Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Economic Development and Business Culture (ICEDBC 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Shehnaz Tehseen, Mohd Naseem Niaz Ahmad, Rafia Afroz
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The Impact of the Covid Pandemic on China’s Real Estate Market

Jiaxuan Li
With the outburst of pandemic, the global economy is under influence, especially China’s economy with its strict pandemic policies. An important section, real estate section, is impacted significantly. China’s real estate market holds a paramount role in China’s economy with its multiple utilities and...
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Evidence-Informed Policy to Reduce Fast Food Consumption – An Empirical Study

Jiaying Tang, Yi Yin Cheng, Xinyi Lin
This paper describes an experiment examining the effectiveness of evidence-informed policy to regulate fast food consumption. We reviewed existing literature on public health policies that target unhealthy products, mainly focusing on evidence-based policies. During a 6-month field experiment, health...
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A Survey of Research on Efficiency of Insolvency/Bankruptcy Institutions and Financial Distress

Yuwen Zhou, Zeyu Qi, Shixuan Jiang
This paper is a survey on the efficiency and financial distress of bankrupt institutions. This paper is divided into three parts: theoretical summary, empirical literature summary and discussion. A total of 11 papers on bankruptcy and financial distress are extracted and summarized, and the most important...
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The Influence of Auditory Marketing on Consumers’ Purchase Intention Under e-Commerce Model

Xiangyun Chen
With the rapid development of the Internet economy in China, e-commerce in China is also growing and changing, and more and more consumers are shifting their shopping locations from offline to online. The increasingly better living environment has made impulse buying common, attracting the attention...
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Analysis of Fama-French Five-Factor Model Applicability in Chinese A-Share Market

Zeyu Zhu
As it known that Fama and French proposed the five-factor model in 2015 and has been widely discussed by scholars and public. Being an emerging market, studying the Chinese stock market is of crucial importance, and Fama-French 5-factor model can be a very typical and effective tool for stock market...
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Can We Predict Financial Crises?

Wen Dang, Jiayi Peng, Ruidan Fan, Zifei Wang
Historically, financial crises have crippled individuals, businesses and global economies; identifying prospective threats accurately can mitigate their repercussions. This paper examines the annual economic statistics in fourteen developed countries from 1870 to 2008. We demonstrate the variations of...
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Consumer’s Purchase Intention Towards Organic Products: How Social Media Advertising Exposure Frequency Influences Consumer Purchase Decision in the Organic Food Industry

Zijian Li
In recent years, the demand for organic products has been on the rise, and consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing organic food products due to their perceived health benefits and environmental advantages. While the organic food industry has experienced significant growth in recent years,...
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Consumer Behavior Towards e-Waste and Carbon Neutrality

Jiazhe Li, Boren Xiao
With the rapid development of science and technology, electronic products have been produced much more than before, and they are used more and more widely. In addition, a great number of characteristics that electronic products have, such as large quantity, fast production, complex composition and structure,...
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How Does Social Media Marketing (SMM) Influence Marketing Performance Under Covid-19 Situation

Zihan Gao
This review deepens our understanding of how COVID-19’s mandated digital channel adaption has impacted social media marketing’s ability to build brand equity. We suggest a conceptual framework based on an extensive literature study that addresses the following research question: How does Social Media...
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Analysis of the Bollinger Band Mean Regression Trading Strategy

Guanru Su
Stocks have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. There are many trading strategies used in trading and investment, among which Bollinger band mean regression trading strategy is a popular one. This article focuses on using this strategy to analyze several leading stocks and partially test...
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Social Media Engagement: Can Video Captions Increase User Engagement?

