Proceedings of the 2017 Global Conference on Mechanics and Civil Engineering (GCMCE 2017)

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Study on economic dispatching of wind power consumption considering dynamic game time-of-use price

Fang Xi, Yuan An, Qian Wei, Jiang Yao, Yuyao Wang
In the view of the anti-peaking characteristics of wind power, the electric power companies and the users were selected as the object to study and formulate reasonable demand side hourly price mechanism and the demand response model was established based on dynamic game time-of-use price. Proposed model...
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Research on Cross-language Vertical Search Engine Strategy for E-commerce of Characteristic Agricultural Products

Ning Ma, Yaru Cao, Xiangzhen He, Fucheng Wan, Jiajia Li, Heng Yang
Based on the analysis of key technologies such as web crawler, information extraction and cross-language retrieval. This paper searches the related goods using Chinese, Tibetan, Mongolian and Uygur or English from the corresponding index database by using multi-lingual dictionary. In order to achieve...
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Multi-frame Super Resolution Reconstruction Based on Bayesian Inference

Xiaofeng Guo, Bo Qi, Jianliang Shi
This paper reviews the development process of super-resolution reconstruction and compares the advantages and disadvantages of multi-frame super-resolution reconstruction algorithm in detail. At the same time, the super-resolution algorithm based on Bayesian inference is simulated. The simulation results...
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Liquid Crystal Phase Control Method Based on Blazed Grating Model

Hongyang Guo, Shengping Du
Blazed grating, as one of the gratings, is widely used in liquid crystal phased array with beam deflection. Based on the wave control method of blazed grating model, the relationship between the beam deflection angle and the grating constant are deduced. The construction of liquid crystal phased array...
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Design of Recycling Fire Drencher System

Zhang fu Dong, Wangchang Lin
Installing fire drencher system is one of the most effective methods for fire prevention and heat insulation. But because of its large water consumption, the application range is confined. Furthermore, the numerous water quantity stored in water tank will be used for just fire prevention rather than...
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Research of vertical search engine index module for college entrance examination Forum

Yangyang Guo, Cao Hui, Fucheng Wan
The vertical search engine index classification method based on ontology, through the introduction of text classification in PubMed forum based on ontology semantic information is added into index, can effectively improve the vertical search engine retrieval recall and precision, improve the relevance...
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Prediction of Icing Thickness on Transmission Lines using ANFIS model

An Yuan, Yao Jiang, Xi Fang, Wangyu Yao, Wei Qian
Icing of transmission line is one of the most serious threats to the safe operation of power system. Its occurrence had brought great losses to the national economy. Therefore, in order to improve the reactive power and anti-risk capability of the icing power grid, it is of great significance to study...
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An attitude measurement method to compensate the error of algorithm precision based on three-axis gyroscope

Yixiang Shi, Ke Chen, Deyi Chen
In order to compensate the error of angular-rate integral and improve the precision when it comes to measure the attitude of carrier , a method based on 3-axis gyroscope is proposed. The movement of carrier is viewed as time series based on sampling interval, and two adjacent measurements are relative....
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Application and Analysis of Double Speed Loops in Planetary Gear Drive

Sisi Chen, Nanping Shao, Xuanlin Huang, Tao Tang
In order to reduce the influence of the backlash in the planetary gears, this paper presents a control method of the double speed loops. The motor speed loop is used as the inner loop and the load velocity loop as the outer loop. Combining with the theoretical analysis and simulation .It is concluded...
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A Software Reliability Prediction Algorithm Based on MHPSO - BP Neural Network

Dong Xu, Shaopei Ji, Yulong Meng, Ziying Zhang
Because the weights and thresholds of BP neural network usually adopt random assignment, there is a problem of low accuracy in software reliability prediction. In order to solve this problem, a software reliability prediction algorithm (MHPSO-BP) based on multi-layer heterogeneous PSO optimized BP neural...
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The Influence of Vehicle To Grid Mode on The Economic Benefits of Power Grid

