Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social and Political Development (ICOSOP 2017)

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Human Security In The Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDGs 5) And Its Implementation In Indonesia

Junita Budi Rachman, Yanyan Mochamad Yani, Sayitri Aditiany
This paper is a concern with human security, women matters, and the Sustainable Development Goals numbered 5. The United Nations addressing gender equality and empower all women and girls in SDGs 5 that must be implemented and achieved by all its members in their countries, including Indonesia. Since...
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A Discourse Towards Indonesian White Revolution in the Perspective of Development

M. Ali Mauludin, Viani Puspita Sari
Globalization, and regionalization are overtaking the standard unit of development, the nation. International institutions and market forces are over- taking the role of the state as the conventional agent of development. The development process has been prone to merely involve particular parties who...
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Effectiveness of Harmony in Differences: increasing in universal difference orientation, sensitivity intercultural, thinking flexibility and prejudice.

Meutia Nauly, Ridhoi Meilona Purba, Rahma Fauzia
This research has been started by testing the values of important batak culture and supporting variables of cultural learning process such as opennes, and cognitive flexibility towards increasing intercultural sensitivity among Batak students (Batak Toba, Batak Mandailing, Batak Karo, and Batak Simalungun...
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Political Model Student Movement In North Sumatera Doing In Local Government Policy Advocacy

Muhammad Arifin Nasution, Rudy Salam Sinaga
The decentralized system of the Indonesian government to give jobs to the region to carry out development in the area in response to the various regional development policy. Offend public policy perspective the role of government and stakeholders. The focus of the stakeholders in this research is student...
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Model Legislative Candidate Recruitment In Province (Case Study in Golkar Party and the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle on North Sumatera Province and Central Java, 2014)

Muhammad Husni Thamrin, Elita Dewi, Hatta Ridho, Rudi Sinaga Salam
Since the post-reform era, the recruitment of legislative candidates is still a major issue in Indonesia to avoid the value of exclusivity, oligarchy and transactional. This study aims to compare recruitment of the candidate members of the provincial parliament at the provincial level by two political...
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The Revitalization Of Values Sahala Harajaon In Development Strategy Of Sustainable Tourism Management At Samosir Regency North Sumatera

Muhammad Pujiono, Budi Agusto, Farid Aulia
The values culture of Sahala Harajaon has been transforming,so the Sahala Harajaon (the esteem of leadership) has metamorphosed to the more acculturative. One of the results of culture acculturative is the human activities to sustain the management of tourism area. This study aims to identify the position...
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Role Of Customary Institution In Conflict Resolution Of The Rights On Customary Communal Land (Study on communal land conflict in Simangambat Jae Village Simangambat district of Padang Lawas Utara Regency)

Mukhrizal Effendi, M. Arif Nasution, R. Hamdani Harahap,, Muryanto Amin
Customary communal land's conflict between Hasibuan's tribe indigenous people and PT. Torganda is a dynamic conflict of customary communal land which occurred in Simangambat Jae village Simangambat District of Padang Lawas Regency for a long time. Many efforts have been done by the customary institution...
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Effect Of Use And Intensity Of Social Media Using Sexual Behavior Teenager In Sma Swasta Prayatna Medan 2015

Namora Lumongga Lubis, Elvi Sepriani
There are many factors which can influence sexual behavior in teenagers, and one of them is the source of information like social media. An interest in social media, the use of social media, and the intensity of using social media can influence teenagers' sexual behavior. Sexual behavior is all types...
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Influence Of Elderly Gymnastics On Fitness Level In Work Area Of Puskesmas Rami Kelurahan Source Jaya Siantar Martoba Pematangsiantar City 2017

Namora Lumongga Lubis, Kindi Meiastrina
An increased proportion of elderly people needs to get attention because the elderly group is a high-risk group who experience various health problems, especially degenerative diseases. When entering elderly, the functions can no longer function properly, then the elderly need a lot of help in living...
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Mapping of Local Media in Aceh; Presence, Challenge, and its Local Political Relation

Nellis Mardhiah, Saiful Asra
In the context of Aceh, Particularly post-enactment of the Law on Governing Aceh. The presence of local media is not only a part of the vortex of information, but also present as part of local political democratization. This is the challenge of the media or the local press itself. Do the media capable...
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Community Participation of Fishermen in Following Family Planning Program: A Case Study of Gender Relations in Village of KB Dusun Bagan Percut Sei Tuan

Osi Karina Saragih, Ratih Baiduri, Esi Emilia
This study aims to determine the participation of fishermen in participating family planning programs in Percut sei Tuan and to know the gender relations built in fishing communities. The type of research used is descriptive qualitative with ethnography approach. The research technique is done by in-depth...
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In the Name of Welfare: Interest Encounter Through The CSR Programs by PT. BADAK LNG in Bontang, East Kalimantan

Pangeran Putra Perkasa Alam Nasution, Nur Anggraeni, Mochammad Wahyu Ghani
CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is a program conducted by companies or business entities that exploit natural resources to improve the welfare of the community where the company operates. In Indonesia, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is strictly regulated in Law Number 25 of 2007 about Capital...
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Emotion Regulation on Wives Victims of Domestic Violence in Christianity Undergoing the Forgiveness Phases

