Proceedings of the 2012 2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Application (ICCIA 2012)

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An improved Differential Evolution optimization based on P system

Yanhua Zhong, Shuzhi Nie
Membrane computing (P system) is a new computing model; it comes from the research of the basic function and structure of creature’s cell membrane. It has complex structure and multi-level. It converges quickly and has high quality of the optimal results. In this article, discussed the basic theory of...
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Research on modeling and indexing of Trajectories of moving objects in road networks

Yanling Zheng
Proposed a new index structure, named MG2R*, can efficiently store and retrieve the past, present and future positions of network-constrained moving objects. It is a two-tier structure. The upper is a MultiGrid-R*-Tree (MGRT for short) that is used to index the road network. The lower is a group of independent...
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Short-time Traffic Flow Prediction Method Based on Universal Organic Computing Architecture

Shuzhi Nie, Yanhua Zhong, Ming Hu
Designed a DNA-based genetic algorithm under the universal architecture of organic computing, combined particle swarm optimization algorithm, introduced a crossover operation for the particle location, can interfere with the particles’ speed, make inert particles escape the local optimum points, enhanced...
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Design and Implementation of Chinese Information Filtering System

Xiumei Zhang
With the development of the network information, information processing is vital in all aspects. Information filtering is more important research aspect. Especially Chinese information filtering is urgent affairs. According to research of the domestic and abroad, in the article vector space method and...
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A Research of Network Congestion Pricing Mechanism in TCP Connection Based on Utility Model

Lingyi Hu
Network externality is a vital characteristic of the products in economics of networks. Network congestion will lead to negative network externality when digital products are communicated in the net. It will effectively decrease the negative network externality via developing a suitable pricing mechanism....
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The Calculation of the Magnetic Field Produced by an Arbitrary Shaped Current-carrying Wire in Its Plane

Zhou Yu, Changhan Xiao, Huan Wang, Yaozhong Zhou
Instead of performing the integration explicitly to calculate the magnetic field from an arbitrary shaped wire, an improved method was proposed. The magnetic field generated by a straight line segment carrying steady current was calculated based on the Biot-Savart law. The new approach is to break the...
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Aggregation of Systematic Operational Capability of Armaments

Xinhua He, Yinan Ma, Qiong Wang
Aggregation of systematic operational capability of armaments is significant for armaments systems' developing, constructing and using. As holistic avalanche and operational capability's nonlinear character of armaments systems, the feedback mechanism among capability indexes is researched and an aggregate...
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Teaching Reform of data structure based on CDIO Educational Concept

Fengxia Yang
Data structure is a strong theoretical and practical course, but the traditional teaching methods can not meet the demands of engineering personnel training. The author of this article introduces “learning in doing” and “project-based teaching and learning” based on CDIO educational concept to data structure...
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Security Analysis of 3G—WLAN Fusion

Dongya Chen
With development of wireless Internet, the interworking of the third generation(3G) and wireless Local Area Network(WLAN) has become a focus research. Fusion of 3G—WLAN has complementary advantages. The background and scheme of 3G and WLAN Fusion are discussed. The security of Fusion was analysed. Presents...
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A Genetic Algorithm for Solving Knapsack Problems Based on Adaptive Evolution in Dual Population

Taishan Yan, Guanqi Guo, Hongmin Li, Wei He
In order to solve knapsack problems efficiently, an improved genetic algorithm based on adaptive evolution in dual population (called DPAGA) is proposed. In DPAGA, the new population produced by selecting operation is regarded as main population. The population composed by the individuals washed out...
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Airborne SAR - ATI - GMTI Influence Factor Analysis

Weidong Zhang, Nuan Song, Jianfeng Zhang
This paper focuses on the airborne SAR double channel data using ATI method into the Moving Target Indication process various factors affecting the discussion. Based on the actual flight appeared in the process of nonideal motion state and the engineering application of the factors such as detailed analysis,...
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Cloud Computing—New Web-based Training Mode for Art and Design Teachers in College

Chuanjin Wang
With the development of the technology of cloud computing, its application in education field has become a hot issue. This paper discuses the building of cloud computing training mode for art and design teachers, and analyzes the urgency to train teachers as well as the advantages of cloud computing...
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High Quality Algorithm for Chinese Short Messages Text Clustering Based on Semantic

