Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Forum on Energy, Environment Science and Materials (IFEESM 2017)

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Study on Surface Morphology of Tapered Roller and Oilstone in Through-feed Super-finishing

Jinxue Xue, Lina Wang, Ying Zhang
Based on the contact geometry characteristics of tapered roller and oilstone in the super-finishing process and the relative motion relation principle, the mathematical model of single abrasive trajectory on the outer surface of the oilstone was established. The model and their parameters estimation...
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The effect of V Ni microalloying on microstructure and properties of bainite steel

Yunlei Lin, Qingyue Zhou
In order to obtain a rail steel with high strength, high toughness and good resistance against contact fatigue failure, vanadium and niobium were added into the bainite steel, and roles of V and Ni were discussed. With the addition of V and Ni, the bainite steel is obtained grain refining, high strength...
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Effects of Hybrid Structure on Properties of Glass-Carbon Hybrid Fibers Composite

Rui Yang, Ye-Yao Liu, Gong-Xi Wang, Zhuo-Qi Wu
In order to investigate the influence of two kinds of hybrid structure (sandwich and interlaminated) on the properties of glass carbon hybrid fiber materials. We did the experiment with the pure glass fiber material as contrast object. In the case of the same relative volume of carbon fiber, the experimental...
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Study on mechanical properties of apple picking damage

Yancong Li, Xiaoyong Du, Jinhai Wang, Chai Lei
In order to reduce the apple damage of extrusion and collision caused by machine during apple picking, study law of apple damage is necessary. A compressive test is carried out on precision micro controlled electronic universal testing machine, red apple of Fuji type at mature state as the test material....
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Short-term Forecasting of High-Speed Rail Passenger Flow

Pei Zhang, Xiao-Long Li, Qin-Zhao Wang
Short-term forecasting of high-speed rail (HSR) passenger flow is the key to high-speed passenger rail planning decision-making. Furthermore, accurate short-term demand estimates are sure to success of rail revenue management. Different station passenger flow is effect each other, however, previous researches...
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Influence of Nozzle Height on Water Mist Fire Extinguishing System in Railway Tunnel Rescue Station

Peng Luo, Wan Fu Liu, Wei Ping Han, Jian Jun Xia, Kai Yao
In order to study the fire extinguishing performance of fixed water-mist fire extinguishing system in railway tunnel rescue station, a water-mist fire extinguishing system is arranged in the tunnel model with length of 30 m × width 6 m × high 6 m. According to the actual railway tunnel top of the laying...
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Experimental Study on the Influence of Driving Speed of Railway Passenger Train on Fire Combustion Characteristics

Jing Xuan Wang, Wan Fu Liu, Wei Ping Han, Jian Jun Xia, Ya Liu
With the rapid development of the railway passenger train in China, the safety of train operation has become the focus of attention. The railway passenger train due to narrow and limited space, more combustibles within the compartment and the passengers are highly concentrated, in the event of a fire...
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Continuous Welded Rail in Permafrost Regions Deformation Analysis of Qinghai-Tibet railway

Hang Mu
Domestic and foreign research on the stability of seamless track plane frame have relatively mature achievement. And it can able to accurately calculate long rail temperature inside force under the condition of different parameters. But there are a few literature reported about under the condition of...
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Design of energy saving film used in residential buildings

Xiao-Hong Rong, Wen-Liang Wang
Glass materials are widely used in building, which can improve the lighting condition of the building, but often have some problems in actual use. To solve the problem of increasing heat and energy consumption, an energy saving film is gained in this paper based on optical thin film theory and optimization...
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Evaluation on Intensive Use of Rural Residential land: A Case Study of Suining County in Jiangsu Province

Xiao-Hong Rong, Wen-Liang Wang
In this paper, an evaluation index system is developed for the intensive use of rural residential land from the aspects of land use intensity, input-intensity, arrangement, as well as usage efficiency. Using the entropy method, on which the intensive use level of rural residential land in Suining County...
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Discussing on how to improve the subway rail flaw detection quality

Haiwei Xu, Jiangping Cao, Gang Li, Wei Wang
As the subway as public transportation in major cities in China play an increasingly important role, the subway operation safety more and more get people's attention.Due to the particularity of subway operation environment and status, makes the subway foundation, especially the quality of the steel rail.The...
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Study and Simulation of Electromagnetic Energy Recovery for Semi - active Suspension

Zhijun Guo, Yichao Chen
Aiming at the problem that the existing semi-active suspension system needs external power supply, the electromagnetic energy recovery device for semi-active suspension is proposed. Based on the analysis of the structure and working principle of the energy recovery device, the energy recovery model and...
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Viscoelastic Parameter Identification of Asphalt Mixture Based on 1stOpt Method

Fuyu Wang, Haibin Wei, Ziqi Li
At present, commonly used methods to identify Burgers model parameters have subjectivity shortcomings. This paper adopts 1stOpt software with unique nonlinear fitting function. The stress-strain-time equation can be obtained according to constitutive equation of Burgers model. Then four parameters of...
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Structural Matrix Analysis of Variable Curvature Curved Beam