Petra Johanna, Irmawati, Josetta Maria Remila Tuapattinaja
by years, nearly 50% of the cases were Christian family wives. The principle of Christian marriage is no divorce except by death. This study aims to examine the dynamics of emotional regulation on the wives of victims of violence in Christian households in undergoing forgiveness phases with a qualitative...
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The Existence of Tjong Yong Hian Family Business in Development Dynamics of Medan City

This paper examines how the existence of Tjong Yong Hian family business. Tjong Yong Hian is a colonial Chinese businessman who has achieved great success and success at a young age. His business developed not only in the field of the plantation but also the field of banking, real estate, and railways....
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The Power of the Screen: Releasing Oneself from the Influence of Capital Owners

Puji Santoso
Indonesia's Media has long played a pivotal role in every changing. The world's dependence on political, economic, and cultural changes leads the media playing an active role in the change order. It is not uncommon that the media has always been considered as an effective means to control changes or...
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Self Esteem and Body Image Of Early Adolescent Girls In Kuta Alam District Banda Aceh

Putri Wahyuni
Low self-esteem is usually happening in early adolescence girls, which affect negatively to their mental health development. Body image is considered as a predictor of the development of self-esteem in early adolescence girls due to their very high concerned about their body shape. The purpose of this...
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Political Identity Of Ethnic Batak In Southeast Aceh

Riza Utomo, Hidayat Amsani, Fikarwin Zuska
This study describes the Batak ethnic identity politics in Southeast Aceh Regency, identity politics became the main focus in the context of the direct election, As one of the ethnic groups in Southeast Aceh Regency ethnicity plays an important role in the political life in Southeast Aceh. Regional autonomy...
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Onang-onang: Angkola Mandailing Oral Tradition (Viewed from Culture, Local Wisdom and Education Perspectives)

Roswita Silalahi, Ely Hayati Nasution, Anna Leli Harahap
Empowering local culture to sustain local wisdom has become a crucial issue since the publication of President Decree No. 5 the year 2017, emphasizing on the significance of enhancing culture in all aspects, and included education. This paper aims to investigate Onang-Aonang, an Angkola Mandailing oral...
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Jawara and Local Election (Case Study of The Jawara Role of Tjimande Tari kolot Kebon Djeruk Hilir to win Wahidin Halim-Andika Hazrumy in the 2017 Banten gubernatorial election)

Saepudin, Kamaruddin
This research will explain about the history and role of the jawara in controlling Banten's economic, social and local resources.The influence of the Jawara increased in the beginning at the time of the Orde Baru who experienced social mobility into a powerful elite in Banten. In the reform era with...
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Dalihan Na Tolu In The Political Life Of The Toba Batak Society (Study of the Society Political Behavior During the Mayor's Election Period in Sibolga)

This paper discusses the political process of election of Sibolga leaders and cultural values of Dalihan Na Tolu based on the life of the Batak people in general as political dimension and cultural values that touch each other to fill the gap of life. The question then is whether the cultural value of...
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Concord Communications and Interactions between Ethnic Groups Supporting The Candidate; Case Study on Paguyuban Suku Tionghoa Indonesia dan Joko Tingkir In Election of Medan City, 2015

Humaizi, Ermansyah, Rudi Salam Sinaga
The ethnic group in Medan city has played an important role to participate in the formation of support groups. The shift from social group concentration to the world of electoral politics gives a new nuance for us to understand the existence of ethnic groups in the life of democracy at the local level...
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Resilience of Women Leaders as Village Heads in Patriarchal Culture (Eco-feminist Analysis)

Harmona Daulay, T. Ilham Saladin
This study analyzes the issues that arise from the facts of women as leaders. The fact does not necessarily dissolve the perception of most of the people in Indonesia leaders in government and in other public sectors are men. Data in the Batu Bara District civil servants of women more than men, plus...
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Indonesia's Diplomacy in Tackling Terrorism Issue at the G-20 Summit in Germany 2017

Ibnu Zulian
The issue of terrorism cannot be separated from international relations; the meeting of President Joko Widodo at the German G-20 Summit brings a distinct impression to the politics of the world, as the head of the diplomacy of quality diplomacy is taken into account because it brings the national interest...
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Power Interplay In The Implementation Of Legislative Functions (case study: conflict on Padang Panjang parliament within the determination of KUA PPAS fiscal year 2017)

As'ad Albatroy Jalius, Kamaruddin
This paper discusses the phenomena of conflict within the legislature regional level (DPRD tingkat Daerah) about the implementation of its function as a legislative body, especially the budget function. The budget for regional expenditure and income (APBD) is the resource of all potentials owned and...
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Political Opportunity, Mobilizing Structure, and Framing Process in Social Movement to Demand Special Autonomy in Yogyakarta 2010-2012

