Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Mechanics and Civil Engineering

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Research on Failure Mode and Ductility of Waste Fiber Recycled Concrete Columns under Small Eccentricity

Jing-Hai ZHOU, Hong WANG, Ze LI
This paper studies small eccentric compression test of eight waste fiber recycled concrete columns with recycled coarse aggregate replacement ratio, waste fiber length, and waste fiber incorporation as parameters. The test is carried out on the failure mode and ductility of the waste fiber recycled concrete...
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Research on Deformation Characteristics of Single Bubble

Ling-Jun XU, Yang XUE, Gang CHEN, Song ZHANG
The rising behavior of single bubble is investigated in 0.134 Eo 8.588; 0.82 We 4.83 and 0.5 Ta 3.6 by means of CLSVOF method and CSF model. The new empirical relations are obtained by comparing experimental data, simulated data and the empirical relations of scholars. The three formulas can describe...
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The Stability Evaluation of Roadway Surrounding Rock in QingFeng Coal Mine

Pai-Ke WEN, Yu-Jun ZUO, Xiao-Yan PU, Yue-Qin QIU, Bo TANG
In order to have a better understanding on the stability of roadway surrounding rock in QingFeng coal mine. Protodyakonov's theory is used to evaluate its stability theoretically, then a numerical simulation is conducted to analyze the stability of roadway surrounding rock in natural state by using the...
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Study on Dynamic Characteristics of Amphibious Aircraft’s Water Landing

Xiao-Ming LIU, Yu-Tai HUANG, Zhi-Cheng OU, Xiao-Qing ZHANG
The safety performance of water landing is an important research for the amphibious aircraft. The interactions between the airplane structure and water belong to complex fluid-structure interaction(FSI) problem. The three-dimensional model of water landing for a certain type of amphibious aircraft’s...
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The Researches of Landslide Stability Calculation in Earthquake Based on Time-histories Method

Yong SUN, Li-Min XU, Ruo-Fei SUN
In this paper, the vibrative theory of variable cross-section shear beam in structure dynamics was used in the analysis of landslide stability. The displacement, velocity and acceleration of the landslide were calculated with Duhamel technique in which the earthquake curve was used. This method in our...
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Differential Method of thin Layer for Retaining Wall Active Earth Pressure and Its Distribution under Seismic Condition

Li-Min XU, Yong SUN
This paper studies the calculation of active earth pressure of retaining structure under the condition of earthquake. By comparing with the Rankine theory and Coulomb theory, we get a very good result. The analytical solutions of the previous works are for single homogeneous isotropic filling .but in...
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Effects of Cable Flexural Rigidity on the Free Vibrations of Suspension Bridges

The natural frequencies of vibration and the corresponding mode shapes of a suspension bridge with varying bending stiffness of cables are determined, and the changes that occur in these characteristics with respect to parametric changes in the bridge are examined. Single span L=64,0 m suspension steel...
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Research on Method of Evaluating Anti-wave Ability of Deepwater Long-line Rope Aquaculture Facility

Based on statics assumption and simplifications, the force and failure mode of deepwater long-line rope aquaculture facility system were analyzed, and maximum tensions of the mooring rope in the system in different sea wave heights (1~7m) were calculated to compared to its break strength and mooring...
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Rock Mechanics Study on the Recovery of Residual Pillars in Pinglidian Gold Mine, China

Zhen-Bin RAO, Si-Jing CAI, Gang HUANG
The Pinglidian gold mine locates at the Laizhou city, Shandong province, China. Up to 2013, the orebodies had been mined out, however, there is leaving mined voids of about 120,000 m2 and also leaving a large number of ore pillars. The residual pillars have to be recovered. In order to safely recover...
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Parametric Design and Experimental Study for Weak Area Structure of Circle Composite Fragile Cover

Ran CAO, Guang-Ming ZHOU, Deng-An CAI, Yi-Fan TAO
A Parametric design method for weak area structure of circle composite fragile cover was proposed by analysis of mechanical properties of circle composite fragile cover and weak area structure, which was confirmed by rush experiments. Firstly, boundary conditions of the weak area structure were determined...
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Theory and Application of Rock Burst Prevention Based on Rigid-flexible Integrated Support with Energy Absorbing

Shan-Kun ZHAO, Zhen-Hua OUYANG, Xiao-Lu LI
Based on the theory of stress control for rock burst prevention, rigid-flexible integrated support with energy absorbing was found. In this paper, we tested between flexible yield support and rigid-flexible integrated support with energy absorbing. The results showed that the frequency of rock burst...
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Hydrodynamic Analysis of Jack-up Platform in the Spud-can Driving and Pulling Conditions

Zhao-De Zhang, Yu-Hong WANG
The dynamic responses of jack-up platform, in floating state, are calculated numerically. The finite element models of a jack-up are made. And the dynamic responses of the jack-up are simulated when the spud-can is driving downwards at different depths while the jack-up platform is floating on the sea[1]....
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Study on Numerical Simulation Method of Gust Response in Time Domain

