Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Arts and Design Education (ICADE 2019)

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Designing Comic Book as a Medium for Learning Tenses and Aspect in English

Wildan Hanif, Irma Rachminingsih
English proficiency is absolutely necessary for Indonesian students to succeed in international competition. Some English lessons relatively difficult to be comprehended by Indonesian students are related to tenses and aspects. There must be creativity in teaching, such as incorporating the lessons in...
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Learning Saman Dance in the Formation of Students’ Social Character

Citra Dewi Anggraeni, Trianti Nugraheni
Learning dance is not only to provide knowledge and skills in gestures and a musical rhythm process, but it also capable to form character-building and personality of students. Moreover in learning which implements Project Based Learning approach that would directly affect to the development of students’...
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Cheerful Crowd: The Representation of KPU Tagline in West Java Regional-Head Election

Afri Wita, Apip Apip, Lina Marliana
Pasanggiri Longser is an event chosen by General Election Commission (KPU) of West Java Province to socialize about governor election on regional-head elections. This study reveals how the tagline of KPU of West Java Province in 2018 simultaneous Pilkada, “Pilgub Jabar SEMARAK, Pilkada Serentak GEMBIRA”...
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Men’s Role in Bedana Dance in Negeri Olok Gading, Bandar Lampung, Lampung Province

Agus Wantoro Saputra, Trianti Nugraheni
The aim of this article was describing the result of research on man’s role in Bedana dance in Negeri Olok Gading, Bandar Lampung, Lampung. This research used qualitative paradigm with descriptive method. The techniques of data collection used in this research were observation, interview, and documentation....
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Development of the Shoe Industry Village in the Urban Region

Bakti Bestin, Dadang Sulaeman
This research is based on the phenomenon of industrial development in urban communities that have a social system of communities. The focus of the study relates to home industry management patterns and shoe product dynamics. Theoretically, the City community leads to individual interests with various...
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Creative Dance for Teaching Motor Skills for the Blind Students

Delika Auliya Ulfa, Tati Narawati
The purpose of writing this article is to improve creative dance for blind students. The obstacles in vision; makes blind children unable to move freely, hesitate, and tend to have difficulty in moving actively. Through an implementation with auditory stimulus, the creative dance activities of blind...
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The Adaptation of Novel “Bumi Manusia” Into Theater Performance

Retno Dwimarwati
Novel Bumi Manusia (Earth of Mankind) written by Pramoedya Ananta Toer has received Magsaysay award and has been translated into several languages. This humanist novel is also adapted by Faiza Marzuki into theatre play script entitled “Nyai Ontosoroh”. Feminism issues are presented in the acts by showing...
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The Function Shift of Tre’bang Randu Kentir Dance from Ritual to Pseudoritual

Retno Ayu Munigar Sari, Tati Narawati
Digitalisation is a sign that marks human life in the millennial era, also has a large contribution to the impact of changes in art especially Indonesia, one of them is Randu Kentir Indramayu dance. The aims of the study is to analyze the shift in the function of Randu Kentir dance caused by changes...
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Kujang Rompang and Panceg Dina Galur are Propaganda Tools for Bandung’s Death Metal Community

Yayat Ahmad Hidayat
Purpose of writing this article is to inform the effectiveness of these two propaganda tools. This study is an efectivity measuring of the factors empathy, persuasion, impact, and communication with a quantitative paradigm. Data collection is done by questionnaire, observation, and literature study....
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Creativity of Creation and Story-Telling in Open-Ended Learning with Visual Art Media for Early Childhood Education

Neneng Fadhilah, Happy Indira Dewi, Widia Winata
The ability of early childhood in the arts field is often overlooked, the facts in the art field knowledge are not used as a condition of admission to elementary school. Although the government prohibits the implementation of tests, but the cognitive abilities of children, still carried out in several...
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Open-Ended Game with Visual Art to Develop Creativity Culture in Early Childhood