Andy Ilman Hakim, Meidi Kosandi
This research discusses the social movement to demand the appointment of the Sultan of Yogyakarta as the governor through the enactment of the law on Special Autonomy of Yogyakarta Province, without a free and fair election like in any other regions in Indonesia. The movement has its roots in history...
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Democracy and Political Consciousness. Investigating Difabel Toward Political Participation in the 2014 Presidential Election in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Agus Andika Putra, David Efendi, Rifki Sanahdi, Husni Amriyanto
Every citizen has right to choose and to participate in the general election, and the state must protect this basic right of politics. The high percentage of people with a different ability (difabel) participated in the 2014 presidential election in Yogyakarta (66,5%) indicated the remarkable work of...
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Community empowerment Based Social Capital and Village Business Company (BUMDes)

Badaruddin, Kariono Kariono, Ermansyah, Lina Sudarwati
Law No. 6 of 2014 on the Village states that one of the things that must be done by the village government is to empower the village community. Through community, empowerment is expected to realize the independence of society, both economically, socially, culturally, and politically. In relation to the...
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(Melek-Melekan ) In Birth Ceremony Of Tobanese Society At Kotapinang Village

Agata Murroisa P, Ichwan Azhari
research was conducted in Kotapinang village, South Labuhan Batu regency. This type of research is using qualitative methods with an ethnographic approach. The goal of this research is to know the existence of Melek-melekan tradition in Kotapinang Village. The subjects for this research were all people...
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Adaptation Strategy of Batak Toba Ethnic in Alas Land (a Case Study on Terutung Mbelang Village, Kutacane)

Agnes Novianti Permata Sari Hutahaean, Usman Pelly, Phil Ichwan Azhari
The aims of this study is to describe the adaptation strategy done by Batak Toba ethnic who moved to Alas Land. This study uses qualitative research design with an ethnographic approach. The technique of data collection was taken by deep interview, observing the community participation, and study of...
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Social Capital in Natural Disaster Management; A Case Study of Social Capital in Padang City

Anita Afriani Sinulingga, Silsila Asri, Virtuous Setyaka, Putiviola Elian Nasir
The purpose of this paper is to describe social capital in disaster management in the city of Padang. West Sumatra and specifically Padang have four of the largest potential natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, landslides, and floods. The huge potential of natural disasters in West Sumatra...
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Local Knowledge of Fishing Communities Pantai Labu Deli Serdang (Study about Pattern Treatment of Mother Pregnancy)

Desyanti Girsang, Ratih Baiduri, Pujiati
This research analyzed of pattern treatment of mother pregnancy of fishing communities in Pantai Labu. This research uses descriptive approach qualitative with technique triangular as mean to study, depicting, elaborating, and analyzing the change of pattern treatment of mother pregnancy of fishing communities...
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Local Wisdom of Batak Toba in Supporting Tourism Sector in Regency of Samosir

Dumora Jenny Margaretha Siagian, Hidayat Hamsari, Fikarwin Zuska
This study aims to explore and analyze the local wisdom of Batak Toba community that is useful and can support the tourism sector in Samosir regency. Samosir as an island located in the middle of Lake Toba is a leading tourist destination in the area of Lake Toba. As a beautiful island occupied by generally...
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Non-Communicable Diseases in Medan City 2016

Mutiara Erna, Syarifah
Non-communicable disease (NCD) is the leading cause of death globally. In low-and-middle-income countries, of all deaths in people under 60, 29% are due to NCD, whereas in developed countries, it accounts for 13% of deaths. The high problem of NCD in Medan City requires adequate and comprehensive control...
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Impact of Peer Evaluation in Reducing Social Loafing tendency Among Students

Novliadi Ferry, Rika Eliana
This research is focused on reducing social loafing. Peer evaluation is considered as one of an effective part in reducing social loafing in group-based tasks. Each member involved must be cautious about the contributions of other individuals who also participated in the same group. We conducted a study...
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Actualization of Local Wisdom in Simalungun Ethnics Daily Life

Saragih Hisarma, Subhilhar, R. Hamdani Harahap, Amir Purba
Simalungun is an ethnic group in North Sumatera, known as one of Batak sub ethnic. As an ethnic group, they have their own internal interaction to begin with and since 19th century they have external contact guided by local wisdom. Because of migration, Simalungun people has consider "us" as our culture...
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The Various Impacts Related to Implementation of Village Law No. 6/2014

Husnul Isa Harahap, Mohammad Ridwan, Fuad Hasan Lubis
The village is the smallest government institution. The number of village government is the most among other government agencies in Indonesia, such as in Deli Serdang District which has many village governments. The Indonesian Government has attempted to regulate the villages through various regulations....
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A Free from Drugs Narkoba Module by Improving Abstinence Self Efficacy Through Group Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention

Irmawati, Josetta M.R. Tuapattinaja
Drug abuse in Indonesia has become a serious national threat and has been declared war on drugs by the President of Republic Indonesia, Joko Widodo while attending a day Narkotika in 2016. The increasing number of rehabilitation centers and drug users who underwent rehabilitation programs does not completely...
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Cirebon Society's Perception about Kasepuhan Palace in Creating Kasepuhan Palace to International Destination