Based on unsteady Navier-Stokes equations, dynamic response in vertical gust flow perturbation is investigated for the aircraft. The grid velocity method was introduced to simulate the gust influence in time domain. First, after applying this method to simulate typical NACA0006 airfoil gust response...
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On the Determination of Drag Coefficients of Angular Sections Profiles, Isolated or in Group, Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

The angular cross section profiles are increasingly used in tall pole structures such as telecommunication towers, transmission towers and wind energy turbine supporting towers. So, this work is based on the aerodynamic study of this type of profiles for three types of considered arrangement of profiles....
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Aerodynamic Study of Wind Flow through a Lattice Tower of Angular Section Profiles, Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

The advancement of technological society in general has stimulated in various fields, such as aeronautical civil mechanical naval and offshore engineering, a need to look for more sophisticated structural solutions. In many cases these solutions resort to lattice towers that, in order to meet several...
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Comparative Analysis of Transmission Poles Executed in Mild Steel and High Strength Steel

This work aims at modeling and designing a transmission pole structure for further investigation of the economic benefits associated with various grades of steel. Indeed, it was necessary to develop a population of possible design cases, to check structural safety, from which were selected the less expensive...
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Application of the General Method in the Design of Transmission Poles

The work aims at designing a transmission pole structure which global security and stability is ensured through the application of the general method for verifying the lateral flexional buckling and lateral torsional buckling of structural components, as present in Eurocode 3 (EC3).
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A Practical Method to Calculate the Prestress of Suspendome Structures

Ren-Jie SHANG, Yan ZHU, Jun-an LI, Yi-Feng ZHU
A practical method to calculate the prestressing forces of suspendome structures using force method is put forward in this paper. For a suspendome structure having n hoop cables, n control points can be selected. A system of linear homogeneous equations with n unknown cable forces can be obtained through...
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Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Marine Sand and Seawater Concrete

Ming CUI, Ji-Ze MAO, Dao-Guang JIA, Ben LI
As Chinese development of marine resources intensifies in recent years, more and more offshore platforms and buildings, island structures are under construction. However, concrete aggregate and freshwater resources which are used to mix concrete are usually limited in coastal areas or on the islands....
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Study on the Relationship between the Law of Crack Propagation of Tunnel Surrounding Rock’s Microscope Structure in Dilative Soil Tunnel with the Engineering Properties

According to the white strong expansive soil in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China, the relationship between the processes of crack propagation in tunnel face with the engineering properties is investigated by using the scanning electron microscope. It can be observed that the crack of expansive...
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Numerical Simulation of Characteristics of Cavitation and Aeration in Free-flow Tunnel

Yang XUE, Zhi-Ping LIU, Jian-Rong XU, Yu PENG
Outlet structures were apt to occur cavitation damages with high speed flow, and aerators were usually adopted to reduce and eliminate cavitation damages in hydropower project. In this paper, the Realizable k- model and the Volume of Fluid method were used to simulate the characteristics of cavitation...
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Numerical Simulating of the Interaction of Vertical Fixed Multiple Membranes with Gravity Wave

Jia-Wei TAO, Jing-Ping WU, Tian-Long MEI, Ling XU
In deep sea or temporary application, the floating breakwater should be best used to attenuate the surface wave. But the most difficulty of floating breakwater is to decrease long wave length wave. Bragg resonance condition appears while incident surface water wavelengths are approximately twice the...
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A Design of Resistance Optimization System for Unmanned Submersible Vehicle Based on Response Surface Method

Zi-Fan WEI, Meng-Yun WANG, Qiang YU, Song-Lin YANG
Estimating the sailing resistance of unmanned submersible vehicle when navigating in the water is an important part for designing the hull profile. As there is no wave resistance when the unmanned submersible vehicle navigating in the water, so the main hull resistance mainly includes friction resistance...
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Research on the Rolling Motion and Pitch Motion of Planing Boat

Sheng ZHANG, Zi-Fan WEI, Song-Lin YANG
In this paper, a planing boat has been selected as the research object, which has been used as a model to make a new model by scaling. And the free decay experiments have been conducted under different states including different rolling angle, different pitching angle and different ship's draft, whose...
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The Material Traces Determination and Significance of Reprinted Belt Conveyor

Gui-Yu LIN, Zhao-Yong LI, Yu ZHOU, Chao ZHANG
The determination of material traces is to meet the needs of the Subsequent production process and conveyor boom exciting force dynamics calculations. According to the conveyor’s performance parameters, the thickness of the material layer can be known, in the course of calculating material traces; By...
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Degradation Law of MSW Mixed with Sludge

Jian-Yong SHI, Long SUN, Xiao-Juan YU
The course, speed and duration of degradation of sludge-MSW mixture, which are major factors affecting settlement of landfill, have a direct impact on the stability and reuse of landfill. As today’s quantitative study on refuse degradation focuses on municipal solid waste (MSW), this paper seeks to find...
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Solution for Direct Kinematics of 3-PRS Parallel Manipulator Using Sylvester Dialytic Elimination Method

