Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2024)

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Khaled Elbagory, Zefu Wu, Hamdan Amer Ali Al-Jaifi, Shafie Mohamed Zabri
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 9th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2024) during December 29-31, 2023 in Sanya, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committees and reviewers...
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Analysis of Fixed Asset Accounting in Public Service Institutions under the New Accounting System

Xue Yang, Yan Gao
With the implementation of the new government accounting system, there have been significant changes in the accounting of fixed assets in public service institutions. Financial professionals are required to adjust their fixed asset accounting methods to align with these new changes. This paper provides...
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Analyzing the Economic Impact of Super Bowls: A qualitative framework for holding mega sports events in Asia

Qikun Feng
The Super Bowl, one of the biggest sporting events in the United States, has significant economic benefits for the country. These benefits primarily stem from various economic activities associated with the event, such as advertising, tourism, and business investments. Additionally, as Asia emerges as...
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Investment allocation method for hierarchical classification of distribution networks

Weijie Cao, Da Wan, Qibo He, Kun Yang, Qian Wu, Yuling Wang
This article proposes an investment allocation method for hierarchical classification of distribution network investment under the new situation. Firstly, the total investment amount is determined based on the unit investment effect of the overall planning of the distribution network in historical years....
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Based on Binary Marginal Mechanism—The Impact of EU Anti-subsidy Investigation on China’s Electric Vehicle Exports and Suggestions for Countermeasures

Yifang Zhu, Xianglu Yang, Yan Liu, Tie Wang, Zeliang Guo
Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations are the most important means to maintain fair competition and market order in international trade. In recent years, the global competition in the electric vehicle industry has been fierce, and China has taken a leading position in the supply chain of the electric...
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A Study of the Impact of Digital Transformation on the Stability of Banks

Dan Shi, Hong Rao
This paper aims to quantify the level of digital transformation of commercial banks by big data mining and employ a multiple linear regression statistical model to verify the correlation between digital transformation and the stability of banks. By analyzing the unbalanced panel data of 42 Chinese listed...
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Modernization perspective on high-quality regional economic development in Jiangsu province

Xiaohan Ma, Qian Gao, Kexing Dai, Junyi Yang, Nan Zhang
This study constructs a five-dimensional index system, including economic structure optimization, innovation-driven, environment-friendly, people’s life improvement and efficient public services, and uses the entropy method to comprehensively evaluate the regional high-quality development index of Jiangsu...
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The Impact of the Depth of Technology Transfer Type Provisions in Regional Trade Agreements on International Science and Technology Cooperation - An Empirical Study Based on RCEP Member Countries

Yanlin Sun, Linli Li
Based on the 84 agreements concluded by RCEP member countries from 2003 to 2022 and their international patent cooperation data, this paper explores the impact of technology transfer-related provisions in RTAs on international scientific and technological cooperation among member states. The results...
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Political Turnover and Breakthrough Innovation: Evidence from China

Tao Jiang, Cheng Huang, Qiang Pan, Shiying Zhang
This study investigates how political turnover affects breakthrough inventions in Chinese cities. Our empirical evidence reveals a positive correlation between political turnover and breakthrough inventions when analyzing industry-region pairs instead of focusing on individual firms or regions. The results...
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Comparative Analysis of the Development of China’s Payment By Phone Number and Zelle in the United States

Chengcheng He
This article introduces the background, development status, advantages, and performance of China’s payment by phone number service and Zelle payment tool in the United States, and points out the problems and disadvantages of both. Then analyze the similarities and differences between the two in terms...
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Economic Analysis of Accident Concealment

Li Wang, Chenyu Ma, Chaohua Li
In order to deeply reveal the economic relationship between the main stakeholders of accident concealment, this paper constructed a “principal-agent” model and incorporated rent-seeking behavior into the model, and analyzed the two cases of agent corruption and rent-seeking corruption respectively. The...
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Scientometric analysis of financial technology and innovation under digital transformation

Yu-Tsung Pan, Shiyao Zhang, Chung-Lien Pan
With the rapid development of science and technology and the advancement of digital transformation, financial technology and innovation have received widespread attention around the world. This article conducted a systematic search on the Web of Science (WoS) database and used scientometric analysis...
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Insight into coffee consumption behavior: a Bibliometrix analysis

