Proceedings of the 2015 3rd International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Information Technology Applications

1058 authors
Zheng, Liugang
Research and Implementation of Wireless Personal Area Network based on IEEE802.15.4
Zheng, Mulin
The Research of Tank Bottom Structure Failure Based On Numerical Simulation
Zheng, Mulin
Design and Implementation of the Operation Skill Training System for Elevator
Zheng, Ning
Design of a Heterogeneous QR code for Internet of Things Based on Digital Watermarking Techniques
Zheng, Wenze
Analysis of Transmission Losses of Power Grid Containing Wind Power Plant Power Dispatching and Control Center of State Grid Fuxin Electronic Power Supply Company
Zheng, Xiaohua
Application of Correlation Analysis in Concrete Infrared Thermography Detection
Zhou, Aijun
Research on free flying of high speed aircraft without control
Zhou, Aijun
Simulation of open loop response of a kind of high speed aircraft with virtual flying conditions
Zhou, Aijun
The open loop response analysis of duck wing with trust resistance balance and constant elasticity
Zhou, Caixu
Experimental Study on the Strength of Concrete Drainage Regeneration
Zhou, Dalei
A New Message Middleware for Business Process Engine Integration Based On Publish/Subscribe Model
Zhou, Haiqin
Study on Design Method for Linkage Mechanism Size Parameters of Crawler Crane Superlift Mechanism Based on Genetic Algorithm
Zhou, Huaiying
Effect of Al on the cycling behavior of the AB5-type La-Ni-Co-Mn alloy electrodes
Zhou, Ke
Design of the Identity Authentication and Key Management System Based on Wireless Community
Zhou, Kongjun
The quantitative analysis of electric meter measurement error with harmonic sources
Zhou, Li
Web Service-oriented Collaborative Management of Multi-Agent Supply and Demand Network
Zhou, Li
Research on Sports Demonstration Teaching System Based on Kinect
Zhou, Lianyong
RETRACTION: Deconstructing Multi-Processors with Dasymeter
Zhou, Lianyong
RETRACTION: Decoupling 802.11 Mesh Networks from Model Checking in Courseware
Zhou, Peng
Research on the Remaining Load Forecasting of Micro-Gird based on Improved Online Sequential Extreme Learning Machine
Zhou, Ping
Design and Realization of SVM Topic Crawler Based on Incremental Learning
Zhou, Tong
Design and Dynamic Characteristics Study on structure of MIMU Damping System
Zhou, Xiaojie
Analysis Method of Multi-scale Frequency Spectral Latent Feature based on the Mutual Information
Zhou, Xiaoshan
Exploration of the Impact of Homogeneity to Rock Fracture by RFPA
Zhou, Xiaoyan
Attacker-Defender Signaling Game in Multi-Period Based on Technology Accumulation and Bayesian Learning
Zhou, Xueqin
Multi-sensor Target Tracking Using the Bernoulli Filter
Zhou, Yi
The analysis of online users’ emotions based on data mining
Zhou, Yingying
Symbolic Computation of Exact Solutions of Two Nonlinear Lattice Equations
Zhou, Yu
Complete sets of mobile operation software for in-field calibration of electric energy meter
Zhou, Yuwei
Sink mobile routing protocol for WSNs Based on PSO
Zhou, Zhe
On the Comprehensive Reactive Power Compensation System of Large-scale Grid-connected Wind Power
Zhou, Zhicheng
A New Method for Intelligent Check of Transformation Equipment Condition Monitoring Device
Zhou, Zhicheng
Development of Vehicle-borne Substation State Intelligent Calibration System
Zhou, Zhicheng
Research and Development of Calibration Device on SF_6 Gas Density Monitoring Equipment
Zhou, Zhicheng
Research on a Standard Signal Source of Circuit Breaker
Zhou, Zongtan
Self-paced EEG-based Brain-controlled car in Real-World Enviroment
Zhu, Binrong
Shear Strength between HPC and Rolled Steel Plate after Elevated Temperatures
Zhu, Canyan
Conductive Path Formation by Aggregated Oxygen Ions in Titanium Dioxide: First-Principles Analyses
Zhu, Chenhui
A Study on the Sound Insulation Effect of Resilient Interlayer of a Floating Floor
Zhu, Dongbi
Throughput Analysis of Unslotted CSMA with Grouped Sensing in Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio Network
Zhu, Jinpeng
Design of a High Voltage Power Supply for Electrocurtain
Zhu, Kai
The Research of Control Mechanism in Mobile Botnet
Zhu, Li
Threat Evaluation of Early Warning Detection Based on Incomplete Attribute Information TODIM Method
Zhu, Liwei
Estimation System of Exterior Ballistic Measuring Data from Space Tracking Ships
Zhu, Mingfan
Effect of the Substrate Distance on the Mechanical Properties of SnBi-?Al2O3 Joint Welded by Ultrasonic-assisted Brazing
Zhu, Pengcheng
Downlink Performance Analysis of Distributed Antenna Systems with Linear Precoding
Zhu, Qiang
Primary characterization of micro holes on super alloy by percussion of millisecond pulse laser
Zhu, Shilei
Design and Completion of the Indoor Positioning System Based-on Taylor Iterative
Zhu, Shuangmei
Calculations on the optical properties of the elliptical and cubical nanoparticles with electrostatic approach
Zhu, Siqing
A Design and Implementation for Multi-function signal generator based on FPGA
Zhu, Siqing
A Design and Implementation of Simple Spectrum Analyzer Based on DDS
Zhu, Weiping
Economic and environmental optimal operation of isolated multi-element complementary microgrid based on PSO with adaptive mutation
Zhu, Xijing
Simulation analysis of bubble motion under ultrasonic assisted Electrical Discharge Machining
Zhu, Yaqing
A Graphic Modeling Method of Thermal Hydraulic System in Power Plant Based on MUSE
Zhu, Yongjiu
Numerical Simulation and Experiment of the Piezoelectric De-Icing System
Zhuang, Yi
Signal hunting algorithm with low energy consumption based on packet difference mechanism in sensor network
Zou, En
The Research on the control system of the autonomous vehicle for sea floor prospecting with chaotic optimization theory.
Zou, En
Simulation Study of Improving Mutative Scale Chaos Optimization Algorithm in Complex Nonlinear System