Qian Wei, Yuan An, Fang Xi, Jiang Yao, Yuyao Wang
With the increasing severity of environmental pollution and fossil resource depletion, electric vehicles draw widespread concern because of their use of clean energy and zero emission. The large-scale popularization of electric vehicles will become an inevitable trend of future development; the two-way...
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Research on Photoelectric Tracking System Based on Rotating Voice Coil Motor

Xuanlin Huang, Sisi Chen, Tao Tang
Photoelectric tracking system is widely used in space exploration, manipulation, laser communication and other fields. The implementation of ATP system is the key to achieve tracking.The use of double-closed loop control can give the system a higher stiffness, improve the system's anti-interference ability.The...
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On Twin Edge Colorings Of Finite 2-Dimensional Grids

Huan Yang, Shuangliang Tian, Xiahong Cai, Su Su Jiao
Let be a proper edge coloring of a connected graph of order at least 3, where the color set is . If can induce a proper vertex coloring of , then is called a twin edge -coloring of . The minimum number of colors for which has a twin edge coloring is called the twin chromatic index of . In this paper,...
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Design and Application of Subway Construction Site Management System

Pin Zhu, Xinyi Chen, Fucheng Wan, Tengfei Gao
With the continuous development of China's social economy and people's quality of life requirements continue to improve,the growth of urban population has brought the problem of traffic congestion,in order to better solve this problem,the construction of various subways and tunnels has become the main...
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A Microwave Band Pass Filter with Suspended Diamond Slot Structure

Tiandi Xie, Mingzhe Hu
In the present paper a band pass microwave filter based on spoof surface plasmon polaritions (spoof SPPs) mechanism and with suspended diamond slot structure is designed and simulated. The filter is composed of three sections, where in the third section, a corrugated metallic strip with parallel and...
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Container Code Detection by Deep Convolutional Network

Zhiming Wang, Shu Ma
Automatic container code recognition plays an important role in customs logistics and tra-nsport management. Due to difficulties such as character color and font size variation, illumination conditions, image degradation, and exist of many other characters, automatic detect and recognition of container...
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The k-distance coloring and k-distance edge coloring on double graph of paths

Susu Jiao, Shuangliang Tian, Xiahong Cai, Huan Yang
In this paper, we study the -distance colorings and -distance edge colorings of path double graphs which are based on the semistrong product. We shows that two formulas about -distance and -distance edge chromatic number of path double graphs vary with .
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Design and Research of Safety Test Model Based on Advanced Evasion Techniques

Hong Xia, Yibai Xu
With the continuous development of Internet technology, means of network attack are constantly renovated. This paper mainly studies the technical characteristics of evading technology in data disguise, constructs a attack model with evasion technology using open source Metasploit and fragroute, and builds...
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Research on Visualization model of IT Operations Management System

Hong Xia, Fei Wu
With the rapid development of information technology, IT business system is gradually increasing, and business system more and more depends on the information platform. Information platforms need a large number of IT elements support, monitoring software has become a key part of this. Whether relying...
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Analysis of Out-of-Band Management Security Based on IPMI Protocol

Hong Xia, Xiongfei Zhao
Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) has been widely used in the out-of-band management functions, IPMI protocol itself has some security issues, and major server manufacturers further develop independent out-of-band management products based on t, but also increased the out-of-band management...
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Entity Attribute Framework for the Compiling Model of Natural Language Understanding

Honglin Wu, Ruoyi Zhou, Ke Wang
Semantic knowledge can be separated from language by the knowledge abstract patterns which use entity attribute relationships. With the existing grammar knowledge, the computer can deal with grammar and semantic analysis step by step. Thus the human understanding process is simulated by the computer....
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Research on Energy Management System Integration and Energy Saving Optimization

Qiang Zhao, Chenxiao Zhi
With the rapid development of modern society, an increasing number of people start to realize the importance of the electric power consumption of buildings. Based on this, the article explore the effective management method of energy consumption of buildings: First of all, through the DHT11(temperature...
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Argument Component Classification with Context-LSTM