Xinghan Wang
Coffee, the ubiquitous elixir of our modern world, captivates us with its potent aroma and promises of alertness. But beyond the familiar steam, lies a complex dance of motivations, preferences, and cultural nuances that fuel our consumption. This research uses bibliometrics, a powerful quantitative...
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The Enhancement Effect of Corporate ESG Performance on Corporate Performance: An Empirical Study Based on Listed Companies on China’s A-Share Market

Yang Ge
The degree of openness of China’s capital market has deepened continuously over the course of more than four decades of reform and opening up. The Chinese market environment has gradually converged with international markets, and numerous new concepts and ideas have been reshaping the domestic market...
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Leveraging the Power of Large Language Models to Drive Progress in the Manufacturing Industry

Feng Shi, Yongjin Zhang, Chongxiao Qu, Changjun Fan, Jinqi Chu, Lei Jin, Shuo Liu
In this paper, we delve into the transformative role of large language models (LLMs) in the evolving digital economy, particularly within the manufacturing industry. We begin by demystifying the fundamental principles of LLMs, aiming to deepen the reader’s comprehension. Subsequently, we explore the...
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Competitive Evaluation of Multinational Enterprises: A New Method and Case Studies

Jiayi Zhang
The global political and economic landscape is in a state of constant flux, rendering traditional competitiveness evaluation systems obsolete in the face of emerging challenges. This paper addresses the need for a new competitiveness evaluation system tailored to the dynamics of multinational enterprises....
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Research on the impact of tax and fee reduction on enterprise ambidextrous innovation

Ziwen Qin
Reducing taxes and fees is an important fiscal policy to promote the innovation activities of micro subjects. This paper takes the ambidextrous innovation of Chinese enterprises as the starting point, selects the data of Chinese A-share listed companies from 2008 to 2021, examines the impact of tax and...
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A Study on Antitrust Regulation of Platform Economy Based on Evolutionary Game

Meijiao Zhang
This paper analyzes the selection and evolution process of game strategies by constructing an imperfectly rational government, platform enterprises and practitioners as a model of a three-party evolutionary game, and analyzes the conditions for reaching the optimal evolutionary steady state using numerical...
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Export Controls, Innovation, and The Development of The Semiconductor Industry

Wei Chen, Yanlin Sun
The development of China’s semiconductor industry has become an essential aspect of high-quality growth in the new stage. The vulnerability of the semiconductor supply chain has emerged as a crucial indicator of the industry’s progress. This piece of writing presents an evaluation of the effectiveness...
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Research on the impact and mechanism of the development of digital economy on synergistic industrial agglomeration

Dan Ling, Hui Huang, Xiaoyun Zhang
This paper discusses the impact of digital economy development on the level of industrial synergistic agglomeration and the mechanism of its role based on the panel data of 110 cities in the Yangtze River Economic Belt from 2011-2019. The results show that: (1) The development of digital economy in the...
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The Green Effect of Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction

Wei Ji
At present, it is a critical period for China’s green economy transformation. From the perspective of tax reduction and fee reduction, this article explores the impact of tax reduction and fee reduction on the green development of China’s industries. A green development indicator system was constructed...
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Changes in Local Government Tax Collection Efforts after Tax and Fee Reductions

Xiaochuan Wang
As a key measure to deepen the supply-side structural reform, tax and fee reduction policies to help enterprises and boost the upgrading of industrial structure. In order to ease the local financial pressure, the central government has borne the main cost of tax reduction and fee reduction. Local governments...
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Emerging Trends in FinTech: A Comprehensive Analysis

Wenbing Zan
This paper provides an in-depth examination of the latest trends in financial technology (FinTech) and their profound impact on the global financial sector. By delving into groundbreaking innovations such as blockchain technology, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in banking, and the burgeoning...
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An Economic Model Processing Noise Method Based on Clustering in the Post-Epidemic Era

Tengyao Tu
Since the 21st century, the world economic situation has undergone complex changes. Macroeconomic forecasting has become a hot topic of research for many scholars. An accurate macroeconomic forecast is of great significance to the country, enterprises, and individuals. However, in the post-pandemic era,...
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Research on competition and investment strategy of electric vehicle charging and replacement mode