Changjun Dong
In this paper, the finite element analysis of a special form of variable curvature curved beam element is studied and equilibrium equations of variable curvature curved beam element are established in polar coordinates. Based on the principle of energy method, the relationship between nodes displacement...
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The Optimization and Design of Magnetic Structure of MRF Damper

Zhijun Guo, Fei Wei
Based on the classical magnetic structure of the vehicle MRF damper, this paper mainly focuses on the influence of magnetic circuit structure and key parameters on response time of MRF damper, and put forward the optimization method of magnetic circuit structure, which adopted the double stage magnetic...
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Comparative Analysis and Treatment Suggestions for Weak Parts and Weak Components of Three-Dimensional Skip-Floor Staggered Shear Wall Structure

Pei Li, Jianxin Liu, Yingchun Zhang, Yingji Cai, Barfoot John
Based on the elastic-plastic static analysis results of five shear wall structure models by using the finite element software ANSYS, this paper compares the structural cracks developing conditions of the two bottom layers of structural components, analyzes the weak parts, weak components and nodes of...
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Study on the construction progress plan in Urumqi

Jiading Wang
It is hard for the starting and ending date of winter construction to be ensured. Since the periods change every year. A number of construction enterprises ignore its danger without taking winter construction measures during periods so that building project accidents often occur. So, how to confirm scientifically...
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Aggressive characteristics of lattice model

Feng Lv
In this paper, a new lattice model of traffic flow with the consideration of the aggressive-driving behavior is investigated by Xiaoqin-Li et al. The model is studied by using linear and nonlinear analysis method. A thermodynamic theory is transformed to describe the phase transition and critical phenomenon....
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Study on the transference phenomenon of the skeleton-dense structure cement stablized aggregate

Hao Zhou, Guixia Zhang, Quanman Zhao, Ziqiao Yang
Skeleton-dense cement treated stone (STCB) may occur segregation; a laboratory test was carried out to study a specific segregation which could be named migration temporarily in this paper. Two kinds of STCB were tested, two impact factors were identified, and the influence of migration on mechanical...
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The gray relation entropy research between the stability of emulsified asphalt and chemical components of asphalt

Pinhui Zhao, Dongxing Gao, Zeyu Zhang, Kechao Han, Fei Bi, Ziqiao Yang
The basic properties, composition, and structure of four base bitumens: A1, A2, A3, and A4 were analysed. The stability of emulsified asphalt was investigated by means of residue content difference tests. The relationships between the stability of emulsified asphalt and the chemical compositions of the...
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The Comparative Study on Smoke Control Effect of Longitudinal Ventilation and Ceiling Screen in Complex Tunnels

Zhi Sheng Wang, Wan Fu Liu, Zhaopeng Ni, Shi Chang Lu
With the development of China's transportation industry and the construction of traffic tunnels, tunnel disaster prevention has become an increasingly important research topic. In this paper, we compared the two kinds of smoke prevention modes in the vertical tunnel with the vertical ventilation and...
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Study for wave force on pile holder support structure with different construction states

Cheng Peng, Bin Yu, Yina Wang
In this research, a two-dimension physical model experiment was conducted, which studied the wave force characteristics on steel pipe pile under three different construction stages. The experiment results show that the single pile horizontal force maximum and sub-maximum and total horizontal force maximum...
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Seismic Hydrodynamic Pressure of Bridge Pier in Deep Water

Shiwang Zhang, Xiaxin Tao, Haiming Liu
The feasibility of a modified formula for seismic hydrodynamic pressure on pier in deep water in design of highway bridges is discussed in this paper. Several recent results of dynamic response analyses of bridge piers in deep water by various approaches are compared with the values from the formula...
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A Discussion on Formulas of Seismic Hydrodynamic Pressure

Haiming Liu, Xiaxin Tao
The origin and simplification of formulas for seismic hydrodynamic pressure in the existing guidelines for seismic design of highway bridges of China is reviewed. Five differences from Japanese specifications that is Chinese guidelines come from, are pointed out. A suggestion to modify the formulas is...
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Cause Analysis and Treatment of Cracks in Bridge Pier under High Filling Soil

Qiang Liu, Bo Yu, Xianglin Jiang
A 30 m fabricated prestressed concrete simply supported T-beam bridge uses a pile foundation as its lower structure. Owing to the filled engineering spoil at the abutment side, which is higher than the original ground line 11.87 m, 8 cracks formed in the side of 3 pier columns adjacent to abutment within...
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Opportunity Constraint Evaluation Method for Bottom Stability of Foundation Pit

Xiao-Wei Wang, Xiao-Rui Wang, Hong-Jian Jiang
The limit equilibrium theory is employed to analyze the bottom stability of foundation pit, a method that is used to calculate stability coefficient of resisting upheaval in accordance with deterministic mass property and sliding mode. The deterministic model for the analysis of bottom stability that...
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Design and implementation of digital fire control system based on BIM and 3DGIS

