Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology (ICASET 2017)

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Study on Effects of NHERF-1 on Proliferation and Migration of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

Dan Li, Xianming Chu, Zhihui Feng, Xia Li, Peng Chen, Yi An
Object To explore the effects of Na+/H+ exchanger regulatory factor 1 (NHERF1) on the phosphorylation levels of Akt1, activity of gelatinase secreted by HUVECs, and expression and distribution of cytoskeleton inside Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVECs), and to expound the molecular mechanism...
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Fabrication and Characterization of Nano MgO Crystal

Haicheng Wei, Lisheng Tang, Mingxia Xiao, Yajie Xu
In this work, the direct precipitation method was used to generate magnesium salt Mg(OH)2, the process of preparing MgO crystal by calcining Mg(OH)2 in three stage temperature was studied, and MgO crystal was characterized by scanning electron microscope and XRD. On this basis, the energy band structure...
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Detection of Whole Blood Glucose Concentration by Fourier-Transform Raman Spectroscopy and Artificial Neural Networks

Qiaoyun Wang, Guangfei Wu, Peng Shan, Zhigang Li, Sheng Hu, Zhenhe Ma
Objectives: Diabetes, which is caused by the disorder of blood glucose, has been one of the most important metabolic diseases worldwide. In order to avoid the diabetes-related complications, such as blindness and loss of limbs, the diet adjustment and insulin therapy are need to check glucose level at...
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Effect of Methamphetamine on Embryonic Development in Rats

Changlei Li, Xiji Shu, Xiaoqing Chen, Yuwei Liu, Huiling Yi, Baomiao Ma
To study the effect of methamphetamine (METH) on embryonic development in rats. The number of male SD rats and female SD rats was 50 respectively, male and female rats were taken 30 respectively, which were used to establish the METH chronic poisoning rat model, after that, model animals were randomly...
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Development and Research on the Orthopedic 3D Image Computer Aided Diagnosis and Treatment System

Ting Lu, Shiwen Ouyang, Baohai Yang
Objective: Development of orthopedic 3D image computer aided diagnosis system can provide the help in the diagnosis of the orthopedic diseases. Methods: 150 patients from January 2014 to January 2016 were chosen as study samples. According to CT scan and X-ray image data, we got 3D reconstruction to...
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Research on Dust Aerosol Particles Size Distribution

Mingxia Xiao, Changhua Lu, Haicheng Wei, Weiwei Jiang
According to the characteristics of Sand-dust aerosol in northwest of China, the Sand-dust aerosol particle size distributions have been measured. A great deal of data have been collected in different weather conditions, which include background, floating dust, blowing sand, and sand storm. The rules...
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45 Cases of Surgical Treatment of Ovarian Cancer and Analysis on Effect of Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy

Lihong Bao, Qila Sa, Ping Sun, Yukun Wang
Objective: This study puts its focus on the factors that affect the prognosis of recurrent ovarian cancer, so as to explore the factors of improving the therapeutic effect and prolong the survival time of patients. Method: Making retrospective analysis on 45 cases of having complete clinical treatment...
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Research on Chinese Medicine Honeysuckle Medicinal Ingredients and Pharmacological Effects

Yumei Wang
Honeysuckle is a medicinal plant of Chinese medicine, sweet, cold, into the heart, lung, stomach, the main effect of heat detoxification, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, hemostasis, anti-virus, fever, fever, cancer and other diseases Have a good application effect. The honeysuckle is sweet and...
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Study on Hazard Factors and Preventive Measures of Zoonotic Disease in Earthquake Area

Liyan Chen
Objective: After earthquake occurring in pastoral areas, due to the reasons such as many animals are dead, drinking water is polluted, the condition of food hygiene is poor, the weather is hot and the other factors, it is extremely easy to occur anthropozoonosis. The purpose of this study is to prevent...
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Design and Implementation of Sewage Treatment Control System

Baocheng Lu, Mei Lin, Wenyan Li
The performance of the sewage treatment as one of the important equipments in ships has a direct impact on the entire power installation and ship performance. The performance of the sewage treatment is a kind of Ship antipollution devices which can treat sewage such as bath water, hygienic-water and...
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Study on Life Quality of Diabetes Patients and its Influencing Factors

