Proceedings of the6th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Biotechnology and Environment (ICMMBE 2016)

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Real-time data acquisition serial communication

Jinji Zheng, Wei He, Huafu Li
The serial data acquisition is based on MATLAB. It can achieve real-time communication between the computer and the microcontroller. And we analyzed data in real time through MATLAB library functions. Finally, we used visual graphics window to display the results of the data analysis. This article described...
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Wavelet Chaotic Neural Network with Function Disturbance

Yaoqun Xu, Jian Liu
Chaotic neural networks have been proved to be strong tools to solve the optimization problems. In order to study the anti-disturbance ability of chaotic neural network, wavelet function disturbance was introduced into morlet wavelet chaotic neural network and chaotic neural units with wavelet function...
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Fuzzy association rules mining method for design knowledge of mechanical structure symmetry

Juncheng Yang, Zhiyong Ma
Structure symmetry is a common phenomenon in mechanical product structure, which plays important roles in realizing the design demands of mechanical product. This article using the method of multidimensional fuzzy association rules mining to mine design knowledge from the instance database, the mining...
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Sensitivity analysis on asymmetric stud anchor chain

Cunjun Li, Xinyue Li, Zuhua Jiang
Caused by the manufacturing process and equipment, dimensional deviations occur in the anchor chain and lead to asymmetry. In order to evaluate the stress in asymmetric chain, this paper uses finite element method (FEM) to model the 76mm asymmetric stud anchor chain and calculate the stress distribution...
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Modeling energy consumption and carbon emission in China's household sector

Chenglong Zhang, Ding Ma, Baoguo Shan
With the development of China's economy, we have witnessed the rapid growth of electrical appliance ownership in household sector. Given the great number of population, the energy consumption in household sector is huge in China and consequently causes serious environmental concerns. This paper presents...
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Characterization of the oxidation resistance property of SiAlON materials with the standard method of GB/T 32329-2015

Xiu-Teng Wang, Yajing Zhang, Pu Xiao, Bo Wang, Ling Xu, Ling Lin, Jin Huang
The oxidation resistance is one of the most important properties of refractory materials. China national standard GB/T 32329-2015, which title is "Test method for oxidation resistance of oxynitride materials—non-isothermal oxidation", provide a standard characterizing method for oxidation resistance....
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Well pattern and space deployment of horizontal well to prevent fracturing channeling in fractured reservoir

Jianming Guo, Hongwei Xie, Gang Wang, Yan Dang, Yanxia Li
The oil development of the Triassic Yanchang Formation Chang8 section of the fractured reservoir in the south of Ordos Basin Tianhuan Syncline has used horizontal determinant deployment well pattern. It is common for fracturing wells communicate with neighbouring wells, and leads to substantial decline...
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Numerical Modeling of Transient Thermoelectric Transports in Silicon Nanowire

Woei-Yun Ho
Thermoelectric materials with high figure of merit (zT) are very important to heat engines in the harvesting of waste heat. Silicon nanowire have attracted considerable attention due to its enhanced zT as compared to its bulk counterpart. This paper reports the transient transport behaviors of the thermoelectric...
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Preparation of Fluoroalkyl-containing Silica Nanoparticles and Its Waterproofing Application on Concrete

Zhigang Zhu, Lisong Hu, Qingzhong Guo
Fluoroalkyl-containing silica nanoparticles were prepared and characterized by a combination of IR and TEM analysis. The obtained silica nanoparticles with an average diameter 40 nm were coated onto concrete. Surface properties of the coated concrete were characterized by water contact angle (WCA) and...
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Li2MoO4 coated LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 microspheres with enhanced lithium storage performances

Dan Li, Hongrui Peng, Guicun Li
The pristine LiNi0.5Co0.2Mn0.3O2 microspheres (P-NCM523) have been synthesized by a solid state method. To improve the lithium storage performances, Li2MoO4 layer has been coated on the surface of P-NCM523 by the facile reaction between lithium residue and H3PO4.12MoO3.24H2O. The Li2MoO4 coating can...
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Characteristics of TiVN and TiVCN Coatings by Cathodic Arc Deposition

Wei-Yu Ho, MingDer Chen, ChienLiang Lin, Woei-Yun Ho
Currently, TiVN and TiVCN coating are not prevailing in the literature. Only a few publications are revealed with basic properties. In this study, the TiVN and TiVCN coatings are deposited by using cathodic arc deposition system with Ti and TiV alloy dual targets. The result shows that V and C addition...
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Study on Comparison and Selection of SCR Denitration Reductant's Preparation System in Heat-engine Plant

Yuanshang Zhang, Guangyu Jiang, Tianrong Zhang
SCR denitration reductant's preparation system is the supporting system in heat-engine plant producing reducing agent. Its safety, reliability and stability are crucial. Based on the aspects of technology and economy, this paper makes a detailed comparison and selection of three kinds of denitration...
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The investigation of direct C-glycosylation of monosaccharides under microwave activation