Kecheng Qian, Qingyuan Zhu
Based on consumers’ different value preferences for EV charging and swapping battery, a tripartite game model is constructed from the perspective of EV manufacturers and swapping battery station builders to reveal the optimal decision under the competition between charging mode and swapping battery mode....
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The impact of regional integration on inter-governmental tax competition- An empirical analysis based on the expansion of the Yangtze River Delta

Mengyuan Zhou
Based on the panel data of cities in East China from 2005 to 2021 and from the perspective of gradual expansion of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomerations, this paper constructs a differentially differential model to empiricly study the impact of regional integration on tax competition among local...
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Towards Better Understanding for Consumer Personalization in Marketing

Jincheng Wang, Yihui Sun
The purpose of this study is to explore the role of customer attributes in explaining customer consumption preferences. Through the different personal situation of customers, the consumption choice of customers is classified and discussed. Specifically, the annual household income, the customer’s education...
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Understanding of Personalized Customer Credit Risk Based on Selected Attributes

Runqi Jiang
In today’s dynamic business landscape, credit risk assessment has become an essential aspect of financial institutions success, and a comprehensive understanding of the most important variables that affect creditworthiness is critical. This essay focuses on the analysis of customer credit risk based...
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Exploring the Fiscal Policy Rules of Different Countries under the Epidemic Outbreak

Senwei Liao
The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 led to changes in fiscal policy around the world. This paper uses the COVID-19 financial responses of governments as samples, investigating the relationship between fiscal policies and income level and authority. The research use three sorts of methods: comparative analysis,...
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Research on the Impact of Government Subsidies on the Investment Efficiency of Enterprises

Zeyu Zhao
In the context of governmental involvement in market operations, subsidies represent a crucial instrument for macroeconomic regulation and the reallocation of societal resources. Given the significance of macroeconomic policies on micro-level enterprises as well as corporate governance structures, this...
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Impact of Digital Financial Inclusion Development on Rural Income Levels

Cuiying Pan, Xiuli Mo
In recent years, the continuous development of digital technology and inclusive finance has provided a strong impetus for rural revitalization. With the advantages of wide coverage, low cost and wide range of service targets, digital inclusive financial services have become a key support for solving...
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Promote or Inhibit? The Role of Female Executives in Tax Aggressiveness

Xiangdan Ma, Yongyuan Ma
Against the background of the macro-environment of China’s increasingly perfect tax administration system reform, this paper tries to explore the influence mechanism of female executives on corporate tax aggressive behavior based on the current situation that the proportion of female executives in China...
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Analysis of the Causes of Excessive Labor of Workers in “Gig Economy” and the Way Out

——Use Takeaway Riders as an Example

Anguo Fang
With the rapid development of “Internet Plus” digital technology, China's labor market is undergoing a platform-based transformation. The emerging new forms of employment represented by the “gig economy” have given rise to a new type of employment group, the gig workers. The fragmented and diversified...
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Research on the influence of Venture Capital on intellectual property Pledge loan of technology based small and micro enterprises in the start-up stage

Weian Du, Bowen Lei
Under the background of the global economic decline caused by COVID-19’s epidemic situation, the contradiction between supply and demand of intellectual property pledge financing in China has become increasingly prominent. This paper introduces venture capital into the process of intellectual property...
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Statistical and Econometric Analysis of International Taxation in Advanced Financial Management

Wenchong He
This article undertakes a rigorous exploration into the application of statistical analysis and econometric methods within the ambit of international taxation, a critical component of advanced financial management. International tax regimes present a unique set of challenges and opportunities for multinational...
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Comparison of American, European, and Exotic Options and Pricing Methods

Jiaxuan Wang
As a matter of fact, the valuation of options is a fundamental element of financial markets and investment in general especially in recent years. With this in mind, this study provides an overview and analysis of three commonly used options as well as the methods used to price them. To be specific, these...
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Enhancing Product User Experience through Industrial Design and Product Interaction Design

Yu Wu
In the contemporary design landscape, the synergy between industrial design and product interaction design has emerged as a cornerstone for crafting exceptional user experiences. This scholarly article meticulously examines how the confluence of these two realms can elevate product appeal, enhance usability,...
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Implementation of Big Data Analysis in Banking Management Reform, Action Aid and Risk Control

Haotian Yu
As a matter of fact, Commercial banks are economical institutions making money by taking deposits, lending loans and investing. In previous, banks were hard to deal with data created in every daily processes. Big data mining technology is a hi-tech tool helping collecting, storing and analyzing a huge...
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Comparison of Option Pricing Based on Black-Scholes and Binomial Tree: Evidence from Moutai’s Share Price

