Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Civil, Transportation and Environmental Engineering (ICCTE 2017)

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Parametric design and mechanical performance analysis of hyperbolic flat reticulated shells

Xiaoyang Lu, Tao Li, Shaobo Lu, Haoxin Fu, Xiong Jiang, Lulu Wang
A parametric design macro program of five kinds of hyperbolic flat lattice shells was developed by using APDL (Ansys Parametric Design Language) parametric design language.On this basis, hundreds kinds of working conditions of three kinds of hyperbolic flat lattice shells were selected for the change...
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Influence of climate change on Desertification in Qaidam Basin

Jingtao Huang, Yingxiang Jiang
In this paper, the data of soil erosion from Mangya, Lenghu, Xiaowouhuo, Golmud, Ulan and Da six Dan Chai ecological monitoring stations monitoring data ranged from 2005 to 2015, and MODIS and GIMMS remote sensing monitoring NDVI values from 1985 to 2015. This thesis researched characteristics of the...
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Effect of long-term fertilization on element contamination (Pb, Cd, Cu, Zn, Ni and Cr) and environment risk assessment in the Meadow Black Soil in China

Xingmin Zhao, Xinxin Guo, Mingtang Li, Sui Biao
To identify the effect of fertilization on the heavy metal concentration and assess the soil environmental quality, Meadow Black Soil (MBS) samples were collected from Long-term location fertilization base located in the Changchun City, Jilin Province of China. Subsequently, MBS samples were analyzed...
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Natural vibration characteristics analysis of single-layer valley type latticed intersected cylindrical shell

Xiaoyang Lu, Xiong Jiang, Shaobo Lu, Haoxin Fu, Tao Li, Lulu Wang
Using ANSYS and subspace iteration method to analyze natural vibration frequencies of Three-directional grid LICS,Fred Boolean type LICS,Single-diagonal LICS,Double-diagonal LICS .The figures of natural frequencies and corresponding shapes are obtained.Macro parameters include span S, rise f, valley...
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Analysis on the Mechanical and Fatigue Properties of Foamed Lightweight Soil

Hongliang Li, Jishu Sun, Bao Li
The compressive strength, flexural strength and fatigue properties of foamed lightweight soil with different mix proportions were systematically analyzed through experiments in this paper. And the main factors influencing the mechanical and fatigue properties of foamed lightweight soil were studied....
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Experimental Study on the Mechanical Properties of Construction Waste Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Tian Xiao, Jishu Sun, Xiaohua Wang
In order to investigate the application technology using construction waste to product recycled aggregate concrete, the effect law of recycled aggregate content and brick content in the recycled aggregate on mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete, include compressive strength and flexural...
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Energy saving of Railroad analysis based on cobweb area grey target decision-making model

Jishuang Zhu, Xueying Bao, Qingcai Wang
As an important infrastructural facility, the energy consumption of the railroad during the built is the main part among the overall process. There have not the criteria to evaluate the contractors on saving energy during building the railroad. A system of saving energy,concluding four main indicators...
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Research on the SMA damping control of large-span spatial structures under multi-point input

Jianbo Dai, Xiyu Zhu
Considering the adverse effects of the multi-point input of large-span spatial structure, the SMA damper bar was designed to replace original bars in the structure. In this paper, there were two projects to replace SMA damper bars, one was replaced of some lower chord's bars, The other was replaced of...
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Simulation and Analysis on the Traffic Noise Models of Four-Lane Highway

Xintan Ma, Shichang Feng
At present, highway traffic noise prediction models mostly use the equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level to predict the noise within the country as well as in abroad, and they also usually use one line source to simulate the noise source in the simulation analysis of highway traffic noise,...
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Selection and Exploration of New Urbanization Path of Villages and Towns in Eco-conserving Division in Changchun

Limin Bai, Chunliang Xiu, Jing Lv
Through the analysis on the Dahei Mountains research area of eco-conserving division in Changchun, this paper puts forward the exploration of selection mode of new urbanization path of villages and towns in conserving area, which that is are eco-urbanization mode, local urbanization and new urbanization...
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Free vibration analysis on a simply-supported rhombus plate by using transfer matrix method

Canli Liu, Liyun Yuan, Junpeng Wang, Zhenqiang Cao, Run Sun
In this paper, the transfer matrix method is firstly used to analyze the free vibration of a simply-supported rhombus plate. Firstly, using coordinate transformation formula, the solution domain for a rhombus plate is converted into a rectangular one, and the governing equations and the corresponding...
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Correlation of the Emergency Handling Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) for High-speed Railway and Strong-motion Indices using K-net Data

Linjuan Bai
The emergency handling Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) has been used as a measure of braking for High-speed Railway (Shinkansen) during earthquake in Japan, and it necessitates to know the correlation between PGA and other strong motion indices, e.g. un-filtered Peak Ground Acceleration (PGAu), Japan...
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Study on winter indoor thermal environment of the folk houses in Tibet Plateau

