Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Education, Management Science and Economics (ICEMSE 2017)

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Analysis of Influencing Factors of Life Insurance in Beijing Area

Qian Zhang, Xuefeng Zhang
In recent years, people have been increasingly concerned about life security in the future. Based on the data of life insurance in Beijing from 1997 to 2015, this paper analyzes the long-term impact and short-term impact of various factors, using vector error correction model. It indicates that regional...
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Innovation of Legal Education for College Students from the Cultural Perspective

Jue Wang
In order to resolve the realistic predicament of unbalanced content, non-interactive method of teaching and weakened consciousness in legal education of Chinese university students at present, with the analytical thinking that the culture is the carrier and the legal system is for application, this paper...
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A Research on OBE-CDIO Finance Education Reform Under the Age of Big Data

Minghong Sun
The age of big data changes the performances of the whole industries, so as the financial talent education. This article aims to establish the new financial talent cultivation model based on CDIO engineering conceive and OBE conceive in order to better train the financial talents in the new world of...
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The Application of Micro-course in the Teaching Process of Up-to-date Mechanics

Ziping Wang, Meixia Li, Riquan Lai, Naifu He
The application of micro-course in education is more and more widespread. In the view of the shortage of previous teaching in the advanced course of mechanics, this paper aims to explore the application of micro-course in the teaching of advanced mechanics and explore the application of micro teaching...
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Innovation of Private Customized Tourism Development Mode under the Tourism E-Commerce Platform

San-chun Yu
With the improvement of people's living standards and the promotion of their economic income, traveling outside has already become one of the main activities in people's leisure and entertainment time. Facing the increasing demands of the tourism market, the traditional mass tourism has been unable to...
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The Benefit of Adding Key Audit Matters to the Auditing Report

Hao Li
On December 23rd, 2016, the Ministry of Finance issued a new audit guideline "No. 1504 Auditing Standards for Chinese Certified Public Accountants - Communicating Key Audit Matters in Auditing Report." Based on the audit report of 84 A+ H-share listed companies in 2016, we investigated the cost and benefit...
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A Customer Knowledge Management Model for Local Hospitality on European Market in Western China

Xuelian Liu
Customer knowledge has increasingly importance in customer-oriented enterprise. Customer knowledge management models can help managers to find the real value chain in business. Compared with international hotel, local hotel has less advantage in marketing and customer service in Western China. The research...
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Exploration and Practice of Innovative Teaching Methods Based on Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

Di Zhang, Lihua Liu
Theory of machines and mechanisms is one of the important technical foundation courses for mechanical students in universities. The goals of this paper are to stimulate the learning interest of students and develop students' innovative abilities. On this basis, this paper introduces the deficiencies...
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On Improving the Effect of the Probity Education for College Students in the Practice of Poverty Alleviation

Weiqin Yuan
It is necessary to improve the actual effect of the education, so that most of the students who receive probity education can remain clean after graduation. For this reason, it should be emphasized that the key is not abstract theory, but experiential practice. We can try to make students accept probity...
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Impact of Empowerment on Employee Turnover Intention: The Influence of Job Satisfaction

Amjad Ali, Jianping Huang, Zulfiqar Ali, Zhongbin Li
Recent studies show that the intention of manufacturing employee turnover remains a major problem in emerging economies. In particular, a lack of empowerment and job satisfaction means that the turnover of Pakistani employees in manufacturing firms remains high. This study investigates the mediating...
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Competitive Intelligence Management in Integration and Expansion of Automobile Aftermarket Fast Repair Chain Enterprise

Xiaoli Wei, Yanfeng Xing, Yiming Mi, Aili Geng
The current automobile aftermarket of China is developing with a high speed, while the integration and expansion of chain enterprises are becoming more and more serious. This paper starts from the present situation of Chinese automobile aftermarket; analyzes the demand of competitive intelligence of...
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Multimedia Teaching Research on Vehicle Body Structure