Farida Nurfalah
The readiness of a tourist destination to perform go international starting from within the destination with the quality and facilities, as well as the readiness of society and the professionalism of existing human resources. Problem identification in this research is as follows: 1). How is the Cirebon...
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The Effects Of Making Decision And Implementation To Community Participation In The Use Village Fund Allocation In Deli Serdang District

Hendra Dermawan Siregar, Subhilhar, M. Arif Nasution, Heri Kusmanto
The tittle of this research is "The Effect of Making Decision and Implementation to Community Participation in th Village Fund Allocation in Deli Serdang District. The purpose of this research are: 1) to determine the effect of making decision to community participation in the use village fund allocation....
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Self-Concept and Self-Regulated Learning of Obese Adolescents

Ade Rahmawati Srg, Debby. A Daulay, Fasti Rola
The objective of this study was to explore obese adolescents' self-concept and their self-regulated learning. The sample was 197 senior high school students in Medan City. The study utilized two questionnaires, a self-concept scale, and self-regulated learning scale. The questionnaires were developed...
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Self-Concept Differences between Obese and Non-Obese Adolescents: A Comparative Study of Senior High School Students in Medan City

Debby A. Daulay, Ade Rahmawati, Fasti Rola
The study explored self-concept differences of obese and non-obese adolescents. The sample was 234 senior high school students in Medan City, equally divided with 117 of them were obese, and 117 were non-obese students. Data was collected using self-concept scale designed by researchers based on a theory...
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Social Media As A Means For College Students Prostitution In Medan City

Faisal Irawan, Ibrahim Gultom, Hidayat Amsani
This study is a focus on the role of Social Media as a means for a college student in Medan City. The purpose of this research is to trace and know the covert prostitution network conducted by female students, using the social media as the transaction medium. According to the problem, the researcher...
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Self-Regulated Learning Differences between Obese and Non- Obese Adolescents: A Comparative Study of Senior High School Students in Medan City

Fasti Rola, Ade Rahmawati Srg, Debby A. Daulay
This study examined the differences in self-regulated learning of obese and non-obese adolescents. The sample was 234 senior high school students in Medan City, equally distributed, with 117 of them were obese, and 117 were normal weight students. Data was gathered using self-regulated learning scale...
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The Influence of Perceived Organizational Support and Internal Communication toward Work Engagement

Friyanka Sitorus
Human resources become themain capital for labor-intensive industries. Further, work engagement has emerged as one of the most critical factors to create acompetitive advantage on human resource. Developing work engagement needs areciprocal relationship between organization and employee. The present...
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The Effectiveness Mandala Therapy On Coping Stress

Hasnida, Amalia Meutia
Mandala as therapeutic intervention commonly used by ordinary people and therapists to reduce psychological stress. However, in Indonesia particularly in Medan, there is no scientificalevidence-based on empirical research of itis in treatment related to coping stress. This wasan explanatory study that...
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Trade Liberalization in Textiles and Clothing: A Comparative Analysis of Policy Responses between Indonesia and Bangladesh 2010-2015

Irhamna, Riaty Raffiudin
Thisarticle examines the policy responses from the government of Indonesia and Bangladesh to address the impact of liberalization in textiles and clothing towards women workers from 2010 to 2015. Using the gendered political economy perspective by Wedderburn & Jackson (2008) and Mengesha (2008), this...
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The Protection Of Intellectual Property Rights On Local-Wisdom Based Crafts In A Tourism Village In Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia

Ismayana, Nurul Chamidah
Cirebon is one of the regions that have historical and cultural lushness so that it has a huge amount of tangible and intangible local wisdom. In its development, some regions are developing their regions as the tourism villages with the main commodity of handicrafts deriving from their own cultures....
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The Traditional Social Group as A Sociological Factor of the Voting Behavior in the 2015 Karangasem-Bali Local Election

Kadek Dwita Apriani, Riaty Raffiudin
This article argues that Bali traditional social groups (banjar, kasta, sekaa and dadia) playan important role in determining the voting behavior of the 2015 Karangasemelection. The election raised a surprising result: a female candidate, supported by a coalition of small political parties defeated two...
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The Concept of Developing Local Wisdom-based Tourism Villages in Cirebon Regency, West Java, Indonesia: Integrated Marketing Communication Perspective

Nurul Chamidah, Khaerudin Imawan, Mudhofar
The tourism in Indonesia has become a complex sector, and therefore, it needs a communication pattern to improve tourism attraction and all tourism stakeholders. At this time, the marketing communication concept has not only been applied to products and services but also begun to be developed and applied...
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Contribution of Higher Education Institutions in Supporting Indonesian Halal Product Guarantee Policy 2019

Akim, R. Dudy Heryadi, Anggia Utami Dewi, Cecep Hermawan
As the country with athelargestMoslem population in the world, the study on the guarantee of halal products in Indonesia has not been optimally implemented. Currently, not all products circulating in the society are guaranteed to be halal, yet. Whereas the consumption of halal products is a major requirement...
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Universities in Global Development Framework: Optimization of Community Engagement for Youth Capacity Building

