Proceedings of the 2022 2nd International Conference on Economic Development and Business Culture (ICEDBC 2022)

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Yushi Jiang, Yuriy Shvets, Hrushikesh Mallick
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2022 2nd International Conference on Economic Development and Business Culture (ICEDBC 2022) during June 24–26, 2022 in Dali, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers]...
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Research on Music Album Sales and Commercial Economic Value: Taking Taylor Swift as Evidence

Zhuoer Zhang
Taylor Swift is one of the most influential celebrities in the 21st century in many ways. Behind her success, not only should her song writing skills be studied, her commercial ideas and advertising skills are also crucial to be researched. By looking at data from official websites about Swift’s album...
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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Catering Industry: Take the Chinese Catering Industry as an Example

Tongwei Duan, Dailin Yuan, Shengtao Zhang
As the Covid-19 spreads wildly in China in early 2020, due to the widespread worry about infecting the COVID-19 and the government policy, the Chinese catering industry has been huge damaged. Many catering companies, especially small and micro catering companies, are facing problems such as revenue reduction,...
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An ESG-Modified Credit Risk Assessment Model Based on Decision Tree Model

Haiyue Chen
How to accurately assess corporate credit risk is a very important issue for financial institutions such as banks. Especially after the 2008 financial crisis, the discussion of credit ratings has gained more and more attention, and various evaluation models have been proposed to predict credit risk for...
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Research on How to Strengthen Women's Right to Employment in MNEs

Yuxin Yan
Women's equal employment encounters challenges such as gender-blindness in legal protection, a cultural environment where traditional conservative views are at odds with women's equal employment, the absence of international and domestic gender discrimination intervention links, and invisible...
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Assessment of the Financial Effect of COVID-19 in Hospitality Industry and Companies’ Response

Jiahao Liu
COVID-19 is one of the most severe crises in modern society. It hurts almost every country and every industry in the world. The hospitality industry makes money by selling unique in-person experiences, and absolutely got restrictions. The objective of this paper is about how COVID-19 influences the hospitality...
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The Relationship between Music Development and Economic Development

Bin Chen
Music is inextricably linked to practically everyone's life in our period. So, what is the source of the music industry's popularity? Is there a link between music development and economic development since that most popular artists are from industrialized countries? China has a rich cultural...
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Research on Two-Way Hedging Strategy of Baosteel

Peihong Chen, Chenghang Jiang
The iron and steel industry is the core industry of the ferrous metal industry and its development is related to the steady state and growth of the economy. As a world-class iron and steel conglomerate, Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Imports, produces, and consumes large amounts of iron and steel...
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Application and Thinking about Capital Asset Pricing Model

Jianing Chen
In the mid-1960s, the equilibrium asset pricing theory, marked by Sharpe-Lintner-Mossin, was born. Because of its ability to clearly elucidate the relationship between the expected return on assets and risk, CAPM has been widely used in various aspects of portfolio-at-risk performance assessment, securities...
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Research on the High-Efficiency Development Path of Rural Revitalization ——in the Background of the New Era of “Double Cycle”

Zitong Wang
The construction of a new development pattern with the domestic grand cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promoting each other is the guideline for rural revitalization.The implementation of the rural revitalization strategy stimulates consumption and investment demand,...
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How Official Media Can Use Social Media for Urban Marketing

——Take the Shenzhen Health Care Commission as an Example

Yiyang Qiu
The economy’s entry into globalisation has radically nurtured global competition between cities being a factor for business success, which has made it necessary for corporates to draw up their own marketing strategies for long-term development through innovation and systematic planning. The same applies...
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Investment Analysis of BYD : A New Energy Vehicle Enterprise

Haojiangshan Huang
Under the macro background of the 21st century and the demand for environmental protection, the new energy vehicle brand, BYD is among the best in the world. Compared with Tesla, BYD's price is more affordable, but its product quality control has certain deficiencies compared with Tesla. According...
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Research on the Incentive Effect of Tax Preference and Financial Subsidy on the Development of Integrated Circuit Industry

