Proceedings of the 2015 3rd International Conference on Machinery, Materials and Information Technology Applications

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Research on Algorithm for Virtual Network Embedding Based on Integer Programming

Min Lai, Zhengliang Liu
The virtual network embedding problem is a majorchallenge in this field. Its target is to efficiently map the virtual nodes and virtual linksonto the substrate network resources. Due to multiple objectives and multipleconstraints, finding the optimal solution turns out to be a very difficult problem....
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Research on the Design of Medical Image Database System Basedon Web

Zhengliang Liu, Min Lai
In recent years, with the extensive application of database technique, medical image information becomes easier to be storage and archiving. Based on selection of development, script languagesand database technology, this paper designs the system structure, system process, webpage function, and system...
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The Decision Support System of Urban Distribution Network Planning Based on Electric Power Demand Forecasting

Suling Chen
The functional architecture and overall design of the decision support system of urban distribution network planning based on electric power demand forecasting are introduced, with the focus on the function implementation and key planning results of the electric power demand forecasting module for the...
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The Scale Data and Strategy Analysis of the Buildings in Jiaju Tibetan Village

Wei Liu
By analyzing the present situation of Jiaju Tibetan Village in Sichuan Province, three issues were found, that is, a) the abrupt change of the traditional building environment; b) the unbalanced proportion of the buildings and its surroundings; c) the contradiction between numerous buildings and local...
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Exploration of the Application of Virtual Reality Technology on Sports Simulation Training

Guangtian Qian
Through the concept of virtual reality technology, the introduction of features, leads in particular application of virtual reality technology in all areas of sports fields; then, from the build simulation training field, a single person special training, remote training with the environment, the core...
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Design and Realization of SVM Topic Crawler Based on Incremental Learning

Ping Zhou
Using information technology such as search engine for collecting and monitoring of network public opinion is a practical and effective method. This paper puts forward an improved algorithm of SVM classifier based on incremental learning online, and then implements a topic crawler system for network...
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Study on HEVC Intra Prediction Algorithm and Its Optimization Technique

Yueran Cai
The high efficiency video coding (HEVC) standard was developed by JCT-VC in 2010 and was officially released in 2013. Compared to the previous video coding standard of H.264/AVC, HEVC can save about 50% bit-rate for equal perceptual video quality, but the computational complexity significantly increases....
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Research on Design Features of Intelligent Product based on Big Data

Kai Dong, Xuedi Mao
At present, the products design and development of enterprises are facing more complex internal and external environment, the specific performances are the technological and economic changes, the endless innovation of competitor, the constant changing of consumer's demands. To the enterprise management,...
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Analysis of document recommendation based on Hierarchical analysis method and BP neural network

Rongyu Zhang
At present, with the development of the information technologies and the Internet, evaluation and ,the recommendation of all kinds of information is increasingly concerned. We can get User’ evaluation on the books for 5 points. Considering the effect of different factors on the books’ score then the...
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Threat Evaluation of Early Warning Detection Based on Incomplete Attribute Information TODIM Method

Zhiyang Gao, Li Zhu, Zheng Li, Pengcheng Fan
The incomplete attribute information TODIM method is applied to the early warning detection threat evaluation to enhance decision-making scientific and targeted due to the limitations of traditional multi-attribute evaluation methods. This paper introduces the incomplete attribute information TODIM method...
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Information collection system of agricultural traceability based on things

Tingting Li, Bo Li, Dechang Huang
Things agriculture is an important development direction of networking applications, networking technology in the field of agriculture for the development of agriculture has brought immeasurable impetus and prospects immeasurable. In agriculture things, how can the production process the data collected...
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Computer Database Security Management Analysis and Discussion

Kai Hu
Human society entered the 21st century, the Internet and mature technology of the database has been an unprecedented development, security issues have always been a computer database security and database data loss problems are hacking seriously affect the database, for database security Research management...
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Anycast Routing Algorithm With The chaotic Disturbance

Baolong Zhang, Haiyan Huang
There is a problem of partial convergence in anycast routing based on genetic algorithm, therefore an improved anycast routing algorithm is proposed in this paper. The chaotic disturbance operator is adopted in the improved algorithm. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has a faster...
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The Analysis of Improved Network Security Model Based on Dynamic Wireless Networks