Chaoming Wang, Xudong Chen
Argumentation Mining (AM) is an emerging field of natural language understanding. It extends sentiment analysis, topic modeling and other existing text mining methods, aimed at tap the latent logical relationship between sentences. At present, Argument Component Classification (ACC) is a challenging...
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Tire Tread Pattern Recognition and Feature Analyzing Based on Hu Moment

Fan Zhang, Puwang Li, Yongzhen Li, Yijun Liu, Ziming Yang
This paper aims to recognize the tire tread pattern from DXF (Drawing Interchange Format) file and to analyze its basis feature. A DXF file analyzing algorithm is used to obtain the data according to the formulate of DXF; a feature analyzing approach based on Hu moment is utilized to compute the seven...
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A Blind Handover Technique for the Intelligent Transportation Network

Guoqing Hu, Guangjin Ma, Jin He, Chunlai Li, Ying Yu
In order to solve the problem of frequent handoff in intelligent transportation networks, a novel blind handover technique is proposed. The technology is based on the vehicle moving route reported by the vehicle navigation system, generating the target cell database and handover trigger location database....
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Research on Interface bond strength and bond-slip constitutive models for rectangular CFST columns

Xiushu Qu, Qi Liu
More recent studies have suggested that parameters such as cross-section type, cross-sectional dimensions, interface length, concrete compressive strength, slenderness ratio, steel strength, roughness of interface, concrete casting style, and concrete curing conditions potentially have some influence...
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Study on shear strength of expansive soil considered softening and slope stability analysis with FLAC3D

Junhua Wu, Yuhan Kuang, Ming Luo
Swell-shrinkage, crack growth and over-consolidation are the main characteristics of expansive soil, and it is an over-consolidation soil undergone drying-wetting cycles. So there may be some faults to analyze expansive soil slope stability adopting the traditional strength criterion and calculation...
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Shear behaviour of laminated neoprene bridge bearing pads under thermal aging condition

Xie Jun, Yannian Zhang, Chunhong Shan
The present study was conducted to obtain a better understanding of the variation rule of mechanical properties of laminated neoprene bridge bearing pads under thermal aging condition using shear tests. A total of 5 specimens were processed in a high-temperature chamber. After that, the specimens were...
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Error Analysis on Force Decomposition of Applied Eccentric Load for Concrete Box-girder

Yingru Zhang, Fengxia Liu, Weiyue Wang, Shui Wan
The paper is devoted to error analysis on force decomposition of applied eccentric load for concrete box-girder, the main parameter eccentric 'e' was considered. The stress under eccentric load, symmetric load, and anti-symmetric load is extracted from ABAQUS model, the floor stress along the cross-section...
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Numerical simulation to determine the critical safe thickness of water-resisting rock wall based on FLAC3D

Fan Chen, Jiaqi Guo
Caverns with high pressurized water ahead of tunnel face tend to cause water inrush. So, the determination of the critical safe thickness of the water-resisting rock wall to prevent water inrush geohazard is of great significance during karst tunnel construction. Firstly, to obtain the critical safety...
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Attenuation Influence of Single Pile Reaming Effect on the Structural Parameters of Loess Foundation

Zhijun Wang, Jianwen Luo, Rongjian Li, Yongguang Tan, Han Luo
From the aspect of a pile foundation in a structural loess area, this study analyzes the relationship between the generalized shearing strain and the generalized shearing stress of the soil mass around the pile under single pile reaming on the basis of the theory of cavity expansion. Through a triaxial...
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The Influence of Natural Crack Distribution Uniformity on the Breakdown Pressure and Fracture Mode

Peihuo Peng
The spatial distribution of the hydraulic fractures is mainly controlled by two processes of crack initiation and propagation. It is the premise of predicting the geometric structure of fracture network to study the mechanism of crack initiation of rock. There are a large number of initial micro cracks...
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Research and application of grouting material in assembled concrete structure

Peinan Zhang, Ming Li, Yanting Hao
The assembled concrete structure has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and high construction efficiency. It becomes one of the important directions in the development of civil engineering. Grouting material is an important material of the prefabricated components connection at...
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Method of vertical connection of steel bar and material requirements

