Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Forum on Energy, Environment Science and Materials (IFEESM 2017)

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Tourism and Ecological Protection in the Philippines

Lili Xu, Peng Xu
The Philippines has a diversely beautiful topography which is an awe-inspiring combination of mainland and thousands of smaller islands. But as to the development of tourism, there is still a large gap between the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries with highly developed tourism. However,...
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Study On The Influence Of FC Evaporator Structure On The Internal Flow Field

Chong Zhao, Ruozheng Li, Peilin Zhang, Jilin Teng, Ying Tian, Wenming Ma
Take the structure of the FC evaporator for desulfurization wastewater from power plant as the research object establish model of the finite element analysis and the internal flow simulation is carried out. Compare the characteristics of the flow field in the evaporator with the different structure parameters,...
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Analysis on Screening Methods Of Key Sectors Of Industrial CO2 Emission

Guang Ming Rao, Xing Hu, Huan Yuan, Yong Wang
For reduction of industrial CO2 emission, sector CO2 emission reduction quotas should be fairly assigned based on their original CO2 emission level at sectors of industrial CO2 emission in the industrial chain, which bigger CO2 emitting sectors will be allocated more. But what are the bigger CO2 emitting...
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The Study on PM Emission Characteristics of Light-duty Diesel Vehicle Equipped with DOC+POC

Ji-Guang Wang, Xi-Yu Fang, Shi-Min Zhang, Shu Shen
Using Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS in short), the PM and gaseous pollutants emission in China light-duty diesel vehicle before and after installing DOC+POC under cold and hot start conditions are studied respectively. Meanwhile, the POC filtration efficiency and size distribution of both...
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Impact of Measurement Delay on State Estimation and Treatment Method

Jun Liu, Jiaqing Zhao, Shuhai Feng, Weijin Zhuang
Measurement delay for state estimation outliers adverse consequences, affecting the right conclusion. In this paper, the possible measurement delay is given through the analysis of SCADA data acquisition and transmission process. Based on the verification platform of dispatching automation system, the...
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Supply And Demand Structure Non-equilibrium Model of City Agglomeration Transportation System

Lei Wei, Wei Gao, Cheng-Bing Li
In view of the disequilibrium problem of city agglomeration transport supply and demand, structure non-equilibrium model of transport supply and demand was put forward considering the mutual feed mechanism of transport supply and demand structure. Firstly, based on a clear definition of scope to city...
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Sources of emission and their impacts on PM2.5 in Nanjing and Shanghai

Song Gao, Long Zhuang, Yanan Hu, Xiaoyan Ma, Tong Sha, Qikun Guan, Ruolin Li, Zeyu Fu
Emission is a key factor to govern the mass concentrations of air pollutants including PM2.5, but currently remains large uncertainties. In this study, we firstly analyzed a commonly used emission invertory-MECI10, to understand the situations of emissions from the different major sources such as industry,...
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Modelling of sludge discharge based on PSO-RVM

Long Luo
The sludge discharge model in wastewater biochemical treatment is highly nonlinear,Accurate prediction of sludge discharge will provide basic data for the precise control of subsequent sludge dewatering process In the research based on this method, due to the relevance vector machine(RVM) has high sparseness...
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Data Sharing Research of Intra-Day Security Check in Multi-Dispatching Center

Yan Li, Qia Ding, Rui Ge
Accurate power network data is the basis of grid security check. The plan data adjustment in different dispatching center influences each other. Regional balance was used in security check, based on fixed tie-line schedule, however, the influence of different dispatching center is ignored and power flow...
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Simulation of Airflow Organization in Medical Cabin Based on Simplification Model of Orifice Plate Supply

Shaoliang Zhang, Liying Sun, Shusheng Li
To improve the air environment of the ship's medical cabin, A series of experiments and numerical stimulations were carried for the research on the medical cabin's indoor air quality. By changing the opening rate, the different schemes of the full orifice air supply and the partial orifice air supply...
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Complex structure change of Pb-site doping PbMTiNb2O8 (M=Ba, Ca, Zn, Co, Ni) piezoelectric ceramics for energy harvester

Ou Lei, Qingwei Liao, Chao Yan, Di Zhang
PbTiNb2O8 is a new piezoelectric ceramic that satisfy applications of energy harvesters. Complex structure change and dipole relaxation of Pb-site doping PbTiNb2O8 piezoelectric ceramics were investigated. The synchrotron radiation study results show that with 5mol% divalent cation substitution to Pb-site...
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Status Quo Analysis of the Energy Management System Development in Shandong Province

Jingmin Wang, Xiaoting Li, Xiaoming Dou, Changlan Liu
Energy management system (EnMS) is the key means of enterprise energy management. As one of the leading provinces in promoting the application and development of EnMS in China, Shandong Province released the first provincial EnMS Standard (DB37/T 1013-2008) in 2008 and had have 1045 enterprises operated...
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The synthesis of copper complex with 1D chain

