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Instruments of human resource management based on the digital technologies in Russia

Oksana Evseeva, Olga Kalchenko, Svetlana Evseeva, Kristina Plis
The article is dedicated to the research on the use of digital instruments in human resource management in the leading Russian companies. The companies were chosen from the leading companies in their business field based on Ranking Top-100 leading companies in Russia on capitalization by the Agency Riarating...
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Conceptual Analytics on Integration of Network Technologies with Crowdsourcing Infrastructure

S Sivachandiran, Mohan.K Jagan, Nazer.G Mohammed
Technology seeks a new dimension as collaboration of various methods and technologies in transmission of data. Crowdsourcing enables the availability of huge data over a variety of networks. It is important to understand the needs of the management and monitoring of such data over a long distance and...
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Research on the Relationship between Digital Transformation, Dynamic Capabilities and Firm Performance Based on Fuzzy Mathematics

Bo You, Lanxin Zhang
With increasing uncertainty, the relatively stable business environment of enterprises no longer exists. How companies rely on dynamic capabilities to improve firm performance and continue operations is an academic issue that is currently concerned in the field of strategic management. This article analyzes...
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Under the Perspective of Technology Empowerment of Construction of Scenarios of Edu-Metaverse

Yi Ding, Ruogu Zhang, Shu Zhang, Suna Chen, Xiaofang Yan, Yangting Bian, Ping Jiang
The metaverse is the integration of multiple new technologies which generates next generation of Internet applications and the state of social, its application in the field of education has the potential to bring the third way for human beings to comprehend the complexity of educational system and the...
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Textual Clustering Analysis of River Chief System Policy in China

Zhimo Zhao
The river chief system is an innovation of China’s water resources management system, the core of which is to control and protect the water environment of rivers and lakes. The optimization of the river chief system cannot be achieved without the support and guarantee of policies. In this paper, the...
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Analysis of the development trend of teaching application research of big data technology in recent 10 years

Huiyuan Luo
With the deepening of the application of information technology in the field of education and teaching, a large number of educational data can be produced. Based on 611 journal papers related to the teaching application of big data technology collected in CNKI database, this paper makes an in-depth discussion...
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Research on Grid Management Mode of Super-Large Cities Under Digital Background

Analysis Based on the Operation and Management of “Sui Zhi Guan”

Anqi Xu, Aikeda Adili, Liuyun Chen
The wave of digitization represented by technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data is sweeping the world, profoundly affecting urban management and development. The Guangzhou Municipal Government took the initiative to adapt to the new situation and began to fully...
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The Concept of Decision Support in Evaluating the Functional State of Complex System of the Biological type

Rashit Nasyrov, Nafisa Yusupova, Rustem Zulkarneev, Alexandr Kruzhkov
The aim of the work is to develop a conceptual approach to decision support in assessing the functional state of a complex system of biological type. The definition of the functional state and the basic principles of its evaluation for complex systems of biological type on the basis of system representations...
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The Establishment and Analysis of the Evaluation System of Target Students’ Subdivision Group in Colleges and Universities Based on Ideal Point Algorithm

Xin Zhao, Wei Guo, Yongli Lu, Tao Guo
Aiming at the problem of target student source segmentation in Colleges and universities, this paper establishes a segmentation group evaluation system, selects candidate segmentation groups through comparative analysis, and uses ideal point algorithm to get the best segmentation group. Through the analysis,...
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Cognitive Diagnosis for Programming Domains

Yongfeng Huang, Kaiyuan Wang
Cognitive diagnosis plays an important role in intelligent educational scenarios as a method that can reveal students’ knowledge mastery. Existing cognitive diagnostic methods are mainly applicable to objective questions in core subject areas (e.g., mathematics); however, in the field of programming,...
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Application of Correlation Analysis and Cluster Analysis in Teaching Reform for Big Data Course

Jianhua Zhang
According to the needs of big data course teaching reform, Using IBM SPSS as the tool, BNUZ has carried out the correlation analysis and the cluster analysis on the data samples of the big data courses in recent three years. The results of qualitative and quantitative analysis are conducive to correction...
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Research on the construction of a knowledge graph of COVID-19 based on Chinese medicine prescriptions

Shiwen Wang, Jin Liu, Mingxue Li
In order to explore the method and general steps of knowledge mapping for mining the prescriptions of novel coronavirus, and to verify the applicability of knowledge mapping in the diagnosis and treatment of novel coronavirus. In this paper, we collected 75 TCM prescriptions published by national and...
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J-WS: A Hybrid Unsupervised Mining Approach for Customer Segmentation in B2C e-Commerce