Nur Budhi Cahyani, Widia Winata, Happy Indira Dewi
Early Childhood Education in Indonesia is mostly oriented to intellectual intelligence, and does not maximize children’s creativity. Although there are already art centers as a place for young children to learn art, but the learning strategies at these art centers are still conventional. Whereas a reliable...
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Designing Urban Toys to Support Local Traditional Arts

Dimas Rifqi Novica, Ima Kusumawati Hidayat, Ars Ramdha Imanda Indra Yahya
This article reports the urban toy design process as a result of the visual style transformation of Wayang Topeng Malang (WTM), one of the traditional arts in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. The visual style which has been acquired by ATUMICS method combines decorative elements on the headpiece (urna,...
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Thematic-Integrative Comic: Implementation of PQ4R Narrative Structure Using Islamic Approach

Sukeipah Yuli Prihatin
In this study examines how to develop new learning media from printed textbooks to education comics using PQ4R methods in early production steps that implementation of the narrative structure thematic-integrative learning using Islamic approach. The methodology of this research is qualitative descriptive....
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Online Video Games of Indonesian Culture Content as One of the Creative Ways to Introduce Nation Culture Values

Enok Wartika
Online Video Games are media applications that have been very popular in the community. Young and old, many men and women are addicted for seeing and playing. Various negative and positive impacts have long been discussed among observers. This is because, there are so many players who are addicted and...
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Teaching Music Musically (Study of Animé String Orchestra Bandung, Indonesia)

Ferry Matias
This research aims to find out how the conductor develops a good musical string orchestra community in Bandung. Developing an amateur orchestra is identical with the vocational education activities. It contains transferring knowledge and musical experiences. Developing orchestra in practice usually conducted...
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The Development of Interactive Hologram Augmented Reality Card for Wonosari Agro-Tourism

Khairul Azhar Bin Mat Daud, Ima Kusumawati Hidayat, Denik Ristya Rini, Dimas Rifqi Novica
This article was described the development of Interactive Hologram Augmented Reality Card (IHARC) and preliminary study of users’ initial readiness and acceptance to implement IHARC at Wonosari tea plantation agro-tourism. IHARC has a very high potential to apply in a variety of field such as medical,...
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Signifying the Values of Local Wisdom on Folklore of Randai Performance

Sri Rustiyanti
Indonesia has an abundant diversity of local wisdom. The diversity of cultures must be preserved so as not to become extinct. One of the Indonesian cultures of partial oral folklore is the best known Randai art in Minangkabau. The values contained in a Randai show as a form of partially oral folklore,...
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Market Helper Indonesia (Beyond Interior Design Space)

Ruth Euselfvita Oppusunggu, Martin Luqman Katoppo, Whilhelmina Martina
Market Helper Indonesia (MHI) is a mobile application proposal developed in 2018 by interior design students from 8-week class of Design, Society and Environment, at School of Design, Pelita Harapan University. MHI was first to answer a challenge from Perumda Pasar Jaya on why urban millennial as the...
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Methods and Timeframe Benefits of Art Therapy on Cancer Patients

Yunita Setyoningrum, Shirly Nathania Suhanjoyo, Amanda Muliati
The article is a literature review of art therapy on cancer patients, focused on the method and the benefits shown in practice. We compare previous research of art therapy on cancer patients. Our aim is to explore the benefits of art therapy in term of timeframe. The research questions are: a) How the...
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Social Interaction on “Sleborz” Illustration in the Perspective of Sociological Study of Art

Nanang Ganda Prawira, Nala Nandana Undiana
Social interaction is a human need as a living creature that basically can only live if it is related to other creatures. Art is a product of human creation that is used as a form of cultural expression and social expression. The social interaction form of artwork can be seen from the illustration of...
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Art Residency Program as a Form of Creative Process for Artist

Nala Nandana Undiana, Irwan Sarbeni, Arief Johari
The art residency program is a new art practice which starts to grow in Indonesia in the past ten years. This practice provides ongoing influence for artist to be more intense in their work processes. Living in a new place until deciding to conduct an experiment with the new media that was recently found,...
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Folklore-Based Creative Dance in West Java, Indonesia