Lifang Lu
Nowadays, dynamic wireless network security model flawed in terms of initiative defense, risk assessment and security policy generation and others. To solve this problem, we proposes an improved model of network security model based on dynamic wireless networks. This network security model is mainly...
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Research on the key technology of data security protection based on cloud computing

Juan Guo
cloud computing is the hot topic in the application and the research sphere. And the most IT Enterprises staffs think that cloud computing is the core application architecture of the next generation of computer network technology. Though the appearing of cloud computing bring a lot of advantage, but...
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Research on the New Characteristics System of New Media Technology

Hanmei Qu
Sparse literature exists on the topic of college students' core values education via new media, so in this study the theory of communicative ideological education was applied to build the mode of college student's core value education via new media. This was also based on the characteristics of college...
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Research and Application on Tangka Image Segmentation Algorithm

Yan Xu, WeiLan Wang
This paper studies the key problems of many Tangka image segmentation algorithms and computational complexity and hard to applies to large scale images segmentation. As a exploratory research of Tangka image, the paper fully took the comprehensive and robustness of algorithm into account. The image segmentation...
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A Decision Support Model about Medical Community Based on CBR

Bing Jiang, Cheng Liu
The level of information management community health care in our country is not high , and the technology is very scarce. In this paper, we raise a decision support model about community medical?in the light of the degree of information is far from enough. The paper discussed how to design?build and...
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Study of Intelligent Optical Network Technology in Power Communication Network

Feng Wang, Ning Yu, Dong Wang, Yang Li
In this paper, we introduced the ASON technology and the development, have analyzed its architecture characteristic and the function characteristic, and with transmission systems and so on WDM, MSTP, RPR has carried on the comparison. Has obtained the ASON technology for the electric power communications...
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Design and Implementation of Financial Warning System based on Large Data

Guoqiang Wu
This dissertation is going to bring forward modern development and design of Big Data Integration for financial management system, based on limits of traditional financial management and situation under large numbers of business data accumulation. As per development and requirement of financial management,...
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The Application and Research of Embedded Mobile Database

Shi Yang
With respect to the current situation of logistics industries, the data synchronization technique in embedded mobile database design is researched. The focuses is on the establishment and maintenance of server databases, so as to solve the problems, like the date acquisition in data synchronization and...
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The research of new start frame beginning spinning position signal acquisition system based on reed sensor

Qingbin Zhao, Guangdong Jiang
In this paper, a new frame beginning spinning position signal acquisition system is designed with reed sensors. Compared with the beginning spinning position signal acquisition device, the experiment proves that, the structure of the signal acquisition device is easy to adjust, stable and long usage...
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Development of Exercise Intensity Monitoring System Based on Wearable Device

Yurong Chen, Ran Yi
In this paper, we study heart rate, metabolic equivalent, the degree of subjective sensation and motion energy consumption characteristics. From the basic response characteristics of heart rate of sports load Heart rate measurement using the target heart rate to arrange exercise load strength and heart...
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Research on New Models of Network Travel

Bin Xue, Wei Li, Hongyan Song
With rapid development and popularity of internet across the world, information technology has been applied to social life and production of people, and enters the fields of traditional business including tourism at an unprecedented rate. The network travel in future should provide a full range of tourism...
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Research on Construction Technology of Optical Radiation Measuring System Based on Virtual Instrument Technology

Sanfeng Dong
Using virtual instrument technology, digital signal processing technology and traditional optical radiation measuring technology to construct optical radiation measuring system breaks the construction methods of traditional instruments. Signal processing, collection, control and process of measuring...
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Optimizing Service Selection Using Hybrid Multi-objective Genetic Algorithms

Bo Li, Changsheng Zhang, Baoxing Bai
Developments in web services lead increasing numbers of enterprises to focus themselves on core business by outsourcing parts of service flows. As an important measure of the web service, quality of service (QoS), determines the success of the combined services to some extent, highlighting the need for...
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Multi-Mode and Single Goods Transportation Network Equilibrium Model Based on Super Network

Ting Chen
We expatiate and summarize the partition method about transportation mode, and then we analyze the function concept of generalized transportation cost in details in this paper. After the equilibrium model of regional transportation network and the algorithm of the multi-mode and single goods have been...
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An Improved TLS handshake protocol

