Proceedings of the 45th International Philological Conference (IPC 2016)

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Proverb in mass-media discourse (based on the newspaper interview)

Olga Abakumova
The paper discusses the use of cognitive-discourse model of proverb's sense actualization offered by the author for analysis of semantics and pragmatics of proverb in newspaper interview.
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Women's Literature of Biedermeier : Annette Droste - Hulshoff and Bozena Nemcova (formulation of the problem )

Tatiana Anikina
In the literature of some countries the transition from romanticism to realism occurred in the period of Biedermeier. The term "Slavonic Biedermeier" causes a lot of discussion. Czech author Bozena Nemcova can be called a Biedermeier writer. Her works are characterized by the same features as the works...
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Conceptual-Taxonomical Analysis of Time in the English Language

Olga Bronnikova
In this paper, we state that conceptual-taxonomical analysis allows to carry out a profound time analysis. Three levels of categorization are examined: 1. Base level that is the starting point of the analysis, level of prototypes: lexical, grammatical, linguocognitive and conceptual; 2. Upper superordinate...
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Three guises of A. Thackeray, Lady Ritchie: a writer, literary critic and a prototype of two heroines of novels

Irina Burova
The purpose of the article is to give an overview of A. Thackeray's oeuvre and show her in her literary guises an essayist, author of fiction and a historian of literature. Special attention is paid to her major works,"The Story of Elizabeth," "Out of the World," "Miss Angel," and "A Book of Sybils."
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Placement testing and what results can tell us

Natalia Chekurova
Assessing students is a key part of teaching a language. Placement tests are used to help teachers set up learner groups that can work together, and to inform decisions ranging from choosing the most suitable course book to devising the teaching content to suit a particular group of students. The article...
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"The new dawn burns the eastern sky?" (Hor. Epod. 9, 17)

Sofia Egorova
The article deals with a textology question in Ninth Epode by Horace. The verses 17-18 gives as follows: adhuc/ad hunc frementesverteruntb is mille equos / Galli canentesCaesarem. The usual understanding of the noun hunc is to him, i.ÿe. to Marc Antony, mentioned in vv.ÿ11-13. Meanwhile the previous...
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Investigating the source-filter interaction of the vocal tract on different stages of speech generation

Vera Evdokimova, Pavel Skrelin, Karina Evgrafova
The paper presents an original method of synchronous recording the glottal wave and an output speech signal. The method was employed to obtain the experimental material. The recordings of 3 male and 3 female subjects were performed. The recording of each subject was 15 minutes long and included isolated...
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The features of national-oriented textbook on Russian language for Thai students (A2)

Nina Fedotova, Katika Sakornnoi
The article focuses on one of the problems of teaching Thai students the Russian language in non-language environment - the designing of national-oriented textbooks. There is a need to create learning materials for special purposes are focused on the specific conditions of Thailand, where Thais use Russian...
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Towards an Online Representation of a Commented Author's Dictionary (as exemplified in M.ÿLomonosov's Rhetoric Terms Dictionary)

Andrei Filippov, Alexei Dobrov
Creating an online representation for authors' dictionaries with a scientific commentary implies facing difficulties of a specific kind. One of such resources is ®M.ÿLomonosov's Rhetoric Dictionary¯ (work in progress at the Institute for Linguistic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences). One of the most...
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Text, speech product, phrase: on the interpretation of various linguistic terms

Konstantin Filippov
In this article a comparative analysis of different interpretations of the terms text, speech product, phrase is carried out on the material of dictionary definitions.Most notable is the difference between existing approaches to the interpretation of the term phrase.With such a divergence of views on...
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The emergent micro-macro social meaning of a sociolinguistic variable: an LVC case in Russian

Victoria Gulida
The publication deals with the issue of the emergenceÿandÿfurtherÿmodification of social meaning as it occurs in everyday social practices. To identify the levels of engagement between a salient linguistic feature and a social object, bringing about differing kinds of social meaning,ÿthe data on language...
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Soviet Precedent Phenomena - Mythologems in Contemporary Slovak Mass Media

Katarina Hrchkova
Our paper looks at Slovak modern journalistic texts containing well known Russian names of the Soviet era with a high degree of connotation and accompanying analysis focussing on a review of their function in Slovak media discourse at the beginning of the third millennium. In our paper we are using the...
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The Construction of Meaning Through Structure in the Ersya-Mokshan Epic, The Mastorava, by A. M. Sharonov