Yuntong Hu, Fengwei Zhao
Tax preference and financial subsidy, as the main policy tools for government departments to stimulate industrial development, play an important role in the definition of government and market under market economy. Compared with other industries, the high-end manufacturing industry represented by the...
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A Review of the Impact of Third-party Payment on Chinese Residents’ Consumption

Xinrui Liang
The progressive emergence of different third-party payment systems in the recent past has increased transaction convenience, reduced costs, lowered financial restraints, and simplified access to one’s money. The research on third-party payment and consumer behaviour has attracted more and more attention....
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Stock Governance and SME R&D Input

Bei Ye
SMEs are the backbone of technological innovation.Equity finance and the related governance arrangement are of great significance to R&D activities of SMEs.With SMEs listed in China as examples, the paper tries to study the effects of equity finance, ownership nature and concentration on R&D...
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The Current Export Situation and Development Obstacles of Chinese Enterprises in the Post-epidemic Period

Yuexian Tang, Mimi Shao, Guohui Zhang, Liang Liang
At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic swept the world, the global economy declined sharply, the international market demand shrank seriously, the international trade friction escalated, the economy is serious anti-globalization, China's export enterprises have been facing severe opportunities...
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Research on the Protection of Labor Rights in Chinese Multinational Corporations from the Perspective of International Law

Yingzhi Xia
At present, multinational companies are gradually entering the Chinese market. While bringing convenience to China's economy, there are also frequent violations of labor rights by multinational companies. However, under the state-centered implementation system of international human rights law,...
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Analysis of the Reasons for the Prevalence of Celebrity Advertising

Yubo Wu
Celebrity endorsements, a mature marketing strategy that has been adopted since the end of the 19th century, have now penetrated all walks of life. Celebrity advertising has become more and more popular, and "celebrity advertising" has become a controversial term. In this paper, through the...
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Study on ESG Performance Factors of Listed Companies

Yuxin Jiang
In recent years, China attaches great importance to the performance of corporate ESG. The “cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics” integrates ecological civilization into the overall layout, and China has focused its economic growth points on the development of green production business. In...
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Continuous Usage Intention of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Enabled Mobile Banking: A Preliminary Study

Yuyin Tang, Siqi Jiang, Jung Chieh Lee
As a ground-breaking application of financial technology, mobile banking can provide practical value to users and banks. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely studied in research related to mobile banking; however, the way in which the use of AI influences users’ continuance intention with respect...
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Research on Impact of Blockchain on Financial Audits

Xiaoguang Su, Lei Ren, Bin Wang
The fast expansion of society and the economy has resulted in an explosion of information and data, making financial auditing more complex and laborious than ever before. The explosive growth of business data of the auditees poses significant challenges for data collection, storage, and statistical analysis...
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A Study on the Impact of the 2022 Winter Olympics on the City Image of Zhangjiakou

——Based on the Emotional and Cognitive Perspectives of Generation Z

Yitong Huang
Based on the customer perceived value theory, combined with the interview method, the perception factor of the influence of the city image of Zhangjiakou in the 2022 Winter Olympics is designed. Then, through the questionnaire survey method, the Z generation in Zhangjiakou City is the survey object,...
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Investigate the Impact of the Covid-19 Epidemic on Stock Investments in the American Insurance Industry Based on the Fama-French Five-Factor Model

Xinyuan Zhang
As one of the most important indicators in financial markets, stock markets can reflect the changing trends of the market. In this paper, using the background of the American insurance industry, according to the Fama-French Five-Factor model and Multiple Linear Regression, the pertinence relations between...
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The Impact of Internet Economy on Economic Growth

Xinyue Liu, Jiayu Feng
In the information society, it is necessary to constantly advocate “internet plus” thinking, transform and upgrade traditional industries, and promote the creative development of more industries in the Internet field. The Internet economy has disrupted traditional industries, promoted the combination...
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Market Development Analysis of the Charging Service Industry from the Perspective of New Infrastructure

Zijia Jiang, Zhengyang Liu, Ziqian Xiong
New energy vehicles are an important step in the transformation of the energy structure of today's society. The market for new energy vehicles is expanding, so whether the development status of the corresponding charging service market can meet the rising consumer demand has become a hot issue of...
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Analysis of Coffee Supply Chain Crisis in China and Recommendations for Large Domestic Coffee Companies