Yanting Hao, Ming Li, Peinan Zhang
With the advantages of short construction period, environmental protection and so on, the structure of assembly concrete has became the main direction of the development of architectural industrialization. Among them,the steel bar connection between the precast units is an important link of the force...
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Research on numerical calculation method of crack width of steel lined reinforced concrete penstock laid on downstream surface of dam

Hailin Wu, Zhiqiang Zheng, Fubing Cui, Liangcai Zhu
In this paper the finite element method for calculating the crack width of reinforced concrete structures is deduced. Based on the model test of the back dam model of the Three Gorges Dam, the nonlinear finite element analysis of the pressure pipeline model is carried out and the numerical results are...
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Research on the Evaluation of Urban Modernization Management in Tong Zhou Sub-center in Beijing

Wei Liu, Shuxia Lei, Chenyu Liu
This thesis chooses the evaluation index of city modernization, strategic deployment and economic development coordination, and the city is the present and future development of the society, environment, economic strength and people's quality of life to adapt, is composed of a series of interrelated...
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Study on Quantitative Evaluation on Management modernization of Tongzhou Sub-center City in Beijing

Wei Liu, Shuxia Lei, Shiyun Zhang
The selection and evaluation of urban management modernization indicators should be coordinated with the urban management system as a whole. Through the expert method to explore various influencing factors of modern city management, using the Delphi method divides these factors into city management modernization...
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In-situ Stress Measurement and Application of NJ Project in Pakistan

Kaihua Zeng, Kaikai Wang, Hongtao Dai, Xiaochuan Han
The Pakistan NJ Water Project is located in a typical Himalayan tectonic belt,the regional geological conditions are more complex,in order to understand the regional stress state distribution,stress measurement is carried out by stress relief method of hollow body.The three-dimensional stress state of...
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Innovative Seismic Isolation System of Equal Section Multi-span Continuous Beam Bridge with LRB and FVD: Numerical Simulation and Engineering Implementation

Feng Tang, Dejian Li, Yao Lu, Heng Mang, Fei Lv, Cheng Li
Lead-rubber bearing (LRB) has small horizontal resistance under creep loads, and its post-yield stiffness reduces quickly under seismic excitations, while the hysteretic behavior of lead core dissipates the seismic energy; Fluid viscous damper (FVD), which is a speed-related energy dissipation device,...
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Study On The Technology of New Structure of Thermal Insulation Prefabricated Panel

Caihuan Qin, Lixue Na, Majian Suo
In view of the deficiency of current rural housing wallboard and precast sandwich wall panels , In this paper, a new type of structure thermal insulation integrated exterior wall board is designed and optimized. The cement polystyrene particles are used as the basal insulation layer of the prefabricated...
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Study of Eccentric Load Coefficient of Pre-stressed Concrete Partial Cable-Stayed Bridge with Corrugated Steel Webs

Yuze Nian, Junliang Tian, Suisheng Li, Wenjuan Liu, Tao Hu, Canhua Chang
In the variable cross-section continuous box girder bridge, due to the complex internal force influence surface of the load, the effect of the box beam geometry on restrained torsional stresses changes along the span of the bridge. Therefore, unified partial load coefficient should not be used over the...
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Solitary wave solutions for high- order nonlinear Camassa-Holm equation

Chunhuan Xiang, Hong-Lei Wang
The solitary wave solutions to class of nonlinear fourth order variant of a generalized Camassa-Holm equation is investigated by employing the interesting perturbation method. The solitary wave solutions to Camassa-Holm equation is given in the form of Jacobi functions and expressed by the hyperbolic...
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Laboratory Study on Rubber Particle Asphalt Mixture

Chao Zhang, Weiyue Wang, Peiwen Hao
In this paper, the indoor experiment of AC-16 rubber particle asphalt mixture was studied. Mix design method of mixing amount of rubber particles asphalt mixture for 3%, two kinds of rubber particles with different gradation were used for the experiment. The rubber particles were mixed into the mixture...
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Investigation of Typhoon Wind Characteristics on top of Two Adjacent High-rise Buildings