Yanfeng Xing, Xiaoli Wei
The knowledge capacity can be effectively increased through applying the multimedia teaching for vehicle body structure. The structure and theory of body components are revealed by combining images and videos, which cooperate with blackboard writing to improve students' learning interest and deeply understand...
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Tactics Thinking of Outstanding Traditional Culture Education of Tourism Management Specialty in Colleges and Universities

Xiaoliang Chen
As a symbol of historical civilization and social progress and as an important ideological and cultural resource for managing state affairs, excellent traditional culture and education in the revival of national culture and the promotion of quality education in the context of reality, has demonstrated...
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Construction of the Curriculum System of "3+4" Connection between the Secondary and Higher Vocational Education in the Application-oriented Undergraduate Colleges

Decheng Yang, Zhuojuan Yang
Construction of the curriculum system between the secondary and higher vocational education is an important component of modern vocational education. Taking the construction of the curriculum system of "3+4" in the major of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation in Jilin engineering normal university...
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An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Foreign Trade and Carbon Emissions of China's High Tech Industries

Hang Mi
With the continuous development of trade and economy, China's high technology industry has a significant characteristics of "the imbalance of environment and interests", the increase of carbon emissions has a huge obstacle to the sustainable development of trade economy. This paper selects the volume...
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The Teaching Reform of Medicinal Botany

Kunlai Sun, Yin Chen, Youle Qu, Zuisu Yang, Liye Yang
Explore the new teaching model of "medicinal botany", so as to enhance the students' interest in this course and their comprehensive practice, innovation and application ability. Establish the student-oriented teaching philosophy, introduce comprehensive experiment and exploratory experiment, innovate...
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Research and Practice of Talents Training Mode and Curriculum System of Marine Pharmacy

Youle Qu
The talents training mode and the reform and innovation of curriculum system in institutions of higher learning are both the key and difficult part of teaching reform and ultimate goals of the reform of talents training mode. In recent years, focused on the requirements of talents training of marine...
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Analysis on Transfer Price Discrimination of Intermediate Product Based on Tax

Shao-gang Chen, Hao-xian Wang
Based on linear demand function of final product market, the paper built a perfect and complete information dynamic game model to analyze the transfer price discrimination in multinational enterprises when the divisions face different tax rates. And then got strategies about transfer price of the enterprises....
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Environmental Performance Evaluation and Quota Allocation of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction for China's Listed Enterprises--Taking Jilin Province as the Example

Yanli Wang
Energy conservation and environmental protection industry, as an important part of the green industry, is the major fostered project for China in recent years, meanwhile, it is also one of the most potential industry in the 21st century. Energy conservation and environmental protection project mainly...
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Research on the Paths of Financial Marketization Promoting Private Agriculture Enterprise Development--Empirical Evidence from Exempted Listed Agriculture Companies

Zuguang Wu, Xinyue Wan
This article selects A-share listed tax-free private companies of agriculture, forestry, herd and fishery during the period from 2008 to 2010 as a sample. In the absence of income tax effect, this paper explores the avenue of financial development promoting the development of private agricultural enterprises....
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Japan's Experience in OFDI and Its Enlightenment to China

Zhenyu An, Tongxin An
Japan is the second economic powerhouse and the third economic giant in the present world and China is also the second economic giant. Both of the countries have made great contributions to the development of the world economy. From 1960s to 1980s, Japan realized the rapid development of the national...
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The Significance of Strengthening the Study of Molecular Imaging and the Way of Learning for Radiologists

Yan-ming Ge, Ying-shan Tu, Hong Zhu, Jin-feng Long, Xi-zhen Wang, Peng Dong
Medical molecular biology is developing rapidly in recent years, whose theories and techniques have promoted the development of medical imaging, and it made huge influence on the modern medical imaging. Medical molecular biology's development has extremely improved people's understanding and treatment...
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Integration of International Accreditation Examination System into Bilingual Course--A Case Study from the Course of Corporate Finance