Muhammad Azry Bin Ali, Fang-Fang Chua, Amy Hui Lan Lim
Nowadays, with the use of technology and the Internet, it is easy to start a business, more specifically an e-commerce business. However, maintaining a consistent sale and having returning customers can prove a challenge as most businesses rely on new customers for profits and does not generate a reliable...
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Stock Trading Strategy Developing Based on Reinforcement Learning

Zeyu Xia, Mingde Shi, Changle Lin
Reinforcement learning has achieved superhuman performance on many sequential decision-making problems, but only very few works are done on applying reinforcement learning to market trading. In this study, we take the stock trading problem as an Markov decision process, and applied PPO algorithm to solve...
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Green Total Factor Productivity of China’s Construction Industry: Based on the SBM-GML Model

Yi Song, Huolong Bi, Yi Qu
The construction industry plays an important role in China's national economy, and belongs to the industry with high pollution and high energy consumption. It is necessary to calculate the green total factor productivity of construction industry (GTCI). Based on the panel data of 30 provinces in...
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Correlations between Logistics and Infrastructure Digitalization and Gross Domestic Product Size

Natalia Alekseeva, Larisa Voronova, Nadezhda Grashchenko
The life of a contemporary person acquires a new quality due to smart solutions, hence the issue of what affects the appearance of smart solutions and what impact smart solutions have on economic activity indicators is relevant. The paper is aimed at identifying correlations between urban logistics and...
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Research on the Promotion Effect of Additive Manufacturing Technology on Mechanical Drawing Course of Vocational Education

Meiqin Liang, Shang Wang, Meiyun Liang, Han Qin, Yajuan Zhang, Haonan Xu, Xinyu Wei
The long-standing problem in the teaching of Mechanical Drawing is the low level of learning motivation. In order to solve this problem, the research group deeply analyzed the examination results of the previous students and put forward a teaching reform method of integrating additive manufacturing technology...
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Construction of Mathematical Relationships and Software Implementation of a Simulation Model of the Behavior of Components of the Musculoskeletal System of a Person

Alena Nikonova, Rashit Nasyrov
The article is devoted to the creation of a software tool for modelling the behaviour of the components of the musculoskeletal system using the example of segments of the spine using the Orne-Liu formalism. A system of differential equations is written that describes the movement of the components of...
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Data Acquisition Using IoT to Monitor Coal Mining Environment

G Savitha, N A Deepak, D J Deepak
Coal is one of the most important non-renewable resource which contributes to majority of power production and used in many industries. The study here presents an innovative, efficient method needed to increase the mining productivity and reduce costs while also considering worker safety. In underground...
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Research on Organizational Effectiveness Evaluation Model of Internet Enterprises with High Resilience Energy Based on Multiple Integrations

Jiaxu Cheng, Wenxuan Li, Jingce Xu, Jian Zhao, Youzi Wang, Yan Chang, Bingxin Zang, Weixuan Meng, Hualei Zhang, Xuesong Wang, Xin Li, Jiaxu Cheng, Gaoqi Dai, Wenhao Zhu, Jiaping Han, Lanjun Xu, Liyu Xia, Lichun Sun, Xinsheng Zhang
This paper summarizes the relevant theories of efficiency evaluation Indicators and methods, the research constructs the energy Internet enterprise organization operation effectiveness evaluation model, puts forward the energy Internet enterprise organization operation effectiveness evaluation of application...
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Application Architecture of Accounting Information and Auditing System Based on Blockchain Technology and a Private Data Sharing Technology

Beijia Zhong, Minjia Du, Sirui Huang, Jiawei Qian
Under the background of informatization and intelligence of financial management, the accounting information and auditing system based on blockchain technology has improved the quality of financial information. It is possible to explore the use of the blockchain technology as a basis to solve the information...
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Pandemic-Related Media Coverage in Overseas Chinese Media Based on Big Data Analysis: A Case Study of “oushi 1983”

Nan Dai, Yujie Guo, Miao Wang
Under the background of the big data era, analysis and processing technology based on big data has given birth to new methods of humanities research. Taking the reporting practice of overseas Chinese media during the COVID-19 pandemic as the research object and the new media platform “oushi 1983” of...
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A Meta-learning Approach to Recommend the Meta-heuristic Algorithm Based on Instance Features

Jianshuang Cui, Fan Yang
This paper studies a framework for implementing meta-heuristic algorithm selection based on meta-learning approach, which is used to recommend the most suitable meta-heuristic algorithm for different problem instances instantly. Therefore, a small sample of instances for capacitated vehicle routing problem...
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Contemporary condition and development prospects of international logistics in the post-sanction period

Valentina Vladimirovna Negreeva, Milana Beslanovna Soultygova, Olga Evgenievna Medvedeva, Alexandra Viktorovna Filimonova
International logistics in Russia underwent enormous changes in 2014, after the introduction of economic sanctions. In connection with the current situation on the international market, Russian logistics has faced a large number of problems that need to be addressed for its further development. One of...
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Increasing Security of Telemedicine Service