Liyan You, Hui Jiang, Chaohong Ma
The complex {[Cu(C9H8O4)(DMSO)2(H2O)2]·(DMSO)2}n (C9H8O4=2-Methyl-1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid, DMSO = dimethyl sulfoxide)was synthesized by reaction of Cu(NO3)2·3H2O. The crystal structure of the copper(II) complex has been determined and studied by X-ray diffraction. The complex is monoclinic, space...
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Study on the Hg content of coal in Dawan coal mine

Yonghua Ji, Bingke Qin, Kaiyi Shi, Zhiling Bai
The phase composition of raw coal in Liupanshui Dawan coal mine was analyzed by XRD, and the Hg content of raw coal was measured by atomic fluorescence spectrometer. The results showed that the Hg content in the coal increased with the ash increasing, which indicated that Hg had a certain inorganic affinity....
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Research and Development of Rotary Booster

Song Ding, Jing Xu, Juan Dong, Hongyan Zhou, Fengtao Zhang
In order to realize the utilization of kinetic energy of micro natural energy, a kind of rotary booster is proposed. Through adjusting the length ratio at both ends of the lever, the force value is magnified by times and the rectilinear direction of force is transformed to the rotary direction with lever-type...
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Sustainability assessment of water resource in Guangxi Xijiang river basin based on composite index method

Yan Yan, Chunmei Feng, Baoqing Hu
Taken one of the rising national strategies of Xijiang river basin as the study area, we first established the sustainable utilization index system of water resources assessment. Then, the analytic hierarchy process was applied to calculate the index weights. And the composite index method was applied...
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Study on mechanical properties of cement mortar with different amount of coal gangue and activator Na2SO4

Bingke Qin, Yonghua Ji, Zhiling Bai, Qingkao Zhao
The phase and composition of Liupanshui coal gangue were determined by XRD and XRF analysis. The coal gangue is calcined at 600°C for 2h, grind 200 mesh, and the optimum amount of coal gangue is determined by testing cement mortar with different proportions and testing its compressive and flexural mechanical...
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Vibration analysis for underwater explosion in a small pond with diameter of 5.5 meters

Quan Wang, Zhimin Li, Youfu Tang
With the development of marine resources and the demand of marine military protection, underwater explosion technology is getting more and more attention. The underwater explosion experiments with single charge & double charges were carried out in a small cylinder explosion pond with diameter of 5.5...
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Structure design of a new type of small vertical axis wind turbine

Lin Chen, Qiuyun Mo, Jiabei Yin, Jiazhe Wen
The traditional vertical axis wind turbine will produce a part of mechanical loss because of the transmission system between the wind wheel and generator, resulting the reduction of the wind energy utilization rate of the wind turbine. This paper proposes a new design method for off-grid small vertical...
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The influence of Rosemary plants (Rosmarinus officinalis) volatiles on Aphid (Myzus Persicae)

Tingting Cai, Liang Wang, Kun Zhang, Zhonglong Lin, Rong Wang
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can have an important influence on plant-insect interactions. In particular, insect behaviors are often influenced by the volatiles of both host plants and non-host plants. The objective of this study was to assess the behavioral responses of the aphid, Myzus persicae...
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Study on the characteristics of the Ship's Routing in China coast

Jingqun Huo, Chunhui Zhou, Xuancheng Zhang, Caiyun Xu, Xin Liu, Chaofan Liu
The Ship's Routing has been widely used in many coastal waters of China. It plays an important role in regulating the traffic flow of ships, guaranteeing the safety of ships and improving the traffic efficiency. According to the standard of international Ship's Routing, combined with the examples of...
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Meteorological Forecasting and Alarming System Against Geological Disasters in Longsheng County,Guangxi Province

Zhixiong Wen, Rongling Li, Junkang Lan
The correlation between the number of landslides and collapses and the rainfall in Longsheng county was analyzed. It was found that there were 2 inflection points in the correlation graph between the quantity of geological disasters and the rainfall. The rainfalls corresponding to the inflection points...
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In-situ Polymerization of Carboxyl-functionalized Graphene Oxide and Polyaniline Composites for Supercapacitor

Zhao Xia Hou, Si Ming Li, Lin Li, Hai Bo Long, Mei Han Wang
Carboxyl-functionallized graphene oxide and polyaniline composites (FGO/PANI) were fabricated by in-situ polymerization method. The microstructure, morphology and electrochemical performance were characterized. Graphene oxide/polyaniline composites (GO/PANI) are short rod-like and agglomerate severely....
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Evaluation of Marine Emergency Rescue Ability Based on Fuzzy Network Analysis

Xuancheng Zhang, Chunhui Zhou, Jingqun Huo, Shirui Ren, Jirong Jiang, Zhiqi Li, Yinben Zhang
The evaluation of the rescue capability of the maritime department plays an important role in improving the emergency rescue capability of maritime emergencies and optimizing the emergency management of emergencies, which can reduce the occurrence of similar emergencies at sea. But the emergency rescue...
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Process Optimization of Preparation for Si-Al alloy by Carbon Reduction Coal Fly Ash