Jiale Li
As a matter of fact, option pricing is a vital area in mathematical finance, and various academic pricing methods has shed light on specific option types’ pricing, among which Black-Scholes model and Binomial Tree model are the most widely-used measures. However, recent debates have been concentrated...
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Implementation of Monte-Carlo Method in Curriculum Efficiency, Cost Forecasting and Price Path Prediction

Qixuan Hu
As a matter of fact, Monte-Carlo method has been widely implemented in various fields including distribution issues and stochastic process in recent years. With this in mind, this study mainly focuses the utilization of Monte-Carlo simulation onto some real-life scenarios. In retrospect, the Monte-Carlo...
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Optimization of sea empty container reposition based on inventory control strategy

Yan Zhang
In response to the problem of sea empty container transportation under random conditions, a comprehensive consideration is given to the conversion problem between short-term container rental and heavy empty containers. Through inventory control strategies, the inventory of empty containers at the port...
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Research on Modern Intelligent Port Evaluation

Huan Zhou, Dan Zhou, Zihao Liu
This article focuses on the evaluation of intelligent ports and studies an improved matter-element structure model based on cloud models for intelligent port evaluation. Using the indicators proposed in the “Intelligent Port Evaluation Indicator System” (T/CIN 011–2023) as the evaluation indicators,...
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The Correlation Between Corporate Profitability and ESG Ratings: Samples from Forestry and Paper Industry

Zijin Zou
Recently, the sustainability and social responsibility of business operation have become more and more important in the criteria to evaluate the value of a company, which cause the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores to be valued. This study examined the impact of the ESG score and profitability...
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Analysis of the State-of-art Portfolio Theory

Zheng Ying
Portfolio theory is a fundamental concept in investment management that aims to optimize risk and return by diversifying investments across different assets. This study explores portfolio theory, including its key concepts and methodologies, such as mean-variance optimization and alternative strategies...
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Comparative Analysis of LSTM, GRU and Transformer Deep Learning Models for Cryptocurrency ZEC Price Prediction Performance

Jiakun Lian
This paper delves into the intriguing realm of cryptocurrency price prediction, with a specific focus on Zcash (ZEC), employing a cutting-edge deep learning approach. The study introduces two crucial features, “close_off_high” and “volatility”, then systematically analyzes the correlations between these...
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Exploring Natural Resource Asset Retirement Auditing in the Context of Sustainable Development

Xue Yang, Yan Gao
Natural resource asset retirement auditing plays a pivotal role in the pursuit of sustainable development. This audit evaluates the sustainability of resource management, enhances resource utilization efficiency, ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, promotes institutional development,...
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Analysis of the Factors Contributing to the Differences in Financial Data of Energy Companies

Haojun Wang
This paper selects 30 companies in the energy industry, which is a fundamental, monopolistic, susceptible, and high-risk industry, and calculates the companies’ financial data such as D/V, beta coefficient and WACC. After analyzing the factors contributing to the differences in their financial data,...
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A Relevant Analysis of Nike and its Marketing Strategies

Yiming Chen
With the development of civilization, people are increasingly aware of the importance of physical activity for individuals. Under the background of governments advocating sports for all, Nike, as the world’s most successful business giant, also has a sophisticated business system, has been rapidly occupying...
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The Influence of Influencer Marketing on Consumer Purchase Decisions

Meng Yuan
In today’s digital age, influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for brands to connect with consumers. This article explores the significant impact of influencer marketing on consumer purchase decisions. We delve into the mechanisms through which influencers influence consumer choices, the...
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Financial Characteristics and Risk Strategy Analysis of Oil Giant Companies under The Background of Global Economic Recession

Qingrui Luo
In the context of the evolving energy industry, this study provides a comparative analysis of two industry giants, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell. The study aims to examine their financial health, with a particular focus on three key metrics: leverage, weighted average cost of capital (WACC), and asset...
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Oil Industry Shell Company Business Strategy Analysis

Jiawen Li
Oil is an important basis for the development of national economy. At present, the oil industry of all countries in the world is developing rapidly. At the same time, the operation and management of petroleum companies are also facing new opportunities and challenges. Modern societies consume large amounts...
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Analysis on the Causes and Countermeasures of Business Risks in Health Industry Companies - Based on a Comparative Analysis of Ali Health, United Health Group and Novo Nordisk