Tianping Bi, Peiwen Wang, Qiang Zhang
The independent smoke detector play a very important role in the prevention and control of fire. Combine BIM technology with GIS technology to improve the level of emergency services and fire control, reduce fire risk, improve the depth of 3D information technology and the ability of fire warning. Firstly,...
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Study on Adaptability of Urban Agglomeration Freight transport Supply and Demand Structure Based on Entropy Theory

Zhen-Yu Liu, Wei Gao, Yue-Yuan Gao, Jing-Jing Wang
To study the adaptability of freight transport supply and demand structure of urban agglomerations, the mechanism of demand and supply of freight transport in urban agglomeration was studied and the theory of freight transport structure of urban agglomeration was put forward and demonstrated. First,...
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Experimental study on damage identification for grid structure based on BP neural network

Zhe Xing, Chun-He Yang, Bin Yang
Aiming at the difficulties of modal concentration and high degree of freedom in the damage identification of the truss structure and the good fault tolerance and robustness of the BP network, based on the theory of the change of the modal parameters of the truss structure before and after the damage,...
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Fabrication and Characteristic of Green-Concrete by Using Recycled Steel Slag

Lianxia Ma, Zhengxun Yang, Wei Chen, Fang Chen, Xiaoling Zhong
To replace steel slag for natural sand completely, the mix proportions of steel slag in concrete was adjusted according to tab density and replacement ratio of Metakaoline/Cement were established. And then testing for slump, setting time, and compressive strength was conducted. According to test results,...
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Study on the Post Evaluation System of PPP Project

Xing Wang, Heng Jin
Due to the complexity and variability of PPP projects, the necessity of post-project evaluation is clarified.By comparing with the post-evaluation model of general construction project, the content of evaluation system after PPP is analyzed.From the evaluation of the post-process evaluation,benefit and...
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Study on the relation between ground motion parameters and simulated earthquake damage of simplified masonry structures

Dongwang Tao, Yinliang Cai
Choosing proper earthquake ground motion parameters is important to establish a relation between strong ground motion and the earthquake damage. In this paper the statistical relationship between ten ground motion parameters and simulated mean earthquake damage indices of simplified masonry structures...
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Collaborative Planning and Design of High-rise Buildings Based on BIM and GIS

Fangxin Ouyang, Xiaochu Du
There are many factors involved in the planning and design of high-rise buildings. This paper has analyzed requirements related to the planning and design of high-rise buildings and put forward the strategy of combining BIM with GIS technology in its design. Such a collaborative planning and design approach...
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Early Warning Evaluation of Ecological Security in the Three Gorges reservoir area, China

Yixiao Zeng, Dongjie Guan, Mengjie Zhang, Jian Zhou
According to the characteristics of Three Gorges reservoir ecosystem in Chongqing of China, the index for potential capacity of ecological environment is amended for early warning evaluating the ecological security in 22 counties of the Three Gorges reservoir. Capacity of ecological environment was ranked...
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Dynamic Simulation of Urban Sustainable Development Based on SD Model

Dongjie Guan, Ting Chen, Lilei Zhou, Jian Zhou
The coordinated development of Economy-Resources-Environment (ERE) is a key component of sustainable development. Based on the connotation and framework of sustainable development of urban ERE, this paper employs the theory and methodology of System Dynamics (SD) to elucidate the economic growth constrained...
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Earthquake damage estimation of gas continuous buried pipelines

Xiang-Jian Wang, En-Dong Guo, Tian-Yang Yu, Qian Li
The semi-empirical and semi-theoretical method is adopted to simulate the response of gas continuous buried pipelines subjected to seismic wave propagation. Using the peak ground velocity (PGV) as the intensity measure, the maximum axial responses (strain or stress) of pipelines are calculated. The seismic...
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Urban Energy System Analysis Based on Scenario Settings

Wenjing He, Philip Jones, Xiaojun Li, Shanshan Hou
In contemporary urban construction, the priority is to conform to the urban development needs in accordance with ecological and low-carbon requirements. At the initial stages of planning a new town, energy planning and analysis, and establishing sustainable energy development strategies are necessary...
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Resolution Improvement Processing of Post-stack Seismic Data and Example Analysis - Taking NEB Gas Field As an Example in Indonesia

Chunlei Li, Wenqi Zhang, Chaohui Xia, Ming Zhang, Wei Ding
with continuous advance in reservoir prediction technology, the requirements for inversion accuracy are higher. It requires that seismic data must have features such as high fidelity, high SNR and high resolution. How to ensure the improvement of seismic data resolution on the premise of not reducing...
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Genotoxicity effects of Phanerochaete chrysosporium against harmful algal bloom species by comet assay

Guoming Zeng, Maolan Zhang, Pu Wang
Water eutrophication have become serious ecological problems. White-rot fungi have been demonstrated to be a feasible means of control, but the genotoxicity mechanisms involved have not been reported. In this study, Cryptomonas obovata FACHB-1301 was co-cultured with Phanerochaete chrysosporium under...
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Preparation and Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2 Tablets