Zhiling Bai, Bingke Qin, Minglei Lian, Yingju Miao
The influence of different carbon content and temperature on the carbothermal reduction coal fly ash and the optimum conditions of carbothermal reduction coal fly ash were investigated. The effect of temperature on the equilibrium components of coal fly ash during carbon reduction process was simulated...
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Reusing salt of reactive dyeing wastewater for reactive dyeing

Bo Yu, Long Wan, Guangfeng Wan, Xifeng Gao, Zaisheng Cai
In order to reduce salt pollution and reuse reactive dyeing wastewater efficiently, the residual dye was removed by calcium hydroxide, and the residual liquid was purified to remove the excess calcium hydroxide. The liquid was reused for reactive dyeing after the pH value was adjusted and the salinity...
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Research on Removal of Manganese in Drinking Water by Ferric Oxyhydroxides Composites

Haishan Dong, Long Yang, Xianggui Zeng, Peng Yan, Zhicong Yin
By immobilized ferric oxyhydroxide on absorbent can improve its dispersion property in aqueous solution, then improve its application in water treatment. Ferric oxyhydroxides composites had been used as the absorbent on contaminants removing nowadays. This paper use this composites to absorb manganese...
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Determination of wastewater color by integral spectrophotometry based on complementary color

Jinlei Bao, Tao Li, Baozeng Ren
The standard method to determine industrial effluents color is multiple dilution method which has defects of reproducibility, obscure endpoint of dilution, and subjective influence. For this, based on the theory of complementary color, an integral spectrophotometry method was proposed to determine the...
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Applications of Grey Relational Analysis to Enterprise Performance Evaluation of Express Listed Companies in China

Baojia Xue, Mingfei Liu, Qian Sun
Performance evaluation of listed companies can not only display current operating conditions of enterprises, but also reflect future direction of optimization of listed companies. To find a simple, reasonable and effective express listed enterprise performance evaluation method is particularly important....
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Physiological Effects of Exogenous Melatonin on Leaves of Kiwifruit Seedlings under Drought Stress

Hui Xia, Xiaojing Huang, Jin Wang, Xiulan Lv, Dong Liang
Melatonin is a small molecular substance widely found in higher plants and can improve plant resistance to stress ability. To investigate the effects of melatonin on the response mechanism and drought resistance kiwifruit seedlings, one-year-old seedlings of kiwifruit and root irrigation method were...
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Effects of Exogenous Melatonin on Antioxidant Activity of Kiwifruit Leaves in Response to Drought Stress

Xuewen Zhao, Hui Xia, Jin Wang, Xiulan Lv, Dong Liang
In this study, the seedlings of kiwifruit were used as the research materials to investigate the effects of exogenous melatonin (MEL) on antioxidant activity in kiwifruit leaves in response to drought stress. The results showed that exogenous melatonin effectively decreased the MDA content of leaves...
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Study on coal blending scheme of formed coke made from coke powder blending with coal

Yonghua Ji, Bingke Qin
Wangjiazhai coking coal, Dahebian gas coal, Pan county lean coal as blending coals in this study, we mixed coke powder and asphalt into the coal samples to prepare formed coke, Therefore, the high strength, low ash, low sulfur and wear-resisting coke was obtained, and the best coal blending scheme was...
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Neural prediction model for microwave calcination-sulphuric acid leaching of germanium from zinc oxide dust

Wankun Wang, Fuchun Wang, Fanghai Lu
Based on the study of artificial neural network, the neural model was established for the prediction of germanium extraction from zinc oxide dust by microwave calcination-sulphuric acid leaching. Microwave heating temperature, liquid-solid ratio, leaching time, initial concentration of sulphuric acid...
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Effects of Intercropping with Floricultural Accumulator Plants on Nutrient Uptake of Grape Seedlings under Cadmium Stress

Kewen Huang, Lijin Lin, Keqiang Li, Ming'An Liao
A pot experiment was carried out to study the effects of intercropping with four floricultural accumulator plants (Helianthus annuus, Cosmos sulphureus, Cosmos bipinnata, Impatiens balsamina) on nutrient uptake of grape seedlings under cadmium (Cd) stress. The results showed that intercropping with C....
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Effects of Intercropping with Floricultural Accumulator Plants on Photosynthesis of Grape Seedlings under Cadmium Stress

Kewen Huang, Lijin Lin, Keqiang Li, Ming'An Liao
The effects of intercropping with four floricultural accumulator plants (Helianthus annuus, Cosmos sulphureus, Cosmos bipinnata, Impatiens balsamina) on photosynthesis of grape seedlings under cadmium (Cd) stress were studied by the pot experiment, and the photosynthetic pigment contents, photosynthetic...
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Effects of Cutting after Continuous Grafting on Photosynthetic Physiology of Lycopersicon esculentum seedlings under Cadmium Stress

Hongyan Li, Xun Wang, Lisha Zhong, Lijin Lin
The effects of cutting after continuous grafted on the photosynthesis physiology of Lycopersicon esculentum seedlings under cadmium (Cd) stress were studied by the pot experiment, and the photosynthetic pigment contents, photosynthetic characteristics and soluble sugar content of L. esculentum seedlings...
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Effects of Different Concentrations of Selenium on Nutrient Uptake of Wild Vegetable Nasturtium officinale