Yimeng Chen, Ence Luo, Xihan Xiao, Xiting Wu, Jia Li
The general increase in coffee prices in the Chinese market is mainly caused by the coffee bean supply crisis. This paper explores the global shortage and delays of coffee beans, which can be explained mostly by natural disasters, transportation crises, and labor shortages. This paper also analyzes the...
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Research on the Blind Box Boom in China Under Behavioral Economics

Daixi Wang
In recent years, with the development of Internet technology, the Pop toy has gradually emerged, and blind boxes, like adult toys in the Pop toy, have gained wide attention from young people. This study will take the Pop toy brand Pop Mart as an example, focus on the blind box economy from the perspective...
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Research on Employment Opportunities Brought by e-Commerce Under Digital Economy

Junjie Huang, Manlin Liu, Siqi Xie
In the context of the growing popularity of the digital economy, China's e-commerce industry is also developing rapidly and has become a new driving force of China's economic growth. This paper analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of rural e-commerce and cross-border...
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Research on the Impact of the COVID-19 Epidemic on the Development of the FMCG Industry

Hengrui Li
The outbreak and popularity of COVID-19 has brought a major blow to the global economy. Various industries have also been affected to varying degrees. The change of the FMCG industry closely related to people's daily life is worthy of attention and research. In this paper, based on the two perspectives...
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Short-Term Price Trend Forecast Based on LSTM Neural Network

A Study Based on Chinese Stock Market Data on Liquor Stocks

Zixuan Wang
With the improvement and application of machine learning and enormous information innovation, securities market forecast has pulled in broad consideration within the business and the scholarly world. This ponders employments person stock information of listed liquor companies in China to investigate...
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The Influential Factors of Celebrity on People's Attention and Participation in the Charity Activity

Ruihua Yang
In China, a society with a developed Internet, celebrities or stars with high salaries and high status should help people with lower living standards and the ability to call for more people to participate. Starting from the research question of whether the participation of stars in charity activity advertising...
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Research on Defects and Optimization of Legal Mechanism for Foreign Investments

MingXin Xu
The promulgation of the Foreign Investment Law is a new stage and a new starting point for China's foreign investment system. It shows China's determination to actively respond to the reform to the outside world, attract foreign investment, create a sound business environment, and strengthen...
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Projection of Intel’s Financial Performance in 2022

Shikun Fan, Muzi Gao, Yingfan Lu
Investors always attach great importance to companies’ development. As a long-established and world-famous high-tech corporation, however, Intel's recent performance has raised the widespread concern of the public. Our paper focuses on predicting and analyzing Intel's future financial performance...
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Tock Market Forecasting Based on Machine Learning Approach of ARIMA Model

Lingfeng Ren, Chenhao Zhao
As an important manifestation of national economic and financial activities, the stock market plays an important role in the economic development of various countries. If we can grasp the trend of the stock market in advance, it will be beneficial to both investment institutions and investors. By training...
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Comparative Analysis of Differences of American Pharmaceutical Stocks Before and After the Epidemic

Shicheng Zhao
This research adopts the data of American medical stocks in the recent ten years from Yahoo Finance and compares and analyzes the data before and after the epidemic. Try to analyze whether the epidemic has had a great impact on the stock price trend of American medical stocks. The machine learning models...
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The Influence of the Russia-Ukraine War on BP

Chenyu Jiang
According to the findings of this paper's SWOT analysis of BP, the company's management has been ineffective and dishonest in dealing with the fallout from the crises. Like Shell and Chevron, other companies in the same industry are getting more competitive as time passes. Although BP has committed...
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Research on Performance Management of Credit Business of Rural Commercial Banks

Ouyang Shiwen, Ronaldo Juanatas, Jasmin Niguidula, Huang Huiliang
With the gradual establishment of China's rural social security system, rural commercial banks are playing a huge role in improving the lives of farmers. At the same time, credit business volume of rural commercial banks is gradually expanding. The business performance appraisal of loans is also...
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Analysis of Chinese Household Financial Assets