Qing Wu
Universities in China have implemented bilingual teaching of curriculum for more than ten years and have made some achievements, but there are still many problems such as resistance, lack of motivation, lack of students' ability and insufficient ability in teachers. This paper attempts to analyze the...
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The Growth of Privatization in Higher Education as a Global Trend in China

Huijuan Lin
This As one of the largest developing countries in the world with its rapid growth rate in the economy, China has achieved remarkable increase in its private higher education sector. Thanks to the policies of marketization and diversification in higher education, private higher education has played a...
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Influencing Factors and Forecast of Stock Price Manipulation Based on Panel Data Logit Model

Jianfeng Zhang, Wenxiu Hu
Stock price manipulation forecasting is to carry out judgment before the stock price being manipulated, and to identify indicators with which the stocks are likely to be manipulated. Based on the 2015 A-share market stock trading manipulation case panel data issued by China Securities Regulatory Commission,...
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Research on China's Financial Macro Prudential Regulation and Coordination of Legal System

Youfang Jin
In China's financial industry, the supervision pattern of separate operation and separate supervision is adopted. And the problem is that the regulatory authorities merely pay attention to the duties performing within their respective permissions, which is likely to trigger that they only focus on micro...
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The Exploration of the Development of Medical Students' Reflective Ability--Research on the Cultivation of Reflective Thinking of Medical Students

Ying Wang, Changhai Yun
Reflective thinking arrives at a judgment on a question by looking back in a reasonable way at the relevant evidence. It is "reasonable critical thinking focused on deciding what to believe or do". This paper introduces the connotation of reflection, expounds the characteristics of reflection thinking,...
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Reform in College English Teaching Based on PETOE of Engineering Institute

Si-Yang Liu
Based on the surveys on the current situation of college English teaching in engineering undergraduate institutes in China, this paper tries to explore the reform roads of PETOE-based college English teaching. The suggestions are given from five aspects of adjusting teaching objectives, reconstructing...
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Civil Engineering Major Development with the Idea of Emerging Engineering Education for Provincial University

Qun Xie, Tao-chun Yang, Wei Jiang
The idea of emerging engineering education is currently accepted by many domestic universities which put forwards higher requirement for engineering cultivations. In this paper some existing problems in discipline construction and personnel cultivation have been presented and in order to fulfill this...
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The Spillover Effects of Foreign Direct Investments on Innovation in China

Chenye Zhang, Ping Wang
This study conducts quantitative analysis on the spillover effects of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) on innovation in China as well as the heterogeneous effects of various innovation types in the eastern, central and western regions. An OLS model employing the panel data from 2005 to 2014 of 30 provinces...
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The Thinking about Bilingual Teaching Practice of Finance in Chinese University

Jing Zhang
As Chinese economy opens deeper, bilingual teaching has become more and more important in the cultivation of financial talents. However, as a new teaching mode, there are many problems in the actual teaching process of financial bilingual courses. Based on the author's practice, some thoughts on the...
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The Exploration and Analysis of Dilemma of the Environmental Legal Education in Chinese Colleges and Its Solutions

Guilin Gao, Shihui Huang
The paper, starting from the basis and connotation of environmental legal education in colleges and universities and through statistical analysis method and summarizing method, analyzes the status quo of environmental legal education in colleges and universities including unreasonable setting of courses...
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On the Risks and Solutions of the Bank Depository in P2P Client Funds

Guilin Gao, Changchao Hou
In accordance with the law, the funds obtained from the clients of P2P network platform in China must be deposited with the bank. However, the bank depository of the customer funds can't really solve the platform's control of customer funds, and the fund pool and self-financing can be completed indirectly,...
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Relevance between Equity Structure and Financial Performance-Empirical Study Based on Bi-Logit Selective Model

Yang Li, Jiayi Tan, Jingling Huang
Aiming to provide empirical evidence to optimize governance structure and enhance performance level in China Capital Market, drawing Chinese listed companies during 2012-2016 as samples, dividing into equity ownership structure and equity concentration, the paper tested empirically the relevance between...
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Analysis on the Management Quality of the Company Level Cadres

