Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Social and Political Development (ICOSOP 2017)

The 2nd International Conference on Social and Political Development took place in Medan, Indonesia on December 4-5 2017 with the conference theme of “Local Autonomy and Local Interest”.

Globalization nowadays is an inevitability that must be faced an accepted by whole world countries. The competition among countries is not determined by the countries development level, whether it is still developing or already develop. All countries at any level today compete freely and openly. As a consequence, every country must be able to frame the national interest measurably and came from local aspiration and power to prevent any loss in global competition.

National interest is a form of people’s aspiration come from all territories in a country, in the political aspect, economics, socials, laws, etc. in Indonesia, by conducting local autonomy, national interest is affected by local condition and ability, in giving any input about national policies, or running policies as a part of national interest.

One of the arguments in conducting local autonomy is to bring the government, in the form, a local government, closer to the society so that the local government able to understand the society wish, aspiration, and need. Therefore, local government can form a policy based on society aspiration, and next to the aspiration can be delivered to central government as a formula matter of national interest.

As a part of national interest form, local autonomy must be able to mobilize an improvement of public service, proper governance, and also to fix imbalance between one to other regions. The global competition nowadays must be addressed by reinforcement of society at all level; local autonomy must be able to move to actualize it. The application of local autonomy is not meant by the central government to escape from regional issues to be a focus on national interest. Local autonomy is a part of the national interest itself, so the reinforcement of local ability in autonomy will automatically escalate the competitiveness of the country, especially in international scale.