Yichun Zhao
With the rapid growth of the economy, more and more people in China are attaching great importance to asset allocation. In order to make better decisions while investing, people pay more attention to the influencing factors of asset allocation. Recently, a lot of research has been written about asset...
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Discussion on the Current Agricultural Problems and Rural E-Business in Digital Era

Liqin Tan, Xueqin Liao, Peng Du, Yan Rao
Since agricultural problems are always the most important problems in our national economic affairs, the central government has been working hard to solve these problems. In 2015, national government and local governments at all levels began to support the development of rural e-commerce from a policy...
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Competitiveness Analysis on New Infrastructure Construction Under the Digital Economy

Yu Xie
Since the digital economy has become a widespread tendency in China, many digital industries have started to generate. However, new infrastructure construction, which is the important pillar of these industries is not well known by people. Thus, this research uses the PEST model to analyze the trading...
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The Influence of Online Web Reviews on Consumers’ Purchase Intention

YiHan Hu
Consumers’ willingness to buy is usually influenced by many factors, and online reviews have become one of the most important influencing factors. This paper uses literature research and simple case studies to describe the definition, classification, and development process of online reviews, and then...
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Research on Internal Control of Listed Companies——A Case Study of CITIC Investment Corporation

Shengmin Feng
Internal control is an important aspect of the transparency construction of Chinese enterprises. The purpose is to enhance the internal management level of enterprises and the ability to resist market risks. In recent years, many securities companies in China have closed down or been entrusted by other...
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Combined with Economics, Predict the Future Development Direction of Catering Industry

Application of Loss Aversion Principle in Starbucks Business Case

Xiao Han
Due to the epidemic outbreak, businesses in the catering industry are facing unprecedented challenges. Combined with the previous research on loss avoidance and pricing related to the catering service industry, this paper aims to predict the future market development and find a way to help these companies...
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Analysis of Success Factors of the Innovation Transformation of Siemens

Xi Ye
Siemens is a global leading enterprise established in 1847 and its business mainly lies in electrification, automation as well as the digital era. In the past two decades, Siemens has entered the power industry 4.0, which focuses on digital business. This study is committed to using the relevant enterprise...
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Return Policy: How Endowment Effect Improve the Effectiveness of Return Policy

Xi Chen
The influence of return policies on consumers’ behaviour is significant when determining the success of the guidelines. Lenient return policies ensure consumers’ rights after purchase behaviour, so they may be more enthusiastic about repurchasing or choosing not to return. The behavioural economic theory,...
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Analysis of British Airway's Hedging Strategies

Zhaoyi Shen
From January 2020 onwards, major air crashes have occurred in the international community. Nearly 200 people were killed in the passenger plane accident from Iran's capital airport to Ukraine's international airport alone, which shows the seriousness of the problem. How to hedge the risk for...
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Determinants of Carbon Emission Cyclical in Three Various Sectors by America GDP Cyclical from 1980 to 2020

Yilin Yuan
The aim of this article is to verify whether the U.S GDP from 1980 to 2020 has a deterrent effect or a causal relationship on the carbon emission in different use as well as income elasticity as an evaluation of factors of their relationships. All the three co-movements of cyclical components and U.S...
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Machine Learning for Stock Prediction by Different Models

Liurui Shi
Machine learning is a big and popular topic in recent years and is applied wildly in the field of finance to assist researchers in analyzing the tendency of financial assets in the global market as well as the local market. However, predicting stocks or a portfolio is a challenging task due to the uncertainties...
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A Review of the Impact of the Epidemic on the Hotel Industry

Yilong Zhou
The epidemic of novel coronavirus in 2091 brought a huge impact on the world economy and society, and the impact of the outbreak on the operation and development of hotels has received more and more attention from scholars, and different scholars have different research perspectives and results. Based...
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Research on the Applicability of MScore and FScore Models to U.S.-Listed Chinese Stocks

Xiaotian Ye, Zeyu Cheng, Xinyu Geng, Chengyu Zhu
In recent years, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has also launched an increasing number of investigations into accounting fraud by U.S.-listed Chinese companies. According to the statistics, from year 2000 to year 2020, a total of 464 Chinese concept stock companies entered the American...
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Bitcoin Price Prediction Based on Machine Learning and Granger Causality Test

