Proceedings of the 2016 5th International Conference on Civil, Architectural and Hydraulic Engineering (ICCAHE 2016)

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Significance analysis study on stability of long-span curve continuous rigid frame bridge with high pier

Changqing Wang
In order to improve the safety of long-span curve continuous rigid frame bridge with high piers, the Wu Jiawan bridge is taken as an example, the finite element model of the full-scale bridge is established by using Midas/civil, the construction process is simulated by calculation. The stability of the...
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Research on Optimal Allocation Model of Water Resources in Urban Area of Tai'an City

Jie Dong, Xiu Cui Tan, Yan Fang Diao, Gang Wang
The method of multi-objective optimization is used to research optimal allocation model of water resources in urban area of Tai'an City. The supply and demand situation of water resources is analyzed. The optimal allocation scheme is given, which includes basic and recommended scheme of the planning...
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Government departments to promote the development of urban common distribution policy research

R. Geng, Z.Y. Chen
According to the demand characteristics of urban common distribution pattern development, combined with China's current logistics management system and the development environment, this paper puts forward a new objectives, selection of the policy tools and policy to government in promoting the rapid...
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Numerical analysis method of chemical anchorage based on the cohesive zone model

Yongquan Wang, Jian Jing, Tianjiao Chen
In order to precisely analyze the mechanical performance of chemical anchorage, a new method using cohesive zone model to simulate the bond layer between reinforcement and concrete interface has been put forward. The three-dimensional model of ABAQUS constructed was based on chemical anchorage. In this...
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Experimental Study on the Wind Stability of Tongtai Bridge

J.C. Xun, Q. Zhao, H.J Gao
For oblique arch, curved beam, space oblique composite system of suspension bridge, whose force transmission path and spatial stress is complex, robustness characteristics is strong, and no engineering experience can be used for reference. In order to analyse wind resistant performance of the Tongtai...
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A Modificated Elastic Calculation Method Of Ground Surface Settlement Induced By Dewatering In Foundation Pit

Jian Tang, Lang Wu, Ying Huang
This paper firstly summarized layering summation method which have been widely applied in calculating settlement of ground surface induced by dewatering in foundation pit, and then analysis the problem the method exist and put forward a new formula that embankment with pore through rate, which based...
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Discussion on Fusion Method of Tradition and Modernity in Architecture Design

F. X. Ouyang
he tradition of architecture design is a complete set of expression symbol formed within a specific region, with the edification of the region's unique culture and after a long time of precipitation
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Fractal study on salinity distribution in the North Branch of Yangtze Estuary

L. Ding, X.P. Dou, X.Y. Gao, J. Jiao
In this paper, salinity characteristics in North Branch of Yangtze Estuary is studied based on Fractal Theory by analyzing the observed saline data. The inner rules of salt water and fresh water mixing system can be expressed by fractal characteristic values (fractal dimension D and fractal proportionality...
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2-D Numerical Model of the Impact of Circulating Water Intake-drainage Project in Power Station.

X.Z. Zhang, X.P. Dou, L. Ding, J. Jiao, Z.X. Jiao
Circulating water intake-drainage project is an important part in Power Station. The difference of circulating water quantity and intake-drainage method has various impacts on the circulating water intake-drainage project. Flow field variation of different water drainage projects (drainage by and open...
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Simulation Near-field Ground Motion in Kumamoto Earthquake, Japan MJMA7.3 by Empirical Green Function Method

Z.C. Li, X.L. Chen, M.T. Gao, H. Jiang
Near-field strong ground is the main factor that causes serious damage when large earthquake occurred. It is very important to put the predicted ground motion into disaster prevention and aseismatic design. We use empirical green function method to simulate the Kumamoto MJMA7.3 earthquake, in Kyushu,...
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A Framework of Intelligent Evacuation Guidance System for Large Building

Z.Y. Wu, W. Lv, K. Yu
When a disaster occurs, it is very difficult for people inside a large building to evacuate safely. We propose a framework of Intelligent Evacuation Guidance System for Large Building (IEGSLB). IEGSLB proposes a new method for the set of evacuation indicators, and fire detection and video surveillance...
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Failure mode analysis and damage control for jacket platform structures

Li Ping, Lin Hong, Yang Lei, Zhang Yu, Qi Bao
Jacket offshore platform structure are the big space structures usually used in field of offshore oil engineering. Local damage of platform may occur in the action of emergency, and will result in the whole failure of platform under extreme loads. So it is necessary to analyze the failure mode and damage...
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Experimental study on water-salt movement of coastal saline soil