Bao-Lin YIN, Bing-Bing YAN, Jun-Feng SHUAI, Wen-Bo REN
This paper presents the direct kinematics of a 3-PRS parallel manipulator. Through analysis position, the direct kinematics model is established, which is a nonlinear system of three equations in three unknown. The equations are derived using recursively the Sylvester dialytic elimination method. Finally,...
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The Analysis on Mechanism and Application of Cementitious Capillary Crystalline Waterproofing Coating

Guo-Zhong LU, Wei-Xuan ZHAO, Li-Juan ZHOU, Xiu-Juan DING
Cementitious capillary crystalline waterproofing coating is a new-type waterproofing agent. It makes up for many shortcomings of traditional waterproofing coating on properties and application. The paper described the waterproof mechanism in detail. The main characters, the technological process, the...
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The Uniaxial Constitutive Models of Reinforcement and Concrete for Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis

Hu QI, Yun-Gui QI
The constitutive model of materials is essential to nonlinear analysis, in this paper, uniaxial constitutive models of reinforcement and concrete are summarized, and some meaningful uniaxial models of concrete and reinforcement are proposed.
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Research on Dimensional Synthesis and Kinematics of Planar Mechanism

Bao-Lin YIN, Bing-Bing YAN, Chang-Chun CHEN, Chao-Qi CHEN, Lin WANG
The main idea in function generating synthesis of the planar mechanism is the design of a mechanism so that to provide a prescribed trajectory. In this paper a general method for dimensional synthesis is proposed. The synthesis equation is the nonlinear equation with three unknowns, and the equations...
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Large Eddy Simulation of a Normally Impinging Round Air Jet with Heat Transfer at a Reynolds Number of 4400

Yong-Ping LI, Qi-Zhao LIN, Tao-Hong YE, Zuo-Jin ZHU
To explore the heat and fluid flow characteristics of normally impinging round air jet, a large eddy simulation (LES) of the jet flow at a jet-issuing Reynolds number of 4400 for a orifice-to-plate distance equal to five jet nozzle diameters was encompassed using a computer code OpenFoam. A comparison...
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Comsol 2D Simulation of Heavy Oil and Bitumen Recovery by SAGD

Bo ZHAO, Yang LIU, Yan-Yan LUO, Guang-Qing ZHANG
In western Canada, the heavy oil thermal recovery technology SAGD (steam-assisted gravity drainage) has been widely used in heavy oil recovery, and achieved good production effect. In this paper, the engineering background is that during the SAGD process at a Canadian oil sands block, trying to obtain...
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Numerical Simulation of the Combustion Stability for Low Concentration Methane in a Perfectly-stirred Reactor

Quan-Wei DENG, Xin-Hua LIU, Qi-Zhao LIN
The combustion stability of low concentration methane in a perfectly-stirred reactor is numerically studied by Chemkin software and GRI-Mech 3.0 mechanisms, considering the influence factors of residence time, methane concentration, preheating temperature and heat loss, the following conclusions can...
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Finite Element Simulation Analysis for Stress States of Hot Dip Galvanized Fasteners

Rui LI, Hong-Yun YU, Guo-Yong LI, Min-Bo YU, Zhi-Hua ZHU, Zhou-Xuan LI
This paper establishes models for all the components of hot dip galvanized fasteners under working conditions, and also carries out assembly modeling based on their assembly relationships. Subsequently, these operations including finite element mesh generation, restriction of boundary conditions, definition...
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Numerical Simulation of 2D Elastic Problems Using RBF-FD Method

Wei LI, Chun-Guang LI, Hong ZHENG, Hong-Wei GUO, Zhi-Fen WANG
This work applies the radial basis function-finite difference method (RBF-FD) for the solution of 2D elastic problems. Compared with traditional finite difference methods based on polynomial interpolation, the RBF-FD does not require a regular arrangement of nodes but can achieve high accuracy. With...
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Random Reliability Analysis of Gravity Retaining Wall Structural System

Zun-Qun XIAO, Jie HUANG, Ya-Jun WANG, Cai-Yun XU, Huan XIA
According to present deficiency of gravity retaining wall design method and considering the fuzzy uncertainties of the parameters of stochastic variables, first-order second-moment method (FOSM) is adopted to set up fuzzy random reliability analyzing model. By using decomposing theorem and by introducing...
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Suppression of Pressure Oscillations for Supersonic Cavity Flow with Passive Control

Chao ZHANG, De-Jun SUN, Zhen-Hua WAN
Large eddy simulation (LES) for a supersonic Mach 1.8 flow past 2D cavities with/without passive control is carried out to investigate the characteristics of oscillations, and the dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) is used to identify the dominant flow structures with pertinent frequencies. A passive control...
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Effect of Freeze-thaw Cycles on Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Ceramsite Concrete