Jiahui Li
With short videos becoming one of the main subjects of social media, how to promote user engagement in social media videos has become a widely discussed topic. This paper reveals a relationship between captioning and viewer comprehension, and the degree of input to the creator, and combines the two with...
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The Effect of Momentum Strategy on the Stock Market - Based on the Linear Regression Model

Xiaonan Chen
With the development of the Internet and the increasing maturity of computer programming technology, the use of computer programming combined with mathematical models, which can assess the risk and return of financial markets, thus predicting the future market direction became a popular topic of interest....
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Price Promotions in Market

Qingqing Hu
In everyday life, businesses use a variety of methods to maximize their benefits. Consumers can also use a variety of channels to learn about the best purchase options that will allow them to reduce the exchange of benefits. In this case, price promotions are one of the sales tools that are often used....
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Older People Online Shopping Acceptance

Kexin Zhao
Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular, and the use of the Internet by older people is also increasing at an alarming rate. The elderly group is becoming an important potential market for e-commerce. In order to conduct a deeper analysis of online shopping behavior and attitudes, this paper...
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The Impact of Different Bond Types on Mean-Reversion Strategies for Bond Portfolio Management

Yuning Zhang
The research aims to investigate the mean-reversion strategy for three types of bonds: government bonds, corporate bonds, and municipal bonds. The analysis is based on 10 different bonds for each type. The descriptive statistical analysis includes computing the mean, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis,...
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A Study of the Herding Effect of Chinese Open-End Funds at the Industry Level

Xianming Chen
In recent years there has been a growing perception among investors that there is a huddle of institutional investors in A-shares. To investigate this problem this paper applies a modification of the classical LSV model, which studies herd behaviour, to the industry level. By analyzing the data of open-end...
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Study on the Impact of Australia’s Monetary Policy on the Foreign Exchange Market

Xianming Chen
Through a replication analysis, this paper continues to explore the impact of Australia’s monetary policy on the foreign exchange market. The data references are drawn from the same financial literacy literature as the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and Datastream by Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv. In addition...
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An Analysis Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Psychology

Baoye Chen, Ye Zou
Under the background of the rapid development of communication and science and technology, every move of enterprises is exposed in the eyes of consumers, and their sense of responsibility on social is also concerned by consumers. At the premise of knowing the impact of corporate social responsibility...
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Aspect that Affect the Attractiveness of Advertisement

Yumeng He
Almost all businesses in the market providing goods or services need to make advertisements. With the development of technology, different forms and types of advertising were appearing in our life. Business wants to gain the most effect from the money they paid. Therefore, marketers would investigate...
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Exploring the Impact of Green Credit Business on the Profitability of Commercial Banks

Xinyi Yan
Green finance, as the name implies, is inseparable from green industries such as environmental protection, energy conservation and low carbon, and since the 21st century, it has become the consensus of the international community to develop a low carbon economy and seek sustainable development. These...
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Research on Quantitative Investment Strategy Based on Multi-factor Stock Selection Model

Fangfei Li
Multi-factor stock selection is an important part of quantitative investment. The research on multi-factor stock selection is conducive to rational investment transactions. This paper selects the data of Shanghai 50 Index constituent stocks from April 2018 to March 2023 and relevant stock factors. PCA...
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Empirical Study on Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry-Based on Fama-French Three-Factor Model

Zixuan Luo
The traditional Chinese medicine industry has received more and more attention in the market. This paper is aimed to gain a deeper understanding of traditional Chinese culture, the traditional Chinese medicine. And provide direction for investors and policy development. This paper based on Fama-French...
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Research on the Applicability of Factor Model to Chinese and American Stock Markets

Jiajun Tang
A three-factor model for the price of shares which is based on the CAPM was suggested by Fama. Two factors derived from public market information are added: market value (SMB) and book-to-market ratio (HML). Based on the stock data from June 30th, 2018 to May 31st, 2020, this article used a Fama-French...
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The Factors that Affecting International Trade

Haorui Guo
International trade refers to the exchange of goods and services among different countries. International trade is important because countries rely on other countries for the import of goods that can’t be readily found domestically. If a country specialises in the exports of goods, it may have more supply...
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The Role of Social Media in the Purchase of Luxury Goods – Taking Louis Vuitton as an Example

Jiayi Xiao
This research essay explores social media’s role in purchasing luxury products by focusing on Louis Vuitton (LV) as a case study. The essay reviews relevant literature on luxury marketing and new media, discussing LV’s historical development and brand message as a leading luxury brand. Then this research...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Housing Price

Yushan Chen
The change of commodity prices affects people’s lives. House prices have increased over the last 10 years, and more people are prepared to participate in the real estate market. This paper focuses on the influencing factors of housing price. And Examine the elements that influence the cost of the house....
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Risk-Return Analysis of Equity Portfolios: Comparison Between CAPM and Fama-French Three Factor Model

