Proceedings of the 45th International Philological Conference (IPC 2016)

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"Impracticality" as one of the features of national character (on the basis of narration of Natalia Tolstaya)

Larissa Sretenskaya
The paper presents the analysis of the semantic content of the concept "impracticality". Semantic and language realization of this concept is based on the narration of Natalia Tolstaya.

Some observations on the semantics of the token with the prefix pere- in Pskov dialects

Olga Vasiljeva
The article describes nouns and adjectives with the prefix pere- represented in the latest parts of the Pskov regional vocabulary with historical data. Building on etymological and dialectal dictionaries attempt to interpret the semantics of the prefix in these tokens.

Text, speech product, phrase: on the interpretation of various linguistic terms

Konstantin Filippov
In this article a comparative analysis of different interpretations of the terms text, speech product, phrase is carried out on the material of dictionary definitions.Most notable is the difference between existing approaches to the interpretation of the term phrase.With such a divergence of views on...

Soviet Precedent Phenomena - Mythologems in Contemporary Slovak Mass Media

Katarina Hrchkova
Our paper looks at Slovak modern journalistic texts containing well known Russian names of the Soviet era with a high degree of connotation and accompanying analysis focussing on a review of their function in Slovak media discourse at the beginning of the third millennium. In our paper we are using the...

Social translation in Spain and the Netherlands: didactic aspect

Olga Voiku
Studying the experience of teaching of social translators in Spain and the Netherlands will help to improve the education process of the translators in Russia in the field of Dutch-Russian and Spanish-Russian languages.

The Misfortunes of Virtue: Justine and Katusha (Marquis de Sade's Justine and Leo Tolstoy's Resurrection)

Veronika Altashina
The report examines Marquis de Sade's Justine as a possible prototype of Katerina Maslova, the heroine of Tolstoy's late novel 'Resurrection'. The comparison is carried out in several ways: 1) the name of the novel 2) the name and the fate of the heroine of 3) genre 4) philosophical problems 5) the beginning...

Applying the Curry-Howard isomorphism to the description of the natural language semantics

Artem Andreev
The article deals with the possibiltiy to adapt the Curry-Howard isomorphism to describe natural language semantics. An approach to treating linguistic ambiguity is proposed based on specifying invariants for proposition classes. A variant of constructive higher-order logic powerful enough to cover descriptions...

Normalization of Old Russian Hagiographic Texts in SCAT

Irina Azarova, Elena Alekseeva, Konstantin Sipunin
Department of Mathematical Linguistisc of SPSU maintains the corpus of hagiographic texts (SCAT), comprising digital versions of Church Slavonic handwritten lives of saints from 16-18th centuries. The paper deals with lemmatization and spelling normalization in the index to the texts.

Precedential phenomena in the process of teaching Russian language in Slovak universities

Irina Dulebova
This contribution elaborates on lingua-didactical aspect of the theory of precedential phenomena (PP). It focuses on analysis of methodological criteria for selection of national precedential phenomena of Russian language for their use in the Slovak textbook entitled Russian linguistic realities (Rusk,lingvore lie)...

Nikolay Gogogl's "The Government Inspector" comedy (1836): a realistic conception before the Realism

Evgeniy Filonov
This paper reviews the conception of Nikolay Gogogl's "The Government Inspector" comedy. The paper analyzes Gogol's article "St. Petersburg notes of 1836" and Pyotr Vyazemsky's review where he observed audience's comments on the premiere of the play. Comedy edition, which was created in 1836, is considered...

Feminine characters in W. Ainsworth's historical romance 'Crichton'

Elena Gorshkova
The article deals with W. Ainsworth's historical romance "Crichton" (1837), the events in the romance take place in France, in 1579. The fact that the main character James Crichton, who has a natural charisma, attracts ladies is emphasized. The main feminine characters of the romance and the plot lines...

Bidermejer in Polish children's literature of the nineteenth century

Olga Guseva
The article attempts to analyze the influence of the artistic style of Biedermeier on the Polish children's literature of the nineteenth century. Biedermeier which put forward at the forefront the traditionalism of family life and religiosity, idealized cozy home world and showed interest in the details...