Guan-Yin SHI, Xin QIU, Bo-Fei CHEN, Jiang-Ying CHEN
The effect of freeze-thaw cycles on dynamic mechanical properties of the ceramsite concrete is studied by using SHPB device. The specimens with different ceramsite volume fraction and subjected to 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 cycles of freeze-thaw respectively, are tested. The experimental results showed that...
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Predicting Fatigue Crack Initiation Life of Plate-Like Component by Damage Mechanics and Finite Element Method

Wen-Feng TAN, Yan-Shen TAN
Applied fatigue damage mechanics and finite element method to study the fatigue crack initiation life problems of component. Fatigue crack initiation life is obtained by using the method of additional load, just a stiffness matrix calculation, greatly reducing the workload of calculation. With the damage...
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The Effect of Shock Wave Strength on Shock Bubble Interaction

Jie YANG, Zhen-Hua WAN, De-Jun SUN
The three-dimensional shock-bubble interaction is investigated numerically using high-resolution piecewise parabolic method, in which both the viscous and turbulence effects are considered. The bubble is fixed at the same size and is accelerated by a planar shock wave of different strengths, in which...
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High-rise Structure Vibration Control with Gyroscopes

Hao-Xiang HE, Rui-Feng LI, Kui CHEN
The traditional damper is inconvenient for high-rise structure. The rotor of gimbal gyroscope has two rotational degrees of freedom, and the gyroscope produce moment to resist two orthogonal displacements when the rotor rotates with high speed, so the structure deformation under external force can be...
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Multi-dimensional Seismic Control with TLD in Vortex Effect

Hao-Xiang HE, Kui CHEN, Rui-Feng LI
Seismic control of the horizontal and torsional response by cylindrical tuned liquid dampers is studied. The hydraulic pressure model of the cylindrical TLD including pulse pressure and convection pressure is established by membrane analogy method. The torsional model of the cylindrical TLD is obtained...
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Shear Stress in Torsion of Circular Shafts--Not a True Stress, but an Equivalent Stress

Jian GUO, Wen-Ba HAN, Gang WANG
The present research argues that the shear stress of shaft in torsion is not a true stress but an equivalent stress, based on the phenomena that the stress disproves the plane assumption, that the body part in torsion is unable to maintain equilibrium, and that shear stress on the longitudinal section...
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A New Accelerating Creep Constitutive Model and its Parameters Sensitivity Analysis

Cai-Hua SHEN, Wen-Wu WANG, Bing ZHANG
In this study, Perzyna visco-plasticity theory and Nishihara component model were combined to establish a universal creep constitutive model for describing the entire process of creep, including transient creep, steady-state creep and accelerating creep. Based on the internal energy theory, the constitutive...
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Dynamic Response of Functionally Graded Circular Plate under Thermal Shock

Jing-Hua ZHANG, Shuang-Chao PAN
Dynamic response of a functionally graded material circular plate subjected to thermal shock is investigated based on the von Kármán’s plate theory. The geometric imperfections of the plate are taken into account and the bottom surface of the circular plate is subjected to uniform thermal shock loadings....
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Dynamic Buckling of a FGM Euler-Bernoulli Beam under Thermal Shock via Symplectic Method

Jing-Hua ZHANG, Xing-Xing ZHAO
Based on Euler-Bernoulli beam theory, the dynamic buckling of a functionally graded beam subjected to thermal shock is investigated in the Symplectic space. The boundaries of the FGM beam are simply supported at one end, and the other is clamped. The dynamic buckling problem is reduced to zero-eigenvalue...
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The Earth Excavation and Support Technology of the Connection Engineering on the both Banks of the River Bridge

The earth excavation and supports technology of the connection engineering on the both banks of The River Bridge have ability the characteristics of deep earth excavation, large area, traffic road surface and underground culvert .The entire foundation pit uses the spu-400larsen steel sheet shutter pile...
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Vibration Analysis of Moderately Thick Coupled Rectangular Plates

Taking into account the impact of the flexural and in-plane vibrations, an improve Fourier series method is employed to analyze the vibration of moderately thick coupled plates. The vibration displacement is sought as the linear combination of a double Fourier cosine series and auxiliary series functions....
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Model Test on a Metro Station Deep Foundation Construction Adjacent to Some Underground Structures

During the metro station construction, it is always inevitably encounter to lots of crossing some adjacent structures by side of those. The Chegongmiao subway station is adjacent to the first subway of Shenzhen and Fengshengding shopping street, which is on the planning construction of Shenzhen 11th...
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Topology Optimization Design of Bus Body Structure Based on Altair-optiStruct

Xiu-Chun WU, Wen-Qiang ZHENG, Pan ZHOU
In this paper, the Finite Element Method (FEM) is used to study the topology optimization of bus body structure by Altair-OptiStruct software. Firstly, based on the maximum principle of optimization space, the topology optimization area is established. Then the topology optimization is calculated under...
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The Measurement of Underground Pressure Regulation in Ulan Moron Coal Mine