Yan Gao, Dan Zhou, Wuren Bao
Objective: To investigate life quality of type II diabetes and its influencing factors of patients in Inner Mongolia area. Method: To compare life quality of patients with diabetes from community, together 161 cases taken by Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities' endocrine...
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Ozone Desulfurization And Denitrification System Modeling Based On UML

Mei Lin, Baocheng Lu, Kai Zhang
UML, an important tool of OOA, is a standard modeling language which has been widely used by public. It not only can provide a graphic modeling language way to design software, but also be used in the whole system developing lifecycle. Via UML modeling promises higher software development efficiency,...
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Study on Remote Medical System Application in the Severe Trauma Pre-hospital First Aid

Xiao-qiang Wu, Chunyou Zhang, Li-hua Wang, Li Li
Objective: Study the effects of the application of remote medical system in the severe trauma pre-hospital first aid. Methods: Select Inner Mongolia national university affiliated hospital using remote medical system to rescue 43 emergency patients with new brain stroke patients in June 2014 - September...
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Study on Relationships Between Dietary Mineral Intakes and Blood Pressure and Blood Lipid in TB patients

Yu Zhang, Qiuzhen Wang, Yufeng Liu, Yue Zou, Limei Sun, Hong Tian, Tongxia Li, Guofeng Jiang, Aiguo Ma
The relationship between pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) and diabetes mellitus (DM) has been previously attracted much attention. DM co-morbidity in PTB is associated with poor PTB treatment outcomes. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the food diversification levels, and the correlation between blood...
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Study on MRI and CT Combined Diagnosis Technology Application in Brain Glioma Diagnosis

Hong-yan Shi, Xiao-qiang Wu, Li-hua Wang, Li Li
Objective: To study the application of CT and MRI fusion technique in the diagnosis of brain glioma. Methods: 20 cases of brain glioma patients in the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities during Jan., 2014 to Dec., 2014 were selected as the study group. The study group...
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Face Recognition Based on the Key Points of High-dimensional Feature and Triplet Loss

Zhiming Li
Face recognition has been a hot issue in the flied of computer vision, and face recognition is increasingly applied in the actual life. However, some low dimensional features such as Gabor, LBP, SIFT couldn't achieve a good performance of face feature presentation. So an algorithm which based on the...
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Application of Chunk Grammar in the Understanding Technology of Natural Language

Zhenlei Yu
Chunk Grammar, as the basic research in natural language understanding technology, is very important in language research area. In this paper FSA(Finite State Automaton) technology was introduced to parse chunk in order to simplify the parsing procedure of the syntax and improve the accuracy of parsing...
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Analysis and Implementation of Job Repeatability Detection Algorithm

Qing Tian, Jun-ling Zhu, Qun-le Fang, Qiao-wen Long
With the office automation and development of paperless needs, the electronic homework is more and more widely used in colleges and universities, but the characteristics of being easier to copy makes copying phenomenon more and more serious, the cost of copying homework is lower and lower. Therefore...
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Control and Simulation of Ventilation System of Residential Buildings

Zhaowen Zhang
According to the basic control law of HVAC automatic control as well and the fuzzy control theory, it can determine the residential control strategy. Besides, it can simulate the ventilation effect of human breathing, cooking and other different disturbance interference effects by using Simulink simulation...
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A kind of Rapid Robust Human Detection Algorithm for the Interested Area

Xiaoting Chen, Yuan Shen, Jing Yin, Dongcai Liu, Xiaohu Zhao, Feng Chang
A kind of rapid two-level human detection algorithm based on the interested area was proposed in the paper, the coarse-level classifier was obtained via using the cascade training of multi-scale direction feature and Adaboost to extract the possibly human interested area, the decomposition and dimension...
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Application Research on 2D Image-based Non-contact Anthropometric Technology in Clothing E-commerce