Hongyan Li, Xun Wang, Dan Xia, Lijin Lin
A pot experiment was carried out to study the effects of different concentrations of selenium on nutrient uptake of wild vegetable Nasturtium officinale. The total nitrogen (N), total phosphorus (P) and total potassium (K) contents in stems, leaves and shoots of N. officinale were determined. With the...
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Research & Development on the WPVC Electric Power Generation for Household Miniature Modular Facility

Zhongnian Li, Qing Wang, Tianying Li
This WPVC (Wind PhotoVoltaic Complementary) electric power generation for household miniature modular facility, will essentially the WPVC miniature electric power generation facility /energy storage facility /converter facility/ control facility etc and load facility , that combination formation a number...
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Simulation Study on Security Traffic Flow Based on Cellular Automata

Lili Liang, Dongmei Xie, Guowangchen Liu, Hong Fang
Airport security generally have 3 (the paper is divided into A, B, C) security entrance. Since the function of each channel varies from person to person, the time each person spent is not the same. Using traditional data analysis will be a huge project, however, using the cellular automata model is possible...
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Design of NFC Mobile Payment System Based On Fingerprint Identification

Xueyi Zhang, Shuangle Zhao
In order to avoid unauthorized payment of various stolen NFC terminal and to ensure convenient payment process, NFC Secure Payment System Based On Fingerprint Identification is designed, the fingerprint image collection module and the NFC reader are connected on the system server the system software...
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EB-RRT* based Navigation Algorithm for UAV

Hongliang Dai, Qinglin Liu
With the wider application of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), automatic navigation capacity plays an important role. Navigation for UAV is the algorithm that automatically find out the obstacle-free, smoothing path from start position to target position. Current most navigation algorithms for UAV still...
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Random Simulation Study on Flood Process of Flood Control Engineering System in Nanning

Rong-Yong Ma, Yi Du, Jia Lin
In order to better carry out the research on the flood control capacity of the flood control engineering system in Nanning, using the SAR(1) model to simulate various 50 thousands of flood process of Baise reservoir inflow and Baise-Nanning interval, and analyze the independence and applicability of...
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Elasto-plastic Finite Element Analysis of an Earth-Rockfill Dam Based on Generalized plasticity model

Congcong Jin, Shichun Chi
The Pastor-Zienkiewicz-Chan model based on the generalized plasticity theory can simulate the main materials of the earth-rockfill quite well. The three-dimensional modeling of a typical earth-rockfill dam was modeled by HYPERMESH and was implemented into the three-dimensional elasto-plastic program...
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Constructing Topological Spaces in Rough Set by Using Boundary Operation

Mantian Zhong
In order to explore use the boundary operations to establish topological spaces of rough set, in this thesis the logical reasoning method is used to experimental study on the relationship between the rough set and the topological space, according to the experimental results can reach conclusion that...
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Decolorization and Degradation of Direct Blue 6 from textile wastewaters by Pseudomonas aeruginosa HS-DY012

Jing Wu, Cong Wu, Nanmei Pei, Huan Xu, Yue Yu, Biling Xu, Yongliang Zheng
Wastewater discharged from printing and dyeing plants on both sides of the Yangtze River seriously threatens the ecological and water security. Direct Blue 6 is a synthetic chemical dye and widely used in textile and dyeing industry. In this study, Pseudomonas aeruginosa HS-DY012 was used as a original...
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Effect of pig manure amendments on nutrient accumulation and leaching in three subtropical agricultural soils

Di Zhang
Environmental pollution due to livestock breeding with organic manure input instead of chemical fertilizers (partially or completely) has become a major concern. This study conducted six combinations of pig manure treatments (25, 50, 100, 200, 400 and 800 kg P hm-2) with half of conventional chemical...
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Effective Flange Width of Steel Box Girder Bridge According to British Specifications and Japanese Specifications

Huili Wang, Qi Wang, Sifeng Qin
The British specifications and Japanese specifications are often referred to calculate effective flange width in order to analyze shear lag effect of steel box girder. However, there are some differences between the two specifications. According to the two specifications ,the effective widthes of a simple...
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Analysis of mooring performance parameters of TLP based on AQWA

Aifeng Zhang, Meng Wang, Miaomiao Yao, Shaokang Liu, Jie Wang
Based on the theory of three-dimensional potential flow and considering the combined wind-wave, the motion response and tendon tension response of Tension leg platform with different pretension and number of tendons are studied by AQWA software. The results from analysis can provide some reference value...
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Analysis on Stability of Three-dimensional High Cutting Slope based on Finite Element Strength Reduction Method

Liming Wu, Zijian Wang, Rong Gao, Sichang Wang, Jinpeng Hu
Stability of high cutting slope concerns safety pass of road at the bottom of slope and has relationship with security and stability of buildings on the top of slope. On the basis of ANSYS finite element strength reduction method, this paper does elastoplastic nonlinear and large deformation geometric...
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Concrete filled tubular arch modified-VFT bridge and its LLSI analysis