R. Dudy Heryadi, Anggia Utami Dewi, Akim, Waki'ah
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has replaced the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as the global development framework. As global goals, most countries have made this agenda as part of their national interest, including Indonesia. The Indonesian government even integrates the SDGs indicators into...
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Revitalization of Value and Meaning Toba Batak Folklore in the Formation of Character Education of Children

Ratih Baiduri, Leylia Khairani
Folklore originated from the oral tradition of society, full of messages of value and morals to be conveyed in one generation to the next generation. Folklore can be used as a means to guide children to behave well because it contains many pieces of advice that can be used as life lessons.This study...
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Influence of Perceived Organizational Support and Leader-Member Exchange towards Readiness for Change among Employees of PT. Bank X

Vera Nova, Zulkarnain, Sherry Hadiyan
This study aims to determine the influence of perceived organizational support and leader-member exchange to readiness for change among employees of PT. Bank X. The measurement tools used in this research were perceived organizational support scale, leader-member exchange scale and readiness for change...
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Acts of terrorism as a crime against humanity in the aspect of law and human rights

Aulia Rosa Nasution
Terrorism has become a worldwide phenomenon today. Acts of terrorism can be classified as a crime against humanity, which threatens and endangered the peace and the security of mankind. The acts of terrorism are also threatening the human civilization. The purpose of this study is to analyze the acts...
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Management Of Education Quality Improvement At Education Council Al Washliyah North Sumatra

Dedi Iskandar Batubara, Heri Kusmanto, Arif Nasution, Amir Purba
This study Aimed to know the planning, organizing, implementing, controlling and evaluating education quality improvement in education council at Al Washliyah, North Sumatra. Qualitative research is used in this study. that is based on the background of the individual as holistically. The technique for...
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Ethnic relations in contestation of Regional head election year 2010 in medan city

Edy Suhartono, Usman Pelly, Phil Ichwan Azhari
This paper examines the issue of ethnicity relations with the Regional Head Election in Medan City on Mayor and Vice Mayor Election Year 2010.This research was conducted in Medan City by analyzing the result of Recapitulation of vote acquisition to candidate pairs who contest elections on 2 in each of...
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Management Rice Livestock Integration System Based Local Institutional (Descriptive Study of "Mawar" Farmers Group in Lubuk Bayas village, Sub District of Perbaungan, Regency of Serdang Bedagai, Province of Sumatera Utara).

Fajar Utama Ritonga, Husni Thamrin
"Mawar" Farmers Group are Local Intitutional in managing Rice Livestock Integration System, in Lubuk Bayas village, Sub District Perbaungan, Regency of Serdang Bedagai, Province of Sumatera Utara. The purpose of this research is describing management program Rice Livestock Integration System, and to...
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Social Harmony In The Inter-Ethnic Relations (A Study In Society Multiculturalism in Kisaran)

Fakhri Muliawan Situmorang, Hidayat Amsani, Ibnu Hajar Damanik
This study aims is to Determine the Social Harmony in Inter-Ethnic Relations to a study in the Society Multiculturalism in Kisaran city, Asahan Regency. This study used a form of qualitative descriptive approach to ethnography. The collection of the data through direct interviews with inter-ethnic society....
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Voters Orientation Starter Set Toba Batak Ethnic Background (Case Study In Tiga Balata Simalungun)

Gomgom Manurung, Robert Sibarani, Erond Damanik
new voters are first time voters chose because the age of new entrants to the voting age. The existence of voters always promising in terms of quantity. Political orientation of voters is always dynamic and will change following the existing conditions and the factors that influence it. On elections...
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Self-Compassion And Emotional Maturity Of Street Children Assisted By Kksp Medan

Indri Kemala Nasution, Liza Marini, Rahma Yurliani Dalimunthe
This research aimed to determine the self-compassion and emotional maturity of street children assisted by KKSP (Kelompok Kerja Sosial Perkotaan) Medan. The study involved 300 street children selected using incidental sampling techniques. The teenagers involved in this study are street children aged...
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The Local Wisdom In Marine Resource Conservation In Indonesia: A Case Study Of Newcomers In Pariaman West Sumatra

Lucky Zamzami, Effendi Nursyiwan, Syahrizal, Ermayanti
This paper examines the local wisdom of new fishing groupshave had tremendous impacts on local marine resource conservation along the coasts ofthe province of West Sumatra. Data were collected from a small number of fishing households in the village of Pariaman Tengah in Pariaman Regency, using mainly...
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Indonesian Public Policy in the Post-truth Era

Globalization has driven the availability of access to abundant information. Nevertheless, the easier people in getting the information is not identical with the ability to gain the logical and critical understanding.The greatest battle of public office elections and the implementation of policies are...
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Moving Beyond Identity-Based Solidarity: Transnational Moslem Community Engagement toward the Rohingya Refugees