Marat Bogdanov, Dajan Nasyrov, Aleksander Dumchikov, Artur Samigullin
The paper is about the improving the safety of telemedicine services that carry out the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases on ECG. There are 2 deep learning methods (Multilayer Perceptron and Recurrent Neural Network), 14 machine learning methods (Naive Bayes classifier for multivariate Bernoulli models,...
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Constructing a Student Mental Health Education Platform Based on Virtual Reality Technology - Value and Practical Pathways

Dan Liu
The construction of a student psychological education platform based on virtual reality technology aims to provide a psychological intervention tool that is more adaptable to students’ cognitive and social lifestyles in the information society. The research is based on a prototype development process...
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China’s Ganyue Canal Construction: Forecast and Analysis of Its Transport Demand Based on Large Data

Xiaojie Liang, Siyuan Wang, Ling Sui, Qilong Huang
The Ganyue Canal directly connects the water systems of the Yangtze River and the Pearl River. This important link immediately benefits the economy and industrial development of the Jiangxi and Guangdong provinces and has a direct and significant impact on the waterway cargo transportation. This paper...
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Research on New Investment Demand Forecast of Power Grid Company After Investment Interface Extension

Keyao Lin, Juhua Hong, Linyao Zhang, Zhenda Hu, Lin Liu, Xiaofeng Li, Yangzi Chen
By extending the investment interface, power grid companies increase investment in business expansion projects, which not only effectively improves market share and customer satisfaction, but also supports economic and social development. However, after the extension of the investment interface, the...
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Research on the Evaluation Model of Mobile Application

Fengyang Liu, Honglei Xu, Zhaoxi Wang
With the development of mobile Internet and the peak of user growth, mobile application development has shifted from brutal expansion to refined operation. In order to better adapt to mobile application development and user needs, this paper constructs a comprehensive product development evaluation system...
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Generation and Optimization of Ideological and Political Teaching Learning Route Based on Evolutionary Algorithm

Yangguanqi Guo, Jialu Peng, Wenjin Zhu
Ideological and political education is an important knowledge point in China's higher education, which covers the whole process of higher education teaching, and is an important institutional carrier for universities to cultivate socialist successors. At present, great achievements have been made...
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Research on the Development Status of Hot Spring Tourism Resorts in Northern Guangdong Mountainous Areas from the Perspective of Data Footprint

Xinlei Wu
In the era of experience economy, tourists attach importance to experience satisfaction, and will truly feed back and share tourism consumption feelings and evaluations through online tourism platforms. The hot spring industry in Guangdong has developed early and has a large scale, accounting for a large...
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Energy Improvement District: case from Polytechnic University

Yury Nurulin, Inga Skvortsova, Elena Vinogradova
The study addresses to harness the full energy savings potential of existing city's structures, to elaborate holistic strategies that integrate sector-based approaches, and to engage energy consumers in strategic energy planning for energy improvement district (EID). The article presents results of a...
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Providing Functional Safety of Hardware-Software Complexes as Mandatory Condition of Forming Digital Eco-Environment at Innovative Project Implementation

Vladimir Gvozdev, Alexander Levkov, Darya Blinova, Nicholas Rovneyko, Aliya Davlieva
A key part digital eco-environment plays at the implementation of innovative projects brings about qualitative changes of requirements towards the functional safety of hardware-software complexes. The paper dwells upon the issues of increasing the functional safety of hardware-software complexes by means...
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Folk cultural tourism sustainable development strategy based on ROST CM6 text analysis —— An Empirical Case of Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village

Yanhong Liu, Jieyu Liang, Yu Cao, Jun Yuan, Xiang Li
Under the background of economic and cultural integration, combining folk culture with the tourism industry for brand management will promote the sustainable development of the local tourism industry. Through obtaining 2011 online comments from Ctrip and hornet's nest, selecting top 60 high frequency...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Users' Continuous Use Intention of Augmented Reality Branded Application

Shenglan Yang, Yumeng Zhao, Cong Wang
In recent years, with the development of augmented reality technology, the branded app has further derived with augmented reality function focusing on consumer experience, which has been widely preferred by consumers. At the same time, it has also become a new way for brand enterprises to communicate...
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Customer Churns Prediction Model Based on Machine Learning Techniques: A Systematic Review

Venkata Pullareddy Malikireddy, Madhavi Kasa
The customer churn prediction model is required by many companies to predict the risk of customer churn and take necessary actions to prevent churn. Recently, machine-learning techniques are highly applied in customer churn prediction. In this paper, machine learning-based models are applied to the customer...
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Research on Tourism Image Perception of Naozhou Island in Zhanjiang Based on Network Text Analysis