Mengyu Hao, Feiyang Su, Kaifei Wang, Xiaoqi Zheng
Recently, more and more investors have seen the huge profits that the digital currency market can bring, and Bitcoin price predictions are becoming more valuable both academically and in terms of business value. In this paper, we use the daily price of bitcoin from September 12, 2016, to September 10,...
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Analysis on the Impact of Tencent’s Acquisition of Riot Game

Yunuo Cao
With the continuous development of the world economy, the game industry has become the most potential industry. The development of the game industry has led to a surge in cross-border merger and acquisition activities of game companies. The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of Tencent Games’...
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The Influence of Regional Higher Education Level on Local Economic Development

Qianwei Hu
The impact of higher education on China's growth in the economy is the subject of this research. The level of higher education is proxied by the number of students, teachers, and colleges, and the research uses gross domestic product to measure economic growth. This research uses the linear regression...
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Company How to Keep Cash Flow Stable Under the Epidemic

Starbucks as an Example

Boheng Chen, Yihua Li
In an economic environment hit by the epidemic, corporate cash flow is likewise subject to great volatility. This study uses Starbucks as an example to show how the company's cash flow is affected by the epidemic and to identify ways in which the company can maintain the stability of current and...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Music Industry Revenue: Live Concerts and Music Records

Jingwen Liang, Xinyi Mao
The widespread COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted various industries to some extent. Many have speculated that the music industry is no exception, and the revenue of this industry will see a dramatic fall. However, this conjecture only holds in the live section of music. When the paper examines...
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How Does Virtual Work Change Employee Engagement?

A Review of Employee Engagement During the COVID-19 Period

Mengting Xia
Virtual work, as a new way of working, has been adopted by many organizations due to COVID-19 and is expected to have a prevalent footprint even after the pandemic. Many scholars in the fields of management, public relations, and technology raise interest in studying how virtual work impacts employee...
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Research on Integration and Optimization of Cross-border E-commerce Logistics Based on Supply Chain Vision

Mingxiao Li
The efficient development of cross-border e-commerce has promoted the transformation and upgrading of cross-border logistics. And maximize value of the cross-border e-commerce supply chain. Due to perspective of supply chain, the paper analyses relevant content of cross-border e-commerce logistics integration....
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The Secrets Behind Olympic Economy

——An Analysis on Commercial Models of the Olympic Games

Chenxi Ma
The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (which was actually held in the summer of 2021) and Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 have come to successful conclusions, “Olympic Economy” has once again in the social spotlight. According to the surveys, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games lost 6.4 billion dollars, which could be...
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Forecasting Retail Sales Via the Use of Stacking Model

Che Sun
Nowadays, the march of machine learning brings about the improvements of companies’ ability to respond the changes in the marketplace and enables them to balance more easily the supply and demand. Thus, predicting based on historical data is getting more and more prevalent. There are numerous approaches...
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How Blockchain Can Empower the Growth in Green Finance

Xunyu Zhao
In 2021, the climate action roadmap took the first step towards ensuring further tokenization of the security of green finance assets. This means the sensitive data will be replaced by non-sensitive equivalents and data security can be ensured. Through the application of tokenization, there is the automation...
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Research on the Business Model & Advertisement of McDonald’s

Chuanxi Qiu
COVID 19 has a huge impact on all walks of life. If companies want to grasp the nettle, they must have excellent conditions or be able to adjust policies on time. All companies that are not affected by the economic crisis must have their own advantages. One of the giants in the restaurant industry -...
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Positive or Negative Impacts: Twentieth Century Fox After Its Merger with Disney

Jiayi Sun
Twentieth Century Fox is one of the oldest movie studios in the United States and has produced many iconic films such as Titanic, Avatar, and X-Men. In 2017, the Walt Disney Company announced its intention to conduct a merger with 20th Century Fox, and the horizontal merger is successfully conducted...
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Impact of Loss Aversion on Marketing

Zhenghong Gu, Yujia Zhang, Zimo Zhang
Scholars had long found that people were more concerned with losing than gaining. This theory was not confirmed experimentally by Tversky and Kahneman until 1979. Loss aversion was the truth that losses had a greater influence than gains. It was a basic property of behavioral account of choices. This...
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The Glamorous Muti-cultural Metropolis Hong Kong

