Proceedings of the 2015 International Forum on Energy, Environment Science and Materials

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Enrichment and Cultivation of Denitrifying Phosphorus Removing Bacteria

Jinlan Lian, Xing Jin
The denitrifying phosphorus removal bacteria (DPB) were enrichment using SBR reactor and two stages of training method under the low carbon source with nitrate as electron acceptor. The system was operated under the condition of anaerobic-aerobic-precipitation-discharge for 10 cycles in the first stage,...
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Analysis of the Ground Adjustment Ability of Ground Source Heat Pump Systems during Intermittent Operation in Summer

Fenbao Lu, Yongzheng Fu, Lei Shi
Analyzes the ground adjustment ability in thermal equilibrium of the GSHP system during intermittent operation of 1:1 and 1:2 in summer through experiments. The result shows that the intermittent operation of 1:2 can maintain good heat transfer efficiency and better achieve restoration of the soil temperature...
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Testing Study on the Triaxial Compressive Strength of Medium-grained Sandstone after High Temperature

Chongbang Xu, Hao Wang
The triaxial compressive strength of medium-grained sandstone after different high temperature about on 25 400 800 and 1000 be researched by the servo-controlled testing machine RMT-150B. The test results show that: (1) it is still a strong liner relationship between the triaxial compressive strength...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Ln(OH)3 (Ln = La, Eu, Sm) Nanorods via a convenient hydrothermal approach

Bin Deng, Haiying Huang, Ruijin Yu
In this paper, Rare earth (La, Eu, Sm) hydroxide nanorods have been prepared by facile hydrothermal treatment of the corresponding bulk oxide powders. The obtained samples were characterized in detail by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy...
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Novel Network Topology and Transporting Protocol for Data Collection from Large Scale Smart Electricity Meters

Feng Zhou, Yingying Cheng, Ji Xiao, Jie Du
With the smart electricity meters heavy using, efficient and reliable network and transportation protocol are becoming more and more important to collect energy data from the meters. This paper proposed a new network topology for data collection from large amount resident energy meters. This topology...
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Study and Analysis of Dynamic Management Influence Factor in Current Carrying Capacity of Overhead Transmission Lines

Yuanjing Deng, Yu Zhou, Kaiquan Xia, Jun Kang, Xichun Ren
Dynamic management in current-carrying capacity of overhead transmission line is a significant application in smart grid. Dynamic management technology in current-carrying capacity is to establish measurement information relationship model of conductor temperature, ambient temperature, wind speed, wind...
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The Design of Transmission Gear Based on the Dynamic Property

Fanbiao Bao, Lianghua Zeng, Baoshan Huang
There are many factors can determine the module of gear. One of the most important is the strength of the gear noise and quality. Reduce the modulus, increase the tooth width can make the reduction of noise and can reduce the quality of the transmission conversely. This paper is based on the dynamic...
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The study of a new type of micro-electrolysis technology on aniline wastewater treatment

Jing Wang, Xin Luo, Yinping Huang, Yang Liu
In this work, a new type of micro-electrolysis technology using combined materials containing fly ash, iron scraps and lanthanon Gd on the treatment of toxic and harmful aniline wastewater was presented. Fly ash was applied instead of activated carbon in the combined materials and single-factor experiment...
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Study on the synthesis and scale inhibition performance of phosphate free environmental protection type poly epoxy succinic acid

Changshan Huang, Huiwu Xu, Min Chen, Min Zhang, Jinying Wu
Using maleic anhydride as raw material, sodium tungstate as catalyst, hydrogen peroxide as oxidizing agent, calcium hydroxide as initiator, the synthesis conditions of the best scale inhibition performance of poly epoxy succinic acid were studied by using the method of polymerization: maleic anhydride...
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Performance Simulation and Study Analysis of The Vehicle Air Conditioning System

He Chang, Jiangfeng Mu, Chuanxue Song, Wei Yan
In this paper, it is established the model of air-conditioning system and a simplified model of cooling system in the vehicle. That model is based on the test data. One-dimensional model has been corrected by the three-dimensional calculation results. Therefore, the one-dimensional model also reflects...
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The Study of Solar Monitoring System

Zhanlan Xie, Wen Yang, Xiaoyan Zhang, Zhe Li
Vast photovoltaic powers connect into power distribution network Distribution Network. These PVs are large in quantity and scattered, make grid difficult in monitoring, which will bring challenge to the safety and stabilization of power grid. It is very necessary to get related monitoring data of PVs....
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Structural features of enzymatic hydrolysis lignin from the corn stalks and furfural residue

Aixiao Fu, Zhui Li, En xiao Lian, Yilin Deng, Yanli Ma
Structural features of enzymatic hydrolysis lignin from the corn stalks and furfural residue was compared with lignin extracted from paper-making black liquid (PBL). Lignin was characterized by FT-IR, GPC, 13C- and 1H- NMR analysis. Enzymatic hydrolysis lignin from the corn stalks (CS) had a 12.2% higher...
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Experimental study on the impact of water on rock compressive strength