Guang-Qiao LIN, Er-Bo SONG
Based on theoretical research as well as in situ tests, this paper reveals behavior features of mining pressure appearance and the performance of supports for fully mechanized long wall face in Ulan Moron Mine. Depending on systematic analysis of features of working face mine pressure from field tests...
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The Dynamic Characteristic and Finite Element Analysis on Wheelset Driving System of Underfloor Wheelset Lathe

Li-Gang CAI, Guang-Hui SUN, Zhi-Feng LIU
Wheelset driving system is a key function unit of CNC underfloor wheelset lathe, its properties and accuracy play a decisive role for working accuracy of the wheelset (trains, subways etc) tread. At first, it analyses the force of cutting point for wheelsets, and then, contact mechanics analysis and...
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Study on the Deformation and the Test of the Electrostatic Driven MEMS Flexible-Beam

Qing-Ling LIU
Based on the theory about the electrostatic, the non-uniformly distributed load and the coupling between the electrostatic force and the deformation of the flexible beam are considered, the deformation analysis of the electrostatic driven flexible beam is done, the mathematic model about the deformation...
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Pile-soil Interaction Impact on Dynamic Response of Offshore Wind Tower Founded on Monopoles

Bo SONG, Fu-Tang HUANG, Kai-Wen LI
M method adopted in Chinese code is linear elastic subgrade reaction method, while the pile-soil interaction is extremely complex process and with greater limitations. P-y curve method is used to calculate the pile foundation; solid element method and monitoring results were compared and analyzed. The...
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Study on Stress Solution Precision of the Plastic Range near Mode-I Crack Line under Unidirectional Uniform Stress

Hai-Jun FAN, Sheng-Xie XIAO
For imprecise stress solution of the plastic range near mode-I crack line of infinite wide plate under unidirectional uniform stress in relevant research literatures, this paper, by virtue of Mohr-Coulomb yield criterion and line field analytical method, re-infers and solves the stress general solution...
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Dynamic Modeling and Vibration Control for Spacecraft’s Solar Array

Jian-Ping JIANG, Rui XU
Dynamic modeling and active vibration control for a typical flexible solar array of spacecraft by using piezoelectric actuators is discussed. It is different from the simplified beam or plate model for the solar array in the literate, a coupled dynamic model of the solar array with piezoelectric actuators...
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Study on the Wind-induced Dynamic Response of Wind Power Tower in Consideration of Fluid-structure Interaction

Bo SONG, Yi JIANG, Shuai HUANG, Wen-Shan HE
Based on Adina finite element software, this paper established elaborate model in consideration of the fluid-structure interaction between structure and air, then compared the stress between on-site monitoring and the simulation which the wind speed is 5m/s. Finally, based on the Davenport wind speed...
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Wheel-Rail Contact Relationship Calculation of Worn LMA Tread

Feng GAN, Huan-Yun DAI, Hao GAO, Mao-Ru CHI
Quasi-elastic contact method can be used to study the wheel-rail contact relationship of worn tread. In this paper, wheel-rail contact relationship of standard and worn LMA tread have been calculated under the condition of rigid contact and quasi-elastic contact. By comparing with rigid contact which...
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Study of the Equivalent Load on the Local Component of the Car Body

Ye SONG, Ping-Bo WU, Lu JIA
The purpose of this research is to put forward a fatigue strength test method for the key parts of the carbody. The body is an important load-bearing part of railway vehicle. The underframe is the basis of carbody structure, is the most main body bearing part. This paper put a more in-depth discussed...
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Analysis of Degradation-compression-seepage Interaction in MSW Landfills by a BCHM Coupled Model

Hai-Long LIU, Yu-Chao LI, Yun-Min CHEN
Municipal solid waste (MSW) is a special kind of porous media with a large amount of degradable composition. A biochemo-hydro-mechanical (BCHM) coupled model is presented with a consideration of MSW degradation characteristic different from traditional soils. The cellulose anaerobic degradation model...
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Three Rows Micro-piles in Debris Landslide Anti-sliding Mechanism Model Test Research

Qiang CAI, Ji-Ming KONG, Sheng-Wei SHI
Micro-piles are widely used because of its own advantages, but relatively few theoretical studies about its anti-slide mechanism. Through the different pile spacing under three rows of micro pile reinforcement debris landslide indoor model experiment to study the micro-piles against sliding mechanism....
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Measurement Research on Long-term Deformation Law of Operating Metro Shield Tunnel in Soft Soil Area

Ming-Yu LI, Li-Guang SUN, Yan-Wei ZHANG, Li-Bo ZHANG
To operating subway shield tunnel with straight joint in soft soil area as analysis object, with statistical analysis of seven-year elevation and settlement data, and introduction of per meter elevation difference and per meter settlement difference, systematic research on the distribution and long-term...
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Mechanism and Control of Subgrade Mud Pumping Under the Cyclic Load of Train