Ruiheng Duan, Di Liu
Under the new situations, the work of the grassroots management education has put forward a series of new challenges. At the same time, it puts forward many new requirements to the management quality of the company level cadres. This paper analyzes the current situation and existing problems of the management...
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Study on Measures for Application-oriented Faculty Advancement in Private Universities during Professional Title System Reform

Xiaolin Qi, Yuhong Zhan
This aim of the study was to analysis the affection of new professional title policy on applied-style faculty advancement in private university, and give some advice for faculty advancement based on the adjustment policy. We reviewed the historical evolution of professional title policies, particularly...
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Evaluation and Analysis of Curriculum Reform of Organs System from Medical Students' Perspective--Take Qiqihar Medical University as an Example

Changhai Yun, Ying Wang
Currently, the curriculum reform of organ system at medical universities is conducive to increasing interdisciplinary connections, training medical students' clinical thinking and improving their ability to study independently. However, some students cannot adapt to or accept this curriculum model. We...
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Research on University Collaborative Innovation Model Based on the Three Helix Theory

Yu Liu, Junying Huang
The report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made it clear that it is necessary to implement the national innovation-driven development strategy and attach more importance to cooperation and innovation. The development strategy of collaborative innovation strengthens the close...
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Application of Computer Assisted Instruction in Teaching of Mechanisms and Machine Theory Course

Bo Tang, Yu Hou, Guangming Zou, Huaiguang Liu
In order to enable students to better grasp mechanisms and machine theory course, teachers can use various forms of computer assisted instruction in the teaching process. The importance of computer aided instruction in the teaching of mechanisms and machine theory course is explained, and the principles...
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Coping Strategies of College Instructors' Professional Identity

Yuchuan Luo, Xuemei Deng
High professional identity is an important prerequisite for the development of the work of instructors, and is an important guarantee for the validity of the work. To study the coping strategies of college instructors' professional identity, this paper analyzes the reasons lead to low professional identity...
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Research on the Construction of Economics Laboratory for T&R Purpose

Zhaoyong Sun, Wenxiu Hu
Economics laboratories play a significantly supporting role in the process of teaching and research. It is of great importance to construct economics laboratories to promote teaching and research and avoid the waste of laboratory resources. In this paper, the economics laboratories are classified into...
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The Study of Evolution Paths & Causes of Bilateral Market's Cyber Effect

Yong Zhu
The bilateral market is the most basic and typical cyber platform model, which lays the foundation for the more complex multilateral market research. After introducing the basic of bilateral market, the evolution paths of bilateral market's cyber effect are found out by analysis of relative theory, including...
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Practice and Thinking on the Micro-Course Design of Green Packaging Curriculum

Yabo Fu, Pengfei Guo, Jiazi Shi, Guorong Cao
As a new education form based on new information technology and internet, micro-course teaching system provides more efficient teaching methods for modern education with characteristics of clear targeted, single knowledge-oriented, capable , vigorous and easy for students to learn and interactive. It...
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Meaning Constructed by Images in Cross-border E-business Websites-A Case Study in China from Social-semiotic Perspective

Fangmin Sun
In the new ear of cross-border e-commerce, businesses should raise awareness of globalization and pay more attention to multimodal communication. Image is a kind of social semiotic as important as language. Gunther Kress and Theo van Leeuwe's theory of Visual Grammar suggests that images can convey representational,...
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The Combination and Implementation of Enterprise Education and Vocational Education in Higher Vocational Logistics Management Specialty

Liang Kang, Yong Ye
In the development and reform of Higher Vocational Education in our country, enterprise education is deeply attached to the higher vocational colleges. It is a breakthrough for many professional reform experts to explore the path of integration the innovative education and vocational education actively;...
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Exploration on the Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode on General Chemistry of International Students