Zhihua Xiong, Jun Li, Sishun Wang, Yuqing Liu, Haohui Xin
Concrete filled tubular arch bridge was widely used in China. The large dead weight and non-integrity of prestressed concrete deck above the arch went against the durability and bridge seismic design. Modified verbundfertigteil (VFT) was proposed as deck in the arch bridge. Modified VFT girder was convenient...
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Numerical simulation of the cylindrical turbulent flow based on the pre-mixed abrasive jet mixing chamber

Dongsu Zhang, Yangkai Zhang
In this paper, the mixed abrasive jet mixing chamber was used as the research object, and the mixing efficiency was improved by introducing the flow around the cylinder in the mixing chamber to enhance the chaos of the flow and promote the turbulence fusion. The three parameters of cylindrical azimuth,...
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Numerical Simulation of Concrete Degradation due to Chloride-Induced Reinforcement Corrosion

Olawale Olatunde Ayinde, Xiao-Bao Zuo, Guang-Ji Yin
Concrete structures built in marine environment are susceptible to attack by chemicals such as chloride which diffuses into concrete structures and attack the reinforcements embedded in reinforced structures and break down the reinforcement protective layer. This paper presents the use of Abaqus Finite...
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Digital Morphogenesis: A Synthetic Approach to Generate Architectural Elaborate Components

Jiarui Liu, Zhiyu Guan, Xin Chen, Chunyi Xu
The convoluted nature of contemporary architectural design stands as an innovation trend. However, this tendency could hardly be supported by traditional computational assist design technique. The purpose of this research is to present digital morphogenesis technologies increase the accessible of generation...
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Enhanced Degradation of di-n-octyl phthalate (DOP) by Phenylobacterium ESF-17 isolated from waste water treatment plant

Wei Chen, Ke Zhang, Jia Chen
In order to enhance the degradation of Di-n-octyl phthalate (DOP). One bacterial strain was isolated from activated sludge of waste water treatment plant(WWTP) using Di-n-octyl phthalate (DOP) as the sole source of carbon and energy. According to the phylogeny of 16S rDNA sequence, the bacterial strain...
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Effect Analysis of Mega-sub Structure with Isolation Bearing

H. Wu, Y.Z. Li, Z.H. Li
Mega-sub structure is a new type of structure system of shock absorption. In order to give full play to its shock isolation performance, in this paper we utilize the finite element method software ANSYS to establish isolation bearing units evenly arranged in the bottom of the substructure column, which...
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ERDF Subsidies in Industrial Heritage Renewal and Urban Regeneration

Yuchen Guo, Lu Wan
In this paper the history development of Ludwigshafen was introduced and financial support plan by EU was reviewed. EU funding in Ludwigshafen is divided into two stages. The first stage is 2001 - In 2006, focusing on proposed policies. The second stage is 2007-2013. It will be the basis of the first...
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Case Study on the Rainwater Utilization Potentiality in Urban Area

Shaoying Chen, Shipei Gao, Zhenrong Zhu, Yihui Pan, Feng Chen, Jianteng Bao
Based on the newly developed concept of the rainwater utilization potentiality in urban area (RUPUA), RUPUA at the research site including the Beijing Olympic Park is estimated as 2,230,000 m3. Three measures were taken for increasing the rainwater utilization: sunken lawns, permeable bricks and water...
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Research on the Application and the Development of the Glass Concrete in Civil Engineering

Shilong Jia, Kaihui Chen, Zhongliang Chen
The glass concrete saves a lot of sandstone resources and it solves the problem of waste glass reuse at the mean while. There are many researches on the application of glass concrete in civil engineering field at home and abroad. The theoretical achievements are remarkable, but the practical application...
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Research on China's carbon emission trading market

Yingkai Yin, Lei Zhou, Yanzhou Chen
Since EU ETS established in 2005, the international carbon emission trading markets have been running for 12 years, while China's Pilot ETS just for three years. However, owing to the high level carbon emissions, China's carbon emission trading market has a huge development space. The first part compared...
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Experimental research on compressive properties of concrete with different plastics content

Wei-Hong Xuan, Yun-Hao Wu, Yu-Zhi Chen
Compression tests of five groups of concrete specimens with different plastic particles (0%, 5%, 10%, 30% and 45% aggregate volume ratio) are carried out. The results show that, the incorporation of plastic particles has significant influence on the mechanical properties of concrete. With the increase...
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Numerical analysis of progressive collapse performance of reinforced concrete frame under blast loading

Zhi-Bo Su, Qi-Gao Hu, Fan-Zhen Zhang, Jie Bu, Mi-Jian He
Under blast load, the progressive collapse performance of reinforced concrete structures is very complex. This article gives a more applicative and efficient RC frame structure model by ANSYS/LS-DYNA, and studies the effects of concrete strength and longitudinal reinforcement ratio to progressive collapse...
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Research on Fault Diagnosis Method of Diesel Engine Thermal Power Conversion Process

Kun Yang, Huanyu Fan
In order to solve the problem that the fault samples are too few in the fault diagnosis of a certain type of diesel engine, a diagnostic method based on the simulation of fault symptoms was proposed. First of all, used AVL BOOST software to simulate the working process of diesel engine, extracted the...
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Analysis of water quality using multivariate statistical methods in Duliujian River, China