Ziyan Tang
This article presents an empirical study that examines the explanatory power of these two models in asset portfolio management. The study analyzes the daily returns of 16 prominent companies in 11 industries and the SPDR S&P 500 from January 2012 to December 2021, using ordinary least squares regression...
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Optimize Momentum Strategy by Using Transaction Costs and Stock Trading Volume Based on CSI500

Jiacheng Bie, Xinrong Zhong
The momentum effect is one of the most typical market anomalies. Momentum methods are frequently employed in European nations, but less so in China’s local market. The performance of the momentum effect in the domestic stock market as well as the similarities and variations between domestic and overseas...
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Comparison of Marketing Methods and Strategies of Luxury Brands-Take Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton as Examples

Yuyan Li
Nowadays, luxury has gradually become popular and become a part of people’s life. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, the marketing model and strategy of luxury are particularly important. A brand’s marketing mode represents its brand characteristics, so each brand’s marketing methods are different....
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Marketing and Strategy Analysis of Inclusive Clothing

Qisen Chen
In today’s society, the popularity of small-size clothing has brought “body shame” and “body anxiety” for most women. This also makes most women lose themselves and develop in an unhealthy direction. The emergence of inclusive clothing has alleviated women’s anxiety, brought confidence to women, and...
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Analysis of Luxury Marketing Strategy from the Perspective of New Media

Shaoying Li
The luxury market is usually inseparable from the objective economic situation. While China’s economy flourished after the reform and opening up, it inevitably brought about the expansion of the luxury market at home. With the development of science and technology and the economy, the period of the savage...
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Haute Couture Hotels: A Systematic Review on the Practice of Brand Extension by Luxury Fashion Labels into the Hospitality Industry

Bingqing Liu
Luxury brands have long recognized the potential of expanding their reach beyond traditional product lines. Brand extension into the hospitality industry allows them to offer their customers a complete luxury lifestyle experience, increasing brand loyalty and attracting new consumers. One prime example...
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Research on the Digital Transformation of Chinese Household Sports Consumption Under the Background of Digital Economy Development

Liwen Kang, Sheng Zhao
With the deepening of national industrial transformation as well as the rapid growth in digital technology-related fields, the digital economy has been developed at high speed and accelerated the integration of sports consumption and digital economy development. This study adopts textual analysis and...
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Comparative Analysis of Luxury Brands-Take Louis Vuitton and Burberry as Examples

Yilin Yan
For hundreds of years, people worldwide have been consuming luxury goods. With the in-depth implementation of world economic integration, people’s consumption power is constantly improving, including those in less developed countries and regions. Coupled with the continuous increase in population and...
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Business Strategy and Market Attempt of Luxury Brands in the Post-epidemic Era – A Case Study of LVMH’s Leather Goods

Tianjie He
The luxury goods industry has been one of the hardest-hit sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using LVMH as a sample, this article examines the sales of luxury goods during the epidemic and the luxury goods group’s sales strategy in the post-epidemic era. The article takes fashion and leather products...
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Analysis of Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategies for International Brands: The Example of Canon’s “Digital Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage” Project

Zhihao Liu, Yulin Wang, Huichen Yang, Mingxuan Du, Shihua Lai
In the wake of the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Canon discovered that a large number of folk artisans who knew the language and history of the Qiang people had been killed and countless Qiang cultural heritage destroyed. As a result, Canon decided to use its core imaging technology to help preserve intangible...
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Machine Learning Algorithm Applications in Empirical Finance: A Review of the Empirical Literature

Xiaochuan Liao
The modern finance industry has many challenges to handle, so advanced tools are applied to assist people in trying to find a solution to those complex problems. Machine learning is a powerful tool that can help researchers tackle difficult issues, including those in the financial industry. In this paper,...
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Empirical Analysis of Stock Price Crash Risk of RE Industry: Evidence from China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd.