Fengxia Yang
Existing data clustering method lacks considering of latent similar information existing among words,and it leads to unsatisfactory clustering result.Aiming at Chinese short message text clustering,this paper proposes a clustering algorithm based on semantic.It offers Chinese concept,and the measuring...
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A Software Protection Method Based On Computer Fingerprint And Asymmetric Encryption

Huashan Tan, Yang Yang
Software protection is an important research area in computer field. Combined with the traditional asymmetric encryption algorithm which provides the measures of protection, computer fingerprint was employed to identify the protection object. This novel software protection method is called AEA-CF, which...
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Multi-objective optimization of quality in laser cutting based on response surface model

Huijuan Hao, Maoli Wang, Fengqi Hao
Prediction and optimization of quality characteristics is an important means to improve the quality of laser cutting. Kerf width (KW) and material removal rate(MRR) are selected as the quality characteristics in this paper. The fitting response surface models (RSM) of KW and MRR are considered as the...
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The Application of ATCA Structure for Power Communication Switching System

Haiqing Yin, Weining Wu, Jinghong Guo, Junmin Wu
In order to meet the needs of the power communication device This paper discusses the key technologies of the power switching equipment based on ATCA structure, including network topology selection and rack management system, as well as a system performance test result is given. The test results show...
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China telecom operators’ flow management

Chunhua Liu, Tingjie Lv
This paper firstly studies that Chinese telecom operators are facing three major challenges in the context of mobile Internet: One challenge is that OTT subverts the business model of the telecom operators; The second challenge is that nowadays people use data instead of calling, which puts much pressure...
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A Novel Incorporate Algorithm of Concept Lattice

Xi Gong
With the expansion of the research field, the research object of some original seemingly unrelated properties have been studied together. At this time, the number of attribute in formal context has changed. For the increased attributes, we need to construct a new concept lattice. The existing incremental...
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Fast Root-finding of Nonlinear Equations in Geometric Computation

Changchun Geng, Zhong Li, Tianhe Zhou, Bin Yang
Computing the roots of polynomials is an important issue in various geometric problems. In this paper, we introduce a new family of iterative methods with sixth and seventh order convergence for nonlinear equations (or polynomials). The new method is obtained by combining a different fourth-order iterative...
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The Identification of Neurons Research

Xiaojing Shang
In view of the present medical neurons characteristic cognition and human brain plan in the neurons of the limitation of recognition, this paper puts forward the neurons identification method. First the L - Measure software to neuron geometry feature extraction, and then to extract high dimensional feature...
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The Recognition and Research of Improved Probabilistic Neural Network

Xiaojing Shang
Probabilistic neural network compared with the traditional BP neural network structure is simpler and it is faster to be identificated, so it is widely used in the field of pattern recognition. This paper is mainly focused on similar gesture recognition research, propose an probabilistic neural network...
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The Application of Electronic Map in Wireless Positioning System

Qinghui Wang, Wenzhou Wang, Dan Li, Lei Chang
By using powerful secondary development tool MapXtreme and combining .NET development platform, Web Geographic Information System (WebGIS) used for the monitoring of the indoor personnel is designed. The system could display real-time location of the indoor personnel on the electronic map through getting...
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The Design of Strapdown Inertial AHRS Based on MEMS

Qinghui Wang, Dan Li, Lei Chang, Wenzhou Wang
A method of low cost strapdown inertial Attitude and Heading Reference System based on MEMS is implemented in this paper. Based on the analysis of the modules, the proper selection of the core processor and the inertial devices, the hardware components of the system is presented; Using the gradient-descent...
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The R&D Research of Digital Content Platform

Fujin Zhang, Jie Shang, Bin Wang
This paper studies the related problems which belong to research of digital content platform by using numerical simulation. Results from the research show that: under effect of network externality, the digital content platform with high-tech stock could only expand successfully when the network size...
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Design and Research on Collaborative Learning Program Based on Cloud-services

Linna Huang, Fenghua Liu, Chunli Liu
Cloud computing has changed people's work, life and learning while more and more collaborative learning based on cloud services are applied to the field of education and teaching. This paper analyzes the collaborative learning characteristics supported by cloud computing and designs collaborative learning...
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Visual Simulation of Node Localization for WSN Based on Vega Prime

