Proceedings of the 2020 9th International Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (ICASET 2020)

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Research on Tectonic Coal Structure Based on NMR Technology

Wei Qiao, Linchao Dai
The understanding of coal body structure has important research significance for the prevention of coal and gas outburst and the development of coalbed methane. In order to further determine the difference between the primary structure coal and the structural microstructure of coal mines, and analyze...
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Research on Optimal Decision of Open-Ended Fund Investment Based on Mathematical Model

Luling Duan, Zhiheng Lin
Adopting the idea of mathematical modelling, this paper studies four problems of open-end fund investment. For problem one and problem two, (0-1) programming model was used to find the maximum profit under certain investment fund conditions. For problem three, after increasing the factors of investment...
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Experimental Study on Directional Long Hole Gas Drainage in Thick Coal Seam Roof

Ran Wang, Quanmin Jia
In order to study the application of roof directional drilling in thick coal seam gas control, and compare the input of roof directional drilling and roof high suction roadway, the roof directional long hole gas extraction test was carried out in Jincheng mining area. After the completion of the construction...
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Research on Online Evaluation of Consumer Purchase Intention Based on Data Analysis

Caifen Xiang
Based on real market research, the impact of online evaluation of cross-border e-commerce on online purchase intention was analyzed. Twelve questions are listed from four aspects, namely, basic problems, consumers’ purchase status on cross-border e-commerce platforms, the importance attached to online...
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Research on User Adoption Behavior of Internet Financing Products: Empirical Analysis Based on Structural Equation Model

Zong-na Xiao
From the perspective of empirical research, this paper studies the influencing factors of family investors’ adoption of Internet financial products. On the basis of Technology Acceptance Model and Planned Behavior Theory, this study introduces family lifecycle as a moderating variable, and proposes a...
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Research on Intelligent Warehouse Management System Based on RFID

Ma Junhong
The research of warehouse management system based on RFID technology plays an important role in the information processing of logistics industry in China, and has a great impact on the accuracy of warehouse information storage management. In this paper, the related technology of warehouse management...
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Effects of Antioxidant Compounds on Methamphetamine-Induced Learning and Memory Impairment in Mice

Pi Mingshan, Zhou Mei, Ru Qin, Gong Xiaokang, Liang Zheng, Leng Changlong
Purpose: To observe effects of antioxidant compounds on the learning and memory impairment induced by methamphetamine (MA) in mice. Methods: Fifty 6 weeks old male C57bl/6 mice were randomly divided into 5 groups: group A was control group, group B was model group, group C was 50 mg/kg group, group D...
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Online and Offline, Learning All the Time—The Analysis on the Practicability of Blended Teaching Mode of College English Based on iSmart Platform

Jie Pan
The traditional college English teaching mode cannot meet the needs of College English Teaching in the new era. The Online and Offline Blended Teaching Golden Mode, one of the key construction modes by the Ministry of Education, is particularly suitable for College English teaching. Combined with the...
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Research on the Construction Mode of Information System in Scenic Spots

Gao Wenling
Along with the rapid development and application of modern intelligent technology, people hope to use intelligent terminal to query related information of scenic spots before travelling, therefore, they hope intelligent technology and service can be provided in scenic spots, and accordingly, information...
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Research on the Leakage Problems of a Campus Water Supply System

Ni Ruan, Xiaohua Que
In this study, it is researched four problems in relation to the leakage of water pipe network within a campus water supply system and established mathematical models. Firstly, superior water meters without corresponding subordinate water meters were removed at first, and then the tiered relationship...
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Smart Home Security System Based on MSP430 Microcomputer

Jianjun Zhang
Safety has become people’s primary requirement for smart homes. The home security system has become an important part of the smart home. We design a smart home security system based on MSP430 microcomputer. It combines smoke detection module, fire detection module, man-made illegal intrusion detection...
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Research on Agricultural Intelligent Information Platform Based on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Services

Ma Junhong
Due to the low degree of integration of informatization related technologies, the immature software design and the lack of standardization of agricultural information, agricultural development in China is seriously insufficient in the use of Internet of things technology, which restricts the development...
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Evaluation of Free Radical Scavenging and Antioxidation Capacity of Resveratrol and Polydatin