Xian-Zhu Li, Jun Liu
The transport layer security protocol (TLS) used in the Internet exist complex certificate management shortcomings and highly handshake delay due to the use of the certificate, IBE avoid the above problems by not using the certificate. he article introduces the identity based encryption system into the...
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Fall Detection Algorithm for the Elderly Based on Trial Acceleration and Heart Rate

Weibin Meng, Chenchao Wang, Haoyang Li, Meichen Ji
The paper introduces a method of judging the gesture according to triaxial acceleration data and heart rate data. The acceleration transducer is used to collect the triaxial acceleration data, and some experimental data is selected as training data. The collected data is classified according to KNN algorithm,...
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Research on Application of Spatial Information Technology in Gas Pipeline Repair

Ming Yong
With the application of spatial information technology in repair of gas networks, SCADA system is combined with GIS system to determine the damaged equipment and components of the booster, and the severity of the booster. The technical parameters including the manufacture, size, material, size and type...
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Research of Measure-Control Information Collection and Processing System Construction Based on Ifix

Ming Yong
The paper about the research of measure-control information collection and processing system construction based on iFix starts from the monitoring and analysis of general industrial test information collection. And it puts forward that we adopt the industrial production field measurement and control...
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Implementation of mobile augmented reality system based on ORB-FREAK Algorithm

Yutao Niu, Hui Huang
At present?the existing algorithm registration for mobile equipment is weak on real-time feature,this paper proposes an Tracking registration for Mobile augmented reality based on ORB-FREAK algorithm.To Reduce the algorrithm time overhead,using ORB and FREAK as detecter and descriptor,Hamming-based Brute-force...
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The Design of the DSP Control Circuit in the Conversion Device of Power Source about Medium Frequency Generator

Jingfeng Tian
This paper describes the design of control circuit which makes the TMS320LF2407 as the core. It mainly introduces the characteristics of DSP, the general development process of DSP system and the DSP chip TMS320LF2407’s characteristics adopted by this system. It focused on the peripheral circuit design...
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Research on Device Control System Design Based on Stepping Motor

Zhongyong Tian
Applying stepping motor to motion control system of equipment can make the device achieve the objective of two-dimensional motion control. Firstly, the paper defines the motion control scheme of system. Then, the paper makes detailed analysis on central processing unit and motion controller of hardware...
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On Debugging of Secondary Equipment of Digital Substation based on IEC61850-9-2

Xueqiang Zhang, Zhiyuan Cheng
since 1990s, the substation has entered the digital age along with rapid development of information control technology, power grid technology, computer technology and measuring technology, and a great breakthrough has been made in aspects of function improvement, cost reduction, reliability enhancement...
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Surface Profile Measurement System Based on Incoherent Optical Feedback

Zhijun Zhang
Optical feedback effect has been widely applied to external cavity laser, and it has achieved good effect in narrowing the spectral line of laser. And the measurement technique based on optical feedback effect attracts the attention of the researchers. The measurement system based on optical feedback...
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Numerical Simulation of Waveform Adjustment in high G Accelerometer Calibration System Using Hopkinson Bar

Xing-liang Zhao, Xin-liang Li, Peng Xu, Da-zhi Zhang
High-G accelerometer impact excitation using Hopkinson pressure bar was introduced. The impact excitation course was simulated on ANSYS/LS-DYNA using Lagrange's method and Johnson-Cook constitutive model. The effects of projectile nose shape, nose length, and adjustment pad material on acceleration waveforms...
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Research and Implementation of Wireless Personal Area Network based on IEEE802.15.4

Liugang Zheng
IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN’s popularity, and IEEE 802.16 wireless broadband network in the commercial standardization in recent years, have made significant wireless network technology increasingly important, but also more and more applications and products has emerged. While wireless personal area network...
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Web Service-oriented Collaborative Management of Multi-Agent Supply and Demand Network

Li Zhou
The paper firstly introduces Web service technique, based on which the paper researches the supply and demand service under Web services-oriented supply and demand network collaborative management system architecture. Agent has features, so the paper focuses on researching integration method of Agent...
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Simulation research of university library recommended system based on big data and data mining

Rui Li
This paper based on the specific needs of the university library, analyzes construct necessity, feasibility and technical solutions to select automatic recommendation system for books, and a brief introduction of collaborative filtering algorithms, in particular the correlation calculation and different...
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Personalized Facet Recommendation based on Conditional Random Fields