Qinghui Wang, Lei Chang, Wenzhou Wang, Jiao Li
Visual simulation can simulate a variety of situations of actual scene in real-time through the establishment of the virtual scene similar to a real scene. This paper studies on the node localization system for WSN (Wireless Sensor Network). In order to be able to observe the specific information of...
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The Application of WorkFlow Management System Based on Rules and Roles

Qiang Wang
Workflow technology continues to be subjected to on-going development in its traditional application areas of business process modeling and business process coordination[1] .It can improve the efficiency and manageability of an enterprise’s daily teamwork .Traditionally, it is not easy for the workflow...
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Empirical analysis on the relationship between IDI and economic growth

Lu Chen
with the popularization of Internet and the advent of information economy, information development level is becoming one of the main factors to influence the regional economic growth. This paper, by using modified Cobb - Douglas production function, based on the estimation results of 2000-2010 provincial...
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A New Integrated Front Platform of Financial Self-service Equipment Based on ESB

Juan Xiao, Juan Wu, Jiagong Yang
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a kind of SOA-based software infrastructure for the enterprise application integration. ESB becomes a hot technology of channels and resources integration.In this paper, in view of the characteristics of self-service channels and its IT architecture, we propose the scheme...
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Design of Intelligent Access Control System Based on UWB Location Algorithm

Xiang Meng, Ying Zhao
The intelligent access control system based on UWB is designed in this paper. The system includes access controller, UWB reader array, electronic lock, power module, video capture modular and master computer. The access controller obtains the card’s information by UWB reader array , the staffs’ position...
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Branch Unit for Seafloor Observatory Network

Yingbin Feng, Zhigang Li, Xiaohui Wang
One key issue of seafloor observatory network is to ensure that the whole system operates normally when some equipment failure exists. Branch Unit can cut off the connection between the failure parts and the backbone network automatically and protect other equipment of the network from the impact of...
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Study on predistortion techniques and adaptive modulation used in fading channels

Wei Liu, E Zhang
Spectral efficiency is one of primary concern in the design of any wireless data communications systems, where fading is the main problem. An approach that can be taken to overcome the problem of fading is to adapt the modulation scheme according to the instantaneous propagation channel conditions. In...
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The Dynamic Modelling and Simulation of Spatial Multibody Systems with Prismatic Joint Based on Vector Bond Graph

Zhongshuang Wang, Yangyang Tao, Shang Liu
For the modelling and simulation of complex spatial multibody systems, the vector bond graph method is proposed. By the kinematic constraint condation, spatial prismatic joint can be modeled by vector bond graph. For the algebraic difficulties brought by differential causality in system automatic modeling...
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A decision support system with EDA_PR algorithm for the hot rolling scheduling

Xiaoxia Zhang, Yunyong Ma
This paper presents a hybrid algorithm for the hot rolling scheduling problem, which is derived from the actual steel production, and some features make the solution methodology more difficult. The hybrid strategy is based on the solution construction mechanism of estimation of distribution algorithm...
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A New Data Classification Algorithm for Data-Intensive Computing Environments

Qizhi Deng, Longbo Zhang, Xin Qian, Yali Chen, Fengying Wang
In order to solve the problem of how to improve the scalability of data processing capabilities and the data availability which encountered by data mining techniques for Data-intensive computing, a new method of tree learning is presented in this paper. By introducing the MapReduce, the tree learning...
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Analysis of Impact of Smart Terminal on CDMA Network and Solution

Ya Liu, Zhen Xu
This paper makes an introduction to the tendency of mobile internet replacing the fixed-line network. Analysis of the impact of Smart terminals on mobile internet is expounded. Network performance is degraded by huge data service traffic and signaling traffic. This paper also offers solution for the...
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Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of a Three-stage-structured Prey-predator System with Multi-delays

Shunyi Li, Wenwu Liu
A three-stage-structured prey-predator model with multi-delays is considered. The characteristic equations and local stability of the equilibrium are analyzed, and the conditions for the positive equilibrium occurring Hopf bifurcation are obtained by applying the theorem of Hopf bifurcation. Finally,...
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Study On Application Of Monitoring The Melt Flow Balance Of Injection Molding Process By Using Cavity Pressure Monitoring Technology