Yanbo Zhang, Cuiping Liu, Peng Liang, Xiangxin Liu, Baozhu Tian
In order to study the effect of water on the rock compressive strength, mechanical data for different water content of siltstone uniaxial loading process are analyzed, the results show that: 1) siltstone compressive strength decreases as the water content is increased, the damage of water to siltstone...
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The Analysis of Reinforcement Corrosion in Concrete under the Non-longitudinal Cracks in Marine Environment

Chenhao Tang, Weizhong Gan
Reinforcement corrosion in concrete is an important factor that affects the durability of reinforced concrete structures. In marine environment, especially, non-longitudinal cracks accelerate the intrusion of chloride ions into the concrete structure. Chloride ions destroy the passive film on the surface...
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The Research of the Effect of Barrier Layer on the Development of Bottom Water Reservoirs in Streamline Simulation

Ding Jie, Mingxian Wang, Wanjing Luo
Bottom water coning is the main problem in the development of bottom water reservoirs and barrier layer in these reservoirs can control bottom water coning in some degree, so the research of the effect of barrier layer in bottom water reservoirs is carried out. This paper, in streamline simulation method,...
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Research on Performance of Pineapple Leaf Fiber Healthy Underwear

Jinhe Gao, Zhikai Zhuang, Mingfu Li, Jin Zhang, Wenwei Lian
With pineapple leaf fiber as the raw material, refined dry jute is obtained through refined processing, which is blended with cotton to trail-produce 30S pineapple leaf fiber/cotton (30/70) blended yarn. Through the combination of industry, university and research and by cooperating with the textile...
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A case study on the hydraulic environment of spawning ground based on the index of diversity

Ting-yu Li, Yu-rong Wang, Wei Huang
In this study, we investigated the hydraulic environment heterogeneity of the Lijiahe spawning ground which locates in the downstream of Jinchuan River, one tributary of Dadu River. River2D was conducted to simulate the hydraulic environment, namely flow velocity and water depth, under different discharges....
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Influence of Grouting-material Compressive-strength on the Mechanical Properties of Grouting-sleeve Reinforcement-connection Component

Fan Gu, Aike Xian, Weijian Zhao, Wei Wei
By means of ABAQUS, the numerical model of grouting-sleeve reinforcement-connection component under the action of axial tension load was established, and the influence of grouting- material compressive-strength on the stress distribution, the displacement distribution at grouting- material, reinforcement...
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Study on Flotation Separation of Mercury (II) by sodium chloride- potassium iodide-octadecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride system

Xinrong Wen, Changqing Tu
The flotation separation behaviours of mercury (II) by sodium chloride-potassium iodide-octadecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride system were studied.The effects of different parameters,such as the dosages of KI and octadecyl trimethyl ammonium chloride(OTMAC),vari- ous salts and acidity etc. on the flotation...
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Experimental study on the influence of water pressure on acoustic emission entropy characteristics during the siltstone tunnel water inrush

Yanbo Zhang, Guangyuan Yu, Peng Liang, Xiangxin Liu
An experiment is carried out to simulate siltstone tunnel water inrush with both the water pressure and no water pressure by biaxial rigid servo-controlled system. The PCI-2 acoustic emission(AE) system produced by American physical acoustics corporation is used to collect data of the AE in the process...
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Research on Mass Ratio in Secondary Vibration Isolation

Hao Wu, Min Chen
The secondary vibration isolation may be used to abate sound transmission in solid in the application of damping and noise reduction treatment engineering, which can have an ideal effect. The secondary vibration isolation system has a natural low frequency so it can isolate low frequency vibration. The...
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Study on the Mechanical Properties of Grouting-sleeve Reinforcement- connection Component under the Action of Cyclic Tension Load

Fan Gu, Wei Wei, Weijian Zhao, Aike Xian
By means of finite element software ABAQUS, the numerical model of grouting-sleeve reinforcement-connection component under the action of axial load was established. Two kinds of loading system were considered, one was axial tension load with constant loading rate, and another was unidirectional cyclic...
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Grinding Fly Ash Process and Equipment with Vertical Milling Machine

Rui fang Li, Dong ya Song
A new ash grinding process was proposed,with the application of vertical grinding mill systems to grinding,sorting,and collection process The process by designing a new type of vertical grinding system to solve the small particles of fly ash in the state is not easy grinding problem,significantly reducing...
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Discussing the Value of Collective Memory and Cultural Heritage Based on the Concept of Environmental Development in Taiwan

Ting-lun Huang, Hsin-chieh (James) Juan, Hwa-sheng Gau, Hung-jui Lee
New ideas and thoughts of reuse and maintain of Taiwanese cultural heritage has only developed in these recent two decades. The definition of cultural heritage seems not being well understood by citizens in Taiwan, far more about the concepts and policies. Thus cultural heritage has normally been schemed...
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Study and Application of Deep Profile Control and Oil Displacement Technology in the Fractured Tight Oil Reservoir