Jinfeng Zhong, Shipeng Li
At present, China still has many islands with rich tourism resources but lagging in tourism development, and most of them do not have a particular tourism image. Studying tourists’ perception of island tourism is of great significance for constructing a differentiated tourism image. With the development...
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PlaySafe: A Digital Rights Management System for Media Content Consumption

Calvin Yee Keen Lau, Fang-Fang Chua
Digital right management (DRM) is widely used by online streaming service provider that allows them to manage and control the access rights of their copyrighted content. The existing DRM technology requires the developer to gain approval from the DRM provider company in order to access to their proprietary...
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Analysis and Research on Gamification Teaching Strategy Used in C Language Programming Course

Yuan Cui, Li Tao, Dujiya Bao, Ri Hai
C programming language is an important bridge to realize software and hardware development and other engineering applications. In order to enhance students’ interest in professional learning and cultivate their practical ability and innovation consciousness, we integrate the gamification teaching strategy...
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The Impact of FDI on Technological Innovation

Empirical Analysis Based on Panel Data of 31 Provinces in China from 2010 to 2019

Linying Li
In the context of globalization, China is one of the countries that attracts the most foreign investment. Based on the panel data of 31 domestic provinces in China from 2010 to 2019, this paper uses a random fixed-effects model to analyze the impact of FDI on the country’s innovation capacity and proves...
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Intelligent Decision Support in Complex Socio-Economic Systems

Nafisa Yusupova, Aygul Agadullina, Tatyana Naumova, Ekaterina Sazonova, Olga Smetanina
This article considers problems of organizing decision-making support for improving psychophysical readiness of persons for professional activity. Current state of the art, data properties used for the analysis and their features are presented. Classification signs of labor activity, classification of...
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The Integration of Modern Technology and Elementary School Teaching Management in the Context of “Double Reduction”

Ketao Huang, Jun Wang, Hejin Wang
With the promotion of double reduction policy, elementary school teaching management is facing new challenges and opportunities. This paper discusses the thinking of elementary school teaching management under the background of double reduction with the support of modern technology. Firstly, the background...
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Combining SATI and SPSS analysis to study the status of the cultivation of critical thinking in English teaching in China

Fang Yue, Hamidah Mohd Ismail, Huichun Ning, Wenxuan Ren, Jingjing Shi
With the liberalization of information release and the accelerated speed of dissemination, information overload and its inauthenticity have become a problem that plagues people’s effective use of information. Critical thinking can support the development of information literacy. By using critical thinking,...
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Data Collaboration Model for Nuclear Power Business

Hui Zhang, Siqi Jin, Wei Dong, Menghao Han, Zhenyan Ji
To unify different departments, business systems and terminal protocols in nuclear power business, data collaboration technology and distributed data storage are introduced to realize intelligent collaboration between cloud servers and edge nodes with the help of edge-cloud collaboration, which can break...
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The Spread of TikTok’s Influence Worldwide from the View of the SIRO Model

Yijia Wang
TikTok is the most downloaded short video platform in the world which brings a significant negative impact on adolescents. Furthermore, there is a substantial similarity between the spread of TikTok’s influence and the spread of the epidemic. Based on this fact, we can model the spread of the TikTok’s...
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A study on the continuous usage intention of an online education system for students of art colleges

A case study of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology based on the model of continuous use expectation of information systems

Yang Xi, Mingxin Tian
The purpose of this study was to investigate factors influencing students’ satisfaction and continued intention to use online learning systems in art schools based on the PST theory. We developed and tested a model extending the ECM-IT model using structural equation modeling. The results showed that...
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Sheet metal material resources management in internal supply chains of engineering enterprise

Artyom Smirnov, Vladimir Kobzev, Stanislav Skvortsov
Improving the economic efficiency of industrial enterprises and ensuring their sustainable development depend, in particular, on the using of material resources management tools (MR) based on the principles of lean production using information technology. At the same time, the research of internal supply...
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Women Healthcare Mobile App-An Approach to Predict Early Stage of Cervical Cancer

R Chanukotimath Naveen, K Asha, G Keerthi Prasad, G M Manjula
Most of the woman nowadays is ending up their life at middle age between 35-50 years, reason they are suffering from Cervical related cancer tumours. Many women are unaware of having cervical related cyst in the early stages. A survey was conducted on classifiers such as Decision Tree, Multilayer Perceptron,...
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Research on the Investment Decision Model of Power Grid Enterprises Based on Neural Network Method