Jinwei Chen, Ling Yang
At first this paper described the cavity pressure monitoring technology definition and work principle. Then showed that made use of monitoring the cavity pressure curve and study melt flow balance by specific example. The use of cavity pressure curve could be quickly and accurately get the best process...
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Wavelet-Domain High Resolution Image Reconstruction

Liwen Dong
The aliasing due to subsampling and the blur from the finite detector size can decrease quality of the images and make fine details and structures difficult to interpret. High resolution images can be reconstructed from several adjacent frames in a sequence by reconstruction process. This paper describes...
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Web-based Development Environment and Its Application

Feng Pan, Juan Han
In order to use software development environments conveniently and efficiently, this paper proposes a design scheme for integrated environment for the software development of web-based application patterns and gives instances developed under the environment. This scheme adopts browser/server architecture...
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Analysis on Status of Two-dimensional Code Development & Prospects Prediction

Xiaohan Lu, MengLan Yu, Bin Huang
With the rapid development of mobile Internet and rapid popularization of the smart phones, consumers attach increasing importance to interaction and information dissemination. In recent years, the number of users of the two-dimensional code has been dramatically increased; consumers gradually develop...
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On the Chinization of International Luxuries

Dun Lin, Bin Huang
Under the environment of global economic downturn and European debt crisis in recent years, the international luxury brands still have maintained a rapid growth in China. By the end of December 2011, China had become the consumer country with the largest share of luxuries in the world. More and more...
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Utilize Improved Particle Swarm to Predict Traffic Flow

Hongying Liu
Presented an improved particle swarm optimization algorithm, introduced a crossover operation for the particle location, interfered the particles’ speed, made inert particles escape the local optimum points, enhanced PSO algorithm's ability to break away from local extreme point. Utilized improved algorithms...
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A Novel Digital Watermarking Algorithm for Medical Color Image

Xinde Sun
In this paper, we propose a novel medical color image digital watermarking algorithm, which can realize watermark capacity, transparency and robustness effective compromise. We encrypt the watermark image by Arnold Transform at first and then take it into a random sequence. The principal component of...
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Statistical Modelling of Extreme Rainfall in Taiwan

Michael McAleer, Lanfen Chu
In this study, the annual maximum daily rainfall from 1911 to 2010 are modeled for 6 stations in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Hengchun, Hualien, and Taitung. We fit the rainfall data both with stationary and non-stationary generalized extreme value (GEV) distribution, and further estimated future patterns...
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On the Construction of Internet Traffic Billing System

Chunyan Lei, Bin Huang
Mobile internet as one operating system has already become very mature. But traffic billing is a hot issue among mobile complaints currently. In order to adjust the instability of mobile traffic billing system, adjustment is being made on multiple aspects of the stability to solve the problem of the...
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R&D Model of Platform Technology for Digital Content

Fujin Zhang, Jie Shang, Bin Wang
This paper studies the related problems which belong to research of digital content platform by using numerical simulation. Results from the research show that: the Nash-equilibrium is not the optimal outcome in the R&D competition. The government should pay attention to the continuity of investment....
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The SaaS Applied in Oilfield Software

Lei Sun, Zhuo Li
With the rapid development of the software industry in the 21st century, the traditional software is increasingly constrained by the costs and software and hardware environment. As a result, the SaaS emerged and quickly gained public acceptance. In order to use SaaS services, the users don’t have to...
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Optimization for Web-based Online Document Management

Wenzhi Cheng, Yi Yang, Liao Zhang, Lian Li
In this paper, we construct a web-based document life-cycle management model. The model manages documents which consist of the institute library from their creation to the archive state. For an online office system, we aim at solving three issues: network delay, version storage problems and deletion...
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Electricity, Heat and Gas Marketing Information System Based on SOA Architecture

Zhigang Li, Dongqing Zhu, Quan Qi, Zetian Fu, Jiayong He
Power marketing in the United States, Europe, Japan and other developed countries has entered the era of intelligent and networked. Domestic power marketing system means more backward, and the marketing organization system is imperfect. With the intensified competition of market, the Tianfu Thermoelectric...
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Analysis of the B2C Mode of Mbaobao and Strategies for Vertical E-commerce