Fangming Li
The RE business is China’s core industry, and CFLD is a representative firm in the Chinese RE sector. China has implemented several laws for RE firms as part of its recent economic reform and measures to avert systemic risks. The “three red lines” strategy is one of the most well-known. The policy has...
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Evaluation of Stock Returns of Alpha-Factor Selection Strategy Based on Fama-French Three-Factor Model

Yujun Zhou
Fama-French model is a classic model for predicting stock returns. This paper proposed a new quantitative trading strategy based on the classic multi-factor selection strategy and the Fama-French three-factor model. The strategy uses the model to extract the intercept term in its fitting model. The study...
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Research on Current Situation of Pharmaceutical Industry in Chinese Stock Market Through Stock Price Information

Sining Zhu
After nearly ten years of development, China's stock market has become mature. During the decade of rapid development of the Chinese stock market, the prices of stocks have been undergoing constant changes. The pharmaceutical industry, a large segment of the Chinese stock market, has seen its stocks...
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Study on the Economic Development of Premier League Under SWOT Analysis-Taking Manchester City Football Club as an Example

Yanwen Chen, Zhuoxing Li
In recent years, Premier League has become more and more popular and has become one of the most influential football leagues in the world. This study will use the SWOT analytical method to analyze the economic development of the Premier League from both internal and external aspects. Manchester City...
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Research on the Influence of Interest Income on the Profitability of Commercial Banks

Fangyu Yang
Based on the panel data of 42 listed banks from 2010 to 2020, this paper uses the individual fixed effect model to study the impact of interest income on bank ROE, taking the percentage of interest income to turnover as the analysis object, and carries out empirical test on this basis. It shows that...
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Research on Tax Risks in Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions - An Example of the Process of Huaxing Yuanchuang’s Acquisition of Oulitong

Yan Wang
The rapid development of the global economy has made mergers and acquisitions a powerful tool for companies to expand rapidly, acquire fresh assets quickly, and enter new fields. With China’s socialist market economy becoming increasingly sophisticated and the financial market full of vitality, domestic...
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Review of the Empirical Literature on Stock Crash Risk: The Role of Managers’ Characteristic, Information Environment and Its Micro-Consequences

Pintong Wang, Rui Chen
An unexpected, sharp decline in stock prices over a short period of time is known as a stock crash. A significant catastrophic incident or the economic crisis may have a side effect that causes stocks to collapse. This can also be due to widespread public anxiety about a stock fall, which leads to panic...
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How Does Choice Overload Affect Consumer Behavior: Experiments Based on Certain Consumer Groups

Jianxiang Pan, Wanying Li
A common notion of consumer behavior is the more choices, the more economically rational. However, this study challenges the extent to which the notion is valid because in the field of standard economics, it is a valid assumption. Humans have been concluded according to previous studies to be faced with...
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The Effect of Personalization on Consumer Behaviors

Ziyi Huang, Guanlin Chen, Guanwen Zhao
Information is the cornerstone of decision-making process, as consumers’ choice of a product or service mainly based on the information they receive or collect. The internet has flooded and overwhelmed consumers with tons of miscellaneous information, causing information overload. Personalization is...
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Cross-Cultural Brand Communication in the Globalization Context: Nestlé Coffee’s Marketing and Communication Strategies in China

Kailin Wang, Zhen Wu, Shihua Lai, Dingbang Liang, Mingxuan Du, Qianhui Ma
With the globalization of the economy, cross-cultural marketing communication has become an inevitable trend in the world. As one of the earliest coffee brands to enter China, Nestlé Coffee has deeply impressed consumers with its high quality and effective brand marketing communication strategies. It...
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A Study of Consumer Satisfaction in the Fruit Wine Market in Weifang Based on SEM Equations

Jiayi Wu
In recent years, people’s interest in healthy drinking has gradually increased and the market for low-proof fruit wines is growing rapidly. As a new and fashionable product, the market for fruit wine has much room for development. This study takes the Weifang fruit wine market as an example and investigates...
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The Influence of Information Cocoons on Modern Consumers

Linxuan Niu, Rui Tian, Isabella Chen, Tianyi Wu
The rapid development of social media platforms and digital technology provides individuals with advantages to access information, but it also creates information cocoons in the meantime. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the influence brought by information cocoons in this age of information explosion...
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The Review of Stock Price Crash Risk’s Driving Forces: Based on the Perspective of External, Internal and Meso-level Factors

Hanwen Cui, Jose Sunyer Luo
As society continues to develop, financial markets are becoming more and more sophisticated. The floating of share prices will also increasingly affect the development of society. Due to the complexity of the market environment, many factors can have an impact on share prices, even to the extent that...
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The Impact of Spokesperson Types on Brand Image—Mesomeric Effect Model Based on the Credibility