Chaoyang Li, Guangchao Qian, Lei Shi, Yi Gao, Yongli Wang, Bo Yuan
In the context of "new infrastructure", in order to enable power grid enterprises to better make investment decisions, this paper proposes a model based on neural network method, which can effectively improve the economic, social and environmental protection benefits of power grid enterprises'...
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Prediction of cigarette production in China based on Exponential Smoothing

Linsheng Ma, Jingyi Wang
As a kind of traditional industry in China, tobacco plays an important role in many industries in China. The importance of brand building has been reflected incisively and vividly in today's commercial society. A good brand has immeasurable value. However, most of China's cigarettes lack awareness...
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A Corpus-Based Study on Liu Yukun’s Translation Style as Reflected in Folding Beijing

Yuting Chen, Wei Gong
Folding Beijing, written by Hao Jingfang and later translated by the famed science fiction writer Liu Yukun (also known as Ken Liu), has been a hit overseas, promoting the spread of Chinese culture and winning the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 2016. This paper will take Liu Yukun’s translation as...
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Research on Social Public Governance Method Based on Intelligent Prediction Algorithm

Xiao Chen, Wenjing Huang, Lin He
The problem of social public governance has become an important content of attention. The multi-objective optimization problem of minimizing the incremental cost of public governance input and maximizing the incremental benefit obtained is related to the development of social public governance. In response...
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Fuzzy Controllers for Position Control Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

Ruslan Sharipov, Arsen Mesrpyan
This paper describes fuzzy controllers of an electro-hydraulic actuator in the control loop. The aim of research is to reduce steady-state error and a time response as short as possible. The electro-hydraulic actuator mathematical model is design taking into account the functional jet pipe servo-valve....
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Using SPSS and AMOS to Study the Influencing Factors and Mechanism of Healthy Consumption Lifestyle

Yanbing Liang
The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) put forward the implementation of the “Healthy China Strategy”, which calls for the promotion of healthy and sustainable lifestyles. The research on health consumption behavior has attracted much attention in academic circles,...
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Research on Tourists Characteristics Based on Big Data Analysis in Cultural Tourism

Siwei Dong, Shan Lu
Due to the fierce competition in the cultural tourism market, it is very necessary for tourism enterprises to accurately grasp the characteristics of tourists. In technological contexts, the continued development of information and communication technologies has enabled travel enterprise to gain in-depth...
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Research and Practice on the Cultivation of Autonomous Learning Ability of Higher Vocational Students Based on Blended Teaching of Digital Learning-A Case Study of Analysis of Preparation in TCM

Yan Zhu, Jiao Feng, Qingyang Liu
The cultivation of students’ autonomous learning ability is the key of improving classroom efficiency. With the rapid development of information, in order to adapt to the new characteristics of the times, it is important for college students to adjust their learning style and method as soon as possible....
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The Economy and Possibility of Energy Community in Finnish Solar Energy Production

Juha Korpijärvi, Riikka Tanskanen
The amount of solar energy production in the electricity distribution networks is increasing. This is due to technology conventionalisation, which in turn has led to solar panels becoming more affordable. The aim of this study was to analyse real-life, domestic electricity consumption to determine whether...
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Emerging Crop Traceability Systems in Smart Farming: A Review

Ummul Hanan Mohamad, David Wong You King, Muhammad Arif bin Riza, Mohammad Nazir Ahmad
Traceability is the ability to retrieve the history, use, location or activity of an identified item, hence crop traceability system is a system that provides unique identification to the crop and tracks all information from the seed until the end product in the market. Crop traceability is beneficial...
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Application Research of Simulation Technology in Vocational Education Technical Skills Competition

Shang Wang
During the preparation of the technique and skills competition, the students encountered the problem that the mechanical properties of the beam could not be measured experimentally. In order to solve this problem, the research team proposed the idea of simulation using finite element modeling. The students...
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Tsing XiaoAI: A Digital Teacher in Virtual Environment

Jiahao Li, Wai Kin Victor Chan, Ke Fang
Digital humans have become a significant area of focus in the fields of computer graphics and human-computer interaction research. In this context, we propose a technical framework for the implementation of digital teachers in virtual teaching environments. To evaluate the effectiveness of our design...
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Research on E-Sports User Preferences and User Characteristics of Student Groups in Anhui Province

Ling Yuan, Shanhui Sun
Electronic Sports (E-sports) is a competition of intelligence and physical strength between people using electronic equipment as sports equipment. At present, e-sports competitions have become an official sports event, and are no longer synonymous with unprofessional work. E-sports will be a business...
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Study the Relationship Between LULC, LST, NDVI, NDWI and NDBI in Greater Arba Minch Area, Rift Valley, Ethiopia