Purwa Putri Ire Larasati, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
People’s representation expressed an idea of unlimited dance creation. Creativity competitions or various dance festivals became the stimulus for the creators in making dance creativity. One of the inspirations in dance creation process was folklore. Folklore as the treasury of the Indonesians’ verbal...
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The Understanding of Marine Biota Through Creativity of Batik Painting in Art Education

Ariesa Pandanwangi, Belinda Sukapura Dewi, Nuning Yanti Damayanti, Arleti Mochtar Apin, Ayoeningsih Dyah Woelandhary
The world of education does not fully discuss the preservation of Indonesia’s marine wealth although the Indonesia Minister of Marine Affairs emphasizes that the sea biota have to be protected. Through art education, innovation in the batik motive can be lessons for students at school. The purpose of...
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Self-Efficacy in Topeng Malang Dance Learning Using Modeling Technique

Wida Rahayuningtyas, Retno Tri Wulandari, Andy Pramono, Adzrool Idzwan Hj. Ismail
Topeng Malang dance learning is one of the sub materials in art and cultural subject which self-efficacy is needed in the process of mastering it. The lack of confidence and self skill to do an activity indirectly cause students’ potential are not developed in the optimum way, and lead physical or even...
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One Village One Product: The Coastal Festival Design

Yanti Heriyawati
This article aims to discuss ritual as one of the signs of maritime culture. This is revealed through the certain characteristic of how rituals toward the sea such as nadran, sedekah laut, and labuh saji are held by the coastal community. Ritual as an event presents in a spare time as the form of liminalities....
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Jurung Rahayu Dance in Fish Seeds Ceremony in Cianjur, Indonesia

Asti Purnamasari, Juju Masunah
Jurung Rahayu dance is a dance that accompanies people who carry fish seeds to be sown in the Jangari Cianjur dam, West Java, Indonesia. This dance is intended to foster public awareness in order to preserve and protect the environment. The purpose of this article is to describe the way of presentation,...
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Kebon Alas, the Spirit of Dalang and Nayaga on Cirebon Mask Performance

Anis Sujana, Nunung Nurasih
Kebon Alas refers to things or properties decorating a stage of Topeng Cirebon Dance (Cirebon Mask Dance) performance. To the crew of Topeng performance, Kebon Alas is the energy to boost the spirit of the performance. The absence of Kebon Alas in a performance gives emptiness feeling (mangmung) to dalang...
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The Analysis of Malay Song in West Kalimantan: Generasi Penerus Arrangement Reza Zulianda

Septiani Kumalasari, Rita Milyartini
Malay song is traditional music that until now is still less popular and interested in both teenagers, high school and higher education. It is because the Malay song is identical with the rhyme so that it becomes bored to sing. This article explores the structure of the song, ornamentation, and meaning...
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Sorog and Pelog Scales in the Vocal and Rebab of Sundanese Gamelan Salendro

Mariko Sasaki, Juju Masunah
This study aims to analyse and explain the unique phenomenon of Sundanese gamelan salendro performances in West Java, Indonesia, that is the fixed pitch instruments of gamelan are in the salendro scale (laras salendro), but its vocal and rebab (a two-stringed fiddle) conventionally modulate into sorog...
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The Learning Method of Traditional Dance on Hard-Hearing Students

Intan Purnamasari, Juju Masunah
In the teaching and learning process, deaf students have their challenges as they experience hearing disorder such as hearing loss and deafness, On the other hand, in dance learning requires a sensitivity of dance in dancing. The learning method of traditional dance on hard-hearing students in SLB B...
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Revitalization of Keraton Cirebon Batik: A Reflection of Cultural Integration

Agus Nursalim, Bandi Sobandi
Keraton Cirebon Batik is one of three palaces in Cirebon including Keraton Kasepuhan, Keraton Kanoman, and Keraton Kacirebonan. At first, Keraton Cirebon Batik was grounded and developed merely around Keraton Cirebon. Development of this batik motif was much influenced by several cultures such as Hindu,...
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Women’s Randai of Sirabuang Ameh the Alternative Development for Minangkabau Folk Theater