Y. Cai, Z.H. Ma
Saline soil water-salt movement results to subgrade diseases like collapsibility, salt expansion and secondary salinization in coastal areas with saline shallow water table. Column tests were carried out to study the regularity of coastal saline soil water-salt movement. Results show that coastal saline...
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Discussion on annual report about reservoir dam safety

Lijia Ma, Shichen Zhang, Dawei Zhang
In order to consolidate the achievements of hydraulic engineering system reform and rehabilitation of defected reservoir, and to further promote the development of dam safety management, annual report about reservoir dam safety is proposed. This paper analyzes the function and significance of annual...
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3 types of vehicle-bridge coupling vibration analysis of model comparison

Xuyong Chen, Tengteng Song, Lu Luo
Compares two 1/4 car models, two 1/4 model (changes the spring stiffness) and 1/2 car models three vehicles at the same speed in the displacement effect. Comparison: when the vehicle speed is less than 130km/h, and displacement response curves in the three models are calculated when a highway bridge...
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Nonlinear analysis of under-deck cable-stayed bridges

Z.W. Chen, X.C. Chen, Z.Z. Bai
Under-deck cable-stayed bridges have recently emerged as one of promising bridge forms due to their remarkable advantages such as high structural efficiency, easy construction, economy and elegant appearance. The stayed cables provide supports on the prestressed concrete deck. The cables are located...
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The influence of basin on earthquake responses of near-fault structure cluster due to the rupture of thrust fault

W. Zhong
In order to study the influence of basin on seismic responses of near-fault structure cluster due to the rupture of thrust fault, an integrated simulation method is used and two different models of earth media without basin and with basin are established. The seismic responses of near-fault structure...
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Investigation of reasonable sections for simply supported steel plate-concrete composite girder bridge

J.W. Zhu, H. Liu, X L Zhai
The simply supported steel plate-concrete composite girder bridge is widely used in bridge construction. Based on the economical height of girders formulas introduced in this paper, the structure parameters, including the height, stiffness of girders, the minimum compressive flange area, the ratio of...
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Determination model of optimal operating length for modern tram

Y.H. Li, K.M. Chen, Y. Li, Y.Q. Cheng
With consideration of operating speed, road conditions, economic benefits, and forecast passenger volume, an optimization method was proposed to determine the optimal length of modern tram line. Based on the principles of net-operation separation, theoptimal operating length of tram is determined according...
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The Research of Deng Qisheng's Academic Ideology

Y. Pan, J.L. Ye
Deng Qisheng, majoring in architectural history and theory, is a venerable professor of South China University of Technology. Professor Deng has been long engaged in the study of Chinese ancient architecture, whose academic directions cover many aspects of Chinese architecture history studies, such as...
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Effects of dry density on soil water characteristic curve of clay

Mengling Hu, Hailin Yao, Jianxi Ren
The soil water characteristic curve is a important parameter that expresses the unsaturated characteristic of water holding and moisture migration. With filter paper method, the matric suctions of soil samples in six water contents and three dry densities are measured, and the soil water characteristic...
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Management Mechanism of Marketing Development Risks for Chinese International Contractors in Saudi Arabia

C. Wang, T.R. Huang, Y. Liu
For achieving the aim of long-term success in executing the "Going-out" strategy, it is essential for Chinese international contractors to manage marketing development risks accurately, effectively and lastingly. A management mechanism and detailed procedure for marketing development risks was developed...
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Research on Urban Flood Control and Drainage Model

Y.Z. Liu, X. Wang, X.M. Cui, G.X. Wang, S. Niu, H. Zhong
The acceleration of urbanization and climate change have caused a significant change on urban runoff mechanism. Urban flood control and drainage system become very important. Drainage pipe network has significantly affections on urban water hydrology characters. We used two methods to divide subcatchments...
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Urban Public Bicycle Rental Point Location Method Research

Chaoqun Ma, Quantao Yang, Kepeng Yang, Yuan Li, C.Q. Ma, Q.T . Yang, K.P. Yang
In order to solve such problems as environmental pollution, motor vehicle growth cities in our country has made a priority to the development of green public bicycle transportation strategy;First elaborates on the development of public bicycle industry in our country, and combining the land use status...
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Reservoir Dam Safety Surveillance Mode in Switzerland and Its Experience Reference to China

Shichen Zhang, Zhaosheng Wang, Li Ji
Dam safety surveillance model in Switzerland is a classic example of good combination of tra-ditional way and modern concept. There is no dam failure in history of Switzerland. Swiss dam safety surveillance mode is highly praised by International Commission on Large Dams and is of enlightening and reference...
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AnalysIs of Load-Type Crack FormatIon MechanIsm of SemI-RIgId Based Asphalt Pavement