Muralitharan Jothimani, Jagadeshan Gunalan, Radhakrishnan Duraisamy, Abel Abebe
The present study aimed to extract the LST and analyses its relationship with land-use/land cover and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), normalized difference water index (NDWI), and normalized difference built-up index (NDBI) in the greater Arba Minch, Rift valley, Ethiopia. The study was...
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Research on the Two-path Influence of Employee Feedback Orientation on Feedback Seeking Strategy Under the Framework of Cost-value Based on Structural Equation Model

Fang Yu, Shaoyi Cheng, Zhen Yu, Yingyu Wu
Based on the prospect theory, a dual-pathway model of employees' feedback orientation on their feedback-seeking strategies is constructed, and the theoretical hypothesis is empirically tested by structural equation model. The results show that the feedback orientation is significantly positively...
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Informatization Construction of Chinese International Education under the Internet Background

Jiling Cai
The combination of Internet + education can enhance the innovation and creative of the education industry, and form a new form of Internet + education development. Using information and network platforms to integrate the Internet with international Chinese language education, and using the advantages...
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Quadrotor Angle Stabilization using Full State Feedback by Partial Robust Pole Assignment Method: Pole Retention

Mustafa Saraoğlu, Klaus Janschek, Andrey Morozov, Mehmet Turan Söylemez
Quadrotor also referred to as quadcopter has an increasing reputation nowadays as a practical rotorcraft and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The high number of degrees of freedom makes stability a serious issue as well as a performance criterion. Although, many different methods and strategies of control...
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Developments and cutting-edge themes in the field of education research since the handover of Macau

-- CNKI-based bibliometric analysis

Hanxiang Gong, Xi Wang, Baoxin Chen, Jinghua Li
The aim of this study is to provide a comprehensive understanding of education research in Macao since its return to China and offer guidance and foundations for the development and improvement of education in Macao. Utilizing the CNKI database, a literature analysis was conducted to gain a comprehensive...
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Development of Logistics Hubs in Case of Intensification of International Cargo Traffic via the Northern Sea Route

Elena Schislyaeva, Sergey Barykin, Egor Kovalenko, Sergey Schislyaev
The article uncovers the value of Northern Sea Route (NSR) for the Russian Federation and focuses on study of its prospective development as an international transportation corridor. The possibility of development of the consistent logistics system to unify all available resources of the Russian Federation...
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Visual analysis of children's willingness knowledge map based on CiteSpace

Jiaqi Jin, Junyong Wang, Fankai Kong, Zhiyang Chen
Objective To analyze the research intention of children in the past 10 years. Methods The literature search of CNKI, Wanfang and Weipu database with "children's pension" was set from December 201 to January 2021. CiteSpace software was used to visually analyze the research status, hotspots...
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Research on Industrial Structure Optimization of Chongqing Under Low-Carbon Economy

Chunmei Liu, Wen Bao
Low-carbon economy has become the only way for sustainable development in China, Low-carbon economy promotes and realizes the optimization of industrial structure has become a hot research. This paper selects eight indicators in Chongqing from 2011 to 2020: energy intensity, the province’s forest coverage...
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A Statistical Framework for Evaluation of Graduate Student Leadership Training Based on Entropy Method in the Context of New Engineering

Xun Wang, Hai Pan
Economic development and education have placed new demands on graduate education, especially leadership training. China proposes that universities should accelerate the construction and development of new engineering disciplines. In order to solve the above problems, this study conducted a questionnaire...
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Study on the Development Status and Influencing Factors of Traditional Chinese Medicine Service Ability in Jilin Province Based on Logistic Regression Algorithm

Yanyin Cui, Fang Xia, Shuqing Xing, Jingshuo Liu
Objective from the perspective of doctors’ perception and institutional development, the current situation and influencing factors of the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine service ability in Jilin Province were analyzed to provide a reference for the targeted development of primary health care...
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Improving Language Learning Performance Using Multimodal Dialogue Systems

Zhenyu Wu, Zhiyang Ding, Zhaowei Zhang, Yanqin Mao
Learning a language poses a significant challenge for learners, who must comprehend the intricacies of language and analyze the relationships among its components. While computer technologies have been developed to assist language learning, they fail to mirror the human cognitive process. This paper...
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Predicting Invasive Ductal Carcinoma by Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Shuaipeng Dong
Due to the nature of Breast Cancer, it is challenging to make correct diagnosis based on histopathology images. And it is crucial to make early diagnosis for a complete cure. In this paper, a Neural Network algorithm was proposed to train on sets of breast histopathology images. Based on Convolutional...
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The Influence Mechanism of Humble Leadership on Employee Helping Behavior: A Moderated Mediation Model

Jin Wu
Based on social cognition theory and social exchange theory, this paper constructs a model of the relationship between humble leadership and employee helping behavior, and discusses the mediating role of employee psychological security and the moderating role of defensive regulatory focus. On the basis...
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Issues of Improving the Accuracy of Demand and Sales Forecasting Using Decomposition of Components and Fuzzy Error Estimation