Hongmei Li, Wenxin Wang, Zhide Han, Dan Li
TiO2 tablets prepared by pressing mechanism and by planetary ball mill doped Fe, and they have been investigated by XRD, and SEM techniques. The results show that the pure TiO2 tablets has the high photocatalytic degradation rate of Rhodamine B at 500 C, and Fe/ TiO2 0.25 mol.% higher than pure TiO2...
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Pretreatment of Agricultural Crop Wastes for Biofuels Production

Binling Ai, Lili Zheng, Xiaoyan Zheng, Zhanwu Sheng
Crop straw is an abundant but still underutilized renewable resource. Most of agricultural crop wastes contain about 70% fermentable components. Pretreatment technology aims to expose the fermentable carbohydrates for hydrolytic enzymes and microbes in downstream biofuels production process. An ideal...
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Ultrasonic Assisted Synthesis of Cationic Polyacrylamide and Its Dewatering performance evaluation

Xiang Li, Baojun Yang, Qianying Shou, Guoming Zeng, Pei Wu
In this study, an acid and alkali resistance cationic polyacrylamide flocculants (P(AM-MAPTAC)) was synthesized through copolymerization of acrylamide (AM) and methacrylamido propyl trimethyl ammonium chloride (MAPTAC) by innovative ultrasonic initiation technology. The structure and thermal decomposition...
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Requirements Design for Unidimensional Directional Data Acquisition and Comparative Analysis System——Under Present Situation of Environmental Pollution

Qiong Wu, Chensheng Wu, Yanjun Liu
In recent years, the issue of environmental pollution has been widely concerned, and a large number of studies have confirmed that the short-term concentration change of air pollution is closely related to the number of deaths per day. As an important cause of death, the respiratory disease is attracting...
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Design and Implementation of Comparative Analysis System of Unidimensional Directional Data

Qiong Wu, Chensheng Wu, Wei Zhang
This paper will design a set of comparative analysis system of unidimensional directional data to study correlation between traffic conditions and air pollution by directionally collecting air quality index and Beijing traffic data, and establish a mathematical model to forecast the change of air quality...
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Study on the treatment of oily wastewater by natural organic polymer modified flocculan

Zhu Lin
In this paper, the preparation methods of flocculants are analyzed and summarized. Organic and inorganic polymeric flocculants. Their flocculation properties were studied, and the synthesis of green organic flocculant and its flocculation performance were carried out. Finally, this kind of research is...
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The LMDI-based Research on Chongqing's Carbon Emission of Energy Consumption

Guiyan Sun
Based on Kaya identities, the LMDI decomposition method is used in building a factor decomposition model for Chongqing's carbon emission of energy consumption to perform empirical analysis on the impact of Chongqing's population, economic development, energy consumption structure, industrial structure...
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K¬aryotype Analysis of Chinese Cherry "Bijie 7" and "Zunyi 3"

Xueou Li, Yan Wang, Lei Wang, Xiaorong Wang
In the study, floral buds of two varieties of chinese cherry "Bijie 7", "Zunyi 3" were used for chromosome staining as well as karyotype analysis. As the result shows, the chromosome number of cultivated species "Bijie 7" is 32. The karyotype formula is 2n=4x=32=32m, the ratio of chromosome length (L/S)...
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The Impacts of Power Market Reform on Power Grid Planning and Strategy Analysis

Hong Dong, Dunnan Liu, Guanxiong Ma, Guangyu Qin, Mingguang Liu
Along with the economic and social development in our country, the demand for electricity and energy by society has been constantly increasing. The new round of market-oriented electricity reform launched in 2015 clearly defined the reform path of "three liberalization, three strengthening and one independence"....
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A Study of Relationship between Water Conservancy Facilities and Grain Yield Based on VAR Model

Yuwei Chen, Xuan Duan, Chongli Huang
Water conservancy facilities play a vital role in rural economic development and social stability, which are the foundation of national food security guarantee. Practice has proved that investing in agricultural infrastructure can not only promote the growth of agricultural output but also narrow the...
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Cloning and Construction of Overexpression Vector for FaUVR8 Gene Transformation with Strawberry

Xiran Wang, Leiyu Jiang, Haoru Tang
Anthocyanin is an important production of horticulture plant secondary metabolism, which is tightly concerns with fruit quality. There are lots of factors regulate plant anthocyanin biosynthesis including UV, which is one of the most significant factors, however, the effect mechanism details of UV are...
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Analysis on the construction of water ecological civilization and its evaluation index in China

Dong Ru
Ecological Civilization reflects the harmony state between human progress and nature in human civilization, and the ecological civilization of city water is the "concentrated shining point" of ecological civilization, but also the focus and difficulty of ecological civilization construction. This paper...
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Trading Mechanism Design for Adapting to the Development of Hybrid Electric Energy