Shunhua Luo
Anthropometry is an important component element of fashion design, pattern research, clothing production and clothing MTM online. Anthropometric technology has went through the process from contact to non-contact, and from manual anthropometry to 2D image and 3D anthropometry. The purpose of this paper...
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Design and analysis on Synchronization of a Fractional-order Bloch System

Xiaojun Liu
In this paper, the synchronization of a fractional-order Bloch system is investigated. Based on the stability theory of fractional-order systems, the scheme of synchronization for the fractional-order complex system is given. The synchronization of the system is realized by designing the appropriate...
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Personalized Recommendation Algorithm of E-commerce based on Cloud Computing

Chongming Xu, Jinyan Zhang
The project-based collaborative filtering algorithm and matrix decomposition based ALS collaborative filtering algorithm in the personalized recommendation of e-commerce are analyzed deeply in the paper, the principles of parallelization work are discussed, and the parallelization processes of project-based...
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Design of Image Acquisition System Hardware for Placement Machine

Qinghui Yuan, Xiujun Nie, Qingfei Yuan
Based on the placement machine vision recognition system for functional requirements, this paper proposed a vision system design. Combined with the latest electronic technology and the results of the FPGA, the Nios II system is applied to the placement machine vision systems, and proposed an overall...
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Accuracy Analysis of ADS-B System In a Training Airport

Youhui Zhang, Liang Zhao
ADS-B is a new type of ATC system based on GNSS. As the aircraft in the route is a 3D target, the 3D coordinates of the location information is very important, positioning accuracy directly affects the ADS-B system reliability and efficiency. In this paper, various error models are established, and the...
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Analysis and Modeling of New Energy Automobile's Data Acquisition and Processing System

Yanning Wang, Xia Yu
The data acquisition and processing system of new energy automobile is to design a complete experimental system that can realize the automation of the experiment; which can collect the effective data efficiently, accurately. Tt can also help the automotive engineers to learn the related performance of...
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Research on the Simulation of SAR Image Based on Creator and Vega

Liang Zhao, You-hui Zhang
In this study, a real-time image simulator system of Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR) was designed based on software platform of Visual C++, Multigen Creator, and Vega, in the background of Virtual Reality. The principle of SAR image was introduced, the process and key technologies of designing Radar image...
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Discussion on the Practice of Forensic Authenticity for Digital Video Recordings

Yan Cheng
Forensic authenticity of the digital video recordings is an important part of the forensic audio-video examination. There are a few relative practices in this field. In this paper, some practical methods of forensic authenticity for the digital video recordings were discussed and some anomaly judgment...
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The Design of Internet of Things Environment Monitoring System Based on Data Fusion

Qiang Qi, Bao-hua Jiang, Pei-xue Liu, Fei Feng
This paper puts forward a kind of environmental monitoring system of internet of things based on data fusion technology. The system can real-time collect the temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters, wirelessly transmit the monitoring data through the wireless environmental monitoring...
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Spare Parts Demand Prediction Research of Navigation Marks Based on the Method of Quadratic Exponential Smoothing

Quan Wen
This paper aims to research and provide a reasonable prediction method that can be applied on routine work of navigation marks. On one hand, the reasonable prediction method can help maintenance and management unit to reduce cost and relative risk. On the other hand, according to Yangtze river waterway...
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Development of Granary Temperature and Humidity Prediction Model Based on RBF Neural Network

Weilin Qiu, Siqing Yang
The traditional prediction methods are generally based on the assumption of linear model. At present, BP neural network and RBF neural network are usually adopted by people in prediction. Since BP neural network has the problem of local optimum and slow training speed, etc., in this paper the method...
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Overview on Spammers' False Transaction and Comment in Chinese E-Commerce

Qing Tian, Jun-ling Zhu, Hua-mei Sun
With the rapid development of Internet and electronic commerce, Internet spammers as well as their false transactions and comments frequently occur in the public media, which has become a major obstacle to the development of Chinese electronic commerce. In this paper, the author analyzes the current...
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Construction of Local Tourist Information Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Changxing Chen, Hang Chen
The local tourism information platform is often able to meet the needs of the general public travel routes. And more and more passenger platform need to realize the personalized routes customization and corresponding personalized tour guide services according to personal travel needs. So the traditional...
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Study on Dynamical Behavior in Complex Network with Community Structure