Yongquan Dong, Qiang Chu, Ping Ling
Faceted search is a kind of exploratory search, which is the complementary of keyword search. The current faceted search techniques display all facets. When there are plenty of facets, they are not available. Existing facet recommendation approaches mainly select facets according to the experts’ experience...
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The Travelling Wave Solutions of the nonlinear beam equations

Weishi Yin, Yixian Gao, Pinchao Meng
This paper is concerned with the existence of exact traveling wave solutions of nonlinear evolution equation by the tanh-function method. The validity and reliability of this method is demonstrated by applying it to a variety of the nonlinear beam equations.
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Design and Realization of Measurement System for Underwater Equipments

Hao Wang
Underwater equipment auxiliary monitoring is the important premise to ensure system work normally and effective data analysis. This system give full consideration to the output form of all kinds of sensors and realize the net access of different kinds of auxiliary measuring module by using network bus...
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Design of Intelligent Car Based on Arduino Development Board

Ru Nie
As the development of science and technology, the microchip technology has become closer relationship to our life which gives our life more convenient, not only the telephone but computers and digital cameras can’t work without the microchip’s development. “Arduino”, it’s cheap and easy to develop but...
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Design of the Identity Authentication and Key Management System Based on Wireless Community

Linsheng Wang, Ke Zhou
With the rapid development of wireless communication technology, wireless community has brought a lot of convenience to people's life. However, in the open wireless network environment, the communication system has been attacked and threatened to be higher than the traditional wired network. In order...
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Network Intrusion Detection System and Its Cognitive Ability based on Artificial Immune Model

Linjing Wang, Han Zhang
With the rapid development of science and information technology, computer and network technology have made jumping progress, which not only speeds up the global information, but also brings more serious information security issues. Information network security has become a new term, which is related...
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Research on Mobile Network Payment Security Protocol based on Symmetric Cryptography

Linjing Wang, Peijiang Zhang
With the rapid development of network technology and mobile terminal equipment, mobile payment has become a trend. Due to the complexity of payment environment, the payment terminal equipment performance is limited, mobile payment security protocol is essential with a high degree of security. This paper...
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Network Data Encryption Technology based on Hardware Protocol and Algorithm

Linjing Wang, Guoliang Tang
In order to improve the security of network data transmission and avoid the leakage of transmission data, this paper proposes an enhanced data transmission security and reliability scheme, and design a new data encryption and decryption system using hardware encryption protocol and algorithm. The main...
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Research on Key Technology of Authentication and Key Negotiation in Cloud Computing Environment

Linjing Wang, Chunxia Zhao
Due to the complexity of cloud computing environment, cloud computing in the process of information security certification not only requires the server identifying user information, but also identifying authenticity of user authentication server, which can realize two-way authentication between server...
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Research on the Data Mining Method based on Information Security Vulnerability Ontology

Han Zhang, Yali Lv
Information security has experienced a long time from the concept to deepen. Nowadays, with the development and in-depth of computer science and technology, the problem of information security grow with each passing day out. In June 2014, the freely available WiFi has trap vulnerability event, it specifically...
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Design and Implementation of Intelligent Agricultural Product Logistics Vehicle Monitoring Terminal based on GPS/GPRS

Minghua Deng, Xiaozhi Wang
According to the design requirement of the agricultural product intelligent logistics monitoring system, this paper uses integrate embedded technology to design a new intelligent logistics monitoring system based on GPS/GPRS. On this basis, this paper designs the GPS positioning module, RFID RF module...
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Research on the Automotive Remote Failure Diagnosis based on Complex Network Theory

Haibin Zhao, Aibing Wang
First, this paper analyzes the research status of vehicle networking, engineering applications, electronic control engine fault diagnosis and develops research content and design route for this paper. From view of application, this paper analyzes the complex network model, complex network rules, complex...
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The research on the fluorescence image of the hydraulic leakage acquisition and analysis

Yufeng Zhang, Xi Zhang, Minrui Li
This paper introduced the principle of the fluorescence image of the hydraulic leakage acquisition and analysis system. The function and structure of system and the composition diagram of automatic detection hardware had been analyzed. The thresholding and semithresholding on the fluorescence image of...
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The Research of Massive Data Analysis and Processing Based on Hadoop