Zulkifli Zulkifli, Erlinda Erlinda
This article aimed to discuss the model of women’s randai development which promotes the community of Minangkabau folk theatre. This research used product-based method. The efforts on randai’s theoretical comprehension and technical development are currently brightened up, both by the Minangkabau artists...
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The Semi-Supine IT-Based Position of Alexander Technique to Overcome Adult Beginner Nervousness while Playing Piano

Auliya Ayu Annisa, Diah Latifah, Rita Milyartini, Juju Masunah
The Semi-supine position is a movement in primary control of Alexander technique which is a relaxation technique. This article aims to discuss how the way the semi-supine position of Alexander technique-based IT can overcome adult beginner nervous while playing piano. The research method used is the...
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Art-Based Community in Surabaya as an Alternative Art Learning Media for Student

Tantra Sakre, Herman Sugianto
A study of art could be done inside and outside the classroom. Formal courses such as Visual Art Major and Visual Communication Design Major in Universities still become foremost preferences for students to deepening their insight and artistic skills. The purpose of this article is to observe the possibilities...
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Examining Body Moves in the Rhymes of Cancang Song: A study of Indonesian traditional art

Lastri Elita, Diah Latifah
Salawaik Dulang is an Islamic Minangkabau traditional vocal music that functions as a medium of ritual and entertainment. Cancang song is one part of the song’s structure of Salawaik Dulang. Cancang song as the text is formed by poetry and melody. The essence of Salawaik Dulang’s performance is in the...
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Outdoor Learning Method with Visual Art Maestro for Children’s Art Performance

Happy Indira Dewi, Zulfitria Zulfitria, Ahmad Susanto
Indonesia is the equatorial pearl that is rich of interesting and unique artists and diversity of visual art from Sabang to Merauke. Among these artists, visual art maestros emerged, as the forefront of the advancement of visual art in Indonesia. Children are the embryos of future generations, they need...
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Tor-Tor Dance Learning Through Melayu Aesthetics Comprehension for Students in Indonesian Schools in Bangkok

Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
This research aims to analyze how Melayu aesthetic approach in implementing Tortor dance for the students in Indonesian School in Bangkok. Tortor Sihutar Sanggul dance was from North Sumatera that has six motions. This dance was accompanying by the music instruments, such as Gordang Sambilan, Gong, Suling,...
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Basic Study of Keroncong Music by Means of Pak Daeng’s Angklung Music Media in the Superior State Middle School Sindang, Indramayu

Budi Hartiana Sudradjat, Yudi Sukmayadi
Keroncong music has been recognized as authentic Indonesian music. The music has a unique and special method of playing the instrument music. This type of music almost disappears and is less desirable among adolescents, especially high school students. They consider that Keroncong music is too old-fashioned...
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Color Usage Study in Poco Piano Book for Beginner Young Children

Gregorian H. Sanctus, Rita Milyartini
Color usage in music is not a new thing. In the context of children music book, color can improve interest, memory, and efficiency in the learning process. The utilization of color in books can be applied on the material of music symbol introduction which is the basis in learning process. The aim of...
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Angklung Application for Intergrated Thematic Learning Media

Fensy Sella, Yudi Sukmayadi
This study was conducted to investigate problems on how concept design, steps, and implications of angklung application for integrated thematic learning model in SD Negeri 25 Tanjung Enim of South Sumatera. To cut open this leaning concept, we use Webbed model in Majid. Method used in this study is quasi...
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O.K. Tujuh Putri: Millennial Women in Keroncong Music

Hery Supiarza
This study discusses a millennium-era female keroncong group named O.K. Tujuh Putri. The role of women in keroncong music in the era of the music industry is an interesting problem to see the position of women struggling among other types of popular music hegemony. This study uses descriptive qualitative...
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Learning Tonal System Using Black and White Angklung