Xinwei Lv
With the development of technology, the speed of data reconnaissance has accelerated. It will cause greater losses if there are potential spokesperson issues. We use regression analysis to study the impact of spokesperson types on brand image and the role of spokesperson credibility. It is beneficial...
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A Study on the Influence of Opinion Leaders’ Content Production on Fan Consumption Behavior: Taking Xiaohongshu App as an Example

Ruotong Niu
With the development and popularization of internet technology, short video social platforms are playing an increasingly important role in our consumption decisions, and the production of short video content has to some extent promoted the development of platform economy. Based on this background, this...
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An Empirical Study of the Grand Canal on Green Total Factor Productivity in Riverside Counties

Based on 10,890 Panel Data from 19 Cities and 55 Counties in 6 Provinces from 2000–2021

Tianai Chen
The Grand Canal, a jewel in the history of Chinese civilization, has been fully navigated for the first time in a century in 2022. How to measure the impact of this natural resources on the development of the riverside counties’ economies and explore the mechanism in order to better utilize it is an...
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The Role of the Institution-Based Theory and the Resource-Based Theory in the Evolution of Multi-national Enterprises or International Business in General

Xiaomeng Tian, Xiaoge Zheng
His paper’s research inquiry pertains to the implications of the Institution-Based Theory (IBT) and the Resource-Based Theory (RBT) on Multi-National Enterprises (MNE) and International Business (IB). This study examines the impact of International Business Transactions (IBT) on Foreign Direct Investment...
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Consumer Preference Analysis and Rating Prediction Model in the Restaurant Industry Based on Restaurant Information and Consumer Reviews

Li Qing
The restaurant industry has increasingly relied on the development of the Internet and mobile apps in recent years. Diner tends to make decisions based on restaurant information and customer reviews on apps, while merchant also focuses on customer reviews to improve the quality of service and attract...
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Research on the Anti-monopoly Regulation of the Phenomenon of Big Data “Killing and Killing” in the Field of Platform Economy

Peilin Sun
The continuous development of the Internet platform economy has not only profoundly affected the economic operation, but also changed people’s lives. In this process, many problems have emerged, and the big data “killing” has become one of the heated discussions. Due to the particularity of the market...
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The Impact of Financial Technology Investment on Corporate Innovation: Based on the Perspective of the Digital Economy

Binran Liu, Ge Yan, Wenyue Yang, Siya Zhou, Zhiqiao Zhang
The world is now gradually entering the era of digital economy, and the wide application of digital economy not only profoundly affects the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and gives rise to new industries, but also promotes the adjustment of government macro policies to a certain...
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Experience and Inspiration in the Construction of Advanced Enterprise Technology Standard System at Domestic and International

Shenzhi Zhang, Xinpei Huang, Pengwei Cong, Zhen Wei, Jingwei Xue, Nuoling Sun
The technical standard of an enterprise is an organic whole containing all the standards of the whole process in the enterprise following certain internal linkage, which is the technical basis for the production, operation, and management of the enterprise, and is the core of the enterprise standard...
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Changes in the World Bank’s New Business Environment Assessment System and Implications for China

Xiaoyan Liu
A scientific and reasonable evaluation system is vital to the continuous optimization of the business environment. Through the analysis of the changes of the new World Bank business environment evaluation system, China should attach great importance to and strengthen compliance management, ESG management,...
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A Critical Review of the Effects of Stock Returns and Market Timing on Capital Structure

Hongru Ye, Jie Ji, Yuanyuan Zou
Capital structure is regarded as the combination of debt and equity firms use to finance operations and investments. The choice of capital structure significantly impacts a company’s cost of capital, profitability, and risk profile. Among a series of factors that affect capital structure, this paper...
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Research Strategies for the Development of Rural Life Insurance in Shandong Province

Shuzhi Yao, Duanyang Geng
This article mainly studies the development and research strategies of rural life insurance in Shandong Province. Through research and analysis, life insurance is becoming increasingly popular in rural areas, making it easier to sell. The importance of rural life insurance is determined by consulting...
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Connect China Macro Situation to China’s Stock Market and Provide a Forecast