Zhenzi Li, Yuting Pan, Junyi Zheng
The health industry has always been an important part of the global economy. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to health and quality of lives. After an in-depth study of the market, industry and consumer demand, the health industry...
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Comparative Analysis of Development Strategies of Real Estate Companies in Different Fields

Leyi Shen
With the rapid development of the real estate industry, people's interest in real estate investment is increasing, and its industry value is also rising. But the real estate industry is not what people usually think, it has many branches, including the medical and health field, apartment housing...
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Comparative study on the investment value of HM and Lululemon

Jiaying Wang
According to the content of the entire text, H&M and Lululemon Athletica are two companies that have attracted considerable attention and have outstanding investment value. This study aims to analyze the investment potential of H&M and Lululemon by comparing their financial indicators and business...
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The Extent Social Media Marketing is Contributable to Customer Based Brand Equity of Luxury Brands

Lan Jiang, Zekhai Lim, Chenyi Lin, Haojie Zhao, Jiaqi Huang, Xiaoya Liu
As more consumption-relevant behaviours occur online, an increasing number of brands seeking to enhance their brand equity are choosing social media as their new marketing tool. In recent years, a growing number of companies have implemented an online marketing strategy, while the emergence of social...
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The Impact of Technology on the Labor Market: An Analysis of the Changing Landscape

Wenchong He, Beiqin Zhang, Jialu Zhang
The relentless march of technology and automation has ushered in unprecedented levels of productivity and efficiency, reshaping industries and profoundly impacting the labor market. This article explores the multifaceted effects of new technology and automation on the workforce, including the transformation...
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Media Management and Business Strategy: Ensuring Competitiveness and Profitability

Xiangyue Zhang
In the dynamic landscape of media management, effective business strategies play a pivotal role in navigating technological advancements, understanding evolving consumer behaviors, and addressing regulatory challenges. This article delves into the importance of embracing innovation, data-driven insights,...
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Sustainable Development and Economic Policies: A Path Towards a Resilient Future

Minghao Duan
Sustainable development is an imperative goal in today's world, as we grapple with the complex challenges of climate change, resource depletion, and socio-economic inequality. This paper explores the role of economic policies in promoting sustainable development. It emphasizes the need for a holistic...
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Research on Nongfu Spring Brand Content Marketing Strategy

Hanyang Dai
Unlike general commercial advertising marketing, Content marketing is a special marketing tool that provides value instead of promoting products directly and has not been widely used in brand marketing. Nongfu Spring, a leader in the PRC’s bottled water and beverage industry, has been applying brand...
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Investment Suggestion in Chinese Automobile Industry: Evidence from Chang’ an Automobile and Great Wall Motor

Jiaqi Cao
The burgeoning automotive industry in China is witnessing a surge in local automobile companies, intensifying competition within the sector. This research conducted a meticulous and thorough examination of the financial statements of two prominent automobile companies in the Chinese market, Chang’an...
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The Financial Statements Comparison Between ExxonMobil Corporation and Chevron Corporation

Zhaojun Luo
The study embarked upon a comprehensive financial analysis of ExxonMobil and Chevron, aiming to discern their fiscal health from 2023 onwards. The ExxonMobil and Chevron are the two leading companies of energy industry. Central to this essay is answering: ‘How are these energy giants faring in today's...
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Analysis of the return linkages among international crude oil futures, Chinese stock market and US stock market based on VAR model

Fangying Dong
Crude oil, as a primary global energy resource, plays a pivotal role in influencing global financial landscapes, especially in major economies like China and the US. Despite extensive studies, a comprehensive analysis intertwining the three areas—crude oil prices, the Chinese stock market, and the US...
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Research on stock index prediction based on ARIMA-CNN-LSTM model

Ziyan Zhang
As financial markets become ever more complicated and unpredictable, traditional stock index prediction models no longer meet the high frequency and big data market environment. To enhance forecast accuracy this study proposes a hybrid model comprised of autoregressive integral sliding average model...
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Temporal Evolution and Decoupling Relationship between Carbon Emissions and Economic Growth in Liaoning Province of China