Shijie Jiang, Chen Zhang, Bin Huang
Facing the tremendous temptation of the Internet, a large amount of the traditional industry enterprises have rushed to start with the E-commerce. Mbaobao is a successful example of E-commerce. It has developed rapidly in the B2C E-commerce, and has become the largest Brand Sales of bags on the Internet....
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Construction of Credit Mechanism in E-commerce SocietySubtitle as needed

Chenyu Liu, Miaoyan Shen, Bin Huang
Today, E-commerce has evolved into an indispensible part in people’s life and work, due to its features of convenience, high-efficiency, etc.As E-commerce becomes popular and develops sharply, its credit crisis emerges increasingly remarkably, including the inadequate regulation, the network complaints,...
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Comparing Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set Theory Method and Canny Algorithm for Edge Detection to Tongue Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yensheng Chen, Yuhming Chang, Jiunncherng Lin
The tongue diagnosis is an important diagnostic method in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Human tongue is one of the im¬portant organs which contain the information of health status. Image segmentation has always been a fundamental problem and complex task in the field of image processing and computer...
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Design and Implementation of Cold Rolling Database System in Web Data-Access System

Wei Teng, Guangming Wang
This paper describes the cold rolling database system based on Web platform and the relevant technology of this system. Adopt tree-tier B/S architecture,ASP.NET technology, C# programming language. By communicating in different data storage of application , a dynamic, execute, interactive, highly efficient...
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The Algorithm of Measuring in Close-Range Photogrammetry based on Grid

Wanli Xu, Zhun Liu, Huiyu Nie
The Algorithm of Measuring in Close-Range Photogrammetry based on Grid [Purpose] Due to the existence of various error sources in the close-range photogrammetry, the traditional photogrammetry algorithm cannot completely eliminate system error. The measurement precision often cannot reach the requirement...
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Virtools Based Development of Computer Experiment

Yuqing Wei, Xing Gao, Jinghua Gao
Virtools is a set of integrated 2D graphic images, 3D models, audio, video, and so a variety of file formats, interactive software itself has a wealth of interactive behavior module, 3D games can be created, virtual experiments simulation objects very strong interaction with the display and other three-dimensional...
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A Development Strategy of M-commerce against Mobile Internet

Miaoyan Shen, Chenyu Liu, Bin Huang
Digitization, informatization, and networking are the epoch features of the 21st century. Mobile internet, popularizing and developing worldwide with an irresistible momentum, has had a revolutionary effect on our life. Thus, a new research direction has appeared that how the M-commerce meets the consumers’...
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Multiple targets operation of reservoir group in flood-season in the Yangtze River

Anqiang Li, Xiaocong He
China has built many reservoirs in the Yangtze River. Those reservoirs play an important role in flood control, electricity generation and shipping. But it is difficult to operation reservoir group reasonably because the comprehensive utilization demand. Especially in flood-season, there are usually...
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An Interest Management in Large-scale Analytic Simulation

Mei Yang, Xinye Zhao, Yun Zhou, Ying Cai
Using interest management, a lot of irrelevant dada can be reduced during transmission from the publishers to subscribers. This paper proposes to examine this question with the aim of efficiency and scalability of the transmission on how to design a spatial-based approach which combines dynamic quad-tree...
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Blue Monitor A PEEM-based Online Battery Monitoring and Maintenance Platform

Chao Ren, Kaige Chang, Caihong Li, Jing Bao
with rapid development of the mobile telecommunications industry, numerous Power Equipment and Environment Monitoring System (PEEM) related products have emerged in recent years. These products provide convenient remote maintenance. However, most of the existing systems remain in the phase of collecting...
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Visual Center of Gravity and Ratio of the Split Screen

Pirong Yao
the Divine Proportion has a dominant position in the picture composition; however, the picture perfect dichotomy screen out by its reasoning can not solve the massive distribution. In traditional quickly composition, due to the impact of 4:3 TV format, people are accustomed to the screen is divided into...
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The modified mortality decomposition model and its application in the China longevity risk analysis

Ning Zhang
the paper made an adjustment on the mortality decomposition model which was first proposed by the author. The mortality data can be processed by the classical wavelet and HHT methods. Compared with the classical mortality analyzing method, more information about longevity risk can be captured by the...
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Multifocus Image Fusion Based on Multiresolution Transform and Particle Swarm Optimization