Diefeng Luo, Zhengnong Li
This paper studies the wind characteristics measured from two adjacent high-rise buildings. The original results of the wind measurement, including the mean wind speeds and directions, turbulence intensities, gust factors and turbulence integral length scales, are presented. The mean wind speeds and...
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The basic ability of the executive secretary of a new era

Yongming Xu
The executive secretary of colleges and universities is the connection link between school's leaders and teachers, students, that is not only to report to the leadership of the work, but also to understand the needs of teachers and students. Because of the development of education reform in the new era,...
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A study on wind load characteristics around large span spatial structure based on measured data

Feng Zhou, Jianjun Gan, Ligang Cui, Cheng Hong
Recently, The study of wind field characteristics and wind induced vibration about large span spatial structures has become the hot spot of the civil engineering. Even a lot achievements have obtained, the most is based on numerical simulation and a few on wind tunnel test, the test results of which...
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Influence of limestone powder dosage on performance of cement mortar

Meiyan Hang, Lan Lu, Meng Gao
The effect of the amount of limestone powder (particle size less than 0.08mm) on the properties of cement mortar was studied by substituting the proportion of cement.Results show:The amount of limestone powder is less than 12%, it has the function of reducing water and not reducing mortar strength;others,...
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Virtual Assembly Technology on Steel Bridge Members of Bolt Connection

Zhu Hao
Trial assembling is an indispensable procedure for the large bridge steel elements, especially for the high strength blot connected steel elements. To replace the traditional assembling method inside the factory, this paper brings out the virtual assembling procedures and method based on the bolt connected...
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Geometric Parameters Design and Shear Buckling Strength Research of the Type 3200 Corrugated Steel Webs

Jiawei Sun, Yong Wang, Shui Wan
The prestressed concrete composite box girder bridge with corrugated steel webs is a new type of bridge structure which has been widely used in China in recent years. This paper summarizes the development of corrugated steel webs elastic shear buckling strength theory and the corresponding methods. In...
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Improved SPH Boundary Treatment Method and Numerical Simulation of Water-Soil Two-Phase Flow

Zhao Luo, Qihe Wu, Lei Zhang, Wei Zhang
The underwater landslide often appears in the construction of underwater facilities, causing serious personal property damage. It is of great significance for engineering design and disaster prevention to simulate the large deformation and two-phase flow problems. Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH)...
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Application of Random Vibration Amplitude Vector Method to Damage Identification of Grid Structure

Yalan Huang, Menghong Wang, Shiyuan Dong
In this paper, a structural damage identification method, Cross-correlation Function Amplitude Vector (CorV), which based on stochastic process is proposed, it only need the acceleration response signal which obtained from the experimental test of the adjacent measurement points to calculate the cross-correlation...
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Active Limit State Analysis of Soil Considering Displacement Effect of the Retaining Wall

Bin Peng, Zhijun Li, He Huang, Hanyang Liu, Lian Fan, Zecheng Chi
The earth pressure of the retaining wall is related to the displacement mode. The displacement mode determines the characteristics of the progressive failure forms. Based on the analysis of the possible displacement modes of the rigid retaining wall, the active yield characteristics and the progressive...
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Analysis of the Active Earth Pressure Under Different Displacement Modes of the Rigid Retaining Wall

Fuguang Zhu, Hanyang Liu, Lian Fang, Xiaodong Liu, Zhe Zhou
Earth pressure is the main load acting on the foundation pit support system, which is the result of the interaction between soil and retaining structure. Based on the different displacement modes of the retaining wall under the active earth pressure condition, the finite element method is used to analyze...
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Study on the Coupling Mechanism of Urban Spatial form in Coastal City and Mesoscale Wind Environment Based on Multi-variable Analysis-Study Significance, Content, Targets and Innovation Points

Ke He, Xiaowan Han, Yanting He, Chunxi Zhao
For contradiction and complexity of wind environment variables of coastal cities and difficulties in the quantitative research of urban spatial form, the multi-variable analysis technology is flexibly used to explore the feasible technical approach and coupling mechanism for the integration of coastal...
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Study on the Coupling Mechanism of Spatial Form and Mesoscale Wind Environment in Coastal Cities Based on Multivariate Analysis: Progress