Chuanfeng Zheng, Xue Yang, Zhuang Ma, Chun Yang
ThIs artIcle InvestIgates the load-type crack formatIon mechanIsm of semI-rIgId based asphalt pavement. The XYJ-2 concrete straIn sensors are used to detect the straIn fIeld created by standard loads actIng on the pavement structure. The ultImate bendIng tensIle straIns of the materIals are tested through...
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Research on Architectural Heritage Renewal and Protection Documentation in the UK

Wang Liang
This paper mainly introduces the development, general features of the management and technical system of architectural heritage documentation in the UK. With the analysis of the current situation of architectural heritage documentation in China, it is believed that the recording system of UK can serve...
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A Spatial Information Platform for Urban and Rural Planning based on One Map

J.F. Zhu, Q.W. Zhang, X.F. Liu, F. Yan, Z. Tong
The organization and utilization of information resources are emphasis and difficulty for urban and rural planning management. In addition to traditional text data, there are massive and multi-source heterogeneous spatial data. It is necessary to build an integrated platform to manage these data. In...
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Vehicle Carrying Safety Assessment for Reinforced Concrete Grillage Bridge in Combined Bending, Torsion and Shear

An Yue, Sun Zhi
Reinforced concrete simply-supported grillage girder bridges are of multiple possible failure modes considering torsion and shear interactions. Equilibrium plasticity truss model was adopted to search for the first cross-section failure mode of the bridge structure. The component resistances were calculated...
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Research on the Design Strategy of Office Building External Public Space

Y. Shi, Y. Tang
Under the background of the city's rapid economic development in our country, more and more people gathered in the city. At the same time, High quality of urban public spaces for people's outdoor life are eroded by the all kinds of buildings and expanding road .The number of urban public space are relatively...
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Risk analysis of railway system based on the community detection

S.S. Wang, K.P. Li, F.B. Shao
Railway safety is an important issue of transportation system. In this paper, a network model is proposed for the risk analysis of railway system combined with the Fast Newman community detection algorithm. In the network model, nodes represent accident causation factors and links are generated if the...
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Effect of seepage-stress coupling on stress and deformation of cutoff wall

X.X. He, R.J. Wang, F. Yan, Y.X. Fan
In order to study the stress and deformation characteristics of concrete cutoff wall in deep overburden foundation and the influence of seepage-stress coupling on the cutoff wall, combined with a practical project, using Abaqus finite element calculation software, the whole three-dimensional finite element...
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Simulation Study on Deposition Downstream Floodgates in Estuary

X.M. Wang, L. Ding, X.Z. Zhang, X.P. Dou, J. Jiao
Siltation in the rivers downstream of floodgates is serious in China, making the discharge capacity of rivers decrease obviously and threatening the flood control in upper rivers. Tidal wave deformation is the dynamic characteristic of downstream floodgates, sediment from the sea is the main source of...
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Deep-hole rupture controlled blasting of complicated high slope

Q. Wang, Q. Zong
In order to avoid the negative impact of field flat blasting on the surrounding buildings and foundation pit, using deep-hole rupture control scheme. Design of blast hole orifice spacing is 3.0 m, row spacing is 2.5 m; diameter of hole is 90 mm, hole depth between 11 m to 12.6 m; adopt rock emulsion...
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Study on influence of air decouple charge impact on blasting stress field in rock

Q. Zong, H.B. Wang
According to the theory of detonation and stress wave, initial shock pressure in wall of air-decoupled charge was deduced in theoretical and blasting stress field of air-decoupled charge in rock was established. Influence of decoupled coefficient to blasting stress field was analyses combined with test...
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A fully dispersive fifth order nonlinear wave model. I: Theoretical part

Y. Zhang, W.B. Feng, X.Q. Ji, M.M. Wang
A fully dispersive fifth order nonlinear wave propagation model for mild current, water level and depth was established theoretically considering energy and topography factors. It satisfied both the frequency dispersion and nonlinearity. By omitting the 5th order terms, the lower order model was in consistency...
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Robust optimization for shape design of arch dams based on grey incidence analysis

L.S. Sun, J. Yan, H.H. Shu
Strain energy of dam body and its sensitivity to the deformation modulus of foundation are taken as objective functions, robust feasibility constraint of stress is proposed with the consideration of uncertain deformation modulus of foundation, and a robust optimization model is established for shape...
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Runoff simulation Based on Least Square Support Vector Machine