Julan Yi
how to quickly extracted from these massive data out of the enterprise value of useful information has become the most vexing problems in the development of application software programmers encounter in the course. Based on the starting point of this issue, this paper analyzes the key technical foundation...
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A Design and Implementation for Heart Sound Detection Instrument based on FPGA

Min Wei, Kexue Sun, Chenxi Wang, Xiefeng Cheng
According to the problem that traditional heart detection equipment is bulky and expensive, approach to designing and implementing portable heart sound detection instrument is proposed in this paper. After the heart sound signal is filtered and amplified by hardware circuits and FPGA, the SCM receives...
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Optimization Design of Monitoring Sections of Qinghe River Basin

Xuejiao Feng, Xiang He, Jinxiang Fu, Fan Wang
K-means fuzzy cluster analysis and matter element analysis have been used to select optimize points of water quality monitoring in Qinghe River, taking 8 monitoring section data in June 2014. K-means fuzzy clustering analysis method is suitable for the processing of continuous data set,and matter element...
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Microgrid Economic Operation Research Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Xueying Wang, Peng Li
This paper presents a new optimization approach for solving the economic operation with consideration of wind, solar, micro-turbine, fuel cells, battery and load in an energy system. Mathematical models of each micro source and the system model of the microgrid economic operation are established, and...
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A New Method of Extrusion Simulations of Newtonian Fluids

Yu Cao, Miao Wang, Qian Wang, Chao Li, Wenjing Yang
The simulation of free surface problems (e.g. waves, bubbles) are important in various fields. Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) is one the famous methods to track the position of free surface. However, this method is usually used in Finite Element Method (FEM) systems. The main difficulty to integrate...
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A Group Decision Matrix Construction Method Based On OWA Operator

Yanling Li, Qifei Yan, Xinli Yin
A method of constructing a group decision matrix based on OWA operator is proposed for the construction method of the group decision matrix research. In this method, the OWA operator is used to aggregate the expert's decision matrix into the initial group decision matrix, then the degree of deviation...
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The Design of Signal Generator based on Virtual Instrument

Hui Zhang, Ling Gao, YanNan Zhai, Jun Li
The paper design a Virtual Signal Generator based on Virtual Instrument,which can produce continuous adjustable amplitude and frequency signal .It’s contains of the most basic three waveform: sine wave, pulse wave and triangle wave. We design the signal generator by LabVIEW. Data acquisition is NIUSB-6009....
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Design and Implementation of Extracting Haar-like Feature IP in the Image of Front-vehicle

Meihua Xu, Gaopan Chen, Aiyin Guo
This paper presents an integrate circuits IP for extracting Haar-like features in the image of front vehicle. We improve the performance of the IP by selecting the architecture of integral image, pipeline, ping-pong operations, data multiplexing etc. The verification of the IP is based on the VCS, and...
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Self-learning dynamic adjustment scheduling algorithm based on Hadoop

Fucong Li, Zhuyu Li, Guohui Chen, Xiangxin Li
Speculative execution is the key technology to improve the execution efficiency of Hadoop cluster. In the large-scale cluster reasonable Speculative execution can effectively reduce the execution time for the job. At present, there is still a big problem in the detecting of the Hadoop's Speculative execution...
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The quantitative analysis of electric meter measurement error with harmonic sources

Xiyang Ou, Kongjun Zhou, Jin Zhang, Xiang Du, Xiaozhe Tang, Xi Ou
With the development of power electronic technology, it has become the main harmonic sources in the grid. This paper is based on the theory of induction meter and electronic energy meter. First the mathematical expressions of respective meter under harmonic are induced, and next the influence factor...
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Application of laser image technology for deformation monitor of building

Li Wei
According to the actual demand of deformation monitoring for large buildings, the technology of laser image based on virtual instrument is put forward. The location of laser light spot relative to the reference position and the variation of tilt angle are measured, which can calculate the vertical deformation...
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An Encounter-based Routing Scheme for Delay Tolerant Networks

Hang Guo, Bo Sun
Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs) are a type of networks which suffer from intermittent disruption due to the factors such as mobility and energy. Whereas only a little state of art routing algorithms in DTNs address the problem of message loss due to the insufficient contact capacity because of mobility....
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Air-born Satellite Emergent Transmission System based on Civil DVB-RCS Technical Scheme