Yong WANG, Ling-Wei KONG, Yan-Li WANG
Railway subgrade mud pumping is one of the most common defects. Unfavorable combination of soil, water, dynamic load is the main cause of subgrade mud pumping. Based on the source of water causing railway subgrade mud pumping, it can be divided into 5 major categories; on the basis of three stages forming...
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A Study of Deformation Analysis Based on Non-equal Time Interval Grey Linear Combination Model

Wei-Qing CHEN, Kai GUO, Hong-Yan WEN, Ying-Jun MO
Due to the scarcity of the characteristics of land resources, the number of ultra-high-rise building and underground engineering is becoming more and more in the town and its surrounding area, coupled with overexploitation and use of groundwater in some areas, the deformation of engineering and construction...
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Preliminary Experimental Research on MHD Assisted Mixing and Combustion

Ling GAO, Bai-Ling ZHANG, Yi-Wen LI, Peng-Yu YANG, Hao FAN, Cheng-Duo DUAN, Yu-Tian WANG
In order to effectively control the emissions, a MHD assisted mixing technique is presented and a MHD assisted mixing experiment system is developed. The experiment shows that with the help of MHD assisted mixing technique, the contacting surface between fuel and oxidant increase, thus make the combustion...
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Theoretical Study on Large Deformation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problem on Elastic Plate

Ya-Juan HAO, Ming-Ming GONG
In this paper, a theoretical algorithm using united Lagrangian-Eulerian method was presented to study the fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems. This method was used to solve the large deformation of the elastic plate in a continuous cross-flow of ideal fluid. In this approach, material was described...
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The Study of Mode Frequency Updating Parameters Selecting Method

Fe-Li QIU, Li-Min ZHANG, Wei-Hua ZHANG, Ai-Qin TIAN
Parameters selection plays an important role in the model updating and a good parameters selection improves the efficiency of model updating. The sensitivity and the significance method are widely used for parameters selection. The theory and application are researched. A real structure was selected...
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The Effect of Hanging Device on the Vehicle Natural Frequency

Jing-Jing QU, San-San DING, Li-Min ZHANG, Fei-Li QIU
When the vehicle is running, there is resonance phenomenon if the frequency of excitation is equal to the natural frequency of vehicle. But it can change the frequency of the new system when a traction transformer is hung under the car-body. In a certain extent, it can avoid the resonance. Meanwhile,...
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Influence of Bearing Structure Parameter Changes on Vehicle Modal Characteristics

Xiao-Long HE, Li-Min ZHANG, Lian-Tao LU, Fei-Li QIU, Wei-Guang SUN, Ai-Qin TIAN
It is known that vehicle structural thickness change will lead to vehicle modal characteristics change .In this paper, the thickness of floor, sidewalls and vehicle top are chosen as the variables so as to calculate the relationship amongst thickness change and frequencies (Vertical bending- f1, Torsion-...
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Analysis on Long-term Settlement of Soft Soil under Subway Dynamic Load in Wuhan Area

Jin-Shan SUN, Xiao-Bo JIN, Di YE, Jia XIE, Meng-Wei DING
Through conducting the GDS dynamic triaxial test, this paper makes an analysis for the deformation characteristics of soft soil and its settlement mechanism under the subway traffic traveling load in Wuhan area. The test result shows that the cumulative plastic strain and pore water pressure of the soft...
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Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Deformation Characteristics of Composite Foundation

Zhen-Hua PAN, Yan-Mei ZHANG, Li-Li WAN, Zhen WANG
The influence of piles design parameters such as pile diameter, pile length and pile stiffness on dynamic deformation characteristics of gravel pile composite foundation and CFG pile composite foundation was analyzed. The calculation results show that the influence of pile diameter on dynamic deformation...
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Research on Non-destructive Testing of Round Steel in Grounding Grids using Magnetostrictive Guided Waves

Li-Jie WANG, De-Kai XU, Wei-Chao SHI
In this paper, a new kind of methods, using magnetostrictive ultrasonic guided wave technology, is introduced to the health detection of round steel used in industry of power system. Based on the magnetostrictive principle, designed a magnetostrictive guided wave sensor. According to the characteristics...
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Experimental Study on Flow Characteristics of Open-channel Flow with Flexible Vegetation

Yang CHEN, Jing YAN, Ye HE, Kun DAI, Ming ZHANG
Laboratory experiments with silicone cylinders simulating flexible vegetation, the Acoustic Doppler velocimetry (ADV) measuring the flow field were performed to investigate the turbulence characteristics of open-channel flow with flexible vegetation. The results and analysis indicate that mean bulk velocity,...
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Prediction on Crack Width based on ANSYS Nonlinear Analysis

Wei-Ping ZHAO, Hang GONG, Ya-Zheng WANG, Yun-Long XIE
With the development of infrastructure, the problem of cracks in concrete structures is getting more and attention. Cracks will not only affect the appearance of the structure, if the cracks width are too large, even they can pose a threat for the durability and safety of structures, therefore we need...
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Preliminary Experimental Investigation on CCRF Barrier Discharge in Supersonic Flow