Xuewei Sun, Xiaoqian Liang, Tousheng Huang, Huayong Zhang, Hai Huang
Water quality assessments are essential for providing information to water resource management processes. The objective of this study was to investigate the internal correlation among water parameters, to analyze main water contamination and to identify the most polluted section along a seagoing river....
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Study on the Pavement Brick of Alkali Cementitious Material

Xiao Li Zhu
With the gradual depletion of natural resources, sustainable energy shortage and environmental pollution worsening. The green new building materials have gradually tended to be less or less natural resources and develop in the direction of energy conservation and pollution in the production process[1]....
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Analysis of the Influence of Environmental Factors on Phytoplankton Using Structure Equation Model

Ran Liu, Wang Tian, Huayong Zhang
Human-driven eutrophication has caused great changes of phytoplankton community in many China lakes. As a result, the functioning of these lake ecosystems is threatened. In this research, field investigations and sampling were carried out in June 2011 and 2012 in Lake Qixinghu, a coal mining subsidence...
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Studies on Decolorization of Brilliant Green, Kinetics and Intermediates by Electrochemical Oxidation

Li Wang, Junbo Wang, Long Chen, Yujie Niu
In this paper brilliant green (BG) was decolorized by electrochemical oxidation. Kinetics and Intermediates were also studied. The results showed that the decolorization of BG by electrochemical oxidation was fitted to pseudo first-order reactions. Activation energy was 34.9 kJ/mol. HPLC –MS results...
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The technology research of EPC production system

Tao-Ping Yan
EPC process, based on the casting structure, technical requirements, production volume, production conditions determines the casting solution, process planning. In this paper, the author from three aspects , the analysis of die casting process design principles, design principles and infiltration technology,...
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A Novel Wastewater Treatment of Safranine T by Electrochemical Polymerization Method

Junbo Wang, Li Wang, Long Chen, Yujie Niu, Li Xie, Bing Xu
In this paper, the target pollutant, safranine T (ST) was rapidly degenerated by electrochemical polymerization method. Kinetic degradation behaviors and intermediates were also explored by various characteristic techniques. The results showed that the decolorization of ST by electrochemical oxidation...
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Study on the Early Warning of PPP Project Risk based on Rough Set and BP Neural Network

Daoping Wang, Zhe Wang, Xiaojuan Sheng
The risk of PPP project is one of the issues the most importantly focused by all participants in the project management; the establishment of a scientific risk early warning system is an effective way to control the risk of PPP projects. Based on the design of the PPP project risk early warning index...
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Electrical design of a 100MW plant in the North of Chile

Tianle Zhang, Xiangsai Feng, Xu Zhu
This project considered the preliminary design of a 100MW photovoltaic power station on the Atacama Desert in the North of Chile, which provided flexibility for further project construction.
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An Empirical Study on Migrant Worker's Housing Security Willingness Based on the Logistic Regression Model------ Take a Case from Foshan

H.T. Du, L. Chen, J.H. Tan
Based on the questionnaire survey data of 1000 migrant workers in Foshan City, Guangdong Province in 2016, logistic regression analysis was carried out on the basic situation, living conditions and housing security willingness of migrant workers. The study found that the gender of migrant workers, the...
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Research on the Bond-anchorage Behavior of HRB500 Bundled Bars

Qing-Wen Liu, Bin Tang, Bhattarai Subesh, Cheng-Hui Gao
The pullout experiments of 9 HRB500 bond-anchorage specimens are carried out. The influence of the quantity of bundled bars, anchorage length on the bond-anchorage behavior of HRB500 bundled bars is comparatively analysed. The load slip curve of bundled bar is obtained, and the bond-anchoring mechanism...
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Identify of Runoff Influence Factors in Coal Mining Area Based on Stepwise Regression Analysis

Xi-Jun Wu, Ying Dong
The Northern Shaanxi province has severe water shortages, especially in coal mining areas, and it is very important to identify the influence factors of runoff for the similar area environmental protection. This paper take the Kuye River as an example, firstly introduces the principle and calculating...
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Determination of ultra-trace amount of halo-hydrocarbon in nitrogen by atmospheric pressure ionization mass spectrometry

Zhe Bi, Zeyi Zhou, Zixuan Liu, Shuli Ma, Haomiao Ma, Zhen Wang, Peng Huang, Man Wang
The monitoring of halo hydrocarbons such as R134a in atmosphere has attract great attention due to its strong global warming effect. In this study, on-line atmospheric pressure ionization (API) and electron impact ionization (EI) mass spectroscopy was used to measure R134a at ambient level (ppt, 10-12...
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Structures and bonding of anionic B7Cl- cluster

Liangfa Gong, Liu Yang, Chuyao Jing, Yuanda Cao, Xinyu Hu, Yingxi Hu
Ab initio molecular orbital theory and density functional theory have been applied to investigate B7Cl- cluster. It is found that almost an inversion in stability occurs upon addition of one Cl to B7- cluster. Two low-lying planar(Cs,2A') structures are the lower energy minima, and the quasi-planar geometry...
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Study on Construction of a Power Station for the Intensive Breeding of Fur Animals