Lizhu Zhang, Dongyan Tang
The "flipped classroom" was focused on the organization of self-study pre class and the teaching mode about class teaching. Factors to restrict the practice of "flipped classroom" were analyzed and some methods were put forward to solving it. In the self-study section, teacher arranged self-study tasks...
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Chinese Customers' Sensory Evaluation between Chinese Wine and Foreign Wine

Xiang Li, Yujun Liu, Xinyue Zhu, Keith Walley, Siyao Wang, Yukun Li
Except for the Wine's brands, price, promotion, Customers have different sensory evaluation towards to the Chinese Wine and Foreign wine, which can affect the customers' purchasing decisions. The survey about the consumer's preferences toward the Chinese Wine and foreign wine is implemented. Especially,...
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Score Equivalence between Paper-based and Computer-based College Students' English Writing

Yinxiu Ji
Paper-based and computer-based writings are two usual modes used by English teachers in teaching writing. Computer and assessment familiarity, however, may have influence on students' performance in their writings, so the reliability of the scores given in the two modes is challenged. This paper studied...
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On the Translation of Government Work Report from the Perspective of Skopos Theory--A Case Study of "2016 Government Work Report"

Guorong Shen
Political document is an important means to propagate the policies of the authority. Its translation quality will not only have a direct impact on the efficiency of political publicity, but also have great influence on China's image in the international community. This paper is involved with Vermeer's...
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Development of New Energy Vehicles at Home and Abroad

Yishan Xu
With the rapid development of the economy and the intensification of environmental pollution, in the present situation, the development of new energy vehicles is the trend of the times. In recent years, China has made great achievements in the new energy auto industry, but there is still a big gap compared...
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Research on the Protection for Corporate Intellectual Property of the Belt and Road Initiative

Siqi Wang
In advancing the Belt and Road Initiative, China will adopt a proactive strategy of further opening-up and comprehensively improve the openness of the Chinese economy. Chinese enterprises will face more opportunities and challenges. The Belt and Road initiative involves many countries and regions. The...
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The Research on Characteristics of Good Mathematical Cognitive Structure Based on Flow-Map Method--Taking Function as an Example

Zhaohua Qu, Zezhong Yang
This study was conducted to probe the features of mathematics knowledge and their connections in good mathematical cognitive structure (GMCS) with the flop-map method and the help of both function as material and 72 random senior one students as participants. This paper conducted flow-map interview and...
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China's College English Translation Teaching: Importance, Problems and Suggestions

Qin Yao
This paper explores the problems in the perspective of current non-English college students' translation teaching in China after pointing out its significance and the reforms it has undergone. Over the past decades of years, college English education, despite its reforms of syllabuses and curriculum...
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The Research on Value Network Reconstruction of Liquor Industry through Value Co-creation

Pu Yang, Lei Liu
The reconstruction of value network is an inevitable path for the transformation and upgrading of liquor industry. Through the analysis of the composition of value network in liquor industry, this paper gives vertical analysis and horizontal analysis of the value network, and puts forward Value Co-creation...
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Evolution Evaluation and Optimization of Industrial Structure in Ecologically-sensitive and Contiguous Severely Poverty-stricken Areas in West China--A case study of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Area

Rong Pu
Concentrated and contiguous severely poverty-stricken areas are the key areas which restrict the construction of the comprehensive well-off society in our country. As China's typical ecologically-sensitive and underdeveloped region, the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan protected area has obviously improper...
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Study on the Causes of Poverty in the Northwest Contiguous Poverty-Stricken Area and its Anti-Poverty Measures

Xinghua Li, Quanlu Lin
To solve the lagging agricultural modernization, obvious urban and rural dual system obstacle, urban and rural development, and large residents income gap in the northwest contiguous Poverty-Stricken area of China, this paper studies the poverty causes in northwest contiguous Poverty-Stricken area and...
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The Golden Key to Water Ecological Protection