Yushu Liu, Mingyan Jiang, Chuanzhu Liao
In order to get an image with every object in focus, an image fusion process is required to fuse the images under different focal settings. In this paper, a novel multifocus image fusion algorithm based on multiresolution transform and particle swarm optimization (PSO) is proposed. Firstly the source...
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Unique solution for a fourth-order boundary value problem

Youzheng Ding, Jiafa Xu
This paper mainly concerns the uniqueness of solutions for a fourth order boundary value problem. By virtue of Browder theorem, the main result is obtained when the nonlinearity term f satisfies the Lipschitz condition. The result is new and complement of some previously known results.
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Research and Application on Optimization of Multi-thread Download Technology for Enhanced Search Engine

Yajuan Sun, Hong Lin, Baohui Wang
Multi-threaded file download as the key technology of content acquisition system for search engine, determines the efficiency and timeliness of content acquisition. In this paper, we do the research on optimization technologies which include multithreaded download based on P2SP, task scheduling based...
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The Passive Location of Emitter based on Fuzzy Method

Wanli Xu, Zhun Liu, Huiyu Nie
The Passive Location of Emitter based on Fuzzy Method.[Purpose] The use of passive observation station to achieve the precise location has been an important topic of monitoring the electromagnetic spectrum resources and the environment. In order to locate the emitter accurately, a new method called fuzzy...
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The Software Design of Intelligent Diagnosis System for Partial Discharge Fault of GIS

Jianwei Shen, Weimin Su, Xiaorong Lv, Xiaoxia Huang
The correct identification of GIS partial discharge type is essential for assessing the insulation status of GIS and developing a reasonable maintenance strategy. After the analysis of the intelligent diagnosis system design, the software architecture of host and remote computer is given by this article....
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Online examination system for Microsoft Office software operations

Linlin Li, Liangxu Sun
online examination is an effective solution to the level evaluation problem for computer basic operations. This paper proposed an online examination system for computer basic operations, especially, Microsoft Office software operations. The system mainly achieved functions including making exams intelligently,...
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Uniqueness of q-difference Polynomials of Meromorphic Functions

Keyu Zhang
In this paper, Applying the theory of Nevanlinna, we investigated uniqueness problem of difference polynomial of meromorphic functions and obtained uniqueness theorems of meromorphic functions , which Extended and improved the results of literature[5].
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Study on Shell Sort of Logistics Unified Information System based on Internet of Things

Xingzhi Lin
Through the analyze on the technology, information data processing of logistics unified information system, the optimization Algorithm of Shell Sort in logistics unified information system data processing is proposed. Things-Based Logistics Unified Information System is an integrated system which combine...
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Research and Application on Information Resources Planning for University

Hong Lin, Yajuan Sun, Baohui Wang
Information resource planning is a bridge for information technology planning and implementation, which plays a connecting role. This paper discusses the basic principles and methods of information resources planning. Taking University Information Resource Planning as example, this paper introduces the...
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Research and Application on Technical Implementation Architecture in University Informatization Planning

Hong Lin, Yajuan Sun, Baohui Wang
This article conducts the research on university informatization architecture by the idea learning from of enterprise architecture (EA), and discusses the importance of the technical implementation in the university informatization, describes the design methods and process in detail for the technical...
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Recognition of topology feature of Graphene by image processing technique

Maofa Wang, Jilin Feng, Xiaoping Zou, Xiaoli Li, Pan Li
In order to extract characteristic values of graphene, a method based on a series of digital image processing algorithms was proposed in this paper. Using the method, we can automatically analyze topology structure and calculate amount of carbon atoms, and even calculate chiral vector indices (n, m)...
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On the Constructions of Developmental Environment for "Online Exhibition"

Bin Huang, Lisha Xu
The "Online Exhibition", at the beginning of the “SARS” period, is discussed in regards to the exhibition industry in China. The discussion leads the Industry to think about innovation of the traditional exhibition economy. Experts in the industry are very concerned about the "Online Exhibition" while...
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Game theory research on the “lemon” problem of the e-commerce market

Yan Lin
“Lemon” problem is a concrete manifestation of information asymmetry. In the e-commerce market, due to its unique and open character, the problem is even worse than the traditional market, restricting the development of the e-commerce market. This paper analyzes the reasons for the “lemon” problem in...
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The Improvement of Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm

Fuqiang Xu, Youtian Tao
Optimization problems are always the hot issues in various research fields. The aim of this paper is to find the optimal value of the bivariable nonlinear function by means of the improved fruit fly optimization algorithm(G-FOA). Some better results are obtained. Compared with other algorithms, G-FOA...
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Variables Screening Method Based on the Algorithm of Combining Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm and RBF Neural Network

Fuqiang Xu, Youtian Tao
The form of fruit fly optimization algorithm (FOA) is easy to learn and has the characteristics of quick convergence and not readily dropping into local optimum. This paper presents the optimization of RBF neural network by means of FOA and establishment of network model, adopting it with the combination...
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Research of New Kinds of Urban Management Based on the Technology of 3s

Yiran Li, Chunna Zhang
The successful development of New digital urban system with 2d and 3d is based on ComGIS, on c# 2008 for development platform, on Oracle10G for background database. The critical techniques during the development include techniques of WebGIS, techniques of 3D display, pages of local fast refresh using...
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Sub-topic Segmentation in Multi-document

Xiaoyan Yun, Wei Teng
The similar sentences in multi-document set are combined into one class, and each class is one sub-topic. Describing the sub-topics from the perspective of understanding makes the multi-document summarization become the one with greater coverage and less redundancy. This paper presents a sub-topic segmentation...
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Simulation and Implementation of an Improved Inscribed Chord Interpolation Algorithm

Hui Zhang, Qinruo Wang
In order to improve the shortcomings of the realization of the traditional quadratic curve interpolation inscribed chord method, this paper proposes an improved internal chord interpolation algorithm. The program flow chart of the algorithm achievement and the interpolation method of circular arc interpolation...
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Research on Logistics Software Design and Development Process Bases on Organizational Learning

Zhongwei Wang, Si Qu
This paper describes a cycle in which organizational learning and software development serve each other, presents the concept of organizational learning cycle method. Experience in a real software development project has led us to identify several key challenges for software design and development through...
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The analysis on the construction OF CSCW system and Group Collaborative Mode

Zhongwei Wang, Yan An
With the development and popularization of intranet/Extranet and Internet, it provides vast development space for manufacturing industry. The computer support cooperative work such as collaborative design and collaborative manufacturing based on web is presented under the background. Computer Support...
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Integration of Oil Geology Internet Information Resources and Infrastructure for Science and Technology

Wei Hao
The method was proposed to integrate network resources of Oil geology by difference modes based on the characteristic of china Oil geology network resources and integration pattern of network resources. The following primary network resources integration system was developed based the Web technology...
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Pricing Based on the Binary Tree Model Under Public Infrastructure Projects

Dongjun Fan
[Purpose] In order to address the problem of pricing public infrastructure project based on the binary tree model. [Method] By the real option binary tree model. [Conclusions] This article makes a pricing research on public infrastructure projects to. At the same time, this article makes policy recommendations...
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Analysis of a Control valve’s Inner Flow Field Characteristics Based on CFD

Liang Wang
In this paper, the inner flow field characteristics of a control valve were analysed through dynamics simulation and showed by using the three-dimensional visualization. Through the analysis of simulation results, reasons were found for the energy loss, which was, then, reduced by the optimized flow...
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Combined Enhancement Algorithm Based on Muti-Scale Analysis

Wei-guo Yuan, Song Wang
Based on combinations of wavelet and curvelet transforms, an adaptive combined enhancement algorithm (ACEA) was proposed to solve the problems of the conventional method for image enhancement based on wavelet transform that the enhancement of edges whose contrast was same but angles were different was...
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Study of Performance Equivalent Simplification Analysis and Application of Stochastic Petri Nets

Da-bin Qi, Qiu-ju Li
State spaces of Stochastic Petri Nets (SPN) are exponent explosion based on subordinate model’s quantities, it is feasible to solve state space explosion. This article introduces basic theories of SPN performance equivalence simplification, integrates the real workflow of sanction management, constructs...
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An Analysis of the Storage Virtualization and the New Mode of Capacity Expansion in Colleges and Universities