Taufik Hidayat, Deasy Silvya Sari, Siti Aliyuna Pratisti
The Rohingya conflict in Myanmar raises critical humanitarian issues which lead to multiple waves of refugees fled to various countries for protection. The indifferent act of the Myanmar government showed toward the Rohingya indicates the occurrence of structural violence that voiced by the international...
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Quality Analysis Of Management Information System And Work Environment To Employee Performance

Siti Rahmayuni
This study aims to analyze the problems that occur in Institute of Economic Science Balikpapan, about the relationship between quality management information systems and work environment to employee performance where the quality management information system and adequate working environment can increase...
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Conceptualizing Muslimat NU Women in Banyumas: A Civil Society Framework

Sofa Marwah, Oktafiani Catur Pratiwi, Soetji Lestari
This paper attempts to conceptualize the existence of women organization of Muslimat NU (Nahdlatul Ulama) in Banyumas regency in the frame of civil society. It is significant to conduct a study since Muslimat NU in this regency is supported by two district organizing boards, adequate human resources,...
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Political Orientation Of Santri During Bupati Election 2017 Aceh Barat

Sudarman Alwy, Reza Febriandi
The aim of this research was conducted to find out how is the Islamic Student Boarding School had the political orientation during Aceh Barat election 2017, there were for student in dayah Darul Hikmah Islamiyah and Thariqussalam was majorities are the beginner selectors which is had a minimum experience...
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Utilization Of Whatsapp As A Political Communication Channel Politicians Padang City

Sumartono, Suwandi Sumartias
This study aims to determine the use of social media Whatsapp (WA) as a political communication channel Member of Parliament of Padang City 2014-2019 to netizen. This research is done through approach of constructive qualitative paradigm by using phenomenology method. Informants were selected through...
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Model Policy Allocation Of Village Fund Assistance To Integrate Value Of Lokal Values In The Implementation Of Decentralization On Lokal Politics In The Pariaman City

There is a relationship between decentralization and local politics. Decentralization is a power dissipation by the government internally, while local politics itself is the power of power in the spatial dimension, as well as the social-cultural boundaries that surround it. The function of local politics...
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Symbolism Of Javanese Culture

Tasrif Syam
A study on the traditional of Javanese people in Tanjung Morawa, especially on the ceremony that deals with the circle life of human such as mitoni ritual. This kind of ritual shows many kinds of symbols which represent the effort to preserve the Javanese culture. This research is to find out the meanings...
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Empowerment OfUlos Weaver Women For Tourism Development

Tince Siboro, Hidayat Hamsani, Ibnu Hajar Damanik
Ulos weavers in LumbanSuhisuhiToruanSamosir is a form of cultural preservation of the Batak Toba community, as well as a community strategy to improve its economy. Batak Toba Ulos Industry in LumbanSuhisuhi also become one of tourist attraction to come and get to know Batak Toba culture in Samosir Island....
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Redefining the Role of Indonesian Subnational Actors in Foreign Relations through Economic Diplomacy

Viani Puspita Sari, M. Ali Mauludin
Therole of subnational actors particularly local government in foreign relations has become more significant in Indonesia, moreover since the Autonomy Law was put into practice after the reform took place in 1999, then the Law No 32, Article 10/2004 was effectively coming into effect. However, the law...
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Health Problems of Street Children in the Medan Amplas Station

Zulfendri, Arfah Mardiana Lubis, Isyatun Mardhiyah Syahri, Ulmi Salmah
One of the social problems that require an immediate solution in Medan city is the growing number of street children, such as in the Amplas terminal area, which reaches 60 people. These children are vulnerable to health risks from long hours and a very vulnerable workplace social environment. However,...
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Making Informal Politics Work. Case of Local-Direct Election in Bangka Selatan, Indonesia

Agam Primadi, David Efendi, Husni Amriyanto, Rifki Rifki Sanahdi
Local direct elections can be seen as thepractice of political decentralization in Indonesia. This political opportunity for local people can be varied in reality due to the different condition in the regions. Some regions are doing very well to bring more democratic realm, and in many regions also this...
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Implementation of Indonesias foreign policy in Asean Economic Community (MEA)

Rosmery Sabri, Evi Yunita Kurniaty
Indonesia's foreign policy in Asian Economic Society (MEA) is the embodiment of free-market principles in accordance with liberal economics thinking. The subject of implanting MEA comes to the forefront due to the government's unpreparedness through its ministry and other related institution. The readiness...
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Food and Non-Food Consumption Expenditure In Medan City and Its Affecting Factors (Case Study of Java and Batak Tribes)

Jana Putri Utami, Sri Fajar Ayu
Household consumption expenditure is the value of expenditure made by households to purchase various types of needs (food and non-food) within a certain period of time. Based on BPS's data of Medan City Year 2016, the biggest expenditure on non food. With the growing number of people every year, and...
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Single Candidate and Cartelization of Democracy in the Concurrent Local Election 2017