Zhiwei Nian, Zhongkai Yang, Li Feng
With the development of Northeast traditional industrial base, Liaoning is currently facing a practical contradiction between economic growth and the demand for low-carbon emission reduction. Accelerating the process of a low-carbon economy is effective to break the bottleneck of current economic development....
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The Impact of the New Environmental Protection Law on the Leverage Manipulation Behavior of Heavy Polluters

Jiangyi Guo
The new Environmental Protection Law effectively improves China's environmental governance level but also increases enterprises’ sewage costs and operating expenses, which may increase the incentives for leveraged manipulation behavior. This paper explores the impact of the introduction of the new...
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The Influence of Perception on Consumer Purchase Decisions in Virtual Fitting Experience: The Mediating Role of Emotional Attachment

Deng Ji
This study explores the impact of different perceptual dimensions (Perceived Immersion, Perceived Personalisation, and Perceived Enjoyment) on consumer behaviour in virtual fitting experiences. Utilizing the Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence (ABC) theoretical framework, the research combines offline try-on...
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The Effectiveness of Starbucks’ Loyalty Program Across Different Culture (UK: Edinburgh; China: Kunming)

Jiarui Zhang, Yanlin He
This paper is invented to investigate the effectiveness of Starbucks’ loyalty program across different cultures United Kingdom and China are the main research targets. Based on the literature reviews about the marketing strategy of Starbucks and its positioning in China and the United Kingdom, two hypotheses...
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Analysis of the risks brought by the issuance of fiat digital currency in China and correlated strategy

Rongfei Wan
The rapid development of the digital economy and financial technology has brought the thriving of digital currency. The currency in the market will likely be greatly converted from real to digital in the future. Under the circumstances of digital economy development, the e-CNY shows its value functions,...
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Comparative Analysis of forecasting exchange rate using ARCH and GARCH Models: A Case Study of China

Qiqi Zhang, Jianing Pan, Jiahao Geng, Xun Zhu
This paper is focused on two different models, which are the Auto-Regressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity Model (ARCH) and the Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity model (GARCH). Furthermore, first, this work will explain what the ARCH Model is and what the GARCH Model is. Secondly,...
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A study on current issues in the digital transformation process

Lingya Xiong
In today’s globalized market, supply chain digitization has become an increasingly important competitive advantage, and enterprises are gradually applying digitization in the supply chain process. However, at present, most of the enterprises’ supply chains are facing the problem of slow digitalization...
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Study on the development and future of Hong Kong trade logistics

Qingzhi Fan, Yixin Wang, Siyu Liang
As one of the most important trading ports in the world, Hong Kong is not only a benchmark for international trade liberalization but also an important participant in promoting the innovative development of international economic and trade rules and governance. As one of Hong Kong’s four pillar industries,...
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Factors that make Hong Kong one of the World Financial Centre

Teng Han Lousia, Au Yui Ching Rosette
A world financial center refers to a place that gathers a large number of financial and related derivative service industries. It needs to have the most active securities trading market, the most complete financial market, the most convenient international settlement system, and most importantly, to...
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Introduction to regional economic differences in Shanxi Province

Wenqi Wang
Regional economic disparity is a widespread problem, and the study of regional economic disparity is of great significance to improve this phenomenon. Shanxi province is a large resource province, The economy was also prosperous for a while, but due to the impact of various factors leading to the province’s...
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How business models and other factors affect the Stock Price- A Case study on Spotify

Daniel ZD Guo, Xin Luo
The popularity of online music streaming services has risen exponentially since the rise of the digital age. Since the shift from MP3s to online music playing services have begun, there have been more than 60 streaming services accounting for more than 1 trillion streamed songs per year just in the U.S....
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Cross-country Comparative Research on the Impact of Service Industry on Manufacturing Efficiency - Based on Digital Background

Guangmin Hua, Chunhong Zhu, Jianbo Bao
With the acceleration of digital industrialization and industrial digitization, new technologies is driving the transformation of service industry models, which improves the efficiency of service efficiency and ultimately improves the efficiency of other industries especially manufacturing industry....
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Study on the impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on China’s overseas infrastructure investment-- Take the power station project as an example

Pei Yu, Yuhan Qiu
Infrastructure construction is the core of the Belt and Road Initiative, especially at this stage, countries around the world are committed to improving the green level of infrastructure, so as to cope with the continuous deterioration of global climate, and the construction of China’s overseas infrastructure...