Yahan Pan, Bin Shang, Xin Liu
The return link performance of conventional civil DVB-RCS transmission technology limits its direct application to air-borne satellite video transmission system. This paper studies the novel emergent DVB-RCS return link technique based on introducing adaptive parallel processing to the conventional civil...
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Application of model reference adaptive control based on LS_SVM inverse model in nonlinear system

Shengbo Zhang, Qingling Dai
In order to obtain better static and dynamic performance of the nonlinear system, in this paper the compound control system which the inner loop adopted direct inverse model control and the outer loop adopted model reference adaptive control was designed. Aiming at the difficulty to building inverse...
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Parameter Optimization of Optical Sensor Calibration in Optical Coordinate Measuring System

Chengwei Li, Jingliang Liu, Laipeng Lv, Bin Zhang, Jianguo Fang
The different positions and angles of the optical sensor are calibrated before using the optical coordinate measuring system. In this paper, we analyze and optimize the common calibration process, reduce the unnecessary links, shorten the calibration time, and improve the efficiency of the optical coordinate...
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Satellite Cloud Image Retrieval With Grid Based Inscribed Circle Method

Shiming Xia, Qian Li, Jing Zhang
Satellite cloud image retrieval can help the forecasters positioning similar weather in the past quickly and improve the reliability of the weather prediction. This article attempts to use the Zernike moment and Grid based method to extract the region-based features of cloud images. First of all, carry...
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A Novel Integration Scheme Based on Mean Shift and Region-Scalable Fitting Level Set for Medical Image Segmentation

PeiRui Bai, Dandan Song, Lijun Bi, Lei Li, Tao Qi
In this study, a novel integration scheme for coupling the results of mean shift with initial contours of the region-scalable fitting level set method (RSF model) is presented. There are two main contributions in the study. First, a new adaptive threshold formula to fit dynamic range of the mean shift...
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Improved Routing Protocol of Wireless Sensor Network Based on Wavelet Neural Network

Xiaopeng Wang
The resource and especially the node energy of the wireless sensor network are limited. It can effectively prolong the lifetime of the wireless sensor network by reducing the energy consumption in the process of information collection and transmission as much as possible. Hereby a routing protocol improved...
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Network Traffic Prediction Based on LMD and Neural Network

Yongsheng Luo
The network traffic data has a very strong burst and self similarity and so on, which results in the system flow is not stable and inaccurate. The traditional network traffic prediction model is not accurate enough. To solve the above problems, a network traffic prediction model based on local mean decomposition...
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Implementation of reconstructed radiance of IASI observations in WRF data assimilation system

Yi Yu, Weimin Zhang, Minhua Ye, Jing Sun, Yukuan Zhang
Methodology is explored for the reconstructed radiances from the Infrared Atmosphere Sounding (IASI) for the purpose of assimilation into numerical weather prediction models. A principal component based fast radiative transfer model has been implemented into the WRF data assimilation system, thus allow...
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Study of Deflection Measurement For Bridge Using Laser Image Technology

Yujing Guo, Li Wei
Deflection is an important indicator of bridge health. This paper puts forward a deflection measurement system for bridge based on laser image technology. In the measurement progress, the laser image is sampled, filtered and converted to binary image using threshold segmentation, which is used to coordinate...
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CT Prostate Segmentation Based on Continuously Updated Random Forests

Huangjian Deng, Xiubin Dai, Dandan Shi
It is important to segment prostate automatically in the daily treatment images. However, previous methods often ignore the previous segmented treatment images which contain valuable patient-specific information. To this end, this paper proposes a novel CT prostate segmentation method based on a random...
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An improved commutative replicated data type for peer to peer collaborative editing

Xiao Lv, Yongjie Li, Chaoqun Ang
With the development of Internet, collaborative editing over Internert becomes a common office affair,which can support a harmonious human to human interaction.Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks are very efficient for distributed collabotative editing. Existing many collaborative editing algorithms depend on...
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Sparse beamforming in peer-to-peer relay networks

Yunshan Hou, Zhijuan Qi, Jianhua Chen
To reduce active relays in peer-to-peer relay networks, a sparsity promoting penalty term is introduced into the objective function to obtain beamforming weights through minimization of the total relay transmit power while the signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) at the destinations are guaranteed...
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An Image Highlights Removal Method with Polarization Principle