Rita Milyartini, Tono Rachmad Pudjo Hartono
Learn to teach angklung is not as simple as learn to play angklung. According to the participant of Angklung workshop for Elementary School teacher, understanding the relation between the numerical system for identification the angklung pitch, and numerical music notation system is difficult. This article...
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Perception Study of Dangdut Music in the Classic Motor Community

Venna Mutiara, Yudi Sukmayadi
This article discusses the perception of dangdut music among the classic motorcycle community, Ador Motor Sport (AMS), the city of Tasikmalaya. Found dangdut music is very popular in this community. Asked how the perception of the classic motorcycle community of dangdut music, whether the classic motorcycle...
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Wayang Ajen: Cultural Media Diplomated Culture

Arthur Supardan Nalan
Wayang Ajen is one of the Indonesian’s contemporary puppets. More than 20 years, Wayang Ajen has traveled in many countries, such as: Greece, India, Egypt, Turkey, China, Korea, Iran, and others. Wayang Ajen show, chose “carangan” play created by the puppeteer based on the story of Mahabharata and Ramayana....
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Painting Waste with Communities on the Edge of Citarum River, Indonesia

Taswadi Taswadi
The impact of the low level of community awareness on the banks of the Indonesian Citarum River in disposing of trash in its place, causes it to dispose of waste directly into the Citarum river. This causes the river to become shallow so that the tamping power of the river is reduced, and causes flooding....
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Bentang Banten Dance as Training of Art and Culture Teacher

Dzakiyyah Latifah Nuraini, Yuliawan Kasmahidayat
The purpose of this article is to describe the Bentang Banten dance as training materials of art and culture teacher. The paradigm used in this paper is descriptive qualitative with ethno choreology approach. Data collection techniques are done through observation, interviews, and study documentation....
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Dangdut: When the Industry Said ‘Brilliant’! (A “Berondong Tua” Song Concept of Siti Badriah)

Catur Surya Permana
This study aims to obtain a study of music analysis and its similarities, as well as an approach to the context of the music industry that intentionally imitates to get listeners. Dangdut music is one of the music influenced by foreign music, from dangdut rock style of Rhoma 70s influenced by Deep Purple,...
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Design of Digital Interactive Encyclopedia “Palembang Songket Decoration” as Media Education Introduction Wastra Indonesia

Intan Permata Sari, Fahmi Candra Permana, Feri Hidayatullah Firmansyah
One of Indonesia’s traditional fabrics that has its own distinctive and value is the Palembang Songket. Not only has an aesthetic value, but Palembang songket also has a philosophical value and a very deep meaning for each piece of fabric. Diversity decorative fabric traditional Indonesia is one of the...
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The Company of Dance Costume Rental in Arga Studio Bandung, Indonesia

Egi Rifaldi, Juju Masunah
The dance costume rental is one of developing businesses in Indonesia. The purpose of the writing of this article is to describe the company of dance costume rental in Arga Studio Bandung. This research was qualitative with a descriptive method. The focus of this research would be on the kinds of dance...
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Sinta and Social Criticism of the Wayang Tavip

Aditya Aditama Putri Hikmatyar, Nanang Ganda Prawira
This study aims to uncover the messages and social criticisms conveyed through the Wayang Tavip in Rahvayana’s play. Wayang Tavip is a contemporary wayang from Bandung that presents Rahvayana’s story based on Rahvayana’s novel by Sujewo Tejo. The appearance of the Wayang Tavip began when the creators...
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Expression of Faith in the Work of Syahdu Ramadhan Calligraphy Abay D. Subarna

Desi Wulandari, Zakarias Sukarya Soeteja
Calligraphy painting as a work of art is not only seen as a physical thing but Also non-physical. Calligraphy which is seen as non-physical, aesthetic understanding is used to interpret it. Therefore, Abay D. Subarna’s calligraphy should be seen not only as physical work but Also as a non-physical to...
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Film as a Media of Internalization of Cultural Values for Millennial Generation in Indonesia