Re-branding and Marketing Communication of Hong Kong Image

Beibei Huang
Hong Kong is a diverse city with many possibilities. It is not only the bustling side of Hong Kong that attracts people, but also the unique history and multiple cultures which is the fusion of Chinese and the Western civilization. So the connotation of Hong Kong should be paid more attention. It is...
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The Causes of Labor Shortage in the United States and Its Impact on the Supply Chain

Wenqin Tang, Yinan Mao, Anji Wang, Zida Chen
Recently, there has been renewed interest in the American labor shortage of supply chains. Several studies have documented the labor shortages of the supply chain across the whole industry. However, different reasons and impacts of labor shortages divided specifically into skilled and unskilled workers...
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Explore the Marketing Strategy of McDonald's After Digital Transformation

Hansong Tian
From 2016 to 2020, with the development and innovation of science and technology, the era of big data is coming in China, and more and more industries choose to combine development with network big data. Among them, McDonald's, one of the representatives of the fried chicken hamburger category head,...
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Analysis on Anti-dumping Measures of Agriculture and Agricultural Products Deep Processing Industry after China's Entry into WTO

Since China joined the WTO in 2001, ties with foreign trade have strengthened, and the volume of foreign trade in agricultural products has also increased day by day. In the past 20 years, China has deeply integrated into the international trading system and has played an important role in global trade....
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Hedge Strategy Analysis and Financial Analysis of Chinese Eastern Airlines

Xincheng Du, Weiqiang Feng, Suyang Yao
Hedging is crucial to a company’s financial status, a good hedging strategy can effectively avoid the loss caused by price fluctuations. However, a bad hedging strategy can lead a company into a crisis. This paper aims to study the failed case of fuel option hedging of China Eastern Airlines in 2008....
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Research on the Cost Structure Optimization of E-Commerce Enterprises-- Taking JD as an Example

Han Xu
In recent years, e-commerce companies have developed rapidly, with Tencent, Alibaba, and other corporate giants occupying a very high position in various market areas. At the same time, with the emergence of more and more e-commerce enterprises, the competition is increasingly fierce. Like traditional...
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Application and Future of Data Analytics in Retail E-Commerce

Chaofan Deng, Jinyi Zhang, Ruixuan Wu
Retail e-commerce, a vital significant industry, developed greatly due to the advance in data science, particularly in covid-19 pandemic. Data analytics is becoming a wide application in retail e-commerce. In this paper, we firstly do an industry overview, which includes the history, current business...
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Ratio-Based Financial Performance Analysis of Pepsi

Mengqi Dong
Pepsi Co is a leading global food and beverage company with a broad portfolio of brands that have won the hearts and minds of consumers around the world. Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's performance remained strong and satisfied consumers. The basic purpose of this report...
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Stock Predicting based on LSTM and ARIMA

Huizi Qian
With the application of artificial intelligence algorithm in the financial field, it soon becomes an interesting issue and a research hotspot to predict stock price. In this paper, LSTM and ARIMA models are adopted to explore the attracting stock price prediction. Besides, forecasting accuracy is comprehensively...
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Chinese Industries under the Impact of Pandemic Lock-down Policies: A Comparison Event Study on Wuhan and Shanghai

Chenghao Dong, Yilin Pan, Qinghe Zhou
Significant impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic were detected in multiple sectors of the Chinese market during its 2020 outbreak in Wuhan, where most non-medical sectors were reported to be adversely affected. Although later, the “dynamic clearance strategy” adopted by the Chinese government produced an...
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How do Multinational Companies Assume New Social Responsibilities under the COVID-19?