Xiaowan Han, Ke He, Yanting He, Chunxi Zhao
Chinese and foreign academic circles have made certain progress in the study of mesoscale wind environment and urban spatial form. However, due to the different research background and approach, the academic achievements made in this field vary to some extent in China and abroad. In China, the academic...
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Study on the Coupling Mechanism of Spatial Form and Mesoscale Wind Environment in Coastal Cities Based on Multivariate Analysis: Methodologies and Frameworks

Ke He, Xiaowan Han, Yanting He, Chunxi Zhao
This paper studies in a parallel way the urban spatial form and wind environment by interdisciplinary, multi-dimensional and various comparative analysis based on advanced theories in the process of on-site collection of test data, computer-based simulation processing and laboratory verification using...
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The neural network model to solve the pre-consolidation stress

Ran An, Lingwei Kong, Chengsheng Li
Pre-consolidation stress is an indicator representing stress history of soil and an important parameter which reflects the deformation characteristics of soil. Finding an accurate and easy way to solve pre-consolidation stress is of great significant in the study of engineering construction. Based on...
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Analysis on the polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidant activities of broccoli

Qingqing Dong, Yaxin Jiang, Qiutong Wang, Minmin Liu, Nan Wang, Hongpeng He, Hao Zhou, Tongcun Zhang, Xuegang Luo
This study aimed to investigate the content of polyphenols and flavonoids and the antioxidant activities of broccoli. In this study, the content of polyphenols and flavonoids in broccoli were detected by folin-ciocalteu colorimetric method and NaNO2-Al(NO3)3-NaOH colorimetric method. What's more, the...
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Design of Damping Base and Dynamic Analysis of Whole Vehicle Transportation based on Filtered White-Noise

GongXue Zhang, Ning Chen
The design of a eight DOF vibration damping base mechanism and use Creo5.0 with complete assembly process of the base; the structure of the base in the application of the damping spring rod a handicapping combined with tooth tooth fracture energy absorption principle. According to principle of Darren...
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A Frequency control method for wind power system based on general energy storage model and particle swarm optimization

Qian Cheng, Qian Hai
Based on the frequency control of power system with wind turbine, this paper proposed a general model for energy storage system. On this basis, a method of power network frequency control based on particle swarm optimization (PSO) is proposed. By finding the optimal location of the particles, the optimal...
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Two Dimension Numerical Simulation on the Aerodynamic Characteristic of Train Running Under the Gust

Jianbin Luo, Liang Wu, Feng Jiang
During recent years, with the rapid development of high speed railway construction and the largely improved train speed, its aerodynamic problem has been paid more and more attention to. Particularly under the gust, the train running conditions are deteriorated further so that the safe operation faces...
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The voltage equalization control method of MMC sub-modules based on packet sorting

Yuwen Ding, Hairong Zou
When the converter works, the process of charging and discharging frequently can not be accurately controlled,this will cause the voltage imbalance between the capacitor of each sub-module, which leads to abnormal operation of the converter. only to maintain the balance of the sub-module capacitor voltage...
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Evaluation of equipment support capability of armored mechanized troops under Information War

Lina Chen
Along with the information technology rapid development in social each domain, also has been widely used in military operations, caused the significant changes to the way the military operations, but also to the integration of modern war, precise, intelligent direction development, equipment support...
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Research of orderly power consumption index system based on multiple factors of electric load

Canlin Wang, Siyuan Zhang, Dunnan Liu, Hao Chen, Pengcheng He
In recent years, with the continuous development of China's economy, electricity consumption is growing, and the power supply is lagging behind, power shortage situation often occurs. So the orderly power management is the current domestic power industry imminent task. Based on the analysis of the means...
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Dynamics Modeling of Harmonic Reducer and Analysis of Flexspline Fatigue