Wei-ding Wang, Zi-cong Wu, Yi-fei Wang, Jian-zhuang Wang, Zhi-ping Wang
Cellular damage induced by free-radicals like reactive oxygen species(ROS) has been implicated in several diseases. The ROS radicals like alkoxy radical(RO-) and peroxy radical (ROO-) are similar to those that are physiologically active and thus might initiate a cascade of intracellular toxic events...
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Blind Signal Separation of the Unknown Sources Number Based Under the Constraint of Space Direction

Jin-De Huang, Mei-Mei, Huang Xing Li
The blind signal separation based on eigenvalue decomposition, and under the number of unknown sources, when the dimensionality of signal space is determined to be wrong, it will result in larger separation error. This paper uses the directional information of the array structure to build the blind signal...
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Research on CT System Parameter Calibration and Imaging

Bing-Lan WU, Fang-Yun CAI, Xiao YAN, Yan-Zhou LI, Qing-Jie LI, Xiao-Yue ZHOU
The calibration of CT system parameters is of great significance to the research of CT imaging technology. In this paper, the parameters of CT system are calibrated with the help of the received information of geometry, and the corresponding mathematical model is established by using Iradon transform...
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The Design of Infusion Monitoring System Based on AT89C51

Jianjun Zhang
Intravenous fluid infusion is an effective treatment for patients, but it requires monitoring by nurses or family members. We design a monitoring system based on AT89C51 to solve monitoring problems and avoid medical accidents. We use infrared sensors to monitor the infusion drip rate, buzzers and light-emitting...
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Research on Strategic Decision Making of Science and Technology Talents Based on Influence, Effectiveness and Efficiency — A Theoretical Analysis Framework

Lan Lan
The support of science and technology talents strategy is the key factors which decide whether a national and regional development strategy can be realized smoothly. This paper adopts literature research and case analysis method to construct the theoretical analysis framework that the support of science...
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Empirical Analysis on the Influence of Equity Structure of Listed Companies on GEM in China on Enterprise Development Ability

Ying Xiao, Wei Yu
On the basis of relevant enterprise development theories, this paper conducts regression analysis on the financial data of hundreds of leading listed companies on GEM in China to study their development ability and existing problems. Through empirical analysis, it is found that the internal ownership...
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Analysis of Key Factors Affecting Deep Hole Drilling in Soft Outburst Coal Seams

Muguang Qin
Due to the coal softness and poor gas permeability of outburst coal seam, it is very easy to cause spray holes, stuck drills, hole collapse and coal cannons during drilling. Based on the long-term on-site coal seam drilling experience, combined with theoretical analysis, the key factors that restrict...
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Design and Application of Multidimensional Analysis System for Medical Literature Retrieval

Gui-Min JIE, Zhen-Guo WANG, Zhen-Lei YU
Based on the characteristics of clinical medical literature keywords including syndrome, disease and treatment, a multidimensional analysis system for medical literature retrieval keywords is designed to satisfy the needs of users. The system focuses on the analysis of medical literature retrieval keywords,...
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A Feature-Based Aerial Image Mapping Algorithm for UAV

Bin Liao, Hong Li
At present, the image stitching algorithm based on classical surf features is facing new challenges in the processing of UAV images. In order to improve the efficiency of aerial image stitching, a fast feature extraction and matching algorithm is proposed. At the feature extraction link, a local differential...
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Investigation and Research on Family Financial Management of Guangzhou Residents

Zhenqian Zhang, Qiangqiang Bai
This study analyzes the problems and makes suggestions by investigating the current situation of family financial management of Guangzhou residents. This study has used questionnaires to collect data and analyze data using SPSS20.0. The study finds that 24.8 per cent of households spend the most on “education”....
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Research on Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategy of Internet Firm

Yan Qu
The continuous development of the mobile internet makes users tend to share their consumer experience on the Internet. The anonymity, convenience, diversification, and interaction of word-of-mouth marketing make its influence on consumers more than traditional word-of-mouth marketing. Broad and far-reaching,...
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Design of Measure and Control System Based on VC++ for Damper Test Bench