Wenkang Wang, Guochen Sang, Qin Zhao, Yiyun Zhu, Yanzhou Cao
Lhasa is located in the middle of the Tibetan plateau, north of the Himalayas, its climatic characteristics and the form of residents are representative of the Tibetan Plateau. In order to master the indoor thermal environment of rural highland in Tibet, this paper tests the indoor and outdoor thermal...
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Experimental Study on Anti-permeability Performance of High-performance Basalt Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Feng Chen
Electric flux method was adopted in this paper to carry out experimental study on influences of fly ash and basalt fiber contents on chloride penetration resistance performance of high-performance concrete. First, influences of fly ash content were investigated by virtue of uni doped fly ash. Then, basalt...
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Researches on mechanical properties of soil under conditions of excavation unloading in Guangzhou

Jiangshu Ding, Bing Tian, Min Huang, Hua Huang
Based on the investigation of the distribution of strata in the downtown area of Guangzhou City, simulating the stress path of excavating foundation, the triaxial pressure tests on isotropic consolidation and K0 consolidation conditions, the lateral unloading tests and the axial unloading tests on mucky...
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Layout optimization of fare gates in rail transit station based on pedestrian route choice

Zihan Sun, Xu Wu
The layout of fare gates have become one of the most significant bottleneck in streamline organization. In actual practice, the layout principle and combining scheme are not clearly demonstrated. Here, we build a multistage pedestrian-and-gate route choice model on account of time cost based on research...
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Convergent and divergent phenomena of tidal current constituents in the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea

Lei Huang, A. Wall
In the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, the five layers tidal currents fields of M2, S2, K1 and O1 constituents were computed hourly in a period based on the three-dimensional model established by Jan O. Backhaus. The computation results indicate that three convergent and divergent regions of tidal currents...
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Study on Mechanism of drainage- anchorage Composite Slope Protection System

Bin Wang, Deji Zang, Lianghao Hu
For the landslide caused by rainfall, the idea of designing the drainage mechanism with the anchoring system is proposed. The laboratory test has proved that the drainage- anchorage composite structure is feasible. The finite element numerical analysis model is established .The parameters such as the...
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Preparation of UHPC with micro-bead replaced by rich-silicon iron ore tailing powder

Song Liu, Zhigang Zhu, Shunkai Li
In order to study the influence rule and mechanism of rich-silicon iron ore tailing powder(IOTP) replacing micro-bead in UHPC, the influences of different specific surface area and dosage of IOTP replacing fly ash on its strength and liquidity were tested. Moreover, the pore structure and hydration products...
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Structure Seismic Design and Shaking Table Experiment Research Status

Dejun Mao
This paper analyzed the principle of performance-based seismic design method, compared and analyzed the performance-based seismic design method and the bearing capacity-based seismic design method, introduced seismic design methods of structure design code of several major countries in the world, analyzed...
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Research on the mix design of the hot in-place recycling technology and its application

Yuxin Zheng, Wei Mao, Feng Zhang
From the concept of asphalt pavement recycling technology, The condition of old road is investigated and evaluated, In view of the problems of Urumq, pointed out that the applicable conditions and the advantages and disadvantages of the problems by the materials of Regenerant regeneration performance,...
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Parameter analysis of wind-induced vibration of electrical transmission line models

Yi You, Shuang Zhao, Wensheng Li, Cheng He
There are distinct growing tendencies in the span and height of electrical transmissions lines. However, little attention was paid on parameter analysis of wind-induced vibration of electrical transmission lines, especially on the gradient height. By means of a finite element software, electrical transmission...
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Interpolation of Intensity Contour Map using Kriging Method

Yang Hu, Dongwang Tao
The intensity contour map can directly reflect the damage degree of an earthquake, and it is an image representation of a seismic influence field or ground motion intensity field. The Kriging interpolation method is an unbiased and optimal interpolation method, and this method can be used to rapidly...
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Large Eddy Simulation of the Flow Past a Circular Cylinder

Yi You, Zhitao Yan, Yongli Zhong, Yongjie Li
The numerical simulation method was used to investigate the flow past a single cylinder. The flow field structure and the characteristic parameters of the cylindrical surface were analyzed by large eddy simulation. The numerical results show that the calculation of the length of the recirculation zone...
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Analysis on galloping models of iced transmission lines

Yi You, Zhitao Yan, Lingzhi Wang, Peng Li
Based on the cable theory and the curved beam theory, the 3-DOF galloping model of iced transmission lines was established. According to the Hamilton principle, the three-freedom galloping models based on cable theory, based on the curved beam theory, based on the curved beam theory considering the boundary...
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Research on the Rule of Railway Network Expansion in the Northwest Region Based on GIS