Hao FAN, Bai-Ling ZHANG, Yi-Wen LI, Ling GAO, Yu-Tian WANG
Producing large-scale and uniform plasma in supersonic field is the foundation of researching cold Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD). The experimental system of capacitively coupled radio-frequency (CCRF) barrier discharge based on Ma3.5 double-throat tunnel is established, and the discharges in the condition...
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A Modified CamClay Constitutive Model Based on Thermodynamic Approach

Xiao-Xia GUO
Mechanical behavior of granular media is important in many fields of studies such as the deformation of soil, slope stability, or the bearing capacity and so on. The mechanical behavior of granular media has been studied by borrowing the stress-strain models, such as elastic, elasto-plastic, or plastic...
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Interface Fracture Models of Concrete Externally Reinforced by FRP Plates

Lei ZHANG, Ping-Hu LIU, Xiao-Peng GUO, Yong YANG, Jun ZHENG
In this paper, the fracture models on FRP-concrete bonded interface are summarized and compared for concrete structures externally reinforced with FRP plates. The energy release rates of the unified model of bi-material interface fracture specimens under the transverse and moment loads by the rigid,...
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Numerical Analysis and Experimental Study of a New Y-block 

Chuan-Jun LI, Wan-Wan HUANG, Zhi-Qiang WANG, Kai LI, Chuan-Gang LIU
A new Y-block design’s function and hydraulic performance were verified through numerical methods and experimental validation. The velocity fields of its internal flow channel and turbulence energy under different opening levels were analyzed by ANSYS. Combined with experiments, the automatic switching...
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Computational Analysis on Longitudinal Equivalent Bending Stiffness under the Influence of Shield-tunnel Transverse Deformation

Ming-Yu LI, Zhang-Jun HUANG, Yan-Wei ZHANG, Xiao-Fei BIAN
In order to study the lining longitudinal deformation rule under the influence of the lining transverse deformation in the process of long-term settlement of operating metro shield tunnel with straight joint, based on the field test monitoring data of Tibet Road-Zhongxing Road shield tunnel in the M8...
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Researching and Testing the Damping Characteristic and Effect to the Washer of Resinous Cast

Jun WANG, Juan WANG, Guang ZHAO, Jun-Cong SU
In this paper, the damping characteristic of resinous cast material is analyzed first, then theoretic calculation and a series experiments are designed to find damping effect to the joining configuration. The result is the gist to estimate the damping capacity of the new joining configuration, which...
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Properties of Lower and Upper Approximation Operators under Various Kinds of Relations

Wei-Feng DU, Teng ZI
One of the direction of rough sets theory is to extend the equivalence relation, using more general binary relation such as the partial order relation, tolerance relation or similarity relations instead of the strict equivalence relation. So the scope of application of rough sets theory could be extended....
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Analysis of the Interaction between Stair and Frame under Horizontal Earthquake Action Based on ETABS

Zhi-Wei CAO, Chen BIAN, Chun-Yi XU
Two computer models of concrete frame with staircase were made and the seismic-performance of the models in elastic-phase was calculated by adopting base shear method, spectrum analysis by ETABS. The results show that including staircase into models will change the seismic performance of frame structure...
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Sand Seismic Liquefaction Landslide-Slipping and Debris and Treatment

Some kinds of slope slipping induced by seismic liquefaction are researched and listed by summarized the earthquake –disasters ,the status and conditions of liquefied soil layer including faults, the level of underground water ,buried-depth, the angle ,thickness and scope of liquefied soil layer are...
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Experimental Study on Early Crack-Resistance Property of Waste Fiber Recycled Concrete

Jing-Hai ZHOU, Pan CHENG
In this paper, for four groups of recycled concrete specimen in early shrinkage and restraint cracking experiment, which the recycled aggregate replacement ratio of 100% and the waste fiber volume content of 0, 0.08%, 0.12%, 0.16%. Experimental results show that: when the volume content of waste fiber...
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Optimal Design Test Research of Pump Concrete Mix for Long Transportation Time

Cheng-Hua FU, Huan-Min ZHANG
Carried out the pump concrete mix optimizing tests for Jinping II diversion tunnels secondary lining by preference tests of 4 kinds of fly ash, comparison tests of 7 kinds of water reducing agent, mixing with air-entraining agent, mixing with different kinds of cement, parameters selection test of standard...
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Application and Analysis of the Reinforced Retaining Wall with Geo-grid

Xiao-Song TANG, Ying-Ren ZHENG, Yong-Fu WANG
With the development of economy and expansion of cities in China, land resource for construction is becoming scarce. Some important infrastructures, such as airports are located in mountainous areas where the engineering geological conditions are complicated. Due to the limitations of natural conditions...
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Numerical Study on Treatment of Weak Groundsill with Method of Extruding Slit by Dumping Rockfill