Oksana Ingle
This paper discusses how the epic genre is effective as a means for using structure to create meaning, as in the Mordovian epic Mastorava by A. M. Sharonov, where the author shows possible alternatives of government in the epic history of the Erzya and Moksha people.
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The linguistic situation in Scotland

Natalia Ivanchenko
The paper explores the linguistic situation in modern Scotland. Specifically it looks at the concepts of linguistic continuum, bilingualism and diglossia and their applications to the Scottish linguistic situation.
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Assessing Narrative Language in Preschoolers: From Group Analysis to Individual Profile

Aleksandr Kornev, Ingrida Balciuniene
The paper deals with linguistic and structural limitations in narrative of language-impaired preschool children.ÿThe individual profile of narrative macro- and microstructural measures is highlighted. Dynamic analysis of narrative production evidenced an impact of narrative mode, story complexity, and...
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Jean Paul's "Siebenkas" as an explicit and implicit intertext in Thomas Bernhard's fiction

Vera Kotelevskaya
The paper offers a comparative study ofÿTh.ÿBernhard's and Jean Paul's poetics focused on both explicit and implicit intertextual links. The authors' "Ausl"schung: Ein Zerfall" and "Siebenk"s" are analysed in view of life performed as if it is aÿwriting.
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Vampire and Victim: Two Gender-Oriented Plots in E. F. Benson's Ghost Stories

Anastasia Lipinskaya
In contrast to class is Gothic novels where a suffering female protagonist plays an important role, ghost stories continuing the Gothic tradition in late 19 and early 20 c) represent men's world: female characters are either absent or mostly ambivalent. E. F. Benson's stories reviving traditional images...
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The realistic tradition of war depicting in the Finnish prose of the 20th century

Iaroslava Novikova
The paper deals with the genesis of one of the seven traditions of the Finnish fictional war prose - the realistic one. The overview is given on the material of war novels, created during the 2nd half of the 20th century. The author emphasises the fact, that towards the end of the 1900s the main stress...
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Notice About Death as a Way to Tell About Life: Image of a "Perfect Person" in an Obituary

Kira Onipko
The article is devoted to examination of the set of characteristics, which the personages of modern Russian obituaries are prescribed to have. The research is based on the obituaries, devoted to the residents of the town of Pushkin at the Leningrad region.
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Extracting Term Candidates for Multilingual (English-French-Russian) Glossary of Terms

Svetlana Pivovarova, Victor Zakharov
Our research is aimed at developing a procedure for extracting term candidates for a multilingual glossary of terms. The procedure is based on the extract-then-align algorithm. The performance of the algorithm is evaluated on the parallel English-French-Russian corpus.
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Gavrila Derzhavin's "Reka vremen v syoyem stremlen'yi..." in the context of the topic of the poet's immortality

Marina Ponomareva
The topic of the poetry and the poet's immortality is among the most important topics of Derzhavin's oeuvre. His last poem "Reka vremen v svoyem stremlan'yi..." (1816) is usually not considered along with his works devoted to that topic. However, this poem exhibits a series of motives and images (immortality/poet's...
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Intertextuality in the Political Discourse of the US Democratic Party in the 21st Century

Ksenia Rybachuk
The paper looks into the way intertextuality is used by contemporary politicians from the US Democratic Party. The main groups of text sources and communicative functions of intertextual inclusions are identified. This paper also presents findings related to the speakers' individual styles and the discourse...
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The Problem of Self-identity in Slave Narratives Written by African American Women

Yulia Sapozhnikova
The article is dedicated to the analysis of African American slave narratives written by women and the consideration of questions of identity formation. The identity of the female personages of these texts is influenced by and formed with the help of their families and the cultural legacy of the whole...
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"The Feminine Note" in E.M. Forster

Maria Sokolovskaya
The article examines the gender aspect of female characters' drawing in "Howard's End" (1910) by E.M. Forster with an emphasis on the technique of "rhythm" used in the novel.
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Contextual subjectification of the meaning of the verb "may/mighte" in the aspect of its grammaticalization as a marker of permission and assertion (based on "The Canterbury Tales" by G.Chaucer)