Leonid Mylnikov, Dmitrii Vershinin, Artur Mikhailov
The efficiency of production and sales systems focused on public markets and the enlargement of variable parts of the orders depends on the accuracy of demand and forecasting and planning of production volumes. To tackle the problem of improving the forecasting accuracy of time series in this paper we...
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A Study on the Path to Reducing Tesla’s Transaction Exposure in China—Base on Hedge Models

Yao Jia
Transaction exposure is a large risk for a multinational company. It measures gains or losses that arise from the settlement of existing financial obligations whose terms are stated in a foreign currency. The capacity at Tesla’s Shanghai factory is going to reach 550,000 in 2021. With such a huge capacity...
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A Portable Electronic Field Production of Live Broadcasting System for Campus Events

Jing Liang, Guang Liu
The development of technology has made live broadcasting an important way of social interaction with people in contemporary society. The campus activities of colleges and universities are also upgraded and innovated through live broadcast technology. Various campus activities such as small and medium-sized...
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Disclosure of Intellectual Capital by Digital Companies

Larisa Kokh, Yuriiy Kokh, Veronika Prosalova
The main purpose of the article is to define the essence of intellectual capital as a multi-component factor, analyze the structure and methods of intellectual capital evaluation and assess the feasibility of disclosure of information on it to external users. On the basis of the concept of information...
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CNN-Based Traffic Sign Recognition

Shin Wee Fiona Liou, Hau-Lee Tong, Kok-Why Ng, Hu Ng
Traffic signs are a crucial part of maintaining driver and pedestrian safety on the road since they are being designed to provide essential information and alerts of potential hazards. With the rapid development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), traffic sign recognition is also becoming much...
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Analysis of PM2.5 Influencing Factors Based on Various Statistical Methods—A Case Study of Beijing in 2021

Qing Yu
Beijing, the capital of China, is suffering from great pollution by PM2.5. In order to give suggestions to solve this problem, several studies have been conducted to explore the internal relationship between PM2.5 and other pollutants, showing different results. This paper compared different kinds of...
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A Review on Challenges and Latest Trends on Cyber Security Using Text Cryptography

Anjali, R Bharadwaj Kshiteesh, UH Rohan Koundinya, RK Varun, A. Ajina, G Prathima
In the IT sector, an important role is played by Cyber Security. Securing information has become one of the biggest challenges even today. The cybercrimes are growing enormously bit by bit and many measures are taken to prevent cyber-crimes. Despite these dealings, cybersecurity is still a tremendous...
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China’s Low-carbon Index System — Based on Map Analysis and Factor Analysis of CiteSpace

Huanyu Zhang, Chaoren Lin
The low-carbon economy is an important policy for economic development that China is committed to, and it is of very positive significance to analyze its depth. In the context of such an era, China requires vigorous development of a low-carbon economy and strives to achieve the goal of “double carbon”,...
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DenseNet Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Xinkai Yuan, Lanrui Zhang, Shuming Zhao
Breast cancer is a fatal disease, among which, its sub-type invasive (or infiltrating) ductal carcinomas (IDC) dominate the death cases of it. Detecting the features of such disease in an X-ray image by human eyes can be challenged, especially in cancer’s early stage. Thus, this study is aimed at developing...
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Development of an encryption method based on cyclic codes

Vyacheslav Petrenko, S.S. Ryabtsev, A.S. Pavlov, A.A. Apurin
The constant increase in the number of new types of cyber threats actualizes the issues of their information transfer. This article (report) proposes a research on the development of an encryption method based on cyclic codes. The purpose of this article is to develop an open algorithm, even knowing...
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Analysis of Higher Education Teaching Data Based on Data Mining Technology

Wang Zhi Qi
In order to effectively mine and utilize the large amount of valuable data stored in the academic management system of universities, a data mining technology based method for analyzing higher education teaching data has been proposed. This article uses data mining technology to deeply mine and analyze...
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Research Trends and Hotspots Related to the Natural Sciences in the 21st Century Based on Citespace and VOSviewer Software

Lusheng Wu, Junwei Duan, Quanlong Guan, Xiaoqing Zhang, Qian Xue
Effective policies and rational allocation of resources usually play an important role in the development of science and technology in various fields. To study and judge the trend of future technology development and determine the frontier areas of science and technology will provide scientific basis...
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Data-Driven Precision Teaching Practice in Blended Learning

Peizhong Xie, Junjie Jiang, Xin Wei
The development of new-generation information technology and the gradual promotion of digital education have facilitated the application of precision teaching. Given the widespread promotion of blended learning in institutions of higher learning, this paper explores how professional subject teachers...
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Locus of Control Risk Perception and New Venture Decisions --Based on Logistics Regression Model