Dunnan Liu, Mingguang Liu, Wenzhuo Wu, Ningning Zhao, Jiarong Han, Guangyu Qin
Hybrid electric energy (combined cooling heating-power, CCHP) companies has both customer base and power generation resources, therefore, it can be considered as a power user and as a power generation company ,which can participate in point-to-point direct purchase of electricity transaction. Based on...
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Study on Synergy of Grassland carbon sink management in Trans-regional Grassland

Qiang Gu, Jun Ma
China has about 400 million hectares grassland, accounting for 41.7% of the land area, from the 2013 China Prairie Conference published data, the Chinese grassland CO2 absorption capacity of 21.7 billion tons, How to effectively integrate the huge grassland carbon sinks has become a problem. Through...
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Preferential Flotation of a Refractory Cu-Pb-Zn Polymetallic Ore

Shun-Ming Deng, Jian-Tao Lang
According to the mineralogy of the polymetallic ore the process of preferential flotation of copper was adopted, and the separation of lead, zinc and sulfur were carried out and implemented Four products, including copper concentrate assaying 22.67% Cu at a recovery of 91.77%, lead concentrate assaying...
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Current Situation on Flotation of Cu-Pb-Zn Sulfide Ore

Jian-Tao Lang, Si-Qing Liu, Xu Dong, Yi Pei
In the flotation of copper - lead - zinc polymetallic sulfide ores, flotation separations of those valuable minerals have been a difficult problem due to their finely-associated intergrowth and similar flotability of these sulfide minerals. This paper summarizes the research status and progress of mineral...
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Study on Screening of Vegetable Varieties with Low Accumulation of Rare Earth Cerium and its Accumulation Characteristics

Lu You, Lihang An, Wu Zhou, Minchao Liu
In this study, 17 kinds of vegetables were selected to make a contrast test ina nutrient solution cultured under the condition of 50 mg/L Ce pollution. Lactuca Sativa L., a low enrichment and normal growth, was selected by soil experiment to analyze the accumulation of Ce and its physiological and biochemical...
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Study on the plasticity and sintering properties of electrolytic manganese residue

Mou Sheng Song, Jin Yu Yang, Jie Zhang
Electrolytic manganese residue (EMR) is an acid filter residue and contains a large amount of hazardous substances. The plasticity and sintering properties of EMR heated at 920-1020 are measured. EMR primarily consists of quartz (SiO2) and chemical gypsum (CaSO4·2H2O), and has a high plasticity. The...
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Effects of Wetland Plants on Nitrification and Denitrification Intensity in Sediment

Chenfeng He, Hualin Wang, Zhengda Duan, Zhongyu Wang, Huayong Zhang
By comparing the nitrification and denitrification intensity in sediments of different aquatic plant populations in Balihe Lake wetland, the main factors influencing sediment nitrification and denitrification intensity under different water depths as well as different aquatic plant populations were discussed....
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In Situ SERS Detection of Ferbam on Spinach Surfaces

Chunrong Wang, Jinhui Zhao, Shan Wang, Guoqiang Wu, Xianzai Yan, Yanping Hong
In this study an in situ surface enhanced Raman spectroscopic (SERS) method was developed to rapidly and sensitively detect Ferbam on spinach leave surfaces directly without extracting them out. Ferbam was used to contaminate the surfaces of spinach leaves. Then branched gold nanoparticles (GNPs) colloids...
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Digital Tailings System for Non-coal Mine Solid Waste Safety Treatment

Quan-Ming Li, Hong Zhang, Zhao Yang
Tailings pond is an important basic facility in mine production. Its safety operation is not only related to the normal production and operation of enterprises, but also has important influence on the life and property safety and ecological environment of people in the downstream and surrounding areas....
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Optimal Design of Phase Change Thermal Storage Device for A DX-SAHPV System

Guo-Hua Shi, Jia Wang, Xianliang Yang, Min Tang, Shengnan Tian, Jinrui Zhang
In order to improve the utilization of solar energy and to reduce the energy consumption of an auxiliary heat source, this study investigates a phase change heat storage device for an LPG vaporization system utilizing solar assisted heat pump (DX-SAHPV). In this study, paraffin was chosen as the phase...
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Temporal Dynamics and Spatial Distribution of Water Pollution Footprint in Jiangxi Province from 2004 to 2015

Qiugen Zhang, Yuqiong Huang, Shifeng Wang, Suhua Chen
Based on the connotation of pollution footprint and the index model of water pollution which guided by ecological footprint theory, the water pollution footprint of Jiangxi province from 2004 to 2015 was calculated according to the survey of water pollutant emission statistics. Temporal dynamics and...
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Fresh Properties of mercapto Chitosan in Cherry preservation

Yu-Feng Li
To obtain a good Cherry preservative, the author prepared mercapto Chitosan and metal ion complexes with solid-liquid reaction. Besides, the Cherry preservative was prepared by modified Chitosan materials. It was obtained that the optimal concentration of chitosen acetate for fresh cherries is 10g/l...
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Analysis of Oxygen - enriched Combustion Characteristics of Corn Stalk Mixed with Coal Gangue