Xujun Lang, Zhenhai Wang, Ming Chen, Ziyang Li, Rui Jin, Ranran Wang
Fur intensive farming region due to the widely used feed electric processing equipment, makes the power peak increased dramatically during feeding time, the electric power planning and a new challenge to electric power dispatching. In this paper, the energy exchange of power plant and electric power...
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Dynamic Stability Safety Evaluation of Consequent Rock Slopes

Shi Yan, Haitao Du, Yaoyao Chen, Xuenan Wang
The dynamic stability issue of consequent rock slopes has been paid wide attention because this kind of slope is more likely to form a buckling failure under seismic loading. In this paper, in-depth researches focused on the dynamic stability problem of consequent rock slope have been launched by using...
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"Elasticity" Design of Modern Public Courtyard Space

Jianwu Ma, Yan Yang
Rainwater management and design for impervious land is an important method of rainwater resource utilization and mitigation of negative impacts on surface runoff. Through the research and analysis of rainwater management cases in domestic and foreign courtyards, we can learn that these courtyards take...
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Research on the calculation model of shear key of adjacent precast concrete box beam bridge

Qiang Liu, Bo Yu, Xianglin Jiang
In this paper, experimental study and finite strip method were used to analyze the lateral shearing performance of adjacent precast concrete box beam bridge shear key. According to the structural style and the load characteristics, the finite strip computational theory was introduced to derive the finite...
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Rereading and Analyzing of a Chinese Intrinsic Style. History and Theory of Chinese Urban Modern Architecture

Yue Zheng
Chinese modern architecture was the most popular style in the period of 1930s influenced by the style of Beaux-Arts of architects, Chinese Palace style architecture. Here we talk about the traditional inheritance of the Shanghai Special Municipal Government Building and the comparisons between the western-influenced...
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Laboratory model tests on drainage consolidation performance of drained-timber pile

Xinjun Chai, Chunfeng He, Yifan Xiong, Liming Wu, Peng Zhou
Pine pile is an ancient technology applied in soft ground improvement for more than 1000 years. With the rise of many high-rise buildings, many types of modern mechanized-construction pile are widely developed and applied, for example, steel pile, precast concrete pile, sand pile, gravel pile are widely...
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Research on the possibilities of building in Natura 2000 sites in Poland on the example of Warmia and Mazury Province

Jolanta Harasymiuk, Elbieta Hanna Szafranko, Joanna Agnieszka Pawowicz
Natura 2000 sites are the largest network of protected nature reserves in Europe. These areas have a significant influence on planning investments in the member states of the EU, also in Poland since completion of building investments within their geographic limits, which could have a negative impact...
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The Concrete proportion design and performance test analysis of slag base cement concrete pavement repair material

Ming Li, Xi-Lan Zhi
Due to the influence of repeatedly vehicles load and the environmental periodic variation, cement concrete pavement is damaged regularly and the normal usage of road is influenced seriously. The concrete mix proportion of a new kind repair material of cement concrete – slag base is designed in this paper,...
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Application of BP neural network algorithm in bank customer hierarchy system

Guowei Wang, Yunting Bai, Yu Sun
The ever fierce competition in the financial market has highlighted the importance of maintaining good customer relationship for banks. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is built on a layered system and the traditional BP neural network has low speed and accuracy. The paper is an attempt to...
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Status and Prospect of Research on Juncao Opener

Shuhe Zheng, Wei Yang
The opener is the important part of planter, which can affect the accuracy of planting, seed emergence rate and situation of seed after fell in the seedbed. This paper summaries the type of openers at home and abroad, and the characteristics of each kind of opener and suitable places are analyzed. Because...
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Seismic study on skin effect of bamboo-bonded wood structure

Dewen Liu, Zhongli Guo, Bihui Dai, Li Han, Binghua Xia, Rongqing Qi, Xiaoya Luo, Jing Li
In the construction industry, according to the study on the skin effect of some scholars, showing the skin effect of the wooden structure not only has important significance in strengthening the structural strength and reduces the use of building materials, but also the use of skin effect in a small...
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The features of the through-hole by picosecond pulse laser helical drilling on alloy

D. Q. Yuan, J.T. Xu
Picosecond laser was employed to drill through holes on alloy of GH2132 by helical technique.The effects of repetition rate and processing time on the qualities of through holes were investigated.Morphology of holes of irradiated areas were analyzed by scanning electron microscope(SEM).The results indicated...
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Preparation of Naphthalene Molecularly Imprinted Absorbent and its adsorption for Naphthalene

Dan Jia, Huimin Liu, Dongyan Gu
A novel naphthalene molecularly imprinted material was prepared using a template immobilized on Silica gel matrix by surface imprinting technique using naphthol as template, 3-isocyana to propyltriehthoxysilane as monomer, ethyl silicate as crosslinking agent. FTIR spectrum was adopted for the characterization...
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Electrochemical behavior of hafnium in (NaCl–KCl–NaF–HfO2) molten salt