Aoristused to express the future in old Croatian language sources

Amir Kapetanovich
The paper analyses the use of aorist to express the future in old Croatian written sources. This relative use of aorist is also possible in modern Croatian, however it is rare and limited. The goal of this paper is to analyse the usage of aorist future forms in the Croatian language in the past, especially...

Syriac Apocrypha "Transitus Mariae" and "Dormition" of Pseudo John

Elena Meshcherskaya
This article presents some results of a comparative analysis of the two apocryphal texts (Greek and Syriac), telling of the death of the Virgin Mary. Researchers have long noticed the similarity in content and presentation of one of the sections of "Transitus Mariae" with the "Dormition" of Pseudo John....

Bulgarian equivalents to Russian conjunction a to

Anastasya Mosinets
There is no direct equivalent to the Russian conjunction in the Bulgarian language. The given conjunction has an ambiguous syntactic status and a variety of meanings. Its most important function is that it is used in so-called alternative motivation sentences. In the Bulgarian language we observe one...

Canaanite consonants' repertoire in light of the origins of the West Semitic alphabet

Adel Nemirovskaya
Twenty two West Semitic consonantal graphemes were not intended for reflecting Semitic phonetics adequately since their usage had originally been conditioned by the Egyptian scribal practice of rendering non-Egyptian words.

Combinatorial Properties of German Idioms: a Corpus Study

Irina Parina
The present paper deals with the combinatorial properties of idioms as one of the issues of constructing the new German-Russian dictionary of idioms based on corpus data. Corpus data analysis makes it possible to find subtle semantic differences between idioms closely related in meaning, to choose equivalents...

To the question of register characteristic of texts - descriptions of objects "from memory"

Yuliya Rogovneva
The article from the point of view of the communicative-functional approach analyses the communicative register and grammatical features of non-fictional descriptive texts ®from memory¯. Analysis of the communicative and linguistic parameters of these texts demonstrates that they are based on informative...

Stereotypes about Women in E. Gaskell's Novels of 1848-1853

Elmira Vasileva
In the article three novels by E. Gaskell, "Mary Barton" (1848), "Ruth" (1853), and "Cranford" (1853), are approached as debunkingthe Victorian stereotypes about women ("the Angel in the House", "the fallen woman". "the old maid"). In her protest against these notions, Gaskell introduced a new type of...

Russian stable comparisons in journalistic discourse of sports subject

Elena Zinovieva
The article analyzes some of the current trends of Russian stable comparisons use in sports discourse. The author pays attention to the replenishment of this strata of phraseology, expand the combinability of units, formation of new meanings, changing the connotations of the comparisons in the sports...

Messianic Secret: rhetorical device orÿreflection of historical reality?

Anatoly Alexeev
W. Wrede's concept of "Messianic Secret" being juxtaposed with Jesus' rejection of signs in the Gospel of John opens way for both phenomena to express jointly the ethical tension of Jesus' teaching.

Mytheme of the Prophetic Maid in Thomas Gray's Poems

Juliette Alilova
Gray's odes of prophecy The Descent of Odin and The Fatal Sisters, which he rendered from the Norse, represent the feminine power of prophecy revealed in the Older Edda (Balder's Fate and The Song of the Valkyries). Gray follows the poetics of the Edda songs with their uncertainty, ambivalence, and vagueness...

A. S. Byatt - an artist and a researcher (on the 80th anniversary of her birth)

Nina Bochkareva
The article considers self-reflection of literature in A. S. Byatt's criticism. Special attention is paid to collected essays "Passion of the Mind", "Imagining Characters", "On Histories and Stories", "Portraits in Fiction". Interaction of verbal and visual images is emphasised. It is proved that Byatt...

The Function of Cyrillic Script in Slovak Public Discourse

Nina Cingerov 
In slovak discourse the cyrillic alphabet is used in various ways. On the one hand in various multimodal texts (eg. on book and magazine covers, posters) to underline the Russian context, or as reference to Russian cultural room, and on the other hand it has the potential to act as a carrier of aggression.

Explanatory power of cognitive science (applying to functional stylistics)

Lyudmila Donina
In the paper some notions ofÿcognitive science applying to functional stylistics are considered. Aspects of speech activity are connected with language types (profane, professional and sacred), which are correlated withÿthree forms of thought: rhetorical, poetical and logical. Taking into consideration...