Hanqi Bian
This research study mainly focuses on the impact of Covid-19 on multinational companies and the development of new social responsibilities. They mainly analyze the pre and post responsibilities of multinational companies in terms of normalizing the organizational situation in a pandemic. The research...
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Factors Affecting Consumers’ Purchasing Behaviours in Live Streaming E-Commerce: A Review

Lingfei Liu
Live streaming e-commerce is a new shopping mode in recent years. It has taken off in a big way and become an indispensable part of online shopping among many consumers. Based on the current development status of live broadcast, this paper sorts out and summarizes the literature from four factors that...
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Research on the Influence Factors of Housing Price in China—Taking Changchun as an Example

Xincheng Zhu
As a result of China's reform and opening, it entered a period of rapid economic growth, allowing the demand for housing to rise at a rapid pace since 1978 (the government approved the commodification of housing and land property rights). The commercialization of housing stimulates the citizens’...
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Research on Insider Trading Based on Sentiment Analysis of Annual Reports

Yu Qi
Along with the split share structure reform, the phenomenon of insider trading was born. In addition, with the continuous improvement of our country's laws, insider trading has increased year by year, and its impact on the capital market cannot be ignored. This paper takes the number of insider...
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The Impact of the Acquisition of BUNGIE on SONY

Yiwei Gao, Yuxi Li, Guiwan Wu
The background of this paper was the announcement of the acquisition of game manufacturer BUNGIE by SONY. The direction of the research was based on studying the impact of the acquisition on SONY in the global game industry. The trend of small game companies being acquired by large companies in the game...
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Research on Pricing Decision and Coordination in Cross-Border Supply Chain

Yanna Bao, Fuchang LI
In the context of the rapid development of cross-border trade and the gradual popularization of the mobile Internet, the development of cross-border supply chains has become more complex, and the needs of consumers have become more diverse. This paper analyzes the supply chain dominated by foreign retailers...
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Relation of Behavioural Economics and Human Nature

Keyi Qin
Theories in economics relates to understanding human activities in relation to prices, production, consumption and markets. Various laws of economics are based on assumptions like efficient markets and rational persons. Behavioral economics studies our day-to-day activities and identifies the reason...
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The Impact of the COVID-19 on Real Economy of China and How to Deal with It

Yifang Xu
It has been two years since the spread of COVID-19. The global economy has been hit in both years, and China is no exception. The real economy has been declining for two years. The COVID-19 has affected every country in the world to a greater or lesser extent, and this is also true for China. This paper...
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Prediction and Analysis of the Impact of Covid-19 on Luxury Goods Stock Prices

Zhiyu Fan
COVID-19 has had a huge negative impact on the entire stock market, especially in the early period of the epidemic. At the start of the pandemic, global stock markets fell sharply. Luxury goods, as products with high price elasticity of demand, are more affected by the epidemic. According to research...
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Green Innovation, Environmental Information Disclosure and Firm Value

Yunlu Pan
Under the background of the “dual carbon” strategy, China attaches more and more importance to high-quality green development, which requires firms to assume environmental responsibility, formulate green and sustainable plans, and take the initiative to respond to national policies. This paper selected...
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A Review of China’s Zoos’ Problems and Possible Solutions

Xiying He
Most zoos in China are facing declining revenue, mainly due to a decrease in the number of visitors. This paper combs and summarizes the literature from two aspects: problems in zoos’ operation and possible solutions, which refers to the recession in revenue that most zoos in China( this paper will use...
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Study on Influencing Factors the Belt and Road Initiative and Supply Side Structural Reform of China's Agricultural Economy

Supply-side reform of the agricultural economy is an important measure to realize Chinese agriculture improvement. “The Belt and Road Initiative"(Referred to as the “B&R”) strategic brings opportunities to China's agricultural economy. This paper attempts to analyze the influencing factors...
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Testing the Market Efficiency by LSTM and SVM

Tengyue Zhang
As an essential part of risk investment and a microcosm of the national economy, predicting the stock market’s change accurately and efficiently becomes extremely important. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the accuracy of SVM and LSTM models to judge whether the Efficient Markets Hypothesis...
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The Influence of Live Commerce on the Impulsive Consumption of Young People

Zhixuan Huang, Jingqi Zhang
With the popularity of social media, live commerce has came into our lives. Yet a serious of problems of impulsive consumption caused by live streaming have also came along, which young consumers are the group that being affected the most severely[1]. With the goal of reducing the economic burden of...
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Discussion on the Current Financial Situation and Profit of GENERALI CHINA