Jun Ping Liu, Jun Jie Zhou, Xian Bai Zou
River runoff is highly nonlinear as affected by the combination of climate, underlying surface condition, etc. Prediction of runoff may guide engineering design, construction and operation. Statistical Learning Theory (SLT) studies the rules of machine learning with finite samples. Support Vector Machine...
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The Influence of Model Parameters of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve to the Seepage

Yan Liang, Liang Zhang, Xin Du, Changmeng Cheng, Chao Xie, Tonglu Li
The model parameters of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve and the hydraulic conductivity may be obtained by the method of the back analysis according to the permeability test data. In order to raise the efficiency of the back analysis calculation, it is necessary to study the influence of the parameters...
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Application of GPR in extra-long tunnel engineering with a variety of adverse geological conditions

M. Guo, G. Liu, T.Y. Bai, Z.P. Li
Geological disasters are always induced by excavating in extra-long tunnel engineering. In order to ensure safety in construction process, the ground penetrating radar (GPR) has been used to measure adverse geological conditions in front of the tunnel excavating face. Application experience of GPR in...
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Experimental study on the durability of the panel concrete

C. Wang, Y. Li, H.B. Jing
Freeze-thaw damage and sulfate attack are two important factors that affect the durability of panel concrete. The damage of panel concrete with w/c ratio of 0.45, 0.42, 0.38 under the single freeze-thaw cycles, single sulfate attack and the alternation test in solutions of 5.0% Na2SO4 is studied, and...
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A fully dispersive fifth order nonlinear wave model.II: Numerical simulation

Y. Zhang, W.B. Feng, X.Q. Ji, M.M. Wang
This paper presents the numerical solution of a fully dispersive fifth order nonlinear wave propagation model. The new equations are directly applicable to the wave propagation from deep water to shallow water and solved numerically with a finite difference method. A moving grid in spatial difference...
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The Study about Incremental Cost of Green Building Based on Life-cycle Theory

H.L. Li, S.H. Liu, M.Y. Li, H. Zhu
A comprehensive analysis framework of the study of green building incremental cost will be given in this paper, from the perspective of the whole life cycle,we will discuss the concept and characteristics of incremental cost,providing it with overall process,whole stage and a full range of recognition...
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Multi-objective optimization of cascade hydro plants in dry season

M.F. Xie, J.Z. Zhou, S. Zhu, W. Zhang
The operation of cascade hydropower stations in dry season is an important problem. In dry season, there are two primary objectives: maximize cascade minimum output and maximize total power generation. Minimum output reflects the stability, security and reliability of hydropower. Power generation reflects...
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Study on safety risk warning index for highway construction project

Jianhua Peng
Establishment of safety risk warning system of highway construction project can prevent accident effectively. Four warning situations have been ascertained, such as low safety capacity of highway construction project, reduction of safety capacity of highway construction project, existence of major safety...
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Research on the feasibility of large-span cable structure under impact

L. Lin, M.Y. Huang, Y.H. Sun, X.Q. Song, J. Li, Z.Y. Guo, X.D. Wang
Recently, large-span cable structures are widely applied in the stadium, exhibition center, airport terminal and other public buildings. At the same time, there are some risks caused by the accidental loading in the application period, such as terrorist attacks, the car collisions, falling objects and...
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Study on the rainfall-flood relationship and related occurrence probability in Tongzhou Area

C.Y. Wang, M. Zang, Y.J. Wang, L.H. Yang
More and more people are concerned about flood control and disaster mitigation. Beiyun River, as one of five river systems in Beijing, its flood control capacity play a critical role in urban flood control and disaster mitigation. Hence, the research on the relationship between the Beiyun River's rainfall...
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Container route optimization in a sea-rail intermodal network

Y. Zhao, X. Zhang, Q.W. Xue
This paper focuses on the problem of computing container routes in an intermodal transportation network which is considered as a multimodal multicommodity network flow problem (MMNFP). According to the characteristics of sea-rail intermodal networks in China, a container routing model is proposed taking...
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Literature Review on Influence Factors of the Growth of Reed

C.L. Chu, X.X. Ruan, G.Z. Wang, K. Wu, Y.R. Li, J. Li, D.D. Wang
Reed is common plant in wetland and its ecological function in wetland and strong pollutant degradation ability has been paid more and more attention. So far, reed cultivation has become an important part of ecological restoration in wetland. Substantial studies have been made concerning influence factors...
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Index system for water resources utilizability assessment during subway construction in water-rich weakly consolidated formation