The semantic and pragmatic aspect of performative utterances of modern German politicians

Irina Ezan
The article deals with semantic-pragmatic aspect of performative utterances of modern German politicians. The material for the study is based on the speech of Oskar Lafontaine and Guido Westerwelle (1961-2016). The analysis is based on examples from sixty speeches of politicians for the period from 2003...

The concept of language correctness in medieval treatises of Provence and Catalonia

Elena Grinina
The concept of correctness which has been inherited by medieval roman authors from ancient tradition, means be in accordance with the rules that has not been established by dictionary and by grammar, but has already existed in language practice and has been approved in society. The analysis of medieval...

Lecturers from Slavonic countries and their role in educational process at Slavonic philology department of the Saint Petersburg/Lenigrad State University

Olga Guseva, Natalia Zhakova, Dragana Drakulich-Prijma, Zoya Shanova
The participation of lecturers from Slavonic countries in educational process at Slavonic philology department provides the students with possibility to learn to be fluent in Slavonic languages and to get more intimately acquainted with culture and literature of the country of the target language. The...

Habituality and modality of reflexive forms in Bulgarian

Elena Ivanova, Galina Petrova
The Bulgarian constructions with the inflectional particle se resulting from voice transformations and actant derivations (passive and subjective impersonal) can convey both actual and non-actual meaning. The present paper reviews the habitual and modal meanings of the se transformations, identifies...

The Meaning and Functions of Jussive in the Albanian Language.The Case of Problem Statement

Larisa Kaminskaia
Verbal constructions with the general meaning of encouragement to act (Letёshkojnёata! 'Let them go!'/'Pust oni pojdut!')make the target of the research. The constructions under consideration are formed with particle 'le' which etymologically dates back to the imperative form of the second person singular...

Affricates in Aromanian spontaneous speech

Anastasia Kharlamova
This article uses instrumental analysis of spontaneous speech data collected from speakers of the varieties of the Aromanian language in the village of Turia (Greece) and the town of Resen (FYRM) as a base to research affricate inventory and phonetical change processes that affect affricates, including...

Thunder and Thunder God (è¢rr - èrymr): Eddic Calque

Yuri Kleiner
In the Scandinavian tradition, Thor is a 'Herculean' hero (Tacitus), rather than a thunder god, as both his name and that of his hammer imply, cf. è¢rr: èunarr (archaic), OE è r ~ è r ~ èunor, OS Thunar, Mod. E. thunder; Mj"llnir: Russian molnija 'lightning', Latvian milna 'Perkunas' hammer'. The association...

Polysemous text P. Volkova

Vladimir Konkov
Text P. Volkova analyzed in the aspect of mono- and polysemous text. The works of P. Volkova - a polysemous texts. In scientific art history speech A.P. Volkova includes fragments of event type. Fragments of event types are seen as receiving in the reader's life. Text as a whole becomes easier to understand.

Typology of the relationships between the components of the compound abbreviation equivalency

Vyacheslav Terkulov
An equivalency cluster is a junction of the units called text equivalents which are derivatively bound with the compound abbreviation and functionally and semantically identical to it. The research considers synchronic and diachronic approaches to the description of compound abbreviation equivalency...

The Strategies of Translation of Relative clauses in Old Basque and Modern Basque

Natalia Zaika
The article deals with the ways of translation of relative clauses in Modern Basque and Old Basque. The clauses in which the relativisation is restricted are taken into account. Both strategies gaining currency and disappearing ones are analyzed.

The image of the heroine in the lyrical cycle "Amoretti and Epithalamion" by E. Spenser

Zizhu Zhang
In the article the image of the bride in the lyrical cycle "Amoretti and Epithalamion" by E. Spenser is investigated. In this image the combination of individual features of the heroine's real prototype and topical lineament of the beloved in love lyrics is accentuated. The purpose of the article is...

Proverb in mass-media discourse (based on the newspaper interview)

Olga Abakumova
The paper discusses the use of cognitive-discourse model of proverb's sense actualization offered by the author for analysis of semantics and pragmatics of proverb in newspaper interview.

Women's Literature of Biedermeier : Annette Droste - Hulshoff and Bozena Nemcova (formulation of the problem )

Tatiana Anikina
In the literature of some countries the transition from romanticism to realism occurred in the period of Biedermeier. The term "Slavonic Biedermeier" causes a lot of discussion. Czech author Bozena Nemcova can be called a Biedermeier writer. Her works are characterized by the same features as the works...