Yuhong Zhai, Deshan Tang
"Clean river, unblocked water flow, green bank and gorgeous scenery" has long been yearned for by the People. The document "Comments on Comprehensively Advancing the River Chief System" heralds the innovative upgrading of the river chief system from a local institution to a nationwide water management...
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Research on the Fusion Mechanism and Formation Pathway of Compound-type Postgraduate Talents Cultivation System

Chaotian Chen, Hui Li, Shaozhi Ji
The cultivation problems of compound-type postgraduate talents is studied from the perspective of mechanism fusion. The cultivation of compound-type postgraduate is seen as a system, and the theories and research methods of system science, pedagogy, psychology, management science are applied to study...
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Research on the Reform of Civil Engineering Professional Training Mode

Hua Luo, Hua Chen
Based on the analysis of the historical evolution, the reform motivation and the status quo of the personnel training mode of civil engineering in our country, this paper analyzes the current personnel training mode of civil engineering in our country, and puts forward the reform of personnel training...
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Study on the Training Mode of Civil Engineering

Jian Tang, Hua Luo
This paper summarizes the formation development and law of the subject and combine the social requirements of civil engineering professionals in our country's economic and social development. This paper explores the existing problems in the education of civil engineering in colleges and universities...
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Research on the Application of the Standard Operating Procedure in Military Financial Management

Kaiyang Xu
The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a highly efficient work flow summarized by the internal managers of an organization after years of practice, serving as a work rule within a department. The application of the SOP to military financial management will play a positive role in improving the quality...
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Analysis on the Construction of Curriculum and Teaching Staff for the Business English Major

Shaowei Li
The globalization of world politics, culture and economy has made cross-cultural communication more and more frequent among countries. The communication model of the globalization has increased the demand for business English majors, and the specialized training of the talents has been improved. Business...
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Some Thoughts on the Virtue of Education

Xi Fang, Mengwen Pan
The purpose of this paper is to systematically consider the issue of moral education, so as to teach the majority of colleagues and experts and scholars. Firstly, this article through a comprehensive understanding of the connotation of virtue, and then in-depth analysis of the concept of moral education,...
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Brief Statement about International Non-Governmental Organizations to Participate in the Development of Education in the Minority Areas of Yunnan

Hong Pu
The purpose of this paper is to systematically discuss several important issues of international NGO's participation in the education of ethnic minority areas in Yunnan, so that all colleagues and experts can benefit from it. Through a variety of research methods, such as literature research, field investigation,...
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Analysis on Research Strength of Universities and Countermeasure Research Based on InCites and ESI in China Mainland--Taking Jiangxi Normal University as an Example

Wenjing Chu, Zhaohui Chu
The paper reasonably selects main citation index of Jiangxi Normal University based on InCites and ESI, Then makes analysis of paper output, impact, collaborating institutions, advantage disciplines and potential disciplines by statistics, bibliometrics and comparative research methods. Then makes conclusions...
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Construction of Medical Dispute Prevention Mechanism

Longfei Jiang, Jingying Xiang
The increasing medical dissension makes the unhealthy development of medical and health service and affects the harmonious and stable social life of our country. Therefore, it has become an important problem to be solved in the social life on how to resolve medical disputes, cure "medical trouble" [1]...
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Game Theory Analysis about the Red Packet Money

Rui Bai, Weiyu Pan, Chao Li
The red packet money is a topic of great concern in recent years. It originated in the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty and became extravagant in the late Qing dynasty and the Republic of China. It is hard to say that this kind of money at present is an authentic traditional custom. However,...
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The Application of Time Series Analysis in Financial Revenue of China

Jianna Zhao, Di Xin
The impact tax revenue on fiscal revenue is getting bigger. It is of great significance to predict fiscal revenue and analyze the impact of tax on China's economic development according to historical data. The time series analysis and prediction method is to reveal the rule that the phenomenon changes...
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Exploration of Teaching Reform on Signals and Systems Course for Information Specialties