Lei Zhang, Chunsheng Pu, Liming Zheng, Xiaoyu Gu
In order to plug water channeling of fractured tight oil reservoir, a new type of copolymer as the main agent is used for deep profile control and oil displacement. This copolymer is synthesized with modified cellulose and acrylamide, which has relatively lower viscosity and can meet the requirements...
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Reactive molecular dynamics simulations of Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (RDX): effects of electrical fields

Fang Chen
Reactive molecular dynamics simulations (MD) have been performed to investigate how the decomposition of bulk Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (RDX) is affected by electrical field. The rate of RDX molecules loss with time and time evolution of the total populations of various key molecules were evaluated...
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Study on the Sound Quality Objective Evaluation of High Speed Train's Door Closing Sound

Zongcai Liu, Zhaojin Sun, Shaoqing Liu
Test the high speed train's door closing sound under different close pressure and then use the linear sound pressure level(SPL), A weight sound pressure level, psychoacoustic parameters of sound quality and specific loundness to analyse the sound. The results are indicated as follows: the frequence of...
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Characteristics of Chang 6 Tight Reservoir in Yuekou Area, Ordos Basin

Wugang Cheng
By using core, slice, Scanning Electron Microscope, high pressure mercury injection and physical property data, this paper analyzes the lithology, pore structure, fracture and physical property characteristics, classifies the reservoir types of Chang 6 oil-bearing formation in Yuekou area. The results...
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Determination of Physical Property Lower Limits of Chang 6 Effective Reservoir in Tangjiaping Area, Ordos Basin

Chan Li
Arkose has been designated as the main reservoir of Chang 6 oil–bearing formation in Tangjiaping area and has a good development of residual inter-granular pores and dissolved pores. The porosity of Chang 6 reservoir mainly ranges from 5% to 12% and the average is 9.2%, while the permeability is mostly...
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Camera position adaptive compensation in IR sight line alteration

Jin-song Wang, Ji-ming Zhang, Yan-feng Li
In order to improve the measurement precision of infrared sight line alteration,a new adaptive correction algorithm of CCD camera pose small angle changing was proposed.Through the theoretical analysis,a mathematical model of the CCD camera pose calculation was established and a camera pose calculation...
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Study on Problems and Countermeasures of China’s Supervision on Coal Resources Recovery Rate

Li Luo, Haijun Dai, Zhe Gao
Coal is the most important energy resources in China's economy. In recent years, China's coal industry has made great progress. However, many problems including weak sense of resource protection among people, confusion of departments in charge of supervision, lacking in mechanism of motivation, etc,...
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The microstructure and electrochemical properties of Al/Pb-Ag anode for zinc electrowining

Yongchuna Zhang, Zhongcheng Guo
Al/Pb-0.8%Ag and Al/Pb-0.75%Ag-0.03%Co anodes were successfully obtained by electrodeposition from methanesulfonic acid. The relation of silver content(y/m%×104) in Pb-Ag coatings and Ag+ concentration(x/mgdm-3) of electrolyte was . The results of anode polarization curves and Time-Potential curves showed...
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The Crack Evolution of Red Clay under Wet and Dry Cycles

Kaisheng Chen1, Zhen Lu
The red clay has high moisture content,high plasticity,high void ratio and other special engineering properties,especially when the subgrade surface dehydrates,it shrinks and cracks,caused the subgrade to have some diseases.Taking the subgrade filling from the Liupanshui inner Expressway as the research...
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Study on the Influence of the Sizes of Microbubble on Water Treatment

Zhekun Li, Wenli Shi, Wei He, Yujin Fan, Chaojun Song
In this paper, the development history and current situation of air floatation, the advantages and types of air flotation method, and the effects of flotation method on water treatment are expounded. The influence of the sizes of microbubble that is an important factor to the flotation effect on water...
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Study on the change of soil temperature in Ground Source Heat Pump System

Shili Han, Shunyu Su, Lamei Liu, Chuanhui Zhou, Lei Shi
Based on cylindrical source model, heat transfer process between the underground pipes and the soil was simulated. The feasibility of this simulating method was validated by comparing its results with the temperature data obtained from the existing ground source heat pump test platform. Thus this method...
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The Comparison and Analysis of Humidity Environment between Floor and Ceiling Radiant Cooling Systems that Combined with Displacement Ventilation

Kai Sun, Chuan-hui Zhou
At present, the study on the temperature fields of floor radiant cooling system and ceiling radiant cooling system based on displacement ventilation is more, but for the humidity field research of the two systems is insufficient. There is a thermal stratification in the temperature field of both kinds...
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Shale Oil and Gas Well Logging Evaluation in Liaohe Depression

Kang Chen, Jinchuan Zhang, Xuan Tang
Liaohe depression Paleogene shale has great potential in shale oil and gas exploration. Well logging technology is an effective means to evaluate shale oil and gas. The logging response characteristics of Paleogene shale were studied and the separation form of acoustictime and resistivity curves were...
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Considering the electric vehicles to the grid’s optimal operation with distributed generation

