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The Factor of Family Support Towards the Success of Tuberculosis Therapy: A Cohort Study

Tri Pitara Mahanggoro, Noor Aulia Fajriyati, Iffa Karina Permatasari
Indonesia ranks second in the world regarding tuberculosis after India. Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that can be cured if treatment is carried out quickly and precisely. Factors related to adherence to treatment, duration of treatment, socioeconomic, nutritional status, smoking habits, and professions...
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Six Years in Achieving Maqasid Ash-Shariah: The Case of Islamic Commercial Banks in Indonesia

Sartini Wardiwiyono
As an Islamic system of values, ethics, and principles, shariah has an ultimate objective that is to promote the well-being of mankind in the world and the hereafter. Abu-Zahrah further identified the objective of shariah (maqasid al-shariah) into educating people, upholding justice and promoting social...
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Analysis of Risk Factors That Influence Coping Strategy of Mothers Who Have Children with Autism in Arogya Mitra Acupuncture

Suyami, R T Purnomo, F N Khayati, A D Sulistyowati, D Arum
Parents especially mothers who have autistic children have their own stress and need coping strategies to overcome them. The purpose of this study was to determine the risk factors that influence coping strategies of mothers who have children with autism in Arogya Mitra Acupuncture Klaten. We used a...
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The Effect of MHealth to Increase Mother’s Skill in Children Growth and Development Monitoring During >36–48 and >48–60 Months

Maria Ulfah Kurnia Dewi, Nova Linda Rambe
Obstacles encountered the lack of implementation of early detection of growth and development of children during >36–48 and >48–60 months, especially in the development conducted every six months. Children at this age are rarely or never visit Integrated Healthcare Center anymore because the child...
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Family Resilience in ADHD Child Parenting

Ika Candra Destiyanti
Family resilience is influenced by aspects of managing the problem and its resources so that a prosperous family is formed. Handling problems in families with child care indicated by ADHD will be different from each other in view of the diversity of the gods they experience. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity...
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Nurse’s Barriers When Becomes a Member of Code Blue Team

Annisa Rahmania, Cahya N Windy Astuti, Renny Triwijayanti, Mar’atun Ulaa, Inne Yellisni, Trilia, Maya Fadlillah
The code blue system consists of a team formed specifically to treat patients with emergency conditions who are often referred to as the code blue team. But this system is inseparable from problems that sometimes pose challenges for the code blue team and the hospital. Objective: The aim of this study...
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Effect of Storytelling on Dental Hygiene Among Prechoolers in Kindergarten

W Nuniek Tri, Supriatin, Uun Kurniasih, Sri Lestari, S Endang, B Siti
Oral health is an inseparable part of health of other organ systems (systemic health). Limited or inadequate dental care causes the most common problems of all health problems in childhood; those are, tooth decay (dental caries), malocclusion, and periodontal disease. Trauma, especially tooth loss, is...
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Effectiveness of Lavender Aromatherapy and Natural Sound Music Against Anxiety Level in VIA Examination Patients

S Mujahidah, Fery Agusman Motuho Mendrofa
Visual inspection acetic acid (VIA) is a screening to detect the presence of cervical pre-cancerous lesions so that often causes anxiety in patients who are often ignored by health workers. The diagnosis of cancer often caused anxiety and depression for a patient so lose the spirit for life. Early detection...
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Factors Related to Stunting in Toddlers

Indanah, Dewi J Ratna
Stunting is a state of failure to thrive, occurring in children under 5 years of age. Stunting is a chronic malnutrition. The incidence of stunting according to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2012) is estimated that there are 162 million children under 5 year-old. The prevalence of stunting is a...
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Effectiveness of Classical Music and Qur’an Murottal Therapies on Patients With Hypertension in Middle Adulthood for Work Area of Sibela Surakarta Health Center

W Wahyuni, A Sinatrya, DRRB Utami, I Indarwati
Hypertension is categorized as the silent disease since the patients do not know that they have it before taking the blood pressure check-up. Hypertension which is not treated properly and prolonged can effect to stroke, heart attack, and main factor of chronicle kidney failure. The hypertension can...
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Islamic Counseling and Guidance Programs to Develop Awareness and Social Responsibility of Students in Junior High Schools

Meti Kusmiati, Niam Rohmatullah
Students’ lives developments nowadays are dynamics and complications that impact widely to many aspects of their lives. That’s why it should be solved with counseling and guidance either in the community or individually. Therefore, it must be balanced with guidance and counseling to deal with problems...
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Does Sexual Behavior Cause Complaints on Sexually Transmitted Infections in Female Sex Workers in the Work Area of the Community Health Center of Pedan?