Three guises of A. Thackeray, Lady Ritchie: a writer, literary critic and a prototype of two heroines of novels

Irina Burova
The purpose of the article is to give an overview of A. Thackeray's oeuvre and show her in her literary guises an essayist, author of fiction and a historian of literature. Special attention is paid to her major works,"The Story of Elizabeth," "Out of the World," "Miss Angel," and "A Book of Sybils."

Towards an Online Representation of a Commented Author's Dictionary (as exemplified in M.ÿLomonosov's Rhetoric Terms Dictionary)

Andrei Filippov, Alexei Dobrov
Creating an online representation for authors' dictionaries with a scientific commentary implies facing difficulties of a specific kind. One of such resources is ®M.ÿLomonosov's Rhetoric Dictionary¯ (work in progress at the Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences). One of the most...

The Construction of Meaning Through Structure in the Ersya-Mokshan Epic, The Mastorava, by A. M. Sharonov

Oksana Ingle
This paper discusses how the epic genre is effective as a means for using structure to create meaning, as in the Mordovian epic Mastorava by A. M. Sharonov, where the author shows possible alternatives of government in the epic history of the Erzya and Moksha people.

Assessing Narrative Language in Preschoolers: From Group Analysis to Individual Profile

Aleksandr Kornev, Ingrida Balciuniene
The paper deals with linguistic and structural limitations in narrative of language-impaired preschool children.ÿThe individual profile of narrative macro- and microstructural measures is highlighted. Dynamic analysis of narrative production evidenced an impact of narrative mode, story complexity, and...

Intertextuality in the Political Discourse of the US Democratic Party in the 21st Century

Ksenia Rybachuk
The paper looks into the way intertextuality is used by contemporary politicians from the US Democratic Party. The main groups of text sources and communicative functions of intertextual inclusions are identified. This paper also presents findings related to the speakers' individual styles and the discourse...

The Problem of Self-identity in Slave Narratives Written by African American Women

Yulia Sapozhnikova
The article is dedicated to the analysis of African American slave narratives written by women and the consideration of questions of identity formation. The identity of the female personages of these texts is influenced by and formed with the help of their families and the cultural legacy of the whole...

Identification of the type of communicative utterance by intonation contour in cross-language interference

Nina Liubimova, Zinan Zhou
The article presents the analysis of the general question intonation contour in the context of the Chinese-Russian and Russian-Chinese cross-language interference.

The Book "Fun Projects": Organization of Artistic Unity by M. Zoshchenko and N. Radlov

Lyudmila Lukyanova
"Fun Projects" are regarded as creolized cycle of texts that reflects individual authors' vision of the world. In the interpretation of the work, its grotesque image, the main attention is paid to the elements of the culture of folk humor

Speech production: emocio vs racio

Larisa Piotrovskaya
The analysis of emotional and rational evaluation interaction in speech production is based on L. S. Vygotsky's psychological theory and his concept of the "dynamic semantic system". The dynamics of semantic system is analyzing at the following stages: motivation, general conceptualizing and semantic...

On relative chronology of the fall of jers, rise of new jat' (/ê/) and close-mid /ô/ in Old Russian

Mikhail Popov
The paper discusses controversial problems of relative and absolute chronology of the fall of the jers and the rise of the new jat' and close-mid /ô/ in South Old Russian dialects. Not only the principles of diachronic phonology but the Old Russian written records of the 12th c. corroborate the...

Utopia discord: the problem of boundary in Frank Wedekind's short story 'Mine-Haha, or On the Bodily Education of Young Girls'

Vladimir Poruntsov
The paper deals with the intersection of utopian and transgressive frames in Frank Wedekind's short story 'Mine-Haga, or On the Bodily Education of Young Girls'. This results in ambiguous utopia-forming process, since the author's intention faces contradiction between individual and collective modes...

Hinting as a politeness strategy in natural interaction

Ekaterina Rudneva
The article focuses on indirect speech acts/ hints when requesting in the workplace and family setting. The data is analysed within the linguistic politeness framework and interactional approach. The analysis demonstrates discursive nature of indirectness: the meaning is constructed by both (all) participants,...