Fang Li, Jiandong Tian, Yandong Tang, Yan Wang
The existing highlight detection and removal methods usually depend on color or some geometrical information. These methods cannot be used when highlight region degrades texture details of object surface. In this paper, we propose a novel, simple and effective method to solve this problem. In our method,...
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Study on Dynamic Characteristics of Wind Farm with Different Wind Turbine Types

Chia-Yu Hsu, Ta-Hsiu Tseng, Yun-Sheng Jhan, Pei-Hwa Huang
With more penetration of wind energy from onshore and offshore wind farms, wind generation will thus be exerting more influences on the original power system. The main purpose of this paper is to study two commonly adopted offshore wind turbine types, namely the doubly-fed induction generator and the...
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Analysis of the Effect of GEO Satellite Motion on Signal Performance in TWSTFT

Yuejuan Jing, Shaowu Dong, Huanxin Li, Hong Zhang, Min Yan, Huijie Song, Wei Guang, Dongshan Yin
For analyzing the effect of GEO(geostationary orbit satellite-GEO) Satellite Motion on Signal Performance in TWSTFT(Two-Way Satellite Time Frequency Transfer), the observation data of TWSTFT and GPS PPP(GPS Precise Point Positioning) which have the similar accuracy between the NTSC (National Time Service...
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The Design of Facial expression recognition system based on the LabVIEW and MATLAB mixed programming

Ju Wang, Mei Hong, Chun-yan Nie
It has a very important role that emotion to coordinate the relationship between people in the numerous and complicated social life. Expression is the most important characteristics of emotion, it is indispensable means of information communication and emotional communication in interpersonal communication....
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Research on Heat Meter Wireless Reading System in Living Area

Yushen Jia, Zhenjiang Cai, Yao Yu
In order to improve the heating system’s intelligence and automation level, a wireless remote meter reading system is designed based on GPRS network technology. The system consists of heat meters, collector, concentrator and remote management centers. The hardware is constructed by STM32F103MPU, wireless...
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A New Method for Intelligent Check of Transformation Equipment Condition Monitoring Device

Chengbo Hu, Yong Ma, Zhicheng Zhou, Fengbo Tao, Changfu Xu
Transformation equipment on-line monitoring device aims at monitoring substation equipment operation parameters. Through internal network, the data will be transported to the on-line monitoring platform of electric power internal network to provide maintenance basis for maintenance department. While...
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Development of Vehicle-borne Substation State Intelligent Calibration System

Chengbo Hu, Changfu Xu, Zhicheng Zhou, Fengbo Tao, Yong Ma
Aiming at the existing problems such as heavy workload and low efficiency of intelligent substation state monitoring device calibration, combined with the current information technology and intelligent technology, his paper presents a vehicle-borne intelligent verification system. The system adopts vehicle...
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Research and Development of Calibration Device on SF_6 Gas Density Monitoring Equipment

Chengbo Hu, Yong Ma, Zhicheng Zhou, Fengbo Tao, Changfu Xu
The calibration of SF6 gas density on-line monitoring device needs to simulate different pressure environment to calibrate the data accuracy of the on-line monitoring device. At present, the simulation of different pressure environment is conducted by artificial cranking bar to change the stroke of cylinder...
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Research on a Standard Signal Source of Circuit Breaker

Chengbo Hu, Yong Ma, Zhicheng Zhou, Fengbo Tao, Jinming Chen
Circuit breaker is a very important control and protective equipment in the field of grid system. When the electric equipment or circuit are in accident, the relay protection and circuit breaker will cut the fault section from grid rapidly and guarantee the grid running safely. However, there are a mount...
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The Use of Line Matching Discriminant Power Line Extraction In Aerial Images

Jing Liu
his paper studies the extraction of power line in aerial image based on the Hough transform method. In the detection of Hough transform, it is easy to be interfered by the noise, which leads to false detection. Considering the characteristic of power line in aerial images, we propose a set of threshold...
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The Grating Data Collection System Based on Dynamic Link Library and Its Application in Engineering Control

Zhonghui Luo, Qijun Xiao
In the precision electro-hydraulic servo control system, grating is commonly used as displacement detecting element. To realize getting the data from the grating displacement sensor and send a command word rapidly, the dynamic link library (DLL) technology is used in this paper, it is that a dynamic...
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Digital services of Libraries in the Era of Mobile Internet