Lilik Hartati, Sri Wahyuni, Anna Uswatun Qoyyimah, Dina Erfiana
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are various infections that can be transmitted from one person to another through sexual contact. It can inhibit the meeting of the egg and sperm, resulting in infertility. This scarring also increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy in the fallopian...
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A Study of Muhammadiyah College Management to Achieve the International Level

Partono Siswosuharjo, Langgeng Listiyoko
Muhammadiyah is one of biggest Islamic organization which concern in human development. It’s realized by taken a part on education as one of it’s core programme, in all educational level. In order to be a world class player of human development by good higher school management, it’s needed to do the...
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Impact of Surgical Safety Checklist Training on Nurses’ Compliance in Operating Room

P R Kusumaningrum, Daryani, F Suciana, A A Krismiyantara
Surgical Safety Checklist (SSC) is a part of patient safety, which used through 3 stages according to the timeline is before induction of anesthesia (Sign In), before skin incision (Time Out) and before removing the patient from operating room (Sign out). The positive impact of SSC is improving patient...
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The Comparison of Salivary Ph Changes After Consuming Chicken Banana (Musa Acuminata Colla) Among the First Semester of Diploma Students of Dental Nursing of Poltekkes Kemenkes Tasikmalaya 2019

S Faisal Manalu, E Kammelia, T Ambarwati, C Rahayu, T Kartika Dewi, H Miko
The content of fermented carbohydrates in chicken bananas (musa acuminata colla) can cause the oral cavity to become acidic and in a state of the acidic oral cavity can trigger the process of caries. The purpose of this study was to determine the comparison of salivary pH before and after consuming chicken...
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Assessment of Reproductive Health Services in Selected Community Clinics

Umme Asma Abshari, Sohel Rana, Cecep Heriana
To assess the utilization of reproductive health services. This was a cross-sectional descriptive study conducted with both qualitative and quantitative approach from January to December 2014 by interviewing 100 service receivers and 10 service providers of 10 community clinic of Cox’s Bazar sadar upazilla...
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High Dividend Shares Investment Decision in Indonesia Stock Exchange: Bottom-Up Approach

Eddy Sutjipto, Wawan Setiawan, Dyah N.A. Janie
Investing in the capital market is high risk and return. Hence, investors need to use the right strategy by using the bottom line, primarily to determine the intrinsic value of shares. The problem is currently around 85–90% of capital market players in Indonesia experiencing failure because of using...
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Effectiveness of Adolescent Reproductive Health Promotion Models About Puberty in Young Adolescents

Noor Azizah, Dewi Noor Wakhidah, Sokhiyatun
One of the characteristics of female puberty is menstruation. First menstruation is usually experienced by women around the age of 10 years but can be faster or slower. The first menstruation for girls will cause problems, namely someone who faces feeling the first menstruation feeling fear and anxiety....
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Financial Literacy for Rural Resident: A Qualitative Study

Nur Anita Yunikawati, Magistyo Purboyo Priambodo, Emma Yunika Puspasari, Marzanah A Jabbar, Fatimah Sidi
The level of financial literacy has influenced several personal financial decisions. However, the level of financial literacy in rural communities is quite low. The development of personal curriculum plays a role in increasing the basic knowledge of finance so that it will also affect the rationality...
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Modification of Gentle Human Touch (GHT) With Left Lateral Position to Change the Frequency of Breath Among Low Birth Weight (LBW) Infants