Jiaqi He, Feng Han, Ye Zhang
With the implement of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the Belt and Road Initiative, there will be a new railway construction cycle. Considering the influence that the density of railway network and population have on regional economic, a reasonable arrangement of the railway expansion gains its' necessity....
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Analysis of Average Crack Spacing of UHTCC Reinforced Beams

Huaqiang Yu, Mingqiang Lin
UHTCC is a new type of material which is widely used in this study. It is effective to improve the performance of damaged reinforced concrete and improve its durability. UHTCC is applied to the reinforcement of concrete structure. There is no clear and effective method of calculating. How much of the...
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Parameter analysis of numerical simulation on flow around a cylinder

Yi You, Zhitao Yan, Yongli Zhong, Long Zhang
The parametric analysis is carried out by using numerical simulation methods for the flow around a single cylinder. The influence of the three-dimensional effect, grid form, time step, turbulence model and sub-grid scale models on the calculation results are discussed, respectively. The analysis results...
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Bid Evaluation Model of Construction Projects Based on Information Entropy and Value Engineering

Sothea Peng, Xue Ying Bao
At present, it has many bid evaluation of construction units that mainly rely on an expert scoring method to determine the successful bidder. That is the reason why the evaluation process has a great subjective. Thus this paper wants to propose a comprehensive evaluation model by combining entropy method...
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Multi-objective optimization model and algorithm for hazardous materials transportation network under terrorist attack

Ruiqi Xiong, Changxi Ma
In order to reduce the risk of hazardous materials transportation under the background of terrorist attacks,a method based on genetic algorithm is proposed.Firstly,a hazardous materials transportation route optimization model is designed with objective function of minimizing transportation risks and...
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Research on RHT constitutive model parameters of fiber reinforced concrete based on experiment and numerical simulation

Shuaishuai Wang, Luhui Yan, Qiaoheng Liang, Mohan Xu
In this paper, a method for determining the parameters of the RHT material model, which can hardly be determined by total experiments, based on the combination of experiment and numerical simulation is proposed. The determination process and verification are analyzed taking UHMWPE fiber reinforced concrete...
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Natural Vibration Analysis of Long Span Suspension Bridges

Jianing Hao
The vertical and torsional vibration basic frequency estimation formula of suspension bridge on "Wind resistant Design Specification for Highway Bridges" is introduced. Finite element model of HUMEN suspension is established. Whole vibration models and frequency are obtained by modal analysis, and it...
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Effects of exogenous melatonin on antioxidant activity of kiwi seedlings under weak light

Yanqiu Shen, Dong Liang, Zhi Lei, Qin Wang, Nengqin Xu, Hui Xia
In this study, kiwifruit seedlings were used as the materials, were applied 100 mol/L melatonin (MT) solution by root irrigation, to investigated the effects of MT on kiwifruit' antioxidant activity under low light. The results showed the content of TPC, TFC and TFAC of kiwi leaves under MT treatment...
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Stimulating Rural Tourism in Chongzhou,Sichuan, China

Chaoping Hou, Xiu Chen
The development of rural tourism industry not only brings an expanded revenue model in the Chinese tourism market, but also requires the improvement of rural infrastructure, the quality of tourism service, and establishment of local rural characteristics. Therefore, how could the governmental interventions...
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Study on Correlation between Mineralogical Composition and Elastic Modulus of Clay Rock for Geological Repository at Home and Abroad

Yu Wang, Haian Liang, Minsi Zhang, Zeping Yang
According to the space-volume average modal,the elastic modulus is estimated by the mineralogical composition and its content.This paper discusses correlation between mineralogical composition and elastic modulus of clay rock for geological repository at home and abroad.Some general conclusions are drawn...
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Effects of exogenous melatonin on leaf antioxidants and antioxidant capacity of kiwifruit seedling under the stress of cadmium

Xiaojing Huang, Hui Xia, Ji Liu, Dong Liang
Using one-year-old wild Actinidia deliciosa as the experimental material, the effects of melatonin (MT) on the antioxidant system of kiwifruit seedlings under heavy metal Cd stress were studied by root irrigating method. The results showed that after MT pretreament, the contents of antioxidants (TPC,...
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Oxidation resistance of exogenous melatonin on leaves of kiwifruit seedlings under copper stress

Xuewen Zhao, Hui Xia, Yue Xie, Mingzhang Li, Yongzhi Wang, Dong Liang
In this study, the wild kiwifruit seedlings were used as the research object to investigate the oxidation resistance of exogenous melatonin on leaves of kiwifruit seedlings under copper stress, adopting the root irrigation method. The results showed that exogenous melatonin effectively increased the...
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Study on Color Matching of Building Facades in Harbin (Cold Regions) Based on NCS Color System