Nan Cao
Carbohydrates are a class of important compounds widely occurring in nature and are the main energy source required for all living organisms. Based on the variation of glycosidic bonds in carbohydrates, they can be divided into O-glycosides, C-glycosides, thioglycosides, and other types, among which...
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A type of polycarboxylate superplasticizer used in high performance self-compacting concrete

Xing Li, Rixu Zhao, Wen Yang, Yao Bi, Minghua Yuan, Shaofeng Wang
In this study, a kind of polycarboxylate superplasticizer used in high performance self-compacting concrete was synthesised. The examined properties included workability, T500, compressive strength,etc. Workability of the fresh concrete was determined by using both the slump-flow test. The results showed...
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Influence of a new Viscosity Modifying Admixture (VMA) on the rheological properties of cement paste

Shaofeng Wang, Hui Zhou, Yao Bi, Xing Li, Jinwen Wang, Long Xiong, Juxiang Xing
This paper presented a new kind of Viscosity Modifying Admixture (VMA). Adsorption and rheological properties was studied on this new kind of VMA and Cellulose hydroxypropyl methyl ether Hyprolose. The results show that adsorption capacity of this new viscosity modifying admixture is greater than cellulose...
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Research Progress of Air Cycle Refrigeration Technology

Xing Xue, Fenglan Wei, Sheng Li
In response to the global call of environmental protection, a kind of environment-friendly air circulation refrigeration system is analyzed . Working principle of air cycle refrigeration system is introduced.The advantages of air refrigeration system are summarized, and main research achievements and...
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Computer Simulation on Surface Crack Growth of Recycled Concrete Beams with Fractals

Hongquan Sun
Three recycled concrete beams with the different gradation of coarse aggregates under concentrated load are presented. By using fractal theory, the distribution of the surface crack growth of the recycled concrete beams is analyzed. The results indicate that the surface crack of three recycled concrete...
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Aging Time on Rutile Pigment Production via Short Sulfate Process

Cong-Xue Tian
Rutile TiO2 white pigment was produced by using low concentration industrial TiOSO4 solution as raw material via short sulfate process through self-generated seeded thermal hydrolysis route. The aging time and F value have significantly influenced the structure and pigment properties of rutile TiO2 white...
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Investigation on thermal protection and drag reduction by lateral jet in supersonic flows

Liang Zhu, Xiong Chen, Ying-kun Li, Dengchao Yan
A numerical code was developed to investigate the characteristics of drag and heat reduction by the lateral jet in supersonic flows, the Reynolds-average Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations was solved by using high resolution upwind scheme AUSMPW+, three order MUSCL reconstruction method and k- SST turbulence...
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Cabin Layout Optimization Design and Ergonomics Evaluation

Chengping Liu, Xu Wu, Jingquan Zhao
Special aircraft cabin layout optimization design was treated as an NP-complete (nondeterministic Polynomial time complete) problem. The empirical design was incapable to meet the developing requirement of the display and control system in modern aircraft cabin. After analysis of three typical cabin...
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Numerical Simulation of Microstructure of Workpiece in Closed-open Cross Wedge Rolling

Zi-rong Zhou, Xue-dao Shu, Ji-dong Ma, Chang Shu
Closed-open cross wedge rolling(CWR) is a kind of advanced precision forming technology, which can effectively reduce or even eliminate the concave. The workpiece is processed from the shaft end to the middle by the rolls first, and then machined by open CWR. An auto pump shaft is taken as the research...
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Experimental Study on Method of Measuring Cytochrome P450 in Fish Liver subcellular fractions

Mengnan Shen, Na Li, Ruohan Wu
To study the method of measuring cytochrome P450 (CYP450) in fish liver subcelluar fractions ( S9 and microsomes). Fish liver microsome was obtained by differential velocity centrifugation, the concentration of protein of liver microsome was measured by Bradford, and the activity of mice CYP450 was detected...
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Application of Agile Methods on Embedded System Development

Jun Xiao
At present, the rapid development of computer technology, embedded system software has been widely used, with the increase in application volume, which faces a number of system development cost, quality and other aspects of pressure. In order to increase productivity, improve the ability to adapt to...
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A New Type of Hybrid Semi-Active Control Strategy in the Application of the High-speed Railway Vehicle Vibration Control

Tiansheng Gu
the article firstly introduces two main high-speed locomotive vehicle semi-active control strategy, and aims at SH-ADD a new hybrid semi-active control strategy are discussed in this paper From the point of the research results of the example analysis, the SH-ADD hybrid semi-active control strategy has...
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Design and Implementation of Embedded LINUX System Development Environment based on S3C2410 Chip

Xiufang Zhang
With the continuous development of China's science and technology, improve people's living standards in the field of electronic information have been developed, especially for the development of S3C2410 chip embedded LINUX system, but also get a lot of attention of enterprises, the following analysis...
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Study of Machinery Hand Auto-control Technology based on PLC

Man Li
A robot is a positioning control can be automated and can be reprogrammed to change the multifunctional machine, occupies an important position in the industrial automation production. Hydraulic drive system can be pneumatic drive, it may be electrical control and other methods. With sensor technology,...
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Integrated Navigation Method and Realization Based on Monocular and IMU for Quadrotor