Yanxiang Lu
The full coverage of the network, cloud digital products and the ever-upgrading reading devices have transformed users’ reading environment, reading content and reading mode in a profound way. Against the backdrop of Information Era, Libraries are supposed to keep up with the times, with a bid of catering...
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Sink mobile routing protocol for WSNs Based on PSO

Changjiang Jiang, Yuwei Zhou, Yulan Zhang
In model of multi- hop wireless sensor networks, if a cluster head is more close to the sink, it will have much more transmitting tasks, therefore a head more close by the sink will consume much more energy. A new mobile sink protocol based on Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm is proposed.The...
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Analysis Method of Multi-scale Frequency Spectral Latent Feature based on the Mutual Information

Zhuo Liu, Jian Tang, Meiying Jia, Xiaojie Zhou
Heavy rotating mechanical devices, such as ball mills in the mineral grinding process, produce strong mechanical vibration and acoustic signals. These signals consist of multiple components with different time scales and physical interpretations. Frequency spectra of these multi-scale sub-signals contain...
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The feature extraction and matching of time-varying fast fading channel

Yankui Zhang, Daming Wang, Bin Ba
For the issues of feature extraction and scene recognition in the complex wireless transmission channel, this paper presents a feature recognition based on a "fingerprint library" algorithm. The algorithm is fully tap the different scenarios, differentiated features within the different regions of the...
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Shear Strength between HPC and Rolled Steel Plate after Elevated Temperatures

Weiping Zhao, Sijia Yin, Binrong Zhu, Renjie Chen
This paper had developed C100 high-performance concrete (HPC). Mechanical properties of high-performance concrete after evaluated temperatures were investigated. Besides, this paper had summarized the extrinsic characteristics of HPC after evaluated temperatures, which was effectively applied in evaluating...
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The Research of RFID Anti-Collision Algorithm Based on the Frame Slots of Multi-branched Tree

Huai Wen, Pengcheng Wei, Li Li, Lie Lei, Weihong Wu
This paper proposed a new RFID anti-collision algorithm on the basis of the frame slots of Multi-branched Tree.This new algorithm used for multi-grouped lies in the label prefix discrimination,which greatly prevents the situation that the frame length is not enough and reduces the transmission of bits...
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Wind-PV-Energy storage system coordinated optimization control based on variable weight value self-adaptive filter.

Dexin Li, Xiangyu Lv, Xiaojuan Han
For smoothing Wind-PV-Energy storage system output power fluctuation problem, this paper proposed Wind-PV-Energy storage coordinated control method based on variable weight self-adaption filter, considering the Wind-PV system volatility constraint conditions and the energy storage system SOC. With index...
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Special aluminum piston deburring machine tool structure optimization design

Yuncai Xia
In order to solve the problem of aluminum piston deburring, in the special deburring machine adopts the drum wheel unit as a clamp, slot wheel mechanism as intermittent mechanism, by the brush to remove burrs, through the literature material law, expert interview method, calculation analysis and other...
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Analysis of Taxi Supply and Demand Matching Degree Based on BP Neural Network

Yajing Li
To analyze supply and demand matching degree of taxi resources in different periods in the long span, namely, with year as its measuring unit, this paper selects Wuhan city whose taxi ordering volume ranks in forefront [1] in China, analyzes the change law and development trend of supply and demand matching...
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Numerical Computation Method in Specific Harmonic Elimination Technology of Step Wave

Yajing Li
Combining the specific harmonic elimination pulse width modulation technology of cascading H-bridge convertor, this paper discusses the function relationships between its parameters, and establishes the corresponding multiple nonlinear system of equations, and focuses on analysis of advantages and disadvantages...
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A Conversion Method for SCL to CIM Based on Ontology Matching

Shaomin Zhang, Lv Shi, Baoyi Wang
There are structure and content differences between SCL,the substation configuration language defined in IEC61850, and CIM,the common information model contained in IEC61970, which lead to the data exchange barriers between the substation system with the power dispatching center. While the traditional...
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A Data Replica Selection Algorithm Based on Cloud Platform

Shaomin Zhang, Qi Wang, Baoyi Wang
Aiming at the problem that how to choose the least cost data resources from multiple datasets which have the same contents but different locations for smart grid tasks, a least cost of selection algorithm based on locality is proposed. First, the problem of choosing data replicas is abstract as a shortest...