Yong Yan, Hongtao Cai
It has become a trend for the construction of storage systems to construct a unified storage platform architecture based on a variety of storage virtualization technologies. The present author analyzes and researches the technical characteristic of storage virtualization and the mechanism of thin provisioning....
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The Application of Fuzzy Control in Computer Control

Yuchi Zhao, Jing Liu
Fuzzy control theory is a computer numerical control theory based on fuzzy set theory, fuzzy language variable and fuzzy logic reasoning. It is widely used for it doesn’t require exact mathematical model of controlled object in system design, so that fuzzy control has an advantage in researching high...
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Predictive Control Algorithm in the Application of Computer Control

Jing Liu, Yuchi Zhao
According to the error between the model predictive output and the future expected output, ILPC carries out an iterative learning and amending process on the current and the future control input vector, namely performs “forecast, iterative amendment, forecast again, iterative amendment again” repeatedly...
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Research and Practice on Algorithm Analysis and Design Course Teaching Based on Online Judge

Duanyang Zhao, Qingxiang Xu
This paper describes the algorithms analysis and design course that uses ACM-ICPC programming competition problems as the basis for the lectures, homework and exams. Programming contest has certain timeliness, openness and objectivity of evaluation. By taking part in programming competitions students...
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Research on Key Security Strategies of Cloud Computing

Duanyang Zhao, Qingxiang Xu, Xiaxia Hu
More and more organizations and individuals outsource their storage and computing business into cloud computing, which is a representation of a movement towards the intensive, large scale specialization and economy. Cloud computing brings about convenience and efficiency, but challenges in the areas...
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Research and Development of Website Framework in Provincial Elaborate Course of Theoretical Mechanics

Qingxiang Xu, Xiaxia Hu, Sen Lin
Elaborate course website is one of the important contents of the elaborate course construction. In order to develop and maintain a good quality course website, we have to combine multimedia technologies with Web technologies, to make a reasonable framework for the website, to choice reasonable software...
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Application of improved DV-hop localization algorithm in port container positioning

Shuqian Chen, Lihong Zhang
In order to overcome the traditional positioning system has high cost, poor precision, demand for warehouse, container terminal management, using RSSI ( received single strength ) technology on the container for initial localization, then introduction of genetic DV-hop localization algorithm on the error...
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A Blind Watermarking Algorithm Research Based on Fast DCT

Siyu Lai, Juan Wang
This article exploits a fast algorithm to watermark implant and extract, which first transform N×N(N=2n) two dimension DCT into one dimension DCT with N numbers of points. And then the adopted algorithm implants watermark using matrix decomposition and masterly adjusting interrelation of DCT coefficients,...
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Algorithm of Digital Watermark Based on Wavelet

Siyu Lai, Juan Wang
Analyze a human visual model based wavelet domain digital watermark algorithm and improved it. First conduct multi-level wavelet decomposition on original image and modify medium frequency coefficient, and then adapt the algorithm to embed the watermark into the source image. The experiment shows that...
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Rule-based Data-Driven Thematic Mapping Technique

Hongyun Zeng, Lvhua Wang, Zhiqiang Xie, Weibo Zeng
Mapping automation is not only a key objective of cartology, but also a study hotspot of geo-spatial information science at present. Here, we take thematic mapping of river channels (pipelines) passing through Yunnan in Kunming City for example to study and discuss, with regard to the effect required...
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Distributed Heterogeneous Database System Synchronization Problems in Intelligent Building

Hui Pang, Liting Gao, Fanxing Meng, Bing Liu
Intelligent building is the product of the computer and information technology network to penetrate the construction industry, which fully reflects the architectural art and information technologies. This paper focuses on information platform in the intelligent building construction and application process...
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3D Visual Simulation On Nanchang Hangkong University

Xiaoning Cheng, Ka Sun, Xiaofeng Zhang
This paper combined with computer graphics and related spatial information sciences technologies, made use of the software Vega Prime, On the basis of three-dimensional modeling of Nanchang HangKong University campus, built a campus three-dimensional visual simulation software, which can achieve the...
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Study of Data Security Based On Cloud Computing

Honghua Wang
This paper analysis the core problem of cloud computing: data secure problem, using the newly development of cryprology: fully homomorphism encrytion(FHE) to protect cloud computing data. Put forward data secure scheme based on the character that FHE can operate encrypted data. This scheme not only protect...