Marina Tsvinaria
The article deals with the cases of contextual subjectification of the meaning of the Middle English verb "may/mighte" in "The Canterbury Tales" by G.Chaucer. The purpose of the research is to define the pragmatic factors of its grammaticalization as a marker of the speech acts of permission and assertion.
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On the Issue of the Chronology of Polish Dialects Formation in Lithuania

Viktorija Ushinskiene
The article deals with the systematization of the main approaches to the chronology of Polish dialects formation in Lithuania. It includes systemic survey of the concepts made by important researchers of the borderland Polish dialects, such as: H.Turska, Z. Kurzowa and others.
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The Use of Brain-Computer Interface Emotiv EPOC for Linguistic Studies

Liudmila Vasileva, Svetlana Tananaiko
The article deals with the possibility of using BCI Emotiv EPOC for linguistic and phonetic researches. This portable device which permits receive and interpret brain signals can be useful for linguists in studying speech perception and speech production. Along with the detailed description of the device...
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Internet Linguodidactics and Blended Translation Studies at Higher 1/2

Irina Vasilyeva
Didactics, design and implementation of the experimental project on written and oral Translation Studies (American Business English specialized translation course) with the help of Blended online technologies and resources. The project was based on online wiki site and regular...
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Stereotypes about Women in E. Gaskell's Novels of 1848-1853

Elmira Vasileva
In the article three novels by E. Gaskell, "Mary Barton" (1848), "Ruth" (1853), and "Cranford" (1853), are approached as debunkingthe Victorian stereotypes about women ("the Angel in the House", "the fallen woman". "the old maid"). In her protest against these notions, Gaskell introduced a new type of...
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Psychophysiological and Linguistic Testing for Students Enrolled in Interpreter and Translator Training Programs

Svetlana Visharenko, Irina Gordeeva
Contemporary technologies have made it possible to carry out "anticipatory" testing in order to evaluate the students' potential in their chosen field of study. Both linguistic testing and interdisciplinary approach appear useful. In addition to linguistic testing, a number of other research methods...
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Social translation in Spain and the Netherlands: didactic aspect

Olga Voiku
Studying the experience of teaching of social translators in Spain and the Netherlands will help to improve the education process of the translators in Russia in the field of Dutch-Russian and Spanish-Russian languages.
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"Caedmon's Hymn" in the Context of the Old English Christian Poetry (with special reference to the Song of the Three Youths)

Maria Yatsenko
The article provides a comparison of the best-known Old English poetic text - "Caedmon's Hymn" with the Song of the Three Youths in Old English translations (both gloss and poetic ones).
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Present Progressive and Present Simple Tense. Two ways to express the direct experience of the observer

Ekaterina Zhulina
Present Progressive and Simple Tense are examined in the holistic approach to language as a cognitive activity of a person orienting to the adaptation. Reduced Present Progressive and Present Simple express the direct experience of the observer.
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Russian stable comparisons in journalistic discourse of sports subject

Elena Zinovieva
The article analyzes some of the current trends of Russian stable comparisons use in sports discourse. The author pays attention to the replenishment of this strata of phraseology, expand the combinability of units, formation of new meanings, changing the connotations of the comparisons in the sports...
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The history of words trpěti and trpěnie: symbolic meanings

Aleksandr Alekseev
The article discusses the lexical meaning of the old Russian words associated with the conceptum of patience. Special attention is paid to symbolic structure of the concept.
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Messianic Secret: rhetorical device orÿreflection of historical reality?

Anatoly Alexeev
W. Wrede's concept of "Messianic Secret" being juxtaposed with Jesus' rejection of signs in the Gospel of John opens way for both phenomena to express jointly the ethical tension of Jesus' teaching.
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Mytheme of the Prophetic Maid in Thomas Gray's Poems

Juliette Alilova
Gray's odes of prophecy The Descent of Odin and The Fatal Sisters, which he rendered from the Norse, represent the feminine power of prophecy revealed in the Older Edda (Balder's Fate and The Song of the Valkyries). Gray follows the poetics of the Edda songs with their uncertainty, ambivalence, and vagueness...
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The Misfortunes of Virtue: Justine and Katusha (Marquis de Sade's Justine and Leo Tolstoy's Resurrection)

Veronika Altashina
The report examines Marquis de Sade's Justine as a possible prototype of Katerina Maslova, the heroine of Tolstoy's late novel 'Resurrection'. The comparison is carried out in several ways: 1) the name of the novel 2) the name and the fate of the heroine of 3) genre 4) philosophical problems 5) the beginning...
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Applying the Curry-Howard isomorphism to the description of the natural language semantics