Chang-Zhong Song, Jiang-Hui Wen, Xin-Ying Shi, Shen Xin Liu Kun
The combustion characteristics of corn stalk and coal gangue mixture (1:4, 2:3, 3:2,4:1) were studied by thermogravimetric analysis. By the data analysis to obtain its combustion characteristics peak fire index, index volatile, flammable index, comprehensive characteristic index and other characteristic...
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Isolation, identification of an aluminum-tolerant strain and its tolerance characteristics

Yi Li, Wentao Peng, Qinfen Li, Wei Li
In recent years, aluminum enrichment in soils is exacerbated. The amount of aluminum exchange in acidic soils directly affects the level of soil acidification. Aluminum toxicity-neutralizing capabilities of the microorganisms that have survived under the aluminum toxicity selection determine the harmfulness...
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Study On The Economic and Environmental Impact Of The Polluting Industry Transfer

Ying Zhang, Jingyi Xiong, Li Zhang
At the beginning of the 21st century, the trend of provincial industrial transfer became more evident. The transfer of industry will have a degree of impact on the economy and environment of the transfer-in-land and transfer-out-land. This paper uses the data of 10 polluting industries and 30 provinces...
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The research of new shunt hybrid active power filter

Hongying Deng, Tingjian Zhong
The harmonic components is the additional waveform in the power grid, the harmonic loss can directly reflect the quality of the power grid, the harm of harmonic influences to the power grid and the safety of the equipment, in this paper it will be introduced a new type of harmonic suppression measures,...
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A review of spontaneous combustibility of oxidized coal

Kai Wang, Xiaowei Zhai, Shangrong Jiang, Hui Ge
Oxidized coal is the coal that recovered to environment temperature when the heat-storing environment is destroyed during the self-heating process, which is quite common in the process of coal mining and utilization. The spontaneous combustibility of oxidized coal differs from that of raw coal, which...
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Study on ecological design of green space based on sponge city theory

Yanyan Huang, Si Bai
With the rapid development of urbanization, the contradiction between human activities and ecological environment is becoming more and more serious, and the urban park green space is unable to meet the demands of people for the urban environment. Based on the theory of sponge city, the ecological design...
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Anti-blocked Composite Material of MgSO4×7H2O - KAl(SO4)2×12H2O for Thermal Energy Storage

M. Zheng, J. L. Shi, Z. Yang
The preparation and characterization of anti - blocked composite material consisting of MgSO4·7H2O and KAl(SO4)2·12H2O for thermal energy storage are reported in the present article. The preparation is performed by co-melting method by adding CaCO3 as the anti-blocking agent. The thermal properties of...
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Effects of surface treatment on the electrocatalytic performance of Spinel NiCo2O4 and Carbon Nanotubes composite catalysts

Yangbo Chen, Yuwei Tang, Zhoumiao Liao, Xiaoyang Chen, Juan Wang
How to develop high-efficient and low-cost electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) is urgent in fuel cell and metal-air batteries. What we are going to introduce is how to improve the performance of catalyst for ORR and OER under different acid treatment...
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Environment and Economic Analysis of Solar Plant Construction in Chile

Tianle Zhang, Xiangsai Feng, Xu Zhu
This project discussed environment and economic situation including regulation, deployment and Financing of building solar plant in Chile, which provided flexibility for further project construction.
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The Present Situation and Suggestions on the Implementation of Energy Management in Construction Contract in Guangzhou

Xiangyang Jiang, Xiangfei Ji
This paper summarizes the relevant policy documents of Guangzhou contract energy management, analyzes the status of energy-saving service companies and the implementation of contract energy projects in Guangzhou in recent years. According to the current situation of the implementation of contract energy...
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Adsorption and Separation of Chromium from Electroplating wastewater with Banana Stem Adsorbent

Shaohong Peng, Liwang Jiang
The preparation process of waste banana stem adsorbent and the conditions of removing Cr were studied. The experiment results showed that the saturated adsorption capacity of banana stem adsorbent with phosphoric acid reached 5.84mg/g, over 95% of Cr(VI) and 70% of total Cr can be removed from water...
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The Fractal Characteristics of the River Network in the Landslides Area

Zhi-Wang Wang, Hao Cao, Fang-Fang Zhou
This paper applies box-counting model to study the fractal characteristics of 17 sub-watersheds in the study area from Badong county to Zigui county in TGP reservoir region. The results indicate that the small watersheds have obvious fractal characteristics and that fractal dimension values of sub-watersheds...
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The study on the optimal amount of raw materials produced by the oxidation of Chitosan on the synergy HAc-H2O2

Yue-Ting Lang, Li-Na Zheng, Chen-Xi Li, Qiu-Shi Wang, He-Nan Chen
In this paper,industrial grade chitosan as the raw materials,HAc-H2O2 synergistic oxidative degradation method was used for degradation of raw materials,the influences in the reaction process with different chitosan dosage on the yield,the viscosity and the degree of deacetylation had been studied systematically.The...
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Effect of different solid medium on blueberry soilless culture