Laode Machdani Afala, Ahmad Zaki Fadlur Rahman
This paper attempts to explain how cartel politics occur not only in post-electoral but also before electoral. Democracy should be a fair arena for political parties in the competition of choosing a leader, but in contrast, the political parties as political instrument do not compete in electoral. It...
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Analysis Of Institution Political Culture And Local Democracy Through Musyawarah Desa

Adil Arifin, Fernanda Putra Adela
This study focuses on analyzing the institutionalization of local political culture and democracy through village meetings (musdes). The area of this research is in the context of village autonomy. By taking a scheme of village consultation in the village of GunungMeriah, GunungMeriahSubdistrict of Deli...
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Self-compassion of street children based on Gender, age, and education

Liza Marini, Rahma Yurliani, Indri Kemala Nasution
This research aimed to describethe self-compassion of street children in Medan City regarding demographic data,namely gender, age, and education. Subjects involved in this study were 300 street children, aged 12-18 years and attended both formal and non-formal education. The sample of this study was...
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Achievement Of The Target Market Through Business Model Canvas In Small And Medium Enterprises (Smes)

Onan M Siregar, Selwendri
As an SMEs industry many challenges faced by entrepreneurs in central SMEs Pasar Bengkel. Specially for the construction of the Medan - Tebing Tinggi toll road. It becomes as aspecial challenge for SMEs Pasar Bengkel entrepreneurs to be able to survive the business souvenirs typical Market Bengkel in...
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Enhancement Of Labor Productivity Through Performance Assessment At Hotel Garuda Plaza, Hotel Madani, And Hotel Novotel Soechi International Medan

Onan M. Siregar, Maulidina, Fahmi Sulaiman
Performance improvements are desirable from both employers and workers. Employers want employee performance both for the benefit of increased work and corporate profits. On the other hand, workers are concerned for self - development and job promotion. It can be said that a good employee performance...
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The Economic Improvement of Farmers in Sei Mencirim Through Independent Cassava Chips Industry

Fajar Utama Ritonga, Hairani Siregar
Abundant agricultural products did not necessarily provide anincreased economic income of the farmers in Sei Mencirim Village, District of Sunggal, Deli Serdang. It is caused by low selling prices of agricultural products in the market, one of which is the result of cassava farming. The farmers have...
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Socio-economic empowerment of thick-tailed-sheep livestock 'through feed variation technology (feed fermentation)

Hairani Sregar, Etti Sartina Siregar
Community service is one of the obligations that should be carried out by each lecturer at the College as one aspect of Tri Darma College. This activity by Service Team is entitled: SOCIO-ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT OF THICK-TAILED-SHEEP LIVESTOCK THROUGH FEED VARIATION TECHNOLOGY (FEED FERMENTATION) in SeiMencirim,...
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The Economic Improvement of Farmers inSeiLiturTasik Village through IndependentMocaf-Flour Production System

Hatta Ridho, Muhammad Arifin Nasution
The abundance of harvest does not always bring a good impact for farmers. Many problems of selling price is always an issue from year to year in Indonesia. This situation was also experienced by the farmers in SeiLiturTasik, District SawitSeberang, Langkat. The low cost of production and the low value...
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Asset Base Community Development in Community Development of Bold Indonesian Group of Reds Football Supporters Regional Medan (Medan Regional Bigreds) At Merdeka Village, District of Medan Baru, Medan

Husni Thamrin, Agus Suriadi
Community service activities is one of the obligations that should be carried out by each lecturer at the College as one aspect of Tri Darma College. The activity by each service team is entitled as Asset Base Community Development In Community Development of Bold Indonesian Community Group Of Reds Football...
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The Strengthening of Rural Community's Capacity in Implementing Law No. 6 The year 2014

Muryanto Amin, Tengku Irmayani, Muhammad Arifin Nasution
Law No. 6 The year 2014 Village has put each village head as a budgeting power-user, as well as heads of governmental agencies, either the provincial or regency ones. But unlike the heads of local governmental department, the village heads generally have a similar level toSenior High School (SMA) or...
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Utilizing Social Media In Partai Solidaritas Indonesia (Psi) As Youth Political Party

Irene Silviani, Rehia K.I Barus, Nadra Ideyani Vita, Bimby Hidayat
This research raise, elaborate and analyze Generation "Y" or Millenials political communication in establishing Partai Solidaritas Indonesia (PSI). Politic has transformed from mass movement to social media movement. This matter certainly different from society tradition to respond politic and government...
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Discourse Analysis on the Representation of Poverty in Southern Nias Culture

Juang Solala Laiya
This paper is part of a more comprehensive study addressing the inequality in interpretation of poverty meanings more inclined to global narratives of poverty, constructed by dominant actors, like academic institutions, donor agencies, governments, etc., who unilaterally claim positions as regimes of...
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Study of Eco-Tourism in Marine Tourism Area Based on Community (case study: Iboih Beach)

Mohammad Nawawiy, Imam Faisal Pane, Rizka Chairani
Iboih Beach is one of the nautical tourism sites located in the city of Sabang. Is one of the marine tourism sites that began to be developed into Eco-tourism. The purpose of this research is very suitable to study the community to tourism on the beach based for marine tourism can be more developed....
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Lecturer Certification and The Teaching-Learning Process Quality in Universitas Sumatera Utara