Zhaojiu Han
China’s macroeconomic situation significantly impacts the country’s stock market. The Chinese economy has been experiencing a slowdown in recent years, with GDP growth rates falling from double digits to around 6%. This has led to a decrease in corporate profits and a decline in investor confidence,...
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The Market Strategy Analysis for the Two-Sided Platform Xiaohongshu and Tiktok as the Case

Jiadai Zhong, Jiaxun Zhong, Rui Guo, Congdi Yan
Two-sided platforms are platforms that connect multiple groups simultaneously and benefit from interactions between those groups. Xiaohongshu and Douyin are typical two-sided content platforms. This paper is concerned with the marketing strategies of such content two-sided platforms and uses the 4P model...
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An Analytical Study of Stock Market Flows Based on the Premise of Policy Uncertainty

Zhenna Huang, Zhihui Yang
In the case of China, the process of global financial integration is gradually accelerating, and with the opening of trading channels such as the Shanghai-London Stock Connect and the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, China is facing more significant cross-border financial risk shocks. Therefore, an...
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Research on the Impact of Flight Volume of Small and Medium Airports on Local Economy

Yuner Jiang, Yuxiao Luo
Small and medium-sized airports are increasingly becoming an important part of China’s civil aviation industry. The role of small and medium-sized airports in local economies has increasingly become the focus of local attention. Unlike large airports that can build airport economic zones, the economic...
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Research on the Background of Effectiveness Evaluation of New Power System Technical Standards System

Chao Lv, Pengwei Cong, Pengyue Zhang, Shuning Zhao, Jing Zhang, Zhen Wei, Nuoling Sun, Xin Wei
This article studies the key technical directions and system framework of the new power system technical standard system; This paper studies the effectiveness evaluation of the implementation of the domestic new power system technology standard system; The connotation of the effectiveness evaluation...
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Research on the Benefit Evaluation Method for the Implementation of the New Power System Technical Standards System

Chao Lv, Pengwei Cong, Pengyue Zhang, Shuning Zhao, Jing Zhang, Zhen Wei, Nuoling Sun, Xin Wei
This article studies the connotation of the new power system technical standard system; Analyzing and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of evaluation methods for the implementation of domestic technical standard systems from two dimensions: the single standard economic effect evaluation method...
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Research on Low-Carbon Supply Chain Decision-Making Considering Low-Carbon Reputation Under Different Power Structures

Xiaoxiong Huang, Shimin Zhou
This study considers a two-echelon low-carbon supply chain consisting of a manufacturer and a retailer under different power structures. In response to consumers’ preferences for low-carbon products, the manufacturer invests in emissions reduction, while the retailer engages in low-carbon marketing to...
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The Situation and Countermeasures to Improve the Independent Innovation Capability of Energy Internet Enterprises

Pengwei Cong, Rui Li
Enterprises occupy an important position in the national innovation system and play a leading role. At present, we are in the period of tackling difficulties in the construction of the energy internet. Enhancing the independent innovation capability of energy internet enterprises can accelerate the breakthrough...
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Research on a Measurement Scale for the Authenticity of Town Resource Endowment–Taking Chongqing Small Town in China as an Example

Yajun Lin
Small towns in rural areas have abundant resources and different forms of resources, creating different development patterns of small towns with different characteristics. The construction of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers has achieved different achievements with the support of local government...
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A Survey of Research of Target Debit Ratio

Yuang Zhou, Sihan Qin
When firms increase the amount of debt in a situation with corporate tax, the amount of the tax shield and the cost of bankruptcy increase. The tradeoff theory of capital structure states that firms choose their target debt ratio to maximize the value of firms. The problem is that the target can not...
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Predicting Default Situations in the P2P Lending

Based on Machine Learning

Chenzhou Mo
As a flexible and efficient new financial format, P2P lending suffers from breach of contract and lack of trust due to the uneven credit, income, and region of borrowers. Therefore, we plan to use machine learning algorithms to predict the default situation in the P2P market in the future, and compare...
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A Study on the Countermeasures of Interpreting Information Loss in International Business Cooperation and Communication