Chao Gao, Dan Xu
Based on the current rapid popularization and development of electric vehicles, serious environmental pollution and energy shortage problem, this paper researches the impact of the distribution network with distributed generation when the electric vehicles joining in the optimal operation. First, establishes...
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A Research on Energy-saving Renovation Project of an Existing Campus Building of Shenyang University

Ruiying Jia, Yemin Zhang, Xin Li
This paper introduces the suitable technologies for energy-saving renovation project of an existing campus building of Shenyang University, with its emphasis on energy saving works of building envelope (external wall, external window and roof), it also analyzes energy consumption reduction ratios and...
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Application of silk fibroin/ chitosan wound dressing to rat skin regeneration

Zhi-hua Lu, Yu-dong Ma, Dong-mei Zhao, Hong-yao Xu
In this study, a new bi-layered silk fibroin (SF)/ chitosan (CS) wound dressing was investigated. The morphology, cytocompatibility and effect on open wound healing in rats were studied. The results show that the SF/CS wound dressing has homogeneous porous structure and support the attachment and proliferation...
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Study on Emission Characteristics Test of Diesel Engine Operating on Diesel/Methanol Blends

Yuanhua Jia, Guifu Wu, Enhui Xing, Ping Hang, Wanjiang Wu
Study the effects of diesel engine emission characteristics with different adding proportions of ethanol on a DI diesel engine. The results show that with the increasing of ethanol blending proportions, the diesel exhaust gas decreases with the addition of ethanol, the emission of NOX also reduces significantly,...
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Investigation of the Stability Due to Disturbance with SFS Anti-islanding Protection in Multi-DGs System

Hongjun Zhang, Zhenghang Hao, Zhiqiang He
This paper presents an improved model of multi-DGs system for analyzing the system stability during grid-connected. The DGs, in the system, are equipped with the Sandia frequency shift (SFS) scheme as anti-islanding protection technique. Relationship of system parameters, such as the length of distribution...
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Experimental Study on Distribution of Residual Stress for Q690 High-Strength Steel Tubes

Tongzhuang Ma, Lei Chen
With the rapid development of power transmission and transformation projects in China, steel supporting structure has already became the most popular structural form for these structures, and high-strength steel (normally means the steel with the nominal yield strength in the scope of 460MPa and 1100MPa)...
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Investigation of failure of tubular joint of lightening rod

Yiliang Peng, Guotian Li, Lei Chen
The event that some lightning rod was fractured and collapsed at the tubular joint of lightning rod occurred in some transformer substation recently. The mechanical property of the tubular joint of lightning rod and frame column for transformer substation was analyzed in this paper based on the structural...
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Numerical Analysis of strengthened tubular joint of lightening rod

Lei Chen, Hongbo Li, Yiliang Peng
The event that some lightning rod was fractured and collapsed at the tubular joint of lightning rod occurred in some transformer substation recently. The stress concentration at the tubular joint area was the main reason which caused this failure. This paper proposed the solution to recover the collapsed...
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Experimental study on the preparation of BRA waterproof coating

Su Zhao, Yue Zhao, Ying Hu
General petroleum asphalt is a common inexpensive impermeability of waterproof material, but its some performance limits its development. In order to make up for the defect and reduce the cost,we discussed the preparation of waterproof coating made of petroleum asphalt which is modified by BRA in this...
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Study on Mine Ecological Restoration Deposit System Based on Evolutionary Game

Feifei Cao, Guangcheng Wang
In 2006,our government further deepened the reform of coal resources paid use system, and gradually established coal mine environment and ecological restoration responsibility mechanisms, implementing mine ecological restoration deposit system. However,there is risk in the process of the deposit system...
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Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch Considering Power Loss of Transformer

Guo jun An, Le er Mao, Qiang Yao, Chang min Shi
A large proportion of power loss in distribution system is from transformer, which is not considered in the traditional Distribution network Reactive Power Optimization (DRPO). This paper proposes a DRPO model considering the power loss of transformer. The optimization method includes reactive power...
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Multifractal Description of Fractures in Tight Reservoir Based on Fracture Image

Weiwei Zhu, Yuedong Yao, Fengzhu Zhang
Tight oil and gas reservoir have a huge reserve all over the world. The shape and distribution of fractures in tight formation are the key contributors to high-efficient exploitation. An effective description of fractures is significant and fundamental for the study of fractures in tight reservoirs....
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Study on the Viscoelastic Property of Asphalt Rubber via Creep test

Xiao-wei Feng, Jun-ping Zhang
Viscoelastic properties is an important indicator to characterize the mechanical properties of materials, due to join a large number of crumb rubber makes viscoelastic properties of rubber asphalt are very different from other types of asphalt. In this paper, through theoretical analysis and Laplace...
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The Preparation of Solid Polymer Microspheres Immune Adsorbent and Its Adsorption Performance of Aflatoxin M1