CunXiao Miao, WeiMing Wen, MingHua Lu
This paper realizes the localization method base on the SVO (Semi-Direct Visual Odometry) and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) without GPS. According to this novel visual estimation method, the position and orientation are estimated by the MSF (Multi Sensor Fusion) with EKF (Extended Kalman Filter). In...
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Research on Effects of Herb of Glabrous Sarcandra on Human Prostate Carcinoma DU-145 Cells PI3K / m TOR Signal Transduction Pathway

Xiuxia Wang
In order to investigate the effect of herb of glabrous sarcandra solution on human prostate cancer DU-145 cells PI3K / m TOR signal transduction pathway, the paper uses method of cell culture, with Sarcandrae solution with different concentrations of 48h, the impact on DU-145 cells were detected by MTT...
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Research on the Photocatalytic-oxidating Degradation of Organic Dyes

Lin Chen
Treatment of toxic organic wastewater biorefractory due to lack of effective treatment methods became the difficulties in the field of water, humans and the environment caused great harm. In this paper, lead dioxide doped vanadium and titanium thin films were characterized and Photocatalytic. On this...
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Study on Activated Carbon Adsorption of VOCs

Di Zhang
Toluene, methyl ethyl phthalate amines, methyl ethyl ketone and ethyl acetate are used in China more vinegar several solvents, in the course will emit large amounts of volatile organic gases, serious harm to human health and the environment, it must be recycled or disposed of these gases. In this paper,...
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Research on Steam Flooding Technology in Deep Heavy Oil Reservoir

Bin Lu
The majority of heavy oil block has entered a phase of high-throughput round in China, mining results have clearly deteriorated, The natural reservoir has been a marked lack of energy, resulting in reduced cycle of oil production, oil and gas than the lower mining costs, economic deterioration. The research...
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The Purification and Composition Analysis of Pentosans from Wheat Bran

Baiying Cao, Baolan Bai, Xiaoqiu Liu
Our country is the largest producer of wheat and in the processing of wheat, the yield of bran is nearly 20% of wheat processing capacity, the only by-product of wheat processing to produce each year - the bran as high as more than 20 million t, which is a big resources. The main contents of this part...
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Research on the Effect of Pentosans from Wheat Bran on Bread Quality

Baolan Bai, Baiying Cao, Xiue Sun
Wheat flour were prepared to make aqueous pentosan and alkali soluble pentosan and then they were added to wheat flour in different proportions to conduct bread baking experiments to study its effect on the quality of the bread baking.
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Localization Management and Practice of Transmission Line

Jintao Yu, Yang Jia, Yonggang Zhou
The localization management of transmission lines can not only take the advantages of geography, information advantage, location and traffic of each territorial power company, but can also improves the efficiency of fault inspection and fault recovery to the reliability of power supply substantially.
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The Promotion and Effect of Ultrasound on Chinese Medicine Extraction

Min Yang
Application of the principle of ultrasonic technology in traditional Chinese medicine extraction methods and the current major application for a review presentation, noted that ultrasonic extraction, their applications in medicine production, suggesting that ultrasound technology in traditional Chinese...
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Research on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

Yongchao Li, Dan Wang, Zhenbo Shu
Gastrointestinal dysfunction is a multi-organ failure dysfunction syndrome, and gastrointestinal injury is the cause of organ failure caused by the River. Clinical symptoms in patients with gastrointestinal failure occurs, treatment more difficult, have a higher mortality rate, more difficult to treat...
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Intermittent hypoxia training effects on rat skeletal muscle SDH

Qiaozhen Yan, Fangtao Liu, Jianfu Zhu
Based on 72 SD male rats were intermittent hypoxia training, observe its quiet state three hours after, immediately after exercise, and exercise changes the activity of SDH in skeletal muscle.Found that in the condition of the three, the rat skeletal muscle SDH has obvious changes, and presents the downward...
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Chronic intermittent hypoxia training on rat myocardial mitochondria ATPase impact study Opportunities

Congjun Yang
Objective: To study the chronic intermittent hypoxia training on rat myocardial line grain of ATP content and Na+, K+ ATPase and the influence of Ca2+, magnesium 2+ATPase. Methods: 32 male Wistar rats as the research object, according to the low oxygen training program can be divided into intermittent...
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Aerobic exercise combined with Cervus and Cucumis Polypeptide Injection study on glucocorticoid induced osteoporosis treatment effect

Qiang Liu, Longling Xiao
Observe the deer melon polypeptide injection combined with aerobic exercise to glucocorticoids effect for the treatment of osteoporosis. Methods: selection of wenshan city, the first affiliated hospital of bone surgery in March 2013-November 2014 to receive glucocorticoids sex of osteoporosis patients...
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Research on Application of New Materials and Technology of Decoration Design

Ming Ni
Development of the construction industry, driven by the progress of decoration industry, building materials technology applications at the same time gradually developed. As the market's prosperity and people's diverse needs, new materials, new technology and new technology, innovation and research become...