Yao Jingjing, Jun Zhou
The paper introduces the working principle of electro-hydraulic servo damper bench. Then using the PCI2306 - DA card as excitation signal output hardware, applying Visual c + + language in the Windows environment, a measure and control system test for damper test bench has been developed.
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Research on Missing Tag Iceberg Query for Multi-Category RFID Systems With Non-Ideal Channel

Zhu Qingqing, Song Juan, Sun Qiang
Large-scale multi-category RFID system can be widely applied in many applications, such as localization, inventory management and smart logistics, etc. Missing tag iceberg query is one of the key techniques in the above application scenarios. Based on the existing missing tag iceberg query scheme called...
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Knowledge Reconstruction for Medication Nursing Based on Working Thought of Vocational Elderly Nursing Oriented

Jing Bo, Liu Chang, Sun Dongming
The course of medication nursing for vocational elderly nursing students belongs to basic medical knowledge and skill course, which plays an extremely important role in clinical practice. Because the elderly nursing-oriented students mainly serve elderly patients with chronic diseases, patients suffer...
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Study on Modular Design Based on the Theory of Life Cycle

Jun Zhou, Qinghong Chen
Based on the analysis of the traditional automobile design mode, the paper puts forward that the concept of changing from simple function design to product life cycle design. Moreover, the life cycle design theory based on modular design can better serve the subsequent links of automobile manufacturing...
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On the Problem-Solving Activity Model That Facilitates Teachers’ TPACK Construction in Online Research and Studies

Yue-fei Gao, Zhong-da Wu
In the information era, teachers’ Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) is teachers’ important knowledge foundation and guarantee, and online research and studies is a new pattern for teachers to develop education. In consideration of this, the mode of problem-solving is proposed in...
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Research and Implementation of Organic Cucumber Intelligent Greenhouse Monitoring System Based on NB-IoT and Raspberry Pi

Yanyan Cao, Ligong Cui, Qian Lv
With the development and popularization of computer technology, Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence technology, the application of machine learning, especially deep learning is receiving increasing attention. In deep learning, CNN(Convolutional Neural Network) have demonstrated...
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Comparative Analysis on Technology of Soft Toundation Treatment of Dredger Fill in Water Transportation Engineering

Xiaowen Bian, Tao Yu
Through the analysis of the soft foundation treatment cases in Binzhou, Weifang, Rizhao, Tianjin and other coastal areas, and by referring to the case data in other areas, this paper compares and analyzes the technical applicability and economic rationality of the soft foundation reinforcement technology...
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Research on Energy-Saving Optimization of Improved DV-Hop Localization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks

Huijie Qu, Liu Yang, Xiujin Mo
Based on the existing wireless sensor network DV-Hop algorithm and its improvement ideas, inheriting the advantages of various thinking algorithms, and combining with the low energy consumption requirements of wireless sensor networks, this paper proposes an energy-saving and high-precision DV-Hop positioning...
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The Study and Analysis of Different CNC Model Based on Image CAPTCHA Recognition

Ligong Cui, Yanyan Cao, Liqiang Nie
With the development of the AI technology, Machine learning and deep learning have been paid attention on increasing extensively. The neural network in deep learning, especially the CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) were used in aspect of image processing and many kinds of AI projects. Deep learning...
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A Study of Fall Risk Assessment in the Elderly

Sun Guoqing, Du Kun, Chen Hao, Xie Jingwei
Falls in the elderly can lead to many complications, which can significantly reduce the quality of life. Therefore, the research on the fall risk of the elderly has attracted extensive attention. However, little research has been done to assess the fall risk of different individuals with different symptoms...
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A Research on Optimizing the E-Commerce Marketing Platform for the Western Agricultural Products Basing on the Blockchain Technology

Li Yang, WeiGuo Li, Wen Jie Zhou
In 2015, in The Guiding Idea on Rapidly Developing the Rural E-commerce, the General Office of the State Council pointed out: the rural e-commerce was the important method to transform the development way of agriculture and the important carrier of the targeted poverty alleviation. In 2016, the No. 1...