Agi Yulia Riadini, Agus Suwandono, Runjati, Ika Choirin Nisa, Heny Puspasari
Long period LBW treatment in a hospital often causes stress which results in changes in physiological function. Modification of gentle human touch with left lateral position is a treatment that supports in providing comfort and good position for the lungs that affect thoracoabdominal synchronization...
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The Effect of Therapy Containing Puzzle on Decreasing Anxiety of Hospitalized Children Aged 3–6 Years

Dini Rismala Dewi, Arena Lestari, Diny Vellyana
Anxiety is one of the psychological disorders that can occur in children undergoing hospitalization, this impact can interfere with growth and healing process in children that is playing is one of the non pharmacological therapies in children, one of the games is to arrange puzzles. The purpose of this...
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Implementation of Adolescent Reproductive Health Policies in Bandung District

Nurhayati, F Handayani, A Kamila
One of the efforts to equip adolescents is to make policies on adolescent reproductive health that can accommodate the needs of adolescents in educational institutions or schools. This study aims to determine the implementation of learning policies on adolescent reproductive health programs or the likes....
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Nursing Technology in Vibration Perception Threshold Testing in Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Patients

Kharisma Pratama, Suriadi, Gusti Jhoni Putra, Didik Setiawan, Asmiyenti Djaliasrin Djalil, Cau Kim Jiu, Usman, Tisa Gusmiah
Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) is one factor which can lead the diabetes mellitus patient to foot ulceration. Early detection is indispensable part to prevent diabetes mellitus patient from foot disorders. vibration perception threshold (VPT) measures can be used to easily and accurately identify...
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Headmaster’s Strategy to Build the Character Education of School Member in SD Muhammadiyah 1 Kudus

Ulin Nuha, Suhirno
The cause of low educational quality in Indonesia is certainly not liberated by the strategy and leadership of a headmaster as a top leader. Headmaster has an important role to lead the school management in order to be able to work consistently with the community need and development era. Meaningfully,...
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Effective Communication Between Parents and Children in Optimizing the Z-Generation Career Identity Status

C G Wahyudi, S Sanyata
This research seeks to understand effective communication between parents and Generation-Z (Gen-Z) in an effort to optimize the status of career identity. This optimization of career identity status aims to improve human resources as an effort to succeed in making Indonesia 4.0 and one of the five presidential...
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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy to Improve Students Confidence

Alivermana Wiguna, Agus Heriyanto, Zainatul Humairo
Most students have low self-confidence, such as afraid of arguing, asking the question and even speak in front of the class. This study aimed to increase student self-confidence with rational emotive behavior therapy individual counseling approach cognitive technique trough low self-confidence student....
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Implementation Model of Public Health Worker (PHW) – Family Doctors (FD) Partnership: A Qualitative Study in Kuningan Regency

Rossi Suparman, Ade Saprudin, Cecep Heriana
There have been a few conceptual drawbacks of National Health Insurance (NHI) implementation since it was launched in 2014. One of which is in its policy implemented in which there is a wide gap of the available facilities and health workers in diverse regions in Indonesia. The government can optimize...
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Prevalence of Pediculosis capitis Among Elementary School Children in Kabupaten Ciamis

A Nurmalasari, A Farihatun
Pediculosis is an ectoparasitic infestation by Pediculus humanus capitis (hair lice) which causes health problems, especially in elementary school children. Head lice infestation can cause itching and can cause other complications if the presence of head lice is considered to have a high enough severity....
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The Effect of Postpartum Gymnastics on the Size of Abdominal Diastasis Rectus in Normal Postpartum

Noor Hidayah, Alif Kiky Listiyani
Factors causing diastasis recti during pregnancy such as increased levels of relaxant, progesterone, and estrogen hormones that cause softening of the tissue and weakening of the fragile alba line that tends to flow from the xiphoid process to the symphysis pubis and under the influence of hormonal changes....
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Impact of Customer Relationship Management and Quality of Service on Student Loyalty in Private Higher Education in Bandung, Indonesia

Rina Indrayani, Ragil Pardiyono
Currently the use of management systems is very popular to be done by private universities to foster relationships with students. One of them is by implementing a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The application of customer relationship management (CRM) will have an impact on creating student...
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Mother and Fetal Factors with Unplanned Cesarean Section