Tao Ma, Yu Bo, Hui-Rong Li, Mei-Le Deng, Yun-Gang Li
The electrochemical reaction mechanism and electro crystallization process of hafnium in the NaCl-KCl-NaF-HfO2 molten salt were examined at 973K by means of cyclic voltammetry, chronopotentiometry, and chronoamperometry techniques. The results show that the electrochemical reduction mechanism of hafnium...
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Electrochemical behavior of zirconium in the (NaCl-KCl-NaF- ZrO2) molten salt

Tao Ma, Zhi-Jie Wu, Hui-Rong Li, Yu-Peng Cao, Yun-Gang Li
As a refractory metal, zirconium has a wide range of applications in many fields. The method of electrode position to produce metal zirconium is more available, it is important to study the behavior of zirconium in the molten salt. The electrochemical reaction mechanism and electrocrystallization process...
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Research on a New Large Mowing Robot and Path Planning Based on GPS-RTK

Jiehua Zhou, Jiqiang Zhou, Xiaoyong Zhang, Bin Kong
A new mowing robot suitable for large-scale lawn is proposed in the paper. The mowing robot mainly consists of mobile platform, GPS navigation system, control system, power system and remote monitoring system. First of all, the paper introduces the functions of each subsystem from the point of view of...
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Investigation of Graphene Oxide and Graphene Oxide Quantum Dots Dispersions in Organic Solvents

Yongqiang Yang, Qinsheng Wang, Zheng Liu, Wenjun Liu, Yu Wen, Ling Jin, Yuan Liu, Bingxian Ou
The dispersion behavior of graphene oxide and graphene oxide quantum dots in different organic solvents has been investigated. When these dispersed solvents were placed for one year, as-prepared graphene oxide were seen to exhibit long-term stability in three solvents (ethylene glycol, N,N-dimethylformamide...
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Mechanical Properties Prediction of Cold Rolled Ribbed Bars based on Full Sample Space and BP Neural Network

Bangsheng Xing, Le Xu
This paper proposes a method of mechanical performance prediction of cold rolled ribbed steel bars based on BP neural network with whole variable space. It builds a whole variable space model and studies the mechanical performance prediction of cold rolled ribbed steel bars based on the 5-in & 1-out...
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Study on the Damping of Multi-layer U Bellows Based on ANSYS

Dongying Li, Yonggang Liu, Shengjie Cao
The relationship between wave length, diameter and number of layers and the loss factor of multi-layer bellows was analyzed by using the iterative method of modal strain energy, according to the numerical analysis results of the finite element ANSYS software, the influence curves of different parameters...
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Influence and Analysis of Mechanism Magnification of Pneumatic Balance Crane on the Performance of Cylinder

Peipei Feng, Qingwei Dong, Xiaoyang Chen
Pneumatic balance crane in the process of porter parts can be efficient and precise, cylinder plays a vital role.For a reasonable selection of the required cylinders,by analyzing the motion characteristics of the four-bar linkage and the force analysis of the rod in the pneumatic balance crane, the magnification...
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Direct Yaw-Moment Control of 4-Wheel-Independent-Drive Electric Vehicle with Network-Induced Delays through Data-reduction Techniques

Shuju Wang, Yingji Liu
Direct yaw-moment control (DYC) has obvious advantages in centralized-drive vehicles, but in 4WID-EV networked control system, the network-induced delays would reduce control performance of DYC and even deteriorate the 4WID-EV networked control system. To ensure robustness of DYC and reduce the adverse...
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Synthesis, photochromism and fluorescence of new diarylethene bearing a benzofuran unit

Yunfei Liang, Renjie Wang, Gang Liu
A new asymmetrical photochromic diarylethene, 1-(2-methyl-3-benzofuryl)-2-(2-methyl-5-naphthyl-3-thienyl)perfluorocyclopentene (1o) was synthesized, and its photochromism and fluorescence properties were studied in detail. Upon irradiation with 297 nm UV light, the colorless 1o changed to violet both...
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Advances in chemical modifications of polylactide biodegradable materials

Nan Li, Jiansheng Chen
Biodegradable materials have been actively studied in applications of food packaging, agricultural film, and biomedical materials. As one of the most important biodegradable materials, polylactide (PLA) has attracted great attention due to its excellent biodegradable property. Despite favorable performance,...
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Strategy in the Trial-production Phase of HIGGS Watch

Youxia Sun, Jinliang Li
The paper discussed the problems in trial-production line for the HIGGS watch, which made against the success of putting the new product into mass production smoothly and introducing it to the consumer market on schedule. After analyzing the causes of the problems, a series of solutions such as communication...
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Modeling on Single Abrasive Lapping Force in Through-feed Super-finishing of Tapered Rollers

Jinxue Xue, Ying Zhang, Lina Wang, Fang Wang
Through-feed super-finishing is the main processing technology to roller convexity. The research on lapping force of tapered rollers in through-feed super-finishing is the key to further study the material removal mechanism of the roller. Taking a single grain as the object, the movement characteristics...