Yu Shao, Jie Liu, Jirui Wang, Wenjie Song
With the combination of the visual perception experience and the qualification of NCS color system, a study on color matching of facade of residential buildings in Harbin is made. Analyzing the frequency of occurrence of blackness, chromaticness and hue collected on the residential facade, there appears...
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Study on the effect of steel ball abrasion on surface hardness of workpiece in strengthen grinding processing

Jinrui Xiao, Xiaochu Liu, Zhongwei Liang, Wenbo Zhou, Zhuan Zhao, Changhong Liu
Aiming at the problem of the workpiece surface hardness influenced by the fatigue wear of steel ball during strengthen grinding processing, experimental and mechanical analysis were performed. The relationships between the radius of steel ball and the stress and strain in the machining process were analyzed,...
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Effects of Exogenous Melatonin on Kiwifruit Seedlings Growth under Weak Light Treatment

Nengqin Xu, Dong Liang, Qin Wang, Zhi Lei, Yanqiu Shen, Hui Xia
To investigate the effect of exogenous melatonin (MT) on the growth of kiwifruit seedling under weak light treatment, in this study, kiwifruit seedling was used as the experimental material, applied 100 mol/L MT solution by root irrigation, and determined physiological indexes under low light intensity....
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A Structural Simulation System, Part 1: Interface and Operation

Jin Duan, Xiaoming Chen, Yungui Li
This paper presents an integrated simulation system for building structures. It is to satisfy the engineering requirements for high performance simulation and is a coalition of the traditional design software and general finite element analysis (FEA) software. Based on this system,the designed models,...
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A Structural Simulation System, Part 2: Data Processing Center

Jin Duan, Xiaoming Chen, Yungui Li
In this paper, the data processing center of the structural simulation system, an integrated simulation system for building structures, is presented. It includes two parts, i.e. the transformation from structural model to FE model and the result assessment. The former one includes the following contents...
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A Structural Simulation System, Part 3: Application with Abaqus

Jin Duan, Xiaoming Chen, Yungui Li
In this paper, the application with Abaqus for the structural simulation system, an integrated simulation system for building structures, is presented. It is aimed to provide dynamic elastic-plastic analysis for reinforced concrete structures. There are two key points would be emphasized in this paper:...
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Evaluation of important buildings anti-terrorism capability based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process

Caiqing Ren, Lifei Huo, Qigao Hu
Improve the anti-terrorism capability is one of the most effective ways to ensure public security under the current situation of terrorist threat. A fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (FAHP) to analyze and evaluate the important buildings anti-terrorism capability is proposed. It establishes the hierarchy...
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Discussion on the Preparation Process of BFRP Reinforced Concrete Column Test

Ke Li
The research and practice have proved that it is effective, easy to construct, and reliable quality to reinforce the concrete column with fiber cloth.Through the study of using FRP reinforced concrete cylindrical experimental process from domestic and foreign scholars,the preparation process of concrete...
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Research on the development of membrane bioreactor technology

Yuan Tian, Liang Duan, Yonghui Song, Ruixia Liu
Membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology is composed of membrane separation and biological disposal processes, which is a new wastewater treatment technique with high efficiency. It has been widely applied in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment due to the unique advantages of high-quality effluent,...
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Design of a Mobile-Internet-Based Management Platform for Materials Transportation of Road and Bridge Engineering

Chunsheng Hu, Bo Tang, Yaonan Li, Jingjing Shi
Materials transportation is the basis of road and bridge construction, which is an important part of national infrastructure construction. Materials transportation processes of road and bridge projects have some deficiencies in process management, information exchange, status monitoring and process optimization...
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Experiment Study for the Treatment of Pharmaceutical Comprehensive Wastewater

Shiyue Liu, Qin Liu, Heli Wang, Yunping Li, Yilin Han
Combined the actual monitoring results of wastewater of Northeast Pharmaceutical Group, "grill + grit + primary sedimentation (grease) + regulation pool + hydrolytic acidification + contact oxidation + secondary sedimentation" was proposed to applied in the process. The treatment effects of natural sedimentation...
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Investigation of Joint Rotational Stiffness and Initial Geometric Imperfections of Fastener-style Tubular Steel Formwork-support

Xuexia Yuan, Weixiu Wu, Fangyong Yu
A fastener-style tubular steel formwork-support (FTSF) is often used for temporary support during the construction in China for its convenience and applicability. In order to modelling and performing probabilistic analysis of the stability bearing capacity of FTSF, actual data of semi-rigid joint behavior...
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Research on Color Luminance Ratio Design of Architectural Accessible Signs

Weiyang Jia
Luminance ratio or contrast is a key indicator for accessible signs' color design. Existing researches had different results due to inadequate consideration of influencing factors. This project designed a subjective evaluation experiment within normal illumination environment, the minimum luminance ratio...