Xiaozhou Zhang, Shichun Pei, Meng Liang
In this paper, the immune adsorbents were prepared for adsorption of aflatoxin M1 in milk. The copolymerization of glyceryl methacrylate (GMA) and methyl methacrylate (MMA) microspheres were prepared using dispersion polymerization with azodiisobutyronitrile (AIBN) as initiator in ethanol-aqueous medium...
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Vegetation root system, soil erosion and ecohydrology system: A review

Bing Liu, Gang Xie, Xiaoming Zhang, Yang Zhao, Xiaolin Yin, Chen Cheng
Soil erosion has been a severe environmental problem all over the world. Vegetation significantly affects soil properties, organic matter, infiltration, runoff, and soil organisms which further influence soil erosion. Canopy and roots are the main two parts that vegetation affects soil erosion. Canopy...
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Determination of the Common Antibiotic OFL in the Water

Dejun Bian, Mingxin Huo, Xiaona Ji, Xi Tian
This paper conducts a study on the detection method of common antibiotics ofloxacin(OFL) in different water. With high performance liquid chromatography- diode array detector(HPLC-DAD) as the detecting method, the chromatographic detection condition and pretreatment method of the samples are in the study...
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Factors Contributing to Haze Formation and the Influence on Power Equipments External Insulation

Zhicheng Zhou, Song Gao, Linjun Yang, Yong Liu, Fengbo Tao, Long Zhang
Haze-fog has been a severe pollution weather phenomenon in China due to a large number of emissions of pollutants with the rapid development of economy. The areas burst haze are usually coincidence with high density of electricity transmission line corridor or power load areas, and so the pollution flashover...
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The Simulation Research of the pollution level of ceramic insulator in air contamination environment

Song Gao, Lin Zhang, Zhicheng Zhou, Fengbo Tao, Long Zhang, Zhulin Yuan
Ceramic Insulator is an important part of the electric power equipment.When the deposition of pollutant in the air contamination environment is serious, the uniform distribution of voltage in the ceramic insulator bunch will be changed in the real working environment and leads to an accident. This paper...
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Statistical characteristics of soil water content at farmland of the Horqin Sand Land

Shuxia Yao, Chuancheng Zhao, Lijuan Ye, Xinmei Zhao, Tonghui Zhang
Based on the observed data of soil water content (SWC) at farmland from May to September in 2009~2012, the statistical characteristics of SWC in farmland at different soil depths (from 0 to 150 cm) and different months in the growing season (from May to September) in Korqin Sand Land were analyzed. In...
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Simulation optimization on sucking up dust particle by suction mouth in sanitation sweepers under the negative pressure

Jiaqiang E, Qingguo Peng, Teng Liu, Wei Zuo, Yi Huang
A suction mouth model is established to research the negative pressure sucking up work process of medium dry brush type sanitation sweeper pneumatic conveying system. The flow field distribution and the dust particle motion residence trajectory are analyzed by numerical simulation, and then some optimization...
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Seismic Response Analyses Method of Underground Structures in China

Xie Yao
Seismic design of underground structures is an important part in earthquake engineering. Numerous simplified calculation methods have been raised in the seismic design of horizontal structures. According to the Chinese code in the seismic design of subway structure which was put forward 2014, it is crucial...
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Influence of weak layers on the excavation-induced deformation of the surrounding rock in sub-sea tunnel

Lei Zhang
This paper presents the analyses of the influence of the weak layers on the excavation-induced deformation in the sub-sea tunnel. The finite element software ABAQUS is adopted to investigate the stability of the surrounding rock in the case of inclined weak layers with various angles, and the stress...
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Multi-scale characterization of pores in shale by nitrogen adsorption and high pressure mercury methods

Xiaofei Jian, Renhe Liu, Shuheng Tang, Lingxiao Jia, Yuwan Wang, Yao Zhang, Di Xin
High pressure mercury and nitrogen adsorption had been conducted on outcrop and core samples for studying the pore structure characteristics about shale in eastern uplift of Liaohe depression. The results showed that: The pores mainly are nano-scale and irregular in size and arrangement. The nitrogen...
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Effect of Turning Frequency on Maturity during Kitchen Waste Composting

Yudong Zhang, Hongyu Zhang, Jun Gu, Jihong Wang
In order to determine the effectiveness of turning frequency in maturity in kitchen waste composting process. Four treatments by setting up different turning frequency which are twice a week, once a week, once every two weeks and never turning were conducted during kitchen waste compositing with corn...
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Effect of nitrification inhibitor on Maturity and H2S Emissions during Kitchen Waste Composting

Yudong Zhang, Hongyu Zhang, Jun Gu, Jihong Wang
In order to release the emissions of H2S, this study designed experiments investigate the effects of nitrification (NaNO3, NaNO2 and ammonium molybdate) on producing and releasing H2S during kitchen waste composting. All treatments were analyzed using 60L heat insulated composting vessels with forced...
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Application and Research of Carbon Footprint Calculation in Cotton Mill