Zhiwei Kang, Jianhui Wu
"Signals and Systems" is the core and fundamental course of information specialties, playing a significant and supporting role in the whole system of specialized courses. Our university, dedicated to improving the teaching quality, gives top priority to construction on core courses. More efforts have...
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A Study of the Influence of Inclusive Leadership on Employee Voice Behaviors: the Mediating Effect of LMX

Hui Li, Yong Hang
This study applies social exchange theory to measure the influence of inclusive leadership on employee voice behaviors and the mediating effect of leader-member exchange (LMX) with 174 samples from a recent questionnaire survey in China. The results confirmed the significant positive influence of the...
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Research on Practical Teaching System of Hotel Management Major in Higher Vocational Education-- in the View of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Wei Liu
With the restructuring and upgrading of hotel industry, the demand of hotel industry for innovation and entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly urgent. How to work closely with the goal of personnel training for higher vocational colleges and hotel management major practice teaching? On the basis of...
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Technical Supply Chain Management Analysis--Based on Jingdong's Case

Haofan Yang
Supply chain plays a more and more important role in the process of modern management of enterprises. With the advent of big data era, information flow and business flow speed up make the supply chain inevitably move towards technology and digitization. This paper analyzes Jingdong's supply chain technology....
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The Application of Paraphrasing Technology of Machine Translation in the Construction of Corpus

Jing Wang
At present, with the updating of knowledge and information, bilingual libraries are unlikely to contain all linguistic phenomena. In the course of Machine Translation, it is impossible to process unknown texts that are not present in the corpus. With paraphrasing technology, the unknown text fragments...
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The Application of Balanced Score Card in PPP Project

Di Wu, Weixia Wu
As a new type of financing model of project, PPP project has developed rapidly in recent years, which is mostly used in the field of infrastructure construction. The aim of this study is to build a system of balanced score card for evaluating the performance of PPP project. The paper lays particular...
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The Impact of China 's Economic Growth on Carbon Emission Based on Gray Relational Analysis

Jianna Zhao, Fengyi Zhao
Economic and technological development is very fast in modern society, but economic development will affect the environmental change, which have a certain impact on carbon emissions at the same time. In the paper, the Gray Relational Analysis method is used to analyze and evaluate the correlation between...
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Analysis on the Estimation of Consumption of Carbon Emission in Urban and Rural Residents in Liaoning Province

Xiaoyuan Qi, Ying Han, Yaxin Wang, Yanhuang Huang
carbon emission research is mostly concentrated on the field of industrial production, but ignore the role of residents' consumption in promoting carbon emissions. So this paper estimates the carbon emissions from urban and rural residents in Liaoning Province via input-output method. The conclusions...
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The Naval Diving Safety Assessment Model Based on the Risk Matrix Theory

Pei Hu, Qian Hao
Our objective in this report is to analyze and assess safety risks in diving activities, and ensure fresh divers' safety underwater. We develop a diving training management safety assessment (DTMSA) model which is based on the safe risk matrix. Using corrected risk matrix formula in which combine quantitative...
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Analysis and Discussion on the Hierarchical Teaching of University Computer Public Course

Enqi Liu
With the increasing status of computers in human society, how to train more innovative talents in line with new forms and computational thinking has become one of the new tasks of higher education in the country. The computer is an elective course for basic courses for non-computer majors, the main purpose...
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Short-Term Power Load Forecasting of Least Squares Support Vector Machine Based on Wavelet Transform and Drosophila Algorithm

Jian-Na Zhao, Xiao-Bo He
As an energy that can't be stored and related to the national economy and the people's livelihood, the stability of electric energy has been paid more and more attention in our country. In order to solve this problem, a short-term least squares support vector machine (SVM) based on wavelet decomposition...
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Study on the Personnel Training Mode of the Innovative Education in Logistics

Si-Qi Zhang, Xiao-Yu Wu, Yun-Feng Zhang
The lack of innovative talents in logistics is a bottleneck that restricts the development of the country and society. The cultivation of creative talents is not only the urgent need of the present era, but also the inevitable choice of all colleges and universities. In order to further cultivate the...
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English for General International Business Law Course Construction in Chinese General Local Universities