GongXue Zhang, Che Ma
The paper takes the static and dynamic error of the harmonic gear drive into a full account, bases on the harmonic drive model to establish a system dynamics model and simplifies the infinite degree of freedom of harmonic gear driving system as a multi-degree-of-freedom system to derive the dynamic response...
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Research on Detection Technology of Corona Discharge Fault in Power Equipment

Hua Huang, Fangwu Liu, Shidong Yuan, Rong Xiao, Kun Ding
UV corona on power system can reflect the location of the fault and the severity of the fault, the traditional UV and infrared detection equipment can only use the band and the visible light band image of the power system fault detection. In this paper, a power system fault detection system based on...
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Summary of the Study on High Speed Railway Access Network

Guoqing Hu, Jin He, Guangjin Ma, Chunlai Li, Ying Yu
Up to 2017, the total mileage of the Chinese high-speed railway (HSR) exceeded 22,000 km. Benefiting from the rapid socioeconomic development and the widely use of smart phones, more and more passengers need to access broadband information services through wireless networks while they are on travel....
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Research on the development countermeasures of freight forwarding logistics under container liner alliance

Gao Wei
With the development of international economic and trade, the international shipping industry has also been rapid development, especially the development of marine container freight business is inferior, as one of the shipping industry, freight forwarding industry has also been developed opportunities....
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A New Design of Multi-Channel Inductance to Digital Converter Based on LDC1612

Huang Jian
Inductive sensing is a contactless, magnet-free sensing technology that can precisely measure the position, motion, or composition of a metal or conductive target as well as detect the compression, extension, or twist of a spring. Nowaday inductive measure method have limited in high power dissipation...
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Research on a new metal detector based-on LDC1000

Huang Jian
A new metal detector is designed.Using LDC1000 digital inductance sensor and self-made coil as the metal detection sensor, based on eddy current principle. When the metal near the coil, because of the mutual inductance, the LC oscillation circuit's frequency changed, the changed frequency can be converted...
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Study the performance of air-source heat pump assisted solar water heating system

Defeng Ding, Wu Chen
The paper studied the running characteristics of air-source heat pump assisted solar water heating system. The results showed that the temperature of hot water could reach 32 , 42 and 57 respectively, when the daily total radiation was 9.79 MJ/m2 15.58 MJ/m2 and 21.42 MJ/m2. Under the radiation of 15.58...
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Remanufacturability evaluation for waste mechanical product from technical point of view

Junli Shi, Yajun Wang, Jinshi Cheng
In this paper, a remanufacturability evaluation method for mechanical product from the technical point is put forward, according to the remanufacturing process, five remanufacturing technical feasibility indexes of disassembly, cleaning, testing, repairing and assembly are designed scientific and quantitatively,...
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Comparative Analysis of Estimation Formula of Acid Dew Point for Different Flue Gas

Jinhui Song, Jiahu Li, Hui Yuan, Zhongqiang Ren
Acid dew point is one of the important parameters in boiler design and operation. Its height is closely related to the flue gas temperature, boiler efficiency, coal consumption and the utilization of flue gas waste heat at the tail of the boiler. In this paper, from the point of view of the sulfur content...
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Study on the Cost of Biomass Power Generation

Qi Gao
The development of biomass energy has been attracting attentions from all over the world. Biomass burning power generation is the main way to utilize the biomass energy with high cost of electricity. Based on the relevant analysis, the characteristics of the components of the electricity cost and the...
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Block diagram model for high sedimentation process of Cu in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Jianxun Chai, Yunjie Wu, Weimin Ma, Sixi Zhu
This paper analyzed the horizontal distributions and the trends of Cu contents in surface and bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay during 1982-1985 in Shandong Province of China. Based on this analysis, this paper established block diagram models for high sedimentation process. The distribution trends of Cu...
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Transport trend of Cu in surface and bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Qiang Wang, Chunhua Su, Xiuqin Yang, Wei Zhou
This paper analyzed the horizontal distributions and the trends of Cu contents in surface and bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay during 1982-1985 in Shandong Province of China. Results showed that the distribution trends of Cu contents in surface and bottom waters could be consistent of reverse, and there...