Diah Andriani Kusumastuti, Anis Solikah, Umi Khobibatun Muniroh
The prevalence of cesarean delivery in Asia from 1990-2014 has increased by 19.2%. This study aims to determine the relationship between maternal and fetal factors with the action section cesarean at Permata Bunda Hospital, Purwodadi-Grobogan. Specifically: 1) describe the characteristics of respondents...
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The Family Role of Patient with Pulmonary TB About Prevention of Household Contacts Transmission in the Work Area of Puskesmas Perumnas II Pontianak

Sitti Syabariyah, Dithya Enggal Pratiwi
Pulmonary TB cases at Puskesmas Perumnas II Pontianak in the last 2 years (2014 and 2015) was the cases highest in Pontianak. Based on interviews at health center officer Perumnas II Pontianak that the obstacles faced by the officer were the patients came to the health center without accompanying family...
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The Influence of Competence and Locus of Control Towards Government Internal Auditors Performance Mediated by Job Satisfaction at Inspectorate Office of Endez Regency

LD Gadi Djou, Fitri Lukiastuti
The purpose of this study was to examine and analyze the influence of competence and locus of control on the performance of government internal auditors with job satisfaction as an intervening variable. This research is an explanatory research with a quantitative approach. The sample in this study were...
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Contribution of Religiosity and Multicultural Attitude Towards Religious Fundamentalism of High School Students

Sofyan Rofi, Bahar Agus Setiawan, Benny Prasetiya, Samsul Huda, Heri Rifhan Halili
Multiculturalism accentuates respecting differences in culture, race, ethnicity, and religion. Without mixing up entities of the religion and the nation, every religion bears universal tenets as its foundation in the life of the nation and state. The attitudes toward multiculturalism do not confine ones...
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Evaluation of the Implementation of Entrepreneurship Learning to Strengthen Life Skills in the Field of Dental Nursing Study at the Health Polytechnic Department of Dental Nursing in West Java

Eliati Sri Suharja, As’ari Djohar, Rusman
The research is driven by the lack of interest of graduates in entrepreneurship in dental nursing. There are around 1.5% of graduates from 2015 to 2018 Diploma III dental nursing programs who have become entrepreneurs in the field of dental nursing. Also, graduates work as civil servants or employees...
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Location Quotient Analysis (LQ) in Determining the Excellent Commodity

Yogi Sugiarto Maulana, Andri Helmi Munawar, Dian Hadiani, Ratningsih, Taufik Wibisono
This research is done with the aim to analyze the determination of the excellent commodity in the sub-district Purwaharja Banjar City which subsectors are base and non-base. In this research, researchers compare the type of business in the small and medium industries (IKM) Purwaharja Sub-district with...
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Determinants of Sexual Behavior

Heny Puspasari, Zafriel Tafa
Adolescent sexual behavior is part of the process of adolescent reproductive development. Adolescent sexual behavior that is not healthy can lead to serious psychosocial problems, such as depression and social role confusion due to teenage pregnancy. This study aims to determine the determinants of risky...
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Education (selfcare) in Tuberculosis Patients With Experimental Quasi Design

Tri Wahyuni, Almumtahanah, Niken Tari Dewi
Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that attacks the lungs typically characterized by the formation of granulomas and causes tissue necrosis, an infectious disease directly caused by the TB germ (mycobacterium tuberculosis). The problem that often arises in tuberculosis sufferers is about self-care...
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Education of Entrepreneurship and Activities of Entrepreneurship to Students’ Interests

Novianti Rahmawati, Mahmuddin, Siti Halimah
This study aimed to determine the effect of entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial activities on students’ entrepreneurial interests partially or simultaneously. The population in this study were students of the Economic Education Study Program STKIP Muhammadiyah Sampit who programmed entrepreneurship...
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Application of Parental Education About Social Media and Adolescent Sexual Behavior