X. Bai, J. Liu, D. Liu, F. Wang, C.J. Luo, J. W. Kang, C. Du
This paper develops an indicator system consisting of three criterion layers and 13 specific indicators. This indicator system can be used for water resources utilizability evaluation during subway construction in water-rich weakly consolidated formation. The weight of each index is determined by using...
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FE model of reticulated dome under impact based on the MJ-C

L. Lin, Y.H. Sun, M.Y. Huang, J. Li, X.Q. Song, Z.X. Duan, X.F. Huang
A large number of research results show that the accuracy of the material model largely determines the accuracy of the numerical simulation results. In this paper, the model of Kiewitt8 single-layer reticulated dome with a span of 40m is established by ANSYS/LS-DYNA. The difference between the model...
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Establishment of Evaluation Index System of Nature Reserve Vegetation--A Case Study of Reed in the Core Region of Tianjin Qilihai Wetland

C.L. Chu, K. Wu, X.X. Ruan, G.Z. Wang, Y.R. Li, J. Li, D.D. Wang
Vegetation is the core protection object in nature reserve and establishing index sytem of the growth status of vegetation and analyzing the influencing factors are the basis of vegetation protection in nature reserve. Based on DPSIR model and the principles of science, comprehensiveness, difference,...
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Study on Projectile Shape's Influence in Rotary Penetration Depth of Concrete Target

J. Guo, C. Pan, Y. He, C.X. Pang, J. Deng
To study the effect of the projectile shape's influence in rotary penetration depth(RDP) of concrete target, LS-DYNA was used to simulate the process of the projectile rotary penetrating in the target under different projectile shape and different velocities. Simulation results prove that drilling-head...
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Wind-induced vibration control of energy dissipation outrigger on a super high-rise building

Zheng Lu, Xiangdong He
With the increasing height of buildings, the frame-central core tube-outrigger structure system is widely used in super-tall buildings. At the same time, it becomes more and more popular to employ multi-outriggers in taller and super high-rise buildings. However, because of the fact that the vibration...
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Studies on the Vibration Control Effect of a New Tuned Liquid Damper

Zheng Lu, Yuling Yang, Jiang Du
Tuned liquid dampers (TLD) have been widely applied in the area of vibration control for the advantages of economy, easy implementation and multifunction. However, the traditional TLD needs to be improved because of its narrow control frequency ranges and unsatisfactory capability. Based on a traditional...
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Form function and key elements of Fujian Tulou --A Case Study of Nanjing Tulou

Xiaohui Zheng
Tulou, the earthen building, is the world cultural heritage. It is famous for its various shapes and structures. However, opinions are different about its concept and classification. Tulou in Najing of Fujian Province will be divided into three types in the thesis, that is, round, square and deviant...
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Research on Swelling Characteristics of a Mixture of Waste EPS Particles and Expansive Soil Impacted by Initial Water Content

Y.Y. Liu, F. Xiao, Y. Dong, H. Su, Y.H. Jiang, Q. Yang
The swelling characteristics of a mixture of waste EPS particles and expansive soil are influenced significantly by initial water content. In order to search out the influential regularities under different initial water content, the tests of swelling ratio without pressure, swelling ratio under pressure...
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Statistical analysis of the width of permanent geological deformation zone under strong earthquake with faulting rupture

Jianyi Zhang, Jingshan Bo, Jing Tian, Zhenyu Wang
Slipping of active faults, under some conditions, generates surface rupture which can damage the structures in the rupturing zones. One of the key core is a basic characteristic of surface rupture are systematically summarized and analyzed, especially the statistical analysis of surface rupture width,...
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Decision model for project bidding based on information diffusion

J.P. Li, W.X. Chen, H.Y. Yang, J.S. Wang
A decision model for construction enterprises is proposed in view of lack of data and uncertainty of quantitative relation existing in bidding decision. The ratio of bidding price of an opponent to the cost estimation of decision maker is regarded as random variable, and historical data of the ratio...
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On Mechanical Characteristics of Stiffening Suspension Cable Reinforced Steel Truss Bridge

X.B. Su, S.H. Gong, J.N. Su
Space plate-beam mixed unit model is established. Mechanical characteristics of a stiffening suspension cable reinforced steel truss bridge is analyzed preliminarily. The mechanical principles of the bridge type are discussed through studying the influence of stiffening suspension cable vector height,...
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Dynamic analysis of tension cable using degenerated solid beam element

Duzheng Shi
Based on spatial elasticity theory, the fundamental beam assumptions are introduced into the 20-node spatial isoparametric finite element that constructing the degenerated solid beam element in order to overcome the simulation limitations of the beam element on its cross-section scale. According to the...