Meirong Sun, Mengyuan Wei, Fang Liu, Wenliang Xue
Carbon footprint calculation methods and its application in cotton mill were studied. Overall idea of carbon footprint calculation in cotton mill as well as power consumption of each equipment in production was analyzed. It is pointed out that carbon emissions can be obtained by the indirect method of...
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Degradation and mineralization of dyes with advanced oxidation processes (AOPs): A brief review

Wanqian Guo, Zizeng Yang, Xian-jiao Zhou, Quli Wu
The discharge of wastewater which contains dyes, represents serious environmental problem and receives public health concern. It has become a big challenge to degrade and mineralize these dyes. Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), based on the production of hydroxide radicals are effective methods to...
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Drainage Vehicle Telescopic pipe joint's Seal Performance Analysis For Inflatable Sealing Ring

Youming Tang, Na Liu, Zhiguo Lin, Jinghui Wu
According to the telescoping tube failure problems, and the drainage vehicle displacement is 3000 m3/h, T-shaped inflatable sealing ring parameters were analyzed. Using the finite element software ANSYS to build numerical simulation models. Sealing performance under different inflatable pressures, different...
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Characteristic study on heat-pump evaporation system for concentrating of waste solutions

Weike Pang, Chen Ding, Jun Wang
The advantages of its energy conservation and environment protection are firstly stated when an industrial heat pump technology is applied for evaporation process of waste solution. Based on a concentrate need of zinc sulfate, a process design of heat-pump evaporation system is done, and a heat-pump...
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A Survey on Hexapod Walking Robot and Gait Planning

Qingyun Liu, Tiantian Jing
A survey on hexapod walking robots and gait planning is presented. For the discrete landing points, the redundant DOF of legs and the impending body, the performance of hexapod walking robots is better than wheeled robots and tracked robots. The prototypes of hexapod walking robots and its up-to-date...
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Construction Technology of Recycled Micro-surfacing of Yong wu Highway

Jiang He
This paper introduces design of mix proportion of recycled Micro-surfacing technology mixing with a certain amount of Recycled Asphalt Mixture referred to as the RAP and its application in preventive maintenance for Yunnan Yong wu highway.
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Research on Classification Environment Technology Diffusion of Occupational Tobacco Growers

Feng Wang, Xiangdan Hu, Jun Liu
Research on Classification Environment Technology Diffusion of Occupational Tobacco Growers
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Research on Environment Factors of Differential Management System of Tobacco Farmers Based on ISM Model

Feng Wang, Xiangdan Hu, Jun Liu
Fourteen environment factors of differential management system of tobacco farmers are determined and selected from predecessors' research achievements. Relational structure of fourteen environment factors is analyzed by ISM model in this paper. This results show that sales average price, family members...
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Conceptual Model and Evaluation Index of Low-carbon Urban Economy: A Case Study in Zunyi

Jun Liu
Low carbon city refers to promote low-carbon economy, realize low-carbon emissions. First of all, challenges of low-carbon city economic development in Zunyi are analyzed. After that, conceptual model and design idea of index of low-carbon urban economy are given. Finally, some policy suggestions are...
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Construction and Empirical Research on Measurement Index System of Low-carbon City in Guizhou Province

Jun Liu
Global climate change caused by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions has become increasingly concerned by the international community.Based on carbon source and carbon sink analysis frame in low-carbon economy theory, this paper constructs a low-carbon city measure index system which includes...
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Evaluation of Power Grid Data Quality Based on State Estimation Results

Fujun Bao, Miao Wang, Qiang Li, Lei Wang, Xiaochen Ma
The power grid data quality is the key factor which will affect various applications of smart grid power dispatch control system, and Power system state estimation results implied the problems in power grid data. The existing state estimation evaluation index is relatively single, and the analytic result...
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Study on Evaluation Index System of Economic Level of Low-carbon City in Guiyang

Bingsheng Guo
The global climate is undergoing a significant change with global warming. The cause of this change is greenhouse gas emissions by carbon dioxide. This article embarks from the challenges faced by construction of low-carbon city in Guiyang, using DPSIR model, from five aspects, including driving, pressure,...
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Characteristics Analysis of Multiphase Flow in Annulus in Natural Gas Hydrate Reservoir Drilling

Na Wei, An-tong Sun, Yong-jie Li, Ying-feng Meng, Gao Li, Ping Guo, An-qi Liu
During the process of natural gas hydrate drilling, hydrate cuttings will decompose at a certain position, which promotes the formation of complex multiphase flow in annulus. Aiming at this, dynamic model of hydrate mass transfer decomposition is established considering temperature and pressure. On the...
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Effect of pH on Gelling Performance and stability of HPAM/Cr3+ Weak Gel

Xiaoyu Gu, Haibo Sang, Chunsheng Pu, Lei Zhang, Qing Zhao
The article studied the influence of pH to the gelling properties and stability of HPAM/Cr3+, the results shows that the alkaline environment could promote the gelation rate and strength. The gelation rate can be lifted properly by increasing the pH value. The HPAM/Cr3+ which exist in the alkaline has...
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A new evaluation model for fractured horizontal wells in tight reservoirs