Endang Wahyuningsih, Wiwin Rohmawati, Astri Wahyuningsih, Piscolia Dynamurti Wintoro
Internet technology and social media have become increasingly widespread. Starting from the use of Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp. The role of parents becomes very important to care about adolescent reproductive health than the opinions or delusions of adolescents themselves. Parents must provide time to...
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Emotional Intelligence and Independence of Learning Students

Jayadi, Novianti Rahmawati, Dewi Rahmawati
The research for to know to influence emotional intelligence to learn independence in students grade VII SMP Negeri 3 Sampit school year 5015/2016. The population in this research is all students of grade VII is 289 students and take off as sample 25% is 72 students with Proportionate Random Sampling...
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The Effect of the Duration of Playing Online Games on Students’ Depression Level

Elis Noviati, Rudi Kurniawan, Rudi Herdiana, Ima Sukmawati, Lilis Lismayanti
The online game is very popular with the community especially teenagers or early adulthood because at this time humans are in the search for their undergraduate program, where they are very easy to accept new phenomena from outside. himself or the environment. Online game users often play excessively...
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Stunting Incidence in Tegalrejo Yogyakarta

Ellyda Rizki Wijhati, Rosmita Nuzuliana, Maulita Listian Eka Pratiwi
Stunting is a major public health problem in low- and middle-income countries because of its association with an increased risk of morbidity and death during childhood. The impact of stunting is reducing children’s intelligence so that it will affect the quality of life of children in the next life....
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Stigmas and Discrimination by Nurse Towards Patient With HIV/AIDS: A Qualitative Study

Hilda Eka Dewi, Angga Wilandika, Sajodin
The high numbers of HIV / AIDS cases in Bandung cause the necessity to optimize the quality of health services as a form of HIV / AIDS treatment and prevention. It is assumed that stigma and discrimination toward patients with HIV / AIDS among nurses affect the health care process to patients with HIV...
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The Effect of Self-Regulated and Disciplined Learning on Students’ Achievements

Ahmad Susanto, Farihen, Iswan
The background of this study is the still low self-regulated learning and learning discipline for students. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of self-regulated learning and learning discipline on student achievement, especially on social science subjects. The research method used is...
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What is the Impact of Burnout on Nurses Work Behavior in Nursing Care?

Esri Rusminingsih, S.T Istiqomah, TP Romadhani, Marwanti
Work fatigue is one factor that can cause errors at work. Burnout is an individual problem that requires physical, mental, and emotional transition due to long-term stress. Burnout is a problem for organizations that cause a decrease in work productivity. The nurse is one of the health workers who determine...
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The Influence of Macroeconomics Indicators to the Growth of State Islamic Bonds (Sukuk) in Indonesia

Cupian, Rien Muasia, Eman Suparman
The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of macroeconomic on the growth of Islamic bonds (sukuk) in Indonesia. This study uses Ordinary Least Square (OLS) method with a monthly time series starting from January 2013 until December 2016. The results of this study indicate that the Production...
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Integration of Character Education In Student Development Lecture

Setya Wahyuningsih, Tetty Fatimah Tsuroya, Hetty Patmawati, Aep Sunendar, Nandhini Hudha Anggarasari
The integration of character education in Student Development lecture (a descriptive study in the Faculty of Education, University of Siliwangi). Character education is an effort to improve the quality of the learning process and learning results that lead to the formation of learners’ characters emphasizing...
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Strategies to Increase the Selling Price of Coffee Through Product Diversification

Rina Indrayani, Ragil Pardiyono
Srikandi village is one of the coffee-producing villages in Pangalengan West Java. Most of the population are farmers. During this time the resulting coffee still has a selling price that is not optimal, so this research aims to create a marketing strategy to increase the selling price of coffee. With...
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Relationship Between Nutritional Status and the Incidence of ARI Among Under-Five Children (13–59 Months) in the Work Area Community Health Center Unit

Ira Faridasari, Lin Herlina, Iis, Ela Rohaeni, Rifatun Nisa, Maria Ulfah
The health development goals as stated in the National Health System are efforts to implement health carried out by the Indonesian people in order to obtain the ability to live a healthy life for each community in order to realize a high health degree. The better the nutritional status of children, especially...