Artem Andreev
The article deals with the possibiltiy to adapt the Curry-Howard isomorphism to describe natural language semantics. An approach to treating linguistic ambiguity is proposed based on specifying invariants for proposition classes. A variant of constructive higher-order logic powerful enough to cover descriptions...
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"Another" Literature of American Revolution: poetry of M. O. Warren and Ph. Wheatley and its Interpretation by American Feminist Critics

Elena Apenko
Essay deals with poetry of M.Otis Warren and Ph. Wheatley, authors of the epoch of American War of Independence. Analysis reveals the selfidentification discourse in which American identity manifested itself initially.
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A Woman in James Joyce's and Henry Miller's Texts: Game and Myth

Andrey Astvatsaturov
The paper offers a comparative analysis of the construction of the image of women that is carried out by two great writers of the XX century: J. Joyce in his "Ulysses" and Henry Miller in his "Parisian Trilogy". Joyce in his novel synthesizes all the existing myths and images of women. Miller following...
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Normalization of Old Russian Hagiographic Texts in SCAT

Irina Azarova, Elena Alekseeva, Konstantin Sipunin
Department of Mathematical Linguistisc of SPSU maintains the corpus of hagiographic texts (SCAT), comprising digital versions of Church Slavonic handwritten lives of saints from 16-18th centuries. The paper deals with lemmatization and spelling normalization in the index to the texts.
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Stereotypical constructions of the Middle English alliterative poetry in their functional aspect

Elena Babaina
This article provides a description of stereotypical constructions of the Middle English alliterative poetry based on a semantic analysis of narrative structures. These constructions prove to be common also to Middle English verse romances what can witness their genetic unity.
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A Translatological Approach to the Polish Texts Devoted to Russian Literature (Based on Experience of Translating T. Klimowicz's Book of Literary Essa is "A Fire in a Heart" ("Pożarserca") - in Russian Edition "The Secrets of the Grates" (®Tajny Velikih¯))

Andrey Babanov
A characteristic feature of T.ÿKlimowicz's book consisting of 16 essays about Russian writers of XIX-XX centuries is a wide usage of quotations from letters and diaries of the title persons and their relatives, friends, as well as from memories and opinions of contemporaries, followers and researches....
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Gisela Drohla as a cultural mediator. Her role in the reception of Russian literature in Germany

Natalia Bakshi
Annotation: based on the archive materials there will be the biography and the history of the main publications of translator and cultural mediator between Russia and Germany Gisela Drohla reestablished.
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A. S. Byatt - an artist and a researcher (on the 80th anniversary of her birth)

Nina Bochkareva
The article considers self-reflection of literature in A. S. Byatt's criticism. Special attention is paid to collected essays "Passion of the Mind", "Imagining Characters", "On Histories and Stories", "Portraits in Fiction". Interaction of verbal and visual images is emphasised. It is proved that Byatt...
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DO NOT OVERTAKE UNLESS YOU ARE CERTAIN: on Breaking a Mental Stereotype in Spontaneous Speech

Natalia Bogdanova-Beglarian
The report focuses on analysing some examples from Russian spontaneous speech in which the speaker is not confident of what he has just said or is about to say. There are several ways of the hesitation of this sort. They may be physical (hesitation pauses and unverbal sounds, such as e-e, m-m etc) or...
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Pskov-Belarusian idiom inÿlexicographical coverage

Natalja Bolshakova
The article substantiates the principles of creating a special dictionary reflecting lexical signs of the border of the Pskov-Belarusian linguistic space in the data context of the Belarusian dialectal lexicography.
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"Less is more, and vice versa: on one text-forming model in the medieval religious literature"

Nikolai Bondarko
The article "Less is more: on one text-forming model in the medieval religious literature" discusses various options of syntactic and semantic schemes that form a model of the inversely proportional correspondence between the characteristics and manifestations of the human soul, on the one hand, and...
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Chicken à la Fronto

Olga Budaragina
The article discusses possible eponyms of the dish pullus Frontonianus in the cookbook "De re coquinaria" (Apic. 6, 8, 12). The attribution faces a number of difficulties, such as the authorship and dating of the corpus ascribed to Apicius and the fact that cognomen Fronto did not belong to one particular...