Ming Chen
Past studies have discovered that personality traits could influence the entrepreneurs’ new venture decisions. However, previous literature only mentioned the influence of risk propensity on the new venture choice. Our study introduces the locus of control to the framework of Forlani and Mullins [1]...
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The Data Analysis of the Process of Early Marxist Chinesization from the Perspective of Cultural Leadership

Taking the Texts of New Youth as an Example

Ruiya Song, Xiufeng Zhao
In order to explore the process of constructing early Marxist in China, this paper uses a combination of data retrieval and social science statistics, through high word frequency statistics, keyword extraction, and collocation analysis, to examine the ways in which cultural change was embedded in New...
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Research on the Impact of Social Media Relationship Strategies on Customer Trust——Based on Smartpls

Zhenglin Zhang, Yingsong Feng, Taiwen Feng
With the widespread use of social media, online interaction between enterprises and customers of social media has become an important way for enterprises to maintain the customer relationship. We develop a dual-process model to explore the mechanism of the company’s online customer relationship maintenance...
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Human capital development in the digitalization risk management process

Tatiana Kharlamova, Andrey Kharlamov
The article considers the problem of improvement of the human capital of companies engaged in the digitalization of production and management processes. Along with serious technological and communicative advantages, the digitalization creates new risks, as well as transforms existing ones. This implies...
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H&M Personalized Fashion Product Recommendation Using LightgbmRanker

Dan Xian, Shaozan Cui, Bo Wang, Lishuai Cui
The product recommendation system is a system that analyzes user preferences, searches for a large number of product information in the e-mall, and recommends products that may be of interest to users, providing an intelligent shopping experience for online shopping users. It can help users more accurately...
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Technology Rebuilt Online Learning Under Post-epidemic Era Through the Lens of Community of Inquiry Framework

Lin Zhang, Kamalanathan M. Ramakrishnan
Online education is becoming a critical ingredient in higher education, especially in the post-epidemic era. Despite its benefits, online learning has been confronted with the dissatisfied voice from learners, and not enough attention has been given to the technological support. This research employed...
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SWOT Analysis of National Cultural Resources based on Data Analysis

Weilian Lin, Bin Wen, Guimei Yang
The rapid development of network and media technology has led to cultural exchange more frequently. To achieve the in-depth excavation of the connotation of national cultural resources, the rational development and utilization of resources and the cultivation of awareness of resource protection. There...
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Risk Analysis System in Geriatric Care

M.A. Nikolaeva, A.I. Agadullina, M.I. Dolganov
This paper describes the geriatric analysis system which accounts for group as well as individual risks of patients. A review of studies related to various aspects in geriatrics is provided. The purpose of the study, along with tasks to be solved, main modules and users of the geriatric risk analysis...
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ASD Classification in Adolescent and Adult Utilizing Deep Neural Network

Ashima Sindhu Mohanty, Priyadarsan Parida, Krishna Chandra Patra
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is one of the neurological illnesses affecting the behaviour and communicative skills of an individual. It hampers the recognition capability of an individual. Hence it is the primary responsibility towards the affected individuals with ASD for early detection to minimize...
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Hand Gesture Controlled Game for Hand Rehabilitation

Angelina Chow Mei Yeng, Pang Ying Han, Khoh Wee How, Ooi Shih Yin
When getting an injury or chronic pain that affects daily activities, physiotherapy is always introduced. Usually, patients will attend a few physiotherapy sessions in the presence of their physiotherapist to learn rehabilitative exercises. Then, they are advised to have home exercises frequently for...
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Practice of Mechanics Experiment Teaching Aimed at Solving Students’ Problem Based on Simulation Technology in Higher Vocational Colleges

Shixia Lv, Shang Wang, Xuelei Wang
The main employment positions of students in vocational colleges are technical operation positions in enterprise production lines. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the cultivation of students’ ability to identify problems, ask questions and analyze problems is important for their future work. In...
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Research on the Development Trend of Enterprise Information Security Strategy in Cloud Environment

Kai Li, Kai Li, Chunlei Chang, Qiaoli Wang
Due to the combination of cloud computing and big data, the infrastructure and architecture of information networks and information systems have changed. Defense centered strategies cannot cope with advanced target attacks. By analyzing the security requirements of the bank’s digital transformation,...
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Research on the Influence Mechanism of Superior Developmental Feedback and Employee Innovation Behavior Based on Regression Analysis

Shuang Zhao, Mengying Ye
In order to better predict the impact of superior developmental feedback on employees' attitudes and behaviors, and better serve organization. This study uses SPSS to perform correlation and regression analysis on the 84 samples collected and found that superior developmental feedback positively...