Fatma Wardy Lubis, Hendra Harahap
This research entitled "Lecturer Certification and Quality of Teaching and Learning Process in Universitas Sumatera Utara" is aimed to know the quality of teaching and learning process conducted by certified lecturer at Universitas Sumatera Utara. This research is needed because the Indonesian government...
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Self-Compassion Of Bataknese Street Children

Rahma Yurliani, Indri Kemala, Liza Marini
This research aimed to describe the self-compassion of Bataknese street children. Subjects involved in this study were 220 bataknese street children, selected by using incidental nonprobability sampling method. Teenagers who involved in this study are bataknese street children aged 12-18 years old. The...
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Parenting on poor fisherman family and Potential Conflict (Study Case on Eretan Wetan Village, District Kandang Haur, Regency Indramayu)

Soni A. Nulhaqim, Rini Hartini Rinda, Maulana Irfan, Ishartono, Wandi
This research discussed parenting on poor fisherman family in the area of northern beach, west java, which is located in Eretan Wetan Village, Kecamatan Kandang Haur, Kabupaten Indramayu. The focus of this research is the way of parenting by poor fisherman family in the area of potential conflict. The...
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Women Refugee Discrimination: A Critical Review of the Women's Rights Fulfillment in Mount Sinabung Eruption Refugees

Nurlela, T.Silvana Sinar, T.Thyrhaya Zein, Fernanda Putra Adela
This paper discusses and criticizes government policy in tackling women refugees due to eruption of Mount Sinabung which has lasted for 7 years (2010-2017). Women refugee are trapped in the central and local government policies that are very 'masculine' in tackling their problems. The various problems...
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Accessibility Political Adat (Study On Parmalim Indigenous Populations In North Sumatra)

Tonny Pangihutan Situmorang
Indigenous peoples of Indonesia continues to be part of society's most vulnerable to the negative impacts of development resulting in structural poverty. It is also the point of the main problems faced by indigenous peoples in North Sumatra Parmalim. Emerging problems caused by the inability of people...
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Indigenous Peoples and Relationships The Power: A Critical Assessment Public Policy Against Discriminatory Parmalim

Tonny Pangihutan Situmorang
Indonesia's Constitution noted that every community has the same rights as citizens. However, the narrative of the constitutional language is not in line with the implementation of a policy of discrimination because they are felt to indigenous peoples Parmalim community is no exception. Parmalim an indigenous...
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Refugees and Reconstruction disaster management policy eruption of Mount Sinabung

Tonny P Situmorang, Adil Arifin, Faisal Andri Mahrawa
The problem faced by the countries in the world including Indonesia in the last decade is a disaster-related problems. Volcanic eruption of Mount Merapi is among the disasters that regularly should be addressed. Activities due to the volcanic eruption is certainly a great danger and risk to the surrounding...
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Corruption, Deforestation And Disaster In The Taman Nasional Gunung Leuser Forest

Fernanda Putra Adela, Anwar Saragih
This research, describes and analyzes corruption, deforestation and disasters in the area of Gunung Leuser National Park (TNGL). Corruption in the issuance of permits management, illegal logging and forest conversion to plantations. This resulted in the destruction of forests have an impact on the flood...
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Recruitment, Certification And Financial Management Of Political Party In The Province Of North Sumatera, Indonesia

Muryanto Amin, Warjio, Heri Kusmanto
The management of political parties in relatively new countries implement procedural democracy is done transactionally. Not following documented recruitment and regeneration models and weak transparency of financial management of political parties. As a result government management becomes inefficient,...
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The Implementation of Technology Acceptance Models in the Online Shopping Activity Through Social Media Instagram Among University of Sumatra Utara Students

Selwendri, Rumyeni
Socialmedia used by the users for various purposes.Many features and complete attractive application made social media is easy to accepted by users.Instagram is one of social media much used among students, one of the purpose of its use is to do online shopping. Technology Acceptance Model or TAM by...
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The Effectiveness of Distribution In The Program Implementation Rice For The Poor ( Raskin ) In area Bilah Barat Labuhanbatu Regency.

Zafar Siddik Pohan, Heri Kusmanto, Walid Musthafa, Muhammad Riswan
the Raskin program is a program that carried out under the responsibility of the department of the interior and perumbulog in accordance with skb ( a joint decree ) interior minister with the director main state company bulog number 25 tahun 2003 dan Nomor: PKK-12/07/2003. As for Raskin aims as a form...
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Analysis of Employees Performance Appraisal, Promotion and Mutationin Organizational Performance at Bank Sumut Medan, North Sumatra Province

Beti Nasution, Onan M. Siregar, Faisal Eriza
This research was conducted with the purpose; 1..To analyze the employees performance appraisal/assessment at Bank Sumut.2. To analyze the implementation of the promotion and transfer of employees at Bank Sumut.3. To analyze the performance of the organization of Bank Sumut. This research was conducted...