Wenjun Wang
Guidelines on College English Teaching, released by China's Ministry of Education, guides the future college English teaching. In this document, English for Specific Purposes is regarded as one of the 3 key curriculums. It is under this background Kunming University explores the feasibility of ESP education...
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Carbon Capture and Storage versus Renewable Energy: Comparing Emissions Reductions and Their Strategic Positions-- Evidence from China

Qiang Gao, Rong Kang
In the face of increasing environmental problems, nations have designed and implemented a variety of methods to stabilize the climate. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is intended to mitigate global warming by capturing, transporting, and sequestrating carbon dioxide (CO2) to reduce greenhouse...
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Teaching Reform Research of Structural Mechanics Based on Application-oriented Excellent Engineer Education Training Plan

Chuanteng Huang, Feiqiao Xiong, Shuang Pu
This paper aims to discuss the teaching reform of higher engineering education. Based on the standard of Excellent Engineer Education Training Plan, this paper studies the teaching methods of Structural Mechanics, emphasizes the status and effect of the Structural Mechanics in the course system of Civil...
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Innovation of Training Mode for Special Talents of Electronic Design

Chunyue Pan
The cultivation of talented people is an important index to measure the quality of teaching quality. Through the investigation of enterprises and the analysis of occupational positions, this paper puts forward design scheme of training mode for special talents of electronic design, innovating the training...
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On the Fusion and Value Discovery of Heterogeneous Non-conventional Big Data

Yong-mei He, Hong-mei Zhang
With the advent of big data era, the application of big data technology has aroused the concern of all walks of life. Finance is the core of modern economy, and data assets are the core assets of finance. Therefore, the deep integration of big data technology and finance plays an extremely important...
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Research on the Conditions and Approaches for Developing MOOCs in Shanxi Universities

Yuxia Qiu, Guoqiang Sun, Qianyu Zhang, Wen Zhao
The emergence of MOOCs has broken the traditional classroom teaching model of higher education. A new Sharing Model of "teaching" and "learning" is coming. Faced with the storm of MOOCs, Chinese universities should take the initiative to take advantage of the situation and combine the advantages of MOOCs...
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Research on the Path of Improving Resource Integration Capability of Enterprise Based on QCA

Yuxia Qiu, Tong Wu
The cooperative relationship between enterprises brings convenience for them to integrate resources. However, based on different combinations of network structure and governance mechanism, resource integration capability of enterprise is different. In order to acquire central conditions, and matching...
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Research on Life Insurance Marketing Model of Guizhou Province under the Trend of Internet Finance

Xin He, Hongmei Zhang
Since the reform and opening-up, The development of insurance industry of our country is very rapid, and keep good situation and development foreground. Guizhou Province as a representative of China's underdeveloped regions, the depth of insurance and the density of insurance has a big gap with the developed...
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Practice and Exploration on Packaging Design Curriculum Construction and Teaching Reforms

Hua Feng
As a required course for undergraduate and vocational students related with network and new media majors, packaging design is a multi-disciplinary and practical course, which requires many years continuous education reforms from teaching methodology and curriculum development system aspects. To improve...
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A Comparison of Knowledge Network in Junior Middle School Physics Textbooks between Chinese and American--Take "Sound and Light" for an Example

Yu Chen, Xue-mei Cui
Physics textbooks use physics terms to represent physics knowledge, and the network of knowledge formed by physics terms reflects its internal relation. For comparison purposes we present the "sound and light" part of the physics textbook of China and America on the knowledge network. We use complex...
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Development History of the Tourism Industry in China

Yongzhen Zhou
Development of the tourism industry in China started from the China Travel Service founded by Mr. Chen Guangfu (1881~1976). In the last dozens of years, the global and Chinese tourism industry experienced continuous growth and deepening diversification, and became an economic department with the fastest...