Xuefeng Liang
The impact of community structure on synchronization behavior of oscillatory complex network is investigated, focusing on the community number. Numerical simulations show that the bigger community number, the stronger synchronizability of power network will be. That is, the synchronizability of the network...
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Design of Monitoring System Software Based on Hadoop Technology

Shijie Luo, Dong Xie, WeiLin Qiu, Hui Wang, Minzhi He
This research is to develop agricultural greenhouse monitoring system based on Internet of Things. Software design includes the program design of the nodes of wireless sensor network and the program design of monitoring terminals. In the whole monitoring system, the wireless sensor network at perceptive...
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Research on Slow Moving Spare Parts Demand Prediction in Navigation Mark Based on SES Method

Lei Feng
This paper aims to study the slow moving spare parts demand prediction in navigation mark. Firstly, it analyzes characteristics of navigation mark spare parts and focuses on the demand prediction of slow moving spare parts. Then, SES method is adopted to study on batteries demand prediction of navigation...
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Personalized Recommendation Algorithm of E-commerce Based on Cloud Computing

Li Yang, Hongxia He, Haixia Lan, Yujuan Shi
The project-based collaborative filtering algorithm and matrix decomposition-based ALS collaborative filtering algorithm in the personalized recommendation of e-commerce are analyzed deeply in the paper, the principles of parallelization work are discussed, and the parallelization processes of project-based...
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A Survey of Intelligent Decision Support System

Changlin He, Yufen Li
IDSS can be generated through combining AI technology and DSS and applying Expert System. The generation and current status of IDSS are firstly expounded in this paper. Then it describes the three types and application scenarios of IDSS in detail, describes the characteristics of IDSS, gives the system...
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Design of Control System for the De-icing Robot on Transmission Line

Jixin Liu, Fengju Hu, Shixian Zeng, Shuangfeng Han
A new type of control system for the deicing robot on high voltage transmission line is designed in the article. Using the control system, the deicing robot can not only get rid of the ice of transmission line effectively, but also can detect the basic information, and comprehend the deicing and line...
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Study on the Ship Electric Propulsion System and Its Development

Hai-chun Niu, Mei-lian Zhao, Fu-zhen Qin
In this paper, based on the advantages and composition of ship electric propulsion system, the authors focuses on the ship future development prospects. The present situation and future development trend of the ship electric propulsion system are expounded from three aspects: the development of new energy,...
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Motion Control System Design of Feeding Mechanism of CNC Turret Punch

Aixia Cao, Peisi Zhong, Yingying Han, Junying Wei
This paper constructs the hardware of type open CNC system based on the mode of "PC + Motion Control Card "by using DMC1410 PCI motion control card , and studies the use of hardware in the servo control system. Using VC + + 6.0 provides the MFC as a tool for secondary exploitation, bottom control procedures...
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Study on Technology of Valve Remote Control and Level Gauging System for Liquid Cargo Vessels

Fu-zhen Qin, Xiao-ling Liu, Hai-yan Song
Valve remote control system (VRC) and level gauging system (LGS) are important equipments on liquid cargo vessels. This paper introduces the technology and the selection of VRC and LGS especially for liquid cargo vessels. It also shows the integration among VRC, LGS and ship automation system. The solutions...
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Research on Intelligent CNC Turret Punch Press Process Programming System

Ai-xia Cao, Jiang-bo Chen
With the continuous development of industrial technology in China, current producting mechanical equipment and tools with high quality, is the most important project in manufacturing industry, so as to effectively serve the other production industry, effectively use modern technology to improve the level...
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Design of Ship Anti-collision System Based On Microcontroller

Xiao-ling Liu, Fu-zhen Qin, Hai-chun Niu
In the current transportation, the ship is a very important means of transport. Although the water transport traffic has unparalleled advantages of other traffic, the ship accident is also happening. Therefore, ship collision avoidance has been the core of research in various fields. This article uses...
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Design of Sub-regional Lighting Control System for Classroom