Fengzhu Zhang, Yuedong Yao, Xiaocong Lv, Weiwei Zhu
Fractured horizontal wells are widely applied in the development of tight reservoirs nowadays, which will stimulate the seepage zone, reduce resistance near the wellbore and increase productivity. Through analyzing all factors affecting fracturing development effectiveness, select the key factors, and...
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Calculation of Humidity of Autoclave Cellular Composites Under Service Conditions

Vladimir gennadievich Gagarin, Pavel pavlovich Pastushkov, Natalia victorovna Pavlenko, Ekaterina victorovna Fomina, Yuriy konstantinovich Rubanov
Analysis of design methods of humidity regime for multilayered wall structures based on cellular autoclave composites is realized. Relevance of arrange of study of cellular composite work humidity is proved. Experimental studies were curried up as well as results of sorption wetting and water vapor transmission...
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Study on the Characteristics of Physical Property and Oil-bearing of the Es3~Z Member of Niuzhuang Sub-Sag of Shengli Oilfield

Shoujun Li, Xiaohui Cui, Qiang Liu, Tao Zhang, Xiao Liu
The Middle Submember of Member Three of Shahejie Formation of Paleogene (Es3~Z Member) in the west of Niuzhuang Sub-sag of Shengli Oil Field is the research object of this article. In this article, the porosity and permeability of the Es3~Z Member are statistically analyzed and calculated from well sampling...
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Evaluating municipal organic solid waste treatment technologies based on Analytic hierarchy process

Pengfei Li, Kehong Wang, Liao Meng
As municipal organic solid waste problems become increasingly serious. According to the actual engineering situation, taking into account the social, economic, technical, environmental factors and so on, which is imperative to select waste treatment technologies. In this paper, based on the relevant...
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Design of a Hybrid Energy-Harvesting Shock Absorber

Longhan Xie, Jiehong Li, Mingjing Cai
This work is to study a novel hybrid energy-harvesting shock absorber for vehicle to provide the required damping function to reduce the vibration between vehicle and roads, as well as to reclaim vibration energy from automotive suspension system during driving. The hybrid energy-harvesting shock absorber...
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Evaluation on Ecological Security and Optimize on Ecological System in Key District of Changzhutan Urban Agglomeration

Tong Wen
Through expounding the ecological environment situation of key district of Changzhutan urban agglomeration, the two-oriented society ecological security evaluation of index system was established. Ecological Security was evaluation. The general structure and measures for improving the security of ecological...
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Numerical Calculation on Environmental Capacity of DIN, DIP and COD in the Lianzhou Bay

Shaofeng Zhang, Youli Shen, Chunhua Zhang, Dehai Song
Based on the ship-based data in the Lianzhou Bay, an advection-diffusion model of pollution is established. The sharing coefficient field (SCF) and the responding coefficient field (RCF) are simulated by this model. The environmental captivity (EC) is calculated by the simplex method according to the...
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Research on the Stochastic Hopf Bifurcation of the Shallow Lake Ecosystem with Stochastic Excitation

Ruichao Li, Bo Wang
Establishing the model of the shallow lake ecosystem with stochastic excitation, with the stochastic averaging method and nonlinear dynamic theory, the model of the shallow lake ecosystem with stochastic excitation was simplified. Based on the Stratonovich-Khasminiskii stochastic average principle and...
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Enhanced Coagulation deal with cryogenic micro-polluted groundwater

Ya shu Yuan, Yan Zhang, Hui yu Guo, Zhen Fang
Winter in northern China, the presence of low temperature and turbidity micro pollution of groundwater.a conventional water treatment process finished water can not reach drinking water standards, so the need for process improvement, enhanced coagulation using powdered activated carbon with a very good...
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The isolation, identification , physiological and biochemical properties of salt-tolerant strains

Yashu Yuan, Zhen Fang, Jun Liu, Yan Zhang
[Objective] By screening salt-tolerant strains , provide support for salted wastewater.[Method]With high salted water high efficiency salt activated sludge acclimation salt high efficiency cultivation as the source of strain , isolated and purified salt-tolerant strains , by measuring the salt-tolerant...
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Trnsys Simulation of Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump System Based on Cooling Conditions

Jun Zhang, Shunyu Su, Lamei Liu, Chuanhui Zhou, Lei Shi
By importing the meteorological data of water temperatures to TRNSYS software, temperature differential control method was applied to simulate hybrid ground source heat pump system for three months in Wuhan. In order to obtain running effect of this system, the inlet and outlet water temperatures of...
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Modeling Comparison of Monopile and Elevated Pile Foundation for Offshore Wind Turbines