Zhi Zeng
After joining the WTO, China has gradually opened up its financial industry, including insurance, to foreign investors. The huge insurance consumer market in China has attracted many international insurance giants to set up subsidiaries or joint ventures in China. GENERALI CHINA is one of the earliest...
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Prediction of Hilton’s Future Cashflows

Junze Dai, Xiao Han
As the world was hit by COVID-19 in the last few years, the global hotel industry has also been greatly affected. As one of the biggest hotel groups in the world, Hilton faced tremendous cash flow pressure in 2020 and 2021. To forecast Hilton's cash flow performance over the next few years, we apply...
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Feasibility Study of the Food-sharing Model in the Context of Sustainable Economic Development

Jinrui Song, Linxin Ye, Siyuan Zhou
The amount of both food supply and food waste can always reflect the economic level of nations, but few types of research done by scholars focused on the relationship between food and economic growth. Many economic growth models are related to the relationship between economic policies, climate changes,...
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Research on the Business Model of Supply Chain Enterprises in the Era of Big Data

Yiwei Liu
With the development of the times, the application of big data on the Internet has gradually formed an era of the Internet of Everything. The advent of big data has made the invisible hand regulating markets less mysterious. We had to rethink the entire business ecosystem. Below, we take Alibaba, a supply...
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A Study on the Impact of Economic Globalization on Promoting Firm Innovation in Developing Countries

Haotian Wang
Corporate globalization has become is an important part of the current economic globalization and an important trend in the development of manufacturing companies. Corporate globalization contributes increasingly to the growth of the world economy and has an important impact on the development of firms...
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The Influence and Development of Digital Economy on Employment

Jing Zhang
When it comes to the digital economy, enterprises also imperceptibly affect the relationship between labor relations in the new economy and the traditional labor relations also began to exist in many differences. The digital industry brought by digital economy has brought new jobs. The number of jobs...
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The Trend of Venture Capital and Its Contribution to The Country and Enterprises

A Case Study of Venture Capital in China

Licheng Yuan
In recent years, venture capital is booming all over the world. Its development has changed from localization to globalization, from developed countries gradually extended to developing countries. Its remarkable returns and star cases have made people salivate. At the same time, the government is also...
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Which Was Better in the Context of Bringing NCEE Back to the Country, the Deferred Acceptance Algorithm or the Boston Mechanism

Jiahao Zhang
Since its inception in Boston, the Boston mechanism has gained worldwide acclaim. Although there exist strong criticism and replacements happen often, economists have recently reconsidered its properties. The deferred acceptance algorithm (DA) has always been thought to be superior to the Boston mechanism...
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Research on LV'S Marketing Strategy Transformation During Covid-19

Yuanhao Zhang
Under the covid-19, numerous industries and companies have been influenced and the luxury industry is no exception. The whole industry faces a big crisis and it causes a significant loss to many firms, as a result, those companies make some new or changed their marketing strategies to salvage their loss....
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The Theory and Practice of Capital Allocation

Bohan Wang
Internal capital allocation is one of the core propositions in the business process of multi-divisional conglomerates and is an essential factor affecting the survival and growth of firms. However, the internal capital allocation decision is intrinsically complex, and the existing research literature...
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A Study on the Financial Situation of China's Retail Industry in the Context of the COVID-19 Epidemic

Jiazhen Zhang
Under the sudden new crown epidemic in 2020, my country's overall economic situation has been hit a lot, especially in the retail industry. The overall financial situation has declined significantly, and many companies have even closed down. In order to allow companies to better face financial risks,...
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The Effects of Availability Heuristic Cues on Online Related Purchasing Decisions

Shuyang Zhang
In the rapidly growing Internet of the world, online related purchasing decisions has spread to the daily lives of most people. People use the internet for a variety of purchases and choices, such as direct online shopping, ordering food or purchasing physical products based on online reviews, booking...
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ETF Prediction of Leading Southeast Asian Countries Using Different Machine Learning

Weiyi Mu, Zihan Nan, Zhouhang Ren, Zhixin Ye
The current health crisis plays a significant role in the stock market. This study aims to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on the Southeast Asia stock market, especially in Singapore, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. For this purpose, this study considered the influence on...