including the incident of asphyxia. Low Birth Weight (LBW) has the risk of having a respiratory failure that can cause...
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Efficiency of Outpatient Service at Three Health Centers in Palembang City, Indonesia

Asmaripa Ainy, Iwan Stia Budi, Dian Safriantini
Background: Health center (it is called Puskesmas) is a health facility that provides basic health services through outpatient units. In an effort to improve the efficiency of outpatient services, the health center could apply the Lean Concept. The aim of this study was to analyze efficiency of outpatient...
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The Impact of High Temperature to the Occurrence of Urine Crystallization at CV Alumunium Mandiri Palembang, South Sumatra

Meta Rosalina, Yuanita Windusari
Hottest temperatures make body adapting by excreting excessive sweating. CV Alumunium Mandiri Palembang manufacture in making fan and pot that is fire furnace causing hottest temperatures. When the body loses fluid without being accompanied by the consumption of replacement fluids for a long time, it...
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Prevalence of Unmet Needs for Family Planning and It’s Reasons for Women of Reproductive Age in Ogan Ilir

Yeni, Fenny Etrawati, Feranita Utama
The total birth rate of Indonesia’s population in 2015 was 2.1, it is estimated that Indonesia’s population in 2025 will increase to 282 million. The contraceptive method was one of the government’s efforts to control the rate of population growth. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence...
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Effect of Education and Provision of Drinking Water on Adolescents’ Drinking Consumption and Hydration Status

Ditia Fitri Arinda, Zaenal Muttaqien Sofro, Fatma Zuhrotun
Water is an essential substance for body health. A body fluid imbalance leads to dehydration, which is not only detrimental to fitness level and cognitive performance but is also related to psychological disorders and various other chronic diseases. Incidence of dehydration is higher among adolescents...
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Association Between Lifestyle with Hypertension in Communities in Healthy at Working Area of Merdeka Health Center, Palembang City

Dini Arista Putri, Amrina Rosyada, Yeni
The case of hypertension is a problem that is often not realized by the public, this disease usually begins to be detected when complications begin with other diseases. Many factors affect the emergence of this case, one of them is an unhealthy lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle includes smoking habit, coffee...
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Burdens and Quality of Life of Chronic Disease Patients’ Family Caregivers: A Systematic Review

Jum Natosba, Firnaliza Rizona, Zulian Effendy, Adelia Pradita
Chronic illness is a disease that requires long-term treatment and care. Chronic illnesses have a big impact not only on patients but also on family caregivers which can affect the quality of life and even become a burden on family caregivers. This systematic review aims to find out the view of burdens...
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The Self-Efficacy in Hemodialysis Patients

Yosi Oktarina, Andika Sulistiawan
Hemodialysis is one of the treatments for patient with chronic renal failure. Previous study showed that the level of self efficacy could prevent complication and improve quality of life. The purpose of this study was to determine the patients’ self efficacy in chronic renal failure who underwent hemodialysis...
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Forest and Wetland Fire in Ogan Ilir Regency

Mona Lestari, Novrikas, Poppy Fujianti, Nyayu Zaskia Fatturahma
Forest fires and wetlands has become one of the most serious issues faced by Indonesia these days. Wetlands is an area with a high potential for fires, especially when entering the dry season. Fires keeps occurring in forest and lands all over Indonesia, including Ogan Ilir Regency, South Sumatra Province....
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Analysis of Risk Factors Causes of Occupational Accidents in the Vocational School

Agristianda Esa Claresta, Desheila Andarini
Vocational school is an educational institution that combines expertise programs into work practice programs. The large number of work practices carried out makes students close to the dangers in the workshop, if students are not balanced with knowledge of occupational health and safety (OHS), the actions...
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Status of Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure During Pregnancy to Risk Enhancement of Low Birth Weight in Palembang City

Dwi Septiawati, Inoy Trisnaini, Elvi Sunarsih, Mona Lestari, Minarti
A number of studies have found evidence to support the hypothesis that exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in pregnant women can increase the risk of impaired fetal growth. This study aims to analyze the relationship of environmental tobacco smoke exposure with the incidence of Low Birth Weight (LBW)....
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Analysis of the Potential Fire and Explosion and Losses with Dow’s Fire and Explosion Index of Primary Reformer 101-B in Pt Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang

Simanjuntak Widya Linawati, Imelda Gernauli Purba
PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang produce various kinds of fertilizers Ammonia one. Primary reformer 101-B is one of process equipment in the production of ammonia with the highest temperature and pressure as well as the most at risk of failure which could result in a fire or explosion. Primary reformer...
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Prevalence of Anaemia and its Risk Factors Among Adolescent Girls

Feranita Utama, Anita Rahmiwati, Ditia Fitri Arinda
Anaemia is one of health problems in Indonesia. Adolescent girls are the most vulnerable group to anaemia. Adolescent girls with anaemia are at risk of anaemia during pregnancy. It will negatively affect growth and development of the fetus in the womb as well as potential complications of pregnancy and...
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Correlation Between Timing of Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin to the Effectiveness of Mother to Child Transmission Prevention Program

Tonggo Margareta Butarbutar, Misnaniarti, Rostika Flora
The Prevention Program for Hepatitis B from Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) was carried out in Pangkalpinang City, Bangka Belitung Province since 2016. Pregnant women detected HBsAg positive were recorded so their newborn could get Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin (HBIg). The aim of study to analyze the...
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Modifiable Risk Factors of Hypertension and Socio-Demographic Profile in Medan City

Erna Mutiara, Syarifah, Lanova Dwi Arde
Hypertension is a major public health problem and important area of research due to its high prevalence and its risk factors. Factors related to hypertension are categorized into modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors. The modifiable risk factors include obesity, physical in activity, high salt diet,...