Yong-Tao ZHANG, Pei-Shuai CHEN, Yong YU, Zhao YANG
The process of constructing breakwater project is a course of dumping rockfill. And the slit is squeezed out. The simulation of dumping rockfill is mainly by Lagrange or Euler algorithm. But these two algorithms have disadvantages in the process of simulating. The course of extruding slitl is a dynamic...
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The Impact Analysis of Pile and Soil Parameters on Compressive Capacity of Long Pile

Zheng QIAN, Kui-Hua WANG
Using Finite-element Method to simulate prototype piles and then drawing the Load-settlement curves in order to calibrate the analysis software. When the simulation was consistent with the measured piles, taking it as the benchmark and then eight parameters were varied respectively so that the impacts...
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Finite Element Simulation of Strain Localization on a Shear Band of Structural Soil

Hong-Ru LI, Yuan ZHONG, Hua-Pen ZHAO, Sheng-Hong AI
Based on the theory of breakage mechanics, the structural soil are conceptualized as binary-medium model consisting of bonding brick and frictional band. Shear band is structural soils’ breakage, localization band sprout and development is dynamic process that bonding brick is translating into frictional...
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Study on the Mechanical Essence of Gyro Characteristics

Yuan-Qin ZHAO
Simplify the gyro rotor into a hollow disk, each particle in the disk circular motion around the z axis with High speed. At same time, it around y axis rotation follows the disc. That is, the disk does not rotation, but each particle in the rotor circular motion relative to the disk, at the same time,...
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Learning to Practice the Scientific Outlook on Development, Create New style Non-Government College of Civil Engineering Class

Yuan-Qin ZHAO
Being led by implementing the scientific development concept with three basic concepts of "the development of innovative", "people-oriented" and "coordinated", giving full play to “two major advantages” of new non-government college itself and making great efforts to develop “three growth points”, the...
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Forensic Investigation of a Breakdown Waste Water Pipeline off Penghu Islands, Taiwan

Wen-Miin TIAN
The causes and mechanism inducing the breakdown and follow up displacement of an outflow pipeline off Penghu Islands, Taiwan was investigated. Based on the information illustrated in the high resolution side-scan sonar imagery, it was concluded that the breakdown of the pipeline was initiated by a large...
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An Analysis of Characteristics of Traditional Architectura Settlement of Dongxiang Nationality

Hai-Chen ZHENG, Jun-Feng SUO, Yi-Jie CAO, Zhuang LIU
The outlook of Dongxiang area in Gansu province has been experiencing rapid changes with the acceleration of urbanization in recent years. A study needs to be conducted on local traditional architectural settlement to figure out how to realize “localization of modern architecture and modernization of...
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Influence Analysis of Composite Action of Floor Slab on Aseismic Behavior of Mixed Frame Structures

Yang-Bing LIU, Tian-Feng CAO
To study the influence of composite action of floor slab on aseismic behavior of steel-concrete mixed frame structures, models of composite beam-concrete-filled square steel tubular columns frame structure (CB-CFST) and steel beam- concrete-filled square steel tubular columns frame structure (SB-CFST)...
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The Brief Talk of Contractor’s Project Cost Management

This article analysis focuses on the key points of project cost management for contractors in each stage of construction from the aspect of the basic concepts of cost management, control methods of cost in the process of construction and principles of cost management. In the process of construction project...
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The Cost of the Construction Project Risk Management and Optimize the Allocation of Resources

Qiu-Yue XU
Author thoroughly discussed the project cost risk determinants, and to analyze the formation stage of construction project cost risk, building construction project cost risk management mechanism. Author through the study of optimal allocation of resources based on the cost of construction projects planned...
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Cultural Industry Cluster in Cultural Heritage Area: Case Study on the Pearl River Delta

Yu-Bin LUO
Cultural industries are potential emerging industries in the 21st century. Historical and cultural heritage in Guangdong province are concentrated on the Pearl River Delta. The paper explains the foundation of development cultural industry cluster in the Pearl River Delta form demand, manufacture and...
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Construction and Development of Software Platform for Wind-related Researches of High-rise Building

Pei HU, Yong QUAN
The wind loads are one of the control loads on the high-rise building. Researchers in the wind engineering field have done numerous studies and have made plenty of achievements, which greatly promote the social development. Combining database system and advanced calculation languages, a MySQL-based software...
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Location Selection Assessment Research of the Dispatch and Control Center of South-to-north Water Diversion Project

Ni LI, Yong-Qiang LIU, Yue-Ling YAO
The location selection of the dispatch and control center of South-to-North Water Diversion Project is one of the fundamental aspects of the construction. However, the discussions are not enough. On the basis of analyzing and summarizing the influence factors, assessment indicators based on factor classified...
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The Application of Isolated Building in Wenchuan after Wenchuan Earthquake

Jian-Min JIN, Ping TAN, Chao-Yong SHEN
The paper introduces the application of isolated building in Wenchuan after Wenchuan earthquake. In the isolation design of the Second Primary School, combination isolation technology and viscous dampers were used to reduce the earthquake response of the upper structure, the upper structure can reduce...