Jiang-bo Chen, Rui Xue, Pei-xue Liu, Xiao Zhang
The sub-regional multi mode lighting control system for classroom is designed to reduce the waste of energy. In the design, RS-485 communication network is used to establish all the area light. Using illumination sensor, vibration sensor and infrared sensor, the solution can automatically collect information...
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Research and Design of Library Smart Bookshelf Based on Passive UHF RFID Technology

Shixian Zeng, Rui Xue, Jixin Liu
An intelligent Library Smart Bookshelf (LSB) based on the emerging UHF passive RFID technology is currently being designed in order to replace a traditional bar-code system at the university's library. Objectives of the design include maximization of tag readability, localization of tagged items in the...
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Design of Modular Remote Monitoring System for Low Temperature Environment

Mei-lian Zhao, Hai-chun Niu, Zhi-qiang Liu
This paper designs a low-temperature environment modular remote monitoring system. Through the host computer the system can achieve a variety of information configuration, history query, curve report printing and a series of functions. In this paper, the background of system design is introduced, and...
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Design of Multi-mode Lighting Control System of Classroom

Jiang-bo Chen, Ai-xia Cao, Jing-wei Feng, Shi-xian Zeng
To decrease the waste of electric energy phenomenon caused by personnel distribution, long-time opening, and no fixed schedule, etc, the intelligence classroom lighting control system is designed based on human body signals and environment light intensities. According to the system, the environment light...
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Research on Encryption Technology in Contactless IC Card

Mingxin Zhao
This paper mainly researches the important value of encryption technology in contactless IC card in the practical application. In the paper, it is pointed out that the DES arithmetic algorithm and 3DES algorithm is by far the most suitable encryption method for encrypting contactless IC card data. The...
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Dynamic Analysis of Beam Pumping Unit

Qingqing Zhu, Shixian Zeng, Yuanyuan Li, Qiang Sun
Beam pumping unit is the most important ground equipment of the sucker rod pumping system. According to the geometric relations and motion relations of the pumping four-bar linkage, the polished rod motion law is obtained. Based on the torque balance, the dynamic equations of each part for the beam pumping...
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Research on Renewable Energy of Electric Car

Zhi-qiang Xu
This paper studied the generate and application of the renewable energy of the electric car. In the study, it is found that the potential energy generated from the Back EMF voltage of a vehicle's electric motor via heat loss, can be used to recharge the battery and therefore recover energy for higher...
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Research on the Characteristics of Multi-rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Circuit Design and the Anti-jamming of Hardware System

Zhaowen Zhang
In this paper, according to the demand of system, it puts forward the platform frame structure for the general multi-rotor aircraft controller hardware, In this research, the concept of having modular design is adopted, the layout design of multi-rotor controller circuit board is discussed, and the wiring...
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Research and Application of Speed Control System of Urban Rail Transit Train

Li-bo Yang
Automatic train control system (ATC) is the biggest safety system in the urban rail transit train project, which plays the role of controlling the safe operation of the train and improving operation efficiency. In this paper, the train speed control scheme is putting forward through investigation, design,...
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The Virtual Prototype Design of the Robot for Coal Mine Automatic Installation Rack Bolt

Fengju Hu, Jixin Liu, Chengguo Zong, Yungui Li
The robot for coal mine automatic installation rock bolt can realize the automatic installation of anchor cable equipment in the mine. According to characteristics of robot operation in down hole, especially on its mobile function, anchor device and rack bolt operation device function was analyzed, and...
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Analysis and Research on Security Mechanism of Mobile Intelligent Terminal Operating System

Mingxin Zhao
From the aspects of production and characteristic of mobile intelligent terminal operating system, and its application on mobile phones, etc., this article mainly introduces the development of mobile intelligent terminal operating system. The paper also analyzes the security problems of mobile intelligent...
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Application of Siemens S7-200 PLC in the Cable Dynamic Monitoring System