Liyuan Liu, Hongming Chi, Hao Zhang, Yong Wu, Yongxiang Wu
In order to analyze the bearing capacity of monopile foundation and elevated pile foundation for offshore wind turbines, models were established using finite element analysis software Abaqus and design software FDOW. Bearing capacities of the monopile foundation and elevated pile foundation were compared...
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Experimental Study of a Linear Fresnel Collector with Triangular-Cavity Absorber

Jinghui Song, Jishuai Ma, Fangyong Li, Yu Chen, Yanjun Dai
A Fresnel solar collector with triangular cavity absorber is introduced and the performance tests are carried on. The Fresnel collector is consisted of a cavity absorber with tube rows, a mirror field with flat glass, and the trace system in homotaxial manner. According to relative technical standards,...
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Optical Analysis and Optimization of the Linear Fresnel Collector’s Mirror Field

Jinghui Song, Jishuai Ma, Zhigang Zhan, Yanjun Dai
The optical losses of the Fresnel collector’s mirror field are analyzed mathematically and optimization for the design parameters is made. In analysis of the optical characteristics, the optical losses of different segment are described according to the optical principles. And the optical efficiency...
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Experimental Analysis on Phase-Change Heat Storage Materials PG and PE

Jinghui Song, Jishuai Ma, Fangyong Li, Yu Chen, Yanjun Dai
A study on the thermal physical property of kind of phase-change heat storage materials is carried out to explorer the feasibility in the solar thermal storage area. Using the compacting-melting-absorbing-cooling method, the composite material of PE, PG and expanded graphite are made, the thermal conductivity...
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A Method for Calculating Thermal Efficiency Of the Solid Fuel Fired Boiler

Zetao Wang, Yujiao Gong, Xuedong Jing
This paper presents a simplified method for calculation of thermal efficiency of the solid fuel fired boiler on-line.Although this method simplifies complicated calculation and adopts some approximate calculation,it still includes almost all items of heat loss proposed in ASME PTC4[1],which makes it...
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Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue by composite TiO2-diatomite sheets under UV irradiation

Jingzheng Weng, Feng Gao, Lihui Chen, Renhui Qiu
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) photocatalyst and diatomite adsorbent were made into a paper-like composite by a papermaking technique using pulp and ceramic fibers as sheet matrix. Simulated wastewaters that contain methylene blue (MB) bleached in photocatalytic TiO2-diatomite sheet was investigated under UV...
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Classifying low formaldehyde emission from blockboard by gas analysis method and desiccator method

Haixia Yu, Xuan Ma, Liu Yang, Chongrong Fang, Manping Xu
The paper studied formaldehyde emission (FE) of E0 class blockboards by desiccator and gas analysis method. Results showed that for the same formaldehyde emission value got from desiccator method, the gas analysis (GA) values were quite different. It was suggested to use gas analysis method to evaluate...
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Experimental investigation of the ultra-fine smash and separation of Shenfu semi-coke

Shi-yong Zhao, Pei-pei Wu, Jie Xu, Xin Li, Sheng-jun Zhang, Jiang Long
In order to investigate the effect of ultra-fine smash on the separation results of Shenfu semi-coke, the impact crusher was used to explore the relation between the degree of dissociation and the particle size and ash content. Additionally, the operating parameters of separation device of impact crusher...
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The experiment research on flocs based on the micro eddy flocculation technology

Hongling Dai, Zumin Qiu, Fengping Hu, Huanhuan Li
The purpose of the paper was to test the floc performance in the process of flocculation by applying to the micro eddy water purification technology and machine vision floc-line detection methods. During the tests, the experiment consisted of detecting the flocs equivalent characteristics such as the...
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The Renewable Energy Development Industry Situation and its Sustainable Development Strategy in Xinjiang

Asifujiang Abudureyimu, Weiqing Wang, Qian Han
This paper analyzes the new situation faced by the renewable energy development and new trend in xinjiang, expounds the renewable energy in the position and role of the future energy system, put forward the development strategy for the future of renewable energy targets and requirements. At the same...
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Configuration and Evaluation on Gas-fueled Distributed Energy System Used in hotel Building

Zhao Lei
In this paper, characteristics of distributed energy system powered by gas turbine and gas-fueled internal combustion engine are analyzed. System configuration scheme was designed based on meteorological condition, internal load demand and time of equipment utilization. Compared with conventional energy...
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Study on the Method of Extracting Phase Using the Fourier Transform

Zhan-rong Zhou, Jun Xu, Xuan-ke Zhao, Xiao-fang Shen
A new method of extracting interference fringe phase is proposed. Firstly, the interference fringe was transformed from the spatial domain into the frequency domain using the Fourier transform. The positive spectrum carried the wave-front information. Secondly, the digital filters were design to filter...
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Experimental study on bending bearing capacity of bamboo- reinforced concrete plate

Mingqiao Zhu, Yong Long, Qiao Jiang, Jie Li
as the global resources is increasingly scarce and the environment is worse, people put forward the higher request for building materials and environmental protection. And bamboo is economy ,renewable and environmental protection. Apply bamboo instead of steel to concrete plate, increase the hollow rate...