Xun Wang, Yanan Wang, Jun Wang
Six solid media, including rice hull, sawdust, wood chips, plastic pellet, coir and perlite, mixed with peat were used for blueberry 'Sharpblue' soilless culture. We determined the plant growth and development to estimate the optimal solid medium for blueberry soilless culture.
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Study on the electronic structures and optical properties of -FeSi2 using the pseudopotential method

Zhifang Zhang, Shuang Zhao, Xiaojie Pan, Y.Y. Zhu
Electronic structures and optical properties of bulk -FeSi2 are investigated in detail by first principles pseudo-potential methods based on the density function theory. The calculated results show that -FeSi2 is a quasidirect band gap material with gap value of 0.74eV. The density of states is mainly...
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Using different solid medium for blueberry soilless growth

Yanan Wang, Bowen Wang, Zhaofang Chen, Yuxin Wang, Xun Wang
In a pot experiment, we investigated the effect of different solid medium on blueberry 'Bluebelle' soilless culture. Solid medium included rice hull, wood chips, pine needle, plastic ball, perlite, slag, sawdust and coir. The results show that different treatments have different effect on different blueberry...
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Blueberry thinning improved fruit quality and put forward maturation

Ruohan Ou, Yanping Fan, Yanan Wang, Jing Yang, Xun Wang
Using the three-year-old 'Britewell' blueberry as experiment material, this research studied the mature period of blueberry on different fruit thinning treatments (20%, 40% and 60% thinning ratio per panicle). The fruit weight, size, firmness, soluble solids content, moisture content, anthocyanin content,...
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Effect of Astaxanthin on the Growth and Resistance of Strawberry Seedling under Cadmium Stress

Yu'Ting Jiang, Ya Luo, Fan Mo, Ya'Jie Ling, Qin Mo, Shu Luo, Hao'Ru Tang
In this experiment, we studied the effects of astaxanthin on the growth and resistance of strawberry tissue culture seedlings under the stress of heavy metal cadmium. Strawberry seedlings were planted in MS medium supplemented with different concentrations of astaxanthin and with 25 mg/L GdCl2. The results...
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Optimization of the nozzles' structure in gas well

Zuwen Wang, Shasha Wang, Yihua Dou, Zhiguo Wang
High-speed gas in wellhead throttling nozzle carry condensate water and sand, which cause serious erosion to nozzle. Erosion rate with the velocity generally show an exponential growth, the higher the gas velocity inside the nozzle, the more serious erosion. This paper mainly analyze gas fluid flow in...
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Study on the optical properties of selective emission materials by Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method

Shuang Zhao, Zhifang Zhang, Xiaojie Pan, Yanyan Zhu
The optical properties of one-dimensional photonic crystals with Er2O3/Si structure are designed and calculated by Finite-Difference Time-Domain method. The influence of different thickness and reflectivity on the radiation properties were studied. It was found that the radiation spectral intensity at...
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Effect of astaxanthin on Strawberry Seedlings under low temperature stress on active oxygen metabolism

Meng Che, Ya Luo, Cong Ge, Ya'Jie Ling, Qin Mo, Shu Luo, Hao'Ru Tang
In order to solve the problem of low temperature damage in strawberry production, 'Benihoppe' strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch) was used as a material, so the effects of astaxanthin treatment on strawberry seedlings under low temperature stress was studies. The results showed that compared with the...
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Effect of Astaxanthin on the Growth and Resistance of Strawberry Seedling under Salt Stress

Yue Zhong, Ya Luo, Cong Ge, Qin Mo, Ya'Jie Lin, Shu Luo, Hao'Ru Tang
In this experiment, we studied the effects of astaxanthin on the growth and resistance of strawberry tissue culture seedlings under salt stress. The samples were treated with astaxanthin concentrations of 0, 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 mol/L. The results show that there is a rise in content of chlorophyll, ascorbic...
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Effects of Grape Seedlings Intercropping with Hyperaccumulators on Soil Enzyme Activity under Cadmium Stress

Xinxin Li, Lijin Lin, Dan Xia, Ming'An Liao
The effects of intercropping with four hyperaccululator plants Galinsoga parviflora, Sigesbeckia orientalis, Solanum nigrum and Crassocephalum crepidioide on soil enzyme activity and soil organic matter of grape seedlings under cadmium (Cd) stress were studied by a pot experiment. The results showed...
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Effects of Grape Seedlings Intercropping with Bidens Species on Soil Organic Matter and Soil Enzyme Activity under Cadmium Stress

Dan Xia, Lijin Lin, Xinxin Li, Ming'An Liao
The effects of intercropping with four Bidens species (Bidens bipinnata, Bidens pilosa, Bidens parviflora and Bidens biternata) with grape seedlings on soil organic matter and soil enzyme activity under cadmium (Cd) stress were examined in order to provide the reference for grape production in cadmium...
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Effects of Intercropping with Bidens Species on Photosynthesis of Grape Seedlings under Cadmium Stress