Heri Supiarza, Ranti Rachmawanti, Djarlis Gunawan
Degradation of cultural values is now threatening millennial generation who prefer popular culture products, and this happens as a result of the rapid globalization. The crisis of understanding and inheritance of local cultural values among the younger generation is an important agenda that must be sought...
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Strengthening Cultural Values Through Innovative Learning of Sunda Siger Bridal Makeup in West Java Vocational Education

Retno Dwi Lestari, Iip Saripah
The Sunda Siger Bride is a traditional bridal style from West Java which use a siger, a crown symbolizing wisdom, honor, and discretion to live in household. Traditional Sunda Siger Bridal contains cultural values, prayers, and discourses that are reflected in all applications of makeup, accessories,...
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The Creation of Fiber Artworks Sourced from Aesthetic of Lurik Woven Fabrics

Adam Wahida, Endang Sri Handayani
This article aims to describe the process of making fiber artworks that originates from aesthetic values and philosophical meanings in traditional Lurik woven fabrics. The method is carried out by collecting information, developing preliminary products, preliminary products testing, revising main products,...
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Study of the Form of the Gamelan Glundeng Performance in the Totta’an Dhereh Tradition in Bondowoso

Dedy Setyawan, Tri Karyono, Rita Milyartini, Juju Masunah
Glundeng is a traditional art originating from Bondowoso Regency, East Java. The local people call it wood Gamelan because at first glance the shape of the instrument is almost like Javanese Gamelan Ageng. Glundeng staging in the totta’an dhereh tradition is held by the local community as a form of gratitude...
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Patriotic Values in Bandrong Ing Cilegon Dance

Mia Indah Lestari, Trianti Nugraheni
The purpose of writing this article is to analyze the heroism value contained in the Bandrong Ing Cilegon Dance. This research used descriptive analysis method with ethnochoreology approach. Data collection was carried out by using observation, interviews and documentation studies. Bandrong Ing Cilegon...
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Comparison Study of Keroncong Singing Style of Tuti Maryati and Sundari Soekoco

Ismi Yasrika, Rita Milyartini
One reason why people difficult to learn keroncong singing styles is limited reference about how to sing keroncong. This article aims to describe the difference of keroncong singing styles between two famous keroncong singers, Tuti Maryati and Sundari Soekoco. It can be used as a reference for beginner...
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Creating Dance with Children Based on Traditional Games

Putri Lilis Dyani
Inseminating the values of education to the early children in advance is one mean of solution that should become a major concern and important part of the current Education policy system. The creation of a work entitled Creating Traditional Games with Children is an effort of collaboration in arranging...
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The Inheritance Model of Tari Wayang Sumedang: Enculturation and socialization

Lilis Sumiati
Sumedang style Wayang dance is a traditional art that has survived about 94 years. The phenomenon becomes a magnet that leads to the realm of curiosities to trace the inheritance of Sumedang style puppet dance. This article intends to contribute to produce the output of the Wayang Pewarisan Dance Model...
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‘Fair Game?’ (A Participatory Game Based on Bourdieu’s Theoretical Concept About Agency in Life)

Agnisa Maulani Wisesa
‘Fair Game?’ is a participatory game that was designed to allow its players to comprehend the possibility of life choices and cultural capital throughout their lifespan. The game’s objective is to engage the players with multiple questions about life choices and involve in a dialogue. ‘Fair Game?’ is...
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Designing Javanese Costumes and Characters as Transforming Tradition for Cultural Sustainability

Dhara Alim Cendekia, Lisa Sidyawati, Swastika Dhesti Anggriani
The purpose of this design is inspiring teenagers to be proud to wear Javanese appearance and interest in Javanese philosophical values. In order for the character can be accepted and imitate by teenagers, the clothes and attributes of the character must be in a modern shape and they can wear in daily...
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Developing Students’ Creative Response in Batik Craft Subject (Higher Order Thinking-Based Learning Implementation in Art Education)