Xiaoyan Li
With the continuous development of international trade and the acceleration of globalization, more and more enterprises are participating in international business cooperation and communication, and interpretation plays a crucial role as a bridge for communication. However, in the actual interpretation...
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Analysis on the Coupling and Coordination Degree of Transportation, Industrial Structure and Regional Economy in Guizhou

Zhenyao Wu, Yaxin Zhang, Siyang Song
In order to clarify the coupling and coordination relationship and spatiotemporal evolution pattern of transportation, industrial structure, and regional economy, based on the construction of a comprehensive evaluation index system for transportation, industrial structure, and regional economy, the entropy...
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Data-Intelligence Empowerment, Digital Inclusive Finance and Green Innovation of Private Enterprises

Research on the Mechanism of Credit Availability

Yun Liu, Xiaoyan Zhang
Chinese enterprises are urgently implementing green innovation strategies, with digital financial inclusion providing the necessary funds. This study examines the impact of digital financial inclusion on corporate green innovation, using A-share listed private companies from 2013 to 2020. The results...
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An Investigation of Quick Thinking: Whether Consumers Are Willing to Pay More in Perfect Competition

Liu Chum Yee, Sitong Jin, Qiaoyue Hu, Siqian Wen
Some firms have earned an abnormal profit in the long run of perfect competition. However, massive papers have only examined the limitations of the perfect competition models from producer side because they have not considered the perspectives from the behavioral economics. The aim of this paper is to...
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Evaluation and Research on the Level of Agricultural Green Development in Heilongjiang Province

Jianhua Fu, Hanlin Ma, Ke Xie
This study uses Heilongjiang Province’s agricultural green development as its research object. It builds an evaluation index system for agricultural green development and employs the entropy value method to calculate the proportion of each element to assess the province’s overall level of agricultural...
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Empirical Research on the Digital Economy and Farmers’ Income in the Yellow River Basin

Xinying Liu, Mingyu Xu, Jinran Wang
Based on the data of 96 cities circled in the Yellow River Basin from 2011 to 2019, the authors have measured the comprehensive indicators of urban digital economy in the Yellow River Basin in this paper. By applying fixed effect models, moderating effect models to evaluate the operating mechanism of...
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Research on Methods for Predicting Carbon Peak Scenarios

Qiushuang Li, Yan Li, Wanlei Xue, Xin Zhao, Zhifan Liu, Ying Bai
With the proposal of the “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality” goals, and the implementation of related policies, an increasing number of scholars have conducted research and predictions on energy transition and carbon emissions reduction pathways. This paper examines the latest research progress in...
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Research on the Application of ANN in Enterprise Financial Risk Evaluation Information System with Digital Empowerment

Yixuan Guo
This paper focuses on the field of enterprise financial risk, and innovatively proposes the application of artificial neural network (ANN) in enterprise financial risk evaluation information system, trying to highlight the superiority of ANN in enterprise financial risk evaluation information system,...
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Innovative Thinking of Logistics Distribution Models for Fresh Agricultural Products in a New Era

Dan Hu
Agricultural product logistics distribution is a complex and comprehensive industry that connects agricultural production and consumers. It represents the value of agricultural products during the distribution process and serves as an integrated application of funds flow, business flow, logistics and...
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Pinduoduo Evolves Through Change and Discernment

Yuhui Weng, Zihao Liu, Wenxi Wei, Ying Liu, Yaqi Li
Online shopping has become one of the main shopping methods for most households and is closely associated with our lives. E-commerce platforms and related industries are growing rapidly and becoming indispensable economic players, creating strong ties with people’s livelihoods, society and the country....
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Comparison of Different Stock Sectors Based on Momentum and Mean-Reversion Strategies

Chuyi Hu
People are always interested in better predicting the future stock price to both earn interest and analysis the future economy. To reach this target, people have made many strategies to predict future trends. However, in the stock market, different industrial sectors will have different characteristics...
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The Impact of PUGC on Marketing: A Case Study of Bilibili

Linlin Yang
Over the past few years, PUGC has emerged as a rapidly growing new type of digital media platform in China and other countries, enabling users to create and share creative content. Bilibili, as one of the most popular PUGC platforms in China, provides a rich source of data for studying the marketing...
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The Driving Factors of Stock Price Crash Risk