Lisha Zhong, Lijin Lin, Dan Xia, Ming'An Liao
A pot experiment was conducted to study the effects of intercropping with four Bidens species (Bidens bipinnata, Bidens pilosa, Bidens parviflora and Bidens biternata) on photosynthesis and soluble sugar content of grape seedlings under cadmium (Cd) stress. The result showed that net photosynthetic rate...
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Effects of Intercropping with Hyperaccumulator Plants on Photosynthesis of Grape Seedlings under Cadmium Stress

Jiajing Huang, Lijin Lin, Keqiang Li, Ming'An Liao
The effects of intercropping with four hyperaccululator plant species (Galinsoga parviflora, Sigesbeckia orientalis, Solanum nigrum and Crassocephalum crepidioide) on photosynthesis and soluble sugar content of grape seedlings under cadmium (Cd) stress were studied by a pot experiment. The results showed...
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Model Establishment and Loss Analysis of Transmission Line

Hongzheng Liu, Haiyan Yuan, Linyan Wu, Shougang Sui, Tao Wang, Zhen Shi
The paper discusses the influence of different transmission line models on lightning protection performance of transmission line under different circumstances by studying the mathematical model and calculation method of transmission lines. And the paper uses EMTP method to compare the actual calculation...
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Design of High Precision Digital AC Constant Current Source

Hongzheng Liu, Haiyan Yuan, Zhen Shi, Shougang Sui, Kuan Wang
This paper introduces the design idea and realization method of AC constant current source, which is composed of direct digital synthesizer and digital potentiometer. The design has advantages of simple structure, strong practicability, high stability and high precision, and equipped with a standard...
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Application of SPWM Technology in Ground Resistance Tester

Hongzheng Liu, Haiyan Yuan, Zhen Shi, Shougang Sui, Xianzhe Hu
In order to meet the requirement of sine excitation signal for the test system of the free-wire ground resistance, based on the discussion of SPWM(Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) technology, this paper summarizes the advantages of using SPWM to realize the transmission of energy signals, and the feasibility...
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The optimal reaction time of HAc-H2O2 in synergistic oxidative degradation Chitosan

Chen-Xi Li, Li-Na Zheng, Yue-Ting Lang, Qiu-Shi Wang, He-Nan Chen
In this paper, taking industrial grade chitosan as raw materials, CO oxidation degradation method for degradation of raw materials by using HAc-H2O2, carried out in cooperation with oxidation degradation of raw material system of the reaction process is studied in different degree, viscosity, and reaction...
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Effects of fruit thinning on blueberry fruit maturation and quality

Xiancong Zhang, Yanan Wang, Jun Wang, Xun Wang
Rabbiteye blueberry cv. 'Baldwin' has been thinned in varying degrees (20%-40% per ear) in fruit development period. We determined fruit maturation and qualities to evaluate thinning. Fruit qualities included vertical and horizontal diameter, single fruit weight, firmness, water content, soluble solids...
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"Thermal-Micromechanics" coupling approach to model the corrosion and crack of concrete anchor

Zhixiong Chen, Xiaodong Pan, Chengqian Lin, Hao Huang, Liang Lu
A "Thermal-Micromechanics" coupling approach for corrosion and crack of anchor in the corrosive environment is researched in this study. The thermal module of software PFC2D is applied to simulate diffusion of corrosive media in the concrete while the mechanics module of PFC2D is applied to model stress...
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Effect of concretion wastes recycled aggregate on concrete performance

Ling Liu, Jiguang Chen
In order to study the difference of recycled aggregate concrete and ordinary concrete in basic mechanical properties. The artificial broken way is applied to abandoned concrete, recycled aggregate and cement slurry soaking are mixed, according to ordinary concrete mix design method of configuration of...
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Study on seismic performance of coupling beams between cast-in-situ and prefabricated frame shear wall

Jiguang Chen, Ling Liu, Jianqi Zou
Coupling beam is the first line of seismic defense. In order to study on seismic performance of coupling beams between cast-in-situ and prefabricated frame shear wall based on finite element ABAQUS software analysis. The load-bearing process of 1 prefabricated coupling beam and 1 cast-in-situ coupling...
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Improvement of Chromatographic Detection Unit

Gang-Qiang Xia, Gao-Ming Wang
The separation and detection modules of the chromatographic system for the transformer gas-in-oil on-line monitoring is improved. The former single-column separation detection module is improved to double-column separation detection module, and compared with single-column detection module. The results...
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Research on the development strategy of reverse logistics of abandoned medicine in China

Hui-Dan Lin, Geng-Jun Gao
This paper mainly introduces the types and features of abandoned medicine reverse logistics in China, as well as the causes of abandoned medicine reverse logistics. The paper also analyzed the problems existing in the abandoned medicine reverse logistics development in our country and analyzed to find...
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Workability and mechanical properties of concrete with volcanic powder

Huaizhuo Zhang, Wenhong Tao, Xinghua Fu, Mingle Liu, Shuangshuang Hou
In order to keep the balance between construction industry development and environment protection, achieve the sustainable development between economy and the environment. As a part of sustainable development policy, this study aims to replace fly ash with volcanic powder for making concrete. By making...