Agus Nursalim
Education destination under 21st century learning in Indonesia has been interpreted in Curriculum 2013 agenda with skills that are critical, creative, collaborative and communicative. To achieve these objectives, learning is directed to high level thinking skills that take place from analysis, evaluation,...
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Implementation of an Internship Program as an Effort to Increase Vocational Competence of Vocational High School Students (Qualitative Study in the Fine Arts Department of SMKN 14 Bandung)

Dian Kencana, Tri Karyono, Juju Masunah
The purpose of writing this article is to describe the results of research on the implementation of internship program to increase vocational compensation for vocational high school students who specialize in Fine Arts Department at SMKN 14 Bandung. This research uses a descriptive method with a qualitative...
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The Use of Action Research Method in Angklung Training for Elementary School Teachers at SDN Sukasari II

Eka Yulyawan Kurniawan
One effort to preserve the traditional art of angklung is through the world of education, in the world of education the introduction of traditional art angklung already exists from the elementary school level, but some teachers are unable to provide practical experience playing angklung, because teachers...
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Natural Cosmic Esthetic Presentation in a Pwahaci Dance Ritual Performance in Cigugur, Kuningan District, West Java, Indonesia

Ignasius Herry Subiantoro
This study is qualitative description of the structure weaving of ritual performance in describing the spiritual awareness of all participants. Especially the community of the Penghat Kepercayaan of Sundanese Wiwitan in Cigugur. It’s aiming to show the teachings of the kindness, the truth and the beauty...
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The Learning Through Body Percussion

Ghea Andriany Hervista, Juju Masunah
The purpose of this article is to discuss the body percussion theory and practice developed by Dalcroze. The body percussion learning model is basically music learning, but the model can be adopted for dance learning. In Dalcroze’s theory there are three elements developed in the concept of learning...
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Study on Performativity of Site-Specific Performance Related to Using Technology

Na Hoon Park
A site-specific performance is a genre and a phenomenon that has recently emerged as a recent paradigm of performing arts: a communality. It basically involves performativity of audience and use of the latest technologies. This study aims to figure out novel methods of communication and the relationship...
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Anjun Dance Attraction: Pottery Inspiration of Sitiwinangun Tourism Village Cirebon Indonesia

Turyati Turyati
The purpose of this article is to describe the creative process of Anjun dance attraction. Anjun dance was created based on inspiration from pottery craftsman creativity in the tourism village of Sitiwinangun Cirebon Indonesia. The creation of this dance uses the method of creativity and prioritizes...
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Visual Reception of Ainu Folklore Hima Na Konabe

Wanda Listiani, Ida Ayu Laksmita Sari
Ainu people live in Hokkaido archipelago, Northern Japan and Southern Russia. Ainu are the Japanese indigenous people sustainably maintaining the local wisdom in their folklores. The folklores carry information on their predecessors’ social life and knowledge. Ainu folklores contain the local wisdom...
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Art Fun Groups Approach in Learning Mural Painting

Warli Haryana, Ayat Suryatna
This research is a basic introduction to the creation of fine art in learning to paint murals in elementary schools by using innovative, creative, and fun approach. The aim is to create collaborative work between Elementary School students at Labschool UPI and Fine Arts Education college students at...
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Millennial Spirit in the Producing of Traditional Theatre “Tukang Asahan” Applying Pavis Method

Yadi Mulyadi
The study aims to reveal the creative process of the producing of traditional theatre “Tukang Asahan” the play script of Wahyu Wibisana. Tukang Asahan covers three styles of traditional theatre, they are Sandiwara Sunda, Gending Karesmen and Longser. The study is conducted to the fifth semester students...
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Musical Creativity-Based Ornament Learning Model of Cianjuran Sundanese Songs

Uus Karwati, Diah Latifah
This research concern to the development of Creativity Based Ornament Learning Model of Cianjuran Sundanese Songs. The development of learning model is based on the concept of, High Order Thinking Skill from Anderson Krathwohl, Exercises Creative Music Education from Murray Schaffer. Implementing the...