Qiu-huan Ma, Yu-jie Chen, Feng Fei
In the study, Cableway Monitoring System which monitories cableway running state by Siemens S7-200 series PLC, is connected to PC .The PC is developed by VC Language .The article describes the principle of Dynamic Monitoring System and the program's software architecture. Test showed that the system...
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Design of Ship Cabin Leakage Alarm System Based on MCU

Hai-yan Song, Ji-tao Chen, Fu-zhen Qin
Cabin leakage is a common and serious accident when the ship is sailing. In order to prevent the accident from happening in the bud, the paper designs a sound and light alarm system. The electrode type water immersion sensor is used to combine the water leakage detection and alarm. When the ship is leaking,...
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Modified Synchronization Analysis of Complex System

Xuefeng Liang
This paper studies the modified projective synchronization of complex system, focusing on fractional-order hyper-chaotic nonlinear system. Based on the stability theory of nonlinear system and control method, effective scheme of synchronization for complex system is designed. Numerical simulations results...
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Design of SCM-based System Software for Packing Machine

Qinghui Yuan, Xiujun Nie, Guofang Feng
This paper introduces a design of packing machine system based on SCM, the system uses SCM as the main control chip and data processing, writting language programming with the Keilu Vision MCU software, debugging, and using the software to import hex file with protues for software and hardware FBI.
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Application of Intelligent Lighting System in Sheep Farm Based on CC2530-WiFi

Yun Pan
With the expansion of the scale of modern sheep farming, the monitoring and control of environmental parameters in sheep farms is an urgent problem to be solved. This paper uses the CC2530-WiFi-based system to design the intelligent lighting system for the sheep farm. The experiments results showed that...
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Research on The Present Situation and Development Trend of O2O Model

Shu-cui Shi
With the rapid development of E-commerce ,more and more enterprises and consumers are paying close contention to O2O marketing model, and the effective integration of online and offline marketings is the direction for O2O development. In this paper, policy, economy, society and technology factors were...
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Analysis on the Web Marketing of Foreign Trade Enterprise

Yan Qu
Small and medium-sized enterprises play a decisive role in economic field in China. However, global economic downturn add Management risk for Chinese Small and medium-sized enterprises, E-commerce with its unique advantages becomes an important channel for these enterprises to exploit overseas market....
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The Development of Office Automation System of Basic Affairs in University and College Based on J2EE

Fenshi Zeng, Jie Xiao
This study aims to design and improve the development of office automation system of basic affairs in university and college. By means of software engineering, adopting J2EE, combined with SQL Server database to complete the design and the development of system, through the test of platform, it can complete...
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Research on Teaching Model of College Computer Professional English

Weili Chu, Yanmei Meng, Zhengru Xu
Because of the rapid development of computer, new term about IT is emerging. Such new IT original comes from foreign countries and the technical manuals about how to learn such as new IT and how to use its latest development tools in English. It is one of the most important professional skills of college...
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Development and Application of Language Teaching System Based on Intelligent Identification Technology

Yanmei Meng, Zhengru Xu, Weili Chu
In this paper, it proposes a solution to the problems in the current language teaching in China by using intelligent identification technology, so as to design a set of language teaching system based on intelligent identification technology. Through test, it proves that this shows system can improve...
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Design and Development of Mobile Learning System Based on Internet

Zhengru Xu, Weili Chu, Yanmei Meng
In this paper, it takes the theory of education and educational technology as the foundation, which mainly takes the construction of mobile learning system theory and method as the main research contents, meanwhile it can realize the semantic query function, so as to provide methodological enlightenment...
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Study on Teaching Reform of Basic College Computer Courses in Less Class Hours

Qin Liu
The basic college computer education is generally facing with the contradiction between reductions in class hours and increase in contents. This paper puts forth some optional solutions aiming at these features of basic computer courses. It has been found that these solutions are very effective with...
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Research and Realization of Intelligent English Phonetic Pronunciation Training System

Hong Zheng
This study, based on advanced mathematical algorithms, is focused on computer technology and intelligent speech recognition technology. It provides a useful tool for English phonetics teaching by realizing intelligent English phonetic pronunciation training system on the computer platform, which can...