Shuhua Zhang
Factors that increase the likelihood of a stock market collapse are examined in this study via a review of the empirical literature. We focus on the main drivers relating to the potential for a decline in stock prices, including market factors, variables that are unique to the company, and those that...
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An Empirical Study on the Factors Influencing Purchase Intention of Brand Podcast Consumers of Generation Z

Shupeng Ge
2020 is known as the ‘Year of Chinese Podcasts’. With the development of online cultural content and the boom of the ‘ear economy’, the once niche Chinese podcast industry has entered a new stage of explosive growth. Major internet companies are deeply involved in the audio platform, and more brands...
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Evolutionary Game of Investment Strategy About Supply Chain for Quality Improvement of Agricultural Product with Government Subsidies

Xing Liu, Shengqiang Hu
For the strategy choice of producers and transaction (or distribution) centers is whether to invest for quality improvement of agricultural products, the profits matrix and systematic evolutionary game models were built about the supply chain with or without government subsidies, the relationship between...
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Exploring the Application Value of Big Data in the Field of Financial Management in the Context of Digital Intelligence

Take the Petrochemical Industry as an Example

Qiuyang Wang
Big data brings opportunities to enterprise financial management and also faces great challenges. This paper will analyze the role and value of big data in enterprise financial management, take petrochemical industry as an example, combine several types of big data application scenarios to propose the...
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A Discussion on Value in Marketing

Zhuolun Liu
This article explores the concept of value in marketing and the distinction between customer value and customer lifetime value. The report introduces the historical debates on value between philosophers and economists and raises the question of how value should be defined and delineated. Subsequently,...
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Research on Study on the Impact of Green Credit on Environmental Performance from the Perspective of Environmental Regulation

Jiamin Zhao
Green finance is an inevitable requirement for promoting high-quality economic development and an important measure to practice the “two Mountains theory”. This paper takes the Green Credit Guidelines implemented in 2012 as the research object to construct A quasi-natural experiment, based on the data...
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The Amelioration of Sharing Economy on Income Inequality in Developing Country

Sirui Feng, Zimo Tu, Honglin Yuan
In recent years, sharing economy has been developing rapidly all over the world. As a new business model, it provides a way to utilize goods or resources without ownership. People can use resources without purchasing them, which reduces people’s use cost and improves the utilization rate of social resources....
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Effects of Fiscal and Tax Policies on Stimulating the Development of Advanced Manufacturing Industry Clusters

Jiachang Li, Defa Cai, Zhengyu Wang
Industrial clusters are crucial in promoting the specialised division of labour and aggregation of innovative resources, serving as a crucial pathway for China’s endeavour to become a major manufacturing powerhouse and elevate its industries to the high end of the value chain. Advanced manufacturing...
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Analysis of the Effects of the Enterprise Income Tax Reduction Policy on the Manufacturing Industry in Heilongjiang Province

Defa Cai, Xiaoxiao Yu, Ying Fan
This study employs the difference-in-differences model as the empirical analysis framework, and selects the annual reports data of 20 listed enterprises in Heilongjiang Province from 2016 to 2021 as samples, in which 10 listed enterprises in manufacturing are used as the processing group, and 10 listed...
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Correlation Analysis of the Overall Tax Burden of Listed Manufacturing Companies in the Northeast Old Industrial Base

Defa Cai, Yawei Li, Yang Chen
This study primarily utilizes data from 60 manufacturing listed companies in the Northeast old industrial base, formulates 8 hypotheses using Stata software, and empirically examines the relationship between tax burden and 8 variables including company size, asset-liability ratio, capital intensity,...
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The Impact of Outward Foreign Direct Investment on the Upgrading of China’s Manufacturing Industry Structure

--Based on Spatial Autoregressive Model

Jiajun Dong, Yang Han
At present, under the situation of increasing complexity of domestic and international environment, the upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry structure is an important task for China to deepen reform and increase new drivers of economic development. In recent years, the scale of China’s outward...
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Study on the Development Prospect of Natural Gas Power Generation in New Power System

Guanjun Fu, Fuqiang Zhang, Peng Xia
In the process of building a new power system with new energy as the main body and promoting the “double carbon” goal, natural gas power generation plays the role of auxiliary power balance and flexible regulation, since it has the advantages of low emission, fast start and stop as well as flexible regulation....